Where Are The ‘Suits’ Cast Members Now?

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Welcome to the tantalizing tale of the titans from "Suits"! The legal drama that kept us on the edge of our seats has left us wondering: Where have the slick lawyers, cunning associates, and razor-sharp minds landed in the real world? From the boardrooms of power to the glamour of Hollywood, let's embark on a riveting journey to uncover the current whereabouts of our beloved cast members. Whether they're still fighting courtroom battles or gracing our screens in new and exciting roles...

1. Meghan Markle - THEN

Meghan Markle impressed as the ambitious paralegal turned lawyer, Rachel Zane. Rachel's intelligence and relationship with Mike Ross added depth to her character. Markle's performance resonated with viewers, making Rachel...
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... a beloved and inspiring figure in the series. Her portrayal of Rachel's determination to prove herself in the male-dominated legal world and her complex personal journey left a lasting impact on audiences - and of course, she's now probably one of the most famous cast members...Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Meghan Markle - NOW

In the present day, Meghan Markle has embarked on a new chapter of her life. Following her departure from "Suits," she garnered international attention following her marriage to Prince Harry and becoming a member of the British royal family.
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Markle's advocacy for social causes and her philanthropic efforts continue to garner attention and praise. Beyond her acting career, Markle's dedication to humanitarian work reflects her commitment to using her platform to effect positive change in the world!

3. Gabriel Macht - THEN

Gabriel Macht commanded the screen as the brilliant attorney Harvey Specter. With his razor-sharp wit and unyielding determination, Harvey's presence was magnetic. Macht's charismatic performance breathed life into the character...
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... elevating Harvey to an iconic figure in legal drama history. His delivery of Harvey's clever one-liners and poignant monologues left audiences enamored with the quick-witted and unapologetically ambitious lawyer.

4. Gabriel Macht - NOW

In the present day, Gabriel Macht's career continues to thrive. Following his iconic role as Harvey Specter, Macht ventured into producing and acting in various television shows and films. He starred in the legal drama "The Sinner," earning accolades for his performance as Detective Harry Ambrose.
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Additionally, Macht appeared in the film "A Love Song for Bobby Long" and lent his voice to characters in animated series. Beyond his acting pursuits, Macht's philanthropic work and commitment to environmental causes reflect his passion for making a positive impact beyond the entertainment industry!

5. Patrick J. Adams - THEN

Patrick J. Adams brilliantly portrayed the genius young college dropout, Mike Ross. With his photographic memory and quick thinking, Mike became an indispensable part of the legal world. Adams' nuanced performance brought depth...
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... and relatability to the character, leaving audiences invested in Mike's journey. His portrayal of Mike's internal struggle to balance the lie that got him hired with his genuine talent showcased his ability to portray multi-faceted characters convincingly.

6. Patrick J. Adams - NOW

In the present day, Patrick J. Adams continues to make waves in the entertainment industry. While his time on "Suits" concluded, Adams has since starred in various television shows and films. He portrayed astronaut John Glenn in the series "The Right Stuff,"
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earning acclaim for his compelling performance. Adams also made appearances in popular shows like "Legends of Tomorrow" and "What/If." Beyond acting, Adams continues to explore his passion for photography and directing, further showcasing his artistic talents.

7. Sarah Rafferty - THEN

Sarah Rafferty brilliantly portrayed the quick-witted and fiercely loyal executive assistant, Donna Paulsen. Donna's razor-sharp comebacks and unwavering support for Harvey made her an indispensable part of the series. Rafferty's portrayal...
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... added a delightful blend of humor and heart, making Donna a beloved fan favorite. Her chemistry with Harvey and her ability to match his wit made their interactions a highlight of the show! They began as friends and eventually (SPOILER) became more than that!

8. Sarah Rafferty - NOW

In the present day, Sarah Rafferty's talent and charm continue to captivate audiences. Her role as Donna Paulsen garnered widespread recognition, and she has since taken on diverse roles in television and film. Rafferty starred in the legal drama "Pearson," reprising her iconic role as Donna.
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Additionally, she appeared in the series "Suits: A Farewell Celebration" and lent her voice to animated projects. Rafferty's dedication to her craft and her commitment to various philanthropic causes highlight her multifaceted contributions to both the entertainment industry and society!

9. Rick Hoffman - THEN

Rick Hoffman brought humor and emotional depth to his portrayal of the eccentric and talented lawyer, Louis Litt. With his love for cats and his complex relationship with Harvey, Louis became a memorable character, adding both comedic relief...
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... and dramatic tension to the series. Hoffman's impeccable comedic timing and skillful portrayal of Louis's emotional journey earned him accolades from fans and critics alike! He was supposed to be the character you hated but we all know that we loved him!

10. Rick Hoffman - NOW

In the present day, Rick Hoffman's exceptional acting skills continue to shine. His portrayal of Louis Litt earned him accolades and a dedicated fan following. Hoffman starred in series like "Cobra Kai," delighting audiences with his comedic prowess.
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Additionally, he lent his voice to animated projects, showcasing his versatility as a performer. Beyond acting, Hoffman remains committed to philanthropy and raising awareness for mental health issues, using his platform to support charitable causes!

11. Gina Torres - THEN

Gina Torres brought authority and charisma to her portrayal of Jessica Pearson. As the managing partner of Pearson Hardman, Jessica commanded respect and admiration. Torres' powerful performance brought gravitas to the character,
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solidifying Jessica's position as a force to be reckoned with. Her portrayal of Jessica's unwavering determination and occasional vulnerability created a multifaceted and empowering character that resonated with viewers.

12. Gina Torres - NOW

In the present day, Gina Torres continues to impress with her talent and captivating screen presence. Following Suits, she starred in the Suits" spin-off Pearson, reprising her role as the indomitable Jessica Pearson. Torres also appeared in...
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... critically acclaimed series like Westworld and 9-1-1: Lone Star, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Beyond acting, Torres delved into producing and directing, reflecting her passion for shaping diverse and inclusive storytelling!

13. Dulé Hill - THEN

Dulé Hill's portrayal of the skilled lawyer, Alex Williams, on the hit TV series brought a captivating new dynamic to the show's ensemble. As a colleague of the formidable Harvey and Louis, Alex's presence not only showcased his legal prowess but...
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... also his unwavering loyalty and professionalism, making him an endearing character among fans. Hill's undeniable charisma and charm breathed life into Alex, making him a relatable and respected figure within the firm!

14. Dulé Hill - NOW

In the present day, Dulé Hill's career has continued to thrive. After his time on Suits, he starred in the television series Psych: The Movie, reprising his role as Burton 'Gus' Guster. Hill's talent and dedication to his craft have earned him...
Image Source: The New York Times
... critical acclaim and a devoted fan following. Beyond his acting career, Hill's advocacy for mental health awareness and his commitment to supporting charitable causes reflect his dedication to making a positive impact in society!

15. Amanda Schull - THEN

Amanda Schull portrayed the ambitious and determined associate, Katrina Bennett, on Suits. Her competitive spirit and drive to succeed added tension and intrigue to the firm's dynamics. Schull's portrayal of Katrina...
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... showcased her talent as an actress. Her portrayal of Katrina's journey from an ambitious associate to a respected attorney earned her recognition from fans and critics, and it's always great to see a new character to root for on the show! Which we definitely did.

16. Amanda Schull - NOW

In the present day, Amanda Schull continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry. After her time on Suits, she starred in the series 12 Monkeys, earning accolades for her portrayal of Cassandra Railly. Schull's dedication to her craft and...
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... her commitment to exploring complex characters have earned her acclaim and admiration from audiences worldwide. Beyond acting, Schull's involvement in charitable work and her passion for supporting educational initiatives showcase her commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

17. Wendell Pierce - THEN

Wendell Pierce brought a commanding presence to his role as Robert Zane in "Suits," leaving an indelible mark on the series. As the esteemed attorney and father figure to Rachel Zane, Pierce infused the character with a compelling mix of authority and wisdom.
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Wendell Pierce portrayed the respected attorney and father of Rachel Zane, Robert Zane, on Suits. His authoritative presence and guidance added depth to the series. Pierce's powerful performance made Robert Zane a memorable character in the show. His portrayal of Robert's complex relationship with Rachel and his professional prowess elevated the series' family dynamics!

18. Wendell Pierce - NOW

In the present day, Wendell Pierce continues to impress with his talent and captivating screen presence. His portrayal of Robert Zane on Suits and subsequent projects have showcased his range and skill, earning him acclaim and recognition.
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Beyond his acting career, Pierce's involvement in social and political activism reflects his commitment to using his platform to effect positive change. Pierce remains a respected figure in the entertainment industry, known for his dedication to his craft and his advocacy for social causes.

19. Rachael Harris - THEN

Rachael Harris's portrayal of Sheila Sazs in "Suits" injected a delightful blend of wit, intelligence, and quirkiness into the series. Sheila's character, with her distinct personality and her on-again, off-again relationship with Louis Litt, became a captivating element of the show.
Image Source: IMDb
Rachael Harris delighted audiences as the quirky and intelligent attorney, Sheila Sazs, on Suits. Sheila's on-again, off-again relationship with Louis Litt added a touch of drama to her character. Harris' comedic timing and charm made Sheila a memorable presence on the show. Her portrayal of Sheila's unique personality and her witty banter with Louis added a lighthearted element to the legal drama.

20. Rachael Harris - NOW

In the present day, Rachael Harris continues to showcase her comedic talent in various television shows and films. Her versatility as an actress has allowed her to take on a wide range of roles, earning her recognition and appreciation from audiences...
Image Source: The Daily Beast
... and fellow actors. Harris starred in series like Lucifer and The Conners, impressing viewers with her comedic timing and emotional depth. Beyond acting, Harris remains dedicated to her charity work and supporting causes related to animal welfare.

21. Abigail Spencer - THEN

Abigail Spencer's portrayal of Scottie in "Suits" was nothing short of captivating. As the formidable lawyer and former love interest of Harvey Specter, Spencer brought depth and complexity to the character, leaving a lasting impact on the series.
Image Source: IMDb
Abigail Spencer portrayed the formidable lawyer and former love interest of Harvey Specter, Scottie, on Suits. Her chemistry with Harvey added drama and depth to the show. Spencer's captivating performance made Scottie a memorable character in the series. Her portrayal of Scottie's confidence and her ability to hold her ground against Harvey's charm showcased her talent in portraying strong and independent characters!

22. Abigail Spencer - NOW

In the present day, Abigail Spencer continues to impress with her acting talent in various television shows and films. Her versatility and dedication to her craft have garnered her recognition and respect within the entertainment industry.
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After Suits, Spencer starred in series like Timeless and Reprisal, earning acclaim for her compelling performances. Beyond her acting career, Spencer's advocacy for women's rights and her involvement in social activism reflect her commitment to making a positive impact!

23. David Costabile - THEN

David Costabile skillfully embodied the enigmatic Daniel Hardman on Suits. As the cunning and manipulative co-founder of Pearson Hardman, Hardman posed a formidable challenge to the show's protagonists. His crafty maneuvers and complex motivations added intrigue to the series.
Image Source: IMDb
Costabile's portrayal of Daniel showcased his remarkable ability to bring depth and authenticity to morally ambiguous characters. Viewers were kept on the edge of their seats as he masterfully navigated the power struggles and emotional conflicts in the legal drama!

24. David Costabile - NOW

In the present day, David Costabile continues to leave a lasting impression with his talent and versatility. He has taken on various roles in television shows and films, captivating audiences with his dynamic performances. Since Suits, Costabile starred in critically acclaimed series like Billions, portraying the shrewd Mike Wagner, and Breaking Bad...
Image Source: TV Insider
... as the formidable Gus Fring's associate. His ability to seamlessly transition between morally ambiguous and compelling characters has earned him widespread recognition and critical acclaim. With a diverse array of projects in his pipeline, Costabile remains a sought-after actor in the industry!

25. John Pyper-Ferguson - THEN

John Pyper-Ferguson's portrayal of Jack Soloff in "Suits" was a masterclass in bringing depth and complexity to the series. As a seasoned lawyer and former partner at the prestigious firm, Soloff's introduction added a riveting layer of intrigue and tension to the show's narrative.
Image Source: IMDb
John Pyper-Ferguson's performance as Jack Soloff in Suits was nothing short of remarkable, injecting depth and complexity into the character. As a seasoned lawyer and former partner at the prestigious firm, Soloff's presence stirred up intrigue and tension, contributing to the show's riveting plotlines. Ferguson's exceptional talent shone through as he flawlessly depicted Jack's ambitious nature and internal conflicts.

26. John Pyper-Ferguson - NOW

John Pyper-Ferguson's talents have continued to dazzle audiences beyond his memorable role in "Suits." His versatility as an actor has seen him excel in various roles across different series, showcasing his dynamic performances and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.
Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes 
In the present day, John Pyper-Ferguson's talent and versatility continue to shine on screen. After his time on Suits, he starred in series like The Last Ship and Perpetual Grace, LTD showcasing his dynamic performances. Beyond acting, Ferguson's involvement in charity work and his dedication to environmental causes reflect his commitment to making a positive impact!

27. Neal McDonough - THEN

Neal McDonough's portrayal of Sean Cahill in "Suits" was nothing short of riveting. As the relentless SEC investigator, Cahill injected tension and high stakes into the series. McDonough's performance breathed life into Cahill, making him a formidable and memorable adversary within the show's narrative.
Image Source: IMDb
Neal McDonough portrayed the relentless SEC investigator, Sean Cahill, on Suits. His determination to expose corporate wrongdoings added tension and conflict to the series. McDonough's performance made Sean Cahill a formidable and memorable adversary. His portrayal of Sean's unyielding pursuit of justice and his willingness to challenge the status quo showcased his ability to bring intensity and depth to his characters.

28. Neal McDonough - NOW

In the present day, Neal McDonough's acting career continues to flourish. After Suits, he starred in series like Project Blue Book, Van Helsing, and Altered Carbon. His ability to portray intense and compelling characters has solidified his status...
Image Source: Wikipedia
... as a sought-after actor in the industry. Beyond acting, McDonough's dedication to charity work and his support for military veterans reflect his commitment to giving back to the community and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

29. Katherine Heigl - THEN

Katherine Heigl portrayed the tough and highly skilled attorney, Samantha Wheeler, on Suits. Her arrival at the firm shook things up, and her interactions with the main characters were intense and compelling. Heigl's portrayal of...
Image Source: People
... Samantha added a fresh and dynamic element to the series, with her portrayal of Samantha's unwavering confidence and her no-nonsense approach to practicing law showcased. As well as her ability to tackle complex characters with ease.

30. Katherine Heigl - NOW

In the present day, Katherine Heigl's career continues to thrive. Her role as Samantha Wheeler earned her praise and recognition. Heigl has since taken on various roles in television and film, showcasing her talent and versatility as an actress.
Image Source: Deseret News
She starred in series like Firefly Lane and The Big Wedding, captivating audiences with her performances. Beyond her acting career, Heigl's dedication to her family and her involvement in animal rescue efforts reflect her compassionate nature and commitment to making a positive impact.

31. Think you know everything about Suits? How about these behind the scenes facts: Jessica was supposed to be male

"Suits" undeniably shattered the glass ceiling by transforming Jessica Pearson from a male powerhouse into an iconic female force. The show's initial script envisioned Jessica as a man, conforming to the typical landscape of white male dominance. However, the stroke of genius occurred when the character underwent a gender metamorphosis, transcending the boundaries of conventional storytelling.
image source: fanfare.com
One thing we can say about Suits is that it was refreshing to see such an amazing female character put men in their place, but sadly it wasn't always written that way! Jessica was originally written as a male character. Actress Gina Torres, speaking about the role, said, "but here I am, a black woman in a world of white men". Changing the character from male to female changed the whole dynamic of the show.

32. It's not filmed in New York

The glittering skyline of New York City that mesmerized us throughout "Suits" wasn't quite the reality it seemed. In a surprising twist, only the inaugural pilot episode graced the streets of the Big Apple. After that, the show packed its legal briefcases and headed north to Toronto, Canada, for the long haul.
image source: express.co.uk
Actually, only the very first pilot episode was shot in New York City. The rest of the show has been shot in Toronto, Canada! This is because production permanently moved to Toronto after filming for the show really kicked off. In fact, it was revealed on social media that the huge New York skyline shot we see from the windows is just a huge fake backdrop!

33. It was originally supposed to be set on Wall Street

The allure of Wall Street, with its power suits and financial opulence, initially beckoned as the backdrop for the world of "Suits." The creator, drawing from his own experiences navigating the labyrinthine streets of finance, envisioned a narrative steeped in the high-stakes, cash-fueled universe of the financial district.
image source: en.wikipedia.org
We know that Wall Street is all about men in suits and lots of cash, so it makes sense why the show was supposed to be filmed there originally. When the creator of the show thought up the show, he had the influence of previously working on Wall Street himself, and wanted Suits to be set in a world of money and finance. It's safe to say we're glad that idea was changed!

34. The creator had real life inspiration

Aaron Korsh's personal journey served as a rich wellspring of inspiration for the compelling narrative woven into "Suits." As the creative force behind the show, Korsh intricately intertwined elements of his own life with the fictional fabric of the series, creating a captivating blend of reality and imagination.
image source: twitter.com
Aaron Korsch had based a lot of the show on his own real life experiences, including that he'd worked for a guy named Harvey (go figure) and that he himself had an exceptionally impressive memory, just like Mike. He also originally went to business school and worked in finance before making the shift to TV writing. Harvey might be inspired by a real character, but a lot of the show was fictional when it came to our favorite lawyer!

35. Meghan Markle's 'foodie' personality inspired Rachel

Meghan Markle, the vibrant actress behind the character of Rachel in "Suits," brought more than just her acting prowess to the table. Her real-life passion for food and culinary exploration seamlessly melded with her on-screen persona, creating a delectable synergy that added depth and authenticity to Rachel's character.
image source: glamour.com
On the show, we know that Rachel is very much into her food and her recipes, but it wasn't just a random quirk the writers put in. In real life, actress Meghan Markle is very much a foodie, always looking for tasty new recipes and new restaurants to try out, so ultimately she introduced that into the writing of the character so that Rachel could share the recipes, too!

36. The actor who plays Louis is allergic to cats

Rick Hoffman's severe allergy to cats posed quite the challenge for the "Suits" production team. One might assume that such a significant health concern would prompt the writers to altogether avoid scenes involving our feline friends or concoct creative alternatives.
image source: ew.com
The actor who plays Louis Litt, Rick Hoffman, is actually severely allergic to cats - so much so he had to have EpiPens and inhalers with him. You'd think that when an actor has such a severe allergy they would have just written out any scene involving cats or made him have a lizard instead... but apparently those felines were really important to Louis's story!

37. The s*x scene between Mike and Rachel took 8 hours to film

That scene between Rachel and Mike in the file room from "Suits" certainly left an indelible mark on the show's history, and behind its seemingly effortless delivery lay a remarkable backstory. For actor Patrick J. Adams, this particular intimate scene marked a profound milestone in his acting career.
image source: tvinsider.com
One of the most famous (or maybe infamous) scenes from the show had to be the intimate scene between Rachel and Mike in the file room - and this was actually actor Patrick J. Adams first EVER s*x scene during his acting career. Not only that, but the pair had to spent 8 hours of filming to get this scene exactly right, when it was only on screen for a few minutes!

38. Meghan really relates to her character

Meghan Markle's identification with her character Rachel Zane went far beyond mere acting. The parallels between the two were not just coincidental; they resonated deeply with Markle's own persona, reflecting a convergence of traits that blurred the lines between reality and fiction.
image source: people.com
Meghan has spoken about how she definitely relates to Rachel as a person, and that they're extremely similar (also makes sense why she wanted to self-insert the foodie thing then!). When talking about their similarities, the actress said that both her and Rachel are "driven" and "ambitious" but also that they share a sense of being too hard on themselves.

39. Suits helped Patrick J. Adams get out of rock bottom

Patrick J. Adams's ascent to stardom in "Suits" wasn't just a career breakthrough; it marked a poignant turning point after a period of personal and professional upheaval. Contrary to the assumption that he might have had a thriving career before landing the role, Adams found himself grappling with adversity.
image source: deadline.com
Patrick has given a standout performance in Suits, so you'd think the actor might have had a budding career before the show, enough to get him noticed. But the actor revealed that, before he was cast for his role in Suits, he was actually at rock bottom. He had been fired from another job and thought his career was over before he got his chance in Suits.

40. Meghan panicked about wearing jeans for her audition

Meghan Markle's journey to landing the role of Rachel Zane in "Suits" was marked by a moment of unexpected wardrobe improvisation turned last-minute dash for elegance. As fate would have it, her initial choice of attire for the audition didn't quite align with the sophisticated and polished image associated with the character of Rachel.
image source: glamour.com
Auditioning to play a character who is always seen in the prettiest and most tailored suits or dresses, you might think the actor would have thought in the first place that jeans and a strappy top wouldn't quite cut it - but actually, that's exactly what Markle turned up to her audition wearing... until she panicked and rushed out to buy a smart dress to change into!

41. And her real name? It's Rachel

It's fascinating how Meghan Markle shares the same first name as her character, Rachel, on "Suits," and it's purely coincidental. As for preferences between the names Rachel and Meghan, both have their unique charm. "Rachel" carries a sense of timelessness and classic elegance.
image source: biography.com
If you've already been following actress turned Duchess Meghan from the dawn of time, then you might already know that Meghan isn't her actual forename. She's actually called Rachel, and she didn't change it because she wanted the role that badly... nope, it was just a happy coincidence that her real name is also the name of her character on Suits. Do you prefer the name Rachel or Meghan?

42. Victor Garber was in the pilot - but was cut

Victor Garber's brief appearance in the pilot episode of "Suits" sparked initial curiosity and anticipation among viewers. Renowned for his notable roles in acclaimed productions like "Titanic," "Alias," and "The Flash," his inclusion hinted at the potential for an intriguing addition to the show's ensemble.
image source: popsugar.com
Actor Victor Garber was originally included in the pilot of the show - you'll recognize the actor from Titanic, Alias and The Flash - but, alas, his role wasn't continued further than that. It's thought he was supposed to have a very antagonist role at the law firm, which was ultimately taken over by Daniel Hardman, played by actor David Costabile - a character we all loved to hate!

43. Both Patrick and Gabriel have directed episodes, too

Both Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht, the charismatic duo portraying Mike Ross and Harvey Specter in "Suits," ventured behind the camera to direct episodes of the show. Their transition from in front of the lens to behind it showcased their multifaceted talents and commitment to the series.
image source: parade.com
The actors who play Mike and Harvey have both had a hand behind the camera, too. It's usually the case on such a long running TV show that sometimes the main actors give directing an episode or two a go, and it's no different for the two leading men of this show! Patrick J. Adams actually directed the 100th episode of the hit show - not too shabby!

44. Meghan took her food processor everywhere with her

Meghan Markle's unwavering dedication to her culinary passion manifested in a rather unique travel companion: her beloved Vitamix food processor. This essential kitchen gadget wasn't just an appliance for her; it was a symbol of her devotion to healthy eating and culinary creativity.
image source: pinterest.com
Actress Meghan Markle had very important piece of equipment that she wasn't willing to give up while traveling to film the show - and that was her Vitamix food processor. Makes sense when you're a foodie, but apparently she was never willing to part with it, and she always had it on hand when she was shooting her scenes for Suits so that she was already to whip something up.

45. Gabriel Macht thinks Harvey's hair is "icky"

Gabriel Macht's portrayal of the suave and impeccably dressed Harvey Specter undoubtedly solidified the character's status as a fashion icon on "Suits." Harvey's signature slicked-back hairstyle became synonymous with his sharp attire, exuding an air of sophistication and confidence.
image source: spotern.com
Harvey has to be one of the most fashionable men on the show, with that slicked-back hair completing the look, but his actor Gabriel Macht isn't a fan. He actually called Harvey's hair "icky and crispy" even though the slicked-back look works better for him that it does for Gabriel in real life! They must use a lot of hair gel for him to get it that crispy...

46. And Macht has a huge history with love interest Donna's actress

The electrifying chemistry between Harvey and Donna on "Suits" undoubtedly added an extra layer of intrigue and magnetism to the show. Behind this captivating on-screen dynamic lies a rich history of friendship and camaraderie between the actors, Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty, that spans over two decades.
image source: fanforum.com
Harvey and Donna are one of the big reasons to watch Suits, and the reason for their amazing chemistry on screen is because actor Gabriel Macht and actress Sarah Rafferty actually have a long history. They've known each other for over 20 years, and their daughters are also besties! Macht has said they're "really close friends" and were of course at each other's real life weddings.

47. All of Rachel's jewelry was Meghan's

Meghan Markle's portrayal of Rachel Zane in "Suits" wasn't just about slipping into character with the costumes provided by the show's wardrobe department; it was an opportunity for her to infuse elements of her own personality and history into the role.
image source: workingwomanstyle.wordpress.com
Although Rachel had an extensive wardrobe on the show that was supplied by the costume department and not Meghan Markle's own wardrobe, the actress did in fact supply every piece of jewelry that we see Rachel wearing. Meghan wore her own jewlery from her own collection, which even included family heirlooms and pieces that were personal to her.

48. Gabriel Macht actually has a family of lawyers

The actor's choice to step into the shoes of a lawyer on screen wasn't just a professional pivot; it was a departure from a family legacy steeped in the legal profession. Despite familial encouragement nudging him toward a legal career, he chose a different path, opting to portray a lawyer rather than practice law himself.
image source: harpersbazaar.com
While he may be an actor playing a part, there is actually 'lawyer' in this man's blood! A lot of it, in fact. The actor was actually encouraged by his family to become a lawyer when he was younger - and he went for an actor playing a lawyer instead. His sister was a District Attorney, his aunt and cousins are both lawyers and his grandfather was even a judge!

49. Jessica Pearson almost got killed off

The potential departure of Gina Torres, the remarkable actress behind Jessica Pearson, stirred a wave of deliberation and creative decision-making among the show's creators. Torres's decision to leave the show presented a narrative challenge: how to address Jessica Pearson's absence without compromising the character's legacy.
image source: usweekly.com
There are a fair few characters on the show we wouldn't have minded being killed off, but Jessica Pearson certainly wasn't one of them! The reason that she was almost killed off, though, was because her actress, Gina Torres, was deciding to leave the show. As these things go, the first thought was to kill her off to explain her absence - but in the end, they just had her leave!

50. Katherine Heigl had to petition for her part on the show

It's fascinating how sometimes even established actors take the initiative to pursue roles in projects they're passionate about. In the case of this particular actress joining "Suits," her appearance in the later seasons wasn't a direct offer handed to her on a silver platter.
image source: telltaletv.com
With the actress's appearance in later seasons, you might have thought she was offered such a role on a plate because of her success in other hit shows and big movies. But actually, the actress had to directly contact the showrunners and petition to be on the show, because she was a huge fan and wanted them to know she was available if they needed her!