What Does Your Black Zodiac Sign Say About You

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

1. Welcome to the Black Zodiac

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Most of us are familiar with the Zodiac chart, and we may even be super invested in finding out more about our own personality traits and those of our friends. But did you know there's a Black Zodiac chart as well? This chart basically dives deeper into the dark or evil sides of every sign, and what that could mean if you choose to indulge. Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. How does it work? 

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In the same manner as the Zodiac chart, the Black Zodiac takes into account the nine planets, constellations, galaxies, and their transitions. It's based off the same chart as the one we know, assigning you a sign based on your birth date, as well as the first character of your name. This information is then used to examine your past, present, and future life. 

3. Why don't people talk about Black Zodiac more? 

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Well, the basic answer is that people probably don't want to dwell on or confront their negative traits. Zodiac predictions and assessments tend to err on the positive side, and people use them as a way to encourage themselves and the world around them. On the flip side, the Black Zodiac explores the evil acts and evil forces that can overpower each sign. 

4. Yes, it's the dark side, but here's what it represents

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The Black Zodiacs are a shadow of our Zodiac sign. This means that they always follow us, because they're part of us, and they reflect our evil side. It's important to remember that while these traits may be inherent to us, we are still able to learn to control and master them to turn them into positives. 

5. A quick disclaimer

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This chart is about to get dark really fast! So, please take a moment and center yourself. Remind yourself of who you are and that just because these tendencies might come easier to you, they do not define you! The Zodiac chart we know and love points us to the positives that dwell within us. 

6. Aries in the light

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At their best, Aries are represented by a ram. A determined animal that's willing to use their horns and grit to overcome anything. Aries are known for being hard working and pushing forward to get what they want. They make great leaders and love to be in control of their surroundings.

7. Aries - The Tyrant 

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As we know, no matter what the universe gives, for Aries, it never seems to be enough. They will take as much as they can get, and it's easy to prioritize their own happiness even if that means others suffer. This can quickly give way to greed. Mixed with their impulsive nature, Aries are prone to do what they want regardless of who it hurts.

8. Taurus in the light

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The Taurus sign is known for being tenacious. They set their eyes on a goal and nothing will stop them. However, at their best, they're also very sensitive to those around them and are happy to help people along the way. They thrive in stability and routine, but they don't panic when things don't go their way. They're considered level-headed and practical.

9. Taurus - The Fallen Demon

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Those with Taurus in their chart tend to dwell on the bad in their life. It's easy to only live in the failures and the hurt. This can cause a chain effect of seemingly bad luck. This causes a possessiveness and a desire to invest in superficial things that they can hold onto. Rather than facing their failures, they choose to sit in them and cover them up.

10. Gemini in the light

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Geminis are considered intelligent, curious, and friendly. They show interest in practically everything and are able to use these discoveries to change their perspective on the world. They thrive in deep conversations and are happy to weigh in on things they have learned as they continue to soak up new information.

11. Gemini - The Basilisk

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Also known as the hydra, this symbol denotes fear. Geminis don't want to show their bad sides, so when forced into a bad situation, a deep-seated cruelty can emerge. This makes Geminis easily dangerous with a little push over the edge. Their personalities can change at the drop of a hat.

12. Cancer in the light

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Cancers are known for their warm personalities, as well as their deep love for family and friends. They are committed and intuitive. Because of this, Cancers trust their instincts. Their closeness with their emotions can mean it takes them longer to heal if they've been hurt, and they thrive in minimalist settings where they can shine.

13. Cancer - The Serpent 

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We all know that a serpent has two sides. On one side, it's often a symbol of wisdom and charm. But on the other, it can quickly turn manipulative. Cancers are able to gain people's trust quite easily, but they can also very quickly exploit it. Cancers are already considered to be quite moody and self-absorbed, so this easily translates into being used for their benefit. Beware of their bite.

14. Leo in the light

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As a fire sign, it makes sense that the Leo personality reflects this. They are known for their confidence and charisma. Their passion for life is contagious, and they have a self-confidence that is off the charts! Leos tend to love to stand out and bring attention to themselves. Because of their belief in self, they are able to overcome many setbacks and achieve their goals.

15. Leo - The War Maiden 

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On this darker side of Leo is a paradox. The War Maiden tends to focus on positive things but through a negative lens. While they're able to accept reality, the conflicting nature can cause problems for those around them. Their need for attention and ability to be charming and lovable and quickly turn negative and leave you feeling used.

16. Virgo in the light

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While less flashy than Leo, Virgos tend to dream big. They have an iron will and a deep-rooted determination to reach their goals. Virgos tend to be guarded as a form of self-protection, but they are able to express their thoughts and feelings quite well when they open up. 

17. Virgo - The Maelstrom

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Virgos already aren't known for being easy going. On this side of the chart, they can become harsh, judgmental and even dangerous. There's a deep jealousy that runs through them, and they are laser-focused on what they want. It's easy for this dark side to make things more difficult than they need to be, and drama will follow them everywhere.

18. Libra in the light

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Libras LOVE love. In all its forms, but definitely romantic relationships. They bring balance and harmony to all their social settings. One of Libra's greatest strengths is the ability to see every side of a story and then bring forth a balanced perspective. That being said, it can sometimes be hard for them to give a true opinion. They build deep friendships and take a genuine interest in others.

19. Libra - The Ravenous 

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Libras can never satisfy their hunger for connection, which on the dark side is not a good thing. They are egotistical, and they're happy to use whoever they need to to get what they want. They can never be fulfilled and are easily overtaken by jealousy. This causes a lack of trust and loyalty from them. They will drop you when someone better comes along.

20. Scorpio in the light

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Scorpios have the uncanny ability to reinvent themselves to meet whatever challenge is infant of them. They tend to be suspicious of others but their emotions run deep. However, they like to maintain control over these emotions, and control in general. They stay highly adaptable yet firm in their beliefs.

21. Scorpio - The Poisoned Dart 

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Manipulation is the name of the game for Scorpios. It's as if they're just waiting for the perfect moment to strike. On their dark side, they're quick to use your own words against you and can have an explosive temper. They will take a small disagreement and turn it into war. Once they are set off, it's nearly impossible to have a reasonable conversation with them.

22. Sagittarius in the light

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Those who fall under Sagittarius tend to be independent and spontaneous. They're always looking for new experiences and have a strong passion for life. They don't like to feel stuck in a situation or with a person and sometimes this results in them acting before thinking things through thoroughly.

23. Sagittarius - The Tempest 

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When a Sagittarius gives over to their Black Zodiac, you can expect them to be obnoxious, offensive, and even aggressive. Their carefree spirit takes over in a negative way where they lose all regard for anyone else and think only of themselves. This can result in impulsive words and actions that can deeply hurt those around them.

24. Capricorn in the light

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Capricorns are known for being disciplined and stubborn. This makes them incredibly dedicated and reliable. They're also quite trustworthy because it's not in their nature to not stay true to their word. So they expect the same from others. They don't like to say no and can be quite generous, but their main concern is self.

25. Capricorn - The Leviathan 

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As one of the more mystic signs, Capricorns can be seen as dishonest when given to their dark tendencies. It's impossible to tell what they're feeling or thinking and they love to gossip and trash-talk everyone around them. This means that they will be quick to betray people and loyalty is lost. Be careful what you tell them, as it's likely to not stay a secret.

26. Aquarius in the light

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This energetic and curious sign is known for their originality. Aquarius's are known to be innovative and tend to not worry about what other people think of them. Validation is not something they seek, and therefore they are pretty strong in their beliefs and opinions. This can sometimes display as arrogance. 

27. Aquarius - The Beast 

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When an Aquarius chooses to lean into their evil side, you do not want to be in their path. They will do whatever it takes to not let anyone else get ahead. Alongside this is a sense of entitlement, and they are known as the Master of Demons. The scariest part? They do all of this completely emotionless as they leave a trail of suffering in their wake.

28. Pisces in the light

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Pisces people thrive in the presence of others. They are very social and want to be surrounded by friends as much as possible. They don't necessarily need to lead, but they do love attention. They bring creativity and artistry into their world, and they tend to see the world through a spiritual lens.

29. Pisces - The Sword 

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When in their Black Zodiac, Pisces quickly become selfish and egocentric. They look at everything around them and assess how to profit from it. There's no shame in pulling other people down to get ahead and emotions don't matter to them. If you are friends with a Pisces, be cautious, as they will try to sabotage you and the relationship.

30. But, please don't forget

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As we briefly discussed at the start of this post, you are in control of yourself. You are able to master this dark side that is innate to each and every one of us. That's why the Black Zodiac is not as often discussed. Most of us choose not to dwell on this side of ourselves, but rather, we choose to walk in the light. 

31. Signs you might be cursed: they're less likely than you think!

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Of course, some people stray away from the dark and into the light, like the case with the Black Zodiac, and there are many signs of curses and hexes. But curses are actually less likely that you think - it's not easy to perform a curse, or even to tell whether one is going on... but here are some signs.

32. You would have to do something truly terrible

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Firstly, let's think about why someone would even curse you - you'd have to have to have done something so terrible or enough to fill a person with such rage and hatred to want to actively curse you! That kind of negative energy is rare with the everyday person.

33. Being unlucky is different to being cursed

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Some people go through a period of serious bad luck and think of themselves as cursed. It's easy to think that way, right? Why does the world hate you, and bad stuff keep happening? But being unlucky doesn't necessarily mean you're cursed, but being unlucky can be a sign of a curse - so how are you supposed to know the difference?

34. Curses can fall on the famous and the wealthy

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Curses are most likely to be put on the very famous people or the very wealthy. This is because they can be easy targets, and especially if people who practice magic or witchcraft think these people in the public eye have done something wrong, or they're bad for the world! Maybe their money and their greed has also made them a target.

35. There are unexplained illnesses or injuries

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A sad fact of life is illness and injury can happen to anyone, and especially to the undeserving. But what to watch out for is when these illnesses and injuries really do seem like they can't be explained - you're the healthiest person in the world and suddenly you come down with something that even your doctor can't explain?

36. The bad luck just never ends!

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As mentioned, being very unlucky doesn't necessarily mean you're cursed, but if you're having a series of bad luck along with a ton of other signs, it could be a symptom in itself. Everyone has bad days, but have you been someone who's always been fortunate but now, out of nowhere, having bad luck?

37. You're active in the witch community - but have had a falling out

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Witchcraft isn't 'evil' like it's portrayed - just like the zodiac, there are light and dark sides, and white witchcraft, everyday healing and Wicca are all practised these days in a positive way. Witches themselves are more likely targets of curses, and if you're active in a community or coven and you've had a falling out with another witch... well.

38. You're having a whole host of weird animal stuff

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Animals are very much linked to witchcraft in different ways, like as signs, spirit guides or familiars. You might have been seeing a mysterious animal following you, watching you, or even having animals (or dead animals) turn up on your doorstep. Your own pets may have also had a series of bad luck, too.

39. The traditional 'broken glass'

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Broken glass can be a sign of a very old tradition relating to witchcraft, curses and hexes. Sometimes, bottles filled with certain ingredients would be thrown at an 'enemy's' home and shatter, releasing the curse. If you're finding broken glass around your property, with no other explanation, it could be a sign.

40. You have spirit guides - and they've sent a warning

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If you're in tune with your spirit guides, then you'll be familiar with communicating with them and even understanding messages from them from time to time. Do you believe you've been receiving some type of warning from them, through signs, symbols or other communication?

41. You keep having negative thoughts

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This is more a cause for concern when you're usually such an optimistic and positive person, and you're suddenly inundated with negative thoughts that just don't feel like you. If there's no other explanation for them either - like nothing changing in your life, or with your health - it could be a sign.

42. Relationships seem to be ending suddenly

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Whether this is romantic relationships, friendships or even work relationships with colleagues or your boss, you're suddenly seeing that a lot of your relationships are breaking apart out of nowhere. This can be an easy target for someone wanting to curse you by taking away the people who care about you.

43. You keep finding weird stuff around your property

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The most obvious 'weird' thing you can find on your property in relation to a curse can be a doll of some kind. Of course, voodoo dolls are the most obvious, but they can come in many shapes and forms. It doesn't have to be a doll - just something that seems weird and doesn't feel right. Get it away from your property ASAP!

44. Personal items have gone missing

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Someone seeking to do ill-intent on your from a distance will usually try to look for something personal to you to take, to form a sort of bond with you for what they're trying to do. It could well be someone you know who has been in your home recently and taken something personal to you.

45. You've noticed bad omens

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You don't have to be superstitious to notice bad omens going on around you! One or two may be something and nothing, but if they keep happening, it could be a sign. Bad omens can include birds flying into windows, six crows on your property, or the sounds or chirps of certain animals.

46. You've noticed bad weather wherever you are

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It might sound a bit dramatic to say you take the weather with you, or there's a raincloud over your head, but this can be true to some extent. Storms and rain can travel, and do you always find that the weather is always worse over your property, or maybe wherever you are?

47. You always feel like you're being watched

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The feeling of being watched is often associated with spirituality, both bad and good. It could be your guardian angel or spirit guide watching over you, but if it feels weird, it could be something more negative. It could even be animals sent to 'watch you' because of a curse.

48. You're having recurring nightmares

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It's likely you'll have very bad dreams if you've been cursed - and this can be more of a sign if you're someone who's never suffered from nightmares before. You might also find that you get recurring negative dreams about the same thing, over and over again. This can be a sign of psychic attack.

49. You've received threatening messages

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In the days of social media, threatening messages sound less like witchcraft and more like keyboard warriors - but they're still worth paying attention to. You might be receiving really weird messages, whether physical post or emails, that just feel like they have a negative energy about them.

50. How can you break a curse?

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The main thing to remember when you're dealing with spiritual attack is that you are in control of it! The curse will only work and gain strength if you believe it's real, and if you fear it. It's very unlikely for an everyday person to be cursed, but if you feel like you are, the best thing you can do is ignore it, break the cycle, say no and believe that it's not happening.