Weird Things We All Did In Our Childhood

By molly atherton 11 months ago

1. Draw Superman Symbols

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Content Source: Femanin.comSome of us couldn't resist doodling on a piece of paper in one of our workbooks in elementary school. The superman symbol was drawn literally everywhere in school and everyone knew how to do it. It didn't matter if you were rubbish at drawing or if you were the reincarnation of Vincent Van Gogh, every kid in school could draw this.

2. Hide From Our Parents

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Trying to hide from your parents and jump out to scare them was super fun when we were kids, especially if we thought we got them good. We all remember waiting for our Mom or Dad to get home to give them a good fright as they walked in the door. We probably weren't that scary to them, but it was really fun.

3. Run Away From Home

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Kids often have grumpy moments, especially when they're tired or it doesn't seem they're going to have it their way. We all threatened to run away at some point, and some of us even did run away - for about 10 minutes until we got bored or scared. We then returned home with our theoretical tales between our legs to a stern telling off from our worried Mom.

4. Having An Imaginary Friend

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Kids imaginations are amazing and they can literally keep themselves entertained with nothing but their toys and an imagination. We all had that one friend who took this one step further and actually had an imaginary friend. Say what you want about that, but having the mental capacity to imagine a friend that you can play with is pretty creative.

5. Pretend Our Breathe Was Smoke

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Remember those chilly winter mornings in November where the frost came out and snow was in the air? If the weather is cold enough you could see your own smoke, and as kids we definitely liked to pretend we were a fire-breathing dragon, or even Don Draper sat in his office smoking a cigarette. Okay, maybe not that one, but we've all pretended our breathe was smoke.

6. Build A Den

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Building a den to hide in, do drawings or just play with your friends was one of the funnest thing to do as a kid! You could make a den out of literally anything, whether it be pillows, comforters or even cardboard boxes. Whatever you could find that you could use to enclose yourself into a den was good enough.

7. Put On Your Parents Clothes

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There is something really comical about someone wearing clothes that are way too big for them. Especially when its a kid putting on his dad's work suit and walking around the house pretending he's at the office! Pretending to take phone calls or meetings, or walking around with a briefcase, this was always fun.

8. Talking Into A Fan

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Those of us who grew up knowing about Star Wars will have definitely tried this out when we were kids. Talking into a fan makes your voice sound like it is coming from a robot or some kind of alien creature, which was absolutely perfect for trying to mimic our favourite robot friends like C-3PO or R2-D2.

9. Checking Under The Bed For Monsters

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Not all of us had the same courage that Boo from Monsters Inc had when it came to imaginary or, in Boo's case, real (animated) monsters. We used to make sure under our bed was free of monsters, and if we had a closet in our room our parents had to check it to make sure we were safe!

10. Pretending To Be Asleep

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Remember when our parents used to come in and check on us when we were in bed to make sure you were asleep? As kids we ALWAYS used to pretend we were asleep, especially if we shared a room with a sibling, so we could keep whispering to each other without our parents knowing. Of course they could probably hear us, but we didn't know that then!

11. Running Up The Stairs When We Turned The Light Off

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Maybe we just watched too many scary movies or grew up in the wrong era, but who else used to sprint up the stairs to bed after we turned the lights off just in case some imaginary monster or demon caught us? We can't be the only ones. Some of us might even still do this as adults as well...

12. Pretending To Be An Animal

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As kids we LOVED animals (we still do as adults). We used to have animals toys and our parents would take us to a zoo or a safari park, we were obsessed with them. We also used to pretend to be animals when we were playing, whether that be roaring like a lion or pretending our arms were an elephant's trunk.

13. Drinking Soda From The Bottle Cap

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'We're drinking from the bottle' comes to mind here...expect it was soda not hard liquor, and sometimes we pretended it was hard liquor that we were drinking as if it were a shot in a bar. Kids pick up on things that adults do or if they've seen something on TV, and this was definitely one of them!

14. Don't Tell Mom!

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Those of us who have siblings know exactly what it's like when it comes to sibling rivalry. Constant picking on one another always ended up in one of the siblings (usually the youngest) getting hurt and crying, which was then followed with a quick and panicked "Shush, stop crying, please don't tell Mom!"

15. Eating An Apple Seed

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It is absolutely fine if you accidentally eat an apple seed (unless you eat them for fun?), but as kids we heard all sorts of rumours about eatings seeds. The most scary one was that if you ate an apple seed, a full apple tree would start growing inside of you! It took us a while to work out that that probably wasn't true.

16. Drawing On Your Eraser

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Erasers are used to rub out writing from a pencil on a piece of paper, and some of us as kids like writing on the erasers. Part of it was that we knew erasers were meant to rub out pencil lead, so surely you couldn't write on the erasers? As if, by magic, the pencil marks stayed on and this amazed us as kids!

17. Pretending Apple Juice Is Wine

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Apple juice is a staple drink in American homes and breakfast wouldn't be quite the same without a fresh glass of it. Have you ever noticed that apple juice looks ever so slightly like a crisp white wine? We used to pretend we were the cool adults sipping on wine, when really we were just getting more and more hyper from all the sugar.

18. Opposites Attract

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Magnets were so cool when we were kids - they're still pretty cool now - and the science teachers used to teach us all about them. No matter how many times the teacher told us, or no matter how many times it didn't work, every time we picked up magnets we used to try and get the same side to stick together and it obviously NEVER worked.

19. Trying To Act Cool

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As kids we would do anything to try and fit in, whether that be getting your Mom to buy you the latest pair of trainers or video game, or even turning up to school with a new haircut. We were always trying to be cool in front of our friends, although, looking back, I don't think any of us were particularly cool!

20. Hold Your Breathe

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As kids we were always competing with each other, seeing who could do whatever thing it was for the longest or find out who was best at a certain activity. One of the more dangerous competitions we held was seeing how long someone could hold their breath for. There was always one kid that was doing it for 5 minutes, but we all knew they were breathing through their nose!

21. Handstand Competition

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Another competition we all used to do was a handstand competition. Who could stand on their hands the longest and find out who was the best at it. There was always one show-off who could do an amazing handstand and then start walking on their hands as well! Also, the girls were ALWAYS better than the boys at this.

22. Don't Touch That!

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There were loads of things that our parents told us we couldn't do when we were kids, mostly for our own well-being, but that didn't stop us from doing them anyway! The worst one was putting your hand on the stove to test that it was hot, even though our Moms already told us it was. Some of us found out the hard way.

23. Look Mom I Got A Tattoo!

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Obviously you can't legally receive a tattoo in the US until you're 18 or over, but that didn't stop us as kids using stick-on-tattoos! We thought we were so cool with our new tattoo sleeve, and the best thing was that most of them were waterproof, so it would take a few days for them to wash off, which means you would have been the coolest kid in school.

24. The Floor Is Lava

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We were always trying to invent new games as kids, games that were fun and tried to get everyone involved. One of the funnest games we ever played was 'the floor is lava', which involved jumping around on the couches or beds, or putting obstacles around the living room to avoid the hot, burning (imaginary) lava-filled floor.

25. Helium Fun

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Just like using the fan, we would do anything to make our voices sound weird and funny to make our friends and parents laugh. The best one of all would be when our dads got a balloon, sucked in the helium and all of a sudden they had a funny high voice! This never got old and is definitely still funny as adults.

26. Giving Your Friend A Haircut

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Some of us loved doing makeovers and trying out different outfits or make-up. For the future hairdressers and barbers, those kids LOVED giving their dolls makeshift haircuts. The worst ones were when we used to give our friends of siblings a haircut, much to the horror of our Moms. We probably only did that once!

27. Pretending To Be A Superhero

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Kids will pretend to be anything; their favorite comic book character, animals (as mentioned before) and even vehicles. The funnest one to do was pretend to be a superhero, flying out your city fighting crimes and helping people in need! This provided endless fun when we were kids.

28. Picking Your Nose (Gross)

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Kids, for all their hilarious and positive quirks, don't have a filter. They're still learning what is and what isn't socially acceptable, and what they can do in public. We ALL used to do this (don't pretend you didn't), but hopefully, as adults, we all know not to do it when people can see us...

29. Laughing Fits At Nothing

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Laughing is super infectious. We've all experienced watching someone laugh their head off and find ourselves begin to chuckle, even if we don't know what it is that set them off in the first place. As kids we used to do this ALL the time, literally laughing because one of our friends was laughing, and it could continue for hours!

30. Having A Slumber Party

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This doesn't seem that weird, until you realise that as adults we NEVER have slumber parties with each other. The idea of that seems super weird now, but as kids it was so much fun. Going to your friends house after school, hanging out all evening and eating candy, then staying up and watching a film was the pinnacle of childhood!

31. Writing On Your Pencil Case

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Your pencil case was for storing your writing tools, but for some reason it was also the perfect thing to waste ink on and write all over, too. Were you really in school if you didn't write at least one thing on your pencil case? Even better, when other people wrote on it (usually an insult).

32. Writing '<3' On Your School Bag

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You had to let the world know when you had a secret crush, and the best way to do that was to put your initials and <3s (mystery initials) on your school bag for everyone to see. Or maybe you wrote it on your pencil case instead! Then you'd get the questions of who the initials stand for - but you're not telling...

33. Prank Calling Pretty Much Everyone

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Back when phones were a novelty, the most fun thing we could think to do was prank call as many people as possible. It might have been friends in school, or in other cases, public numbers like restaurants or even the non-emergency police line (hey, we didn't know better)!

34. Pretending Your Calculator Was A Phone

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To our childlike and innocent brains, anything with numbers on it was akin to a phone, whether that was our school calculators or the TV remote. It was a lesson wasted if you hadn't at least once picked up your calculator, tapped in some numbers and held it to your ear for a fake conversation.

35. While We're On The Subject: Trying To Write Rude Things, Too!

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And we pretty much used calculators for everything but what they were supposed to be used for. Another fun thing to do was to try and write rude words on the screen - weren't we hilarious - with a fan favorite being the old "8" and "0", of course... how mature we were.

36. Getting A Friend To Tell Your Crush You Like Them

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In school, there was absolutely no way you just walked up to your crush and asked them out - it just didn't happen. Whatever 'out' meant back then anyway (usually meant telling everyone you're going out without ever speaking to each other). So your best friend would of course go up to them and say 'they like you' while pointing at you hiding behind the corner.

37. Swapping Things From Your Lunchbox

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Lunch at school was a communal deal, and it was usually an opportunity to compare what your friends had in their lunchboxes compared to what you had packed. There were usually some pretty good trade deals to go down, like one chocolate bar for a different piece of candy.

38. Trying To Push Down Every Color On This Thing

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This was a super cool pen to have, so why did every single one of us try to break it in the first couple of seconds? We knew it was only designed to press down one color at once, that was the whole point, yet we still persisted in trying to mash down every single one. Sigh.

39. Getting A Complete Set Of Colored Gel Pens

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Speaking of amazing colored pens - were you even at school if you didn't have a complete collection of bright, colored gel pens? To the point where a lot of teachers said you were only allowed to write in blue or black because they were sick of trying to decipher glittery pink.

40. Pushing Holes In Your Eraser With Your Pencil

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Drawing on your eraser was cool and all, but you were a true master if you pushed holes into your eraser. It had to be with your pencil, and it had to be a ton of them - no idea why, it was just an unspoken rule. There was something so satisfying about it. We were definitely onto something with that one!

41. Putting A Hair Clip Over Your Lips

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If something looks like it's going to hurt, and if something is designed definitely not for what our intrusive thoughts are telling us to do, you best believe we're going to do it anyway. Such was the case with hair clips. You just had to clip it over both your lips at least once. Did it hurt? Yes. Did we carry on doing it? Also yes.

42. Picking Up The Landline To Eavesdrop

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Back in the days when every household had a home phone, some also had a landlines in different rooms - maybe you even had one in your bedroom. Needless to say, you'd find the closest one after it rang to slowly lift up and try and make no noise while you eavesdropped on your family's conversation.

43. Trick Or Treating On Your Own House

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You knew it was your house. Your parents knew it was you. But you both had this unspoken understanding that you were going to pretend that nobody knew any better. You'd trick or treat, and they'd act all shocked and surprised and give you some candy. Job well done.

44. Trying To Hold It All In During An Exam

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It doesn't matter what it was - the biggest coughing fit, the loudest sneeze or the most horrifying stomach grumble in the history of mankind - it would always, always want to come out during a dead silent exam, and you'd end up not even concentrating on the paper because all you could think was don't do it.

45. Falling Off Your Bike

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Not only were bikes the only way to get around when you were a kid, they also came with some pretty big risks - falling off. Stupidly. Over nothing. Over everything. It was a rite of passage to fall off your bike at some point as a kid and then run up the street crying for your mom.

46. Cutting Our Mouths On Popsicles

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These things were great - but at what cost? There was only one way to eat them, and whoever designed them obviously didn't take into account that you'd cut the inside of your mouth on both sides from the sharp plastic that'd just been cut off by your scissors - or teeth.

47. Hiding In The Store Clothes Rack

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Hide and Seek was taken up a notch when you went out to a public clothing store with your mom or dad - even better when it had those round racks with the perfect amount of space in the middle. We didn't care that the idea of losing your child in a store is every parent's nightmare - we were just having a good time from behind the trousers.

48. Watch The Raindrops Race

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How to pass time in the car as a child before iPads were a thing? Watch the raindrops fall on the window and start daydreaming about what it all means - you feel an emotional connection to two raindrops in particular and you're rooting for one of them to reach the bottom before the other one does.

49. Using An Empty Toilet Roll For A Toy

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We were so creative as kids - we could make toys out of absolutely anything. The cardboard insert from a toilet roll, or even kitchen roll, was one of the best things to mess with. You didn't even need to make any design changes and it was immediately a telescope, a pair of binoculars or a sword.

50. Going Up The Stairs Like An Animal

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The staircase in front of you posed a huge problem as a kid. "Am I going to go up it normally, or am I going to make it weird?" And we always chose the latter. You'd go up on your hands and needs with your fingers curled under like a paw so you could pretend to be a dog or a cat.