Weird Moments From Prince Harry’s ‘The Spare’

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Buckle up, royal enthusiasts and curious minds alike, for a journey into the captivating realm of Prince Harry's life as 'The Spare.' In a world where the spotlight usually shines on the heir, Harry carved out his own path, painting the canvas of his experiences with vibrant, often eccentric, and undeniably weird moments. From unconventional escapades to eyebrow-raising choices, join us as we unravel the tapestry of peculiar and fascinating instances.

1. He asked a driver to take him through the last journey Diana made

In a striking revelation within the pages of 'The Spare,' Prince Harry candidly shares a deeply personal and poignant moment of retracing the final footsteps of his beloved mother, Princess Diana. With unwavering determination mixed with a tinge of emotional gravity, Harry embarked on a journey to revisit the very path that intertwined with the tragic end of Diana's life.
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Prince Harry revealed in The Spare that he retraces the exact last steps in Diana's life, including passing the restaurant where she ate her last meal. He asked a driver to take him on the same journey at same speed - 65 mph. They went over the bump in the road which supposedly threw the car off track but Harry barely felt it. he claimed the whole thing was a very bad idea.Original content sourced from

2. He found out that Queen Elizabeth had died from the BBC

In a poignant and unexpectedly surreal moment amidst the backdrop of personal and familial grief, Prince Harry found himself confronted with the news of his grandmother's passing in a manner that defied the conventional solemnity of such moments.
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Harry actually found out that the late Queen, his grandmother had died, from a BBC report, not a message from his family. He was on a plane at the time as he had been instructed to come due to her unwellness. He was almost arriving on the plane when he saw the report on his phone.

3. His first intimate experience was in a field behind a pub

Prince Harry's candid revelations peel back the veil on a side of royal life seldom seen in the public eye—a tale that unfolds far from the opulent corridors and grandeur of palaces, set in the unlikeliest of stages: a field behind a pub.
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Harry talks about how he lost his virginity to an older woman in a field behind a pub - not the royal scene you'd imagine. One of his body guards actually witnessed it. And, at the end of the experience Harry quoted that the woman 'spanked my ass and sent me away'.

4. During Prince William and Kate's wedding he had a frostbitten penis

In an astonishing and unfiltered revelation that left royal watchers wide-eyed, Prince Harry bared more than just his soul when he decided to share a particularly intimate detail during the solemn occasion of his brother Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton.
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One of the very strange things Prince Harry decided to share with the world was his frostbitten penis (after a trip to the North Pole) during Prince William and Kate's wedding. Whilst in the church he was in his words 'between these thoughts of mummy and death and my frostnipped penis, I was in danger of becoming as anxious as the groom'.

5. He had diarrhoea at a friend's wedding

Prince Harry's unguarded narrative delves into uncharted territories of royal transparency, shedding light on an unexpected side effect of his quest for mental well-being. Amidst the pages of his revelations, a peculiar yet relatable tale emerges—one that intertwines the pursuit of anxiety relief with the perils of unintended consequences.
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Prince Harry wrote in his book that he took magnesium supplements to help with his anxiety - which worked. One of the unfortunate effects of taking these was very loose bowels. In a very weird segment of the book we learnt hat he nearly had a very embarrassing experience of this whilst at his friend's wedding.

6. He took dr*gs to rebel against order

Prince Harry's unguarded honesty has revealed a chapter of his life seldom discussed within the gilded walls of royalty. In a departure from the constrained narrative expected of a prince, Harry unabashedly peeled back the layers of his past, laying bare his flirtation with the forbidden allure of substances.
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Harry's been very open about his past (and present) dabbling with a variety of dr*gs. He said he had smoked certain substances since being a teenager and tried lots of different things especially in his youth to try and rebel against the order of his life and being a royal member.

7. He's a self-confessed Friends fan

Prince Harry's unexpected affinity for the beloved sitcom "Friends" has emerged as a charming revelation, painting a picture of the royal as an ardent fan devoted to the quirks and camaraderie of the iconic Central Perk gang.
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Prince Harry is a HUGE friends fan. In fact he made a joke about people's assumption about his bachelor lifestyle when he claimed that in reality he was often home doing laundry watching another episode of friends. He actually claimed that Courtney Cox was Monica, and he was Chandler.

8. He borrowed Tom Hardy's Mad Max costume for Halloween

The unlikely camaraderie between Prince Harry and Hollywood A-lister Tom Hardy unfurled an intriguing chapter in the prince's life, offering a glimpse into the unexpected friendships that transcended the boundaries of royalty and celebrity.
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So, Prince Harry has a list of A lister friends...and one of then is none other than Tom Hardy. He needed an outfit for a Halloween event at Soho House Toronto with his wife. So, he called up Hardy and asked him to borrow his Mad Max costume. He took it from Britain back to Canada.

9. King Charles didn't hug him after his mother died

Prince Harry's poignant recollection sheds light on the complex emotional dynamics within the royal family, particularly the relationship between him and his father, King Charles. In a moment steeped in grief and vulnerability following the tragic loss of Princess Diana...
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King Charles has been described by Harry as not being very open with his emotions. Even when his mother died Harry claimed he didn't get a hug from his father. But, King Charles put his hand on his knee and told him that it was going to be okay. He was reassuring even if he wasn't affectionate.

10. He feels indebted to his previous relationship

Prince Harry's candid revelation about a previous relationship unveils a profound and deeply personal aspect of his life—one that transcends the romantic realm and delves into the intricacies of grief and healing following the loss of his mother, Princess Diana.
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Harry had a previous relationship before Meghan Markle which lasted around two years. He claimed that it was her openness and willingness to discuss Diana's death in a compassionate way which really helped him truly grieve and process his mother's death.

11. He struggles with the heat

Prince Harry's amusing anecdote sheds light on the quirks and dynamics within the royal household, offering a glimpse into the relatable challenges faced by even the most esteemed members of the monarchy. The struggle with the sweltering heat becomes an unlikely bonding point between Prince Harry and his father, King Charles.
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Another random statement from Harry's book was that he struggled with the heat, as did his 'pa', King Charles. He said that he and Charles would sneak open the dining room window in Sandringham to try and create a draft but the Corgis would alert the late Queen who'd instruct for it to be closed.

12. He taught Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother) an Ali G impersonation

Prince Harry's endearing portrayal of his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, offers a delightful peek into their familial bond, painting a picture of unexpected moments of shared laughter and playfulness amidst the regal decorum.
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Prince Harry talks about his great-grandmother in his book whom he nicknamed 'gan-gan'. He weirdly tells the world about teaching Queen Elizabeth about Ali G and showing her how to do the impression of 'Booyakasha' with the iconic finger clicks which she actually tried to copy.

13. He ate mushroom chocolates from Courtney Cox's fridge

Courtney Cox was unwillingly referenced in his book and he spoke about crashing at her home, and taking some mushroom chocolates form the fridge of Courtney Cox. He then 'washed them down with tequila' and saw the bathroom bin staring at him and the toilet also started speaking to him. 
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With Prince Harry admitting that he's a huge fan of the Friends sitcom, it's no surprise that he'd actually find himself at one of the actor's houses at some point... though perhaps he imagined it would go a little differently than this!

14. Prince William and Kate were big fans of Meghan Markle's series Suits

The intriguing dynamics within the royal family took an unexpected turn when Prince Harry navigated the delicate territory of revealing his relationship with Meghan Markle to his brother, Prince William, and the Duchess of Cambridge.
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Prince Harry had been worried about how Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge would take the news that he was in a relationship with ex-actor and divorcee Meghan Markle. Until, he found out they were religious viewers and fans of Suits and were super excited to meet her.

15. Harry advised Meghan to wear her hair down with little makeup on

We all know that there are very strict rules on what the royals can and can't wear, or look like - especially the women - and no doubt Harry wanted to give Meghan a fighting chance by advising how royal women are usually supposed to have their hair...
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Another weird fact that Harry revealed in his book is that his father (King Charles) and his grandmother (The Late Queen Elizabeth II) both liked women's hair down. As he said, 'Granny' and 'Pa' like women's hair when it's down, in fact they were huge fans of Kate Middleton's hair. He told his wife to let her hair down for their first meeting!

16. King Charles believes in Scottish mermaids

In a whimsical yet fascinating revelation, Prince Harry lifts the veil on a charming belief held dear by his father, King Charles—an enduring fascination with the mystical and legendary creatures known as Scottish Mermaids.
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Harry write in his book that his father King Charles firmly believes in Scottish Mermaids. He writes about what he believes to be seals, in the Scottish Lochs and how they appear as mermaids. But his 'Pa' is adamant that these are mermaids and told him so from a young age.

17. Harry took the laughing gas meant for Megan during Archie's birth

When Meghan Markle was in hospital for their son Archie's birth, Prince Harry decided that his need for the laughing gas and for some entertainment was greater than his wife's labour. He said he used Meghan's entire laughing gas cannister which made her laugh and had to be replaced by the nurse.
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We don't know about you, but if it's true that Meghan - in the middle of painful labor - found the whole thing funny instead of, you know... annoying and insulting while trying to push a baby out, then maybe she's more laid-back than we thought!

18. He resonates with cows

Prince Harry's reflections in "The Spare" delve into unexpected territories, offering glimpses into his inner thoughts and the peculiarities that arise from a life lived under constant public scrutiny. Amidst the tapestry of anecdotes and revelations, Harry candidly explores the yearning for solitude and privacy in the midst of a life perpetually lived in the public eye.
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The Spare is full of weird and wonderful and randomly kind of pointless facts. For example, in one part of the book Harry writes 'Cows need their space. I felt them'. He is talking about how he feels the need for some space and privacy with living such a public life.

19. He jokes about his mother's taste in children's clothes

Prince Harry's affectionate recollections of his late mother, Princess Diana, paint a vivid and endearing portrait of her as a loving and devoted parent. Amidst the plethora of heartwarming memories, Harry doesn't shy away from sharing some playful anecdotes that reflect Diana's unique sense of style and her approach to dressing her sons.
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Harry never talks badly about his late mother, he only has praise and fond memories. But he did joke about her styling of him and Prince William. She would often dress the two of them the same, in fairly unique choices of clothing which he likened to Alice in Wonderland style.

20. He's not a fan of kilts

It's interesting how personal preferences can intersect with cultural traditions, even within royal circles. Prince Harry's aversion to wearing a kilt, despite his Scottish connections, sheds light on the nuanced relationship between personal comfort and adherence to traditional attire.
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Another weird thing we didn't need to know about Harry - he hates wearing a kilt because he doesn't enjoy the breeze. Despite the Scottish ties, Harry remains adverse to wearing a kilt. He explained that there's something about the knife int he shoe as well as the wind right up the kilt that he prefers not to wear.

21. He's often discussed meat temperature with prime ministers

Prince Harry's revelations offer glimpses into the unconventional and often surprising conversations that unfolded within the royal circles. Amongst the grandeur and formalities, the prince fondly reminisces about the unexpected yet endearing topics that would emerge during gatherings.
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Another weird statement take straight from The Spare is the fact that bit was extremely common for Harry to be discussing the temperature of meat with the prime minister or the bishop. He talks fondly about his grandparents cooking at dinner parties when his great grandfather would make Bolognese and his great grandmother would make a salad dressing.

22. He thought of the Corgis like cousins

Prince Harry's affectionate portrayal of his grandmother's dogs as "cousins" is a charming testament to the close bond shared between the royal family and their beloved pets. Within the walls of the royal household, the Corgis held a special place, becoming more than mere pets but cherished members of the family.
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It's probably a weird way to describe your grandmother's dogs - as cousins - however, this is exactly how Harry felt. He knew each and every one of the Corgi's individually and knew each of their personality. He actually listed a few of the Corgi's names in his book.

23. King Charles loves to smell everything

Harry doesn't only let us into know weird things about himself, but also of his family. he write about how King Charles loves to smelled everything, and he has a habit of smelling everything even if it shouldn't be smelled. He joked that this is because...
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... Charles used a lot of aftershave and used to douse himself in Eu Sauvage by Christian Dior! Well, now we have a better idea of what the King of England smells like - you know, if you ever sat there long enough to wonder about it...

24. His favourite Balmoral summers

Prince Harry's recollections of his childhood at Balmoral Castle offer a glimpse into the cherished moments that shaped his formative years. Amidst the grandeur of the Scottish estate, Harry fondly reminisces about the idyllic summers spent amidst the serene landscapes and enchanting scents that filled the air.
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Harry looks back on his childhood with fondness. He spent a lot of time at Balmoral, especially int he summers. His book dives into the weird little details you'd never usually get to know about someone, for example, about how his favourite smell is the smell of Silver Birch trees.

25. He hated the intimate scenes in Suits

Meghan Markle was only doing her job, after all - and if you were already a fan of Suits, you'll know that she had A LOT of steamy scenes with her partner Mike on the show... surely those were what got Harry interested in her in the first place, though?
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It's only natural that Harry didn't enjoy watching scenes of his wife getting steamy with another man - even if it was only for a TV show. He jokingly wrote that he would need electric shock therapy to ever be able to get those images out of his head.

26. The family's balding traits

One thing most people have noticed over the years is how William's full head of blonde hair went from everything to pretty much nothing. We know the brothers look very different, but one thing's for sure - they both share the balding trait!
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Harry divulges the family genetic secret that the men are disposed to balding. He points out his own, but more so he points out his brother Prince William's receding hair and actually describes it as 'alarming' because he is balding much faster than himself.

27. He had his naked photos leaked during a game of strip pool

During a private party in a suite at a hotel, he was photographed playing a game of strip billiards. The pictures surfaced in the media, causing a significant stir. While it was a private gathering, the photos leaked, and their publication generated considerable attention and scrutiny in the press.
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Harry is known for having a wild side. And one day that side was taken advantage of when he and his friends were in Las Vegas and they met some women during a night out. They'd all gone back to the hotel room and started strip pool. They ended up taking photos and selling them to the press.

28. He killed 26 people

One very important time of Harry's past and growing up has been his time served in the army, so one thing many readers were interested in finding out was his recounting of his experience during the army in his book 'The Spare'.
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This was a shocking moment in his book. The majority of the book is light-hearted and jovial and this segment discussed his time in the army and how he killed 26 people. He described how he didn't feel guilt and didn't even see these people as humans, that it was just a part of the process.

29. He asked the late Queen's permission during a hunting trip

The official announcement of Harry and Meghan's engagement was made to the public as we know - in the way royals usually do - but Harry had to do a lot of legwork to get there, including having to ask the Queen - his grandmother - for her permission.
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When you picture asking for someone's permission to marry somebody you probably don't picture them with a dead bird in each hand. This is exactly the image Harry paints for us, he was collecting dead birds on a hunting trip with the late Queen. He then asked her and she was fairly reluctant and replied 'I suppose I have to say yes'.

30. He couldn't believe his mum was dead for years

Prince Harry has shared that when he received the news of his mother's passing, he was deeply saddened and struggled to comprehend the magnitude of the loss. He has spoken about the emotional impact and the profound sense of grief that he, along with his brother, Prince William, experienced.
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Harry reveals the moment his father told him the news and sat him down, telling him 'darling boy, Mummy's been in a car crash'. Although he was told the news, for years he couldn't quite believe it. In fact he only cried for the first time when he saw the coffin.

31. He got his book quotes from

Prince Harry, if he indeed chose to include such a quote at the beginning of his book, might have found resonance or significance in Faulkner's words about the continuity of the past in the present. Even if the selection didn't have a deeply personal tie or backstory for him, the quote could still serve.
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There's a famous William Faulkner line that starts off this riveting read of 'Spare': "The past is never dead. It's not even past.". Lots of writers use inspiring or relevant quotes in their books - did this one mean something personal to the price? No, he just found it on!

32. He once had his face shoved inside a dead deer

Prince Harry, as a royal, is no stranger to a hunting trip or two, and he chose his book to share one of the most gruesome memories of his time on a hunt... though you might lack sympathy and think it's his own fault for hunting deer in the first place.
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When Prince Harry hunted and killed his very first deer, his instructor apparently told him to kneel in front of the carcass. He then goes on to describe how, after first thinking he might need to pray to it, the instructor then shoved his head inside so he could feel the blood and guts.

33. He lets the world know that yes, he's circumcised

It's important to note that details about an individual's private anatomy or medical history, especially from a public figure, are generally considered sensitive and private information. But Harry decided to share with the world about his own anatomy...
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There's too much focus on the prince's you-know-what in this book for our liking, but here we are. He apparently thought it was important to tell us all that he's circumcised, because he thought the press had written enough about it so wanted to set the record straight: he was snipped as a baby.

34. He had a special c**k cushion to keep it warm

Oh, and just while we're on the topic... apparently he had a special cushion to keep his thing warm after this whole frostbite incident. While you can't fault him for learning from his mistakes and taking a special cushion made...
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...from soft fleece the next time he took a cold expedition, we don't really know why we need to know that. It's actually concerning how many times Harry decided to mention his anatomy in this book of his... nobody asked, Harry, nobody asked.

35. People used to bathe him at his private school

Ludgrove School is a well-known preparatory boarding school in England that has educated various members of the royal family, including Prince Harry and Prince William. The description of additional fees for boys receiving baths from matrons as part of a "relaxing cleansing ritual" was mentioned...
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Prince Harry went to Ludgrove School when he was younger - and apparently it's so expensive because parents are paying for the extra work of their boys getting washed in the bath, too. Apparently the matrons would give the boys their nightly baths as some sort of relaxing cleansing ritual.

36. When he talks about his p*nis (again) and the lip balm his mom used

Okay, so it was bad enough how many times Prince Harry wanted to talk about his todger, but then he talks about in the same paragraph as he's talking about his... mom?? And his mom's lip balm? Which is less interesting than his anatomy, quite frankly.
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Ha, you thought we were done with his genitals! Nope. Harry goes on with even more weird and disturbing facts by explaining that he was told to put Elizabeth Arden cream on his frostbitten thing - which he then recounts was what his mom used for her lip balm. Talk about inappropriate timing.

37. King Charles carries a teddy bear everywhere because he was bullied

King Charles has spoken openly about his experiences of being sent to Gordonstoun School, where he faced challenges and difficulties, including feeling isolated and unhappy. Individuals' personal histories and the coping mechanisms they adopt during challenging times are often deeply private - usually...
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Apparently the now-King of England, Charles, carries a teddy bear with him everywhere - for a heartbreaking reason. He was bullied so badly when he was a boy that he found comfort in clutching a teddy bear when he was young, which he then kept and still carries with him.

38. William apparently never told him he was proposing to Kate

The sequence of events regarding Prince William's proposal to Kate Middleton has been a widely covered and documented part of their relationship. However, the specific details about how Prince Harry was informed about his brother's proposal haven't been publicly disclosed or confirmed.. until this book.
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You might have thought William had let his brother know he was going to pop the question, maybe get his advice on it... but no. Apparently Harry found out that William had proposed when an official palace announcement was made, with William proposing with his mother's ring.

39. He never hugged Queen Elizabeth - not once

Traditionally, the royal family often adheres to a certain level of formality and decorum in public settings, and displays of affection, especially physical ones like hugging, might be limited during official engagements or public appearances.
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We all know that there are certain rules on protocol and PDA when it comes to the royal family, so while most of us wouldn't bat an eye at hugging our grandmother, apparently Prince Harry didn't hug her - and especially not in public. That's actually really sad when you think about it.

40. King Charles does handstands in his underwear

There's no verified information about the specific personal habits or methods used by King Charles for relieving chronic back pain. The privacy and personal routines of the royal family, including details about health-related practices, are generally not disclosed or confirmed publicly... until Harry decided to write about them in his book.
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We've moved on from Harry's junk and now we're onto the king's underwear - great! Apparently he would do this daily in just his underwear to try and relieve chronic back pain that he struggles with. He would often do it against a door, apparently, which isn't the best place to do it..

41. William didn't want him to be best man because he was scared he'd say something inappropriate

There might have been various factors influencing the decision, such as family dynamics, tradition, or public expectations, but Prince Harry being chosen as the best man highlighted the close bond between the two brothers. Public figures often face considerations about public appearances, speeches, and roles during such significant events, and these decisions can be influenced by a multitude of factors.
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We all know how these best man speeches go - and apparently that's no different if you're a royal. Although William did make Harry best man in the end, it was - according to Harry - down to public pressure, whereas William had been worried about giving Harry a mic to make a speech..

42. They had to bow to a statue of Queen Victoria

There's a rich tradition of etiquette and protocol within royal households, often involving formalities and gestures of respect to historical figures or symbols of the monarchy. While specific practices might vary and aren't always publicly disclosed, it's common for royal family members, including Prince William and Prince Harry, to be taught and expected to observe certain traditions, gestures, or protocols as a sign of respect.
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At one of the late Queen Elizabeth's residences was a statue of another historical queen: Queen Victoria. And apparently the boys, William and Harry, were told to always bow to it when they passed it, even saying, 'Your majesty!' in respect. Harry even said he would have done the same thing anyway, even if he wasn't told to!

43. Harry wanted to work at a ski resort after school

Prince Harry's aspirations and career interests have evolved over time, but the specific accounts mentioned about his early desires to not work as a royal or to become a ski instructor haven't been publicly confirmed or documented - until this book.
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So at first Harry had aspirations of not working as a royal, but at the fondue hut that his mother had enjoyed in the middle of town. When that idea was rejected, understandably, he then said he had dreams of being a ski instructor... which his father, Charles, said was, 'Out of the question'.

44. They would be woken up by a piper at Balmoral

The tradition of having a bagpiper play at Balmoral Castle during the Queen's stays is indeed well-documented. The late Queen Elizabeth, known for her fondness for Scotland and the Balmoral estate, had a personal piper who played the bagpipes in the morning to mark the start of the day.
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Harry also reveals in his book that when the late Queen Elizabeth was staying at her royal residence in Balmoral, she would have her bagpiper play her awake in the morning, and also play her to supper. This was seen as a royal tradition at the residence, though of course the piper would wake everyone else up, too!

45. The first time William and Harry talked about their mother's crash was 10 years later

The tragic loss of their mother, Princess Diana, at a young age undoubtedly had a profound impact on Prince William and Prince Harry. Coping with such a significant loss at a young age could lead to complex emotions and challenges in processing the grief.
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The boys had been very, very young when their mother had tragically died in a car crash - but you might have thought the boys would talk about it a few years later when they were old enough to understand better. But it apparently took a whopping ten years for them to have a proper conversation about it.

46. He drank beer out of prosthetic legs

Prince Harry has been known for his sense of humor and willingness to engage in light-hearted, unconventional activities. It's possible that in casual or informal settings, especially during adventurous expeditions or trips, individuals might participate in unconventional or humorous activities for entertainment or camaraderie.
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So when Harry recounts a trip he took to the South Pole, he also relates how he drank beer out of a prosthetic leg - but apparently there wasn't only one, as he says he's "drunk booze" out of "multiple". I mean, can't he afford a mug? Or is this just another one of the quirky things he does?

47. He'd sprint through grocery stores for Granny Smith apples

Prince Harry, due to his status as a prominent member of the royal family, has been a subject of immense media attention throughout his life. His efforts to maintain some level of privacy or unpredictability, even in mundane activities like grocery shopping, might have stemmed from a desire for personal space amid constant public scrutiny.
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Just in case we were all on the edge of our seats waiting to hear about the prince's grocery shopping habits, don't worry - he's filled us in on that too. In his book, he explains about how he would go to the grocery store at different times to keep the press on their toes, as well as sprinting down the aisles at top speed and going to pay.

48. He shops the TK Maxx yearly sale

It's not uncommon for individuals, including public figures, to appreciate a good bargain or enjoy shopping at discount stores for various items. Prince Harry, despite his royal status, has been known for his down-to-earth demeanor and relatable habits.
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So TK Maxx is the UK version of TJ Maxx - it has great bargain prices and good deals for the everyday person, so you might be surprised to learn a prince willingly shops there. But apparently he does, and is particularly fond of the yearly sale where he could find discounted items for cheap!

49. He peed his pants on a boat

Such detailed personal incidents, especially involving private bodily functions or intimate moments, are often not extensively documented or publicly discussed by members of the royal family or public figures - but Harry thought 'na, forget that' when he wrote this book.
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So when Harry was once on a boat, he needed to pee - understandable - at first tried to do it in the sea after going overboard, but apparently got 'stage fright' and couldn't do it. So he hopped back on board and... peed himself. And this is while he was officially dating Meghan Markle.

50. Harry recoiled when Meghan first hugged him

Navigating personal boundaries and preferences for physical contact can differ widely among individuals, and it's not uncommon for people to have varying comfort levels with hugs or physical greetings. Prince Harry, as a member of the royal family, might have been accustomed to different protocols regarding public displays of affection or physical contact.
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In Meghan's defence, to most of us, a quick hug is a standard form of greeting, and most of the time you might even do it because you feel awkward not when meeting someone. But apparently when Meghan went in for a hug for the first time, Harry recoiled because he wasn't used to hugging strangers - or anyone, for that matter, if he didn't even hug his grandmother.