12 Ways To Be A Good Neighbour

By Jack Clark 9 months ago

1. Be Friendly

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Think about it, do ever have something bad to say about someone if they're really friendly towards you? Probably never! Being friendly towards people can really disarm and diffuse any kind of awkwardness or hostility. Let's face it, meeting new people or speaking to people that you're not super acquainted with can be weird, but if you're friendly you'll find that it goes smoothly 99% of the time.

2. Introduce Yourself

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If you've just moved into a new neighborhood, make a habit of introducing yourself to your new neighbors as soon as you can. Whether you knock on their doors to say hello, or simply smile and wave to people as you're getting into your car before work. If you make a point to say hello, the neighborhood will feel at ease that their newest member is friendly and making an effort.

3. Don't Play Music Too Loudly

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We've all that one neighbor who seems to be training for a non-existent DJ olympics. You tolerate it to start with, but after a while the thumping bass drum sending shockwaves through your wall gets too much. It's fine to play music - heck, everyone has SOMETHING they enjoy listening to - but just keep it at a normal volume; you don't need to crank your stereo to 11 everytime.

4. Invite People Round For A Party

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A great way of meeting your neighbors is by having some sort of party and inviting everyone on your street to come and have some fun. Provide some food, beverages and some entertainment and get chatting with your neighbors. People like doing fun things and, so long as you're not having a party every single weekend, you'll keep your neighbors happy.

5. Take In Parcels

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The majority of our shopping is done online now. With companies like Amazon making it easy to order anything you like, it's no wonder that people don't go out shopping anymore. We all know that one person on the street who seems to have a package turn up everyday. If they're not in, be friendly and take in the parcel for them and return it to them when they get home.

6. Keep Watch

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Even in the nicest neighborhoods in America, you can never predict when trouble might come knocking. Some communities take part in a neighborhood watch scheme, keeping an eye out for any trouble and updating their fellow neighbors. Do your part and warn others of any potential danger - the last thing your want is your street becoming dangerous. If you do, it increases the chances of these nice acts being reciprocated.

7. Support Local Businesses

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When you move into a new neighborhood, you might be surrounded by small coffee shops and restaurants that are owned by people in the community. If you can, make sure to support those small businesses, as the community really appreciates your custom. It can also help you feel like you're part of the neighborhood, whilst doing some good and supporting a local business.

8. Park Properly

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We all know those obnoxious people who think it's okay to take up two spaces with on car - yes, we're speaking to you, Ford truck enthusiasts! One way to really wind your neighbors up is by taking up too much room with your cars. The last thing you want after a long day of work is to find that there isn't enough space to park! Stay between the lines, otherwise it can cost you a friendly neighbor!

9. Make Sure Your Dog Is Well-Behaved

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Dogs are the best pets in the world (sorry, cat-lovers!) and they can add a lot to a house and the wider community. Friendly dogs help keep the neighborhoods children entertained, and they bring a lot of joy. However, there is nothing worse than hearing a dog bark continuously for hours, especially through the night. Make sure your dog is well-trained and well-behaved.

10. Keep Your Property Clean

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Even though your neighbors probably don't regularly enter your property, it's best to keep it as clean as possible! If you have a messy house, people do start to notice. Yes, that also means keeping your front yard clean as well. If your neighbors see loads of mess and garbage, they will be put off interacting with you. Keep your property clean and keep yourself in the neighbors good books.

11. Offer To Mow Their Lawn

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We don't always have time to keep our yard in tact, especially when the grass starts growing long. If you share a front yard with your neighbor, offer to mow their grass and tidy up any hedges. This helps your property look tidy, and it's also an offer of good will that your neighbor will thank you for. Also, there's a pretty good chance that they'll return the favor at some point!

12. Respect Boundaries

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This applies to two different types of boundaries - physical and mental. Your neighbor might not like it if you suddenly buy a drum kit and start playing it really loudly, and they have a right to not be disturbed. Also, respect the physical property boundaries of their house - don't start walking across their lawn all the time or parking in a spot that blocks their driveway.

13. Have Quiet Hours

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You can't be expected by your neighbors to be totally quiet throughout your entire day, and it would be unfair of them to request this. However, there is a time and a place for loud music or activities, and it's definitely not at 1am on a Wednesday. As it starts to get later in the day, maybe don't blast your music out the stereo or have your kids running rampant in your backyard.

14. Make Sure Your Neighborhood Is Child-Friendly

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No matter where you live, there are probably going to be children within the vicinity. This is especially true if you live in the suburbs with lots of families around. You also might have kids, so it's in your best interest to make sure that your neighborhood is as child-friendly as possible. This gives you peace of mind knowing that yours and your neighbors children can play outside without too much danger.

15. Try Not To Argue With People

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It can be tough to keep your cool, especially in a frustrating situation. The worst thing you can do with your neighbors is start a big argument, and definitely don't start a shouting match on the street. Neighbors can do weird things, but it's not often that they do them maliciously. If something has annoyed you, bring it up calmly and politely to avoid any awkward run-ins whilst you live in that neighborhood.

16. Don't Spread Rumors About Your Neighbors

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Gossip is one of those things that people can't seem to get away from. It's just too juicy to ignore rumors and gossip, especially if there seems to be an element of truth behind it. However, if you start spreading rumors about your neighbors to other people in the neighborhood, you can quickly find that it all blows up in your face, and people will start giving you the cold shoulder.

17. Respect Shared Spaces

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For those of you who live in an apartment building, there's a good chance that you will have some sort of communal space. Whether it's the mailboxes downstairs, or a shared garden, people in the building will be constantly using them. It's important to respect these spaces and don't leave them messy or untoward. If you keep these areas tidy, your neighbors will love you.

18. Offer Help If Needed

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You never know when you might be in a situation that requires help. It could be that your car won't start in the morning, or maybe you need to do some DIY that's out of your skill level. You should always offer help to a neighbor in need, even if it's just recommending them a handyman or volunteering to check in on their cat whilst they're away. Generally, you'll find that the favor is returned.

19. Keep Sidewalks Clear

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This is a big one when it comes to neighbor relations. It keeps the street looking tidy and keeps it safe. If you're blocking the sidewalk with your car or with a load of garbage, the people walking on the sidewalk will need to walk out onto the road to get around it, which can be really dangerous on a busy street, especially with kids around. Keep your sidewalk clear!

20. Keep Your Neighbors Updated

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Another way of being a good neighbor is keeping those around you updated when it comes to any social gatherings you might be having, or even warning them about some dodgy characters you might have spotted around the neighborhood. Keeping them in the loop will make them feel more at ease, and show that you have a level of respect for them. It never hurts to be considerate to your neighbors.

21. Lend Out Your Tools

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If you have a big tool set, there's a good chance that you'll find yourself lending them out to neighbors. Not everyone has access to professional-grade tools, especially those who don't take part in DIY projects. However, at some point someone will need a hand with fixing something to a wall or building something from scratch - be the hero and offer your tools and your help.

22. Give Tools Back!

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If you find yourself in the position where you need to do some DIY work, but you're not well-prepared with an arsenal of tools at your disposal, then you'll need to request some help from your handy neighbor. However, make sure that you return the tools as soon as you're finished with the work - tools can be expensive, and you don't want to be known as a thief!

23. Respect Privacy

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Not every neighbor you have is going to be outgoing and talkative, and that's okay! Some people just like keeping themselves to themselves - they're not being rude, they just like their privacy. It's important to work out which of your neighbors are like this and make a point to respect their privacy. Only speak to them if necessary or in an emergency, and keep the small talk to a minimum.

24. Share Information

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It's good to share information with your neighbors, regardless of what it is. It could be something serious like a weather warning or information about criminals in neighboring towns, or it could be just a recommendation for a really great restaurant you've eaten at before. All of this can bring a neighborhood together and fosters a great, open community.

25. Give Neighbors Emergency Contacts

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If you're going to be out of town for a while, it's worth passing on your emergency contacts to your immediate neighbors, especially if you're not going to be reachable. It could be a fire or something serious could happen to your property, and if you have a trusted family member with a key, your neighbors can contact them to come and help out. Also, you should allow your neighbor to give you their emergency contacts too, and you watch out for danger!

26. Respect Local Laws

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Now, obviously you need to abide by federal and state laws wherever you are, but it's worth reading over the local laws in your area. The last thing you want to do is start disrespecting the local community by doing things that aren't legal, even if you didn't know about it. The best way to be a good neighbor is by being a law-abiding citizen, whether it be federal, state or local.

27. Arrange Neighborhood Events

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If you want to become ingrained within your local community, you could look at arranging some sort of neighborhood event. It could be a cook-out or even a street party (with permission from law enforcement of course), or you could arrange a fun run. All of these things will help you to become an integral part of the community and become closer to your neighbors.

28. Be A Part Of The Local Community

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It's important to take part in local communal things, as this is one of the best ways to get to know the neighbors around you and feel like you're a part of where you live. Keep updated with local news and events that are happening, and make a point to show your face and meet different neighbors. People generally like having a friendly, sociable person around.

29. Keep Communication Clear

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It's important that you communicate very clearly with your neighbors when it comes to different things. If you have a problem, you need to be able to voice this clearly and make sure you get your point across and make sure that you come to a solution. The last thing you want to do is try to solve a problem but not get your point across in the right manner, which can lead to a hostile environment.

30. Have Fun

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The last thing you can do to be a good neighbor, is simply have fun. Make sure you try to have a laugh with your neighbors and be friendly as this can really impact the overall vibe of your neighborhood. Happiness and laughter fosters more of that emotion, and it's best for everyone in the community if the neighborhood is happy and free of tension.