US Cities That Food Lovers Need To Visit

By Callum Atherton 8 months ago

 1. New York City

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The city that never sleeps brings the heat to the kitchen as the capital of American food. With its deep Italian heritage, many of there classics have a hint of the European culinary experts in their dishes. Whether it be cheesy pizzas or some the exquisite red meat restaurants, there is something for everyone at all times of the day in the big apple.

2. Los Angeles

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The famous beaches, the vibrant nightlife or the famous sports teams may be the first things you think of when you think of Los Angeles. But what if I told you that their selection of sandwiches is the real star of the show? Along with the classic American cuisine of hot dogs and burgers, sandwiches such as the California roll and French dip sandwich are must tries.

3. Chicago

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Chicago are well known for taking the classic American cuisine which is popularly known around the world and turning it on its head! Whether it be the iconic deep dish pizzas or the Chicago-style hot dog at a baseball game there are rich, delicious eats to try in every corner, nook and cranny of this sprawling metropolis. The 'Windy City' is also home of great Italian beef.

4. Houston

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Hailed as one of America's most diverse city, there is no surprise that Houston is billed as the culinary capital of the south. This blend pays homage to its routes of Texan barbecue along with a soul food infusion that cannot be ignored. The most famous dishes to try during your trip to Houston are Viet- Cajun crawfish as well as pho and kolaches.

5. Phoenix

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Phoenix, the largest city in the state of Arizona, is home to some particularly delicious delights. With its historic Native American culture and Mexican cuisine, this city serves up some must try dishes that lean into both of these influences. Mexican dishes such as chimichanga and tortillas, and traditionally American dishes such as fry bread and hot dogs can be found on most street corners.

6. Philadelphia

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Philadelphia is one of only a couple cities in the United States which has an iconic dish named after their city. The sandwiches in Philadelphia are as amazing and extravagant as you can imagine with the scene being dominated by one sandwich in particular. The 'Philly' Cheesesteak is a dish served globally but no place does it quite as well as where it was created.

7. San Antonio

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With any city in Texas, there is a link with the Mexican culture. Different to the rest, San Antonio prides itself on being authentic with many family cocinas passing down recipes through generations which can be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Although the traditions are firmly embedded, many are taking modern twists on classic Mexican dishes which is putting San Antonio on the foodie map.

8. San Diego

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San Diego is well renowned for its immaculate beaches that run for miles and world class family attractions such as San Diego Zoo and Legoland California, however San Diego is also known for some as the best food around. With use of their stretch of coastline, the seafood offered in restaurants in San Diego is excellent with a multitude of different cuisines mastered with millions of tourists every year.

9. Dallas

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Barbecue, Tex-Mex and soul food. That means that we are in one state in particularly. Texas! One city that does all of these cuisines extremely well- Dallas! The great selection of restaurants means there is something for everyone in the city. Restaurants such as Billy Can Can, BrainDead Brewing and Ferris Wheelers Backyard and Barbecue are a few to wet your appetite.

10. San Jose

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Home to the technological, high tech phenomenon Silicon Valley, you would be mistaken to think that this is all that San Jose as to offer. San Jose has a real variety of restaurants that will cater for the global audience with influences from mainland Europe to eastern and southern Asia. There is something for everyone with the variety of cuisine on offer being a mouth-watering prospect.

11. Austin

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Austin, Texas is the perfect melting pot of Southern hospitality and Mexican influence. Tacos, chillis and quesadillas  dominate the food scene with food trucks being particularly iconic in this part of the country. Finding these food trucks on your travels will be a great way to view the city as well as taste some excellent food on the go. Try some of their breakfast tacos.

12. Jacksonville

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Jacksonville, Florida is a city that uses its geographical location to its advantage and this is reflected in its culinary offering. Being near open water, fish is a staple of the Jacksonville cuisine. Dishes such as seafood boil, shrimp and grits, salmon patties and she-crab soup are a staple in most local restaurants with freshness and taste being the main selling point.

13. Fort Worth

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Fort Worth has some of the most underrated barbecue in the whole of the United States of America. Fact. Known as the city of cowboys and culture, Fort Worth does classic American cuisine such as red meat barbecue and pecan pie to a high level with eateries just around every corner to be discovered and given more national recognition. Get yourself there!

14. Columbus

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Ohio, specifically Columbus, has always had the reputation of being a perfect city for students to eat in. On the contrary, the city is not just full of pizza restaurants but establishments that will suit all food lovers. Columbus was recognized for its eating establishments in “Forbes” Travel Guide's “Five Secret Foodie Cities." This recognition should speak volumes of the culinary secrets to be discovered.

15. Charlotte

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Charlotte situated in North Carolina is on of the biggest cities in the state and home to some unbelievable places to eat. The food that they specialise in quintessentially American. Barbecue, doughnuts, burgers and seafood stand out as go to dishes to try while visiting this area. No matter your craving, day or night, there will be something for you and whoever you get to enjoy this beautiful city with.

16. Indianapolis

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Indianapolis is a city known by all fans of high speed motor racing hosting the Indy 500, the Brickyard 400 and the USA Grand Prix Formula one race. One thing that people should be racing to this vibrant city for is the food. Pork tenderloin sandwiches, chicken and waffles and sugar cream pie are known for being excellent and must tries, whether you are here for racing or not.

17. San Francisco

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In the shadows of the golden gate, San Francisco has popular and local restaurants that need to be discovered. Famous for its fresh seafood, San Frans crustaceans are labelled as some of the best on the planet with the Dungeness Crab being a speciality. A lot of working may be required with the iconic steepness being a hurdle however, the view and food is well worth it.

18. Seattle

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Just because Seattle is known as the coffee capital of the United States does not mean the city cannot be praised for its excellent food. The fresh seafood served in restaurants up and down the city should not be ignored and it is worth the journey to try it alone. Salmon, oysters and clam chowder are particularly good in this area with many little eateries being seafood heavens.

19. Washington D.C

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In the shadows of famous monuments and political headquarters, Washington, DC is home to some of the most expansive put quality choice of food in America. Whatever you may want your classic American dish of burger and fires or a European meal from across the pond, there will be something to send you taste buds into a frenzy. With the size of Washington DC, make sure you research cuisines you may want to try.

20. Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City is another barbecue powerhouse in the United States with some of the most mouth-watering dishes in the country being served from its restaurants doors. If you can think of something you want cooked on a barbecue, then Oklahoma is the place to be with fresh produce served and cooked just the way you like. The burgers and ribs are particularly famous.

21. Boston

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Boston will forever be recognised with a famous baseball team that play in red and white, and this link may come with the stereotype of cheap hot dogs on game day. However, Boston has a lot more than hot dog stands with restaurants and eateries scattered throughout the city. Lobster rolls or clam chowder with a dessert of cannoli or cream pie is a great way to end a day of sightseeing.

22. El Paso

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The Spanish heritage has never ran deeper into a United States city than El Paso. The Mexican cuisine is one beloved by all and when done to a high quality, can be a salsa of flavours on your tongue. Taft Diaz, Los Bandidos De Carlos & Mickey's and State Line restaurant are a few places to go when you visit El Paso. The flavours of El Paso are ready to be discovered.

23. Portland

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Portland, Oregon doesn't have a single iconic food, like cheesesteaks in Philadelphia or clam chowder in Boston, but they have a multitude of delicacies to try throughout the city. Home to some great food trucks, trying a variety of cuisines has never been easier. Some great restaurants to visit are Blossoming Lotus, Q, Cabezon and the Screen Door Eastside.

24. Las Vegas

The Best Buffets in Las Vegas
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Las Vegas is another city that is open 24/7. The home of gambling and fun of all kinds, has to feed the tourists that visit the famous strip. Many of the complexes are home to some of the best buffets of all time! With the finest steak and lobster and dishes from all four corners of the world, there is something different everyday to try while among the bright lights.

25. Albuquerque

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Albuquerque, New Mexico in the culinary world is the perfect blend of Native American and Mexican flavors. With red and green chillies being a staple of their cooking, dishes such as carne adovada and enchiladas are being served across the city. Local eateries to visit for tourists include the Eatery, Little Anita's New Mexican Food and Mary and Tito's Cafe.

26. Kansas City

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Kansas City is one of the most culturally rich cities in America with some of the most delicious delights in the area. Like most cities barbecue is a common theme with their cuisine however ribs, brisket and burnt ends are done to a different level in Kansas City! Finish off your meal with some of the cities famous doughnuts and fresh cinnamon rolls

27. Memphis

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When you are walking in the home of the blues and the birth place of rock 'n' roll, Memphis, you may get a little peckish. You could stop at their many diners for some crispy friend chicken with stringy mac 'n' cheese and flavoursome, home-made baked beans. If that does not prick your ears, then maybe you could try some barbecue meats or sandwiches.

28. Detroit

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Detroit, Michigan is similar to Chicago in many ways. They both have a rich, deep history in the world of music and pizza! Like Chicago style pizza, Detroit pizza is a deep style pizza normally baked in a rectangular dish. Even though it looks slightly odd compared to its circular brother, they are delicious and great to share in a big group of friends with a few beers.

29. Baltimore

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Baltimore is the most populous city in the American state of Maryland and another culinary delight for tourists and locals alike. With an emphasis on seafood in their cuisine, blue crabs, crab cakes and crab sandwiches feature heavily throughout menus around the city. For dessert, you could have a snowball which is shaved ice with sweet syrup topped with fresh fruit.

30.  Milwaukee

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the final city on our list of culinary cities in America. In the home of many breweries, Milwaukee has many of the classic American diners to enjoy. Milwaukee is known commonly as 'American's Dairyland' as it is famous for having foods partnered with cheese curds and custard. These deep fried cheesy nuggets can have different herbs accompanied by a dip.