Unseen Images Of Kanye West And Bianca Censori’s Marriage

By Nick Hadji 12 months ago

Kanye Revealed His Wife SAVED HIS LIFE From The Kardashians

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During an intimate interview, Kanye West opened up about how his wife, Bianca Censori, played a pivotal role in saving him from the clutches of the Kardashian family. The rapper expressed his gratitude for Bianca's unwavering support and described her as his true savior, providing him with the strength to overcome past struggles.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

Kanye West Is "Gentlemanly" To Bianca Censori, As Per Body Language Expert

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Body language experts have analyzed Kanye West's interactions with Bianca Censori and found him to be a true gentleman. Their observations point to a strong sense of respect and consideration in their relationship, showcasing Kanye's chivalrous nature towards his wife and highlighting their mutual admiration and care.

Wearing Only Body Tape

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In a daring and unconventional photoshoot, Bianca Censori confidently posed in pictures where she wore nothing but body tape. The stunning images captured her naked and showcased her fearlessness in embracing her body and pushing boundaries, reflecting her bold and boundary-pushing fashion choices.

And High Boots

Image Source: The US Sun 

Sporting short-heeled black boots that reached up to her bum in the photoshoot, Bianca Censori stunned the world with this bizarre fashion sense. She completed her unique style with a platinum blonde pixie cut and a gel-heavy look. Definitely something Kanye-worthy.

Kanye West Kisses His Wife During Romantic Lunch Date

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Photographers managed to capture a heartwarming moment between Kanye West and Bianca Censori as they shared a romantic lunch date in Santa Monica. The couple's affectionate display showcased their deep connection and love for each other, as well as playfulness from both parts.

Censori Smokes

Image Source: Daily Mail

Candid photographs from her old Instagram page revealed that Bianca Censori is a smoker. While the habit might be controversial for some, it's essential to remember that personal choices are subjective, and it's important to respect individual autonomy and decisions regarding lifestyle.

Bizarre Sense of Fashion While Attending the Church

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During a service in the church, Bianca Censori made a bold fashion statement, donning an extremely tight nylon dress with a head covering. Her unique style (or perhaps Kanye's) showcased her individuality and sparked intrigue among fashion enthusiasts, leaving a lasting impression with her daring fashion choices.

Attire Trouble

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Even fashion-forward individuals like Censori can encounter wardrobe malfunctions, especially if the outfit is — at best said — peculiar. While walking, she faced a minor attire mishap, and Kanye West, with a smile on his face, promptly came to her aid, adjusting her outfit with a touch of satisfaction.

Matching Censori's Vibes

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Kanye West perfectly complemented Bianca Censori's style to the church, opting for an all-black ensemble to match her color scheme. Adding flair with shoulder pads and a unique shoe-less look, his fashion choices reflected his willingness to embrace boldness and push boundaries again and again.

Hanging with the Kids

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Psalm, the 4-year-old son of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, might have formed a special bond with Bianca Censori. During the Sunday service that Kanye and Bianca Censori attended, Psalm happily tagged along, showcasing a harmonious relationship with his stepmother.

Only Showing the Eyes

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Since after the wedding, Censori often embraces head coverings, with her eyes being the only visible feature. This recurring choice in her fashion likely reflects her desire for privacy and adds an air of mystery to her public appearances, creating an intriguing and enigmatic presence.

Barely Wearing Any Clothes

Image Source: Instagram

Confidently embracing her body and challenging societal norms, Bianca is seen wearing minimal clothing in candid shots. Her boldness serves as an inspiration for self-expression and body positivity, empowering others to embrace their own unique beauty and break free from societal constraints.

Fans Believe Bianca Censori Is Kim's Look Alike

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Social media users couldn't help but notice the striking resemblance between Bianca Censori and Kanye West's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Speculation and comparisons flooded online platforms, highlighting the uncanny similarities between the two women and sparking conversations about Kanye's preferences.

Censori Cut Her Hair Short and Dyed It Blonde

Image Source: The US Sun

As part of her personal style evolution, Bianca Censori recently underwent a drastic hair transformation. She decided to cut her locks short and dye them a striking blonde, further showcasing her bold fashion choices and demonstrating her willingness to embrace change and experimentation. Looks like Ye finally found his match!

Maybe Men Have a Type Afterall

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Curiosity arose when images of Bianca Censori surfaced, revealing her resemblance to Kanye West's former spouse, Kim Kardashian. Some pondered whether Kanye had a preference for a particular type, considering Kim's ex, Reggie Bush, also married a Kim lookalike, adding intrigue to the dynamics of their relationship.

Kanye Married Bianca Just Weeks After Finalizing His Divorce

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Following his divorce from Kim Kardashian, Kanye West wasted no time in starting a new chapter of his life. He tied the knot with Bianca merely weeks after finalizing his divorce. Perhaps this symbolizes a fresh beginning and a testament to his readiness to embrace new love and move forward.

Kanye and Bianca Have a Lot in Common

Image Source: The News International

According to a close friend, Kanye says he's happy that he and his wife can work and collaborate together. So, Ye and Censori share not only a romantic connection but also a professional one. They possess similar interests and can effectively collaborate on various projects, showcasing the compatibility of their relationship both personally and creatively.

Only Deep Connections

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According to a spiritual advisor close to West, his inner circle now consists of individuals who provide genuine guidance and "speak truth into his life." This shift towards deep, meaningful connections emphasizes Kanye's pursuit of authenticity and personal growth.

Focused on Making His Kids' Lives Content and Seamless

Image Source: People

Despite the changes in his personal life, Kanye remains committed to being an involved and caring father. He ensures that his children's lives are content and seamless, making their well-being a top priority and prioritizing their happiness and stability.

Kanye's "Downfall"

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Fans have long debated the impact of the Kardashian family on Ye's personal struggles. Many hoped that his new marriage to Bianca Censori would bring back the old Kanye, free from the pressures and negativity that characterized his past, raising expectations for a positive change in his life.

Grand Romantic Gestures

Image Source: The Sun

Known for his extravagant displays of affection, Kanye continues to embrace his old-school romantic side with his new wife. His grand gestures symbolize his deep love and devotion, which he proudly exhibits to the world, ensuring that their love story is nothing short of remarkable.

From Coworkers to Romance

Image Source: TMZ

The journey of Ye and Bianca's relationship began in a professional setting, where Censori served as an architectural designer for Kanye. Over time, their connection blossomed into a romantic bond, highlighting the strong foundation of friendship and shared interests that laid the groundwork for their love.

Introducing Bianca to the Kids

Image Source: NDTV

After their marriage, Kanye West wasted no time introducing Censori to his children. He took his eldest child, North West, out for a dinner date in Malibu, California, with Bianca by his side, solidifying her presence in their lives and embracing the role of a caring stepmother.

Kanye Meets the One

Image Source: The News International

For Kanye, meeting Bianca was a transformative experience. He believes that she truly understands and loves him for who he is, providing him with a sense of fulfillment and companionship he had been searching for, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his personal happiness.

A Match Made in Heaven

Image Source: The US Sun

According to friends of the couple, Kanye greatly values his wife's opinions, even when they don't align with his own. Her grounded nature and ability to keep him balanced have positively influenced his life, say his friends, leading to a newfound sense of contentment and proving that they are a match made in heaven.

Bianca's Family Expressed Joy Over Her Marriage

Image Source: Daily Mail

The joy surrounding Bianca Censori's marriage to Kanye West extended beyond the couple themselves. Her family expressed happiness and support for their union, further solidifying the bond between the newlyweds and strengthening their sense of belonging.

The Kardashians Were Said to Be Feeling Uneasy About Ye's Marriage

Image Source: NBC News

Speculation arose regarding the feelings of the Kardashian family concerning Kanye's marriage. Unconfirmed rumors suggested that they might be experiencing a sense of unease regarding his new chapter in life, igniting discussions about the dynamics and potential tensions within the extended family.

Bold Looks After the Wedding

Image Source: CelebsFirst
Bianca has been fearlessly experimenting with her style following her wedding. Her wardrobe choices have included daring and avant-garde outfits, one of which featured her wearing a nylon costume. This might lead others to consider that she's reflecting her unique fashion sensibility and demonstrating her fearlessness or that she's totally peculiar regarding fashion.

Sporting Soleless Shoes

Image Source: GQ

In May 2023, Kanye West made a bold fashion statement by sporting shoulder pads and unique soleless sock shoes while out and about with Bianca Censori. That wasn't the only time he was spotted wearing soleless shoes. Of course, his unconventional fashion choices continue to push boundaries and spark conversation and will continue to do so.

No Instagram

Image Source: Daily Mail

Coinciding with news of her marriage to Kanye West, Bianca Censori deactivated her Instagram account. This move added an air of intrigue and privacy to her life, prompting fans to wonder about the reasons behind her decision and leaving them eager to uncover more about her world.

How many of these crazy Kanye moments do you remember? When he went off script for a telethon

image source: nbcnews.com
With the devastation of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005 came the need to appeal for funds and raise as much relief and awareness as possible. Celebrities took to a TV telethon to help, with a concert for hurricane relief. During a segment, actor Mike Myers was paired with Kanye West to present for the fundraising show. Only, Kanye took the opportunity to go VERY off script - and Mike Myers's reaction is pretty awkward. Instead of reading what he was supposed to read on the prompter, Kanye said "George Bush doesn't care about black people".

When he lost out on Best Video award

image source: usmagazine.com
When you're an artist in the music business - even a talented one (and let's face it, Kanye has some hits) - you're not always going to win every award, and the key is not to be a sore loser. Unfortunately, Ye didn't get that message, so when Justice and Simian won the award for Best Music Video at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2006 for their song 'We Are Your Friends', Kanye didn't try very hard to hide that horrified look on his face. He then took the opportunity to go on stage when they were accepting the award to make it clear how he felt about the loss.

Calling festival organizers "Squid Brains"

image source: usmagazine.com
There is lots to organize for music festivals, and something is bound to go wrong at some point or another. For Kanye, it was unfortunately when he needed to perform. Understandably very frustrating, but we think the key is to handle it with grace! Which he didn't. When he was performing at Tennessee's Bonnaroo Festival in 2008, his set was pushed by - by two whole hours. And he wasn't about to let that slide as easy as one of his Yeezys. He made an epic rant about the problem, which he targeted at the event organizers, whom he tastefully called "Squid Brains".

When he did a magazine cover as Jesus

image source: usmagazine.com
Many celebrities have likened themselves to other people, or spoke about their inspirations. Some actors of course even play huge roles of famous people. But when you actively pose as Jesus Christ himself on the cover of a magazine, that's a pretty big ego right there. It would be bad enough to stand there for a normal photo with a halo around your head for the tagline "The Passion of Kanye West", but to go the whole hog and have a crown of thorns and blood pouring down your face? That's either controversial art or hugely offensive!

When he broke up with MTV

image source: usmagazine.com
It's not you, it's me, MTV. His break up tantrum came after he was nominated for a fair few awards, and then lost out on the winning slot. Kanye was nominated for five awards at the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2007, and sadly he didn't win a single one. But hey, five nominations is cool enough, right? Apparently not. After the show, Kanye officially said that he wouldn't be returning to the awards show after he's been slighted for so many awards. To make the whole thing even funnier, he returned to the show two years later anyway!

Getting into a paparazzi fight at LAX

image source: usmagazine.com
Any celebrity will have had their fair share of paparazzi battles, and Kanye West always seems to have been in the spotlight - but he doesn't really help himself. When you're constantly running on stage to insult people or sulking about awards, the paparazzi are going to want to get a nice shot of you looking annoyed. Especially at an airport. Unfortunately when paparazzi tried to do just that at LAX, Kanye West made sure they knew what he thought about that - and he ended up getting into a physical fight with them - and being arrested.

That moment he was so proud of his own suit

image source: usmagazine.com
Look, we've all taken that perfect selfie of our outfit, posted it on social media and been pretty proud of ourselves. For the everyday person sharing with family and friends, it's just a bit of self confidence to get you through the day. When you're Kanye West looking at photos of yourself in a suit, posting them and gushing over yourself, it's a bit weird. Kanye used his own website as an opportunity to show off all his awesome achievements, including his fashion choices, and posted this shot with the caption "LOOK HOW FRESH MY SUIT IS". If you say so, Ye.

*That* Taylor Swift moment

image source: usmagazine.com
One of the most famous and cringeworthy moments from the 'stupid things Kanye West has done' catalogue has to be when he embarrassed Taylor Swift after she rightfully won an award, claiming it should have gone to Beyoncé - and then claiming God had backed him up. During the MTV Music Awards in 2009, Taylor Swift went on stage to collect her award for Best Female Video - but Ye had other plans. He went on stage, pulled the award from her and said Beyoncé had the best video of all time. He later said if God hadn't wanted him to do that, he wouldn't have put him in the front row!

When South Park really upset him

image source: usmagazine.com
South Park is known for its uncensored view on certain celebrities and their antics, so if you appear on the animated show, it's likely you're going to be made a fool of. Some celebrities might be able to take this in good humor, but not Kanye West. When he appeared on an episode for the show in 2009, Kanye later posted on his blog to say that South Park "murdered" him last night, and that his appearance written into the show had hurt his feelings. Well, they must have said something pretty accurate for him to get offended...

His shocking Monster music video

image source: usmagazine.com
The Monster music video for Kanye West's track is either a prime example of why he never wins awards for Best Video, or it's a key example of how hard he's been working to put out all the stops and make a music video so shockingly controversial it might actually earn him a win. Either way, the video for Monster saw the rapper having a threesome with two women in the 2011 video, and then showing him being touched and groped by a large number of hands. The video was directed by Jake Nava, and met some pretty mixed reviews!

His interesting pregnancy reveal

image source: usmagazine.com
When it comes to celebrity pregnancies, we normally get a carefully planned - and carefully written - social media post, usually paired with some studio-quality photo of the person in question holding the baby bump. But Kanye didn't think that was the best way to reveal Kim Kardashian's pregnancy when she was carrying his child. He wanted to do it publicly, and he took it upon himself to not only reveal the pregnancy off his own pat, but to do so DURING AN AWARD'S SHOW RANDOMLY. While he was doing a show in Atlantic City.

His open support of Donald Trump

image source: usmagazine.com
Kanye West definitely wasn't quiet about his full support of Donald Trump, and even had the famous red baseball cap to boot. After he'd rejoined twitter, he used the platform to gush about Donald Trump as much as he possibly could, showing his full support. "We are both dragon energy", "he is my brother", the rapper wrote. While Trump himself thanked Kanye for his comments after, there were a few other celebs who didn't react very well to the things Kanye had been saying, so he lost a fair few followers on social media after that.

When he outed Rob Kardashian's weight issues

image source: usmagazine.com
We don't mind celebrities being outright and honest about their plastic surgeries or weight issues- but only when, you know... they're talking about their own, and not going on about someone else's! Kanye West spoke on television about how he'd had liposuction because he felt pressure from the public to not call him fat. Unfortunately, he didn't think that was a good place to stop, and he continued to reveal that brother-in-law-at-the-time Rob Kardashian flew home early from Kanye and Kim's wedding because he was feeling insecure about his weight.

His comments about slavery on TV

image source: usmagazine.com
We know by now that putting Kanye West on TV is probably not a good idea, even if you give him a script. While you have to salute the man for using his time in front of a camera as an opportunity to speak about issues he cares about, he definitely makes everyone uncomfortable with it. When he was being interviewed for TMZ Live in 2018, Kanye was criticized for the comments he'd made about slavery. He said, "You hear about slavery for 400 years. 400 years? That sounds like a choice". He then went on to say that everyone is in a mental 'prison'.

When he ran for president

image source: usmagazine.com
Apparently Donald Trump even inspired Kanye enough to make him want to run for president himself - in a move that shocked everyone. Kanye West was definitely the presidential candidate we weren't expecting. He tweeted the hashtag #2020VISION, and stating that he wanted to "realize the promise of America by trusting God". Some of the main focuses of Kanye's presidential campaign were to be tax breaks for big businesses, more opportunities for black people and minorities, and a huge education reform in the US.

When he spoke about abortion on the presidential podium

image source: usmagazine.com
There was one other topic that Kanye West for some reason wanted to discuss on his presidential platform, and not the serious topics of his bid. There's nothing wrong with a presidential candidate showing they're only human and talking about their family, but this time Kanye took it a little too far. In his very first rally during his campaign, he chose to speak about how he and Kim had apparently been readying themselves to abort their child, while she had the "pills in her hand" before he called her and told her that they were going to have the baby.

His strange series of tweets about the Kardashians

image source: usmagazine.com
Kanye West is the prime example of why some celebrities probably shouldn't have Twitter. He made headlines - again - after he'd posted a series of tweets that concerned Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, this time. The series of tweets included Kanye saying they were trying to get a doctor to lock him up, that he'd be considering divorce from Kim for years, and that Jenner wasn't allowed to see his kids after she'd tried to 'lock him up'. He even called her Kris Jong-Un. He then swiftly deleted each tweet after he'd posted them!

When he peed on his Grammy trophy

image source: mirror.co.uk
So the one time Kanye actually does win an award after he keeps talking about not winning them, he puts it in a toilet and pees on it instead. The worst part is he thought, for some reason, that the world would want to see it - not even in photo form, which is bad enough, but an actual video of it in his toilet bowl, pee and all, uploaded to social media. The reason Kanye felt the need to pee on it was because he thought the modern day music industry practices were akin to "modern slavery". He captioned the tweet "I WON'T STOP".

The moment he recreated his wedding to 'set himself on fire'

image source: nypost.com
The world knows that Kanye clearly wasn't happy after his split and divorce from Kim, and he made it publicly known that he was struggling and wanted her back. Kanye being Kanye, he used his music and his art to make his point known, in a very dramatic fashion. During a listening party for Donda, the album that he released in 2021, Kanye chose to recreate his and Kim's wedding from back in 2014, complete with "Kim" wearing a wedding dress, and topping it all off by appearing to set himself on fire for the show stunt.

And then there's all the public drama with Kim

image source: usmagazine.com
To top it all off, Kanye swiftly moved from begging for Kim back, to publicly insulting her through social media, which then turned into an uncomfortable sparring match between the pair. He shared his thoughts on Kim letting their child use social media, which he wasn't happy about, and Kim was forced to open up about how she felt about Kanye constantly "attacking" her on social media, and saying that Kanye was trying to "control" and "manipulate" the situation, as well as how his behavior was having a negative impact on her and their children.