Unseen Images Of Elvis

By Nick Hadji 1 year ago

1. Elvis In His Coffin

Bill Murray remembers Elvis' funeral – Elvis PresleyImage Source / Do You RememberFor those with morbid curiosity, this is the very last picture taken of The King following his death, as he lies at peace in his coffin. The caption states that Elvis was dressed in understated fashion (compared to many of his iconic suits during his life) in a plain white suit, a blue shirt and a silver tie.Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. Elvis Sporting A Rod Stewart Hairdo

Looking as suave as ever, Elvis styles his hair a little differently than what we are used to. He's got a fringe and lets it all hang out. The superstar looks as though he's been caught off guard by the camera as he is not posing as he normally does.

3. Have You Ever Seen Elvis On A Horse?

Image Source / Irish MirrorWe've seen Elvis in a lot of ways - on stage, in one of his signature rocking-out posers, holding his daughter, or standing in his army uniform. What you might never had seen is Elvis on the back of a horse! Here, he's snapped with a casual blue-shirt look and appears to be completely at ease on the back of the horse.

4. Treasured Family Time

Image Source / Elvis DailyThese moments must have been few and far between for Elvis with such a busy career, but one of the reasons he loved his Graceland mansion was for its privacy. Here, presumably in the family mansion he owned, he shares a special moment with his wife and daughter during their downtime in 1969.

5. Elvis And Priscilla Celebrate Their Wedding Day

Image Source / EsquireThis was the moment that Pricilla, born Wagner and then later Beaulieu by adoption, became a Presley when she married the King in 1967. The pair enjoyed a Vegas wedding - because of course they did, it's Elvis! - after living together for five years before this time. Nine months later, their first child together was born.

6. Can You Spot Elvis At The Back?

Image Source / Do You RememberOf course Elvis would be seated at the back in a classroom where all the 'cool kids' sit - we can't imagine him up front on the first row avidly taking notes. Instead, he was probably doodling music lyrics in his notebook in the back corner. Here he is in his biology class at Humes High School in the 1950s.

7. Or Holding An Adorable Dog?

Image Source / Do You Remember?What's better than a natural shot of Elvis smiling for the camera? One of the music legend holding an adorable pup, of course! This is Elvis with Sweet Pea the dog in 1956. Although the photo seems innocent with the star playing with his cute pup, this photo was actually taken after his arrest for an altercation.

8. The King Enjoys An Endearing Moment With His Daughter

Image Source / Elvis DailyThere's something special seeing this photo with Elvis dressed up completely in his performance gear but still reminding us that this stage persona had life and love with his family behind the scenes. Here he is sharing a moment with his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, in 1970.

9. Elvis Enjoys A Fairground Ride With Girlfriend Anita Wood

Image Source / Do You Remember?When you think of photos of Elvis, you usually think of two things: the cool, calm and suave expression on his face, and him usually being seen with his wife, Priscilla Presley. Here, you have an Elvis out of character as he reacts to a fairground ride (he apparently doesn't like heights based on this expression!) with then-girlfriend, actress Anita Wood.

10. Elvis About To Start A Snowball Fight

Image Source / Elvis DailySo apparently the King of Rock & Roll wasn't averse to a little snowy weather - and a snowball fight, at that. He's clearly making up a ball as he readies himself for someone off camera - no doubt it's his daughter or wife for some family downtime during an enjoyable snow day! Or maybe he's aiming for paparazzi!

11. Ain't Nothin' But A Bathrobe

Image Source / Elvis DailyWell, actually, we hope it isn't 'ain't nothin' but a bathrobe' because that beach sure does look windy! When you're so used to seeing Elvis dressed up to the nines in his sparkly stage suits and glasses, it's rather strange to see him rocking a simple bathrobe - which of course he still does.

12. Elvis Looking Serious During An Army Exercise

Image Source / Do You RememberA far cry away from his performances on stage in gaudy suits and impressive dance moves, here is the star on an army exercise in the woods during 1958. He was apparently sent on frequent exercises like this by the army in order to keep him at a distance from fans who no doubt wanted a shot of him in army attire!

13. Elvis Looking Contemplative During A Train Ride

Image Source / Do You RememberMost of us during a lengthy train journey would stare out of the fogged glass, probably with a traveling playlist loaded up and daydreaming about ourselves on stage or in a music video. For Elvis during this train ride, a journey from New York to Memphis in 1956, he didn't have to daydream - he was already a music legend!

14. A 21-Year-Old Elvis Smiles With A Fan

Image Source / Do You Remember?For such a huge star, it can be very rare to see such a one-on-one greet in the street for a fan when the star is usually surrounding by swarm of adoring supporters. Here, a very young Elvis at 21 years old smiles and speaks with a fan in the street of a city.

15. But The Peaceful Interactions Didn't Last Too Long!

Image Source / Do You RememberBack to being swarmed by desperate fans instead of peaceful one-on-ones in the street, here a 21-year-old Elvis is trying his best to sign autographs for the group of eager fans as he leans out the back of a vehicle! It looks like that guard behind him has got a tough job trying to control that.

16. Elvis Arrives For A Recording Session In Full Army Uniform

Image Source / Do You RememberAnd he looks pretty pleased with himself there in the back! There's showing up smart to work, and then there's this. No doubt it made Elvis feel more in the zone for his music recording sessions if he dressed for the part - maybe a recording of Jailhouse Rock? Or he might have just been feeling such an outfit that day! Why not?

17. Elvis Poses For A Magazine Interview

Image Source / Elvis DailyWe're no strangers to Elvis posing, whether it's in those flares or those huge glasses, but there's something different about this one. Here, Elvis poses for a more casual, laid-back look for an interview he gave for German BRAVO magazine back in 1959.

18. From One Legend To Another: Elvis Presley And Tom Jones

Image Source / EsquirePictured here with his wife, Priscilla, and singing legend Tom Jones, Elvis Presley was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1971. The Grammy Award is granted to artists who have made outstanding contributions to their field during their lifetime, and it's safe to say that Elvis of all people deserved that!

19. Elvis Signs Autographs Backstage

Image Source / Elvis DailyJust look at the way their eyes are fixed completely on his face! Not a single one wanting to look away, and we don't blame them. These dancers were requesting autographs of the star backstage at a Dorsey Brothers Stage Show in New York in 1956, and the singer was more than happy to oblige by the looks of things.

20. Elvis Becomes A Father

Image Source / EsquireThe moment that the music icon for the world became an icon for his own daughter when Lisa Marie Presley was born in 1968. Here, the King of Rock & Roll poses with his wife, Priscilla, and their new bundle of joy - nine months after their Las Vegas wedding. This photo was taken in hospital before their daughter was brought home to Graceland for the first time.

21. Elvis Performs His Final Concert

Image Source / EsquireThe singer never would have known that this was to be his very final performance on stage, and neither would the fans watching know, either. Here, The King gives his final farewell during a concert in 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was after this concert that he went home to Graceland before his next intended tour - only to die at home.

22. Elvis And Priscilla Presley Divorce

Image Source / EsquireThough many showbiz marriages fail spectacularly hard, it did seem like Priscilla and Elvis were a great match, in it for the long haul. Sadly, in 1973, the pair finalized their divorce, as well as a shared custody plan for their daughter. It turned out that Priscilla actually had an affair with her karate instructor, but maintained Elvis would always be the love of her life.

23. The Radio Interview Photo

Image Source / Reader's DigestThe King was presumably more happy about his radio interview than he looks here! Elvis was interviewed in 1957 for the radio station CKDA in British Columbia. This was the same night Elvis had scheduled one last show in Vancouver before he was to be enlisted in the army, and agreed to the backstage interview for the radio show.

25. Harem Holiday Elvis

Image Source / Elvis DailyIf you didn't already know that Elvis Presley starred in a film called Harem Holiday, then this photo may come as a shock to you in comparison to his usual look! He's replaced the huge sideburns and even huger glasses for sandy desert attire, complete with turban and knitted garb. The tanned sheen of makeup can only be that of a professional movie set!

26. Elvis's Then-Girlfriend Priscilla Officially Moves To Memphis

Image Source / EsquireThis was a defining moment for the pair when things seemed to get very serious - Priscilla steps off the plane and makes the official move to live with The King in Memphis, where she would go on to marry him and have his daughter. She was 17 years old at the time of this photo, and her parents had allowed her to visit Elvis previously before Priscilla went on to finish high school in Memphis.

27. The King Signs Autographs

Image Source / Reader's DigestAutograph signing must have been a full-time job for Elvis Presley, but he doesn't look deterred by it! Here he is signing autographs after a show he performed at the Polk Theatre in Lakeland, Florida. Taken in 1956, can you believe that tickets to the show cost $1.50 each? It sounds crazy now, doesn't it!

28. Elvis Graduates High School

Image Source /EsquireIt's strange to think of Elvis as a high school kid, and even stranger to see him with blonde hair! In 1953, as seen in this photograph, Elvis graduated from Humes High School in Memphis, Tennessee. This is his school's ROTC uniform. After graduating, his goal was to save up enough money for a demo recording (and we're glad he did!).

29. Elvis Poses At His Army Barracks

Image Source / AP/Shutterstock/Reader's DigestIt's always interesting to see photos of the singer during his army days, because it's world apart from his vibrant stage persona. Here, we see Elvis in his army uniform, standing at Company "D" 1st Battalion 32nd Armor. This was taken in Friedberg, West Germany.

30. Elvis Enjoys His Personal Rolls-Royce

Image Source / Elvis DailyIf you were sitting in the back of a Rolls Royce, you'd probably be looking this smug, too! Here, the singing legend can be seen relaxing in the privacy of the car in a sleek white suite, no doubt on his way to a party, event, concert or maybe all of the above. One thing's for certain, The King definitely moved around in style.

31. Three Generations of The Presleys

Image Source/ Elvis DailyThis photo of a smiling Elvis was taken way back when in 1969. Snapped in Graceland with his grandma and daughter, Elvis smiles on while three generations of the Presley family are captured in one moment. It's clear that he's sweet and charming even with his family around.

32. Elvis Serving Us A Look Before A Show

Image Source/ Elvis DailyIn this fab photo Elvis looks as cool as a cucumber. Taken what appears to be in a rehearsal or moments before one of his shows, he looks calm and cool while wearing this iconic getup. It appears that Elvis was popular with his co-workers, who seem starstruck to be working with him.

33. New Years Elvis

Image Source/ Elvis DailyNow this is one for the history books. Dressed to impress for New Years Eve in 1970, Elvis wears a mixed-fur coat and shades (I know, at night?!). Wherever he was attending that evening, I think it's fair to say that lots of women wished they were on his arm like that.

34. A Not-So-Stressed-Out Elvis

Image Source / Elvis DailyWith nothing but a button to pull his modesty together, Elvis struts down a hallway, looking as though he's on the way to one of his shows. His happy and easy nature can be seen while the team around him look stressed and anxious. Also, he really does tower above them.

35. Elvis Poses In Front Of Elvis

Image Source / Elvis DailyAn older one of Elvis, this photo was taken in Las Vegas back in 1956, around what seems to be the start of his career. While sporting guyliner, Elvis casually poses, stripping off his shirt, in front of his own feature poster for one of his shows. Now that's cool!

36. An Elvis Presley Photoshoot

Image Source / Elvis DailyHere we have a professional photo of Elvis when he sat down for a shoot. Sporting his iconic hair and giving us sultry eyes, Elvis' youth really shines through in this image taken back in 1959 while on a trip to Germany. Being up close and personal with Elvis like this feels like a treat.

37. Elvis Giving It His All

Image Source/ Elvis DailyTaken April 5th in 1972, Elvis gives us one heck of a show in Buffalo. Dressed in Elvis-esque attire, it looks as though he is playing some sort of air guitar for the crowd. Look closely at this photo and you can almost hear the audience screaming in the background.

38. Elvis Goofs Around Backstage

Image Source/ Elvis DailyElvis goofs around here alongside his stylist Jane Elliot. The pair were backstage on the set of filming 'Change of Habit'. Well, ironically it appears that Elvis never changed his habits and seemed to be still giving us his cheeky happy side even while working!

39. Elvis Goes Hungry

Image Source/ The GuardianTaken in Memphis in the March of 1958, Elvis can be seen enjoying a nice sandwich and taking a well-earned break. We can't be sure what the filling is, but by the looks of things he's really enjoying it. It's nice to see Elvis in these moments of normality.

40. Elvis Rocks The Knit

Image Source/ The GuardianDressed in the cosiest knitted jumper going, Elvis looks on mysteriously in this photo. Taken between takes of ‘Jailhouse Rock' in 1957, Elvis was actually filming his swimming pool sequence, so maybe the knitted jumper was a way to dry off or cover up because he was cold!

41. The Army Takes Elvis

Image Source/ The GuardianThis photo was taken as part of Elvis' handouts. Dressed in an army getup, he channels a soldier very well, but one of the smoothest soldiers we've ever seen. The date this photograph was taken currently remains unknown, but it is known that Elvis was sent for eight weeks of basic training at the Second Armored Division.

42. Giving His Hair A Comb

Elvis PresleyImage Source/ VogueHow long do we actually think it took Elvis to do his hair in the morning? With the volume that he achieved, surely it took A LOT of hairspray to keep up like that. Here we can see Elvis giving his hair a comb himself, with no stylist around to do it for him.

43. Elvis Was A Family Man

Elvis Presley avec Priscilla et leur enfant Lisa Marie dans le TennesseImage Source/ VogueLike the family man he is, Elvis has his photo taken with wife Priscilla and their new-born daughter Lisa Marie at their home in Tennessee. Seeing Elvis become a father is so wholesome, and it seems that Priscilla wanted to challenge Elvis' hair with her own.

44. Young Elvis Goes Topless

Elvis Presley en 1956image Source/ VogueA young, handsome and topless Elvis looks somewhat uncertain about the photographer here. Taken all the way back in 1956, the photo gives a rare glimpse into the younger life of Elvis. I wonder if this photo was taken after he took that shirt off in the photo before!

45. An Endearing Moment At The Wedding

Elvis Presley avec Priscilla lors de leur mariage à Las VegasImage Source/ VogueLooking charming and smooth, Elvis is suited and booted in this photo of him at his wedding where he married Priscilla. While she feeds him a forkful of wedding cake, they lock hands and the look she gives him is clearly one of smitten lust. How we envy them!

46. Who Knew He Could Play The Drums?

Elvis Presley dans les annes 1960Image Source/ VogueNow not only is Elvis such a good vocalist (and for good reason) he actually can play the drums! Well, or so we can assume from this photo of a dated Elvis banging on this drum set sometime in the 1960s. If only we could all look so cool while doing it.

47. Snuggling Around The Pool

Elvis Presley avec Priscilla et leur enfant Lisa MarieImage Source/ VogueSnuggling up with Priscilla and daughter Lisa Marie, we can see time and time again that Elvis was quite the family man. While sat on some sort of lounger at what we can only assume to be a retreat, the three of them look happy and at peace with their lives.

48. Elvis' First Day

Elvis Presley lors de son premier jour à l'US ArmyImage Source/ VogueAs is well known, Elvis Presley did join the army, and this photo was actually taken on his first day. The singer looks broken about his iconic hair being shaven off, but knows that the experiences he is about to go through will change him as a person.

49. Elvis Was An Animal Lover

Elvis Presley en dcembre 1969Image Source/ VogueTaken in December in 1969, Elvis is snapped while feeding a dolphin at what appears to be some sort of aquarium. It's obvious that he's a natural with the creatures and appears that he absolutely loves feeding them. We wonder if he got to feed anymore!

50. Riding Horseback

Elvis PresleyImage Source/ VogueAs mentioned before, Elvis loved animals and this one just proves that. He takes the reins so naturally while riding this brown stallion. We do envy anyone that could look that good while wind is spraying their face! What we would do for more unseen photos like these.

51. Have You Ever Seen Baby Elvis?

Image Source / EsquireElvis was born as Elvis Aaron Presley in 1935. He was born in Mississippi to mother Gladys and father Vernon. He actually had an identical twin brother, who was named Jesse Garon, who was sadly stillborn. Here, Elvis has the natural blond locks he had when he was younger.

52. Holding His Baby Girl

Image Source/ TelegraphThis is Elvis as a father, with his little baby girl Lisa Marie Presley. She was his only daughter and she was born in February 1968 in Memphis. The two of them had a very close relationship. Here he's holding her in one of his arms, with her legs dangling.

53. Licking Lips...Or Tongues

Image Source/ AlamyThis is a 21-year-old Elvis Presley. And, by now we know just how popular he was with the ladies, and how much of a ladies man he was himself. This moment was from a 1956 tour of the US and Canada. It was an unseen photo found from the event by a fan in attendance.

54. His Glamorous Girlfriend And Studded Coat

Image Source/ The SunThis picture shows Elvis with the actress and songwriter who dated the King of Rock 'n' Roll for four and a half years. This was back when she was a beauty pageant winner and she had been recently crowned Miss Tennessee. Looking back on this photo she says: “Gotta say… I love the wild fashion statements! As always, I was accompanying my man on tour…7/10/1975 Charleston West Virginia. Happy March everyone!”

55. During His Military Service

Image Source/ PinterestThis is during Elvis Presley's military service whilst he was in Germany. This picture was unearthed by an English teenager named Frances. She is the girl next to him in the photo, she was working as a hotel chambermaid. This photo lay forgotten in her draw for years.

56. Reading And Contemplating

Image Source/ GrungeElvis Presley here is sat reading a magazine looking very contemplative. He's sat next to his mother who is also glancing at the magazine, reading whilst he glances intently through. He adored his mother and when she sadly passed away he described her as his best girl and said he was heartbroken.

57. Elvis Hugging A Fan

Image Source/ ElvisblogElvis loved the fact that with fame came female attention. This is him posing with a fan, he stopped to pose with a female fan who worked at the International Hotel backstage at the International Hotel. He had quite the reputation with the ladies...

58. Creating His White Jumpsuit Legacy

Image Source/ FanpopElvis Presley is being driven through Las Vegas, all the while he is wearing his infamous white jumpsuit which became his iconic staple look. In fact this is, the image which really came to the forefront of the 1970s and helped cement him as the King of Rock 'n' Roll

59. Greeting A Crowd Of Fans

Image Source/ YouTubeThis is Presley greeting fans at the gates of Graceland. There is a massive crowd just waiting for Elvis as they are all keen to meet and catch a glimpse of the king of rock and roll himself. And in true Elvis nature, he is there ready to see them all.

60. Relaxing In His Robe On Vacation

Image Source/ WikiThis picture was taken which Elvis Presley was on a a vacation with his friends. And, while they stand by the sea he is sporting a blue dressing gown. We've seen this man sporting a variety of unusual outfits so this is definitely one to add to the list.

61. Being A Jack The Lad

Image Source/ PinterestElvis has a bug grin on his face as he holds model Jocelyn Lane in his arms, with her perched almost over his shoulder. He has a big smile on his face here and it is a reminder of the young Elvis Presley who was once a Jack the lad before he became a husband.

62. With His Wife

Image Source/ CheatsheetHere is Elvis Presley with his beloved wife Priscilla Presley. The two of them were married from such a young age, she was just 21 years old. But, the two of them had a deep connection and had a very happy marriage together just like we can see as they hold one another in this unseen picture.

63. Sitting In The Back Of A Taxi

Image Source/ BlogspotHere is Elvis Presley say smoking in the back of a taxi. He was actually on the way to one of his very own events. He has his iconic slicked back hair and he's wearing a suit jacket. As always, the king is looking cool and effortless whilst looking totally unfazed by what is to come.

64. A Real Philanthropist

Image Source/ FandomThis is Elvis Presley in Frankfurt as a part of the charity mission he works for. He is speaking to this little boy who was suffering from Polio. This is not an uncommon thing for Elvis, he was part of numerous charity works and events- he was a true philanthropist.

65. Bursting Out In Song

Image Source/ PicclickHe is sat at the table right next to his friend in a room with other people too. This does not stop him from bursting out in song, and we can see the passion on his face as he sings with his friend watching Elvis with a fascinated expression on his place.

66. Making His Fans Happy

Image Source/ The SunThis is a picture of a fan with Elvis in front of the Hudson on July 1, in the year 1956. Elvis loved making his fans happy and this woman was clearly made up as Presley stops for her as he exits the taxi and greets her whilst also passing her a signed autograph. 

67. Sitting Casually

Image Source/ PinterestHere Elvis is in the living room at one of his friend's house. We can see the film prop in the front. As always, he is looking casually relaxed with one leg resting on the sofa. But, he's dressed very smart in a white shirt, tie, boots and black suit pants.

68. Achieving His Iconic Slick Back Look

Image Source/ BlogspotHere is Elvis Presley in his young days, he is dressed in a white gown while having his hair cut to achieve is never failing slick look. He's glancing up casually as somebody takes his picture, taking his eyes away momentarily from the magazine in front of him. 

69. Wearing A Turban

Image Source/ The MirrorThis was Elvis pictured wearing a turban. It was before his karate training around the year of 1972 at the studio of David Hebler. And, as well as training for karate he was was also signing autographs here too for a group of keen fans. Obliging his fans is always something Elvis was credited with.

70. Waiting Patiently By The Car

Image Source/ VogueHere is a younger Elvis Presley again, with his friend waiting for him to prepare the car. He as his knee casually resting against the bonnet of the vehicle. Whenever Elvis was spotted he would always look dapper and cool now matter the time or situation.