Unconscious Habits That Make People Dislike You

By molly atherton 1 year ago

1. Being self-centered & narcissistic

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Unsurprisingly, it turns out that being self-centered and narcissistic can really cramp your popularity.  You see when you are only focused on yourself, you tend to forget about the feelings and needs of those around you.  And let's face it nobody likes a person who only thinks of themselves!

2. Being dishonest & deceitful

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If you want to be as popular as pizza pie, then being dishonest and deceitful isn't the way to go about it.  Most people tend to dislike those who lie, cheat, deceive, and violate their trust.  So if you want to be a hit with the masses, you're better off sticking to good old honesty and leaving the deception to the illusionists!

3. Constantly interrupting people

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Interrupting others is like a game of dodgeball, and if you're constantly doing this to others, it's no wonder they avoid you because you are constantly throwing them off their flow and knocking them out of the game.  Interrupting others constantly is definitely a surefire way to avoid you like the plague!

4. Complaining ALL THE TIME

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Complaining constantly is a habit that is sure to make people roll their eyes and completely stop listening to you because you just bring them down!  Complaining sucks the joy out of everyone and everything around you so it's no wonder people aren't rolling out the welcome mat for you!

5. Being rude & impolite

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Being constantly rude and impolite is like using your elbows to push your way through to the front of a show.  You see, it may get you to where you want to go, but it's going to leave a LOT of the people around you feeling insanely irritated.  Let's face it, no one wants to hang out with THAT.

6. Being needy & demanding

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If you're the type of person who's needy and demanding, then it's no wonder people are more likely to ghost you than invite you out for coffee.  No matter how much reassurance or attention you get, it just never seems to be enough.  So it's not surprising that people around you start to tire of your needy and demanding nature.

7. Being judgmental & critical

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Being judgmental is like being a traffic cop in other people's lives in the fact that it may make you feel super important, but you're not going to stay popular for long.  And if you're critical as well, it's like you enjoy crushing people's self-esteem which is going to make them feel targeted and unappreciated.

8. Being insensitive & unempathetic

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Being insensitive and unempathetic can make you as prickly as a cactus, and if this is you, there's no doubt that people probably treat you this way.  Both of these habits are like wearing a blindfold which makes it impossible to read the room so you're completely incapable of giving others the emotional support that they need.

9. Being incapable of respecting boundaries

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Completely ignoring boundaries is like trying to boil water in a chocolate kettle - it's going to be messy and is just not going to work in the slightest.  It's going to leave people feeling crowded and insanely frustrated if you don't give them their space, so it's no wonder people keep you at arm's length.

10. Being dismissive of others

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If you have a terrible habit of dismissing everyone else's feelings in favor of your own, you're going to become as unpopular as a cold sore at a kissing booth.  People need to feel like you have their back and if you completely ignore their feelings, thoughts, or opinions, they're not going to stick around for long.

11. Being overly negative

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Being overly negative all the time makes people feel like you're always looming over them like a dark cloud which is obviously going to ruin everyone's good time.  And whether you mean to or not, this is going to cause a lot of pain and discomfort to those around you.

12. Being clingy or possessive

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You probably can't see it but if you have particularly clingy or possessive habits, this can be insanely overwhelming for other people.  It can make them feel like they're being suffocated by you and it won't take long for them to get very annoyed and uncomfortable around you.

13. Being too loud

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Have you ever set your alarm too early, placed it somewhere hard to reach, and been so sleepy that you couldn't even be bothered getting up to turn it off so it goes on and on and on...?  Infuriating, isn't it?  Well, this is what your loud mouth feels like to other people... Alongside their piercing headache!

14. Being too passive-aggressive

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Your passive-aggressiveness is so obvious and everyone knows exactly what you're trying to do.  This makes it rather uncomfortable and awkward to be around you and it's just not an effective habit to have.  Not only this, but you're going to lose some friends because you're forever leaving them feeling confused and frustrated when they have to try and decode everything you say.

15. Being unreliable or flaky

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No one can rely on you because of your unreliability and flakiness.  You're like the first little pig's straw house because you're not stable or dependable and it's clear that you're going to let someone down eventually.  So to avoid disappointment, everyone avoids you.

16. Being easily offended

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No one wants to walk on eggshells around their pals, so being easily offended by everything you see and hear is not going to work out if you want to build your popularity.  It's important to learn to toughen up and definitely learn to take a joke.  Otherwise, you're going to spend your life feeling wounded, vulnerable, and exposed.

17. Being too controlling

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Trying to control everyone and everything around you is going to feel pretty overwhelming.  You're going to feel frustrated because it's never going to work.  And even if you succeed for a little while, the truth is that you can't control other people for long - you're just going to drive them crazy!  But if you enjoy herding cats, be our guest...

18. Always taking center-stage

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Always needing to take center stage really takes the limelight off other people and portrays you as a spoilt toddler who has never ever learned to share their toys.  You see if it's always you at the center of everything, everyone else is going to become very bored very quickly.

19. Being too secretive

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You might think that your habit of being too secretive makes you interesting and mysterious.  But the thing is, even though most people might be intrigued at first, they're going to get bored pretty quickly and they'll start to feel like you're not worth the effort.

20. Not communicating

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Not communicating with people, especially when it comes to what you think and how you feel is going to become extremely frustrating for those around you.  And eventually, they're going to give up trying to get anything out of you.  Nobody wants to navigate a dark cellar without a flashlight!

21. Being materialistic

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Being materialistic is like trying to impress everyone with your extensive collection of wires.  And although you might get one or two people being slightly impressed, you've got to understand that most people DO NOT CARE.  It's just boring and unfulfilling.

22. Thinking money is everything

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Money might give you a temporary hit of dopamine and a thrill, but it's not going to last long.  You see when you believe that money is everything, you lose sight of what is truly important in life and you definitely risk growing old bitter and alone.

23. Being too self-righteous or preachy

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Being too self-righteous or preachy is so annoying, it's pushy, and people are certainly going to make a huge effort to avoid you like anthrax.  And it shows everyone that you have absolutely no respect or consideration for their opinions because only yours are right

24. Not respecting other people's opinions or choices

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If your opinion is the only one that matters to you, you're setting yourself up for a very solitary and lonely rest of your life.  It's like trying to convince people that pineapple DOES go on pizza - it's just completely pointless and you're not going to change their minds.  All you'll do is irritate them.

25. Not being yourself

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If you're not you, then who on earth are you?!  A cheap imitation of somebody else, perhaps?  NEWSFLASH: People can smell inauthenticity a mile off.  So you're not doing yourself any favors when you're trying to be something you're not.  And besides, you'd do a better job of being you anyway!

26. Being confrontational

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Being confrontational can be dangerous and you might as well go out, kick a hornet's nest, and pick a fight with them.  Did that sound strange?  Well, it's only as strange as being confrontational all the time - it's unnecessary, and there's no doubt that you're going to get stung.

27. Being constantly late

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Being late all of the time might not be something that you do on purpose.  But your bad time management skills can be detrimental to your friendships because it might make them start thinking that you have absolutely no respect for their time.

28. Having poor hygiene habits

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If you have poor hygiene habits, people might struggle to spend any length of time around you and you might find that everyone avoids making any plans with you.  Poor hygiene is serious as it can spread infectious diseases and viruses, but it can also be a sign of poor mental health.  If you reach out, people will care and you can get the help you need before it gets worse.

29. Invading the personal space of others

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If you're a real space invader, you can make people feel like they're sharing a bathtub with an elephant.  They're feeling crowded, uncomfortable, frustrated, and there's every risk that they're going to get trampled.  So back off... Everyone will thank you for it.

30. Talking too much about yourself

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If you talk too much about yourself, you're going to bore people to tears.  It's exhausting, super annoying, and it makes people feel like they're trapped in a tiny space with no escape.  And nobody wants to be stuck in the mud with you, so it's time to start showing an interest in other people!

31. Smelling really bad

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You can be the nicest person in the whole world, but if you stink - and make no effort to stop stinking - people aren't going to like it. They just aren't going to want to be around you. If you have a medical condition you can't control, sure, but if you're just 'that guy that doesn't shower for a week' then people aren't going to warm up to you.

32. And that includes your breath, too

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And let's be honest, your breath can be the worst contender for this - even if the rest of you is squeaky clean. It's what people are going to be hit with when they're talking to you, so if it's off-putting, they're not going to want to talk to you! Revisit your dental hygiene, and get some of those breath mints, stat!

33. You drive too slow

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Slow drivers are the worst on the road, and if you've no legitimate reason for it, why are you doing it? It only serves to annoy every other driver on the road, and it'll annoy whoever is in the car with you, too. You're probably always late, holding up traffic and causing congestion.

34. You drive too fast

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On the flip side, you might drive way too fast. This is dangerous, illegal and irresponsible - so of course people aren't going to like you if you do it! Sticking to the speed limit is the easiest thing you can do as a driver, so maybe you should stop overtaking people and set off a bit earlier...

35. You're on your phone while someone is talking to you

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This is one of the rudest things people can do, and you might not even realize you're doing it. Even if it's just a quick glance at your phone screen while someone is talking, they'll clock it as you being obviously uninterested in whatever they have to say - and they won't like it!

36. You go on video meetings without muting the background

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There's always that one person in a Zoom meeting, isn't there? Who hasn't muted the background noise so all people can hear is their radio, washing machine on a full cycle or their cat mewing on the table next to them. It's bad business meeting etiquette - or even friend meeting etiquette!

37. You wear WAY TOO MUCH perfume

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Smelling good is one thing - smelling sickeningly sweet is another thing entirely! It's okay to wear perfume, but why are you wearing so much of it? People are going to avoid you just as much as they would if you smelled bad! Too much cologne or perfume can be overpowering.

38. Your bag takes up an extra seat

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If the bus or train isn't full, sure, the seat next to you is the perfect spot for your bag. But if you're that person who never moves their shopping bags even when the bus is full and everyone is stood up around them, then it's not really helping for people to like you, is it?

39. You 'humble brag'

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Humble bragging is worse than straight up bragging, because it's all about being fake and about false modesty. It's like a backhanded compliment but a backhanded brag. It's okay to want to share good news with people or let them know your successes, but humblebragging is just going to make everyone roll their eyes.


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We're so sensitive when it comes to communicating over technology these days, that even the font you choose or lack of emojis can make people react negatively or get the wrong impression. Writing an email or message in all caps is one of the worst things you can do - because it's basically shouting.

41. Standing in the middle of the escalator

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It's an unspoken rule to stand to one side if you're staying still on an escalator, so people in a hurry can get by you - especially in places like train stations. So if you're that person that stands in the center with their huge suitcase plonked in the way, no one else on that escalator is going to like you very much!

42. Ordering something bluntly

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How you treat waiting staff says a lot about who you are as a person - and we don't mean you're necessarily rude if you order something bluntly, but it can come across the wrong way, and manners cost nothing. So if you're saying 'A coffee and a bagel' instead of 'Please could I get a coffee and a bagel?' people probably like you less!

43. Not holding the door for the person behind

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It's common courtesy and it's the simplest gesture that can completely change someone's opinion of you. One of your colleagues might think you're the nicest person on the planet until you let the door close in someone's face as though it was nothing. Always have a quick look behind you!

44. Making everyone listen to you sing

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It's always encouraged to belt out some tunes every once in a while, and singing with friends in the car to the radio is encouraged for road trips. But are you someone who pretends they're not good at singing just so everyone will tell you you're amazing? Or tell everyone to be quiet so you can take this one?

45. Walking side-by-side in a line on the sidewalk

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If you're in a couple or as part of a group, do you park yourself across the sidewalk in a line instead of moving behind or in front of them so other people can get passed? If you're blocking up the sidewalk walking slow in a line, this is the worst kind of rude when people just need to get where they need to be!

46. Annoying fidgets, like tapping your fingers or feet

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Fidgeting can be a very unconscious thing - you might not know you have a fidget or an unconscious habit. That doesn't mean it's not annoying to everyone around you. Feet tapping in particularly is annoying because it makes a repetitive noise and also shakes the seat!

47. Leaving your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot

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The worst kind of people! It's lazy, it's rude, it risks damage to vehicles if the cart wanders off and it also takes up a parking space someone really might need. This is one habit that will definitely get people to dislike you, whether it's your passengers or the other people just trying to do their grocery shop.

48. Not getting rid of empty packaging

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Are you someone who eats something that puts the empty carton back in the fridge? Do you leave empty packets out in the canteen at work? Are you that person who replaces a toilet roll by... not replacing it at all? It's a simple thing, but it's so annoying for those around you!

49. Talking about how you're soooo busy

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This is another type of bragging, but it's also likely a fake brag - people who have to take a lot of time to tell everyone how impossibly busy they are probably the least busy people on the planet. They just want everyone else to think they have a million things going on because they're so important.

50. Taking up too much room across a parking space

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If you can't park between the lines, you need to learn how to do so, fast! Worse: if you don't even care and do it anyway. You're taking up two spaces, potentially blocking someone in or you might cause damage to another vehicle. Just park properly if you want people to like you!