Times The Simpsons Predicted The Future

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

1. Lady Gaga’s Superbowl Appearance, 5 Years Before It Happened

Image source / Entertainment TonightPerforming at the Superbowl has got to be one of the biggest accolades for a pop star. Well, maybe that and appearing in The Simpsons! For Lady Gaga, she’s had both and, pretty impressively, it seems like her episode in 2012 predicted her halftime show performance - she’s seen flying in on a wire and wearing silver, high boots, just as she did years later!Original content sourced from Femanin.com

2. The London’s Shard Would Be Built

Image source / Business InsiderNearly 2 decades before it was built, in 1995, an episode of The Simpsons took us to London. In it, we see a London skyline with familiar landmarks such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge. But wait, what’s that in the distance? An impressive-looking, triangular building that looks mighty similar to the shard. Crazy thing is, The Shard wasn’t built for another 17 years!

3. Donald Trump Would Become President

Image source / BBCIf you ask most people about Simpsons predictions this is the one they will have heard. I mean, I can see why, it is pretty remarkable. In ‘Bart to the Future’ (even the episode title hints to its predictive power!), aired in 2000 US TV icon Donald Trump is seen elected as President. If this wasn’t amazing enough, they even show his now famous elevator entrance when he announced he was standing. Madness!

4. They Predicted 9/11

Image source / New York TimesSimilarly to the Donald Trump predictions, this spooky Simpson premonition is pretty well-known. Terrifyingly, in 1997, the show appeared to predict the devastation of 9/11. Talking to Esquire magazine, the show’s producer, Al Jean, explained what happened:
"The one that was really odd—and I can't understand how this happened, it was so bizarre—in our New York show before, in 1998, there was a pamphlet that said, 'New York on $9 a day,' and then the World Trade Towers were right behind the nine, and it looked like 9/11. If you had designed something to reflect it, you couldn't have made a design that would've made it look any clearer. So that one—that spooks me to this day. That is really odd."

5. Horse Meat Scandal

Image source / RedditIt still freaks me out to this day that growing up many of us ate horse meat without knowing. Who remembers the 2013 scandal when products were found to be well…horse. It appears The Simpsons producers saw this one coming, featuring disgusted people eating ‘horse meat’ in a few of their episodes.

6. Facebook's FarmVille In An Episode From 1998

Image source / Fame FocusHands up if you play or have ever played FarmVille? Yep, guilty here too. Well this farm simulator game was predicted by The Simpsons back in 1998. What makes this one even more shocking is that at that time, few people even had mobile phones or the internet, let alone virtual reality farming software! In fact, FarmVille wasn’t the only tech the show predicted…

7. Autocorrect

Image source / TwitterIn this 1994 episode, The Simpsons has a cheeky dig at Apple who, at the time, were a little known company starting to release tech products. One of their early products was called the Newton - a kind of early phone which claimed to recognise handwriting (albeit pretty terribly). The Simpsons poked fun at the useless tech with a scene showing autocorrect fails - a funny gag that 20 years later would become a hell of a lot more relatable.

8. The War In Ukraine

Image source / Image MagazineThe events in the eastern European country have shocked us all. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some Simpsons fans were quick to point out the episode "The Simpson Tide" from way back in 1998. In it, spokespeople from various countries meet at the United Nations. The Russian representative falsely tells the others that the Soviet Union is no more, before promptly hanging up Soviet flags and lining up soldiers ready to fight.

9. The Nobel Prize for Economics

Image source / Showbiz cheatsheetOk yes, there are only so many economists in the world but even so, predicting which ones will win a prestigious Nobel Prize is pretty freaky if you ask me. In a 2010 episode, Bart’s buddy Millhouse predicts that Bengt R. Holmström (me neither) will become a winner. Turns out he was right as 6 years later Bengt was awarded with the prize. I wonder if he watched the show?

10. Disney Buys 20th Century Fox

Image source / YoutubeIn a funny episode where Homer decides to turn his hand to film directing there’s a split second image which has got much more attention than The Simpsons’ writers could ever have imagined. The iconic, gold 20th Century Fox sign is shown with a sign below is reading ‘'A division of Walt Disney Co'. A little gag to poke at the then rivalry between the two companies. Well, years later Walt Disney went on to buy 20th Century Fox making the sign freakily accurate.

11. Richard Branson’s Space Flight

Image source / PeopleIn 2008, an episode shows a man boarding a plane and heading into the gravity defying atmosphere of outer space. Although the character was never explicitly named as Branson, he looks remarkably similar to the Virgin Atlantic boss (and even they pointed it out!). Years later guess who was lucky enough to go to space? You guessed it, RB!

12. Killer Bees!

Image source / Screen crushIn an episode from 1993, a truck of killer bees is released which wreaks havoc over the citizens of Springfield. Years later, ‘murder hornets’ (a kind of bee on steroids) descended on the US creating panic as the terrifying flying stingers were spotted all over the country. Amazingly, it wasn’t just killer bees this episode predicted…

13. Covid19

Image source / Deadline.comWeirdly, in the same killer bees episode, a flu spreads across the world, causing a pandemic and global hysteria. Sound familiar? The ‘Osaka Flu’ bears a striking resemblance to Covid19 and the aftermath is no different. The episode shows the authorities having little clue what to do along with there being no known cure. If you thought predicting Covid was impressive, how about predicting the later Omicron variant…

14. Predicting the Omicron Variant

Image source / TwitterIf predicting Covid wasn’t enough, some say the show's creators also predicted the Omicron variant that Covid later became. In an episode of Futurama (ok not The Simpsons, but made by the same guy Matt Groening so we’re going with it!) an alien arrives saying they have come from ‘Omicron Persei 8’. Omicron is a Greek letter so we’ll leave it to you to decide if this one is a prediction or sheer coincidence.

15.  Lisa Predicts FaceTime

Image source / ET CanadaWay back in 1995, in a time before mobile phones were owned by everyone, Lisa is shown not only using a mobile but seemingly using FaceTime! It wasn’t until 2010 when the video-calling phone feature was launched so this one definitely falls into the freaky prediction category if you ask me.

16. Homer becomes a physics expert

Image source / IGN AfricaFrom Nobel prizes and space flights we continue the science theme by exploring an episode from Season 10. In it, Homer works out the mass of the Higgs boson particle. This makes for funny watching as Homer is so notoriously dumb and yet he’s able to solve this seemingly impossible task. Years later it’s not only funny but also pretty incredible - the Large Hadron Collider was built to work out just what Homer could apparently do!

17. More Super Bowl shockers

Image source / Fresh editsWe’ve already heard how Lady Gaga’s halftime Super Bowl performance was predicted. Well, it’s not the only time the show has accurately predicted Super Bowl happenings. Back in 1992 the episode predicted the Washington Redskins would win the Bowl, which they did, days later. One year later the producers decided to have some fun and re-dubbed the episode this time, predicting the Dallas Cowboys would rise to victory. Again, they were right! Getting cocky, the producers took a shot for a 3rd year, re-dubbing once again and placing their bets on the San Francisco 49ers. Guess who won? Yep, the San Francisco 49ers!

18. Siegfried & Roy tiger attack

Image source / Business InsiderSiegfried & Roy were famous magicians from the 80s (ask your parents!) They were well-known for their daring performances with big cats such as tigers and lions. In 2003, Roy came close to death when a white tiger mauled him. Perhaps he should have paid closer attention to The Simpsons as an old episode depicts two showmen performing with a tiger - the pair, although called Gunter & Ernst in the episode, are clearly based on Siegfried & Roy. Later on, the tiger attacks the performers in an attempt to break free.

19. Lisa the politician

Image source / CNNWe’ve already seen how Donald Trump’s presidency was predicted. In another political prediction from the same episode, Lisa is shown looking unbelievably similar to Vice President Kamala Harris. Dressed in purple and adorned with pearls, the spiky haired character says "As you know, we've inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump." Weird, don’t you think?

20. Tom Hanks hosts the Biden inauguration

Image source / The IndependentFollowing Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden, it was actor Tom Hanks who hosted his inauguration celebrations. Yet again, it would appear as though The Simpsons saw this coming, this time in The Simpsons Movie. In it, Hanks is seen speaking to the nation. He declares: ‘The US government has lost its credibility, so it’s borrowing some of mine.’

21. FIFA corruption scandal

Image source / MetroIn 2015, FIFA (the group who represent soccer) were in the news. Why? They were caught up in a corruption scandal which was unsurprising - people have been pointing out how bent the group is for years. And by people, I mean The Simpsons of course! Just a year before, in 2014, an episode was aired called ‘You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee’ which puts a FIFA scandal front and centre. I wonder if the writers knew something was about to happen…

22. USA curling champions

Image source / TV FanaticThe USA aren’t exactly known for their curling prowess - it’s usually countries like Sweden and Norway. The point I’m making is that when The Simpsons chose to show the US winning the curling at the Olympics it was a pretty unlikely occurrence. Or was it? Fast forward 8 years and you guessed it, underdogs USA went on to win the curling!

23. Hiding Michelangelo's 'David'

Image source / Snopes.comIn an early episode of the show, Marge defends the ‘David’ statue and its nudity although that didn’t stop the statue being given a pair of pants in a very funny scene. Years later, this debate arose again with Russians even voting on whether the carved man should be covered up. I’m really starting to think they can predict the future!

24. Homer and Hawking

Image source / ABC newsWe thought Homer’s scientific skills peaked with the Higgs boson particle but apparently not! In an episode where the donut-loving Dad meets physicist Stephen Hawking he suggests his theory of a donut-shaped universe. This was obviously written to poke fun at Homer’s love of the sweet treats but I bet the writers didn’t imagine this idea actually becoming legit. Well it did. The three-torus model of the universe is pretty much exactly what Homey said - a donut-shaped universe!

25. The Beatles fan-mail

Image source / ParentologyIn 1991, Beatles legend Ringo Starr made a cameo appearance in the show. In the episode, he is seen opening fan mail but jokes about how far behind he is, saying he’s got up to 12th December 1966. Weirdly enough, the joke was more accurate than the writers could have known. In 2013, two very happy women received a reply to a letter from Sir Paul McCartney that they posted decades earlier. Like Ringo in The Simpsons episode, Sir Paul is still catching up with fan mail to this day!

26. Voting machine fraud

Image source / L7 WorldWhen Barack Obama was running for President there was a news scandal relating to some of the voting machines which were deemed faulty, casting doubts over the accuracy of some of the results. Crazily, people even filmed their glitching machine changing their choice of candidate. Again, The Simpsons already guessed this might happen. In an episode, Homer is seen trying to vote for Obama, only to have his choice changed. Do they know something we don’t?

27. Game of Thrones

Image source / RedditThe finale of Game of Thrones was famously underwhelming but that didn’t stop our yellow-faced cartoon characters from having a go at predicting - rather accurately - its ending. In an episode that made reference to the world of Westeros a dragon is seen rising up before burning down the whole town. A mirror image of the concluding scenes of the HBO classic.

28. Ted Cruz holidays during an emergency

Image source / Entertainment WeeklyIt’s never a good look when a politician is seen sunning it up whilst disaster unfolds at home. This is exactly what happened to Republican politician Ted Crus who vacated to Cancun as Covid ravaged his hometown of Texas. In a strikingly similar case of politicians missing the mark, The Simpsons’ very own Mayor Joe Quimby is seen holidaying in the Bahamas as Springfield residents cope with a pandemic.

29. The Matrix Christmas movie

Image source / RedditIn an episode from 2004 a fake film poster for A Matrix Christmas is visible behind Homer as he sits down in the cinema. Funnily enough, a sequel called The Matrix Resurrections hit the big screens on December 22nd, 2021 - A Matrix Christmas if ever there was one.

30. The Capitol Riots

Image source / YahooPeople around the world looked on in shock when, in 2021, the Capitol in Washington DC was rioted. The scenes of people madly rushing through the building and causing havoc as scared politicians fled to safety was not nice to see. However, it wasn’t the first time these scenes hit our TV screens. In an episode from 1996, Lisa and Bart are watching a cartoon where a member of Congress runs out of the Capitol to tell onlookers that a new bill has been passed. What follows are scenes of other bizarre-looking characters running up the Capitol steps, firing guns and holding lit bombs.

We know Simpsons can predict the future! But what about the show's secrets... 1. Homer And Marge Are Married In Real Life

(Image Source/PasteMagazine)The people behind the French animations are Philippe Peythieu and Veronique Augereau - they are the ones who bring us these iconic voices. The two of them met while auditioning for the roles in 1989, they fell in love and tied the knot in 2001. A love story on and off the screen.

2. They Hide Swear Words In Nearly Every Episode

(Image Source/Tumgir)There are no swear/curse words allowed in The Simpsons. But that did not stop them trying to sneak one past Fox producers in season 7. Apu graduates with a Ph.D. from Springfield Heights Institute of Technology. Look closely at the acronym and see what it spells.

3. Maggie's Price Has A Secret Meaning!

(Image Source/simpa)We are all very familiar with the moment Maggie gets scanned at this till and the price pops up which is  $847.63, but do you actually know why? The reason for this is that in 1989 when it was made, this was the estimated cost of raising a baby, per month. Clever!

4. Homer Disproves Fermat's Last Theorem!

(Image Source/NPR)For the majority of us, Fermat's last theorem is a completely unknown concept. But, Simpson's has been written by mathematical geniuses. And, while these little maths details go unknown by most - Homer in ‘The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace’ episode disproves this theory.

5. God And Jesus Have 5 Fingers - Here's Why!

(Image Source/Pinterest)God and Jesus are the only people in Simpsons to have five fingers. These figures are higher entities in The Simpsons and this has been symbolised through their extra finger. It links to Pythagoras who said numbers are divine - a gift from god (again, it was written by a group of math whizzes).

6. There's A Subplot Of The McBain Series Running Through The WHOLE Thing!

(Image Source/YouTube)McBain is like a mini series within The Simpsons. McBain is an Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired action hero Rainier Wolf castle. And if you place all of the clips together, they form a continuous sort of mini series. Another clever thing about The Simpsons that makes you appreciate it even even more.

7. Michael Jackson Makes A Cameo

(Image Source/YouTube)In The Simpsons there is an episode which is called Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie. There are very famous cameos in this episode when two people in particular feature. They are not explicitly stated but we know all the same. It was none other than Michael Jackson and Dustin Hoffman.

8. Ahoy Hoy Was The Real Hello

(Image Source/NME)When Mr Burns answers the phone he always says 'ahoy hoy'. It turns out that this is not just a random little quirk of Mr Burns but it actually has historical significance. When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he suggested that this should be the way to answer it.

9. The Watergate Exposure

(Image Source/ProBoards)Do you remember Bart reading ‘The Truth About Whacking Day’? It was written by the Washington Post and the journalist stated on it is Bob Woodward who was crucial the the exposure of Watergate. Again, more proof that The Simpsons creators are geniuses.

10. Another Dig At The President...

(Image Source/reddit)The Simpsons is packed full of political references and they do not hold back when it comes to taking a dig at former presidents. Bart shreds some papers and if you watch closely, you'll see a second long clip where he shreds a piece of paper saying 'V.P. Quayle... Embarrassment’.

11. John Swartzwelder Gets Sent To A Mental Hospital

(Image Source/Yahoo)John Swartzwelder is one of the most iconic writers in The Simpsons history. He was often deemed a recluse in real life. And during one episode he can be seen behind a door in a mental hospital, playing on the rumours that surrounded him from the public. 

12. Producers Take A Swipe At 'Obsessive' Fans

(Image Source/slate)Alt.tv.simpsons is a website where fans go to nit pick every single tiny detail of The Simpsons after each episode. So, in one episode there is a dig. Bart is a huge fan of comic book guy and he logs on the computer onto the site alt.nerd.obsessive where they do the same thing.

13. There's A LOT Of Clever References To History

(Image Source/squareeyed)Remember the episode that takes place at the Vietnamese hall, there are two signs called Fops and Dandies. These are references to 18th-century European culture, where Fops was a name for men who were overly obsessed with their appearance and Dandies wore tail coats.

14. The Infamous A113

(Image Source/Pinterest)If you are a Disney fan, you will know about the recurring A113. And, it's also a feature in The Simpsons too. It refers to the institute of the arts where many talented animators graduate and then continue on to make film and TV series - a place especially where Disney employs its animators.

15. Did You Spot The Hidden Code?

(Image Source/HELLO)A lot of what goes on in The Simpsons is unknown to most people who would not have the specific knowledge to understand or appreciate it. For example, when Homer goes into the video game the sequence of numbers actually converts form code to 'Frink rules' as a reference to professor Fink.

16. You Probably Didn't Notice This! Danny Elfman's Has A Store In The Opening!

(Image Source/Eeggs.com)Even thought this one is in plain sight, it's barely noticeable. Danny Elfman is the creator of the famous Simpsons theme tune, and we can see his name written on the store front in the very opening of the credits. Once you notice you'll always see it.

17. The Controversial O.J Simpson Reference

(Image Source/thehollywoodreporter)This episode aired just two months after the trial aired. In this series there is a trial - who shot Mr Burns. They way they talk about it highlights all the injustices and the way the trial was held. It is a clear reference to their view in the O.J Simpson trial. The Simpsons creators aren't afraid to air their opinions.

18. Bart Is An Anagram

(Image Source/YouTube)You may have figured this one out for yourself - but Bart is an anagram for the world brat, but of course jumbled up. And we can't deny he is a bit of a brat, we just can't help but love him all the same because he's one oft he funniest characters in the show.

19. Matt Groening Named Them After His Family

(Image Source/TheVerge)Matt Groening is of course the iconic creator of The Simpsons. And, he decided to name all of the characters after members of his own family - apart from himself. Bart was the one he switched for his own name...and we already know what that means from the previous point.

20. The Real Reason Why The Are Yellow

(Image Source/BBC)Why yellow? We've all thought it. And the answer is pretty obvious really. When you are flicking through channels they wanted something to grab your attention. And something instantly recognisable. As soon as we see yellow we know that it's The Simpsons.

21. Paul McCartney's Lentil Soup Recipe

(Image Source/PasteMagazine)Lisa becomes a vegetarian in The Simpsons and so she goes to speak to Paul and Linda McCartney - who are also famous vegetarians. In the episode Paul tells Lisa to play his track 'Maybe I’m Amazed' backwards you will find a lentil soup recipe. Another thing they got right.

22. D'oh Has Been Added To The Official Dictionary

 The Biggest Mistake You're Making on Twitter - The Jonathan Rick Group(Image Source/buzinga)Now this is an impressive feat for a cartoon - but as we all know, The Simpsons is no ordinary cartoon or TV show in general. It is elite on many levels. And this is shown by the fact that Homer's famous D'oh is now in the official dictionaries as a real recognised word.

23. Only One Character Speaks In Every Episode

Homer Simpson - Wikipedia(Image Source/wikipedia)There is only one character that speaks in every single Simpson's episode and that person is Homer - of course it had to be him. The next most frequent person to speak is both Bart and Marge. And then it is followed by Mr Burns and in fourth place comes Lisa.

24. The Length Of The Couch Gags Depends On The Episode Length

Couch gags Season 18 (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa) - YouTube(Image Source/YouTube)You'll have definitely noticed that the couch gag varies a lot each time - sometimes it's really long and sometimes it's tiny. And why is that? Well it just depends on the actual length of the episode, if it is shorter it has to be extended. If the episode is longer then it as to be cropped down.

25. There Was Only 1 Episode In The 80s

A Look Back at The "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" - Nerdist(Image Source/Nerdist)Many people consider The Simpsons as an 80s show. But in actual fact there was only one episode that was filmed in the 80s which was the iconic Christmas special called Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire which was filmed in 1989. The next episode was filmed in 1990.

26. 'Itchy And Scratchy Land' Was A Reaction To Fox

The Simpsons, Season Six, Episode Four, “Itchy & Scratchy Land” – The Avocado(Image Source/avocado)Fox told the producers of The Simpsons that they did not want any more itchy and scratchy included in the episodes. The Simpsons were not happy and they outright refused to take it out - this episode was made as violent as possible and the producers threatened to go to the media if they tried to censor them.

27. Matt Groening's Did Sounds For The Show

Maggie Simpson - Wikipedia(Image Source/wiki)Matt Groening is the producer, of course he had to be included in some kind of way as a part of the sound. No, he does not do a voice over but he actually makes the sound of Maggie sucking the pacifier - a sound we are all familiar with, he did not do it alone however.

28. Fox Owns The Simpsons Future Rights

10 Times The Simpsons Dissed FOX - YouTube(Image Source/YouTube)Fox owns the rights to The Simpsons way into the future - until the year 2082. We do not know whether new episodes will be still being made then but we certainly hope so. After all, with the conspiracies people will be waiting for for future predictions.

29. Is Principal Skinner Actually Jean Valjean?

(Image Source/Reddit)This theory is not known by many people at all. But, do you remember when Skinner revealed his POW number in Vietnam? It was 24601 - which is the same as the iconic and widely recognised prisoner number of Jean Valjean. This can't be a coincidence surely?

30. Homerpalooza Gwen Stefani's Band

No Doubt's First Album Came Out 30 years Ago This Week - Noise11.com(Image Source/Noise11)In the episode called Homerpalooza, there is a feature of Gwen Stefani and her band. This seemed completely random because what is the relevance here? It turns out that Gwen Stefani's brother worked as one of the animators and decided to add her in.

31. Krusty Is Homer's Clone

Image Source / The Mercury NewsYou may not have even put Homer and Krusty together - just some similar animation design, which you'd expect in an animated show, and that's it. But Krusty was originally meant to be Homer's cynical alter-ego, a secret identity that Homer would occasionally put on. Needless to say, the idea was eventually scrapped.

32. Dustin Hoffman Had A Cameo

Image Source / GoldDerbyThe Simpsons celebrated many a celebrity cameo, so it's no surprise a big actor would have one. But did you ever notice it? Some of the biggest celebrity cameos were easily missable. Dustin Hoffman appeared in one episode as Lisa's favourite teacher - but Dustin's name wasn't even credited.

33. The Musical Episode Was A Glimpse Into The Future

Image Source / VarietyOne episode of The Simpsons was a clip show of previous episodes, which was donned 'lazy' by fans and implying that they'd run out of ideas for episodes. To show that they'd definitely not run out of ideas, the creators made a musical episode revealing hints of stories to come, like Marge becoming a robot.

34. Matt Groening's Signature On Homer's Head

Image Source / RedditMatt Groening is the cartoonist creator of The Simpsons, but did you know that his signature appears in every episode? It's carefully implemented into Homer's head, of all things. The wisp of hair on the side of his head, and the ear beneath, combine to make the initials 'M.G'.

35. The 'Frink Rules' Message

Image Source / RedditThe 'Homer Cubed' episode had a code included that only the biggest and brightest mathematical brains would be able to decipher. The series of numbers and letters, when paired with ASCII protocol, spells out 'Frink Rules' - Frink, the discoverer of a means of interdimensional travel.

36. The Insults Within Rock Bottom's Retractions

Image Source / VimeoRock Bottom was a news outlet that left Homer's life in bits. Following his pay back, Rock Bottom is forced to offer a retraction. These scroll through the screen very quickly, but if you pause, you can read a number of insulting shout-outs, including 'if you are reading this, you have no life'. Charming.

37. The Real Reason Scratchy Keeps Getting Killed

Image Source / NestflixItchy and Scratchy are a thoroughly entertaining (and violent) part of The Simpsons, but you'll know that Scratchy the cat is the one always on the backfoot when it comes to Itchy thinking up horrible ways to end him. Scratchy is a black cat - often associated with bad luck - which, in The Simpsons, is shown through the bad luck affecting the cat itself rather than anything else.

38. Matt Groening Has A Cameo As The Courtroom Sketch Artist

Image Source / Animation World NetworkOf course you're going to put yourself in as a character from time to time when you're a creator of the show. Matt Groening actually appears as a Simpsons character when Bart testifies in court to save the mayor's nephew. The courtroom sketch artist is Groening, and you can even see his signature on what he's drawing.

39. The Peter Griffin Cameo

Image Source / Simpsons WikiFamily Guy and The Simpsons have long been compared to each other as huge animated showrunners, and there's even been a crossover episode of The Simpsons in Family Guy - which was amazing, to say the least. But did you know Peter Griffin made a cameo in the Treehouse of Horror XIII episode?

40. The Game Of Thrones-Esque Opening

Image Source / GamesRadarYou might not have ever compared Game of Thrones to The Simpsons, but there's something to be said about both show's openings. The Simpsons opening is always a long journey through Springfield, in full iconic Westeros treatment, going through all the locations and characters.

41. Did You Find Waldo?

Image Source / RedditIf you've been looking for Waldo, apparently he's in Springfield. Where's Waldo has been referenced in The Simpsons a fair few times, but he's also been spotted in the background of a few scenes, too. As you'd expect, he's always in the background, or within a crowd of people.

42. The Simpson Family First Appeared As A Series Of Shorts In The Tracey Ullman Show

Image Source / Simpsons WikiThe Simpson family didn't start as the very first episode of the show. They were originally a series of shorts in The Tracey Ullman Show, after Matt Groening had said no to an offer to turn his Life in Hell comic into animated shorts. The Simpson family first appeared in 1987.

43. Matt Groening First Sketched The Simpson Family Quickly In A Lobby

Image Source / The Simpsons Tapped Out AddictsAnd leading on from the previous point, Matt Groening's very first sketch of the now-legendary family was while he was waiting in the lobby for his pitch meeting for the show. What could have been simply a doodle to keep him entertained has now turned into so much more, to say the least!

44. The Distinctive Silhouettes

Image Source / SporcleThere's no doubt that you'd easily be able to recognize any Simpsons character based on their silhouettes alone, and there's a reason for that. Groening specifically wanted every character to be recognisable by their shape, which is the reason for the very distinctive hairstyles and head shapes.

45. The Iconic Music From The Opening Sequence Took Only 2 Days To Create

Image Source / Salon.comLegendary composer Danny Elfman was asked by creator Groening to produce a piece of music with a retro-like theme for the opening sequence of the show. The music from the beginning sequence is now iconic, but it only took 2 days to create the masterpiece!

46. 3 Key Elements From The Opening Sequence Change Every Time

Image Source / MetroThe show's opening sequence is very lengthy, but there's always something new to watch out for. Three elements change from episode to episode - did you notice them? It's the message on Bart's chalkboard lines, the music Lisa plays on her sax, and the length of the couch at the end of the title sequence. See if you notice next time!

47. Springfield Is A Common City Name In America - And Was Chosen For That Reason

Image Source / Today ShowWith so many cities in America, there's bound to be one or two that are named in a TV show by coincidence - but for Springfield, this was purely intentional. Matt Groening said that it was named after Springfield, Oregon, near his home town, and that it'd be cool if everyone from a 'Springfield' in America would think it could be based on theirs.

 48. The Bush Family Did Not Like The Show

Image Source / WikipediaThe Bush family have appeared as cameos in the show, but that doesn't mean they were huge fans. The First Lady (back then) Barbara Bush in 1990 actually said the show was the 'dumbest thing' she'd ever seen. The show's writers actually wrote a letter to her - from Marge Simpson - which said they were trying their best. Barbara then apologised!

49. And President George H.W. Bush Even Referenced The Simpsons In One Of His Speeches

Image Source / Encyclopaedia BritannicaWe're starting to think the Bush's secretly loved the show if they're mentioning it this much... In 1992, then-President Bush referenced the show in his speech, in relation to trying to strengthen the American family and make them 'more like the Waltons' rather than The Simpsons. The writers even put in a response to the next broadcast.

50. The Voice Of Lisa Is The Only Cast Member To Stick To One Character

Image Source / The HustleWith such a diverse cast of talent on The Simpsons, you may have noticed that many of the voice actors do more than one voice for a variety of characters. But Yeardly Smith, who provides the iconic voice of Lisa Simpson, is the only main cast member to voice just one.