This Is What The Perfect Body Looks Like Around The World

By Nick Hadji 1 year ago

1. USA

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn the USA, the perfect woman's body according to designers looks exactly like this. In the USA, women's body are seen as especially attractive if they are super curvy and full bodies- with an exaggerated hour glass effect and also an emphasis on having a thigh gap.Original content sourced from Femanin.

2. Egypt

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn Egypt, there is also a trend where the perfect woman's body is curvy, with full breasts as well as wide hips - creating again the hour glass effect. The perfect woman's waist is seen to indent a lot and her hair according to experts would be long, dark and glossy!

 3. Argentina

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn Argentina the trends differ slightly when it comes to what the 'perfect' woman's body looks like. It is seen to be long and slim with less curves and more emphasis being on the woman's height and slimness. Small breasts and butts are seen as preferable.

4. Mexico

Image source/ Huffington Post UKNow here is an image of what the ideal body in Mexico may look like. She has large breasts, an accentuated small waist and large hips. In Mexico, a curvy woman is seen as most irresistible in popular country - however, the ideal woman's body is still slim at the same time.

5. China

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn China, the 'ideal body' varies a lot from what other countries view as most desirable. In fact the ideal Chinese woman's body in most countries would be classed as severely underweight. The emphasis on the Chinese perfect body revolves around a small, girl like figure.

6. Netherlands

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn the Netherlands ideal women are usually very tall. We are talking around 5.8/5.9. And, a slight figure is what is seen as the most perfect, with very slim long limbs and fairly straight hips. Light coloured hair and natural facial features are also part of the perfect Netherland look.

7. U.K

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn the UK the perfect image is less curvy and more about a straight and slim body line. And, while the rest of the body is desired to be more 'boyish', there is still an emphasis on the woman having a slightly fuller bust, as well as slim legs with a thigh gap.

8. Peru

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn Peru a slightly 'larger' female figure is what is considered to be the perfect, most desirable body. But the shapely, curvaceous look is what is most important to fitting the Peruvian 'ideal'. This means that the woman is expected to go in at the weight, and curve out towards the hips.

9. Italy

Image source/ Huffington Post UKDream women's bodies in Italy are some of the smallest and slimmest on the list. The woman is desired to be fairly short, with a body that is slim and quite straight up and down - without too may curves. Small breasts, butt and a toned body is what is seen as perfect.

10. Colombia

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn Colombia, a slim toned body is not considered 'perfect' at all. Quite the opposite, women are desired to have extra weight in all areas, without the extreme hourglass. And larger thighs (without a thigh gap) and stomachs are seen as sexy, womanly and beautiful.

11. Philippines

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn the Philippines, a woman's perfect body is seen as quite short in height, slim and not ultra curvy however still with a slightly bigger breast and butt area. But extremes are not considered as attractive in the Philippines, with the emphasis being on healthy looking bodies.

12. Romania

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn Romania woman are encouraged to be slightly bigger all over. There are less unrealistic expectations on having a bigger butt and larger breasts but still managing to have a very slim waist. Rather, the ideal body is larger without excessive curves.

13. South Africa

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn South Africa woman's ideal bodies are supposed to be very tall and athletic looking without many curves. The woman is expected to maintain a healthy body weight, without being too slim or underweight and without having too much excessive weight either.

14. Serbia

Image source/ Huffington Post UKThe perfect ideal body type in Serbia is not unlike many other countries such as the UK. The body type is not extreme in any way, in terms of the full bodies or super lean look. Rather, a healthy middle range figure is considered most appealing, however, slightly larger breasts are desired.

15. Spain

Image source/ Huffington Post UKThe perfect female Spanish body is one of the largest body ideals on the list. Large thighs, an accentuated bust and a wide set of hips are what is seen to be beautiful and attractive. There is also a very big preference for natural beauty, including natural facial features.

16. Ukraine

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn Ukraine the ideal body is a little more 'boyish' in figure - with straight hips, a smaller rear area and little breasts are considered ideal. As well as this, the body ideal is that the woman carries very little weight and should not look too athletic or muscular.

17. Syria

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn Syria there is a preference towards what is commonly called 'pear shape' as well as being smaller in height. This means a smaller upper body area with more weight towards the bottom of the body. And larger thighs in Syria are seen as a very desirable quality to have.

18. Venezuela

Image source/ Huffington Post UKIn Venezuela, black glossy and bouncy waves are the dream hair type. Large breasts are the preference for a woman by Venezuelan stereotypical body ideals. And not only this, but thighs with a visible thigh gap are wanted. Yet the perfect body should curvy all over with a little bit of extra weight.

19. Portugal

In Portugal the perfect woman's body is seen to be very petit: small in height, very slim in width, with very little curves. Slimness here is admired far more than a curvy figure and large breasts and butt. Brunettes are usually considered the ideal type with bouncing beach waves.

20. Sweden

Image source/ PinterestWe all know the stereotypical Swedish beauty is extremely tall with the longest legs ever, a slim physique and long wavy blonde hair. Not to mention the blue eyes too. This is exactly what the perfect Swedish woman looks like according to expert designers.

21. Denmark

Image source/ teenvogueThink your typical model...a tall, slim and blonde bombshell. Hips are preferred straighter, and breasts and butts are preferred to be flatter and smaller. This beauty standard is very much about achieving that kind of cat walk model look that you see in magazines.

22. Albania

Image source/ PinterestAlbanian dream bodies are certainly not easily accomplished! As well as being mega tall, naturally stunning and super slim you also are expected to have large breasts. It's not exactly easy to achieve all of these things together, Albanian beauty expectations are extremely high.

23. India

Image source/ PinterestIn India the perfect woman would be small, petit and healthy looking. She would not be too lean, as having a good coverage of weight on the body and appearing strong is considered attractive. The figure for the perfect Indian woman should not be overly curvy.

24. Russia

Image source/ PinterestThe perfect body is seen to be a blonde beauty who is mega tall in height (around 5.9). And, the dream body should be slim all over and very athletic and healthy looking. Tones muscles and long legs is seen as the vision of beauty in Russia. These standards are very difficult to live up to!

25. Israel

Image source/ 1tsdibsIsraelian women are ideally seen as full bodied women with larger assets. They are ideally mid range in terms of height, with long glossy black hair and a womanly robust figure. Slimness is seen as less attractive for Israelian women, showing the variety of beauty standards around the world!

26. Uganda

Image source/ BBCIn Uganda the dream woman's body is very much focused in the curvier the better. Large hips are a thing of beauty and a woman is not desired to be slim. Rather, it is seen more attractive if a woman is carrying extra weight even if in some countries this would be perhaps considered 'overweight'.

27. Vietnam

Image source/ Teen VogueIn Vietnam a woman who looks as girl like as possible is often considered to be more 'perfect'. In fact it is not uncommon for women to try and look a lot younger, as though they are still girls. A slim body with no carried weight or larger areas is seen as attractive .

28. Kenya

Image source/ PinterestKenyan women's perfect bodies are all about being voluptuous and embracing your womanly assets and rocking those curves. The dream Kenyan body is larger than in many societies as weight is seen as something where the more you have, the more desirable you are!

29. Morocco

Image source/ PinterestIn Morocco, the perfect woman's body is seen as being slim without too much curves. A straighter kind of female body is seen as more attractive here than that which is very curvy or somebody who has large breasts. Women are also preferred to be smaller in height.

30. Hungary

Image source/ blogspotIn Hungary the perfect woman's body is expected to be very tall, very slim, as well as visibly athletic. A slim figure and toned body with visible muscles is what is determined as the most attractive here. A height of around 5.8 or taller is also considered more attractive.

31. This Is What The Perfect Male Body Looks Like Around The World: Russia

Image source/ huffpostIn Russia, the ideal male body style begins with flowing blonde locks, apparently - and mid to long length hair at that. There's also a focus on having big muscles, and especially big biceps, in a more stocky fashion with wider shoulders. It looks like a tan is also a plus!

32. Australia

Image source/ huffpostYou might be surprised at this one if you associate Australian males with that cliché blonde surfer boy look, while apparently it's shorter brown hair that's the in-thing. For Australia, it's apparently not that toned beach look either that you might expect from female body types - it looks like what you might call a Dad Bod.

33. Egypt

Image source/ huffpostWhile Egypt makes up for the lack of muscles in Australia! Here we have a very chiselled ab look, with stocky, muscled legs and wide shoulders. The focus on the muscles seems to be more on the chest and abs rather than the arms, though - and dark facial hair is a plus, too.

34. United States

Image source/ huffpostIt's no surprise that in the United States there's a huge focus on that muscled gym bod when these sunkissed fellas are so concerned with working out. There's a big focus on muscles for both the arms and the chest, as well as the abs of course. Styled hair and some facial hair completes the look.

35. Colombia

Image source/ huffpostFor Colombia, it doesn't seem to be a big deal for men to have muscles, but they still have a strong silhouette! Their physique still looks toned but it's more on the stocky side, with hefty legs and thinner arms! Facial hair for men is in fashion in this country, too.

36. Croatia

Image source/ huffpostFor Croatia, it seems they have a very similar preferred body type for men to Colombia, in terms of lack of toned abs and lack of muscles. But looking at Croatia, there's a very subtle difference in weight, with Croatia looking a tiny bit on the thinner side, and with less fat on the arms!

37. China

Image source/ huffpostIn China, you'd expect a lot less baby fat around the face for men, with a slimmer look on the face and neck in particular. Height seems to be more important here, with long trimmed legs and a slimmer frame. There doesn't seem to be any focus on toned abs or torso muscles, though.

38. Bangladesh

Image source/ huffpostFor Bangladesh, we're definitely back to more meat on the face, framed with dark facial hair and shorter hairstyle! Back to a dad-bod sort of look, in Bangladesh it's more a little extra weight on the chest and stomach, but still looks in shape with a more rectangle-like outline!

39. Pakistan

Image source/ huffpostIt seems that this dark-short-hair-with-dark-stubble look is a universally popular thing when it comes to men's ideal look! In Pakistan, there's a very obvious focus on more meaty arms, larger hands and wide shoulders, while the rest seems like toned (but not muscly) abs and strong thighs.

40. Indonesia

Image source/ huffpostFor Indonesia, it seems we have a small hint at an hourglass shape where the body is brought in a tad at the waist! Around this, it's a generous stomach with a tiny overhang, and slimmer arms all the way to the shoulders. There doesn't seem to be any focus on muscles at all!

41. Nigeria

Image source/ huffpostNigeria is loving that strong arm and strong leg look for their men. Their arms obviously show the effects on the sun being out all day. For the torso, it's once again that average dad-bod with a little bit of a paunch, and extra meat around the chest area! Nothing wrong with that.

42. Philippines

Image source/ huffpostThe Philippines definitely has a focus on a very toned and small abdomen, but surprisingly that slim look doesn't apply to every area of the body! Well the stomach is very flat and pulled-in with visible washboard, you then see a wider shoulder width with bigger arms at the top.

43. Macedonia

Image source/ huffpostFor Macedonia, you see a very toned and well-kept stomach area without the need for the abdominal muscles to show. The trim stomach is then complemented by a smaller chest and shoulder width, and slim arms. The legs, while looking slimmer towards the bottom, do seem to have nicely toned thighs!

44. Portugal

Image source/ huffpostFor Portugal, you have a strong looking torso without the need for any defined muscles. You can see some extra definition around the 'moob' area with wide shoulder width and hefty arms! But the waist is toned and straight without any overhang. Stocky seems to be the rage!

45. Serbia

Image source/ huffpostSerbia's interesting because included in the ideal body type is actually body art, too! This is the only one we've seen with a tattoo included, shown on the arm. This body type shows a very stocky looking man with extra weight around the stomach paunch, arms and chest area. Definitely no washboard here!

46. South Africa

Image source/ huffpostWhat Serbia doesn't have, South Africa definitely makes up for in terms of defined muscles! For this country, you definitely don't skip leg day. The muscles on the thighs are clearly defined, while the stomach reveals a very obvious washboard with toned pecs, too. The neck is muscular and slim, too, with facial hair defining the jawline.

47. Spain

Image source/ huffpostFor Spain, you have a very wide shoulder span with a heavy-set look. There's no muscle definition on the pecs or the abdomen, with more weight around the chest and on the arms. While the stomach isn't muscular, it's still brought-in without a lot of overhang!

48. United Kingdom

Image source/ huffpostFor chaps in the United Kingdom, you're more likely to see slim or skinny. There isn't a huge deal about muscles in this country, but you do get the gym bros who want washboard abs and huge arms. This look sees more of a slim stomach and thinner arms and legs.

49. Venezuela

Image source/ huffpostFor Venezuela, you have very stocky with very defined muscles. The legs are on the bigger side, with strong and defined thighs, while the abdomen shows a hint of toned muscle structure without overdoing it! There's focus on toning-up the abs, too, while the arms and the neck are on the less-toned side.

50. Mexico

Image source/ el siglo de durangoMexican males put a lot of focus on the more 'macho' side of being a man, which is reflected in their ideal body type. As you'd expect when macho is the desired look, there's a huge importance on defined muscles, particularly around the abs, and a strong, muscly male figure - who's easy on the eyes, too!