This Is What Happens When Someone Does 10 Push-Ups Every Day For A Year

By molly atherton 1 year ago

You Develop A Routine

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Getting in to working out can be a slog, none of us ever want to start going; but we all know once you start it actually makes you feel so much better! Just 10 push-ups every day can be a start here, it might start at 10 and then become 20 and 30; the next thing you know you'll be a gym rat.

It'll Build Your Triceps

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Triceps are a very useful muscle to build especially when you are adapt in your athletic ability. They can be great for sports like swimming, tennis and basketball; they can even help assist with your generic motor abilities like writing or even with carrying your groceries!

Your Shoulders Will Also Build

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Push-ups are great at strengthening your muscles around the shoulder joints. This is great because these are extremely important as they are essential in keeping your upper arm bone in it's shoulder pocket. It might seem like a rare injury but it's more common than you think.

You Can Strengthen Your Lower Back

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Having a strong lower back can be a great asset, especially if you're frequently required to lift or carry things in your employment. Not only this, but stronger muscles in your lower back (the area where most back injuries occur) can actually lower your risk of an injury!

Your Core Will Also Be Strengthened

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When you're completing push-ups, particularly when your form is correct, you will feel that strain in your abdominal muscles. Your core will strengthen as a result of these muscles being engaged and this can lead to better balance and a stronger sense of core stability.

You Could Feel A Sense Of Challenge

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Push-up challenges have become all the rage in the last few years with people trying to push themselves as far as they can go. You might start at 10 but then push yourself more and more to the point where you might end up reaching a target goal you've set yourself.

You Could Save Some Money

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One of the big positives about doing push-ups is that you don't have to have any special equipment or clothing to workout. Realistically, you could get out of bed and straight in to the plank position! You don't have to pay any gym subscriptions so it's a great no loss alternative to the gym.

You Might Lose A Sense Of Challenge Too

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One of the risks of doing the same exercise everyday is that eventually you might become too well conditioned for it. Essentially if you remained doing 10 push-ups a day it would no longer be a struggle for you; this is why it is best to start increasing the amount you can do.

You Might Plateau

Plateauing is never a good thing in any form of work, you never want to get to the point where you can no longer improve. Essentially, when you first start working out you get a lot of benefits, but when you start to plateau its a sign that your workout is no longer offering you these same benefits.

You Could Trigger An Injury

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This happens especially in scenarios where you don't have the correct form in your push-ups. Typical problems come in the form of lower back or shoulder pain as you might be causing too much stress on these parts of your body. There are plenty of tutorials online, give them a watch if your workout hurts too much.

You Could Bring Back An Old Injury

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Push-ups can work on a wide range of parts on the body, so if you have had any prior injuries you might want to reconsider your workout routine. A lot of issues have arisen where people have re-triggered a former injury like weak wrists or ankles that have worsened again after push-ups.

Your Cardio Might Improve

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Although push-ups are known for improving the upper body and the core body, they can also double up as a cardio builder. Everyone's level is different but just 10 push-ups as part of your workout can be enough to get your heart pumping faster; if you feel out of breath its probably a good thing!

Your Heart Health Can Get Better

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This doesn't mean that if you can do push-ups you won't get any heart problems, but studies have shown that they can actually help a little. One particular study found that people that were able to do more than 30 pushups in 30 seconds were at lower risk of cardiovascular problems than those that couldn't.

Your Bones Could Get Stronger

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We know push-ups as a muscle builder, and now a heart helper, but they are actually great for the health of your bones as well! As they are a weight-bearing exercise a lot of the support you need comes from the bones, this means that they can grow stronger and slow the bone loss that comes with older age.

Your Posture Might Improve

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If you looked at the average posture of young adults between now and 50 years ago you'd probably find the current generation have the worst. Thanks to the development of TV and gaming tech we spend a lot of time hunched. But push-ups can counteract the hallmarks of poor posture and hunched shoulders.

You Might Feel Tired More Often

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Although doing push-ups every day might make us feel great about ourselves, they can cause you some problems. Some physicians believe that daily push-ups aren't always a good idea as the frequency means your body likely won't have time to give your body the opportunity to rest and relax.

You Could Tear A Muscle

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I suppose this is a specific injury but it's one that has to be noted. When you're doing push-ups every day, your muscles are being exposed to resistance which can cause some micro-tears. These will fix themselves but they NEED rest days to repair your muscle fibers.

You Could Damage Your Spine

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This sounds quite horrifying when you think about it, but if your form is incorrect and you collapse your lower back then you might damage your spine. Essentially, you can irritate your spine and your lower back musculature which can lead to anything from minor to severe back pains.

You'll Need More Than Push-Ups To Get Stronger

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Although push-ups are great in building up our core and upper body muscles they aren't enough alone to give you everything you need in order to remain strong and fit. It would be suggested that you should incorporate some additional exercises (especially lower body) to widen the scope

Your Sleep Routine Might Get Worse

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If you decide to do your push-ups later on in the day then you might regret it when it comes to trying to get to sleep! When you work out your body releases chemicals including a stimulant that increases your alertness which isn't great for you attempting to go to sleep at night.

You'll Feel Better As You Grow Older

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Push-ups, as we have discussed, are great for maintaining or improving your upper body and core strength. Studies have shown that the older generation, if maintaining their strength, can reduce the risk of falls and ultimately allow themselves to remain more independent as they age.

Your Metabolism Could Be Boosted

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If you're starting to workout in order to lose weight then push-ups can be a great way to improve your metabolism. One study even showed that just 10 weeks of training could increase you resting metabolic rate and it could also assist you in the loss of your body fat. Just what you're looking for!

You'll Quite Simply Look Better

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I know working out isn't really meant to be for cosmetic gains, but you can't deny that a daily workout will make you look better. Not only will you see the improvements, but other people around you will be able to notice this difference to. Plus you'll be able to get that insta pic to show off!

You Might Feel Better Mentally

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Not only will you look better and more appealing (to some), but working out daily will do you wonders for your mental health! Working out has been widely recognised as a natural serotonin boost and this could only lead to you feeling better in general in the long run. Just 10 push-ups a day will help!

You'll Feel More Motivated

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Motivation can be hard to come by, especially for those of us who don't enjoy our jobs; we have definitely all been there at one point or another. But your motivation will be heightened by the prospect of completing a workout or knowing that at the end of the shift you're going to get this boost.

You'll Feel Less Stress

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If you have your push-up form down to a tee, then you're likely to notice that the stress and tension in your body will be relieved. You will also feel a sense of greater mental focus following this stress being alleviated. We all want a way to reduce our stress levels and this could be your route.

Your Boobs Could Raise

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One fear a lot of woman have when as they grow older is that they don't want their boobs to sag or drop, But recent studies have shown a belief that push-ups can actually raise your breasts. This shouldn't be confused with the myth that your breasts can increase in size which is false!

You Could Damage Your Elbows

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Greater speeds within your push-ups can cause a risk to the health of your elbows. This incorporates the joints, ligaments and tissues surrounding the elbow and any injury will slow your progress. Maybe stick to a calmer and more collected rate of push-ups to lower your injury risk.

You Could Develop A Muscle Imbalance

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This is another possible consequence of you not using the correct form in your push-ups. Unfortunately, you might be challenging some muscles more than others which can make you look bigger in some areas. You can mitigate this by trying some of the other variations of a push-up.

You Might Get Bored

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This seems a little superficial, but if you only do push-ups every day for a year you might begin to lose some motivation and enjoyment within your workout routines. You might have to start looking at incorporating some additional exercises in to your workout to keep your mind engaged.

You'll Feel Stronger

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Overall, if you're doing push ups every single day for that length of time, you're going to feel stronger - both mentally and physically. Physically because of the obvious muscle build and core training, but also mentally you'll know you're prepared to face things with strong arms and not be weak!

You'll Be Able To Carry Those Grocery Bags More Easily

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Carrying 50 grocery bags from the car is often a challenge, especially for people who like to stock up on bulk buying gallons of milk. But you won't have to worry about those bags anymore - you'll likely find it much easier to carry them into the house after regularly doing push ups!

And You'll Find It Easier To Pick Things Up In General

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And of course it doesn't just apply to grocery bags - you're going to feel a lot better, and a lot more capable, about picking things up in general. Which is great news if you have a job that has a lot of heavy lifting involved, like a warehouse job. You're going to feel more confident about your lifting abilities!

Your Breasts Might Feel Fuller

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Because push ups are targeting the muscles of your chest, shoulders and arms, so many push ups for this length of time are likely going to make your boobs have that 'fullness' feeling more than usual - they might even be sore in the early days until you get used to doing push ups every day!

Buff Bodies On Women Could Appear More 'Feminine'

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That isn't to say that you won't still be a buff woman with a six pack and huge arm muscles - it just means that you'll have what society considers a more 'shapely' figure at the same time. This can mean a smaller waist, firmer breasts and a more rounded shape overall.

Your Waist Will Look Trimmer

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You might not have thought that push ups would particularly target the area and fat around your waist, but if you do push ups for this length of time, it's likely for the fat to be trimmed because you're strengthening your core muscles in the stomach to help with the push ups!

Every Push Up Will Be A Little Easier To Do

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We all know how hard it is on day one of any new exercise - and especially strength training. You might not have been able to do more than one push up on day one, but needless to say, every push up you do will become easier and easier if you're doing it every day.

You'll Be Drinking More Water

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With more exercise comes more thirst, so you'll definitely be drinking more water if you're pushing up every day! Your overall intake across the year won't just be increased, but you'll likely be meeting your day to day quota for water drinking when you've done your push up workout.

It'll Feel Less Taxing The More You Do Them

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Push ups every day can be very taxing on your body - and your mind. It can feel like a mental test to think 'just one more!' while your arms are wobbling and your muscles are shaking. But the push ups will become less and less taxing on your mind and body with every day that passes.

You'll Feel Like You've Made A Big Accomplishment

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Exercises like push ups, where you can count how many you're doing and see the results, are great for feeling accomplished, compared to something like taking a walk outside - because it's much easier to measure. When you're counting push ups and realize you can do more today than you could a week ago, that's a huge personal accomplishment, and goal met!

You'll probably be more consistent with other fitness goals, too

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Because you'll feel so accomplished about all the push ups you're doing, it'll likely make you more motivated with other fitness goals, too. You'll be more likely to stick to a diet if you're trying to lose weight as well, more likely to go to the gym or to keep up with other forms of exercise!

Or even any goal in your life!

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This mentality also applies to any goal you set yourself in your every day life. You're more likely to stop procrastinating and putting things off, because you've seen what you can do when you put your mind to something - and seen the results! So now is the best time to set those big goals!

Your abdominal muscles will be more defined

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If you're looking to work on those core muscles and have a visible six pack, then push ups will help you to do that (though you will need to do some other strength training and abdomen exercises too, as push ups won't do all the work). So you should be very happy with your six pack at the end of the year!

Your general endurance will improve

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Endurance is the next battle in a work out, because it can often take enough energy just to get up and say that you're going to have an hour's workout - but then it's the endurance through the pain and the muscles aching, especially with push ups when it's repetitive and painful at first.

You'll become more mindful of your overall wellbeing

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Doing a consistent daily exercise like push ups for such a long time as 12 months can really make you realize how much better you feel, and how it's made a difference in your overall health and posture. This can serve as a reminder of how you need to take good care of yourself and maybe how bad you felt before.

You'll sleep better!

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Any sort of exercise is going to make you feel tired and sleepy because you've had a good, fulfilling workout - your muscles will also be more tired with the push ups, so it's likely when you climb into bed, you'll be grateful and you'll be out like a light! See the difference it'll make!

You'll likely feel more positive

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When you're focusing more on your health and wellbeing - as well as seeing the huge physical differences with doing push ups every day - you're likely going to feel better about yourself, more confident and more optimistic about what you can achieve in your every day life.

Better sense of discipline with daily tasks

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Doing push ups every single day for a year is something that takes self discipline, and sometimes it can feel like a huge struggle. But because you know you can discipline yourself for fitness goals, it's likely you'll also feel more discipline in every other area of your life!

But you'll feel pressured to do push ups every single day

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A year is a long time, after all - what about that lazy Sunday, or that two week vacation you have booked where you think you'd like one - just one - day off from doing push ups! You're going to be carrying around that pressure and knowledge that you have to do push ups every single day, no matter what else is going on!

You'll feel overworked

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Working out every day - on top of your every day job and lifestyle responsibilities - is likely going to risk in you feeling overworked and burning out. You can feel overworked with exercise, though it might not be an obvious thing people think about. At the end of the day, you're pushing yourself into it and it can backfire!