This Is What Foods Are Stored On Submarines

By Aaron Love 10 months ago

Bottles Of Water

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You'd think that workers on a submarine might be a little sick of seeing all that water through their windows whilst under the surface of the ocean, but we all know that water is pretty much an essential in making sure that we can all remain healthy. It's no different for the submarine workers, and bottles of water are the most common things for workers to digest.


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There's a load of us (including me) who struggle to start their days properly without that hit of caffeine we get from an early morning coffee. It turns out that nothing changes when working on a submarine as there is often a coffee brewer on board. Coffee beans being dried makes them perfect for spending (potentially) months under the water.


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If you aren't the sort of person that likes to wake up with a strong cup filled to the brim with caffeine then you might prefer a glass of OJ in the morning instead! Fortunately, this is another drink that's available on a submarine with many actually having a juice presser! You'll have to make the most of the first two weeks though because after that your fresh food won't be too fresh anymore.


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You don't have to worry about steering clear of your favourite foods if you're submerged under the surface of the ocean you know! In some cases (even within the military) they like to enjoy a pizza night! The dough can be made fresh (if they have the capabilities and everything else can be provided in tins and cans. I doubt it'd be Michelin quality though!

Prime Rib

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From most people's comfort food to something we might only have on rare occasions (often when were out at a fancy restaurant). Crazily, members of the US Navy actually eat a lot of high quality food (its regarded as the best military dining experience you can get!). Can you imagine tucking in to a plate full of some of the best meat cuts whilst in a cold metal cylinder?

Baked Potatoes

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Okay, so this one isn't quite as fancy or boujee as being served up a prime rib, but I'm sure we all don't mind a baked potato every now and then. Fortunately, even though you can store fresh food for around 2 weeks on a submarine there is numerous frozen baked potatoes available on the market now. It'd definitely warm you up, that's for sure!

Tinned Potatoes

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These look a whole load less appealing than those hot, delicious baked potatoes don't they? But unfortunately, if the budget and time doesn't allow for fresh veg to be made available on a submarine this might be the best option you have in terms of potatoes. I don't know how you serve these in a particularly appealing way either, do you?

Fresh Bread

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Not only can fresh pizza dough be provided whilst within a submarine, Navy submarine chefs have even been known be able to bake baskets full of fresh bread for the Navy personnel to enjoy. I can imagine getting out of bed in the cold submarine feels a whole lot better when you get that unbelievable smell of fresh bread wafting through the corridors.

Lobster Tails

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Another food that the US Navy personnel are often treated to whilst working on the submarines is the pretty boujee lobster tails. Again, many of us choose to avoid cooking these ourselves and order them when we're out. They're treated well aren't they? Something about eating seafood whilst under the sea seems a little odd though doesn't it?

Homemade Sausages

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Sausages are something that can be enjoyed during pretty much any meal of the day from breakfast through to your dinner. And back with the US Navy again, they are often treated to homemade sausages with fresh ingredients! They can then be frozen within the frozen food storage on the sub and used again at a later date! Sausages for breakfast or later in the day though?


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So over here in the US alcohol is completely prohibited on Navy submarines (which seems about right, no?) but the British Navy aren't kept away from the booze! Obviously, cans and bottles could be taken on realistically if you have a submarine for leisure (who does that!?) but the British Navy can actually enjoy Ale straight from the tap!

A LOT Of Flour

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If you're wondering about how the US Navy are able to keep baking fresh bread and make fresh dough whilst under the surface of the ocean, it probably has something to do with the insane amount of flour they use! On an average deployment they store nearly 10,000 pounds of flour on board! That's more than I've probably used in my whole life!


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Not only is flour important in the baking side of a US Navy submarine, but they also use a ton of eggs in order to provide for the personnel. Eggs are obviously a very flexible food option as they can be used in order to help make something else, or they can be great as an option for breakfasts and other meals too! Eggs on eggs for me please!

Fresh Milk

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For the first two or so weeks of a submarine deployment, people on board will be able to enjoy some fresh milk whilst on board. Some people might enjoy some milk in their teas and coffees, others in their cereals and then you get THOSE people who choose to drink glass upon glass of the stuff. I'd definitely miss it after the first two weeks though!


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Yep, I just mentioned fresh milk can be used whilst on board a submarine and nothing goes with fresh milk better than a bowl of cereal! Pretty much all cereals are suitable for submarine usage and many people prefer a bowl of cereal over a heavy breakfast full of protein! I can't imagine they'll be providing cinnamon toast crunch on the Navy subs though!

Fruit Cocktail

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After the first two weeks of a deployment are up, fresh fruit and veg begins to go off and you'll be left without this as an option. This is when tinned foods become even more important. In order to ensure the people on board get their supply of 5 a day they'll be able to turn to tinned fruits and veg of all varieties. Not as good as the fresh stuff, yes, but it'll do!


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Oatmeal has always been quite a love it or hate it breakfast meal, but one thing always remains in place and that's that it will always fill you up for hours! It's great as a food to be stored on a submarine as it isn't going to go off and can be easily made. Probably not as fancy as a navy breakfast (although they also use oatmeal) and you can add whatever you like to sweeten it!

Pasta And Rice

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Pasta and rice are staples to everyone's kitchens and that isn't any different when it comes to the food that gets stored on board submarines! This probably doesn't come as any surprise to you thanks to the sheer flexibility they offer when it comes to meals as well as the fact most pasta we can get our hands on is actually dried and safe from going off for a long time!


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Lobster isn't the only seafood that US Navy personnel are able to tuck in to whilst on the job, Salmon is another popular choice of dish too! This is a slightly more common item to find on a menu to lobster tails but under the hands of the well-trained chefs I'm sure it tastes great! What's your go to meal when it comes to cooking salmon at home?

Corned Beef

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I'm sure there's a whole group of you that love to tuck in to a tin of corned beef on the regular, but I'm also sure you'd probably prefer to eat the fresh stuff too! Unfortunately, most submarines don't have access to fresh food following a period of time and have to turn to canned meat like corned beef! Who doesn't love a corned beef hash though?

Maple Syrup

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Yep, our favourite condiment for pancakes and bacon is also commonly stored on board submarines too! Its one of the products that most people always seem to be stocked up on in our cupboards at home and it turns out that submarine personnel can't live without it when away from home. How do you like to use your syrup (in great quantity probably!?).

Candy Bars

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Nothing can keep a person away from a sweet candy bar when the craving for one arrives right? And that's candy bars like the ones above are often taken in bulk on submarine deployments. I can't imagine you'd want to be eating too many of them, but as a treat during your work I'm sure it'd be great! How do you choose what you'd want to take with you though?

Canned Beans

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You probably expected to see a load of canned foods within this list, and that's because you know that they are made in order to last for long periods of time. Some of you might not be fans of beans in any variety but you can't deny that they add much in the way of taste and texture to a meal whilst also being very filling at the same time.


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I suppose it makes sense that sugar is a popular commodity when travelling on a submarine when you consider the amount of flour and baking that seems to be done. Not only that, but some people enjoy a bit of sugar in their oatmeal or maybe even in their hot drinks too. They certainly don't miss out on their sweet foods during deployment do they.


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Condiments of all varieties are also kept aboard submarines, so I'm talking about ketchup, mayo and mustard (there are obviously so many others). If you love to dip your food, or maybe you're about to have an underwater burger then you don't have to worry about it being a little dry without the option of using any form of sauce. What's your favourite?

Fresh Veg And Salad

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For those initial 2 weeks on a submarine its quite important for all personnel to get a fair share of fresh veg as its typically better for you fresh than it is via a can or from frozen. It isn't uncommon to find salad bars just like the ones you'll see in local restaurants to you within your neighbourhood. Not quite a prime rib but probably more important (depending on who you ask).

Ground Beef

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Most Navy submarines have a wide range of frozen meats on board meaning that they are able to provide protein for longer periods of time than the initial 'healthy' period for fresh meat. I'm sure the great part about using ground beef is that you'll be able to conjure up a whole range of meals to suit different people. Underwater burgers anyone?


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It's not just ground beef that's often kept frozen on submarines but also a whole range of cuts of chicken. Most people tend to stick to the chicken breast as a result of its flexibility across meals and the amount of things you can do to it. Although that doesn't mean we don't love a good chicken thigh or, many people's favourite, wings. BBQ wings beneath the ocean seems like an experience!

Canned Ready Meals

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Not all submarines around the world have access to fresh food and top quality chefs like within the US Navy so it's also not uncommon to find a range of canned meals on board too. You'd be raging if you were heading in to a submarine expecting good food and being served a chilli or soup straight from a can wouldn't you? It could be much worse though, I'm sure!