Things Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Our nails are often viewed through the lens of beauty and grooming, but your nails can also serve as a window into your overall health? Beyond the realm of nail care and aesthetics, subtle changes in your nails can be indicative of various underlying health conditions.

Bitten Nails? You Might Be Suffering From Anxiety

Anxiety can be a major contributor to nail biting. If you bite your nails, try to be more aware of the times when you do so that you can recognise your trigger.The Psychology Behind Nail BitingImage Source/ News MedicalIf you want to fidget while you're stressed out without harming the health of your nails, you may alternatively spend money on a stress ball.Original content sourced from

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Can Sometimes Cause Nail Issues

There are many various underlying disorders that can cause clubbed nails.  According to a study, inflammatory bowel illness can also cause clubbing of the nails.Fingernail changes in IBS, Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease - Amy Burkhart, MD, RDImage Source/ The Celiac MDAnd so, if your nails are indeed beginning to resemble upside-down spoons, be sure to get checked out for both bowel as well as lung problems.

They Can Tell You ALOT About Dehydration

For healthy nails, hydration is crucial. Brittle nails that break easily are a sign of dehydration. Try to hydrate yourself properly by consuming at least eight glasses of water every day.Brittle Nails | The Woodruff InstituteImage Source/ The Woodruff InstituteYou may also make sure that your diet is full of foods that are high in water content, such as cucumber, celery, and even watermelon.

Your Nails Will Let You Know If You're Feeling Malnourished

Always be aware of pale nails. They may be a sign of malnutrition as well as more severe problems such as congestive heart failure and liver illness.Terry's Nails: Pictures, Causes, Treatment, Vs. Lindsay's NailsImage Source/ HealthlineYou should pay extra care to your nails if you are over 60 since elderly people are more likely to suffer from malnutrition, heart failure, and liver illness.

What Can Your Nails Tell You About Ageing?

Fingernails thicken and become more brittle as they age. A high-quality vitamin that contains zinc can really assist to keep your nails looking as fresh as you feel.How to Clean Fingernails: Senior CareImage Source/ Grinswold Home CareYou could try something like a dietary supplement with a blend of Omega 7 and Omega 9 as well as hyaluronic acid, B vitamins, and minerals.

Do You Have Eczema? Just Look At Your Nails

Pompholyx eczema is a kind of eczema that is distinguished by intense irritating water blisters affecting fingers, palms, and the soles of feet, according to the National Eczema Society.Eczema types: Dyshidrotic eczema signs and symptomsImage Source/ American Academy of DermatologyThis type of eczema can cause swelling of the skin around the nails as well as the folds of the nails, so it's easier to be able to spot it.

Dysfunctional Lungs Can Be Signalled By Clubbed Nails

Your nails might be the first place to look if you're concerned about a problem with your lungs. Clubbing of the nails happens when the fingers' tips grow and the nails curl downward.Assessment of clubbing - Differential diagnosis of symptoms | BMJ Best PracticeImage Sourcee/ BMJ Best PracticeThese signs may all point toward pulmonary illness according to doctors from York Hospital in Pennsylvania, with findings published in the American Family Physician journal.

Multicoloured Nails Might Mean You Have Dysfunctional Kidneys

You could have a kidney issue if your nails seem to be half red, pink, or brown. Half-and-half nails can be a sporadic but distinct clinical sign in chronic renal failure.Nail Disorders in Patients with Chronic Renal FailureImage Source/ ClinMed International LibraryThis disorder is characterised by 20 to 60 percent of the nail being red, pink, or brown [and] the remaining portion of the nail having a dull, white, ground-glass look, according to the experts.

Your Nails Can Let You Know If You Have A Skin Infection

Do your nail folds appear a bit too swollen and red? If they do, you might want to consider seeking medical attention for an infection.Paronychia - WikipediaImage Source/ WikipediaAccording to physician Garrity, a skin infection caused by bacteria, viruses, or yeast is the most frequent reason for nail fold irritation and it's super common.

Do Your Nails Show Signs Of Anaemia?

Because anaemic individuals do not have enough healthy red blood cells in their body, their tissues and organs do not receive the appropriate amount of oxygen.Covid nails' could be a sign of previous infection - the key symptoms to look for | Yorkshire Evening PostImage Source/ Yorkshire Evening PostExtremely pale nails are another sign of this illness, which also includes severe exhaustion. These may all suggest that you have the condition called anaemia.

Brittle Nails? It Could Mean A Dysfunctional Thyroid

Even though you may not enjoy looking at your dry, brittle nails, you shouldn't ignore them. Thyroid illness may be indicated by thick, dry, and brittle nails.From physical factors, iron deficiency in the thyroid: Weak nails as a symptom - Shendet i PergjithshemImage Source/ NailMDAnother sign is having noticeable ridges, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Therefore, be sure to rule out this major health condition first.

Diabetes Can Massively Affect Your Nails

Diabetes can result in a variety of nail-related issues over time. Nails that are yellow, thicker, and often weak, ridged, and brittle might result from the blood sugar problem.Type 2 diabetes symptoms: A slight blush at the bottom of your nails could be a sign | Source/ Daily ExpressAccording to dermatologist named Phoebe Rich, MD during a study for Dermatologic Therapy skin discoloration surrounding the nails, is frequently "an early symptom of diabetes."

What Do Athlete's Foot Nails Look Like?

In actuality, the term "athlete's foot" refers to both a fungal infection of the toenails and a foot fungus. The former is characterised by ragged, yellow toenails.How to Stamp Out Toenail and Foot Fungus | Everyday HealthImage Source/ Everyday HealthIt is most frequently developed after going barefoot in a public space, such as a locker room. So, anybody can get it at any time - but it's not dangerous.

Are Your Nails Showing Signs That You Suffer From A Liver Condition?

Hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other liver-related illnesses such as liver cirrhosis have all been linked to problems with fingernail health and it's one of the signs to look for.Terry's Nails: Symptoms, Causes & TreatmentImage Source/ Cleveland ClinicIn a 2010 study that was published in The Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, researchers looked at 100 patients with liver problems and 100 healthy volunteers.

Strong And Rapid Growing Nails? You Could Be Pregnant

According to an article written by The Nemours Foundation, the development rate of nails is accelerated during pregnancy so that they may grow much faster.Fingernails loving pregnancy! - February 2015 - BabyCenter AustraliaImage Source/ BabyCenter AustraliaThat's because the additional hormones that are circulating through your veins and body during pregnancy affect the thickness, health as well as the length of your nails.

Look Out For These Nail-related Symptoms Of Skin Cancer

Unexpectedly, melanoma can develop under your nails. This particular kind of skin cancer frequently presents a symptom of a brown or black band in the nail.Melanonychia: What Is It, Causes, and MoreImage Source/ HealthlineIt's generally on the thumb or big toe of one's dominant hand according to the AAD. Always keep an eye out for this kind of discolouration.

An Under-the-nail Mole Might Be A Melanoma

While dark spots under the nails can be a sign of cancerous melanomas, they can also just be benign moles so it's not a clear symptom, but important to notice.Is That Blood Under My Nail or Is It Melanoma?Image Source/ EmpowHERWhile there's definitely no reason for you to be worried about them, be sure to get them checked out if they are concerning you too much.

Heart Problems Can Cause Your Nails To Go Blue

Get your ticker checked out if your nails are blue and it isn't because you chose a risky polish colour. Blue nails are usually a sign that something is up!Blue fingernails - The symptom unpackedImage Source/ MyMed.comBlue nails can be an indication of cardiac troubles, as well as lung problems, bacterial infections, and Wilson's disease (a rare disorder that causes copper to build up in your organs).

Psoriasis Can Cause Discolouration To The Nail

Despite the fact that psoriasis is a skin disorder, your fingernail health might occasionally reveal whether you have it. The AAD states that some psoriasis sufferers develop nail psoriasisNail psoriasis: Definition, treatment, and home remediesImage Source/ Medical News TodayThis can causes little dents in the texture of the nails as well as making them appear white, yellow, or brown due to nail discolouration.

These Nail-related Changes Might Signal Raynaud's

According to studies and research by the Mayo Clinic, Beau's lines, or indentations that run across the nails are possible signs of something called Raynaud's syndrome.Raynaud's disease and syndrome - PiedReseauImage Source/ Podiatrist, foot orthotic and surgeryIt's a disorder in which the blood circulation to the extremities is restricted in response to stress or cold. Maybe seek a doctor's advice if you are experiencing this symptom.

Are Your Nails Yellow? You Might Just Be Smoking Too Much

One of the most obvious indicators that you smoke or once smoked is yellow-stained nails.. The nicotine and tar in cigarettes stain the surrounding nail bed in addition the nail itself.Tobacco-stained fingers: a clue for smoking-related disease or harmful alcohol use? A case–control study | BMJ OpenImage Source/ BMJ OpenSmoking can also give fingernails a yellow tint by preventing oxygen from reaching them. To reverse the yellow, cut down or give up on smoking.

Feeling Exhausted? Ask Your Nails

Weak nails can be an indication that you suffer from a lack of sleep.  Exhaustion can make your nails very dull. If you are aware that you are not sleeping properly, attempt to understand whySigns You Have Healthy NailsImage Source/ InsiderAre you worried about anything? Do you overindulge in caffeine? Is work stressing you out? Try to figure out the root cause of the anxiety.

Frequent Manicures Might Just Damage Your Nails

Ironically, the condition of your nails may indicate that you visit the manicure salon too frequently because frequent visits might expose your nails to excessive amounts of water or chemicals.Things That Are Bad for Your NailsImage Source/ InsiderChemicals such as acetone, for example, could be a cause. Try to avoid this by giving your nails a vacation from polish in between manicures.

An Inflamed Nail Could Be Fighting An Infection

Your body may be beginning to battle an infection if your nails don't appear as strong and healthy as normal. Your body may cease feeding your nails if you are about to have a cold.Paronychia Types and CausesImage Source/ News MedicalThis is because it is more vital to conserve energy for fighting the illness, so your body concentrates on making you better. But your nails may suffer!

A Cardiovascular Disease Can Cause Haemorrhages In The Nail

Splinter haemorrhages, which appear as tiny red or brownish-red lines beneath the nails, may be an indication of vasculitis or an infection of the heart valves.Six warning signs of cholesterol and heart disease you can see on your skin - Glasgow LiveImage Source/ Glasgow LiveThey may appear to look like small splinters, but they are actually blood vessels. If you have these you might want to get them checked out.

Are You Stress Biting?

Like fidgeting and thumb sucking, nail-biting is a nervous behaviour that people engage in when they're stressed. Even though it won't result in lasting harm, it increases your risk of developing infectionsDo you bite your nails? It tells THIS shocking thing about your personality - Times of IndiaImage Source/ Times of IndiaThese can occur in either your mouth or your fingers. Try stress-management techniques and physical obstacles like bitter-tasting nail polish to aid in quitting.

Injury Can Cause Stress To The Nail Bed

Small, white patches (leukonychia), which are innocuous and grow out as the nail develops, can be brought on by minor stress to the nail bed. Eventually, you'll need to cut off the damaged portion of the nail.Nailbed Injuries and Repair in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, and Phoenix | Gerald L. Yospur, M.D.Image Source/ Dr YospurDark streaks or stains on the nail or beneath the nail, nail detachment (onycholysis), and splinter haemorrhages can all be signs of a more serious damage to the nail bed.

Signs Your Nails Will Show You That Point To Arthritis

In general, arthritis is seen as an achy-joint condition that primarily affects the elderly. Osteoarthritis is a relatively typical condition which is something to look out for.

Psoriatic Arthritis Nail Damage: A Guide | Everyday Health

Image Source/ Everyday HealthHowever, according to the Arthritis Foundation, there are really more than 100 illnesses that fall under the category of arthritis. The different kinds can cause weak, yellow, or puffy nails.

Reddish Spots Could Mean A Vitamin C Deficiency

If you're lacking vitamin C from your diet, you might notice small, reddish-brown spots embedded in your nails. These show a deficiency of the important vitamin.Effects Of Nutrient Deficiency On The Nails: What Do They Indicate About Your Health?Image Source/ StylcrazeTo increase your vitamin C intake you can eat vegetables like broccoli, bell peppers, and spinach. The spots can also be a sign of folic acid build up too.

Stripes And A Rash Could Mean Darier Disease

Darier disease is a rare hereditary condition that usually affects adolescents and creates a skin rash. It appears as wide, white or reddish stripes that extend from the cuticle to the tip of the fingernail or toenail.An Atlas of Nail Disorders, Part 11 | Consultant360Image Source/ Consultant 360According to Dr. Poblete-Lopez, this ailment can also be indicated by another symptom; a kind of V-shaped nick which occurs close to the fingertip on your nail.

White Marks Could Be A Sign Of Calcium Deficiency

One thing that many people have heard of is that those little white spots on nails (that could be on just one nail, a few or all of them) could indicate that you need to drink more milk!Image Source / WikipediaIt's believed that these white spots could be signs of a calcium deficiency and that your body is lacking something which you may not be getting sufficiently through your diet.

You Might Have An Allergy

Those little white marks that can appear on your nails aren't always the case of calcium deficiency, as many people believe, though. Those white marks may have appeared as a result of an allergic reaction.Image Source / InsiderPerhaps you've had a reaction to nail polish, or other nail products you're using. It could be a whole host of things that you should try to work out!

You Could Be Anemic

When you're anemic, you don't have enough red blood cells promoting good health, so this means that the organs and tissue in your body aren't receiving a healthy supply of oxygen.Image Source / WebMDOne of the symptoms of this condition can be very pale nails. In the context of anemia, the reduced oxygen supply to tissues may affect the appearance of the nails, making them paler than usual.

Hepatitis Could Be Indicated By Dark Rims

It's essential to recognize that various conditions can cause changes in nail color and appearance.. If you have very white nails which have a dark rim then this can suggest hepatitis.Image Source / HealthlineThe white nails with dark rims may even be coupled with other symptoms of further liver problems, such as the area around the nail being jaundiced.

Emphysema Could Be Indicated By Blue Nails

Emphysema is a lung problem that results in shortness of breath. If your nails have a blue tint to them, this suggests your body isn't getting enough oxygen.Image Source / WebMDThis lack of oxygen can manifest as a bluish tint in the nails or other areas. This could be emphysema or even other lung problems. Blue nails can indicate a heart problem as well.

Could Rippled Nails Be An Early Sign Of Psoriasis?

An early sign of psoriasis, which is a skin condition with dry, flaky and scale-like skin, could be when the surface of your nail is rippled, or even pitted.Image Source / WebMDThe same nail condition could also be an indication of something called inflammatory arthritis. The skin under the nail may also look red-brown in color.

A Puffy Nail Fold Might Be Chronic Paronychia

Prolonged exposure to irritants such as detergents, chemicals, or water can disrupt the natural protective barrier of the skin and contribute to chronic paronychia.Image Source / WebMDChronic paronychia can result in inflammation and redness of skin folds, which includes the skin around the nail. Symptoms also include a tenderness and swelling of the skin folds and nail tissue.

What Causes Dark Lines Under The Nail?

Dark lines underneath your nail, or nail discolouration, is also known as melanonychia. This condition is caused by melanin, which is a pigment in the body.Image Source / WebMDThere can be many possible causes of this type of nail discolouration, which include injury or even skin cancer. The reasons vary drastically, so get it checked out!

OCD Could Be Making You Gnaw Your Nails

We've already mentioned that biting and chewing on your nails can be a sign of anxiety, but did you know it could also be a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder?Image Source / WebMDIf you're constantly biting or picking your nails, it could be a compulsion and it's worth mentioning to your doctor if you can't seem to stop doing it.

Soft Nails Due To Too Much Moisture

If your nails are constantly exposed to too much moisture, they will swell up, and then they will shrink again when the moisture dries out.Image Source / WebMDSo if your hands are in and out of water constantly, like doing the dishes or if you wash your hands a lot, your nails may dry out and become very soft or peel.

Thin And Breakable Nails Due To Age

This is just one of those things that can happen as a result of aging. If you're finding that your toenails are getting more thick and hard, it could be a sign.Image Source / WebMDBut, while your fingernails are breaking very easily and becoming thin, it might be more to do with your age rather than a health issue if you're an older person.

Lack Of Nutrients Causing Brittle Nails

Brittle nails can be indicative of nutritional deficiencies. If you're not getting enough vitamins and minerals, this can be reflected in your nails if they're very brittle.Image Source / WebMDIt's very rare for nails to reveal when you're lacking vitamins and minerals, though, but it can happen so it's well worth watching out for.

Very Weak Nails - Could You Be Lacking This B Vitamin?

If you have very weak nails and would like to thicken and strengthen your nails, there's a B vitamin that could actually help you to strengthen your nails.Image Source / WebMDSome small studies have revealed that a dose of the vitamin biotin, taken daily, can help the condition of weak nails (but of course, check with your doctor before trying anything new!).

Damaged Nails - Too Much Acrylic?

If you're suffering from damaged and brittle nails, it may not be a health condition, but may actually be a sign you've put in too much overtime with the artificial nails.Image Source / WebMDIf you're a fan of acrylic nails, the glue can cause damage to your nails over time, leaving them easy to break. It's good to have a break from them when you can!

Have You Had Your Protein Today?

Weak nails could be a sign that you're lacking keratin in your diet. Keratin is a protein which helps your nails (as well as your hair) be as strong as possible!Image Source / WebMDSo if you have weak nails, you may need to give your protein intake a boost per day. You can do this through a variety of ways, including eating beans and seeds.

Splitting Nails? Why Not Try Clear Polish

If your nails are prone to splitting and chipping, it may also be to do with the polish you're using alongside any potential health conditions.Image Source / WebMDIf you use clear nail polish with nylon fibers, it can help to keep your nails strong and protect them. It adds another layer, which serves as protection.

Weak Nails: Stop Using Them To Open Things!

If you have any health conditions which cause weak nails, then using your nails as a tool is only going to take more strength out of them.Image Source / WebMDIf you're constantly using your nails to pry open containers, pick at soda cans or pull on things, it will only make your weak nails worse.

Peeling Nails May Indicate Iron Deficiency

There are a lot of things that can cause peeling nails, including outside factors, but one thing that could be an internal health problem is iron deficiency.Image Source / Prevention.comIf you suspect this, you could try to add foods rich in iron to your diet and see if your nail health improves. Or, consult a healthcare professional!

Could Depression Be Resulting In No Half Moons?

All nails should have that sort of half moon outline at the base of them, above the cuticle. If it's not visible, it could still be there but just hidden under the skin, and isn't anything to worry about.Image Source / The Green Life - WordPress.comHealth wise, it could also be a sign of depression, malnutrition or also anemia. (If you've also always had half moons for them to suddenly disappear, you should speak to a healthcare professional).

Many Nail Abnormalities Don't Mean Serious Health Concerns

There can be many reasons for nails changing in appearance and strength, and although a lot of these can be symptoms of serious health conditions, it can also be something and nothing.Image Source / InsiderYou may also get symptoms of a health condition, like white spots, but not have the condition itself. It's always worth checking with your doctor if you're unsure.

Signs Of Fungal Infection With Changes Of Color

Check whether your nails have changed color or looking particular discolored, like yellow or darker than they usually are (and you haven't been staining your fingers with bright cooking ingredients!).Image Source / RedditIt could be a sign that you have a fungal infection that needs treating. Or, even an underlying health condition causing your nails to change color.

Your Nails Are Splitting: It Could Be A Deficiency

If you're constantly struggling with splitting nails, it could be a sign you have a nutrient, protein or vitamin deficiency where you're not getting everything you need in your diet.Image Source / RedditWhether that's a split straight down the middle or those annoying corner splits where it starts to peel away from the end of the nail, it could be a sign.

Thickened Nails Might Be A Sign Of A Skin Condition

If you have nails that have thickened - and they might have thickened alongside also curving, or curving inward - this could be a sign of a skin condition, like psoriasis or eczema.Image Source / RedditThere's also a chance that thickened nails could be an indication of fungal infection. Seeking medical advice can help diagnose and address the underlying issue.

White Marks? You Might Have A Zinc Deficiency

There's always a reason for white marks on your nails - these could appear as white spots, streaks, lines or other marks. And if you're noticing these on your nails, it could be a sign that you have a zinc deficiency.Image Source / RedditIt could also be a sign of many other different health conditions, so it is always worth getting it looked into by a healthcare professional!

Horizontal Ridges Might Mean Malnutrition

If you're finding ridges and grooves in one or more of your nails, in a horizontal position across them, then it could be a sign of malnutrition.Image Source / RedditSo, you might want to take another look at your diet plan. There are a couple of other reasons, too, including general aging or even a chronic medical condition.

Vertical Ridges Could Mean A Liver Disorder

Alternatively, if you're finding ridges or grooves in your nails which are going in a vertical direction down the nail instead of across, it might be a symptom of a liver disorder.Image Source / RedditIt could also be caused by a number of other underlying health conditions. So, it's important to note that nail changes alone may not provide a conclusive diagnosis.

Abnormally Curved Nails Could Relate To Your Lungs

If your nails just look like they're curving in a weird way, or if they're specifically curving outward, this could be a sign of lung problems - specifically, lung disease risksImage Source / RedditIt could relate to general respiratory problems if you have curved nails like that, which could be something serious, or a problem that needs to be urgently addressed.

Peeling Nails May Be Caused By A Fungal Infection

There are a lot of symptoms when it comes to a fungal infection, which is why it helps to know what to watch out for! One of the signs of a fungal infection can actually be if your nails are peeling.Image Source / RedditEven if they otherwise look nice and healthy. You might find your nails are peeling away all the time and you may not understand the reason as to why!

Nails Curving Inward? You Might Want To Check For Anemia

If you have curving nails but have noticed that they're curving inward instead of outward, this could actually be in relation to your iron levels - or rather, lack of them.Image Source / RedditIf you do have an iron deficiency, or a condition called anemia, it could show in your nails by curving them and creating an unusual feel and appearance.

Unusually Thick Nails Might Be A Hormone Imbalance

Did you know that your nail condition can also relate to your hormone levels? If your hormones are imbalanced, it could show through your nails by making them particularly thick or even discoloring them.Image Source / RedditThick or discolored nails can also be a sign of other medical conditions. However, it's essential to recognize that nail changes can result from a variety of factors.

And Now... What Your Palms Say About You! Heart Line Starting Under Index Fingers: You're Happy In Love

In palmistry, your heart line represents all thinks about love, lust, attraction and anything relating to the emotions of the heart. The line can be found at the top of the palm.Image Source / RedditIf your heart line begins underneath your index finger, then it could possibly suggest that you're satisfied with all things to do with the heart.

Your Heart Line Starts Under Middle Finger: You Might Be Selfish In Love

If your heart line starts under your middle finger instead of the index finger, it can be a suggestion that you're actually quite selfish when it comes to love.Image Source / RedditThis might be because in matters of the heart you prefer to stay single and be selfish with your time, or it might be that you struggle to give emotionally to others.

Your Heart Line Starts Between Index And Middle Finger: You Fall In Love Easily

If you find that your heartline is starting somewhere between the index and middle finger, this might mean that you're more open when it comes to your emotions and love.Image Source / RedditAnd, specifically, you might fall for people very easily. You might be someone who loves openly, and loves many people. You may wear your heart on your sleeve.

You Have A Curvy Head Line: You're Spontaneous

Your head line is all to do with matters of the mind rather than the heart, and it can be a good indicator of how you're brain is working. This might relate to intelligence and creative thinking.Image Source / RedditThe head line can be found underneath the heart line. If you have a curvey head line, you might have a spontaneous and creative personality.

Your Head Line Is Straight: You Like Structure

It makes sense that someone with a rigidly straight head line on their hand would also be rigid when it comes to their schedule - doesn't it!Image Source / RedditIf you have a straight head line, it's more likely that you enjoy structure in your day to day life, as well as a more practical attitude towards things.

Your Head Line Is Short: You Have Trouble Focusing

If your head line is short, this may also relate to the length of your attention span. It may suggest that you have trouble focusing and staying still for a long period of time.Image Source / RedditThis means you're more likely to seek physical activity, like getting out for a walk instead of sitting in the house. Your attention span isn't the greatest.

Your Life Life Is Close To Your Thumb: You Might Not Have A Lot Of Energy

Your life line isn't actually related to the length of your life, as many people believe, but actually relates to your condition of life, such as your wellbeing or general nature.Image Source / RedditYour life line is at the edge of your palm, moving down towards your wrist. If this particular line is very close to your thumb, it could indicate that you're a huge fan of naps to get your energy back!

Your Life Line Curves In A Wide Arc: You've Loads Of Energy!

Alternatively, if your life line is arching outwards in a huge semi circle away from your thumb rather than being close to it, this can indicate the opposite.

Image Source / RedditThis means that you usually have bags of energy and no need for naps, because you prioritise your sleep and usually feel well-rested on a day to day basis!

There's A Break In Your Life Line: Change Is Coming

No matter whether your life line is in a wide arc or very close to your thumb, if there's a break in the line anywhere along it, it could indicate that change is on the horizon.Image Source / RedditThis doesn't have to be a bad thing, or even a big thing - it might just be a change in routine, lifestyle or even a physical change, like relocation or new job.

You Have Earth Hand Shape: You're Grounded

Your hand shape comes into four categories based on the natural elements, and your hand shape can say a lot about you, too. Earth hands come with short fingers.Image Source / RedditThey also have a more square hand shape. If this is you, you might be more grounded, as well as enjoying a more stable routine or lifestyle.

You Have Air Hand Shape: You're A Great Communicator

The air hand shape sees a palm that's either square or rectangular, with longer fingers. Your thumbs will also be set low on the palm of your hand.Image Source / RedditIf this is you, you're more likely to be a great communicator. You are very intelligent and you have a way with words. You're essentially just a very smart cookie!

You Have Water Hand Shape: You Have A Great Imagination

Water hands see very long and slender fingers, with a shorter palm that's more oval or circle shaped rather than square or rectangular. Your fingers might also be flexible (such as great piano players!).

Image Source / RedditIf this sounds like you, then you're likely to be - surprise surprise - more flexible! You'll also be an easy-going person fuelled by imagination and creativity.

You Have Fire Hand Shape: You're Full Of Passion

Fire hands are categorized by a sharper palm shape, like a square or rectangle, paired with short fingers. These people will be very passionate about their life and endeavours.Image Source / RedditAnd this passion can also make them very natural born leaders, as well as being passionate and ambitious when they are in a career setting!

Your Fate Line: More Curved Means More Flexible

Your fate line, which is also known as your line of stability, is the line which runs through the middle of your palm, starting at the bottom and coming up towards your middle finger.Image Source / RedditThis line is more about your attitude towards your life, and the more curved it is, the more flexible and easy going a person you probably are!

Deeper Lines Mean A Deeper Person

With lines on your palm, it's not just about the length and shape - it is also about how deeply they're carved in the skin on your hand.Image Source / RedditSo if your lines run more deep and obvious, this can reflect your personality, too. A deeper heart line, for example, means you're a deeper and less shallow person when it comes to love and relationships.

Long Index Finger: You're An Authority Figure

Your fingers can also say a lot about you and your personality, and palmistry isn't just about studying the palm, but the hands as a whole!Image Source / Bright SideSo if you've got a particularly long index finger - longer than any of your other fingers - it could suggest that you are an authority figure.

Short Index Finger: You Might Get Jealous Easily

If you have a shorter index finger rather than a long one, it might give a little insight into how you are in love and relationships. You might be someone who has a 'short' fuse when it comes to jealousy.Image Source / RedditAnd so, it's likely you get jealous about things easily which can be very difficult in a relationship. Despite this, you're very open when it comes to love!

Long Middle Finger: You Can Be Quite Lucky

Despite a long middle finger being great for obvious reasons when someone is annoying you, it can also mean something different relating to your own life and luck.

Image Source / RedditIf your middle finger is the longest, and particularly round and straight, it could mean you're more likely to get lucky when it comes to life and love.

Short Middle Finger: You're Impatient

Alternatively, if your middle finger is particularly short, and more on the stumpy side if it's short and thick, it could mean that your patience is short, too.

Image Source / FacebookYou may find you're more a quick-to-anger person, as well as being rather impulsive when it comes to your day to day life. You have a fiery temperament.

The Top Half And Bottom Half Of Your Thumb Are Equal: You're A Harmonious Person

Just like the two halves of your thumb are working in harmony, so do you like to work in life! You're likely a harmonious person who likes to keep the peace!Image Source / RedditSo, you can always be counted on to be the calm person in a difficult situation who tries to find a solution and a positive outcome. The unwavering, reliable friend!