Things Your Ears Say About Your Health Copy

By molly atherton 7 months ago

1. Creases in your earlobes

Cureus | A Myth Still Needs to be Clarified: A Case Report of the Frank's Sign | Article
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A crease or wrinkle in your earlobe can be slightly worrying. A diagonal crease in the middle of your earlobe is called 'Frank's sign' and studies have shown that this is a sign of coronary artery disease. Theories show that the crease is a breakdown of elastic tissue around the blood vessels.Original content sourced from

2. Symptoms of cardiac issues

Earlobe Crease: How It Relates to Coronary Artery Disease
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No need to panic though, Dr Nina Shapiro, professor of Neck and Head surgery at UCLA says: "It's just one marker and it should simply encourage one to incoroporate healthy habits, see one's doctor for regular checkups and be vigilant to any changes in your body that could be signs and symptoms of cardiac issues."

3. Hearing loss

A visual progression of my hearing loss : r/deaf
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Hearing loss affects more than your hearing. It can contribute to both cognitive decline, memory loss, focus and dementia. When your brain is on overdrive trying to hear things that you're now missing it can strain your ears and result in social isolation if it continues for a long time.

4. A risk of developing Dementia

Could changes in thinking skills be reversible dementia? - Harvard Health
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Researchers at John Hopkins University have found that people with moderate hearing loss were three times more likely to develop dementia compared to those without hearing loss. While this is still being studied, it makes sense when you think about it. Your body is working overtime while straining to hear.

5. Hearing loss in just one ear

That doesn't sound good: Experts sound alarm on growing population of hearing loss | WGXA
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Hearing loss can be due to trauma or infection, all sorts can contribute to hearing loss but in some rare cases it can be a tumor in your ear. 90% of patients who have acoustic neuromas, a benign growth on the nerve of the inner ear, have one-sided hearing loss and 80% experience ringing in the ear.

6. Earache

What Are Ear Infections? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention | Everyday Health
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If you're getting an ache in the middle of your ear, it could be due to allergies or a cold. If it's the outer ear, it could be 'swimmers ear' or an infection due to water or impacted earwax. But pain in the ear can also be from 'referred pain' from elsewhere in the body.

7. "Referred pain"

File:Red ear syndrome.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
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Referred pain could be coming from somewhere else in your body like if you're suffering with bad toothache, you might experience earache as well - this is very common. Cellulitis from an infected piercing, a tumor or a sore throat could also be causing the referred pain.

8. Wet, sticky earwax

So I've had a chronic ear infection since childhood... (rest in the comments) : r/popping
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Wet, sticky earwax can be a sign that you're at risk of developing cancer. Japanese researchers have isolated a gene they call ABCC11 and a mutation of this gene can mean you're at risk of developing breast cancer. Earwax is a good thing so theres no need to panic, just like everything else on your body - keep an eye on things if they change.

9. Unusually shaped ears

TIL there is a birth deformity called bilateral Stahl's ears which can result in a person being born with elf-like ears : r/todayilearned
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Studies have shown that structural abnormalities of the ear, or skin tags, small fleshy skin growths can be a sign of a potential kidney problem. If newborns exhibit any of these signs, pediatricians are likely to send them for an ultrasound or test them for any other kidney issues.

10. Tinnitus

Ringing in the ears can be avoided or treated, not cured - JMU
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Ringing, hissing, roaring, whoosing and buzzing in your ears is basically tinnitus. Tinnitus may be a sign of underlying health issues like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, hormonal changes, Meniere's disease or tumors. It can also be a sign of stress, anxiety and insomnia.

11. Itchy ears

My ears are constantly itchy! Like they itch alllll the time. Ever since i was younger too! I'm always pulling out what looks like skin…. Is this ear eczema? : r/earwax
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Have you ever suffered with eczema or fungus? Well, itchy ears is a sign of these two things and if you're experiencing white discharge it's more likely to be fungus. Try not to scratch your ears as this can make the infection worse, just go and seek medical attention to get it sorted out as quickly as possible.

12. Red ears

does anyone know why my ears look like this? They're completely healed. : r/Stretched
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Red ears can be caused by a bit of sunburn or from embarrassment which will turn your ears a pinkish color. However, if you notice a sudden change, this could indicate hormonal changes associated with menopause or red ear syndrome, which is a condition that may cause migraines or cluster headaches.

13. Numbness

Sebaceous cyst inside the ear. : r/popping
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One symptom of a stroke is numbness in the ears, especially if the face is drooping, limbs become weak and you're finding it difficult to speak. If the numbness in your ears is cause followed by vertigo, hearing loss or tinnitus you could be suffering from Meniere's disease.

14. Pale color

skin concerns] inside my ear is basically a mess and Ive been so self conscious lately. What do yall recommend? : r/SkincareAddiction
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If you find that your ears are a bit pale or looking a bit paler than normal, this could be an indication that you have a deficiency. A deficiency in vitamins like C or D can often cause you to have many different health issues and one indicator for this is pale ears.

15. New spots, bumps, moles or scars

33M) Hard lump behind ear : r/AskDocs
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If your ears are constantly exposed to sunlight and you're not covering them with sunscreen then they might develop little spots or moles which need to be checked out immediately if so. The moles can sometimes look like a little scar but its always important to get any skin changes checked on as most forms of skin cancers are highly treatable with early detection.

16. Fluid

Five week ear infection finally starting to break up. I sneezed and this popped out. : r/popping
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Clear or bloody fluid coming out from your ears can be a sign of ear infections like Otitis but it can also be an indication of a perforated eardrum. This can be caused by things like hearing a loud noise or changes in pressure. If this is happening to you then go and speak to your doctor to get it checked out.

17. Wrinkles or small holes in the ears

Wrinkly ear. Should I let it close and restart. : r/Stretched
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Infants are often born with wrinkles or holes in their ears which indicate Beckwith-Wiedmann syndrome which can cause serious health problems. One side of the infants body may be larger than the other and they are more susceptible to develop certain tumors.

18. Low ears

Having small ears sucks sometimes… I love these but idk if I'm going to be able to keep them. : r/headphones
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Two common conditions associated with low ears are Down syndrome and Turner syndromes. People with down syndromes have physical differences and other developmental problems.  Turner syndrome causes problems with the way the neck and head form.

19. An issue with your jaw

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause TMJ – Boston Dentist – Congress Dental Group 160 Federal St Floor 1, Boston, MA 02110 (617) 574-8700
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Pain in your ears can indicate issues with your jaw. A disorder with the  temporomandibular joint or TMJ, which connects your jaw to the bones that sit in front of each ear can be the reason why people feel pain in their ears. Continuous pain in the ears should be check out by an ENT.

20. You lose your balance frequently

Dizziness and Vertigo - Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders - MSD Manual Consumer Version
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Your inner ear canals have a lot to do with your balance, they send signals to your brain to help maintain your balance so if your inner ear gets damaged (hearing loss), then it doesn't send signals to your brain properly. If you keep falling, or find yourself falling more go and get your ears checked at the doctors.

21. Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia feet before/after : r/BabyBumps
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Pregnant women can experience preeclampsia. If you're pregnant and you're experiencing tinnitus or strange sounds in your ears then this could be a sign of preeclampsia. Go to your doctor and ask for an audiogram (a hearing test) to check your ear function.

22. Could you have Psoriasis?

Currently suffering from a double ear infection and haven't been able to sleep, AMA! : r/AMA
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Do you find that your ears are burning? Well, there could be a simple explanation to this...change your shampoo. However, if you notice cracks or bleeding skin on your outer ears you could have a form of psoriasis. This auto immune disease causes your skin to age quicker.

23. No earwax?

Video Shows 25-Year-Old Earwax Removal
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Earwax can be gross and annoying, but its a necessary gross and annoying. Medical News Today explains that annoying wax works as a shield to protect your ear canal and eardrum. But if you find that you don't have any, you could have keratosis obturans.

24. Bleeding ears

Blood on Q tip : r/medical_advice
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Using earbuds to clean your ears can actually make your ears bleed if you use them too forcefully. But if you insert them way too far down, you could rupture your eardrum which takes about 10 weeks to heal. If it doesn't heal, then you might need surgery to avoid permanent hearing loss.

25. Pus in your ear

Gnarly ear infection slime on baby! I've never seen an ear infection this bad : r/popping
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Pus is never pleasant to deal with, but if you start to develop pus if the eardrum, it could start to push against the eardrum and leak into your ear canal. This could cause dizziness and vertigo if it gets infected and in rare cases, long term hearing loss can occur.

26. Crackling sounds in your ears

Have you ever put hydrogen peroxide in your ear? : r/popping
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Besides a cold and sinus infections, you may hear crackling in your ears due to polyps or tumors that develop in your nose and block the tubes that keep the pressure and fluid in your ears at a steady level. Not to scare anybody, because most cases are harmless, but its always better to get checked out.

27. Ears that feel stuffy

How to avoid the airplane cold
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When you experience a sudden change in air pressure, like when you're on a plane, your middle ear will be affected and can cause pain and a stuffy feeling in your ears. It is possible that the pain can turn into barotrauma (nothing serious) and usually, your hearing will return to normal within a couple of days.

28. Hearing loss & missed safety alerts

Reversing hearing loss with regenerative therapy : r/tinnitusresearch
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Only around 20% of people actually seek attention when they're experiencing issues with their ears. But things can become more serious if they're left. Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, people may start to miss things like car alarms, beeps or someone shouting them to look out from harms way.

29. One thick earlobe

Earlobe suddenly thick and looking like this? Any help? : r/piercing
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Thick earlobes can be a sign of infection, especially if the earlobe is red, warm or tender to touch. If you have any of these symptoms you may be suffering with allergies. Whether it be food or jewellery that you've been wearing, make sure to get this checked out.

30. Hearing loss & diabetes

How long we living? How long did type 1 diabetics you've known live? I've only known 1 other and he just passed away at 74. Not bad! : r/diabetes
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"We don't know exactly what the link is between hearing loss and diabetes, but it probably has to do with blood supply to the inner ear," says Seth Schwartz, MD. Metabolic changes can be toxic to the inner ear, especially when the disease isn't dealt with properly.

31. And Now.. Things Your Face Says About Your Health! Yellowish Eyes/Skin? It Could Be Jaundice

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If your skin, or the whites of your eyes, have turned yellow in color, this is a sign that there are issues with your liver - and it's very often jaundice. Jaundice comes as a result of too much of the waste product used when your body breaks down red blood cells.

32. You Have Moles

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Moles are very much associated with cancer, which is why you should always get them checked out, but there are also lots of moles that can be nothing more than skin tags. The key things to look for are whether your moles stay looking the same, or if they get any bigger/change color.

33. Sores Around Your Mouth

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It's very likely that sores around your lips will be a cold sore. The pesky thing about cold sores is that if you're prone to them, they can happen all the time. Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus - which can actually affect you as a child through saliva, rather than through sexual contact as an adult!

34. Cracked Lips

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When you're not battling with a cold sore, you might instead have painful and dry cracked lips. This can often come from cold weather and a change in temperature. But cracked lips, if you're certain it's not the cold causing it, can also be a sign of dehydration or allergies.

35. You Have A Butterfly Rash

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This rash is very unique, and it's an important one to look out for. Its name comes from the spreading across the cheeks like the wings of a butterfly, with the mid point on the nose. This rash can actually be a sign of lupus, an immune system disease, so speak to your doctor if you have this rash.

36. Hair Growing Where You Don't Want It

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For men, this isn't too much of an issue - though too much nose and ear hair can of course be a pain. For a woman, it can be a cause for concern when you're suddenly sprouting those pesky moustache or beard hairs. Normally, a few hairs are nothing to worry about - but if you're getting a lot, it can be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome.

37. Your Eyelids Are Drooping

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We don't mean because you're tired - if you have one eyelid (or both) that's drooping, it can often be a sign of issues with the brain or nerves, which is often harmless. If you suddenly have a drooping eyelid out of nowhere though - rather than something you've always had - get emergency help.

38. You Can't Move One Side Of Your Face

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You should always get medical attention if you can't move a part of your body. But if you can't move one side of your face, and this is the only symptom you have without any other changes, it can be a sign of something called Bell's Palsy, which can make the face muscles weak.

39. Or You Have Face Paralysis With Other Symptoms

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This is when we're moving into potential stroke territory. This happens when blood flow is cut off to part of your brain. This can result in one side of your face drooping or paralyzed, and is then accompanied by slurred speech, weakness in arms or leg and dizziness.

40. Yellow Spots On Your Eyelids

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If you've noticed little yellow-white bumps on your eyelids, either your upper or lower, this could be xanthelasmata, which isn't a dangerous health condition, but can be a sign of other issues, so it's always worth checking out. The small spots are made of cholesterol.

41. Your Eyes Are Puffy

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Everybody gets puffy eyes every once in a while, because we know how tough it is to sleep these days. But if you have chronic puffy eyes, caused by fluid pooling under your eyes, it can be caused by a few different things (including lack of sleep): hormone changes, salty foods and hot weather.

42. Grey-Brown Patches Of Skin

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Grey-brown patches of skin on your face is known as melasma, and it can be triggered by a few different things. Pregnancy hormones could trigger it, while birth control pills can also have an effect. It can therefore be short-term, and facial treatments can help to ease it.

43. Facial Hair Loss

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If you're losing hair on your face, such as eyebrow hair or eyelashes, it can be a symptom of alopecia - this is when your immune system messes up and starts attacking your hair follicles, causing hair loss. To tackle this, your doctor should be able to prescribe things to help.

44. Dark Panda Eyes

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Dark circles under the eyes are always a pain, especially when you're making sure you get enough sleep. For the most part, dark circles can be harmless and sometimes a condition passed down through genes - but in some cases, dark eye circles could be a sign of chronic kidney problems.

45. A Sudden Loss Of Vision

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Obviously this one shouldn't be taken lightly, unless you've poked yourself in the eye or ducked your head in the swimming pool! At best it could be a very bad migraine - at worst, it can be a sign of an impending stroke, or other issues to do with the brain not getting blood flow.

46. Bulging Eyes

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If you've noticed that your eyes are swollen to the point that they're actually bulging outward, this could be a symptom of a health condition called Grave's disease. As well as bulging eyes protruding out of the socket, they may also feel dry, red and itchy as a result.

47. A Ring In Your Eyes

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If you've noticed a grey-white ring around the pupil of your eye - and you're under 40 years old - this can be a symptom that you have high cholesterol. The ring is caused by fat deposits which create the ring in the eye as result. You might have a complete ring, or a partial ring.

48. Or Your Eyes Are Twitching Like Crazy

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Eye twitches are usually completely harmless - we all get them from time to time, right? A lot of the time, eye twitches can be caused by stress, or excess caffeine consumption. But in rare cases, the twitches might be your body telling you there's an issue with your nervous system.

49. Spots Along Your Jawline

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Acne is always a pain, no matter where it is on the face, but did you know that position of spots can actually indicate how your health is doing? If you have a lot of spots along your jawline specifically, this could be a sign of changes in hormones, or a hormone imbalance.

50. Receding Chin

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If there's anything people don't want to hear when they get older, it's 'receding'. If you've noticed a receding chin, along with thick neck and small jaw, this could be a sign that you have sleep apnoea. This is when you stop breathing when you sleep for a short time, resulting in snoring and other health problems.