Things You Should Always Carry In Your Bag

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Most of the time, it's hard enough remembering the basics when it comes to what you should be carrying in your bag - and if you've ever forgotten your wallet, you'll know what we're talking about! But there are many mores things you would actually do well with keeping in your bag at all times, or stocking up on before you leave the house - and this is all about prepping for the worst case scenario for things you might need, including in emergency situations!

1. Extra-earring backs

The earrings or the hoops make the outfit, there's no denying it! So when you're dancing away or running for the bus and one slips right out your ear it can totally ruin the look. And what are the chances of finding that tiny little earring back again...slim.
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The loss isn't just material; it's a disruption in the carefully curated aesthetics of your ensemble. It's a reminder that even in the whirlwind of daily life, the little things matter. The missing earring becomes a symbol of unpredictability, that even in the most mundane moments, fortune can play a whimsical hand.Original content sourced from

2. Band-aids

New trainers, high heels...there are lots of situations in which we're out and about and we feel a huge throbbing blister forming on the back of our heel. Or, even worse, you end up with some blood running down the back of your heel. Nice. This is exactly why you should always carry a band-aid!
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The necessity of a band-aid transcends the realms of fashion emergency; it's a practical reminder of preparedness in the face of unforeseen discomfort. In the urban landscape, where every step is a potential battleground for your feet, the band-aid becomes a beacon of comfort.

3. Safety pins

It's a night with the girls and you're out on the town - your dress rips. Bummer. Not to worry, just grab one of your safety pins and you can fix pretty much anything so that you don't have to end your day/night prematurely. Even in the rip in a really inconvenient place - it happens to the best of us!
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So, with a confident twirl and a renewed sense of style, you rejoin the festivities, the safety pin now a subtle embellishment, a badge of resilience. The night continues, and you, armed with the unassuming heroism of a safety pin, dance on, leaving behind the wardrobe malfunction.

4. Blotting paper

Nobody wants a SULA. And there's a difference between 'glowy' and full on sweaty. Sometimes you can literally feel the moisture on your face. And when you have some blotting paper in your bag it's no biggie. Just dab away and you look like you're freshly made up again.
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It's not just about managing the sheen; it's about reclaiming the canvas of your face, turning a potential makeup meltdown into a quick and easy fix. The blotting paper, a humble accessory, becomes the unsung hero of your beauty routine—a portable solution.

5. Card holder

Now this speaks for itself, why would you not need a card holder in your bag? If you're one of those people who shoves everything in their hand bag and it's all rattling around in the bottom and you've no idea what's in there or what's not - then this one's for you!
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And so, in the hustle and bustle of life, with the card holder in hand, you navigate the world with ease. No more frantic searches, no more digging through the depths. The card holder is the silent guardian of your essential cards, ensuring finding what you need is a harmonious experience.

6. A compact mirror

So this one's for those times when you've been out and you get back home and look in the mirror and... 'AGH, why did nobody tell me that I've got lipstick on my teeth'? Or that your lip liner is 2 centimetres too high, or that you've got a little bit of dinner stuck on your cheek.
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It's not just about the act of correction; it's about the acknowledgment that even in the midst of imperfections, you remain the curator of your own presentation. The mirror becomes a trusted ally, offering a glimpse into the unfiltered reality, and you, in turn, respond with a touch of finesse.

7. Snacks!

The snacks...we really shouldn't forget this one. Especially, if like us, you are prone to extreme cases of hanger. That's not good for you or anybody in the vicinity. Pack a health bar, some dried fruits or come on, a little bit of chocolate please!
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It's not just about satiating hunger; it's about self-care in its most delicious form. The health bar, with its wholesome ingredients, becomes a source of energy and sustenance. The dried fruits, a sweet reprieve, offer a burst of natural goodness. And let's not forget the chocolate!

8. Stain eraser pen

Sometimes we just don't think it through do we? We'll wear a lovely white, pristine top. Then we order spaghetti Bolognese. You know where this is going. It's inevitable. There's something about a nice outfit that is a magnet for passata sauce or other tough stains.
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It's not just about the stains; it's about the resilience to face the unexpected with grace. The white top, despite its battle scars, remains a symbol of your culinary adventures, a visual narrative of the moments when style collided with the unpredictable joys of indulgence.

9. Lip balm

Crusty, cracked lips? Hell no. That feeling when you're lips are dry is not pleasant. Nor is putting on your lipstick straight onto crusty lips - you know what we mean. Lip balm is the saver here, and there are SO many times we need lip balm. This really is a must have.
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So, armed with this beauty essential, you navigate the day with confidence. The lip balm becomes not just a cosmetic necessity but a gesture of self-care, the well-being of your lips is a priority. After all, a moisturized pout is not just a cosmetic triumph; it's a celebration of comfort.

10. Deodorant

It's perfectly normal to start smelling a little funky after a day. We're busy women after all. And after a few hours sometimes all you need is just a little spray of deodorant to freshen up again. Nobody wants to smell of B.O. or have to do the sneaky under the arm sniffs to check if that smell really is us.
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It's not just about banishing unwanted odors; it's about reclaiming a sense of freshness in the midst of a bustling day. The deodorant, with its aromatic prowess, becomes the olfactory ally, ensuring that your fragrance remains a delightful whisper rather than an unintended proclamation.

11. Hand sanitizer

It's super important to stay safe and hygienic and one of the ways to do it when you're out and about is hand sanitizer. And, after touching everything in a public space or even going to a public bathroom without soap, you'll be very happy that you have your hand sanitizer.
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The hand sanitizer becomes a ritual of protection, a small yet powerful gesture that underscores your commitment to personal well-being. Whether it's the refreshing gel or the practical spray, the hand sanitizer is a portable sanctuary, offering peace of mind in the world.

12. Spare tampons/ pads

Sometimes, mother nature strikes when we're least expecting it. or we're out and about. And let's face it, we do NOT want to be caught out. And even if you never need it, it's guaranteed you can help a girl out in a public restroom from time to time.
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So, armed with your discreet stash, you navigate the ebb and flow of life with confidence. It's not just about managing the unexpected; it's about embracing the reality of being prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw your way. After all, having a pad becomes a gesture of solidarity.

13. Breath mints

Well, we've just eaten dinner and it was packed full of garlic and you practically feel it emanating from your breath. Then your crush walks into the restaurant - and while it may taste nice, it's not a nice breath scent - we don't want him to be attracted by your gorgeous looks only to be put off by the smell of your dinner now do we?
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The breath mint becomes a discreet ally, a small yet powerful tool that allows you to navigate the delicate balance between indulgence and presentation. After all, while the aroma of garlic may be a culinary triumph, the subtlety of your breath should be a symphony.

14. Tissues

A big sneeze is brewing, 'oh no, oh no, where's the tissue, this is going to be a big one?' Tissues are one of those things that always come in handy. Whether it's for mascara that's running down our face, or because your nose is running in the cold, or because we need loo paper and there isn't any in the public toilet.
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And tissues are not just one-trick ponies; they are the unsung heroes of various scenarios. Your mascara decides to embark on an unscheduled journey down your face? Tissue to the rescue. The cold weather prompts your nose to stage a continuous drip? Tissue to the rescue.

15. Hair bands

One thing you can never have enough of is hair bands. Because, let's face it you could buy one hundred, and in around 2 days they've just disappeared off the face of the planet. Yes, one might appear in a very unexpected place from time to time, but the rest?
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Nowhere to be found. It's not just about practicality; it's about embracing the whimsical nature of these seemingly transient accessories. Hair bands become the ethereal sprites of the accessory world, flitting in and out of existence, leaving you both puzzled and amused by their Houdini-esque escapades.

16. Headphones

Who doesn't love having headphones in times of need? And by times of need we mean when you're taking transport and are bored, or when you're avoiding that person you've just spotted and don't want to talk to. So, you put your headphones in and put your head down and act like you never even saw them.
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Headphones become more than just audio accessories; they are the emblem of autonomy, allowing you to navigate the ebb and flow of social dynamics on your terms. They are the subtle signal that says, "I'm in my zone, let's connect later." It's not just about the music.

17. A pen

Look, there's always a time you need a pen. And when you have so many at home in the draw, it's super annoying to have to buy another one when you're out. So put one on your purse for those occasions. We've all forgotten someone's birthday card and had to write one just before seeing them!
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And let's not forget those moments when inspiration strikes or when a brilliant idea demands immediate documentation. The pen in your purse becomes the conduit for capturing the fleeting thoughts that dance through your mind, ensuring that creativity is not hindered.

18. Comb

Don't forget the trusty comb in your bag. The amount of times a windy day catches you out, or the moisture makes your hair 3 times the size it was, it's so much better when you can pull out your comb and fix yourself up a little bit. Even if it's just to scrape back those fly aways.
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With a deft motion, you retrieve the trusty comb, transforming it into a magic wand that tames the rebellious strands and corrals them back into a semblance of order. It's not just about vanity; it's a strategic maneuver to reclaim control over your appearance in the face of unpredictable weather.

19. Hand moisturiser

Dry and scaly hands are really uncomfortable. And even if you moisturised before you went out, the cold air can soon suck all of the moisture out again leaving them feeling dry. We don't mean carry around a huge bottle, just a tiny little one that won't weight you down.
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And it's not just about practicality; it's about self-care. The act of applying the hand cream becomes a moment of indulgence, a gentle massage that not only nourishes your hands but also provides a fleeting respite from the hustle and bustle of the day.

20. Cash

Sure, everything's contactless now so why do we need cash? It's always super important to have an emergency cash stash, we're talking around $20. For those times when your phone dies, you've forgotten your card because you were using contactless son your phone. Now the only option is catch a ride with some spare dollars!
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And let's not forget the scenarios where you inadvertently leave your card behind in the whirlwind of contactless transactions. The emergency cash stash steps in as the unsung hero, allowing you to catch that ride, savor that coffee, or navigate the unexpected detours that life may throw your way.

21. Water bottle

We all love to stay hydrated, and why buy a plastic throwaway bottle when you can carry around your cute water bottle? And sometimes there's not a shop nearby! Plus, in a world where plastic is a continuing problem it's good to use your own where you can.
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So, armed with your cute water bottle, you embark on your day with a sense of eco-responsibility, knowing that every sip is a testament to your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. It's not just about staying hydrated; it's about embodying the ethos of a world where reusable reigns supreme!

22. Concealer

Concealer is a girl's best friend. It can hide a multitude of things. That big spot brewing throughout the day? It's got it covered. The big makeup free ring around your mouth after lunch? Sorted. What can't you hide under concealer? That's the real question.
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The real question indeed is, what can't you hide under concealer? From the shadows of a late night to the aftermath of a stressful day, concealer becomes the chameleon of your beauty arsenal, adapting to conceal whatever life may throw your way. It's not just a cosmetic; it's a confidence booster.

23. Perfume

A little spritz of perfume and it's like we've just had a complete re-touch up. It really is miraculous what a couple of sprays of perfume can do. If you smell good, you feel good. Add a little bottle or a sample bottle into your handbag and thank us later.
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And let's not underestimate the power of a sample bottle nestled in your handbag—a petite reservoir of allure ready to be unleashed with a flick of the wrist. It's not just about smelling good; it's about feeling good, as the delicate mist of fragrance becomes a veil of confidence.

24. Portable charger

Nobody wants to be stuck without a phone, you feel totally lost without it and it also means that nobody can contact you. If you're trying to get home and you have no phone to call an uber or ask someone to pick you up you can end up in a tight spot.
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It's not just a device; it's your portal to the world, a repository of contacts, a map, and a conduit for summoning the conveniences of the digital age. The feeling of being lost without it transcends mere sentiment; it's a tangible disorientation, a reliance on a technological crutch.

25. Sunglasses

Nobody can really predict the weather. So when the sun starts shining (or even if not) it's always good to have the sunnies available. Plus, they can totally make an outfit! And anyway, they're also good for going undercover and avoiding eye contact with people we don't want to speak to!
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But sunglasses aren't just about weather and style; they also moonlight as the perfect undercover agents. A swift donning of shades can transform you into a master of incognito, allowing you to navigate public spaces with a veil of anonymity. It's all about avoiding eye contact!

26.  Sunscreen

It's SUPER important to protect our skin from the sun. And sometimes you won't forget to do it before you run out of the house in the morning, so if you have it in your bag you can do it when you're out and about and it also means you can top it up when you need to!
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And let's not overlook the practicality of having sunscreen at your fingertips throughout the day. Whether you're strolling through the city, enjoying an al fresco lunch, or simply basking in the warmth of the sunlit moments, the ability to top up your sunscreen becomes a ritual of self-care.

27. A face mask

So you may be thinking, why would I need a face mask in my bag? But, think about it. You've ended up staying over at your friends house, you're on a plane, you have a long journey - what better way to spend the tome than making your face silky smooth and hydrated?
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So, armed with your little sachet of skincare splendor, you navigate the unpredictable twists of life with the knowledge that, at any moment, you can unveil a refreshing interlude for your skin. It's not just about a face mask; it's about carrying a pocket-sized haven of relaxation.

28. Wet wipes

Biodegradable wet wipes are so handy. Sometimes you end up with a bit of mascara down your face and it won't budge with a tissue. Or, you want to freshen up your body. Or, wipe down a super gross surface that you have to eat lunch on! Time to get the wet wipes out.
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So, armed with your eco-friendly wipes, you move through the day with the assurance that, no matter the situation, you hold the key to instant cleanliness and refreshment. It's not just about wipes; it's about carrying a sustainable solution for life's unpredictable moments.

29. Phone

Duh. We couldn't not include your phone on the list. If there's one thing you most certainly need in your hand bag it's this. Although you probably wouldn't forget this since most of us are pretty much attached to them. Calling someone, making reservations, taking aesthetic pictures...we need out phones.
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Whether it's capturing aesthetic pictures, sending a quick message, or summoning the digital resources needed for the day, the phone is the linchpin that holds the ensemble of our daily routines together. It's not just about a device; it's about a dynamic companion.

30. Pain relief

Okay another essential has to be some kind of pain relief medicine. This is such a staple for your handbag. Sometimes a headache can strike out of the blue, or we might have stomach cramps which are interfering with our day. Why should we feel bad all day? Keep a packet in your handbag, it takes up no space at all.
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And let's not overlook the practicality of carrying pain relief in your bag. It's not just about personal discomfort; it's about being the equipped savior when a friend or colleague finds themselves in need. The unassuming packet becomes a gesture of kindness.

31. Your wallet

This may seem obvious, but now think back to how many times you've pulled up to the gas station or grocery checkout counter and realized you've left your wallet on the side at home? Always make sure it's with you before you leave the house! A good habit is just to always leave it in your bag even inside the house.
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And let's face it, the habit of keeping your wallet in your bag, even when inside the house, is a preemptive strike against the forgetfulness that occasionally plagues us all. It's not just about avoiding the inconvenience of a return trip home; it's about instilling a routine.

32. A reliable keychain

Keychains are such a great item to have, and no one has the excuse of not having one handy because they're the perfect souvenirs whenever you go traveling, let's be honest. But having a reliable one is important to keep in your bag because you want to depend that nothing will fall off!
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And let's not underestimate the practical importance of a reliable keychain. In the hustle of daily life, the last thing you need is the abrupt surprise of a lost key. A sturdy keychain ensures that your keys remain securely fastened, minimizing the risk of fumbling in the face of urgency.

33. And your keys, of course!

And the purpose of your keychain is your keys, of course! Keeping them in your bag is a staple, just like your wallet, but it's amazing how easily keys get misplaced or lost. And without a keychain, you're risking it all by having loads of different sets of keys separate from each other!
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Keys, the silent sentinels that guard the gateways to our sanctuaries, hold a significance beyond their utilitarian function. In the daily ballet of life, keeping them securely nestled in your bag, much like your wallet and phone, becomes a cornerstone habit.

34. NOT your spare car key!

We're throwing this one in here, because on topic of how important carrying keys is, you might be tempted to keep all your car keys together on one chain, too. But a spare car key needs to be somewhere completely separate - in a drawer at home, for example - for the very purpose that it's a safe backup!
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Now, let's unravel the rationale behind this separation. The spare car key, snug within the confines of a drawer at home, is a strategic decision rooted in the art of preparedness. It's not just about convenience; it's about cultivating a fail-safe mechanism.

35. A Spare Tote Bag

Or just any kind of shopper bag you can fold up and put inside your main bag. Why do you need two? Well, what happens if you stumble across a store you didn't think you'd be shopping at and end up with a ton of stuff you have no room for in your regular bag? Always helps to have a spare!
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Now, let's delve into the practicality of having a spare shopper bag. It's not just about accommodating impromptu purchases; it's about sparing yourself the dilemma of deciding which items make the cut for your main bag and which must be left behind.

36. Birth Control!

So if you're on birth control like the pill, then it's always better to keep it in your bag and take it with you wherever you go. Because what happens if you forget to take it before you leave the house and you're out all day? You don't want to risk missing one, so best to keep it on you!
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It's not just about the physical presence of the pill; it's about cultivating a habit of preparedness, ensuring that the safeguarding of your reproductive health remains uninterrupted, regardless of the unpredictability of your day. The compact vessel within your bag becomes a symbolic fortress.

37. A flashlight

Okay, hear us out - we don't mean a massive, heavy, industrial strength torch - just something that's small enough to fit on your keychain and stay with your keys. Most people these days depend on their phone torch for light, but what would you do if your battery went dead?
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It's not about replacing the convenience of the phone torch; it's about cultivating a contingency plan. The keychain torch, modest in size but grand in utility, remains steadfast and untethered from the digital constraints of battery life. It's the reliable beacon when the smartphone takes a pause.

38. Spare pair of shoes

This obviously depends on where you're heading out, but for ladies it's not unheard of to carry a pair of comfy flats on a night (or long day) out if you're wearing heels! If your bad is big enough and you're going to be out for a long time, there's no harm in thinking whether your feet are going to start aching.
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It's not about forsaking the allure of heels; it's about acknowledging the ebb and flow of comfort during extended escapades. The bag, spacious enough to cradle this second pair, becomes a sanctuary for your feet, ensuring that the journey remains a dance of elegance without sacrificing comfort.

39. Your medical information card

It's a good idea to keep a record of key medical information in your wallet or bag in case you get into an accident while you're out and about. If you're traveling alone and don't have anyone with you to tell the emergency responders any key information, make sure it's in your bag for them to find!
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It's not just about an extra card in your wallet; it's about empowering first responders with the tools they need to make informed decisions in the absence of immediate verbal communication. The bag, a repository of personal effects, transforms into a beacon of information.

40. Any info on pets home alone!

Speaking of traveling out alone - if you live alone, too, and you have a pet at home, have you thought about what would happen if you got into an accident and taken to a hospital overnight? It doesn't bear thinking about, of course, but always handy to have a card in your bag.
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Picture the scene: emergency responders, cognizant of the unique bond between humans and their pets, discover within your bag a card bearing essential information about the presence of a cherished animal companion awaiting your return. The card becomes a silent advocate, a messenger of responsibility.

41. A watch

Wait, why would you have a watch in your bag and not on your wrist? If you don't like wearing watches and you're always depending on your phone to check the time, having another sort of timepiece in your bag in case your battery dies will never hurt!
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Now, let's unravel the rationale behind this dual approach to timekeeping. It's not about forsaking the convenience of a phone; it's about acknowledging the nuanced dance between personal preferences and practical contingencies. The bag becomes a haven for the alternate timepiece.

42. Antihistamines!

You never know when those pesky allergies are going to kick in, especially during hayfever season. So having a trusty packet of antihistamines in your bag means you can pop one out whenever you feel a bit of a sniffle coming on, handy if you're heading into a work meeting!
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It's not just about potential hayfever skirmishes; it's about the unpredictability of allergies, the silent saboteurs that can strike at the most inconvenient moments. The bag ensures you can thwart the onset of sniffles with swift and discreet efficiency.

43. Floss

You've had a busy day and a very heavy lunch - so what are you supposed to do if you get a piece of spinach caught in your teeth, rushing off to your next meet? Or - worse - a date? That's where floss comes in! Just keep a small reel in your bag and you can use it anywhere!
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It's not just about spinach-induced predicaments; it's about the unpredictable twists and turns of post-meal dental decorum. The bag, a haven of practical preparedness, transforms into a sanctum for dental floss, ensuring you can navigate the terrain of post-lunch dental diplomacy with finesse.

44. Umbrella

You never know when the weather is going to change, after all, and umbrellas come in such compact and portable designs these days that it would be rude not to slip one into your bag at all times! Just remember to take the outer fabric or something to put your wet umbrella in!
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It's about embracing the fluidity of weather moods and preparing for the impromptu ballet of precipitation. The bag, a bastion of practicality, transforms into a shelter for the compact umbrella, ensuring you move through the day with weather-ready poise.

45. Or, At Least, A Pack-Away Waterproof!

If you're not a fan of umbrellas - windy days, we get you - you could at least have a thin waterproof as a back up option in case the weather changes. These waterproofs come in tiny pack-away versions that would be as small as an umbrella would be to easily keep in your bag!
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Armed with this unassuming yet indispensable shield in your bag, you traverse the urban landscape with the assurance that, should the wind play its spirited overture, you possess the means to stay dry and grounded. It's not just about a waterproof in your bag; it's about embracing the elements.

46. Your I.D

Most people would keep this in their wallet anyway and take the wallet with them, but some people might have it separate! If for some reason you do, then make sure your I.D is always on the to-pack list, because you never know when you might need it (when you go out for booze, maybe?). 
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The bag becomes the custodian of your identity, ensuring that, whether in the pursuit of celebration or the routine of everyday affairs, you possess the key to access various realms. You traverse the urban landscape with the assurance that you possess the means to navigate age restrictions.

47. Spare Pair Of Glasses

If you need to wear glasses then a spare pair is just good sense if you're going out all day and need to pack a bag. Hopefully nothing will happen to your first pair on your face, but you never know - you might trip, wind might blow them off or you might get a soccer ball to the face - just sayin'.
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You traverse the urban panorama with the assurance that, even in the face of unforeseen optical exploits, clarity is never compromised. It's not just about a spare pair of glasses in your bag; it's about the art of seeing ahead and being prepared for the visual adventures that life may unfold.

48. A Notebook

If you're old-school and you're not a huge fan of the nifty notebook apps or tech gadgets to take notes, then having a small notebook in your bag is a great idea. You can right down a to-do list or something urgent you've thought of whilst out, or even add something to your grocery list that you've suddenly remembered.
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Whether it's crafting a to-do list to conquer the day's challenges or seizing the moment to immortalize an epiphany that sparkles amidst the urban hustle, the notebook emerges as a steadfast companion. It could be the spontaneous addition to the grocery list or an urgent reminder.

49. A Whistle

If only we didn't have to think about things to pack to stay safe, but alas we do! A whistle is easily kept in your bag, or even on your keychain, to use in emergency situations or when you feel threatened. Even more important to have one if you're walking round alone!
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So, armed with this unassuming yet resolute whistle in your bag, you traverse the urban expanse with the assurance that, in moments of uncertainty, your safety has a voice. It's not just about a whistle in your bag; it's about reclaiming control and harmonizing safety.

50. Pair Of Gloves

Because you never know when it might turn a bit chilly, and there's nothing worse than getting a serious case of frostbite when you're just trying to go about your daily business! Sure it looked cold when you checked out the window this morning, but you didn't know it was going to be this cold.
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The bag becomes the haven for your impromptu fashion sanctuary, ensuring that, whether confronting an unexpected chill or elevating your ensemble, the gloves unfurl their warming embrace. And if you don't end up using them - no harm done! It's not like they're taking up a lot of room.