The Things You Didn’t Know About Rose Hanbury

By Juliet S 8 months ago
In the enchanting realm of high society and aristocratic intrigue, few names sparkle with the mystique of Rose Hanbury. Like a well-guarded secret waiting to be unraveled, Rose has captivated the curious minds of those who dare to peek behind the veil of aristocracy. Forget everything you thought you knew, because we're about to embark on a journey through the extraordinary life of this enigmatic figure. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of scandal, style, and secrets as we delve into "The Things You Didn't Know About Rose Hanbury." Who is Rose Hanbury, and what makes her story so irresistibly captivating?

1. She Was A Model

Rose Hanbury, with her stunning good looks that could rival the blossoms in a royal garden, once graced the international modeling scene. The revelation that she was once discovered at the tender age of 23 adds an unexpected layer to her already intriguing persona.
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During her stint in the modeling world, Rose became more than just a pretty face; she became a muse for renowned brands. Campaigns for fashion giants like Miu Miu, the embodiment of sophistication and style, featured her as the epitome of modern elegance.Original content sourced from

2. She Lives Down The Street From William And Kate

In a plot twist worthy of the most compelling tales of courtly intrigue, Rose and David have set up their marital abode just a stone's throw away from the illustrious Anmer Hall, the idyllic country retreat bestowed upon Prince William and Kate Middleton as a wedding gift.
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To live in the shadow of royalty is one thing, but to share a neighborhood with a couple whose every move is scrutinized by the world adds an extra layer of intrigue. The quaint charm of the Norfolk countryside, with its sprawling estates and manicured gardens, serves as the backdrop to this real-life drama where social circles overlap.

3. There's A 23-Year Age Gap Between Her And Her Husband

Hold onto your hats, because here's a tidbit that's straight out of a scandalous romance novel: Rose's main squeeze goes by the rather distinguished moniker of David Rocksavage, but you can also call him David Cholmondeley, the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley. Yep, it's a mouthful, but in the world of aristocracy, the names come with their own set of rules.
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Let's talk numbers for a hot minute – David, the Marquess extraordinaire, had a bit of a head start in the age department. Like, a 23-year head start. Yep, you read that right. When they first started doing the romantic cha-cha, he had a couple of decades on Rose. But hey, in the world of celebrity romances, age gaps are practically the norm.

4. She Became A Royal At 25 Years Old

Rose, the runway sensation, decided to trade in her high heels for a crown and became a bonafide royal. Just a few years into her modeling career, when most of us are still figuring out the art of adulting, Rose made the bold move to say goodbye to the glitz and glamour of the catwalk and hello to the regal world of tiaras and palace halls.
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Their story, however, wasn't an instant love affair. No, it simmered in the background like a slow-burning romance novel, waiting for the right moment to take center stage. They didn't dive headfirst into the sea of romance; instead, they played the waiting game.

5. Her Grandmother Was Childhood Friends With Queen Elizabeth II

Hold onto your tiaras, because Rose's royal connections run deeper than Buckingham Palace's foundations. It turns out that the apple doesn't fall far from the aristocratic tree, and in Rose's case, that tree is rooted in a rich history of royal camaraderie.
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Meet Lady Rose Lambert, the grandmother whose name Rose Hanbury carries with a regal grace. But here's the jaw-dropper: Lady Rose wasn't just any lady; she was the bridesmaid for none other than Queen Elizabeth herself at the grand spectacle of her wedding to Prince Philip. Yep, you read that right – Rose Hanbury's own namesake was part of the royal bridal squad on the most iconic wedding day in recent history.

6. Her Modelling Agency Was The Same That Represented Kate Moss

Picture this: the dazzling Rose, whose charm could rival the blossoms in a royal garden, strutting her stuff under the same agency that once housed the iconic Kate Moss. Yes, you heard it right, they shared the same glamorous runway.
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Enter Storm Agency, the high-profile gateway to the fashion heavens, nestled in the posh quarters of London. This agency, with a legacy spanning over three decades, has been the launchpad for some of the most illustrious careers in the modeling universe. It's the kind of place where dreams are shaped, and where the who's who of the fashion world find their spotlight.

7. She Has Three Children

Rose and David didn't just stop at exchanging vows and strolling through the manicured gardens of their grand estate. Nope, this power couple decided to expand their aristocratic lineage, and boy, did they do it in style. The duo kicked off their parenting adventure with not just one but two bundles of joy—twin boys, no less.
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Introducing the heirs to the Cholmondeley legacy, the Earl of Rocksavage Alexander Hugh George and his partner in crime, Lord Oliver Timothy George. But wait, the royal nursery doesn't end there. The trio of aristocratic cuteness is completed by the darling Lady Iris Marina Aline.

8. And There Was Drama Over Who Would Be The Heir...

Ah, the age-old royal dilemma—when you're blessed with not one but two heirs apparent, who gets the coveted title of "eldest"? It's a question that not only echoes through the grand halls of aristocracy but one that can stir up a royal storm of its own.
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The birth of the Earl of Rocksavage Alexander Hugh George and his partner in mischief, Lord Oliver Timothy George, was undoubtedly a cause for celebration. However, as the twins made their simultaneous entrance into the world, it left the Cholmondeley household with a delightful but perplexing predicament: who gets to wear the crown of "eldest"?

9. She Has More Than One Connection To The Royal Family

Talk about a double dose of aristocratic serendipity! If rubbing shoulders with one set of royals wasn't enough, Rose Hanbury found herself in the enviable position of not just having a grandmother who was childhood friends with Queen Elizabeth II but also forging a friendship with none other than the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton.
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As they attended events together, exchanged pleasantries over tea, or simply shared a laugh during the rare moments of privacy, Rose and Kate became modern-day counterparts to the childhood friendship between Rose's grandmother and Queen Elizabeth.

10. Her Home Is Huge

Houghton Hall, the magnificent abode that Rose Hanbury calls home, is nestled in the picturesque landscape of Norfolk, England, this architectural masterpiece has stood as a silent witness to centuries of aristocratic tales and regal traditions.
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As you approach Houghton Hall, the sheer scale of the property is enough to leave you in awe. The stately façade, adorned with classical columns and intricate detailing, sets the tone for the grandeur that awaits within. If only we all had a place to call home like that!

11. She's Part Of The 'Turnip Toffs'

Ah, the British tabloid media, where gossip flows like tea and headlines can be as biting as a winter chill. In the realm of regal reportage, no stone is left unturned, and no nickname is too quirky to coin. Enter the "Turnip Toffs," a term that has found its way into the gossip columns, painting a picture of a certain set of royals who traverse the same social circles, including the likes of Rose Hanbury and Kate Middleton.
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But there's more to it than just vegetables. The term "Toffs" is quintessentially British slang, often used to refer to people of a higher social class, those with a certain air of sophistication and privilege. So, when you put it all together, "Turnip Toffs" becomes a cheeky way of referencing a group of royals whose social status is intertwined with both their rural locations and their elevated class.

12. She And Kate Are Patrons Of The Same Charity

Rose, amidst the swirl of gossipy headlines and social circles, has taken on the role of patron for EACH. This isn't just a title; it's a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children facing health challenges. It's a testament to the depth of character that exists beyond the glamorous façade of aristocracy.
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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge herself, is also on board as a patron for EACH. Talk about a plot twist! Instead of the supposed rivalry we read about in the tabloids, these two women are united by a shared dedication to a cause that transcends the glitz and glamour of their public personas.

13. She Went To A Very Prestigious School

While many royals and well-to-do families opt for the hallowed halls of private schools, Rose charted her academic course at Stowe School—a prestigious establishment that stands out as a public school, not a private one, in the realm of British education.
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In the British context, a "public school" doesn't mean what you might think. It's not a school for the public; rather, it's an elite, independent institution that historically educated the sons (and later daughters) of the aristocracy and gentry. Stowe School, with its majestic grounds and distinguished history, fits snugly into this category.

14. She's A Pisces

Hold on to your horoscope charts because we're about to dive into the mystical world of astrology, where Rose Hanbury, the enigmatic figure of aristocracy, unfolds as a Pisces. Born on March 15, 1984, Rose shares her celestial affiliation with the dreamy and intuitive qualities that characterize those born under the sign of the fish.
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Creativity is one of the hallmarks of Pisces, and it's no surprise that Rose, with her modeling career and foray into the world of aristocracy, embodies this trait. The ability to navigate the intricacies of the fashion industry and aristocratic circles requires a certain artistic flair,

15. Rose Isn't Actually Her First Name

In the case of Rose Hanbury, the artistry of royal naming took a distinctive turn. While many might know her as Rose, her full name is Sarah Rose Hanbury—a moniker that blends the classic with the floral, all wrapped in a regal bow.
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The decision to adopt Rose as the primary identifier might indeed have been a deliberate choice to avoid confusion with the already prominent Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. I'm not sure this was entirely necessary but whatever suits her I guess?

16. She's A Couple Of Years Younger Than Kate

Alright, let's dive into the age game with Rose Hanbury and Kate Middleton, because apparently, the world loves to speculate about who's younger and who's older in the realm of royalty. So, here's the lowdown: Rose, the woman of the hour, struts her stuff at a fabulous 39. Yes, you read it right—39 and fabulous.
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Now, let's shift the spotlight to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Brace yourself for this shocking revelation—she's a grand total of 41 years old. Yes, the math checks out. Kate, with all her regal charm and poise, has hit the 4-1 milestone.

17. She Actually Studied With The Open University

Rose Hanbury decided to take the road less traveled in pursuit of higher education. While some might envision a glamorous life at one of those prestigious universities like Cambridge or Oxford, Rose chose a different route, opting for the academic adventure offered by The Open University in England.
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The Open University is like the rebel of the academic world—a place where traditional classrooms take a back seat, and learning spreads its wings beyond the hallowed halls of brick-and-mortar institutions. It's higher education with a dash of rebellious spirit, allowing you to earn a degree without having to park yourself in a lecture hall.

18. She Worked In Politics

So, after deciding to ditch the traditional university scene and embrace the flexibility of The Open University, word on the street (or the aristocratic grapevine) is that Rose might have delved into the realm of Politics. Yeah, she wasn't just twirling in ball gowns; she was diving into the nitty-gritty of political theory and maneuvering.
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But here's where it gets really interesting. Just when you think Rose is comfortably settled into the political hustle, life throws her a curveball—she's expecting not one but two little bundles of joy. Yep, twins. So, what's a political researcher to do? Well, in Rose's case, she decided to hit pause on the career front and focus on the adventure of motherhood.

19. It Was Really Bad Morning Sickness That Made Her Leave

Rose Hanbury's career shift wasn't just a strategic move into full-time mom mode—it was more of a "brace yourself, morning sickness is coming" situation. So, rewind a bit to when Rose was knee-deep in the political hustle, navigating the twists and turns of the Westminster scene.
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Rose found herself grappling with the not-so-glamorous side of pregnancy. Think about it—double the tiny kicks, double the cravings, and, unfortunately, double the morning sickness. It's like the universe said, "You want a political challenge? How about managing a duo of tiny humans and a stomach that's doing somersaults?"

20. Her Official Title Is The Marchioness Of Cholmondeley

Let's unravel the royal title mystery surrounding Rose Hanbury because, let's face it, those British aristocratic monikers can be a bit like navigating a maze in a fog. So, officially, Rose is the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. And yes, that Cholmondeley might look like a keyboard smash, but it's actually a village in England. Go figure.
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A Marchioness is basically the lady boss in the life of a Marquess. And what's a Marquess, you ask? Well, it's a high-ranking nobleman, one step below a Duke but definitely higher up on the aristocratic ladder. So, when you see "Marchioness," think of it as the fancy title for the wife of a pretty important dude in the aristocratic pecking order.

21. She's Been Married To David For 14 Years - Happily

So, from the outside, it's been all sunshine and rainbows for Rose and David, right? I mean, they've been married for quite a stretch, and it seemed like they were still riding the love train. Until, of course, the mistress rumors decided to crash the party.
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So, what does David have to say about all this? That's the million-dollar question. Is he sipping his tea and giving the royal version of "no comment"? Or maybe he's got a whole diplomatic speech prepared for those curious glances. Whatever it is, you can bet it's the kind of conversation that might have the corgis eavesdropping, wondering if they should spill the royal tea.

22. Her Love Life Was A Whirlwind Over Three Days

I mean, usually, when you're talking about happy news like engagements, pregnancies, and weddings, you're envisioning a meticulously planned timeline, right? Well, not in Rose and David's world. Theirs was like a royal whirlwind that left everyone doing a double take.
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June 2009 rolls around, and what do they decide to drop on the world? First up, the bombshell: "Hey, we're engaged!" Cool, right? But hold on, the very next day, they hit us with another bombshell: "Guess what? We're also expecting a little one!" Now, that's a double dose of surprise that would make anyone's jaw drop.

23. She's Also Worked In Interior Design

Rose Hanbury is basically the Swiss Army knife of talent! I mean, we've seen her navigating the political labyrinth, strutting down the runways, and now, she's decided to sprinkle a bit of magic in the world of interior design. Talk about a woman of many talents!
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So, after conquering the realms of politics and modeling, Rose decided to dip her toes into the world of aesthetic allure. Enter the collaboration with Cabana, a design company that probably did a happy dance when they realized they were teaming up with the Marchioness of Cholmondeley herself.

24. She And Kate Considered Legal Action Against 'Rumors'

So, before the recent mistress drama hit the headlines, there were already whispers and murmurs about Kate and Rose having a bit of a falling out. Rumors, the paparazzi's favorite plaything, were working overtime, and the tabloids were having a field day.
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But, plot twist! In the end, they decided to take a different route—a road less traveled in the world of scandalous headlines. Instead of engaging in a courtroom spectacle, they opted for the art of royal nonchalance. Yep, they went with the classic strategy of "let's just ignore it and carry on."

25. Rose Has Been Seen In Public With William And Kate Since The Rumors Began

So, amidst the recent storm of mistress rumors swirling around Rose, she decided to channel her inner fearless royal and made appearances at a few public engagements with none other than Prince William and Kate. Now, whether this was a strategic move or a coincidence worthy of a dramatic plot twist is anyone's guess.
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icture this: Rose, the woman in the eye of the royal rumor hurricane, casually making her way to events like Prince Philip's Memorial and Queen Elizabeth's Funeral. I mean, those are not your average afternoon tea gatherings; they're the kind of occasions where the royal spotlight is brighter than ever.

26. Her Son Will Become Heir Based On Weight

So, there they were, born at the same time, ready to make their debut on the royal stage. But wait, the royal decree says, "Heir designation will be determined by the scales." Yep, the baby with the higher birth weight gets the golden ticket to royal heir-dom. It's like a royal version of "The Biggest Baby" competition.
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Can you imagine the royal midwives huddled around, not just measuring length and administering post-birth cuddles, but also checking those scales with a level of seriousness usually reserved for matters of state? "And the winner is... the chunkier one!"

27. It Was Believed Kate 'Iced Out' Rose

Now, we've all been through the ebb and flow of friendships, right? But when you're part of the royal family, every social move becomes a headline. So, the whispers in the aristocratic grapevine suggested that Kate and Rose were once bosom buddies. They were the kind of friends who probably shared secrets, giggled over tea, and strolled through manicured gardens together.
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And here's where it gets even juicier. The alleged fallout between Kate and Rose becomes the perfect backdrop for the recent mistress rumors involving Rose and Prince William. It's like the plot of a royal soap opera, where friendships unravel, and scandalous whispers start circulating.

28. It Gets A Bit Messy With Her Sister And Relationships

So, not only does Rose have a penchant for older men, but it seems like it runs in the family. Her sister takes it up a notch by marrying a man a whopping 20 years her senior. Now that's what you call a significant age gap, right?
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But wait, it gets even more intriguing. In the royal soap opera that is Rose's love life, she once dated the son of the very man her sister is now happily married to. Yep, you heard that right. It's like a romantic puzzle where the pieces are shuffled, and the connections are as tangled as a Shakespearean plot.

29. Her Husband Isn't Technically 'Rich'

Sure, they've got this sprawling estate that probably has more rooms than the average person has friends, but David's not exactly doing a money dance. You see, he might have inherited a hefty sum, but here's the catch—it's not just chilling in his wallet waiting to be spent on gold-plated caviar
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No, no, David's wealth is playing hide-and-seek in trusts, land, and artwork. It's like a high-stakes version of financial Jenga, where the money is strategically stacked in various places, making it a tad tricky to access for everyday splurges.

30. Her Son Is Going To Have An Important Role In The King's Coronation

Just imagine little Oliver, decked out in his page-boy finest, taking on the important role of helping with the robes. It's like a pint-sized glimpse into the regal behind-the-scenes, where even the youngest members of the aristocracy have a part to play in the grand theater of a coronation.
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And let's talk about the significance of this moment. The coronation is not just any royal event; it's the pinnacle of regal ceremonies, where history is woven into every fabric of the proceedings. To have Rose's son right there in the thick of it, playing a role in the ritual of robes and regalia, adds an extra layer of connection to the royal saga.

31. Her Appearance At Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral Raised Eyebrows

Now, you might think, "What's the big deal? It's just one woman paying her respects." But here's where it gets juicy—rumors had already started swirling in the royal gossip mill about Rose and her alleged involvement in a certain scandalous narrative. So, her attendance at a momentous occasion like the funeral became a front-row seat to the drama unfolding in the regal corridors.
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The tabloids probably had a field day, analyzing every step, every glance, and every nuanced expression, searching for clues to the unfolding royal soap opera. It's the kind of scenario where attending a funeral isn't just about mourning; it's about navigating the treacherous waters of aristocratic intrigue.

32. William Apparently Tried To Be 'Peacemaker' Between Rose And Kate

So, back in the day when the whispers of a fallout between Kate and Rose first began, it seems like Prince William, being the doting husband and savvy royal, decided to don the hat of a peacemaker. Talk about navigating the high-stakes world of aristocratic relationships!
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Picture this: William, the poised prince with a knack for diplomacy, trying to keep the peace between two influential women in his life. It's like a royal version of mediation, where avoiding drama is the name of the game. Because let's face it, when you're part of the royal family, the last thing you want is headlines screaming about a rift between duchesses.

33. But He Was Unsuccessful!

Well, it looks like even the future king couldn't pull off a flawless peacekeeping mission in the realm of royal relationships! Despite Prince William's diplomatic efforts to keep the harmony alive, the alleged fallout between Kate and Rose decided to stick around like an uninvited guest at a royal ball.
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But alas, the royal diplomacy didn't quite achieve its intended result. Kate and Rose apparently decided to take a detour on the friendship highway, opting for a path that led them away from each other. It's like a chapter from a royal novel where even the best-laid plans of a future king can't always mend the bonds of regal camaraderie.

34. A British Socialite Tweeted 'Confirming' The Affair

Enter Giles Coren, the British food critic and socialite, adding a dash of spice to the already simmering pot of royal rumors! Not content to let the alleged cheating scandal quietly unfold, he decided to throw his Twitter hat into the ring and, in a move that's as bold as a Michelin-starred dish, dropped what some might call a Twitter bomb.
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It's like a plot twist in a socialite saga, where a British food critic becomes an unexpected player in the unfolding drama of aristocratic scandal. And the beauty (or perhaps the chaos) of it all lies in the certainty of his statement—no ambiguity, no room for interpretation. He claims it's common knowledge, as casual as discussing the latest menu at a trendy restaurant.

35. But The Accusations Have Also Been Denied By Many Royal Experts

So, after Giles Coren dropped the bombshell tweet about the alleged affair, it didn't take long for the royal experts to step into the ring, donning their virtual capes and declaring, "Hold on, not so fast!". I suppose that would be their job either way though right?
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Now, the interesting part is that, whether it was the grammar, the spelling, or just the general vibe of the tweet, some eyebrows were raised about its authenticity. It's like a linguistic detective story where the language itself becomes a clue to the true nature of the message.

36. Did The Rumors Make William And Kate 'Stronger Than Ever'?

In the case of William and Kate, it seems like their marriage emerged from the fiery furnace not just unscathed but, according to the tales whispered in the corridors of aristocracy, even stronger than before. Although, they wouldn't show othewise if it hadn't, would they?
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Now, you'd think that being in the public eye, with every move dissected and every whisper magnified, would make any royal couple vulnerable to the whims of scandal. But lo and behold, William and Kate decided to defy the odds and turn the tables on the gossip mill.

37. Rose Married David In Chelsea Town Hall

While we've seen the grandeur of royal weddings with towering cathedrals and cascades of flowers, Rose opted for a slightly different setting to say "I do." Drumroll, please—Chelsea Town Hall in the heart of the posh borough of Chelsea in London!
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Now, we're used to imagining royal weddings as these elaborate affairs with opulent palaces as the backdrop, but Rose and David decided to mix it up. Chelsea Town Hall might not have the grandiosity of a royal palace, but it's got a certain swanky charm that fits right into the upscale vibe of Chelsea.

38. It Was Their Charity Work That Brought Rose And Kate Closer

Before the royal drama and the whispers of falling outs, Kate and Rose were more than just acquaintances—they were chums, buddies, pals, you name it. So, what was the glue that initially bound these two high-profile women together? Charity work, of course!
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Imagine them, not as duchesses and Marchionesses, but as two friends with a shared passion for giving back. They probably collaborated on projects, attended charity events side by side, and swapped stories about the fulfilling yet challenging world of philanthropy.

39. She Has A Personal Instagram Account

In the age of social media, even the most private individuals find themselves navigating the treacherous waters of online scrutiny. Take Rose Hanbury, for instance—someone who, by her own accord, might prefer to steer clear of the rumor mill. Yet, in this digital age, having an active Instagram account opens the floodgates to a realm of opinions, comments, and, unfortunately, the occasional trolling.
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And what's the go-to insult in the world of royal gossip? The infamous 'snake.' Yes, it seems the emoji for this legless reptile has become a digital signature of disapproval, a symbol that hints at betrayal or deceit. So, in the midst of Rose's Instagram updates, there it is—the digital snake making its appearance.

40. And She Also Made One For Her Fancy Home!

Enter Houghton Hall, the majestic residence that Rose Hanbury calls home, and, surprise surprise, it has its very own Instagram account. Because, let's face it, when your abode is a living testament to grandeur and history, it deserves its own corner of the digital realm.
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While many house-centric accounts might focus solely on architecture and interiors, Houghton Hall's account is a delightful blend. Yes, you'll find glimpses of the stately rooms and grandeur, but every now and then, Rose herself makes an appearance. It's like a digital scrapbook where house and inhabitant share the limelight.

41.  Both Women Are Still Married

Yes, back in 2019, when the whispers of alleged discord between Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury first hit the headlines, it was like a plot twist in the grand narrative of royal relationships.  I'm surprised we didn't hear more about it beforehand.
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So, despite the headlines, the whispers, and the occasional tabloid frenzy, both Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury continue to be happily married to their respective husbands, Prince William and David Rocksavage. It's like a testament to the resilience of love in the face of the ever-churning rumor mill.

42. It's Not 'Royal Protocol' To Comment On Rumors

Ah, the intricacies of royal protocol—a set of unwritten rules that dictate the dos and don'ts of regal behavior. While a joint statement from Kate, Rose, or even Prince William might have been the perfect remedy to quell the rumor storm, it turns out that in the world of royalty, certain things are just not the 'done' thing.
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In the hallowed halls of royalty, discretion is key, and a public statement addressing personal rumors is a departure from the traditional playbook. It's like navigating a maze where every move is carefully calculated to maintain an air of dignity and reserve.

43. True Or Not, The Rumors Had An Impact

Imagine the private moments, the hushed conversations, the subtle reassurances—all transpiring behind the closed doors of palaces and regal residences. Even when you know the rumors are baseless, the mere existence of whispers questioning your partner's fidelity is undoubtedly a heavy burden to carry.
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So, while the public might have been left to 'ignore' the rumors, the impact on Prince William and Kate Middleton behind the scenes is a different story. It's like navigating a delicate emotional landscape, where trust and unity become shields against the external noise.

44. Kate's Thoughts Were For Her Children

Indeed, the ripple effects of royal rumors extend far beyond the regal couple themselves. In this case, it's not just Prince William and Kate Middleton caught in the crossfire, but their trio of little princes and princesses who will one day navigate the intricacies of royal life.
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So, here's to the quiet strength of Kate Middleton, the mother who, amid the whispers of scandal, must navigate the delicate balance of protecting her children from the harsh glare of royal life. Cheers to the resilience of family bonds, where love and protection become the shield against the storm of gossip.

45. And They Were Forced To Re-Evaluate Their Relationship

When faced with the storm of gossip, a couple like Prince William and Kate Middleton might find themselves contemplating the fabric of their bond and considering ways to fortify it against external pressures. No one is safe from relationship problems, are they?
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Maybe they decide to prioritize each other, carving out moments in their hectic schedules to nurture their relationship. Perhaps they find solace in shared experiences, creating a fortress of memories to counteract the fleeting whispers of scandal. And, of course, the protective instincts might kick in, prompting a collective effort to shield their family.

46. But There's Now A Claim Rose *Is* Getting Divorced

Imagine the royal drama unfolding: David and Rose, seemingly the epitome of marital bliss, facing whispers that their union is on shaky ground. It's like a regal soap opera, where each episode introduces a new plot twist, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.
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And here's the twist: despite outward appearances of a harmonious marriage, rumors suggest a brewing storm of separation or even divorce. The whispers, like elusive specters, hint at tensions that might be lurking behind the regal facade. Could it finally be over?

47. Some Further Rumors Claim Rose's Child Is Actually William's

Here's the cliffhanger: Rumors swirling around suggest that Rose's daughter might have a mysterious parentage, with whispers daring to insinuate that Prince William, not David, could be the father. It's like a plot straight out of a royal drama, complete with clandestine affairs and hidden truths.
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Now, let's dive into the labyrinth of speculation. The birth timings, the family dynamics—every detail scrutinized for clues. It's the kind of narrative that makes tabloid headlines and fuels the imagination of onlookers. But, of course, we must tread carefully on the grounds of gossip, as speculation is just that—speculation.

48. Rose Was Actually Labelled 'The Best Dressed' Guest At William And Kate's Wedding!

Well, well, well—talk about a wedding guest with style! Rose Hanbury not only scored an invite to the grand affair that was Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding, but she also claimed the title of the best-dressed guest. It's like a fashion fairy tale unfolding in the halls of regality.
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Picture this: Rose, a vision of elegance and sophistication, gracing the auspicious occasion with her impeccable sense of style. As a former model, it's no wonder she effortlessly claimed the sartorial crown, strutting her stuff in an ensemble that turned heads and captured the imaginations of fashion enthusiasts everywhere.

49. She Has Connections To The Very First Prime Minister

Well, isn't that a fascinating twist in the tapestry of history! Enter Sir Robert Walpole, a key figure in British political history and widely regarded as the very first Prime Minister of Great Britain. Now, here's where it gets even more intriguing—Sir Robert Walpole happens to be an ancestor of Rose Hanbury's husband, David.
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And here's the kicker—the very home they reside in, Houghton Hall, was once the abode of Sir Robert Walpole himself. It's like a regal handover, a passing of the torch from one era to another, where the corridors of power witnessed a seamless transition from the political arena to the realm of aristocracy.

50. She's Been Friends With William And Kate For Over A Decade

Ah, the plot thickens with the roots of a decade-old friendship, a narrative that predates the whispers of scandal and echoes of alleged affairs. Picture this: a trio—Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Rose Hanbury—bound not just by recent royal events but by a history that spans back a solid ten years.
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Now, fast forward to the present, where the foundations of this longstanding friendship face the scrutiny of tabloid headlines and the weight of scandalous whispers. The very roots that once anchored this trio in friendship now bear the strain of public speculation.