Things We Should All Be Buying At Dollar Tree To Save Us Big Bucks

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Dollar Tree is the answer to many of our first world problems, whether you've ran out of cleaning supplies, or you're preparing for the festive season, it has pretty much everything you'll need for a VERY good price. You may not even know that Dollar Tree stocks some of the things on this list, all of which for a dollar a piece. After this, you won't want to shop anywhere else for your junk drawer essentials...

Seasonal decor

If you don't frequent the Dollar Tree, you might not know, but they have a pretty extensive selection of various holiday decor during each season of the year. So if you need some new holiday decorations, or you're throwing a themed party, you'd be smart to check out Dollar Tree first!
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They have cute things, especially when you're only getting them out once or twice a year. You can find everything from trays, decorations, DIY items and so much more. The best part is thatthe price won't break the bank!
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Gift bags and gift wrap

If you're a gift giver, then you know the importance of not only the present, but also the way it's presented. We love a cute package for our gifts. However, gift bags, wrapping paper and bows can be way more expensive than you would ever imagine. So that's why you need Dollar Tree!
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This is a great way to save some money, because they have a big selection and the prices are cheap, as always. There's a bunch of different colors and styles, so you'll definitely be able to find something that suits that cute present you bought for your bestie's birthday!

All things hair related

Look, we lose hair ties basically every day. Not sure how it happens. One second you have an entire pile, and the next you can't find any anywhere. So why not save yourself some money and stress by picking them up at Dollar Tree?!
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They're super cheap, and you can find everything from headbands and ponytail holder to clips and cute berets! They offer a lot of different colors and styles, so if your little one is really into Barbie or the color orange, you can probably find someone that they'll love here!


If you're into DIY things, then you definitely want to buy your vases at Dollar Tree. Even if you're not, they have a great selection of glass vases that are ready to go! You can use them for centerpieces in your home or at an event. They have a great variety of shapes and sizes and styles.
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If you're feeling crafty, you can buy acrylic paints and make them even more your style or match them to your existing decor. Every home feels brighter and happier with fresh flowers and pretty vases, so you really can't go wrong!

Paperwork and plastic utensils

Maybe your kid is only into everything that is the color blue right now. Or maybe you have a camping trip coming up, and you don't want to take actual plates. Dollar Tree has a great selection of paper plates, plastic utensils and throwaway tablecloths.
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So if you're throwing a party in the park or having a picnic, you can pick up all these essentials at Dollar Tree, and it will cost you a fraction of the price that it would at any other major retailer. Customers say the quality is pretty good too!

Reading glasses & sunglasses

You might not think of Dollar Tree as the place to get your next pair of reading glasses or sunglasses. But they actually have a great selection of styles, and they only cost $1! If your eyes are really bad, you probably won't find what you need here...
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...But if you just need a little assistance while you're reading a book, then you might want to check these out. They also have some really cute sunglasses styles for adults and for kiddos. So if your kid loves sunglasses but loses them every 5 seconds, maybe try Dollar Tree ones to save your bank account!


If you're like us, then you can never say no to a lovely scented candle. While we know that the price range on candles can be pretty vast, if you're trying to make your home smell delicious without spending your entire life savings, then you'll want to check out the Dollar Tree selection.
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You might be surprised to find that Dollar Tree has a broad range of candles in various scents and sizes. Customers often say they're surprised about how good these candles smell and how long they last, especially for how cheap they are!

Party streamers

If you're about to throw a party, whether it's a birthday or graduation, you're probably on the hunt for some good streamers. Dollar Tree offers a wide selection of colors, so there's sure to be something that fits your needs.
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Party streamers are never insanely expensive, but they're cheaper at the Dollar Tree compared to anywhere else. And they also have a selection of other party supplies (more on that later), so why not make it a one stop shop! You can mix and match the colors for the perfect aesthetic!


Cheap plastic bandaids that immediate fall off are so annoying. But these ones from the Dollar Tree actually have great reviews saying that they work well. You'd probably do better to get the fabric ones than the plastic ones. They have a cute selection of kid bandaids too, which is great.
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And the price point is, of course, unbeatable. They even offer the hydrocolloid bandaids, which people are obsessed with. Users say they work just as well as the name brand at a fraction of the cost! We'll definitely be trying these!

Mixing bowls

Dollar Tree has two-packs of bowls and plastic mixing bowls with handles for the low low price of $1.25! So if you're looking to spruce up your kitchen or you recently got into baking, then you can definitely save some money purchasing from Dollar Tree.
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Craft enthusiasts also like the selection to do things like papier-mâché and even making homemade slime for the kiddos. The best part is that they're cheap, so if your kids break them, you can easily replace them! There's a variety of colors, so you'll definitely find something that meets your tastes!

Party supplies

When you're planning a birthday party for your kid, it can get a little overwhelming. Who knew that a child could have such a strong opinion about what their birthday theme should be! Dollar Tree can help you out with everything from balloons, banners, noise makers, and even party hats.
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They have a pretty good selection, so we feel confidence that there will be something there your kid will end up loving. It definitely helps cut down on party costs while making sure your party is fun for your child!

First-aid tapes

You never know when you're going to need first-aid tape, so this is one of those things that you should always have on hand in case of an emergency. This stuff can be expensive if you pick it up at the pharmacy.
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Luckily, Dollar Tree carries it for a low cost, and they have the waterproof variety as well as the paper kind. So if you're trying to stock up your first-aid kit at home, you'd be smart to save some money and get all the basics at Dollar Tree first before rounding out whatever you can't find at other stores.

Mirrors and decor accents

When you are trying to spruce up your place and you're looking for little accent decor, then you should head to Dollar Tree first before you drop big bucks on name brand items. Dollar Tree has a variety of mirrors and glass accent rocks, hanging decor and more.
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If you're into DIY, many people have made their own unique mirrors using the accent rocks and mirrors. You can also use the glass rocks to decorate the aforementioned vases as well, and the mirrors can serve as a cool tray to set your candles on. Wins all around!

Peroxide and isopropyl alcohol

Peroxide and rubbing alcohol are another of those things that you don't really need it until you really need it! Both of these items should be in your medicine cupboard with your first-aid kit at all times. So why not save some money and buy them at Dollar Tree?
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They're great to have on hand in a pinch. Basically, what we're hearing is that you need to head to Dollar Tree to stock up on everything that you might need for an impending Zombie Apocalypse. Dollar Tree is single-handedly helping us survive disasters!

Helium balloons

Frequent Dollar Tree customers say that you won't be able to find helium balloons anywhere else for as cheap as they are here. We've talked about balloons and party supplies already, but Dollar Tree also has a massive selection of helium balloons... MASSIVE!
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They'll even fill them up for you on the spot for your next special occasion. Helium balloons can just really elevate the look of your party. We honestly didn't know this was a thing, and these balloons can get pricey, so we'll definitely be taking advantage of this next time!


Given the things we've looked at on this list so far, you might not be surprised to hear that Dollar Tree is actually a great place to look if you want to upgrade your dinnerware. Each item is only $1.25, so you will not be able to beat the prices anywhere else.
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There are a lot of different patterns and colors for you to choose, and if you can't pick just one, they let you mix and match! Because the price is so cheap, it's easy to buy a few different sets for different seasons as well. We love this idea!

Body wash

Who doesn't love a great smelling body wash! However, that simple bottle can be pretty expensive at your local drugstore or Target. Dollar Tree offers a great selection for only a dollar! That's right. And they even have a lot of scents in off-brands that smell EXACTLY like their branded counterpart.
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If you want to treat yourself to a new luxurious body wash, then definitely save yourself some money and use the ones from Dollar Tree. Sometimes they even offer coupons for discounts on this already great deal!

Pens and pencils

It's shocking how many pens and pencils you can go through in a mostly digital world. But it's good to have these items on hand, because you never know when you're going to need to jot something down. If you have kids with homework, then these will definitely come in handy.
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Dollar Tree offers a lot of inexpensive pens and pencils in a ton of different colors. If you're into mechanical pencils, they have those too with the lead that you'll need to operate them for super cheap! Be ready to stock up next school year!

Cups and glasses

If your glassware needs an upgrade, then be sure to browse through Dollar Tree's specialty glassware section. Beyond just everyday cups and glasses, they have a wide variety of margarita glasses, dessert shot glasses, and more. Where else will you be able to pick up martini glasses for $1.25?
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Like the other items we've mentioned, there's an array of colors and styles. You can also buy the items individually rather than in a bundle, so you will be able to leave the store with the exact number that you need!


Toothbrushes are one of those life essentials that everyone needs, but sometimes it feels like they're way overpriced for what they are. But Dollar Tree actually sells a great variety of toothbrushes, including name brands!
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They have really cute ones for kids too, so everyone in the whole family will be happy. Since this is something you need to be replacing every few months anyways, why not save some money and pick them up at Dollar Tree next time you're there to take care of those pearly whites!

Plastic baskets

Whether you have kids or pets or you're just trying to get more organized, you're going to want to take advantage of Dollar Tree's plastic basket selection. They have fun color choices, and some of them are even seasonal colors.
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These baskets will help you stay organized, whether you're using them in your closet or cupboards or garage. They also have a selection of clothes baskets. So if you're trying to Marie Kondo your home on a budget, then be sure to head to your local Dollar Tree to get everything set up!

Pregnancy tests

Whether planned or unplanned, sometimes you need to take a pregnancy test immediately! Did you know that Dollar Tree sells these crucial items? That's right, and it's much cheaper than you would find at any drugstore.
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According to our research, these tests are just as effective as the ones you'd pick up at the local pharmacy. However, users do say that you'd be smart to just double check the expiration date on the packet before you pick it up. As long as the product isn't expired, you should be good to go!


If you're picking up your next set of toothbrushes for the family from Dollar Tree, you may as well grab some toothpaste too! Toothpaste is another item that can be weirdly expensive, but you won't find it anywhere cheaper than Dollar Tree.
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Maybe you're turning up your nose right now at the thought of using "cheap" toothpaste, but the store actually carries Crest, and it's at a great price point. So if you're pinching pennies, this is something we should all start buying from Dollar Tree to save that money!


There's something so therapeutic about sitting down to do a puzzle. We became super obsessed with zoning out doing a puzzle during the pandemic. However, puzzles can be costly, and most people don't do the same one more than once or twice.
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Some of the Dollar Tree puzzles aren't the best quality, but for the most part, they're pretty good, especially when you consider they only cost $1! So if you have an unbreakable puzzle habit, save some money and check out what they have to offer next time you're there! Could be worth it!

Greeting cards

One thing that we find absolutely outrageous is that when you buy a card from any other store, it can run you upwards of $6. Now, we're all for paying the designer and printer and everyone else who worked to produce the cards, but we're pretty sure there's a big markup there.
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Especially when you can buy similar cards at Dollar Tree for only $1.25. You would be crazy to not take advantage of this. So whether you need a last minute birthday card or the perfect Mother's Day card, you might want to check out Dollar Tree's selection first!


In a similar vein to the greeting cards, maybe you're looking for note cards, because you want to have control over what the card says. The store offers a great selection of blank cards or cards that just say one thing on the outside with space for you to write your heartfelt message on the inside.
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Customers say that these packs of cards are very reasonably priced and that the quality of the card stock is excellent. This is a great item to have on hand in your storage for when they're needed! Don't worry, Dollar Tree has always got you covered.

Dental flossers

When these little flossers hit the scene, everyone became obsessed. While we all know that we're supposed to be flossing, sometimes it feels like SUCH a hassle. These flossers are convenient for dental care, and they're also great to keep on you when traveling to avoid a spinach-in-teeth situation.
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But they can be costly if you're picking them up at Walmart. So why not opt for the Dollar Tree version? They're just as good and come with the same dental rating and recommendation. A great item to keep in your medicine cupboard!

Picture frames

We know that everything is digital now for the most part, but if you're like us, sometimes having that one special picture printed and framed just hits different. Have you ever paid attention to how crazy expensive photo frames are? It's honestly pretty wild!
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So if you just want a nice, classic frame to hold a photo from your cute girls trip or a special day with your significant other, be sure to pick up a reasonably priced frame from the Dollar Tree to save that money! The photo will look great on your wall, we promise...

Cotton swabs

If we're being honest, we're not entirely sure if we can get on board with this one. There's something about the brand name Q-Tips that is just superior. That being said, you can get massive quantities of cotton swabs at Dollar Tree for a low cost.
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Most users say that the quality of these swabs is actually pretty good. In other words, they don't break or bend as soon as you try to use them. So we think it's worth a shot! You can also get cotton pads and cotton balls at a really reasonable price here too!

Arts and crafts supplies

We've talked a lot about the various items you should be buying at Dollar Tree to save you money. We've also mentioned how other users head to Dollar Tree because they love DIY projects! So if you do decide to make your own vase or decorate a mirror, Dollar Tree has you covered on the arts and crafts supplies too.
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Their selection is pretty solid and it will run you a LOT cheaper than Target or Staples. You can pick up things like markers and poster board for super cheap, so be sure to check it out next time you're feeling crafty!


We all know that when that headache strikes without warning that we're willing to pay any price just to make it go away! Especially if you're on the road, you just grab the next pack of painkillers you can find at the next gas station.
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Advil is definitely something to stock up at home for a cheaper price instead, so you can save a ton of money you probably don't realize you're wasting away. You can get packs of Advil at the Dollar Store, and not even just one pack for a dollar - you should be able to get three packs of 2 counts for that price!

Pint glasses

Pint glasses are a whole breed of glass all in themselves - while you can get normal cups and glasses to stock up your kitchen, finding the right pint glass is so much trickier (and it can be so much more expensive!). You definitely need some of these ready to go for your summer garden hangouts!
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Why not save yourself some money and buy them at the dollar store? They'll only be a dollar each so you can even get five of them for barely anything! The best thing about them being so cheap is you won't feel guilty when you accidentally smash one, too.

Bobby pins

Bobby pins are as important to the everyday person as much as food and breathing - there's no home that can go without having bobby pins strewn everywhere in the bathroom, or found in the unlikeliest of places. But they're so easy to lose, or because you constantly need more of them!
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This means they can rack up a big bill if you're not shopping for them in the right places! At the dollar store you can get a huge pack of them for only - you guessed it - a dollar. And you'll get A LOT for your money: a pack of over 70!

Your favorite new books

We bet the last place you thought to go browsing for your next favorite fiction or non-fiction read was the dollar store! If you've been heading to the local bookstore, you're going to be spend a whole lot more money than you should. The Dollar Tree is the answer!
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Unless you're someone who loves buying the most expensive hardback from the aesthetic bookstore for your Instagram page, you can grab a book bargain at the dollar store instead. Or do both and switch it up from time to time! Dollar Tree won't just have random books you've never heard of, either - you can find well-known authors there.


Ah, the constant battle with bread. Trying to buy enough so that you don't run out, but not so much so that it goes off before you have chance to eat it. And how to store it correctly so it stays good for longer? How much have we spent and wasted on bread over the years, we wonder.
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The solution is shopping for bread at the dollar store - not only because you won't feel as guilty if it goes out of date because it was so cheap, but also because the cheap bread there will actually be the same top quality brand you can get elsewhere, just for a portion of the price!

Cleaning supplies

When we're trying to budget for our grocery shop for the week, it's bad enough trying to understand how much we can spend on food and where we should cut back. Then you realize you didn't even consider toiletries or cleaning supplies which can rack up a huge weekly bill even themselves...
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...especially when you run out of every cleaning product at once! The good news is that you can buy your cleaning sprays and products at the dollar store instead, and save yourself some money. You'll even be able to buy the popular brands!

Coffee filters

One thing you need to keep on top of so you can make sure you start every day right is your coffee machine - specifically, the filters. You don't want to risk running out when you need them the most, but we also know they can get expensive and annoying to buy when you go through them quickly.
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But the Dollar Tree is here to make is so much easier for you - you'll get almost twice as many coffee filters in one pack as you would anywhere else, for the same price! That means you can easily stock more up at home without overspending.

Cookie sheets

If you're an avid baker, then you'll know how important cookie and baking sheets are - but just like any other important kitchen product, it can get really expensive to keep spending on this equipment all the time. And you can't even compromise on the quality...
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...because that just means your baking product might not cook as well as it should! You can buy super cheap baking and cookie sheets from the Dollar Store, and they're such a good deal that you can even buy them for other DIY projects and not even for baking - you'll want to stock up on these!

Dish towels

There's nothing more annoying than having a pile of laundry and using your last dish towel after you spill food on it. It's surprising how fast we actually go through dish towels seeing as they get dirty so quickly when we're cooking, cleaning and drying those newly-cleaned dishes.
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The best thing you can do is stock up on a pile of them in the drawer - but we know that can get expensive when they all need replacing at once. Luckily, the Dollar Tree offers dish towels for super cheap, so you can buy a few to add to the pile and make sure you don't run out!


Just like those pint glasses, a good mug is something you definitely need as a kitchen staple. Everyone has their favorite coffee mug, that's just the right size, weight and comfort level to hold. We all know mug shape matters for a pleasant drinking experience, after all!
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The best thing about the cheap mugs you can buy at the Dollar Store instead of spending a fortune elsewhere is that they come in every color, so guaranteed you'll find one to match your kitchen. And if you like your mugs a little more interesting, they're cheap to buy for you to decorate the plain surface yourself!

Double-sided tape

This is one of those things that everybody needs in 'that drawer' of the home. And it's always when you need it the most that you realize you've run out, which is why it's so important to keep it stocked up! Double sided tape, like any other craft item or toolkit, can easily get expensive...
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...but why do that when you can buy from the dollar store instead? You can find double sided tape for about a fifth of the regular price at other supply stores, and you'll get around 130 inches of it for that bargain price. You never know when you'll need it!

Index cards

Index cards are so underrated, and they're so handy for a ton of different tasks. Every household needs to stock up on index cards, whether it's for recipe cards, to-do lists, reminders on the fridge, study cards for your kids or even bullet journaling during the day, there's nothing an index card can't do!
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If you're going through a lot of them, though, you might be worried about the price, but when you're getting them from the dollar store, you don't need to. You can get around 200 cards for just a dollar - or 12 packs of them for $6! This is unheard of anywhere else!


Having at least one flashlight in your home - and in an accessible drawer - is a must have for emergency situations or blackouts. Not to mention if you've a huge home with a cellar or an attic, you're going to need one of these bad boys. They can get expensive though, especially if you want more than one!
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Which is why it's a good idea to get from the dollar store instead of top-priced brands at supply stores. Sure, you won't get a well-known hardcore brand from the dollar store, but you'll get a basic flashlight for what you need it to do!

Flip flops

Flip flops are a vacation essential for most people - and they fit so easily in your suitcase or carry on. You even need flip flops for everyday situations, and if you're a swimmer they're handy for the pool so you don't walk around on the wet surface with bare feet.
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If you're going through a lot of pairs because you're wearing them all the time, it can get expensive, so you're definitely best buying them at the dollar store! A simple product for a simple price. Even better if you're doing one of those flip-flop buckets for your wedding and need a ton of them!

Flower pots

Most homes these days know the importance of plants, and while the plants themselves can definitely get expensive, that's not even taking into consideration the cost of essential plant plots! And if we're talking huge garden plants instead of house plants, that's a whole other financial ball game.
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That's why it's important to get cheaper versions wherever you can, and luckily the dollar store has just that. Those basic terracotta pots that are hardwearing can be very expensive at garden centers or other stores, but you can get them for much cheaper at dollar stores.

Disposable baking supplies

When you're an avid baker things can get messy and expensive - and if you're someone who bakes a whole load of different things all the time, you're going to need a whole load of supplies! If you've been buying from dedicated baking supply stores, or even your branded grocery store...
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... then you're probably paying far more than you really need to. At the dollar store, they have those disposable baking pans for your needs - and they don't just have to be used for baking, either. You can use these disposable tins for a BBQ, or to carry your lunch!

Hula Hoops

Hula hoops used to be something you'd just mess around with as a kid, but these days they've become a valid exercise tool to help with workouts, too! Or, you can get creative and use them for wreaths or trailing plant holders. Whatever you need your hula hoop for, don't pay over the odds!
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You can get one from the dollar store for a much lower price tag. Or, if you have kids and are looking for something to distract them with, but don't want to pay over the odds for gadgets or electronics, this is a happy and cheap option that will provide endless fun for them!

Mail supplies

Perhaps you're running a side hustle or home business where you're sending out SO MANY packages a day - or maybe you just like mail the old fashioned way and you send out a lot of letters. Maybe you fancy a closet clearout and you're planning on selling some things online.
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Whatever you need mail packets, envelopes or even stamps for, there's no doubt it gets ridiculously expensive at the post office - and especially if you're buying all the time. Instead, head to the dollar store and get exactly what you need for a fraction of the price.

Pool toys

Preparing for summer can rack up a big price tag - not only do you need everything you usually need for the home, but then you're faced with garden supplies, pool supplies and anything else to make your summer days a little easier.
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One essential, if you have a pool or are heading to the local one, is a pool float to keep the family happy and entertained outside. You can usually find pool supplies, floats, toys and games in the seasonal aisle at your discount stores - and better yet, they're usually out all year round!

Rubber gloves

One essential for the home is also rubber gloves - and you won't just need one pair. Rubber gloves are needed for gardening, washing up, cleaning, using a particularly strong bleach product, or anything else where you need to protect your hand - and one pair just won't do!
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You need different ones, and backup ones as well. All of that can get expensive... but not if you think smart and buy at the dollar store! Buying a cheaper version of rubber gloves won't compromise on what they're capable of doing, and will still protect your hands!