Things We Didn’t Know About Wearing Braces

By molly atherton 11 months ago

1. They Take Longer Than You Think To Work

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Brace might have to wear your braces for 2-3 years! Depending on your case, your orthodontist can estimate how long you might need to wear your braces so that you can get the best results. Don't worry too much, the time will pass in a blink of an eye and you will be enjoying life with a new smile!

2. Getting Yourself Mentally Prepared

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A visit to the orthodontist might seem daunting but don't be afraid of getting braces. No pain is involved when having your braces put on and it's important to remember how awesome the results will be once they are off! So get yourself mentally prepared before arriving at an appointment...

3. Knowing The Cost

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Unfortunately, braces aren't cheap. The cost of braces can range between $3000-6000...Wow! But don't be deterred by the price, braces are the best option and the price will differ depending on location, age and type of braces you require. Keep in mind that invisible braces are even more expensive...

4. You Can Get Colourful Braces

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Braces don't have to look boring and you can put your stamp on them! Why not make your braces beautiful with a colourful look...your orthodontist can provide you with a range of different colours to choose from. You can mix and match or stick with your favourite colour but remember you will be stuck with them for a while.

5. Say Goodbye To Some Of Your Favorite Foods

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Sadly you will have to stay away from some of your favorite foods when getting braces. Certain types of food can apply pressure on your teeth or worse yet can get stuck in between your teeth and braces. Those sugary and sticky treats may taste good but they will cause your braces to fall off or become loose...eek!

6. Dental Hygiene Is More Important Than Ever

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You should always brush and clean your teeth regularly but it is extra important when you have braces. Wearing braces may cause food to accumulate between your teeth and braces and you can even develop more plaque...So get brushing! Keeping on top of your oral hygiene will benefit you in the long run.

7. Can Change Your Smile

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The beauty of braces is that they not only help straighten your teeth but they can even improve your smile! Before getting braces you may have suffered from misaligned teeth (overbite or underbite) which could have caused your smile to be a little crooked. It's time to get that award-winning smile!

8. Lips May Take A Beating

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Because your teeth have constant contact with your lips, you will find that they will look more pronounced when you have braces on and sometimes this can be quite painful. Metal braces can potentially rub and cut your lips…especially in the first few days so make sure you always carry ChapStick!

9. Orthodontists Do More Than You Think

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Orthodontists do a lot more than just fitting your brace. Their main goal is to get the best possible result from the treatment you will be having, so they will make sure they correctly evaluate your teeth and mouth and ask you various questions about what you're hoping to achieve from wearing braces.

10. Teeth Will Be Sensitive

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It is completely normal for your teeth to feel sensitive in the first couple of days or weeks when you get your braces. It's best to avoid drinks and food that will most likely cause sensitivity for a little while until you've adjusted to your new braces. However, you should contact your orthodontist if your teeth continue to feel sensitive.

11. Choosing The Right Orthodontist

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Choosing the right Orthodontist is crucial for the process of getting braces. You need to chose someone who you trust, as they will be responsible for a huge alteration to your looks. People often overlook this, but you need to select an orthodontist that makes you feel comfortable when you're sat in their chair.

12. Different Types Of Braces

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Did you know that there are various types of braces to choose from? Aside from the traditional metal braces, you can get lingual, clear or ceramic braces and you choose the type that suits you best. Your orthodontist will be able to shed some light on the different types and you can learn about their pros and cons before deciding.

13. First Consultation Can Be Free

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Before committing to any orthodontist you should know that most places don't charge for your first consultation. This means that before you make that final decision you can do a bit of shopping around and see which one is right for you. If in doubt always speak to your dentist as they will have their recommendations - It's always good to get a second opinion!

14. Pain Reliever Is Your Best Friend

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Although braces don't hurt that much in the long run they will at the start especially as your mouth and teeth get accustomed to them. The good news is that you deal with the pain by taking over-the-counter pain medication...Yippee! You can also use at-home remedies like numbing gels and ice packs.

15. Teeth Can Become Stained

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Braces make cleaning your teeth a difficult task and if you don't keep up with it your teeth can turn yellow or even become stained...Not a cute look! Make sure you completely remove all food debris and once your braces are off you can consider teeth whitening.

16. Might Develop A Lisp

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Do not fret if you develop a slight lisp after getting braces...this is completely normal. For the first few days or weeks, you may have trouble speaking due to the metal brackets and wires interfering with the movements of your mouth or tongue. It should start to ease up when you get used to talking with your braces.

17. Relearning A lot Of Things

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Getting braces for the first time is definitely an adjustment period. Having a new obstacle in your mouth will mean you will need to relearn some basic things like chewing! Luckily for us, our mouths are quite resilient and it should only take a few weeks for them to be up to speed with the new changes.

18. Making Adjustments

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Those of you who will be required to have an expander or headgear will be more actively involved in your treatment. Having these additional appliances will require you to make adjustments every night or make sure you wear them. Don't worry it isn't too time-consuming and your results will be more effective if you stick at it!

19. Using A Mouthguard

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You should consider wearing a mouthguard when you play sports! Some sports have a high risk of damaging teeth and require you to wear a mouthguard but it is more important to wear one when you have braces. Mouthguards can also be a blessing if your braces break or become loose as they will help protect your cheeks and gums whilst waiting to get them fixed.

20. Changes Your Jawline

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One interesting advantage of braces is that they can change and improve your jawline. Braces can correct your overbite or underbite and give you a more defined jawline by changing the structure of the jawbones that hold your teeth. Something to consider if you're unhappy with your jaw shape.

21. Wires May Break

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Broken or loose wires are quite a common occurrence when having braces. This is nothing to worry about as you can repair braces at home or visit your orthodontist as soon as possible to get it fixed. It can be annoying as loose or broken wires might start poking your cheeks or other areas of your mouth...Ouch!

22. You Can Get Brace Survival Kits

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Did you know that you can get brace survival kits? Wearing braces isn't always ideal and you can face various problems alone especially when you can't visit your orthodontist. These kits can help protect your braces, gums or cheeks from any problems or help temporarily fix them if broken.

23. Might Need Teeth Extraction

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You might be shocked to know that sometimes before you get braces you might need to have one or two teeth removed! In some cases people might have too many teeth (overcrowding) or some teeth are just too crooked that they will need to be removed before braces are applied for the best possible results.

24. Notice A Change In Your Bite

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Biting down or chewing on your food will be noticeably different when you are wearing braces. You might feel like your teeth are out of place...and that's because they 100% are! The brace's job is to move your teeth out of the positions they are accustomed to so biting will feel a bit alien for a little while until you have adjusted.

25. Treatment Can Continue After The Removal

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Don't assume that once your braces are off it's the end of your braces journey. Most Orthodontists will recommend you wear a retainer when the braces are off...this is to ensure that teeth hold in their new position. Be patient and let your teeth get back to being accustomed to not wearing braces.

26. Don't Lose Your Confidence

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Don't lose that smile when you get your braces! Nowadays wearing braces is quite common and there is no reason people will laugh or make fun of you. Many of your favourite celebrities have worn and shown off their braces. Be confident and patient and the results will be outstanding!

27. Brace-Friendly Food

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Eating brace-friendly food will help prevent any damage and help promote good oral hygiene. Eating soft foods like; smoothies or soups can massively help especially when your braces have been tightened as you might be in a little bit of pain and you don't need the extra pressure of hard foods on your teeth.

28. Age Isn't A Factor

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Braces aren't just for kids! The beauty of braces is that anyone can get them, it's just that getting them when you're younger might mean faster results. Braces are made to help correct any dental issues at any age so don't feel silly about wearing them in your adult years.

29. Brushing And Flossing Can Be Difficult

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Brushing and flossing your teeth with braces might require you to have a different technique because it can be a little difficult. Moving your floss isn’t easy when braces are in the way and brushing too aggressively can damage the braces. Thankfully you can get special floss to use on your braces - Helpful!

30. Worth The Investment

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Getting braces will require you to invest a lot of your time, money and effort but the results are more than worth it! Once those braces are off and you can see the results all your worries will disappear. Braces can help you achieve more than just a nice smile and are truly worth it in the end - Can't wait to see your new look!