Things Everyone Should Do Before They Have A Baby

By Callum Atherton 8 months ago

1. Binge Watch TV Shows

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With having a baby on the horizon, the amount of free time with your other half will be extremely small. When the baby arrives there will be lots of things to keep your eye on and one of them won't be the TV. Whether its a movie or that series you never got to finish, now is the time to tie up any loose ends, sit back and relax! Now is the time to get full use of your streaming service!

2. Go Travelling

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Having a child can be one of the most rewarding things you can do but, it can be one of the most limiting things in regards to travel you can do. Is there a place you have always wanted to go? Well while you have the freedom with you and your partner, you should go to experience everything the place has to offer. Start booking your flights and packing your case.

3. Date Nights

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Many sleepless nights and busy afternoons with a baby will make date nights with your partner a distant memory. Make use of the freedom now while you have the chance, go out and enjoy each others company. It could be that restaurant in town that you haven't tried or that late night walk along the beach that you have not done yet. Use this time to get it done.

4. Buy A Place

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Everyone's financial situations are different, but one thing that will be in your sight is buying a home for you and your new born. I know this is easier said than done but, the baby will feel more comfortable in one space that they are going to grow up in. This may be a long term goal but it is certainly something that you and your partner could consider before the baby arrives.

5. Sleep!

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The sleepless nights have already been mentioned and that's why more sleep in the bank may be required before the baby arrives. This may be seen as a good or a bad thing as you don't want to slip into a routine that will be hard to break when the baby is born but, everyone knows that the extra hour in bed may be too hard to resist. It may be time to put the extra fluffy duvet on your bed.

6. Treat Yourself

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The baby will be an expensive person even before they are born as you prepare for their arrival. However, you should not neglect yourself and make sure that you treat yourself. It could be that bag you have always wanted or the watch you have seen in the shop window, don't forget about the serotonin release when you purchase something nice for yourself.

7. Girls Night

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Your friends will be a support network that you will desperately need during your pregnancy or when the baby arrives. It is important to have one last blow out before the pregnancy starts. Whether that is some food and wine at your house or a big boozy night out, to have one last hoorah with your pals will be invaluable when you look back in the middle of your morning sickness-ridden pregnancy.

8. Bucket List Ticking

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Everyone's got a bucket list whether that be a physical or mental one. This is the perfect time to tick some of those of the list before the hectic phase of your life begins during pregnancy. Everyone's bucket list is different but the joy of ticking each of them off will be amazing all the same regardless of the activity. Physical bucket lists are easier and more visual to tick some off.

9. Build A Successful Career

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As said before, having a child and all that comes with it takes full dedication and time. To do this as well as building your professional career is near on impossible. This is why it is recommended to establish your career before trying to have a baby. This will only be relatable to certain people but nevertheless, everyone should be in a job that they are happy with.

10. Take A Bubble Bath

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A warm, bubble bath is the best thing of a long, hard day. These are lovely times to chill and relax with a few candles on and some music playing in the background. The opportunities to do this when having a baby will be dramatically reduced as you are the one bathing them in a time full of mess and tears. Use this time wisely and start running the tub.

11. Road Trips

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There is nothing like a good road trip! The proposition of a road trip with your partner sounds like the perfect time to spend a week. On the open road. Sun beaming down. Unforgettable memories to be created. What could ruin this perfect scenario? A crying, screaming baby could very much ruin the perfect plan. Get it done so distractions are at a minimum.

12. Upgrade Your Car

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A flashy, red sports car sounds perfect as you zip round your neighbourhood, being the talk of the town. Little 2 seater cars are great, but if a baby comes along, you will need to upgrade the car. As putting your new-born in a sidecar on your convertible is illegal, then getting a four seater vehicle in your next options. Look around and spend smart as there will be lots of other expenses required.

13. Purge The House

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We all have that one room, draw or cupboard that has so much stuff in that has not been touched for over a year that could do with a big clear out. You will have to store or hold lots of stuff for when the baby arrives so it is best to offload some of it for storage. Additionally, selling some of the stuff could help towards saving money for supplies for the birthday.

14. Attain Financial Stability

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If you are thinking about having a child, it is important to know one thing- having a child is expensive! They say its the value of a Vauxhall Corsa car every year! It is vitally important to make sure your financial situation allows you to have a child and is stable. Even if you put some money away for diapers for when the baby arrives, the little things will help you in the long run.

15. Redecorate The House

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We all have that bit of the house that requires a lick of paint or even a full makeover. Doing this with a new-born would be near on impossible. Get round to do doing these little bits before the child arrives before they add up over time. Also this could be a nice time to make a bedroom or nursery for the new arrival if you have the space to do so.

16. Have Lots Of Intamicy

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Now, this may seem very linear and a bit crude but this is an important aspect of any relationship. As the female goes through the pregnancy she will become potentially very uncomfortable and her body will undergo some changes. Take used of the situation now as well as the privacy to enjoy each others company in whatever way you see fit. Let's leave it at that!

17. Do A Boudoir Photoshoot

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Another romantic thing to do is to take part in a boudoir photoshoot. Before your body changes, you may want to take advantage of this time to take part in a saucy photoshoot. An activity not for everyone but is a massive boost for self esteem and body confidence which is so important. As well as being a good gift for your partner, it is a fun thing to reflect on later in life.

18. Get A Pet

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A pet may seem like the worst thing you could possibly do when expecting a baby but there is a study which shows the added chaos may be worth in your while. Studies show that babies who have grown up around dogs are more comfortable with dogs as they get older. This bond between your dog and child as they get older can be a thing that everyone can cherish, but research is needed!

19. Pay Off Student Loans

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Them student loans that are lingering over your head can be a daunting cloud if you have not sorted them. With expenses already building, you do not need another outlay in an already expensive period for you and your new family. Having as many outstanding loans settled as you can will not only help with immediate expenses during preparation for the birth but will help you save money!

20. Pelvic Floor Exercises

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All exercise is good to be in a healthy way for when the new-born is arrived. General fitness and health eating will have positive effects on the babies development pre and post birth. Specific exercises may be recommended before pregnancy including pelvic floor exercises. This exercise can strengthen your muscles that control your bladder. Not glamorous but practical.

21. Go To Amusement Parks

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Every one is seeking a thrill from time to time. That could be a walk up a mountain to see the views or a Black Friday shopping dash to snag the best bargains. You can do all these while you are pregnant. However you cannot go on rollercoasters! Even though they are heaps of fun, it is dangerous for pregnant women to ride. So before the pregnancy get to your nearest amusement park.

22. Read Some Books

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All your free time will soon be eaten up by a crying, excited, bundle of joy soon enough. So why don't you use your free time to sit in your favourite spot and allow yourself to be absorbed in a wonderful tale? Many people have their own favourite books and with that they will have their own recommendations. There is even literature about birth and pregnancy if you want a bit of light reading.

23. Learn A Skill

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Speaking of all of this free time that you now have- have you always had that one hobby that you have always wanted to do but never had the chance? Well with free time diminishing with the baby on the way it may be time to pick up a new skill or hobby. One to do in the house may be best so you could do it when you are in the pregnancy phase. Maybe you could learn to knit something for the baby!

24. Focus On Yourself

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There is so much energy that you will need to put into your child that it is important that you are not only in the best physical shape, but mental shape of your life. This is easier said than done, however there are steps you can take to help build your mental fortitude. Activities such as meditation, yoga and journaling can help improve your mental health.

25. Fall In Love

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This may seem very obvious but many people think that having a baby can mend their relationship. Divorce or separation can have emotional effects on the baby when it grows up in some cases. In all cases, you want to bring the baby into a strong, loving and caring home built on strong foundations and that means making sure you and your partner are solid.

26. Face Your Fears

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The thought of becoming a mum can be a liberating, freeing and overall exhilarating prospect. This is what will be the beginning of you developing your 'mum strength'. You may use this to face some fears and as a story to tell your daughter or son in the future on how to conquer their fears. Possible activities could include sky dive, bungee jump or trying different foods to name a few.

27. Get A Tattoo

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Every tattoo has its own story to the person who is wearing it and in the future you may want to get one in relation to your child. The only issue is that people advise from getting tattoos during pregnancy as allergies or infections could cause complications with you and the baby. For this reason, if you do fancy getting some new ink, get it before the thoughts of children or after they are born.

28. Secure Your Support System

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Having a baby is going to be a trying, stressful and testing period for you and your partner. It is important to establish a support system early for when the child arrives. This could be siblings, parents or friends that could give you rest bite, a little helping hand or some company either before or after the birth. There is no point doing it on your own if you can get the support around you.

29. Get Fit

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We have said about the importance of exercise and keeping fit and the positive benefits to the birth and the baby. There is lots of classes and plans to follow for pregnant women. There is also no harm in getting into better shape before starting the pregnancy phase. This will save you possible struggles before during and after the pregnancy with food being very important.

30. Throw A Party

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Finally and most importantly, throw a big party with all your family and friends before you think of children. A big, boozy party can only be done before children as alcohol and lots of rich, high saturated fatty food are harmful to the child's development. physically and mentally. So before you think about a little boy or girl, throw a party with your favourite food, drink and people.