Things Everyone Should Do Before They Book On AirB&B

By Jack Clark 9 months ago

Read Reviews

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Before you hit that "Book Now" button on Airbnb, read some of the guest reviews. These insights provide a sneak peek into what the property is actually like. Scan for consistent themes – are guests raving about the cozy beds and stunning views, or are there concerning tales of leaky faucets? Their experiences can be your crystal ball for foreseeing any potential hiccups during your stay. Plus, reading about the host's responsiveness can set the tone for your communication expectations.

Check Host Profile

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In this digital age, it's like having coffee with your host before you even pack your bags. Peek into their profile to unravel the narrative of their hosting journey. Their response time speaks volumes about their commitment to guest satisfaction. A seasoned host with numerous positive reviews under their belt is like a reassuring pat on the back. Keep an eye out for superhosts – they're the MVPs of hospitality, often going above and beyond to craft memorable stays.

Cancellation Policy

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Life is unpredictable, and plans can somersault in the blink of an eye. Familiarize yourself with the property's cancellation policy – it's your parachute in case the unexpected happens. Whether you're the "plan-every-minute" type or a go-with-the-flow traveler, knowing your options can save you from future heartache. Some properties offer flexibility, while others might require a bit more commitment. Choose wisely, and you'll be prepared for whatever curveballs life throws.


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Imagine waking up to realize your "cozy countryside escape" is actually miles away from civilization. Don't let that be you! Map out the property's location and see if it aligns with your itinerary. Is it close to the attractions you want to explore, or will you need to go on a cross-country expedition? Safety is paramount, so look into the neighborhood's vibe, especially if you're planning evening strolls or late-night snack runs. A well-placed abode can be the anchor for a seamless adventure.


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Wi-Fi addicts, unite! Don't end up in a tech desert when you expected a digital oasis. Dive into the list of amenities and make sure they tick off your must-haves. Are you dreaming of whipping up a breakfast feast? A kitchen is non-negotiable. Need to stay connected for work or sharing your escapades? Give a virtual nod to properties with reliable Wi-Fi. Whether it's a pool, a pet-friendly policy, or an espresso machine – these are the ingredients that flavor your stay and make it uniquely yours.


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Make sure you look through the property photos. Don't just glance; scrutinize. Photos are the gateway to the world you're about to step into. Do they showcase the luxurious bathroom promised in the description? Are the living room and bedroom actually cozy or just snug? Look out for any red flags like oddly cropped images or a lack of pictures of certain spaces. A picture is worth a thousand words; in this case, it could spare you from a thousand disappointments.

House Rules

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Imagine rolling into your dream Airbnb only to discover that it's a "no-pets zone" while your furry friend rides shotgun. Spare yourself the heartache by diving into the house rules. Whether you're a party animal or a peace-loving introvert, these guidelines can spell out the dos and don'ts of your stay. Are there curfews, smoking restrictions, or limitations on bringing in your entourage? Make sure the rules align with your lifestyle so you can have your vacation cake and eat it too.

Check-In/Check-Out Times

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Time can be a tricky fellow, and knowing when you can waltz into your temporary abode is crucial. Double-check those check-in and check-out times to ensure they fit your travel itinerary like a snug glove. Arriving in the wee hours of the morning only to discover that you're locked out till noon? Not the ideal start to your adventure. Whether you're an early riser or a night owl, having these timings squared away can ensure a seamless entry and exit.


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If mobility is your concern, don't let stairs or narrow doorways rain on your parade. Ensure the property is accessible by checking for wheelchair ramps, elevators, or ground-level entries. Don't hesitate to ask the host about accessibility features. Your comfort and convenience matter so you can navigate your space with ease. A little diligence upfront can guarantee that your stay is as smooth as silk, without any unexpected mobility hurdles.

Noise Level

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Peace and quiet or a bustling hub of activity – your idea of tranquility might differ from the next person's. Scan through reviews or have a candid chat with the host about noise levels. Are there rambunctious neighbors, late-night construction projects, or a nearby karaoke bar? Avoid the unpleasant surprise of being jolted awake by sounds that don't quite fit your vibe. Your temporary retreat should be an oasis of calm where you can recharge and unwind without a decibel disturbance.

Safety Measures

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Safety first, always! Before you commit to your Airbnb adventure, make sure the property is equipped with essential safety features. Do they have smoke detectors to keep you informed in case of a smoky mishap? Are fire extinguishers within arm's reach, ready to douse any flicker of danger? A first aid kit can be your knight in shining armor for minor mishaps. Your peace of mind is priceless, so ensure your temporary home is a sanctuary where safety is a top priority.

Local Transportation

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Ready to explore your chosen destination? Delve into local transportation options to ensure you're not left stranded like a castaway. Whether you're a public transit aficionado or prefer ride-sharing apps, being conveniently connected can open up a world of adventures. Check if there's a subway station around the corner or a bus stop down the street. Smooth travel can transform your getaway into an effortless journey of discovery.

Local Attractions

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From hidden gems to tourist magnets, your Airbnb experience isn't confined to the four walls you sleep in. Research nearby attractions, eateries, and convenience stores before you pack your bags. Are there charming cafes for your morning brew fix or parks for a serene afternoon stroll? Local knowledge is your secret sauce for making the most of your stay. Discovering a cozy bookstore or a bustling night market can turn your trip into a treasure hunt of experiences.


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Got questions? Now's the time to put that curiosity to good use. Reach out to the host with any queries you might have. Their response time and willingness to help can reveal the kind of experience you're signing up for. Do they get back to you faster than you can spell "Airbnb," or do they seem to be perpetually lost in the digital wilderness? A responsive and helpful host can be your travel buddy from afar, ensuring you're always in good hands.


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To sniff out any potential pet-related predicaments, confirm the pet policy before you dive into your Airbnb escapade. If you have allergies or are simply not a fan of furry or feathery companions, knowing whether pets are allowed can save you from unexpected sneezing fits or surprise encounters. On the flip side, if you're bringing along a four-legged friend, ensure the property is pet-friendly and ready to welcome your fur baby with open arms (or paws!).

Smoking Policy

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In the world of Airbnb, not all spaces are created smoke-free. Make sure that you double-check the smoking policy. Even if you're not a non-smoker, you might still prefer a smoke-free sanctuary. Make sure you won't be greeted by the lingering scent of tobacco or the sight of a charred ashtray. Your lungs deserve fresh air, and your nose will thank you for sparing it from unwelcome odors.

Extra Fees

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Before you dive into the pool of vacation excitement, give a quick glance at the fine print. Are there hidden fees lurking in the shadows? Cleaning charges, service fees, or security deposits can be unexpected bumps on your financial road. Transparency is your best friend here. Ensure you're aware of all the extra costs so there are no surprises when it's time to settle the bill. A budget-friendly stay is a happy stay, after all.

Group Size

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Traveling solo, as a couple, or with a crew? Make sure the property is a comfortable fit for your entire entourage. Double-check the number of beds and sleeping arrangements. You don't want to play a round of musical chairs every night to figure out where everyone will snooze. A cozy, spacious stay can be the backdrop for shared memories and good times. A snug fit might be great for a cozy movie night, but when it's bedtime, you want everyone to have their own slice of comfort.


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If you're on the adventure train with your little ones, ensure the property is ready to welcome them with open arms – baby-proofed outlets, child-safe locks, and maybe even a crib. The last thing you need is a non-baby-friendly space turning into a toddler obstacle course. Check if there's room for strollers and a place for the little tykes to run around. A kid-friendly haven can make your family getaway smooth sailing.


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Are you a social butterfly or a "my-castle-my-rules" kind of traveler? Determine the level of privacy the rental offers. Check if there are shared spaces like kitchens, living rooms, or bathrooms. Some crave the camaraderie of meeting fellow travelers in communal zones, while others yearn for an exclusive escape. Make sure the property's setup aligns with your need for solitude or social interaction. Your getaway is your canvas – paint it with the privacy or social vibes you desire.

Internet Reviews

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Dive deeper into the digital realm! While Airbnb reviews are insightful, don't stop there. Scout the vast landscape of the internet for more perspectives. Websites, forums, or travel blogs might unveil a more well-rounded image of the property. Different viewpoints can paint a clearer picture, helping you make an informed decision. It's like getting a second opinion – invaluable when choosing your temporary home away from home.

Contact Information

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Emergency preparedness, check! Before you embark on your journey, save the host's contact details on your device. It's your lifeline if unexpected situations arise. Whether you're locked out, facing a hiccup with the amenities, or just have a burning question, having their number or email handy can save the day. A host's timely response can turn a potential disaster into a mere hiccup.

Ask for Additional Photos

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then more pictures are worth a novel. If you're curious about specific areas of the property that aren't well-covered in the listing photos, don't hesitate to ask the host for more snapshots. Is there an elusive balcony with stunning views or a hidden gem of a garden? A closer look can quell any curiosity and ensure you're signing up for exactly what you envisioned.

Check for Renovations

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Imagine sipping your morning coffee to the soothing melody of... jackhammers? To dodge such scenarios, don your detective cap and ask about any ongoing renovations or construction in the vicinity. The allure of a peaceful retreat can quickly fizzle out if your dreams are punctuated by the symphony of drills and hammering. A quick query can help you steer clear of any auditory disruptions, ensuring your stay is harmonious in every sense.

Payment Method

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Before you dive into the world of Airbnb, take a moment to understand the payment methods in play. Are they aligned with your comfort zone? Whether it's credit cards, PayPal, or other platforms, ensure the transaction process is a smooth sailing. Being on the same page with payment methods keeps those last-minute surprises at bay and guarantees your booking experience is as seamless as your vacation plans.

Local Laws

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Ignorance isn't bliss when it comes to local laws. Before you nestle into your Airbnb haven, take a quick peek at the local laws and regulations that might affect your stay. Some places might have rules that sound as quirky as a comedy sketch – like no eating ice cream on Sundays (okay, maybe not that quirky). From noise regulations to short-term rental laws, a little knowledge goes a long way in ensuring you have a drama-free stay.

Travel Insurance

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Life's curveballs can be quite the jokers. Enter travel insurance – your safety net against unexpected cancellations, flight delays, or other travel mishaps. Consider investing in travel insurance to cushion the blow if your plans take an unexpected detour. It's like having a guardian angel that comes to the rescue when things don't go as planned. Your peace of mind is worth its weight in gold.

Compare Listings

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Before you book a stay, make sure you explore multiple listings. Don't rush into a commitment – take your time and your compare options. Each property has its unique charm, and it's like assembling a puzzle to find the one that perfectly fits your needs and desires. Dig deep into the descriptions, photos, and reviews to craft a memorable stay that checks all your boxes.

Trust Your Gut

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Intuition is your best travel companion. If something doesn't quite click or gives you a nagging feeling, trust your gut. Whether it's an odd response from the host or a mismatch between what's promised and what's shown, it's perfectly fine to keep looking. The right fit will resonate with you like a well-played chord. Don't rush into a booking that doesn't feel right – there's a perfect Airbnb out there waiting to be discovered.

Have Fun

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Amidst all the research, comparisons, and checkboxes, don't forget the ultimate goal – having an unforgettable experience! As you step into your chosen Airbnb abode, let go of the planning stress and embrace the adventure. It's not just a place to sleep; it's your launchpad to new memories. Bask in the coziness, savor the local flavors, and create stories that you'll share for years to come. So, unpack your worries and pack in the excitement – your Airbnb journey is about to begin!