Things Brad Pitt Does To Keep Looking Flawless At 59

By Aaron Love 9 months ago

Avoids Alcohol

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In a recent interview, Brad Pitt revealed that he has been alcohol free for coming up to 10 years now. He admitted that following his split from his former partner he turned to alcohol but has since found himself in a much better place and he is more able to focus on keeping his body healthy.

Drinks Cranberry Juice And Fizzy Water

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He has also admitted that he regularly drinks cranberry juice mixed with fizzy water in order to help cut down his cravings for alcohol. I suppose this probably has something to do with creating the texture and taste (ish) of drinking wine without actually taking in any alcohol.

Drinks Matcha Tea

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Who knew that the secret to this eternal youth that Brad Pitt seems to have could be found within a simple cup of matcha tea? It's definitely one of the drinks of choice over in Hollywood as a result of it's many antioxidants which might be able to keep the wrinkles at bay.

Doesn't Eat Meat

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Originally, Brad Pitt turned to vegetarianism in order to try and cut down on some fats and hopefully stop him from ageing. He gave up on the carnivorous diet in favour of some plant based foods and although I'm sure he might miss a burger here and there, he's barely aged a day in the last few decades.

Eats A Vegan Diet

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Yep, vegetarianism wasn't enough for Brad Pitt and eventually he decided that he needed to turn to veganism instead. That's right no more chicken or meat again and as you'll find out later, that means he can no longer have what was his favourite breakfast, a plate filled with eggs!

He's A Genetic Freak

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Let's face it, no matter how much you work on your body, we aren't all blessed with the best looks are physique, eventually they will deteriorate. But evidently, Brad Pitt must have won the genetic lottery as he just seems to constantly defy the process of ageing. That lucky, lucky man.

He Restricts Calories

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It's probably quite likely that Brad Pitt doesn't make all of his meals for himself, he might have a personal chef to do things for him. But he also knows it isn't all about what you DO eat but also about the things that he should be trying to avoid too. He restricts his calories just like us normals.

Takes Ice Baths

Image Source: Men's Health
Ice baths really are the practice that separate boys from men and Brad Pitt might be one of the most manliest men you'll come across. He isn't afraid to take that deep plunge into freezing water in order to tighten his pores and invigorate his skin. It really must do a good job!

He Sticks To A Strict Diet

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Back before he turned vegetarian and then vegan, Brad Pitt actually used to only eat the same meal every day, especially when he was trying to lean out for his roles. He has even joked about this meal in interviews before! During the period of the early 2000's he claims he ate chicken, broccoli and brown rice hundreds of times.

Regular Exercise

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Throughout his time on our screens, Brad Pitt has had to make weight, lose weight and gain a load of muscle to look the part. In order to bulk up his back muscles and tone his body for the movie Troy in the 2000's he completed numerous dumbbell rows, pull-downs and additional exercises.

He Takes Martial Arts Lessons

Image Source: GQ Australia
During his preparation for the popular movie 'Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood' Brad Pitt actually took a number of martial arts lessons in order to make sure he didn't need a stunt double. There is no doubt that he would have benefitted from this training both physically and mentally.

He Does A Dynamic Workout

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Prior to any of his big workouts, Brad Pitt usually does a little dynamic warm up before to make sure he limits his chances of injury. Dynamic warm ups are used in order to get the mind and muscles connected and allow his joints to feel flexible. And due to his age (no way he's 59 by the way) he probably needs to do it!

Flexibility Exercises

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As I'm sure you're already aware, as someone grows older, their joints can become stiff and your flexibility can often decrease quite quickly. Brad Pitt's trainer has often said that he still does a lot of flexibility work to ensure that his body is still up to scratch for the roles he wants.

He Loves His Carbs

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Although many people suggest that carbs aren't great when it comes to building muscles and fat, Brad Pitt swears by his need for them. Supposedly he finds it difficult to build fat and muscle so he needs them; in fact he typically starts his day off with a breakfast of oats alongside some eggs.

He Really Loves Eggs

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As I just mentioned, Brad Pitt had eggs for breakfast pretty much every single day! But you probably wouldn't realise that he had quite as much as he did. Crazily, he actually had seven egg yolks as well as some egg whites, meaning he used to start his day with a boat load of protein and fats.

Weight Distribution Training

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Unlike many people within the industry who like to take part in some proper full-on, full-body workouts, Brad Pitt usually tends to focus on training one part of the body at one time. Each day of the week he will work on a different part of the body to make sure that he isn't putting too much strain on one muscle.

Intense Conditioning Sessions

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If you're well versed in ensuring that your body remains healthy then you'll know the importance of conditioning your body. Typically conditioning sessions will consist of someone ensuring their muscles aren't overworked or in some cases some quite long and arduous cardio sessions.

Lifts Like A Bodybuilder

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You might not know this, but there are actually numerous different ways to lift weights and it usually depends on what type of career or exercise that you work in. Brad Pitt tends to focus on lifting like a bodybuilder which is usually done as as the perfect way to build up muscle.

Takes Plenty Of Rest Days

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If you exercise enough, you'll know that it isn't particularly easy to always be on the go at every moment of the day. Although he obviously works hard to keep his body in top shape he also knows that it's important to allow his body to heal and therefore he takes enough rest days to ensure is body remains healthy.

He Only Ate Lean Proteins

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Prior to Brad Pitt turning to a vegan diet, he announced that his typical meals would come in the forms of the leanest proteins like chicken and tuna. We all know that proteins are essential within our diet but by focusing on the lean meats he also limited the amount of fat he was intaking.

Adapts Weights And Reps

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In order to either lose or gain weight and muscle for certain roles, Brad Pitt also adapts the amount of reps he makes as well as using lighter or heavier weights. For example, if he's trying to gain weight he'll do more sets on a higher weight but with a lower amount of reps.

He Drinks Protein Shakes

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Protein shakes are obviously a common thing within the fitness industry and so it should come as no surprise that he uses these supplements within his diet too. As the name suggests, protein shakes are quite an easy way to boost the amount of protein you're eating without having to sit down for a meal in his busy schedule.

He Does Yoga

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Another thing that Brad Pitt has said he does to keep fit is regular yoga, which becomes more intense during his periods of filming. He said that the reason he did so wasn't just to support his physical health but also the health of his mind and mentals so he didn't get too stressed on set.

He Keeps Hydrated

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Whilst we often give in to temptation and chug down some carbonated drinks like soda, Brad Pitt tends to avoid drinking things like this. Maybe one of his biggest open secrets is that he prefers sticking to good old H20 and maybe his perfect skin might be the advertisement you need to do the same.

Prioritizes His Sleep

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'Sleep is for the weak' some people say, but clearly Brad Pitt isn't someone that sticks to that motto. He must treat sleep like a precious gem because have you ever seen that man look even remotely tired? He must wake up and look as though he's just stepped out of a make-up studio.

He Doesn't Smoke

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Whilst some people might use a cigarette to add some sort of coolness to their look or maybe they use it as a stress relief, Brad Pitt chooses to avoid forms of tobacco. He's kicked his former smoking habit to the curb and that might even be able to keep his skin looking as good as it does.

He Manages His Stress Levels

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I'm sure being Brad Pitt might come with some stressful moments, but you won't be catching him unravelling. As I mentioned before he loves his yoga and some meditation to keep on top of his mindfulness and therefore even if he's being hounded on the street he should be able to keep his cool.

Has A Skincare Routine

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Even though he clearly has miraculous genes, it's probably quite likely that Brad Pitt sticks to some form of skincare routine. His bathroom is probably filled with high-end skincare products that most of us turn our eyes up at when we look at some of the price tags associated to them.

Keeps His Hair Neat

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Have you ever seen pictures of Brad Pitt where is hair isn't looking great? No? I didn't think so! Whether he's just slicked back his locks himself in the morning or he's had work done on set or for the red carpet he just never seems to have a bad looking hairdo does he? Maybe he has a little help with everything though...

He Has A Professional Stylist

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I'm sure he doesn't just rely on his own genes and himself to make him look as good as he does, it wouldn't be wrong to assume that Brad Pitt has his own professional stylist too. This would be one or a group of people who help with clothing choices and grooming decisions at anytime he needs them!