Things All Women Do That Give Men The Ick

By Jessica O'Neil 8 months ago

Being excessively rude when you have a crush on a guy

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Ultimately, men want to have an authentic dating experience, just like women. Sure, being a little feisty is sexy and appealing, but overdoing it can make a man feel insecure and weirded out by you. Be kind and know when to not take things too far. Otherwise, you could be missing out on an amazing relationship.

Posting too much on social media

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Women are free to do as they please, which means they can make Instagram stories and tweet to their heart’s desires. But, if you share a little too much too often, or you’re posting more than you respond to them, it could scare off your potential suitor.

Flirting with their friends

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Even if his friend is downright irresistible, flirting with his pal can be something your new beau won’t forgive any time soon. It can feel powerful to have two men wrapped around your finger; but, if they hang out every day, things can get pretty complicated for you. Save yourself the drama and go for men who do not know each other.

Using too much perfume

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Dousing your body head to toe in perfume is an act of luxury, but if you have a poor grasp of which scents mix well, it could be a recipe for disaster. When going on a date, be wary of strong scents and try to start off simple. Once you learn more about the person, you can tailor your perfume choice to their sensitivities without having to give up how you’d like to smell.

Spending too much time on your phone

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Instagram is never that interesting anyway, so why are you glued to your phone every time you hang out with him? This is a huge ick for men. They’re softies on the inside, and they want your attention whenever they can get it. Respect your date’s time and give them your focus when you are together.

Being clingy after the first date

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Double texting is fine, even triple texting! But if you’re calling him three times in a row and threatening him when he doesn’t pick up on a Wednesday afternoon, you’re definitely doing too much. Understand boundaries and know when enough is enough.

Sharing too much with your friends

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Spilling tea with your friends is the best part of being a woman, especially when it’s steamy and piping hot. Unfortunately, some men can’t stand when you divulge your most intimate moments with your closest pals. Understand that there are some things that should only be shared between you and your partner.

Having double standards

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If you expect him to perform all the housework and commit to a full-time job while you are a stay-at-home girlfriend, your partner may definitely be feeling the ick. Demanding the world of your man but never wanting to give anything in return isn’t a healthy way to navigate a relationship.

Asking for money before the first date

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Creeping into his DMs to beg for lunch money isn’t exactly the way you want to start off a relationship. In fact, most men are willing to do so even if you don’t ask. Enter into a relationship with pure intentions and don’t demand cold hard cash upfront unless you are expecting the relationship to be transactional through and through.

Blaming your faults on astrology

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Stop attributing your self-obsessed ways to being a Leo. And now you don’t have an attitude because you are a Gemini rising. Astrology is fully up for interpretation, but allowing yourself to fall short because of planetary alignment is just a way for you to escape accountability, which can really push away a man in the long run.

Wearing items your ex gave to you

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The sweatshirt is so warm and comfy, and the ring is really more of a fashion statement than a promise ring. Nonetheless, your new love interest may definitely be put off if you insist on regularly wearing items given to you or owned by your ex. You don’t need to throw these items away, but maybe tone down how frequently you wear them… at least when you’re around him.

Asking them to cut off their girl friends

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Even if he has a ton of girls in his messages or liking his pictures, don’t assume the worst and demand he severs all feminine relationships. Use your discretion and speak truthfully about any friendships you’re uncomfortable with. Otherwise, your bae will definitely be exploring his options.

Messaging other women you assume he’s dating

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This is especially icky if you’ve just started seeing each other. Communication is key, and being combative with other likely innocent parties isn’t great for anyone involved. However, if you feel like he’s straight-up lying after an “honest” conversation, go ahead and message away.

Leaving your nails unkempt

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Men tend to recoil at filthy fingers and jagged nails. Thankfully, you don’t need to hit the salon every other week to keep your nails in good shape. Regularly washing your hands, using hand cream or ointment, and trimming your nails are some of the most hygienic and attractive things you can do.

Blowing him up when he doesn't answer quickly

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He gets it, you miss him and you want him to come home. But he’s a person too, and spending time with his friends is crucial. Attempting to ruin his time without you so you can manipulate him into ending the night early is quite icky and can be identified as a clear abuse tactic.

Criticizing his wardrobe

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Okay, maybe his outfits do need a little help. But making fun of his every fashion choice won’t do him any good. Gently guiding him in the right direction is a lot sexier than laughing in his face when he strings together an outfit. Buy him things you’d like to see him in and hype him up when you’re on dates.

Buying him an awful gift

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Gifts are a great way to show your partner that you are listening to them and you understand them. If your man loves the Red Sox and you buy him a Derek Jeter jersey, do you even like him at all? He definitely won’t think so. When adding anything to your cart, think long and hard about what he’d actually like to receive.

Asking for favors too often

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A man will do anything you ask when he’s into you, but forcing him to respond to your every beck and call can push him away super fast. Don’t be afraid to reach out to him when you need something, but don’t see him for favors more than you see him for fun.

Eat their food when you claimed you weren’t hungry

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If you want the french fries, tell him you want the fries! Men get the biggest ick when women order a messy salad entree instead of the scrumptious pasta dinner they were eyeing in the first place. Be real and get what you want! And keep your paws off of his plate (for now, at least).

Getting upset when they play video games

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You have hobbies you love to attend to, and video games are no less important than your interests. If you find your partner would rather game than pay attention to you, that is definitely something you should address. Otherwise, men will probably get pretty tired of excessive nagging when they’re trying to unwind and indulge in their hobby.

Being obsessed with celebrities

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Kim Kardashian is everywhere, and it kind of feels like you know her or something. But let’s be real – you’re more likely to spend time with the Pope than Ms. Kimberly. Taking the decisions of celebrities personally and talking endlessly about them may make your man a little squeamish.

Changing your personality to appease them

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The best thing you can do in any aspect of your life is be wholly you, no matter what people think. It’s okay to take an interest in what your partner likes, but pretending you like punk music when you can’t stand it can be the downfall of your budding relationship.

Complaining about your looks

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Men like confident women, and it can be pretty icky to spend time with someone who is hypercritical of their appearance and can’t take a compliment. It wears a man down after a while, and at the end of the day, it is your individual responsibility to address your insecurities independently, no matter who you are.

Taking him to a spot you and your ex frequented

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The Cheesecake Factory isn’t the only place in a 25-mile radius with a steak and salmon combo dinner. There is no need to put a new partner through the awkwardness of a dinner at the place where you and your ex used to giggle and share a dessert. Make new memories and try new things with your partner.

Making fun of him in front of your friends

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He has his quirks, but there are some he really doesn’t want you to share with anyone else. Putting down your man in front of your girls for the sake of the joke may feel good at the moment, but you may lose him down the line if you keep it up. Choose your words wisely and be empathetic.

Being mean to other women

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You can be a strong, confident woman without tearing down other women around you. Even if a woman is wearing the most revealing outfit you’ve seen in your life, this doesn't mean you should scoff at her in front of your potential partner. He may find you too insecure for his liking.

Asking when he will propose

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Depending on how you choose to navigate the roles in your relationship, your man may want to be the one to pop the question. If this is what you’d both prefer to do, allow him to surprise you, and don’t attempt to commandeer the event. It’s okay to be curious about the timeline though! Talking about these things is an important and necessary step in a healthy relationship.

Expecting him to read your mind

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Even if he is a psychic, you should always be vocal about how you feel. Most miscommunication comes from saying nothing at all. Let him know what you’re thinking and what you want. When you don’t, you’re allowing the relationship to fester, and his feelings may change for you.

Being a pillow princess

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Men want to see you put in a little work in the bedroom. Laying back and enjoying yourself isn’t a bad thing, but never showing off your moves can lead a man to boredom. Keep things spicy and take charge, or at least make sure you’re taking his pleasure into account as well.

Judging him when he cries

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The days of men being unable to cry publicly are over. Men will definitely get the ick if you put them down for being emotional in front of you. It signals to them that you do not take them seriously, and more importantly, it tells them you are not a nurturing, progressive individual.