Things All Men Do When They Are In Love

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Ah, love! That mystical potion that turns even the most composed men into a whirlwind of quirks and actions. Buckle up, because this journey into the labyrinth of male emotions is about to get intriguing!

1. They slow down to match your step

Studies have shown how men walk when they're alone, with their friends, and with the one they love. They have concluded that men
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slow down when they're in love and they match the pace of the person they're in love with, now that's pretty darned cute. Original content sourced from

2. He'll give you forehead kisses

You can totally tell by the way a man kisses a woman and how he sees her. If he's giving you tender forehead kisses, he's showing
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that he cares for you. Men kiss lips out of passion which could be love or lust. A man kisses your forehead when he's genuinely in love.

3. They'll tell you 'I love you'

It's a popular belief that women fall in love first and tell a man they love them first. But science claims differently as many studies
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have shown that men actually fall in love faster and that they'll say the all-important three little words first too!

4. They'll start making references to a future together

You'll be able to tell when a man starts to fall in love with you even without him explicitly saying 'I love you'. At first in the dating stage,
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he might not see it as serious or know that it's going to go anywhere serious. When he falls in love he'll be talking about future plans.

5. They start seeing other men as potential competition

When a man falls in love with you he doesn't want anybody else to have you. He'll want to be the best man he can for you and
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he'll see some other guys as potential competition. Because when a man is in love with you he'll think you're the best girl in the world.

6. His voice will change and likely become higher pitched

Science believes that a man's voice varies depending on who he is with. So a man may use his natural voice on a day-to-day basis,
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but when he is with the woman he's in love with, he subconsciously mimics her voice so that his tone becomes more matched.

7. They call you perfect and believe it

They say love is blind and it's kinda true. Everyone has faults and there's absolutely nobody that is perfect. But when he's in
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love with you he'll think you're perfect, or as close as you could possibly get! He'll tell you you're perfect he truly does believe it.

8. They want to spend all of their time with you

The feeling of being in love makes the sense of time fly right outta the window. Being with someone we love feels like no time at all.
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So when a man is in love with you he'll want to be with you all of the time and he won't get sick of spending every second with you.

9. They really listen to you

Have you ever been on a date where you're talking and you know he's not really paying that much attention? But when a man
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is in love with you he'll listen and GENUINELY listen. He'll take in every word you are saying because he actually cares about you.

10. He'll spend the majority of his time thinking about you

Some surveys have shown that men and women in love spend up to 85% of their time thinking about each other! That's a helluva
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lot of time. It means you're essentially on his mind all the time. So just know, if he's in love with you, he's probably thinking about you.

11. He'll introduce you to his family and friends

A man who is in love with you is proud of you. He'll want to show you off to his family and friends and he'll want them to welcome
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you with open arms. It will be super important to him that you get involved with his life because he wants you to be a part of it.

12. His eyes light up when he sees you

You don't really need to hear him say it to know if he's in love with you. Eyes never lie, and an expression can give away how a
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person truly feels. You'll just see it in his eyes if he's in love with you. He'll look at you differently and they'll light up.

13. They laugh more

Generally, when we're in love we're happier. And so a man in love is known to laugh more. When you're mood is positive
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and you feel happy everything seems lighter and funnier. If a man is laughing around you it's because he's in love with you.

14. He remembers what you've said

You know that feeling when a guy mentions something that you once told him and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because
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he's remembering small details about you as he's not just into you, he's in love with you. Guys don't remember the little things for anyone.

15. They'll do anything for you

He'll make it very clear that he will do anything for you, he just wants to make you feel happy. You know that nothing is too great
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to ask him because he'd be willing to help you. When a guy is willing to do whatever it takes, he's truly and madly in love.

16. He'll post you on social media

When a guy is in his single era, he's probably playing the game and he doesn't want to be posting pictures of girls to his social media
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because he doesn't want other girls to think he's in a relationship and 'taken'. When he does post you, he's only got eyes for you.

17. He'll place his hand on your knee

Body language can tell us all kinds of things. When a guy is in love he'll do small gestures like placing his hand on your knee.
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This is a subconscious thing he'll do when he loves you because it's a protective gesture. You may notice that in busy settings he'll place his hand.

18. He'll always be smiling with you

When a guy's in love he can't hide the feeling. If he's around you he'll be smiling because being with you just makes him happy.
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When you look at him he can't help but smile. And as long as he's with you he'll be smiling the majority of the time because he's so in love.

19. They'll be spending way less time on their phone

A lot of people now are practically attached to their cell phones, it's become like an extension of their bodies. And when a guy is not
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in love they tend to spend way more time on their phone, chatting with friends, scrolling on socials and maybe chatting to girls.

20. They'll ask for your opinion

Have you ever noticed that the more and more a guy likes you or loves you, the more he values your opinion? If you've noticed
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him asking your opinion on the clothes he's buying, or your opinion on certain matters or topics this is because he's in love with you.

21. He'll get emotionally vulnerable with you

Men often take longer to let down their guard and show their emotional and more vulnerable side with you. It can take a long time
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and a man usually only reveals his true emotions when he's in love with you. By this point, he trusts you enough to show you his truest self!

22. He'll try and get on board with your hobbies and interests

Even when you're compatible with a guy, you'll still have hobbies and interests which you don't share. There's nothing more enduring
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than when a man who is in love tries to embrace his woman's interests because he loves her and wants to show that he's totally in this.

23. He'll surprise you with small gifts that you once mentioned you like

You mentioned once that you love Reese's peanut butter cups and now every time he goes to the grocery store he brings you some back.
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It's the small things and these small gestures that show when a man really is in love with you because he's out and about thinking about YOU.

24. They'll be patient when you both disagree

Patience is something that grows more and more the more we love someone. So when a man is in love with you he won't shout
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or lose his cool he; 'll keep a patient head and try and resolve any disagreements in a mature manner so that he doesn't hurt your feelings.

25. He'll want to be physically close to you

When a man is in love with you he'll want to be physically close as much as possible. He'll be giving you random hugs from behind,
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he'll be kissing you all the time and holding your hand when you walk. He'll love being with you and he's super attracted to you!

26. He'll embrace your family

The in-laws are always the part we dread in a new relationship. If you've ever seen any movie ever about overbearing and interfering
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in-laws, it's pretty much guaranteed to be chaos. But when he's in love with you he'll put everything aside, even if they are difficult.

27. He'll get a little bit jealous

A little bit of jealousy is completely natural in a relationship when you're in love. You think they're the greatest catch ever and so
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when someone is being a little bit too flirty it naturally gets us feeling a little jealous. When a guy is in love he will feel jealous.

28. His pupils will expand when he sees you

It has become a well-known fact that our pupils expand when we see someone we love. So if a man is in love with you, you may
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notice that his pupils expand when he sees you because he's looking at you and his heart fills with love. Very romantic, huh?

29. He'll overlook anything gross

Dating is a whole different ball game from being in love. When we're dating we try and do everything nicely like twist our spaghetti
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on a fork rather than slurping it up and watching the tomato sauce fly. But when a man is in love with you, nothing will gross him out!

30. His romantic side will come out

After all the games and the flirting and the 'who should text first' and 'how long shall I wait before replying', you get a man's
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truly romantic side. His guard will be let down slightly and more as he wants to not just impress you, but make you happy.

31. He says how much he thinks about you

When you love someone, you're going to be thinking about them 24/7, whether consciously sitting there thinking how wonderful they are,
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or just carrying around their image. If he's telling you how much he's thinking about you - ALL THE TIME - he's in love.

32. He seems to 'come alive'

You might also be able to see the difference in him, physically and with his mannerisms, from when you first got to know them
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to where you're at now. They might have come out of their shell, act more excited and truly seem like they've 'come alive' with how they talk.

33. He starts to analyze you

We don't mean in a negative way, but the more you love someone, the more you start thinking about what they're doing, and their
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daily habits. So he might have started to analyze why you act a certain way in situations, why you eat your food the way you do.

34. He's affected by your emotions

If you care about someone, you're naturally going to feel concerned or upset if they're upset, or happy when they're happy.
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When you love someone, that's turned up to the max. So it might be there's no way he can be happy when you've had a really bad day.

35. He changes a lot of his normal routine

You don't have to change things you enjoyed doing alone when you're in a relationship, but a lot of people do stop doing things
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they used to do when they were single because they want to do more stuff that revolves around the one they love.

36. And realizes the things that were priorities aren't anymore

They may have also had a huge number of priorities in their life, things they never thought they'd compromise on no matter what,
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like 'Saturdays are for me to see my friends' or 'I need at least one night a week to be alone', non-negotiable. But now they're in love.

37. Him becomes 'we'

Now he's in love, there's no way he's thinking of himself as a single entity anymore, because anything he's thinking of doing or feeling,
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he's thinking of it from the viewpoint of a couple, of a team and of a 'we' instead of just him alone. He also might slip in a 'we' when he's talking to people.

38. Your needs are more important than his

When you love someone, it's natural to put their wants and needs before your own, and especially if that person is going through
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a rough time or is in need. So if you tell them you need something and they're in love with you, they're likely going to drop everything.

39. He doesn't do anything without talking to you about it first

The perks of being single are that you don't need to consider anybody else when making plans! But when you fall in love, you don't feel
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happy about making any decision without talking it out. So you might have noticed he doesn't make plans to do anything without talking to you first.

40. They know love versus lust

Sometimes the line between love and lust can get blurred, especially in the early days of a relationship, and it's true that a lot of the
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time men are the ones more likely to think they're in love with someone. But for him, he's taken the time to work out love versus lust.

41. He spends less time with his friends

You should never stop seeing your friends when you get into a relationship, but for that initial 'falling in love' stage it's very normal
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for a guy to see his friends much less than usual because he's prioritizing time with you. Over time he'll get back into a good routine with them.

42. He starts saying everything BUT 'I love you'

When a guy is realizing he's falling in love - or already has - and he's a bit worried about saying those three words too soon,
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he might have started saying loads of things that are similar and that he means 'I LOVE YOU' when he says them - without actually saying it!

43. He's very eager to please you

He just wants to make you happy, in every possible way - because he loves you! There's nothing he can think of that would bring
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him more joy and satisfaction than knowing he's doing everything he can to make you happy. This could also be because he wants you to love him back.

44. He definitely isn't playing it cool with messages

It's never fun to have someone play mind games, but in the dating world, it's normal to have someone not want to come on too strong,
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wait a few hours before replying a message, or try to act more 'cool' about how hard they're falling for you! But all that is in the rear-view mirror.

45. He has a pet name for you

The natural progression for couples getting into a more serious relationship is to start to have a pet name or some form of nickname.
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For a lot of couples this can just be 'babe' or 'baby', but sometimes it might also be a very personal. Pet names are very much synonymous with being in love!

46. He remembers certain outfits you wore

Most men will admit they don't remember what a woman was wearing on what day, or don't even notice if she has her nails painted or not.
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Even when you're in love it's likely you can't remember every outfit. But if he's falling in love very recently, it's more likely he's going to remember.

47. He doesn't need an excuse to talk to you

When you were first dating and getting to know each other, the basis of the contact might have been to arrange your next date
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or to get to know each other and share hobbies and interests. But now that he loves you, he doesn't have - or need - a reason to talk to you.

48. Chivalry is a big sign

It might sound like a bit of a cliché, but small acts of chivalry are a certain sign he's taking you seriously and treating you with love.
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The more he tries to do for you in the small actions, like holding the door for you, for him, it's an act of love.

49. Other people have told you how happy he seems

Sure, it's easy to see how happy he looks when he's with you, how his face lights up and everything else. But it's something
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even more special when you hear about how he's been when you're not around. Maybe his friends have told you how much happier he seems.

50. You're not last minute plans

When he's making other plans that don't involved you, it might be that he holds back until he can definitely confirm you're
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not wanting to do anything on that day first. He likes to know first whether he needs to keep certain days and times open for you.

51. If he does any of these things, he doesn't love you! He's never willing to be wrong

Someone who loves you and respects you will also be willing to own up when they're in the wrong so that you can both move past
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it together. It can be a sign he doesn't truly love you if he just blames you for everything, all the time.

52. He won't try to make up after a fight

When you love someone, of course you're going to want to make up as soon as possible so you can get back to normal
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and make sure neither of you is hurting longer than you need to. But if he's stubborn about it he lacks respect for you.

53. He spends most of his time talking about other women

Unless you're in an open relationship, there's no reason your partner should be commenting on the attractiveness of
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other people, so if he spends more time complimenting other women than he does complimenting you, it's a big red flag.

54. He says hurtful things

All couples have said hurtful things in the heat of the moment that they really didn't mean - and apologized for later -
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but if he's saying hurtful things randomly all the time, he can't truly love you when he talks like that.

55. He puts you down all the time

If a man loves you, he should be doing everything he can to lift you up, not put you down. One of the biggest reasons a man
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can put you down all the time is because they have narcissistic traits where they need to feel better than everyone around them.

56. He doesn't say anything nice about your appearance

Someone who loves you is going to want to gush about you all the time, and are going to be blown away by your beauty, no matter
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whether you're dressed up or lounging in your PJs! If he never, ever says anything nice about your appearance.

57. He refuses to apologize

If you've done something wrong or hurt someone you love, you're going to want to do anything to make it right - and the first
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step is apologizing. So if he's not even willing to make that first step of saying sorry for hurting you, he obviously doesn't love you.

58. He's not interested in you being around his family or friends

Whether it's the very first time you need to be introduced, or if you already know them and he just doesn't want you to hang
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out, both are a sign he's not interested in you long-term. If you love someone, you want your other loved ones to share.

59. And he's definitely not interested in yours

The same goes for your own family and friends. He's not going to want to waste time and effort getting to know your family
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and friends if he's not in it for the long haul, which means he doesn't love you enough to want to share his time.

60. He won't talk about the future

If he loves you, he's going to be excited about future plans with you. It's okay to be nervous or not find it easy to talk about the
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future, but what matters is that he's still trying. So if he point blank refuses it's because he's not interested.

61. S*xual intimacy has gone out the window

Many couples go through ups and downs in the bedroom, even when they love each other, but if he's not willing to have s*xual
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intimacy - or any kind of intimacy - it's a sign something else could be going on, and mainly that the love might have dwindled.

62. You can't communicate anymore

A lot of couples in love might need help with communication, but if you find talking to him like trying to squeeze blood from a
image source:
stone, that's a huge issue - and it could come from the fact he's just not interested anymore. If he loved you, he'd make the effort.

63. He's always making and breaking promises

A partner who cares and loves you will make sure to follow through with his promises, to want to do things for you and
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never let you down. Things happen sometimes where maybe he breaks a promise but if he never, ever keeps his promises, it's a sign.

64. You feel like you're treading on eggshells with his temper

Someone who gets angrily very easily by the slightest thing you say or do doesn't love you - and it's something to watch
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out for in terms of emotional abuse, or an unhealthy relationship. You should never have a partner that takes their issues out on you.

65. You've noticed he lies a lot

You shouldn't ever lie to someone you love - period. If it's a little white lie, or something to spare their feelings, every now
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and again, sure - but big whopping lies, or even lies over little things for no reason, just shows they're dishonest.

66. You feel like you have to force him to spend time with you

You should never have to force someone who supposedly loves you to spend time with you! They should happily want to,
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and be the one suggesting it just as much. Hanging out as a couple is just natural, so you shouldn't have to beg him to make time for you.

67. He acts like your relationship is a secret

Speaking openly and honestly about your relationship is a sign it's serious and that you're committed - and it's something
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you naturally do when you're in love. Does he always skirt around the fact he's in a relationship if other people ask him?

68. He doesn't really help you out with anything

Is he more of a hindrance than a help in your life? Does he never do simple things for you to make your life easier, like fill your car
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with gas if you're busy, or do your share of the chores? If you love someone, you want to help them out.

69. He uses negative language about exes

How your man speaks about the ex women in his life is a huge indicator for the type of person he is, and also how he might
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be talking about you to others. If he constantly dwells on the past, it's a sign he's not someone who can love and respect his partners.

70. And he compares you to other women all the time

Why would someone who loves you be comparing you to other women? Why would they even be on his radar? To him,
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you should be the most perfect thing in the world, so why would he need to compare you? If he's spending his time doing that, he doesn't love you.