These Simple Tips Could Save Your Life

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

1. Float if you fall into cold water

Image source/BBCHopefully you never have to experience a situation like this, but if you do find yourself struggling in cold water, resist the urge to swim and just float. Many strong swimmers drown, not because they can't swim, but due to the shock of the cold water. To survive, you need to just float until that shock goes and you can safely get yourself back on dry land. Remember - float to survive!Original content sourced from

2. Install a carbon monoxide detector

Image source/HunkerCarbon monoxide is not only deadly to humans, but it is odourless, tasteless and can't be detected. It's impossible to detect without a device and can be fatal in relatively low doses. Just like a smoke detector, installing one of these devices can be life saving and definitely worth doing.

3. Don't drive when you're tired

Image source/Western Financial GroupDriving tired is just as dangerous as driving intoxicated, if not more. It is no myth that thousands of people will die every year by falling asleep at the wheel. While it may seem like an inconvenience at the time not driving, you have to weigh up if risking your life is worth being a few hours late?

4. Don't walk down the stairs with your hands in your pocket

Image source/Ellis Law CorporationWalking down a set of stairs with your hands in your pockets could potentially be a fatal mistake. If you slip or fall over, you have no protection at all if your hands are stuck in your pocket. Every year people will have serious accidents, including death, from falling down stairs, so make sure your hands are out of your pockets!

5. Seek shelter if your hair raises before a storm

Image source/ABCIf you notice your hair raising up outside before a storm, its not a sign to get a funny picture, its a sign lighting is about to strike you! You need to find immediate shelter, and if there is no immediate shelter, put both feet together, squat down in the balls of your feet and hold onto your ankles. This gives the lightning a direct path to the ground.

6. Follow a service dog if it has no owner

Image source/HealthlineService dogs are some of the best trained animals on the planet, so when you see one on its own there's generally a reason - so follow it! The dog won't have ran off, it will be looking for help because its owner is in trouble no doubt. Knowing this tip could help you save somebody's life.

7. Always check, even when the light goes green

Image source/Grimes teach AndersonJust because your light is green,  it doesn't mean it's perfectly safe to go. Many people who have the right of way have died and sadly will continue to. Always take a second and look both ways just to be extra safe, and we hope we don't need to tell you to always wear your seat belt!

8. Don't pull objects out from a deep wound

Image source/The TelegraphObviously if you can try and avoid this situation in the first place, but if you're unfortunate enough to be in this position, try not to panic and remove the object. It seems stupid, but the object could be sealing or slowing blood flow down and preventing you from bleeding out. Removing the sharp object could also cut on artery as it's pulled out.

9. Stay low if you're caught in a burning building

Image source/CTIF.orgIf you're caught in a burning building, do whatever you can to escape. A tip to help you get out and survive is to stay low to the floor. Firefighters will commonly do this and its because the breathable air will be closer to the floor. The poisonous gasses will rise up with the fire, so make sure you stay low.

10. Get to high ground if the ocean rushes out

Image source/NBC NewsIf you're near the ocean and all the water suddenly disappears out to sea unexpectedly, you need to get out of there! You may have seen it in films when this happens, as it's typically followed up by a huge tsunami. You're best and only hope in surviving a tsunami is get to high ground as soon as possible.

11. Notify your Department of State if you're going overseas

Image source/WikipediaIn the U.S. you can notify your Department of State that you're going overseas for free. You may ask "why is this important?" well in the case of a natural disaster or political issue, they will know you need evacuation. Anything can happen when you're abroad, so if you're an avid traveller it's definitely worth doing.

12. Always have an exit strategy

Image source/Harvard Business ReviewIt's usually a good idea to always scout out an escape route when you enter a building. Would you know what to do if an earthquake suddenly happened or the building went up in flames? Going over these situations in your head could prove to save your life in the event of a disaster.

13. Keep doors and windows locked

Image source/ADS SecurityIt's nice to believe that nobody in the world would violate your personal space and belongings, but sadly we don't live in a perfect world. You should always keep your windows and doors locked when they're shut, as it's so easy for robbers now to attack your home and threaten your life.

14. Don't flaunt your wealth

Image source/We Heart ItIf you're well off and possess what others can't, then there will definitely be some bad enough people willing to take it. Flaunting wealth, especially in public is just asking for trouble, and can potentially put your life in danger. Of course you should be able to enjoy your hard-earned labour, but try and not gain too much attention.

15. Learn a martial art

Image source/Master SH Yu Martial ArtsPhysical confrontation is always a last resort, but if your life is in danger, knowing a martial art could save your life! You don't need to be an expert at anything to teach yourself some basic self defence techniques, which if practiced well enough could defend you from an attacker.

16. Never text and drive

Image source/Behavioral ScientistNo text, email, snapchat or tweet is worth losing your life for, and we mean NOTHING! Not only is this potentially going to save your life, but you could potentially save the lives of the pedestrian you run over, or the person who's car you went into the back of because you was trying to send a tweet.

17. Always have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen

Image source/Friedman's Ideas and InnovationsWhenever you're cooking in the kitchen, there's always a possibility of a fire, and when this happens its not pretty. For the sake of a few dollars, you should always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen or at least nearby. Hopefully you'll never have to use one, but you'd much rather have one just in case.

18. Swim parallel to the shore if stuck in a riptide

Image source/Daily ExpressRiptides can be terrifying and extremely deadly if you're ever unfortunate to encounter one. If you ever find yourself caught in one, swim parallel to the shore at the fastest speed you can comfortably maintain. Don't panic if you're still going further out, you will eventually be out of the current and be able to get back to land.

19. Don't run if you see a lion

Image source/Kruger National ParkIf you encounter a lion in the wild, DON'T RUN. Not only have you got no chance of out running them, but they will also definitely attack you. If one comes towards you and growls, it's them letting you know you're too close, but they won't spontaneously attack you. All you have to do is walk away slowly and don't lose sight of them.

20. If your car's accelerator pedal is stuck down, put the car in neutral

Image source/MotorBiscuitIf for some strange reason your car's accelerator pedal gets stuck and is causing unintended acceleration, put it in neutral. It sounds obvious, but in the moment it's easy to panic. Turning off the key is another way for it to work, but with the engine off it could cause the steering to lock or the brakes to not work.

21. A wagging tail doesn't always mean a dog is friendly

Image source/AskVetThis tip is for you dog lovers out there, just because a dog is wagging its tail, it doesn't always make it friendly. It is hard to resist stroking a dog thats wagging its tail at you, but you have to be extremely careful, especially if the dog has an aggressive history or a troubled upbringing.

22. Let someone know where you will be

Image source/Virtual HaloIf you live alone or even when you just go out for the night, always let somebody know where you will be. This is so quick and easy to do, and if something bad was to happen and let's say you hadn't come home in the morning, somebody will know where to start when it comes to looking for you.

23. Carry pepper spray with you

Image source/Medical News TodayPepper spray can be an excellent form of self defence. It is so easy just to carry and is relatively cheap. If you're under attack or in a hostile situation, spring the substance in your attackers eyes will immobilise them for nearly 15 minutes, giving you enough time to get to safety and call for help.

24. Always carry a signalling mirror and whistle when hiking

Image source/AliExpressTheres nothing wrong with going for a hike on your own, but make sure that you always carry a signalling whistle and a mirror with you. When you're far away from everybody, your best chance at making contact is light and sound. A mirror and whistle provide both these things and could save your life.

25. Sit at the back of the plane

Image source/Smarter TravelFlying is extremely safe, but if you're somebody who is concerned about crashing, make sure you buy a middle seat in the back of the plane. It sounds daft, but statistics have shown the fatality rates in these seats is only 28% in comparison to 44% if you sit in the middle third of the cabin. So in the unlikely event of your plane going down, make sure you're sat near the back.

26. Keep your car keys by your bedside table

Image source/AdmiralBefore going to bed, make sure you leave your car keys by your bedside table. If in the night a burglar comes in your house, you can press the panic button on your car to stare the intruder away, potentially saving your life. However, don't neglect locking all your doors and having a good home security system, that would be much more effective.

27. Make sure you know the emergency number

Image source/OnHealth911 is not the emergency number in every country, in fact it's not the emergency number in most countries. This is why its so important that if you're travelling abroad,  you make an effort to find out the emergency number. The last thing you want is to be in a serious accident and not be able to get help!

28. Be careful when road raging

Image source/CNNEverybody is prone to road rage now and again, there's nothing wrong with being frustrated by idiotic driving. You have to be extremely careful though when road raging, you never know what lunatic you could have started with and what kind of weapons he's willing to use against you. Our advice would be juts keep your fingers and swear words to yourself.

29. If you're lost in the woods, prioritise finding shelter

Image source/ParadeYou find yourself lost in the woods, do you find water or food? Well, before you consider any of them, you have to find shelter. You can go 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food, if the weather is bad you will be lucky to last 3 hours if you can't get sheltered and stay warm.

30. Grab a dogs back legs when breaking up them up from a fight

Image source/The GuardianWhen trying to split up dogs in a fight, most peoples instinct is to try and grab the collars and drag them away - this is actually wrong. Going to grab the collar puts you at a much higher risk of being bitten and seriously injured, even killed. You're much safer trying to grab the dogs back legs and pulling them apart that way.

31. Use Your Headrest Pole To Smash Your Car Window If You Need It

Image Source / BoredpandaIf you ever find yourself trapped in your car in an emergency situation, the poles of the headrest are designed to be able to smash a car window when needed. That is why your car headrest will also completely pull off, for when you need it.

32. If Calling For Help, Shout Specific Details About The Person Whose Attention You Want

Image Source / BoredpandaIf you get into a dangerous situation and need to shout for help, it can be very easy for a lot of passersby to ignore someone shouting 'Help!' or just shouting. If you instead shout specific details of someone, like 'Help! You, the woman with the phone out, with the red coat' etc will help to get people's attention quicker.

33. Or, Shout 'Fire' Instead

Image Source / WikipediaIf you're really struggling to get the attention of anyone nearby and nobody is responding to 'help', you should try shouting 'fire' instead. It's more likely that people will run to someone shouting 'fire' to check if something is burning.

34. If You Meet A Mountain Lion, Don't Turn Your Back

Image Source / BoredpandaIf you happen to find yourself in a situation facing a mountain lion out in the wilderness - or maybe even if it's wandered somewhere it shouldn't - don't turn your back. It will wait for you to turn your back so it can attack when you're turned, so you have more of a chance if you walk away backwards whilst keeping your eyes on it.

35. A Red Line Can Mean Blood Poisoning

Image Source / BoredpandaIf you've suffered a wound or found yourself with a bite from something like a bug, you should pay attention to whether you see a long red line. If you do, it's very likely blood poisoning, which means you need to get to the emergency room as soon as possible.

36. Don't Remove The Helmet Of Someone In An Accident

Image Source / BoredpandaIt's a natural instinct to want to try and help someone who has had an accident by making them more comfortable or checking how you can help them while waiting for an ambulance. But if you come across someone like a motorcycle driver who's had an accident, never take off their helmet - if they have a head or spine injury, it could make it worse.

37. And Don't Remove Your Own, Either!

Image Source / Motorcycle NewsThe same logic applies to you if you find yourself in an accident and you're wearing a helmet. Never try to remove your own helmet, even if you can or feel fine, as this can also exacerbate any spine or head injury. The shock of the accident might not enable you to feel any injuries straight away.

38. A Fishy Smell Could Mean Electrical Fire

Image Source / BoredpandaWe all sometimes find weird smells in our home and wonder whether it's the bin or something has gone off in the fridge. If you smell fish in your home (without having any fish in your house, of course) then don't dismiss it as a weird food smell - it could mean an electrical fire.

39. Keep A Survival Candle In Your Car (With A Means To Light It)

Image Source / BoredpandaThis is for if you regularly travel in cold areas, or you're planning to make a journey somewhere cold. If you end up in an emergency situation and trapped in your car without heat (such as if you break down), the heat from just one candle can stop you from freezing to death.

40. If You See A Moose In The Road, Definitely Swerve Anywhere Else

Image Source / BoredpandaFor certain roadkill animals it's advised that you should carry on driving as sometimes it can be safer to hit the animal rather than try to swerve and cause a dangerous accident. But in the case of a moose, hitting it directly will be pretty much the same as driving into a brick wall. So it's better to drive into a ditch than hit it.

41. Different Bears Need Different Reactions - And There's A Rhyme To Remember

Image Source / BoredpandaWe would hope you never find yourself up against any kind of bear, but there are important things to remember when faced with each of the three main types. If it's brown, lie down. If it's black, fight back. If it's white, goodnight. (The last isn't very optimistic, of course).

42. If A Tornado Doesn't Look Like It's Moving, Run

Image Source / BoredpandaIf you find yourself in a natural disaster situation and spot a tornado in the distance, the logical thing to do is to check where it's moving. If it doesn't look like it's moving at all, you may think that means it's not - but if it looks like it's not moving, it means it's moving towards you.

43. Remember That The More Vibrant An Animal Looks, The More Poisonous It's Likely To Be

Image Source / BoredpandaThe world is filled with an array of beautiful, colourful creatures - and a lot of them will be poisonous. It can be hard to know whether animals are poisonous or not out in the wild, so a good thing to remember is that the brighter, more colourful and more vivid an animal is, the more poisonous it's likely to be.

44. If Buried In Rubble, Don't Yell - Tap Instead

Image Source / BoredpandaIf you find yourself buried under a pile of rubble (but hopefully not), your first instinct will probably be to yell for help. But this isn't the best idea when you're buried because it'll waste energy as well as air. Instead, find something to tap loudly and do so in a pattern of three taps (or any recognisable pattern). This will more likely get rescuers attention.

45. If Someone Points A Gun At You In A Public Place To Kidnap You, It's Better To Fight And Risk Being Shot

Image Source / Dosomething.orgIn this horrible situation when someone has a gun and is telling you to go with them, it's better to fight them or shout loudly, or start screaming, if in a public place. It might make them shoot you in a panic but your odds of survival will be higher this way than if you stay quiet and let them take you, even if you think you'll find a way to escape later.

46. Never Mix Ammonia And Bleach

Image Source / BoredpandaWhen you're doing some household cleaning, you might be tempted to mix a few different products. But you should never mix ammonia and bleach, because this will result in a poisonous gas which will be fatal to you.

47. Always Follow Water Downstream If Lost

Image Source / BoredpandaIf you get lost in the woods or somewhere in the wilderness near a stream or river, always follow the water downstream. This is because you should, eventually, come across some signs of civilisation - or the river will eventually run downstream into the ocean, which still gives you a chance of finding people.

48. If You See Square Waves In The Ocean, Get Out As Soon As Possible

Image Source / BoredpandaIf you see square waves in the ocean, as pretty and interesting as it might look, don't stay around to look at it. This is because square waves are known to be caused by strong rip tides, which is definitely not something you want to get caught in the middle of.

49. Never Try To Take Off Your Garage Door Spring By Yourself

Image Source / BoredpandaYou definitely need to wait for a professional if you need help with your garage door spring. This is because garage doors can can actually kill you if you don't take them off the correct way. The amount of energy in a garage door spring is powerful enough to severely injure you, such as breaking bones, cutting off limbs or fatally sending its winding bar at you like a bullet.

50. After Two And A Half Days Without Water, Drink Unsanitized Water Rather Than None At All

Image Source / BoredpandaIf you find yourself in a stranded situation where you haven't had any water for two and a half days, if you find a source of water that isn't able to be sanitized, it's better to drink it anyway rather than not drink at all. You're going to die if you don't drink any water, so it's better to risk a disease from unsanitized water and stay alive to find treatment.

51. Know your blood type

Image source/ If you were to require an emergency blood transfusion, knowing your blood type could potentially save your life. An incompatible blood group can cause a fatal blood cell clump. Different blood types can also have higher risk factors for certain health conditions. Knowing yours can ensure you can manage the risk factors with a healthy lifestyle.

52. Keep a snack supply

Image source/ In case of an emergency, always keep a supply of non-perishable, high-calorie foods in your car or backpack. These snacks could be protein bars, nuts or sugary drinks. If you were to become stranded, these snacks will keep you going until help arrives.

53. Know how to use a fire extinguisher

Image source/ There are six different main types of fire extinguisher. Knowing how and when to use each, and also having one readily available in case of a fire, will avoid panic and ensure the situation is dealt with in time. This will stop the fire from spreading.

54. Fight or flight

Image source/ Your body's natural reaction to danger is the "fight or flight" response. You can honour these signals by learning how to recognize and most importantly, control it! In high-stress situations, this will avoid panicking or acting in irrational, unhelpful ways.

55. Reflective wear

Image source/ When out at night, whether this is walking, jogging or biking, you are at high risk of not being seen by passing drivers. Wearing reflective clothing or using reflective gear will increase your visibility to drivers and so reduce the risk of accidents. 

56. First aid 

Image source/ Being first aid trained will not only help you, but others too. Knowing how and when to perform first aid techniques will help with a variety of emergencies. This could vary from properly bandaging a wound and stopping bleeding to treating a snake bite. 

57. Prepare for extreme weather 

Image source/ Whatever country you live in, there's always a possibility of extreme weather conditions. This may be blizzards, hurricanes, heat waves or tsunamis. Being prepared for these conditions by having an emergency supply kit and a plan in place will increase your chance of survival. 

58. Avoid risky behaviours 

Image source/ Risky behaviours can be tempting and sometimes even convenient. This may be walking the short cut through a forest alone at night, drinking too much before making your way home, or giving out personal information to strangers online. Avoiding these behaviours will decrease your risk of harm. 

59. Seek help for mental health

Image source/ Never struggle with mental health concerns alone, this can cause a downward spiral. Seek help or support from a qualified mental health professional or support group if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health struggles. 

60. If you are on thin ice

Image source/ If you are worried ice below you will crack, lie flat, spread your arms across the surface of the ice in front of you and pull yourself towards the bank.  If the ice breaks anyway, break the ice in front of you to swim to the bank. If this is not possible, press your arms by your side, keep your legs together and head above water to preserve heat. Stay still and wait for help.   

61. HALT

Image source/ When feeling low or stressed, remember HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Before making any potentially bad decision, you can ask yourself first if you have covered these bases. This will help manage stress and ensure your head is clearer before diving into an action. 

62. Sleep with door closed 

Image source/ Fires spread rapidly inside a home. Whilst you sleep, you may not detect the fire in time to call for help. Leaving your bedroom door closed could save your life. The door will act as a barrier to the fire, which can leave the bedroom and you completely untouched. 

63. Lie down in quicksand

Image source/ If trapped in quicksand, make slow movements to gently bring yourself to the surface. Try to think of the sand as water. When lying down, this will feel like floating. When vertical, the weight of your body will drag you under, much like stepping into a pond. 

64. Always use a tourniquet when possible

Image source/ If you were to find yourself heavily bleeding or even losing a limb, getting a tourniquet (homemade if needed) as close to the area as possible will slow down the bleeding. They should feel very tight and can be safely on for 6 hours without causing nerve damage. 

65. Don’t get in a vehicle with a stranger

Image source/ If approached by someone who is attempting to force you into their vehicle, under no circumstances should you get in. Once you are inside, you can be locked in and trapped. Staying outside of the vehicle for as long as possible will give you more chance to get away. 

66. Give armed robbers your valuables 

Image source/ If you find yourself victim of an armed robbery, remember the value of your life is greater than any material goods. Give the person your phone, wallet or whatever they request. Sudden movements can be fatal, so passing over your goods calmly and slowly will give you the best chance of being left alone after the robbery. 

67. If you crash in water, do not inflate life jacket until in the water

Image source/ If your aeroplane crashes into water, keep your life vest deflated until you are outside of the plane. If you inflate the vest inside, you will take up more space and float, making you more likely to become trapped on the ceiling when the water levels rise inside the plane. 

68. Never take regulator out of mouth when scuba diving

Image source/ If you find yourself feeling nauseous whilst scuba diving, don't take the regulator out of your mouth to vomit. Do so straight into the regulator. The vomit will make its way out of the valve. After throwing up, the natural response is then to inhale, which could otherwise cause you to drown. 

69. Steer into the skid, not against

Image source/ On highly icy or wet roads, your car is at risk of skidding. Should this happen, do not slam your breaks and make sure to steer in the direction of the skid rather than against it. This will help you to regain control of the vehicle and minimise risk of it overturning. 

70. If lost in the woods, stay put

Image source/ When lost, the temptation is to continue wandering around to find a way out. However, doing this will create a larger search area for police. Instead, stay exactly where you are. You are more likely be to discovered here than finding a way out on your own. 

71. In case of heart attack, chew aspirin

Image source/ Aspirin is a blood thinner which improves blood flow to the heart. For this reason, in case of a heart attack, chewing aspirin can buy you more time whilst waiting for the emergency services. Chewing will absorb the aspirin more quickly than if swallowed. 

72. If you recognise signs of abuse, tell someone and get help

Image source/ Abuse can escalate very quickly and is responsible for two deaths each week in the U.K. Whilst I know this is an uncomfortable topic, knowing when to reach out and ask for help can prevent you from landing yourself in a situation where you are trapped. 

73. Put something between you and the ground when sleeping outside

Image source/ If you were to be sleeping outside for whatever reason, try to find something to lie on, so you are not directly on the ground. This could be anything from cardboard to a mattress. This stops your energy from transferring straight into the earth and helps preserve heat 

74. Watch out for flammable and inflammable

Image source/ Surprisingly, there is no great difference between "flammable" and "inflammable" products. Flammable means that a material will burn very easily, for example petrol. Inflammable materials are harder to ignite, however will burn rapidly once set alight. 

75. Smash car windows at the edge

Image source/ If you find yourself trapped inside a car in an emergency, breaking a window can be your quickest exit. To make this easier, aim for the edge of the window. Car windows are made from tempered glass, which is much more brittle along their edges than dead centre. 

76. If a guard dog comes at you, move slowly

Image source/ If a guard dog was to be bounding towards you, the natural response is to run. However, this will only trigger the dog more. Instead, look to one side to break eye contact with the dog, then slowly turn around and walk away. You will appear less threatening to the dog. 

77. Know the signs of chemical burns

Image source/ Chemical burns can be more difficult to spot than fire or heat burns. This is because they do not immediately trigger pain. Reading labels thoroughly and avoiding harsh chemicals will prevent risk of burn. If burnt, remove the chemical as quickly as possible using method outlined on the label. 

78. Know the flag meanings at the beach

Image source/ Purple flags at the beach indicate that there have been sightings of dangerous sea life in the area. If you see this flag flying whilst at the beach, it is advisable to avoid the water. This will lower your risk of attack or harm from the sea creatures. 

79. Avoid roads between 1am and 3am on Saturdays

Image source/ Statistically, the most drunk driving deaths occur on Saturday nights between one and three am. Avoiding driving or walking near the roads during these times will therefore lower your risk of being caught up in an accident relating to dangerous drivers. 

80. You can give yourself the Heimlich Maneuver

Image source/ In case of choking with nobody around to help, you can perform the heimlich maneuver on yourself. This can be done by placing your first just above your belly button, then grasping the fist with your other hand. You can then use a hair or hard surface to bend over and then shove your first inwards and upwards to dislodge the choking hazzard.