These Are The Traits Women Find Most Attractive In Men

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

1. Good Looks - but not all the time

Image source The sunWhilst the perfect man would be assumed to have a six pack, bulging biceps, a good head of hair and straight, whiter than white teeth, it's maybe the qualities a female would go for, only if she's enjoying a fling or a casual relationship.  However, for longevity, she is far more likely to be attracted to the in depth traits of her man.Original content sourced from

2. Animal lover - especially dog owners

Image source American Kennel ClubIt’s not just a stereotype that women really do adore men with dogs. Studies suggest that dogs facilitate social interaction between humans.  Research has shown that dog ownership can increase the long-term attractiveness of men as it shows them having the ability to nurture and, therefore, not be scared of commitment - very attractive to women who are looking to settle down.

3. Good Sense Of Humour - able to laugh at themselves

Image source YouBeautyAsk a woman what she likes about her long term partner and she’ll very likely say 'he makes me laugh.'  Ladies like a man with a good sense of humour and they find it sexually attractive as it reveals creativity and intelligence - good parent traits for the future!

4. Risk Taker - athletic or a fireman!

Image source QuoraResearch appears to confirm that females prefer physical risk takers but only as a sensitive act and not to show off.  That's why firemen always seem to get a thumbs up from the ladies and get them over-excited!  Women are also partial to an athlete, not just because of their appearance but due to their dedication.

5. Enjoying The Moment - giving you their undivided attention

Image source Power of PositivityFemales find it a big turn on when their man gives them their full attention without the interruptions of phones, laptops and the tv.  Nothing worse than a guy scrolling through Facebook when he's on a date.  This behaviour makes a girl feel special and interesting, so boosting her confidence.

6. Ambitious - striving to be the best they can

Image source GirlsAskGuysWe aren't talking about an expensive car or a penthouse apartment (although if the man has these as well as being the salt of the earth, then lucky you!) If he has the ability to go after what he wants, such as working his socks off for that lucrative promotion, it shows dedication and commitment.

7. Honesty - but being tactful

Image source HealthlineHonesty with a capital 'H' is pretty much near the top of the list when it comes to attractiveness in a man. That, alongside trust and communication, can be the difference between a make or break relationship.  Hiding feelings or wrong doings are an absolute thumbs down for the lady.

8. Even Beckham's Comfortable In Red - women think it's sexy!

Image source JustluxeThis is a weird one but lots of research tends to come to the same conclusion - women like men who wear red!  They say it makes the man better looking, more sexually desirable, more comfortable in his own skin and better looking.  As many military uniforms are red, on special occasions, that was thought to be part of the attraction.

9. Taking care of himself - but not excessively

Image source RedditSomething that is VERY attractive in a man is when he take good care of himself.  Forget pumping iron in the gym as that could lead to vanity.  It's more about eating healthy to feel good and being well groomed, with no monobrow.  A man who moisturises his face is another positive!

9. Supportive of you - making you feel you CAN achieve

Image source RedditWhen a man stands behind a woman 100% as she strives to achieve, no matter what it is,  shows how much he well and truly cares and that sounds like a keeper. Being with someone who believes in you and your potential, as well as vice versa, creates a healthy dynamic in the relationship, with less tension and negativity.

10. Altruism - a healthy concern for others

Image source NewserA man who likes to do good and not for recognition, even almost out of his duty, is a trait a woman would go running towards.  It shows an act of selflessness and empathy which are two things that will be encountered during a long relationship.  Once the first flushes of lust and togetherness have passed, women need something much deeper from their partner.

11. Possessions - money is attractive

Image source Reddit

Contrary to earlier research where material things were shown to be not as important to the female, when 1000 women were interviewed regarding this point, over three quarters said that a man standing in front of a flash vehicle made him appear rich and more attractive.  This was even the case where women had put wealth way down on their 'wants'.

12. Older Man - puts more into relationship

Image source YourTangoFor some females, an older man drips attractiveness!  The reasons - he is mature, sensible, more caring to a woman's needs through learning from past relationships, financially secure and a girl might feel more 'looked after' and protected by the older guy.

13. Facial hair - if that's what you generally prefer

Image source Medical News Today

You either love it or hate it but, like marmite, you may adore it!  If you are partial to facial hair (in a man!) and the male has a good bone structure, then you are highly likely to go weak at the knees.  If he uses a little beard oil and its nice and soft, so doesn't feel prickly when you kiss him, then he gets a very high score on the attractiveness chart.

14. Playing Hard To Get - the fun of the chase

Image source

That thing about going for something that is hard to attain can also be attributed to bagging your man.  If he gives you signs he's interested and then cools off a little, human behaviour will make it your mission to get him!  When you do, it makes you feel great about him and you!

15.Non-Judgemental - willing to listen to you

Image source The GuardianA fella who won't budge from his own opinions and rams them down your throat is not going to get in your good books or a chance of a second date.  If he is willing to listen to your views, without judgemental, even changing his mind, then you are going to love this side of him.

16. Bookworm - if he's passionate about reading, he's passionate about .... 

Image source Freepik

Women certainly favour males who are brighter and more inventive. Someone who reads, spending time learning more and expanding their horizon, keep hold of him with all your might as he will be a sensitive soul, something not regularly found in males. is a good catch.

17. Acknowledges His Faults - open to being the best he can be

Image source Marriage.comThe most important obligation a guy should have is transparency and if he is conscious that he must frequently be accountable, this is more than charming to the female.  Of course, if she has faults, he should be able to tactfully speak to her about them without openly criticising her.

18. Dressing Stylishly - wanting to look good for his woman

Image source Luxe DigitalIf a man is looking shabby and not very presentable, he's probably going to lower his chances of appealing to a woman.  She may think he's not taking the date seriously or is it a sign that his home is a bit on the messy side as well?  As soon as these thoughts are in her head, she might be put off him.

19. Romantic - not embarrassed to be gushing

Image source Top RompIt's a fact that the majority of women like the man to take control and arrange the dates.  If he turns up with flowers or sends her a love note, she is likely to be on cloud nine and counting down the hours until she can see him again.  Buying you thoughtful small gifts shows a very caring side.

20. Footwear - a matching pair is a start!

Image source Luxury ShoeA man's shoes is something a female takes notice of, after clocking his face and physique.  If he's in his 4 year old trainers, that is very off-putting and may show he's stuck in his ways.  He might think it's a case of  'if it's not broke, don't fix it.'  The woman thinks very differently and a smart pair of shoes or boots, even with jeans, is far preferable in her preferences

21. Clothing - white tee and jeans does it

Image source QuoraProviding your date is in reasonably good shape physically, a white tee-shirt, fitted but not clingy, can be a heart racer for a girl.  If he matches it with a pair of well fitting jeans and maybe a designer belt, then the ticks are going to keep adding up and she will find this very attractive.

22. Smart Attire - suited and booted

Image source QuoraIf the date is to a venue that requires you both to be done up to the nines, the female will have planned her outfit and accessories on a spread sheet.  She won't expect her date to do the same but if he turns up in his one and only 2 piece suit, that he's had for years, the style will be out of date and she won't fancy him as much as if he was wearing a well fitted fashionable one, regardless of his age.

23. Good forearms - it's not asking too much!

Image source QuoraA nice pair of forearms is a nice extra touch to a decent man who has fallen under your radar.  They don't have to be like tree trunks but good definition and not too hairy is a plus point for the lady.  It shows he cares about his appearance without going over the top.

24. Accessories - a nice watch can do it for you

Image source Real Style You'd probably run a mile if you were approached by a guy with a gold ingot necklace and chunky rings on every finger.  The way to getting him close to your heart would be if he was wearing a decent watch (a Rolex is acceptable), a signet ring and maybe a slim bracelet.

25. Hobbies - keeps him interesting

Image source Trend SpotterA girl won't be attracted to a guy who just sits at home every evening after work, unless he's out socialising.  A man with hobbies makes him interesting and, you never know, if you two are the perfect match, you may join in with the same pastime - he would really appreciate you for joining in and treat you with respect - which you'll love.

26. His Relationship With His Family - with female relatives

Image source Yahoo CanadaIf your new man is close to his mum, don't turn your nose up.  If he visits his grandma every week and goes out for a drink with his sister, think again.  It's not that he doesn't want to see you.  In fact it's the opposite.  His relationship with female relatives shows a very commendable side to him and research shows it may well mean he'll be a great dad!

27. Comfortable With YOUR Friends - wanting to please you

Image source YouBeautyA man who wants to meet your female friends and goes that extra mile in getting on with them, is a brilliant trait.  He will know that girls stick together and their opinion of him is important.  This proves he isn't self centred and appreciates your feelings - partner material.

28. Clean Apartment - a good sign!

Image source The SunWhen you go back to your date's apartment or house, you don't want to have to move ten items out of the way so you can sit on the sofa.  Seeing a nice, clean place is definitely a good sign of the man appreciating what he's got and about cleanliness.  Transfer those thigs on to you and it will make you like him even more.

29. Good cook - even spag bol.

Image source SheThePeopleWhat's not to love about a man who cooks - and even likes cooking!  Think about all the sharing of making meals, if he becomes your long term live in partner.  If he cooks you a romantic meal and you don't even have to wash up or stack the dishwasher, then job's done - he could be THE ONE!

30. He’s Adventurous Under The Covers - thinks of you FIRST

Image source DepositphotosHave you heard the saying that a guy with a good sense of humour can 'laugh a girl into bed'?  That's all well and good but he needs to be a little more serious when pleasing his woman.  Being adventurous, with the lady's consent, can be one of the biggies on the girl's check list for the perfect man.

31. He Has A Great Personality

Image Source / CTV NewsIt's not all about looks, and an amazing personality can immediately make a guy attractive, no matter what they look like. It can be very captivating for a woman if you have an interesting and charming personality, especially if you're quite unique in who you are and what you like.

32. He's Intelligent

Image Source / A Conscious RethinkSmart is sexy, there's no debate about that. The higher intelligence a guy has, the more you'll have to talk about, the more interesting views he'll be able to put across, and the more of an open-mind he'll hopefully has. This makes conversations more interesting, and of course intelligence is attractive.

33. He's Kind

Image Source / Essentially Local

When a guy has a good heart, it's very endearing and attractive. If you can show that you're a kind person to everything and everyone around you, it just means a woman will know that you will be kind to her, too - and that's always a turn on.

34. He Has A Lot Of Empathy

Image Source / Everyday HealthBeing able to empathise with people is a huge plus for a personality trait, as it shows emotional intelligence as well as the willingness to understand where other people are coming from. It can be great to know you have a guy who can empathise with you and try to make you feel better, especially after a bad day.

35. Strength (Both Physical And Emotional)

Image Source / PhysiopediaGirls can find any sort of strength sexy, but it's not all about lifting heavy things - emotional strength is a big plus for a potential match. Being an emotional rock they can depend on is something a lot of girls will be looking for, whether or not you can carry in all the grocery bags at once.

36. He's Independent

Image Source / JetsetterClinginess isn't an attractive trait in anyone, no matter the gender. It can be a bit much, and especially for someone who is independent themselves. That isn't to mean that being independent means you barely do things together, it's more that you're comfortable being along and looking after yourself.

37. Keeping A Tidy Space

Image Source / MetroBeing a slob isn't attractive in any way. We all have bad days where we can't be bothered to clean up, but living amidst absolute mess, whether it's your home or office, isn't much of a green flag. You don't want to be with someone who you know you'll end up cleaning up after.

38. A Guy Who's Self-Aware

Image Source / New Roads Behavioral HealthA guy who knows himself, inside and outside, is more likely to be more open and communicative with a partner. That's why being self-aware is a huge plus, because it means a guy has a better handle on who he is, which can help for a healthier relationship on a deeper level.

39. He's Happy With Being Vulnerable

Image Source / Mark MansonThere's nothing wrong with letting your emotions out and being vulnerable, though a lot of guys still struggle with it. But in order to be yourself with someone, you have to be vulnerable from time to time. Women find vulnerability attractive because it shows that a guy is comfortable with his own emotions.

40. The Ability To Love

Image Source / MediumIf a guy seems like he lacks any emotion whatsoever, including affection or love, then it's not going to be very attractive to someone looking for love. This doesn't mean that words count, either, because a guy can say 'I love you' but not really mean it, or at least his actions don't match his words. Showing your love - and your ability to love - is more important.

41. He Has Emotional Maturity

Image Source / MindowlEmotional maturity is an absolute win. It's essential to have emotional maturity if you're gonna succeed in a relationship because otherwise things can become sulky, petty and very difficult. Emotional maturity helps a guy deal with challenges in life and also deal with difficult situations in a better way. And when is this ever not going to be attractive?

42. A Healthy Sex Drive

Image Source / Refinery29Not only do women want a man who is going to want them, but also want them in a healthy and regular way! Lack of sex can easily drive a wedge between a couple, and even though sex isn't the most important thing, it's very attractive to know that a guy finds pleasure in regular sex.

43. A Guy Who Knows The Meaning Of Stability

Image Source / Running Shoes GuruStability is something a lot of girls will look for if they're looking for a new relationship or long-term partner. A guy who knows what he wants, is dedicated and stable with life and his career is a safer bet than someone who might mess a girl around because he changes jobs every week, moves from couch to couch he sleeps on and doesn't know what he's doing.

44. If He's Fun-Loving

Image Source / Daily MailA guy who is up for a bit of fun - and this means outside the bedroom, too - means pushing you both out of your comfort zones, which is great to do as a couple. If a fun-loving guy helps a girl to try new things and supports her in new adventures, this is a huge and exciting turn on!

45. He's Trustworthy

Image Source / Roffey Park Institute

Trust is everything, so it goes without saying why a girl would find the trustworthy trait attractive in a guy. A man's ability to prove himself as a trustworthy person - not just in regard to lies, but also just doing what he says he's going to do - will be a green flag for a woman.

46. He's Patient

Image Source / Medium

A woman doesn't want a man that's going to be impatient with her and make her feel on edge all the time in case he loses his temper. Patience is a virtue, after all, and in a man it's also a great trait. Patience also applies to a man taking his time with his thoughts, words and actions, which show maturity, too.

47. Inviting Body Language

Image Source / The Chemical Engineer

Body language says a lot about a person, which is why women aren't going to think much of a man who has extremely closed off or standoffish body language. Open body language that entices a woman in, like open arms, a smile, a wink or even just eye contact is always a plus.

48. He Tells It Like It Is

Image Source / EHL InsightsIn a tactful way, of course, but here's no deception or dancing around the answer with this guy - he says what he believes, and he means what he says. In a relationship this is a huge plus because it means a woman can always depend on him to say how he actually feels so there's no misunderstandings.

49. They Take Charge

Image Source / ImgflipPerhaps not all the time, as an equal partnership is always good, but a man who can take charge when the occasion needs it is an attractive man indeed. You can be a man in charge with strong opinions without railroading a woman, and it's that happy balance that's the attractive trait.

50. It's All In The Eyes

Image Source / IMD Business SchoolEyes are the windows to the soul and all that, and it's true when you're looking for a partner - and especially if you're flirting! Eyes can speak volumes without your mouth saying any words at all, and the same goes for an attractive man. If they can hold eye contact and speak a thousand words with their eyes, it's a winner!

51. A Heavy Stubble - good balance of masculinity

Image source / Wikipedia

Research suggests women found guys with stubble to be more handsome than those with a full beard or a clean-shaven face.  Scientists believe that heavy stubble shows a good balance regarding their masculinity, as long as it's nice and neat.

52. Interacting With A Baby - Ahhhhh!

Image source / Pexels

A man’s best wingman could still be in diapers and who are we to disagree - it's so cute!  Studies show that men who play nice with babies and toddlers are three times more likely to get a woman's phone number from them compared to guys who ignore the little cherubs.

53. Walking A Dog - shows a caring side

Image source / Derby Telegraph

Dogs are a man’s best friend for sure and that's partly because women find it an adorable quality, watching a guy walk his four-legged pal.  It's a good starting talking point if both are animal lovers and keeps things natural while they are eying each other up!

54. Optimism - it'll work out just fine

Image source The Quotable Coach

Optimism isn't the same as self-confidence as the latter shows a can-do attitude.  Optimism is believing that things will work out, whatever they are and women find this extremely reassuring in a male as females are usually natural worriers.

55. Kindness Towards Others - especially the elderly

Image source / Age UK

Kindness can be shown in a variety of behaviors and actions.  Women watch carefully when they see how a man treats those around him and how he talks about them, especially elderly relatives.  A man wo talks about his family is a big tick to a woman.

Plus, she’ll want to see how the man treats waiters, attendants, or other surrounding people.

56. Sunglasses - who's the man behind the shades?

Image source /

Sunglasses tend to make most people look better and guys, in particular, to look cooler.  Recent research found that sunglasses give a man a mysterious appearance and women are drawn to such a man so they can find out what is behind the eyes - hopefully some vulnerability and kindness.

57. Choice Of Music - complex music speaks volumes

Image source Pexela

In a study, researchers asked 1,500 women, average age of 28, to listen to both simple and complex pieces of music and then rate the attractiveness of the composer. The results showed that they preferred the more complex music, and would choose the composer of the more complex music as a possible long-term partner.

58. Scars - a real man

Image source Astrol

A study digitally manipulated images so the subjects appeared to have facial scars, such as a line on the person’s forehead that looked like an injury.  Results showed that men with scars appeared slightly more attractive, but only for short-term relationships, than men without any scars.

59. Cologne - can make a girl go weak at the knees

Image source/  Checkitout

There's little doubt that women find wearing aftershave or a signature spray, very attractive but not for the reasons you would assume.  It doesn’t have to do with natural odors or pheromones.  Men who smell good tend to have a higher confidence in themselves and felt more attractive to the opposite sex.

60. Way Of Walking - with a purpose

Image source / BBC

Nothing is much more important than confidence when a guy is trying to attract a female partner.  One of the simplest ways to gauge a man’s confidence is to watch how he walks.  Prospective partners firstly look at how he's dressed and secondly how he walks. Confident people aren't in a hurry and there’s a difference between meandering and walking slowly with a purpose.

61. Volunteers - kind and gentle person

Image source / We Like LAIf a guy volunteers for a local charity organization, a female is  more likely to be physically attracted to him.  A man who is willing to give his time and energy for a good cause says a lot about his personality.  It could be an indication that he is kind, gentle and caring, just what a woman wants.

62. Giving Compliments - and meaning it

Image source Happier HumanIt's easy for a guy to give out compliments, left, right and centre, to a female to impress her but they are likely to be insincere, if he doesn't know her well.  However, if he gets talking to a girl and is impressed by something she has said and compliments her, this goes a long way with her and she will find it an attractive trait.

63. Quiet Confidence - beats boasting hands down

Image source LovePankyThere are different kinds of confident behavior.  One man might boast about his achievements and talk over everyone else, displaying dominance but in an aggressive manner.  That is totally off-putting to a woman.  Another guy might mention in passing something impressive but not make a big deal about it and that will go much further in making him more attractive.

64. Self-Reflective - willing to improve

Image source / The GuardianA good man will always try to improving himself because there's no such thing as perfection.  As Muhammad Ali once said,  'The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.' This type of behaviour will get the thumbs up from any woman.

65. Honest With Himself - not hiding stuff at the back of his mind

Image source / YouTubeWhat’s more important than honesty towards those around you is how you communicate - with yourself.  Men tend not to spend enough time  discovering who they are and never discover what is actually going to make them happy in this life.  Once they've done this, they will outwardly attract women without realizing it!

66. Having A Feminine Side - its actually more masculine

Image source / Daily MailMen who pay special attention to their grooming, get a decent haircut, have soft, moisturized skin, a subtle cologne and good fitting jeans, will make themselves a physically attractive male candidate for any woman.  Whether they are handsome or not wouldn't necessarily be the prime reason.

67. Handy - knows his way around a tool bag

Image source / Sustainable ManMany women are certainly not helpless but a man who can fix things is a good man to have around.  When he willingly carries out jobs for a female, without complaining, it's because he wants to please her and he's also a selfless person, a great trait.

68. Generous - especially with massages

Image source / The SunA good man will always massage his partner because he thinks of her before himself.  A male who is willing to get his hands oily will pick up a bunch of brownie points. Women tend to take on too much, and a relaxing massage works wonders in their opinions.

69. Forgiving - doesn't bear a grudge

Image source / Verywell MindA bad boy may drop you, because you're not perfect, for the next woman he has lined up.  Good guys forgive you for your flaws and if arguments happen, as they always do, he will forgive you, let it go and moves on.  That's the type of guy a woman wants in her life.

70. A Deepish Voice - attracts the ladies

Image source / The SunMen with a deeper voice appear to be more masculine and attractive to women, with females associating a high testosterone level with those baritone vocals.  The guy doesn't have to be 'deep deep' like Barry White but a high pitched voice isn't a first choice for many ladies.

71. A Good Credit Score -shows responsibility

Image source Business InsiderA woman is more attracted to a man with a high credit score than a six pack!  This was the result of a study carried out in the States in 2017.  The ladies also preferred the good credit rating instead of a fancy sports car.  How life has changed!

72. Mature man - don't want to change your ways

Image source / Eat This, Not ThatWhilst the majority of men would like a stylish and pretty woman, older men don't beat themselves up about minor details as they are more concerned with what lies inside.  They are much more accepting of any imperfections and this is why some women prefer a more mature guy.

73. And They Are Settled In Their Career - stability is key

Image source InsiderThe older men are usually well established in their careers and are financially more stable.  The promise of a calmer life is something no woman can resist.  It might come across as shallow but women looking to settle down tend to go for Mr nice guy with a stable job and their own house.

74. Good Face Symmetry - like George Clooney!

Image source UNILADMales whose faces are symmetrical are generally considered to be more attractive to women and if they are gifted with good skin, that is another big plus point.  A plain or simple face is easier for the brain to process and store so women find this an attractive trait.

75. Chest Hair - sign of masculinity

Image source / FreepA reasonable amount of chest hair is often considered a sign of virility and masculinity, by many women.  An over-hairy torso is, however, a turn off and if the hair extends to the man's back, then it's a no go for the majority of ladies.

76.  He Can Master The 'Wink' - cheeky chappy

Image source / Hack Spirit

How they learn the technique we don't know but some guys really have the hot guy wink to a tee.  It's a bit cheeky chappie mixed in with suave and smoky.  Women can find this extremely attractive in a man and feel at ease with him.

77. He Radiates Calm - makes a girl feel 'hot'!

Image source / Ask Men

Thinking about how powerful a man's calm presence can be is enough to send shivers down a girls spine!  No matter how stressed he is, he takes it all in his stride and stays calm.  His gaze is peaceful and will attract the ladies.

78. He Laughs Long And Hard - and often

Image source / BBC

Someone who is fun loving, tells a good joke and laughs loudly, is a cool person to be around and goes high up the attractiveness chart for a woman in her search for a new man.  He won't base his comedy on putting people down because that's not how he rolls.

79. Has Lots Of Friends - well liked

Image source / Love PankyA man who has lots of friends is likely to be open and sociable, as well as being easy to get along with.  A woman would be sure to find this an attractive quality in someone she is hoping to have a relationship with.  If he incudes her in his group of pals, even better.

80. Ability To Tell A Good Story - can hold an audience

Image source / Men's GroupThe ability to tell a good story is very attractive to a number of women. Some individuals love it when someone can get involved in telling a story about something they did. An example is if they narrate an interaction with their friends or an interesting event in their lives.