The Traits That Men Find The Most Attractive In Women

By Juliet S 7 months ago
In the grand tapestry of human connection, the elusive threads of attraction weave a mesmerizing tale. While the art of allure is as diverse as the individuals who engage in it, there's no denying that certain traits possess an almost magical ability to captivate the hearts of men. Join us on a thrilling journey as we unravel the enigma, decode the secrets, and explore the traits that make women utterly irresistible to the opposite sex, from charm to confidence.

1. Caring Nature - looking after him!

n the intricate dance of attraction, the primal instincts that govern human connections often steer us toward those who possess the innate capacity to provide care and protection. Evolutionary forces have finely tuned our senses to seek out partners who demonstrate a genuine concern for our well-being.Image source Helpguide.orgMen and women are instinctively attracted to people who would potentially look out for them if something were to happen further into the future. Most women are born with the nurturing instinct already but not many show it.  This obvious trait will keep a guy interested.Original content sourced from

2. Calmness - not being over-impulsive or dramatic

Navigating the tumultuous waters of human relationships often involves wading through the occasional storms of drama. There's something undeniably captivating about a woman who possesses the rare gift of tranquility amidst chaos. In the intricate dance of attraction, a calm nature becomes a beacon.Image source Alpha Beta PieWhilst females tend to be drama queens at some time or other and guys are prepared for this, having a calm nature and being able to talk through decisions in a relaxed manner is a sure sign to keep that member of the opposite sex interested. It's also good in the art of communication.

3. Loyalty - he wants to gather those points!

Trust forms the bedrock upon which relationships flourish or falter. Betrayal, a formidable adversary to the sanctity of trust, is a force no one wishes to encounter on the journey of companionship. When a man embarks on the path, one of the key signposts he navigates is her treatment of those in her inner circle.Image source InspireNo one on this planet wants to be betrayed and when a man meets a woman, he will look at the way she acts and treats those close to her.  If she speaks badly about her friends to him, behind their backs, then loyalty is not high on her agenda an she won't be high on his!

4. Genuine - the real deal

Where social media platforms serve as windows into the lives of countless individuals, the art of presenting oneself has taken on a new and often curated dimension. It's a realm where a mere click can unveil carefully selected snapshots, accompanied by captions crafted to project an image that aligns.Image source Business InsiderBecause of the way of the world as it is, it's easy to stick up a picture of ourselves on social media and write whatever we think is attractive to others.  A real man is looking for a genuine woman which is one of the most attractive qualities he could find to make his perfect match.

5. Intelligence - you don't have to have a degree

The proverb "beauty is only skin deep" serves as a timeless reminder that genuine connections transcend the superficial allure of physical appearance. While the initial spark of attraction might be ignited by external aesthetics, a deeper flame is kindled when there is substance and depth.Image source Daily ExpressIf there's not much going on behind that pretty girl's face, the guy may well lose interest.  He doesn't want to necessarily speak about politics but a conversation about the showbiz section of 'Mail Online' might not cut it for him.  Placing a value on education bodes well for a future, maybe with kids.

6. Maturity - nothing to do with age

The paradox of maturity unfolds in a world where age may not necessarily correlate with the depth of one's emotional and mental capacities. The quest for a mature woman stems from the acknowledgment that settling down requires more than just shared interests and physical attraction.Image source HealthlineMaturity has nothing to do with the age of a person.  Don't be puzzled by this statement. Mental and emotional maturity is a quality many man  are looking for because no one has time to date a childish woman if they are seriously looking to settle down with her.

7. Cleanliness - it's what's under the make-up

In a culture that sometimes places undue emphasis on external aesthetics, the genuine allure of a woman lies in the understated elegance of her well-groomed presence. The meticulous care taken in maintaining clean hair, the subtle fragrance of freshly applied moisturizer on the skin—these are the details that speak volumes.Image source: MetroBeauty is much more than make-up and the latest hairstyle.  Men find women much more attractive when they are well groomed and smell nice.  The scent of clean hair and fresh moisturiser on the skin goes far beyond a painted face and think it looks even sexier.

8. Friendliness - being comfortable around others

The allure of a woman who navigates the social landscape with grace and warmth is profound. Her capacity to make friends easily speaks not just to her sociable nature but also to the authenticity that underpins her interactions. The woman who extends a hand in friendship to others.Image source FreepikIf you ask a man to list the reasons why he loves his wife or partner, one of his responses may be about how she makes friends easily and how she treats everyone with kindness and respect.  Humility is a very attractive quality and goes far in a man's quest for the perfect woman.

9. Romantic - being spontaneous

Romance, in its myriad forms, becomes the gentle current that weaves through the tapestry of a relationship, creating a symphony of emotions that resonate long after the initial enchantment. It's the anticipation that builds when a table is booked at a favorite restaurant.Image source Daily MailIt makes complete sense that both men and woman are looking for a partner who is at least a little bit romantic.  It's so nice to feel like that spark is always there, even with small gestures such as booking a table at a favourite restaurant or buying your guy the rum truffles he adores!

10. Punctuality - give or take a second!

It's not about the inconvenience itself but about the underlying principle of consideration. When one person is ready to venture out, the wait becomes a tangible expression of impatience, albeit a mild one. The act of waiting can serve as a reflection of the importance of synchronicity and shared timelines.Image source RedditOnly joking about being so precise but nobody likes to be kept waiting and if you're standing by the door with your shoes on while your lady is still in the shower, it's annoying.   While it's no big deal, it goes back to respecting the other person and their feelings.

11. Compassionate - thinking about others

The ebb and flow of communication within a relationship can be as intricate as a dance, and the rhythm of silence or contemplation is a language of its own. When a man is quiet, there's a mosaic of potential reasons, and it becomes an art for his partner to discern the underlying emotions or thoughts.Image source ATDIt's easy to fall into the habit of wanting more or being demanding.  When a woman concentrates on her own needs, she can forget to understand her partner.  He may be quiet for a reason and if she doesn't pick up on it, he isn't going to feel supported, especially if he is always there for her.

12. His Mother's Traits - makes him feel secure

Men exhibited a proclivity for partners who mirrored the eye and hair colors of their mothers. This phenomenon raises questions about the intricate dynamics at play in the formation of romantic preferences. It hints at the impact that maternal figures may have on shaping a man's perception.Image source River 105A research study looked at how likely men (and women) are to be attracted to certain eye and hair colours in their chosen partners and they found that the men preferred the colour that was the same as their mothers.  Guys were shown to be attracted to a woman who reminded them of their mums.

13. Sense Of Humour - appreciating HIS jokes!

It became evident that a woman's laughter at a man's jokes held a special place in the spectrum of desirability. The resonance of shared laughter became a potent force, creating a unique connection that transcended the conventional notions of humor as a one-sided attribute.Image source Better HelpThe men surveyed didn't rate funny women as being any more desirable than a less humorous one but what they did find very attractive in a female was if the woman laughed at their jokes.  It made them feel appreciated and special and showed the woman cared.

14. Head Tilt - but only if it's the right way!

The significance of the head tilt lay not in its visual aesthetics but in the narrative it wove about a woman's engagement and attentiveness. Men, it appeared, were captivated by the implicit message conveyed through this gesture — that of concentrated focus and genuine interest.Image source QuoraAccording to two Australian researchers, one thing that a man surprisingly found attractive in a female was the way in which she tilted her head.  It showed she was concentrating on him and listening to every word.  Men said it looked 'sexy without trying'. It was a natural expression that exuded allure effortlessly.

15. Adventurous - open to risks

For men, there's a particular enchantment in a woman who embraces the spirit of adventure, demonstrating a readiness to navigate the uncharted territories beyond her comfort zone. It's not just about the nature of the risk itself but the underlying qualities it reveals — a sense of curiosity.Image source StylistThis one goes both ways, and it turns out that both men and women find certain risk-taking behaviours very attractive when searching for a potential match made in heaven. A male seems to love a girl who is open to doing something out of her comfort zone.  It makes her interesting and wanting to please.

16. High Pitched Voice - but don't break a window!

The revelation prompts a curious exploration into the psychology behind these preferences. The study's findings suggest a subconscious association between a higher-pitched voice and certain physical attributes. Men, it seems, tend to link a higher pitch with the image of a woman with a smaller frame.Image source RedditYou would think that a husky voice would be a sexy one but studies have shown that what men are really attracted to is actually a higher-pitched voice. According to one study by University College London, high-pitched voices were found to be almost universally more attractive to men as they thought this might relate to a good looking woman with a small frame.

17. Ovulation - got that certain glow

The intricate dance of attraction reveals itself to be choreographed not only by conscious choices but also by subtle biological rhythms. In the fascinating exploration of desirability, the concept of ovulation emerges as a significant undercurrent, influencing men's perceptions of attractiveness.Image source QuoraThe science behind this one is quite fascinating.  Ovulation might not be a specific trait but it is linked to some traits that men find attractive. According to a study in the journal Hormones and Behaviour, men were more likely to rate women as being the most attractive during the most fertile point in their menstrual cycle.

18. Waist To Hip Ratio - yes, it really is a thing!

In the kaleidoscope of preferences that govern attraction, body shapes become a canvas upon which diverse perceptions and ideals are painted. The notion of the hourglass figure, famously embodied by icons like Marilyn Monroe, emerges as a timeless archetype of allure.Image source BellatoryWhen it comes to overall body shapes, we always hear that it's the hourglass figure that's most attractive like Marilyn Monroe.  It is the personal taste of the man what type of woman he finds most sexy but research showed this was a definite tick for lots of guys.

19. Average features - means more than average woman

In the intricate realm of attraction, facial features play a pivotal role, acting as the canvas upon which desires and preferences are painted. The universality of certain characteristics that hold widespread appeal adds an intriguing layer to the mosaic of attractiveness.Image source FStoppersRegarding facial features, there are certain characteristics that seems to hold universal appeal. According to the book 'Falling in Love: Why We Choose the Lovers We Choose',  studies revealed a preference for women with big eyes, small noses.  Another study showed high cheekbones and a big smile did it for them.

20. Bust Line - bigger isn't always better

The concept of an ideal breast size is heavily influenced by cultural norms, societal expectations, and personal preferences. While larger breasts have been historically idealized in certain cultural contexts, a growing cultural shift toward body positivity and acceptance has challenged rigid beauty standards.Image source ModernMomIt's often thought that bigger is better when it comes to breasts but that isn't necessarily the case.  Men are like Goldilocks when it comes to busts and don't like them too big or too small!  Instead, women with the most attractive bodies are found to be those who have medium sized breasts.

21. Good Hair - soft and silky does it

The prominence of hair in the realm of first impressions can be attributed to its symbolic and cultural significance. Hair has long been associated with notions of beauty, vitality, and identity. It serves as a canvas for self-expression, allowing individuals to showcase their personality and style.Image source Wallpaper FlareA 2013 survey conducted by dating website showed that men notice a woman's hair, even before her face!  A whopping 80% agreed with this and it was a surprising result for the woman who never expected this to be the case.  The guys preferred long locks, worn loosely over the shoulders, so there you go!

23. Long Legs - even with a short body!

The preference for leg length sheds light on the multifaceted nature of attraction and beauty standards. It underscores the diversity of individual tastes and challenges the notion that there is a singular ideal of attractiveness. Instead, the spectrum of preferences reflects the richness of human diversity.Image source FreepikWhen it comes to legs, it's all about the length.  Some men prefer a short girl in high heels, giving the impression of long legs whilst a fewer number of guys went for very tall girls with legs that went on for ever!  A pair of stockings on them got the thumbs up from 97%!

24. Shorter than him - makes him feel protective

These preferences, rooted in historical, cultural, and evolutionary contexts, highlight the intricate interplay between societal narratives and individual perceptions of attractiveness. While the correlation between height and authority may persist, societal attitudes are dynamic.Image source CosmopolitanTaller people tend to be viewed as more authoritative and successful.  This dates back to ancient times where prehistoric tombs found skeletons of taller people were placed in crypts while the shorter people were buried in mass graves.  Many men prefer a shorter female so they can feel protective over her.

25. Right Kind Of Walk - a swinging gait is good!

This preference taps into the broader theme of individuality and the celebration of unique expressions of beauty. Every woman walks in her own way, and the distinctiveness of her gait becomes a personal signature. The recognition and appreciation of these subtle details emphasize the importance of authenticity and self-expression.Image source Wisdom PhysioOn the list of what a man finds attractive in a woman is the way she walks.  Every female walks differently but a slight 'swing' is preferable as the guy can spot the girl from a distance and looks forward to meeting her nose to nose!  With her long, loose hair (as previously mentioned) she's a walking angel!

26. The Colour Red - passion sizzler

Evolutionary psychology offers insights into the potential origins of this subconscious association. In the natural world, the color red is often associated with ripeness and fertility. In this context, men's subconscious links between the color red and intimate aspects of a woman's body may be traced back to evolutionary instincts that guide mate selection.Image source Today ShowOne of the stranger things that attracts men to the opposite sex is the colour red!  The colour has long been associated with passion and love and it is considered an alluring hue.  It is thought that men subconsciously think of a woman's lady parts when they see red.

27. Perfect Smile - even if teeth aren't perfect

As research and anecdotal evidence consistently affirm, a smile possesses a transformative quality that can make hearts flutter and knees go weak. It is a testament to the profound impact of positive energy and the simple yet profound act of sharing joy through a genuine, open smile.Image source QuoraIt's no big news to learn that a smile can make a man go weak at the knees - not just a small grin but a big, open smile is a very attractive trait.  Apparently, it gives the impression that the woman is comfortable and confident in her own skin as well as being open to commit to a relationship.

28. Small Feet - associated with femininity

In the grand narrative of beauty standards, the historical association between small feet and attractiveness serves as a reminder of the fluidity and evolution of cultural ideals. It prompts reflection on the impact of historical practices on contemporary perceptions.Image source FreepikSmall feet have been associated with beauty and femininity for centuries. The Chinese practice of foot binding goes back to the 10th century and young girls would have their feet broken and bound to keep their feet tiny.  Guys are attracted to petite women with small feet but, obviously, it wouldn't be a make or break if she's a size 7.

29. Being A Dog Owner - ability to commit

In the evolving landscape of dating preferences, the connection forged through a shared love for animals becomes a delightful thread in the tapestry of human relationships. It highlights the importance of shared values, compassion, and the simple joys of caring for and enjoying the company of beloved pets together.Image source FreepikMen who have pets of their own want their date to love animals as much as they do. If they both have dogs, then it's all going in the right direction.  If both are cat owners, this also works well but doesn't have the same impact, probably because cats are more independent.

30. Having A Certain Smell - hormone related

The appeal of a light perfume lies in its ability to enhance rather than mask the natural scent. It becomes an alluring whisper, a fragrant invitation that beckons the man to draw closer. The combination of the woman's natural scent and the subtle perfume creates a harmonious blend.Image source Discover MagazineOne trait that men are attracted to is one that they aren't even aware of.  They can be drawn to the scent of a female who has high oestrogen and low progesterone levels. Besides this smell, a light perfume, nothing too strong, will keep him wanting to be close to the woman.

31. Self-Confidence

In the dance of attraction, confidence acts as a catalyst for genuine connections. It sparks curiosity and admiration, creating a dynamic where individuals are drawn to the inner strength and resilience of a confident woman. It establishes a foundation for mutual respect and partnership.Image Source / DR. TC NORTHConfidence is a huge turn on for anyone, really, and especially for men looking for a woman. A woman who is confident in herself - but not arrogant - shows that she knows who she is and what she likes. A woman who isn't afraid to be herself and also reveal what makes her unique.

32. Independent Woman

Independence does not diminish the desire for partnership but rather complements it. A woman who is self-sufficient brings a wealth of experiences, skills, and perspectives to a relationship. This creates a balanced dynamic where both individuals contribute to the growth and well-being of the partnership.Image Source / GSP - BandcampIndependence is just as attractive as confidence. It shows that you don't need a man to depend on and that you can take care of yourself, which means a man can be secure in the knowledge you won't rely on them for everything. A successful relationship can be more likely if you're both self-sufficient, too.

33. A Good Heart - Kindness

Generosity of time, a manifestation of kindness, further amplifies the attractiveness of a woman. In a world that often moves at a hectic pace, the willingness to dedicate time and attention to others becomes a precious gift. The generous investment of time communicates a depth of commitment and care.Image Source / BBCKind and caring people are more attractive, and a woman who is kind to those around her - including her partner - and also generous with her time will be more appreciated by a man. It's a very endearing quality to care for others and do what you can for them.

34. A Little Bit Mysterious

The beauty of preserving a bit of mystery lies in the art of balancing openness with reservation. It's not about concealing who you are or playing games but rather about savoring the gradual reveal of your true self. This intentional approach sparks curiosity and creates a sense of wonder that can be deeply appealing.Image Source / TV TropesThis is a little different than playing hard to get - it can just be about leaving things open to be learned about you. If you still have mystery about you and a man is interested, he will enjoy cracking the mystery and delving deeper into who you are, and what there is to learn about you.

35. A Passion For Life

The eagerness to explore new things becomes a key ingredient for mutual growth and shared adventures. A woman who is open to novel experiences demonstrates a willingness to step outside her comfort zone, a quality that encourages a partner to join in the exploration.Image Source / Small RevolutionBeing excited about life, grateful for every day and eager to explore what life has to offer are all attractive qualities, especially for a partner, because it means something exciting for your potential life together. Being eager about every day and open to exploring new things is a great quality.

36. An Optimistic Attitude

The appeal of positivity lies in its transformative effect on the overall atmosphere of a relationship. A woman who strives to look on the bright side contributes to a positive and uplifting energy. This doesn't mean ignoring challenges or dismissing genuine concerns.Image Source / Verywell MindNegativity is a part of life, and of course you can't be positive all the time. But if you're negative about every single thing, 24/7, it's going to be a bummer for your partner, which is why men can be attracted to more positive and optimistic women. Trying to look on the bright side is a plus.

37. A Good Listener

The attraction lies not only in the act of listening but in the genuine interest you display. When a woman is curious and eager to learn more about her partner, it signals a deep investment in the relationship. It conveys a sense of openness and a willingness to understand the intricacies of his thoughts.Image Source / Education ExecutiveIt's not only about listening, but it's about being interested in what you're hearing, wanting to learn more and giving your undivided attention. Attentiveness and concern with what he has to say will be an attractive quality and will make it more likely he wants to be around you!

38. Sex Appeal

The allure of "sexy" is a wonderfully diverse and subjective tapestry, woven with individual preferences and unique qualities that captivate and attract. Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all definition of sexiness is liberating, as it allows individuals to embrace and celebrate their distinctiveness.Image Source / eHarmonyThere isn't one accepted way to be sexy, because every man will have a different idea of what 'sexy' is. It's not necessarily curves and tight clothes - sexy can also be being flirty, having a way with words, or something that's unique to you like the particular way you push your hair from your face.

39. Being In Good Health

The attractiveness of being in shape and maintaining good health is rooted in the value placed on self-care and the acknowledgment that a healthy lifestyle contributes to a more vibrant and fulfilling life. It becomes a shared commitment in a potential relationship, fostering an environment where both partners prioritize their well-being.Image Source / Wealth of GeeksThis isn't just about your body shape and your looks - being in shape and being healthy is attractive to men because it means you take care of yourself. It doesn't depend on being a plus size, it's more about actually being dangerously overweight or in bad health where you have to worry.

40. Having A Strong Personality

The allure of a woman who confidently speaks her mind, knows her own opinions, and stands firmly for what she believes is a magnetic quality that transcends traditional notions of attractiveness. It speaks to a depth of character, self-assurance, and authenticity that resonates with many men.Image Source / Scary MommyA woman speaking her mind and knowing her own opinions and what she stands for is a very attractive quality. It means she's comfortable in who she is and not afraid to let her own personality shine through. Men can be drawn to women with strong personalities.

41. Having A Good Sense Of Style

Indeed, the way one dresses is a powerful form of self-expression that can significantly impact how others perceive and are attracted to an individual. Beyond merely covering the body, clothing is a canvas for personal style, conveying a wealth of information about one's personality and preferences.Image Source / FashionisersObviously what you wear is going to have a huge effect on how attractive you are to others, but also a good sense of style gives off the impression that you put thought into how you look and that you care about looking good, which can be an attractive quality.

42. Traditional Feminine Qualities

Embracing traditional feminine qualities holds a timeless allure that resonates with individuals who appreciate a classic approach to life and relationships. While it doesn't imply conforming to outdated stereotypes or adopting a shy demeanor, incorporating elements of being ladylike can be attractive.Image Source / GoopThis doesn't mean that you have to behave like a shy Victorian maiden, but those traditional feminine qualities like being ladylike, treating people with respect and being kind and gracious can all be a plus in the eyes of a man with traditional values looking for that kind of woman.

43. Being Supportive

The quality of being a highly supportive partner is a cornerstone of successful and fulfilling relationships, offering a myriad of benefits that contribute to trust, stability, and a sense of genuine partnership. For both men and women, having a supportive partner creates an environment where both individuals can thrive.Image Source / AskMenBeing a very supportive partner is always a plus, because it means they can depend on you, trust in you and feel like it's a true partnership. If you're a supportive person who's always going to have your man's back, that's a huge plus, and they'll see it as an attractive quality.

44. A Woman Who Is Loving

Creating an environment of love and appreciation is a transformative and essential aspect of any meaningful relationship. Whether between friends, family, or romantic partners, the ability to make someone feel genuinely loved is a powerful and enriching quality that fosters deep connections.Image Source / BetterHelpMaking someone feel loved and appreciated is always important, in any relationship, whether friends, family or romantic. A woman who can make a man feel like he's truly loved is going to make him appreciate every second he's with her and more easily fall in love.

45. Commitment To Family And Friends

Commitment and loyalty are not isolated virtues but rather a reflection of an individual's core principles and the depth of their connections. When a woman demonstrates unwavering commitment to her family and friends, it signifies a genuine and enduring sense of responsibility.Image Source / families, LoveToKnowThe traits a man can find attractive don't have to be directly to him. The commitment and loyalty a woman also shows to other loved ones, like family and friends, can also be attractive because it shows the man that she cares about those she loves and will always stick by them.

46. A Woman Who Can Cook

Absolutely, the ability and enthusiasm to cook can be a delightful and attractive quality in any individual, regardless of gender. It transcends outdated stereotypes and instead centers around the genuine joy of sharing and creating experiences through food.Image Source / Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh LessFirst off - no, this definitely isn't about the horrid stereotype of a woman belonging in the kitchen because no thanks. This is more just the bonus of a woman who is a great cook and enjoys cooking, because a man knows he'll be able to enjoy a good homecooked meal or two.

47. Red Lips

The allure of red lips is a timeless and classic element of feminine beauty that has captivated admirers for generations. It's a visual statement that transcends trends, drawing attention to one of the most expressive features of the face. The fascination with red lips goes beyond aesthetics.Image Source / AllureWe've already mentioned about the colour red being a huge plus for a guy, but red lips in particular can offer something specifically appealing. All because of the lips being where a man would focus for someone he likes, combining that with the alluring colour of red is a double whammy!

48. Putting That Feminine Touch Into Everything

The art of creating a beautiful and inviting space is a talent that many women effortlessly master, turning any ordinary place into a haven of warmth and aesthetic appeal. Men often find themselves appreciating and admiring this skill, recognizing the unique touch that women bring to the art of home decor.Image Source / HomeditWomen are skilled at making anything and everything look beauty, especially when it comes to decorating the home or making a space cosy - and men love that, because they know they can't do it to that level themselves. One of the reasons men appreciate a woman's talent for home decor is the transformation of a living space into a reflection of shared personality and style.

49. Good Posture

The alignment of the spine and shoulders not only enhances physical well-being but also creates a visual impression of vitality and strength. It suggests that the woman is mindful of her physical health, contributing to an overall image of someone who cares for and invests in herself.Image Source / Performance TherapiesPeople with good posture just look more appealing, literally because they're body is looking in better physical condition! Good posture can give out more confidence, make a woman look taller and also reflect that she looks after herself, too. By maintaining proper alignment, she maximizes her height potential.

50. An Equal Partnership

Beyond the practical aspects, the attractiveness of an equal partnership lies in the emotional fulfillment it provides. It creates a space where both individuals can grow, flourish, and pursue their goals while having the unwavering support of their partner.Image Source / Rush University Medical CenterThere's something very attractive of knowing that you're going to be in equal partnership with someone. That this woman is someone you could consider an equal, and would do so for you in return. That you can depend on each other and always be a team!