These Are The Most Powerful Historical Pictures That Everyone Should See Before They Die

By molly atherton 4 months ago
Get ready to embark on a visual journey through the corridors of history, because we've got a collection of snapshots that are more powerful than your grandma's secret recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Yep, we're talking about the kind of pictures that pack a punch, tug at your heartstrings, and make you do a double take on the space-time continuum. So, whether you're a history buff, a selfie addict, or just someone who appreciates a good visual tale, these are the images you need to see before you kick the bucket. Because who needs a time machine when you've got a scroll through this epic photo album?

1. Prohibition Raid

This shows a moment in history in 1929, when prohibition (the banning of alcohol) was at its peak. This is a distillery which has been raided by the police for illegally making and distributing alcohol.(Image Source/ Photography talk)As we can see, this is mid raid. This was a common event at the time of prohibition. And I'm sure this caused more than just a few problems with people at the time.Originally sourced from Femanin.

2. Mickey Mouse Gas Mask

Unfortunately, during the war gas masks were required to be worn. Here this child is wearing a mask like Mickey the Mouse. They became popular and were sold to children.(Image Source/ Perfect life)It was part of an attempt to make wearing a gas mask slightly less scary and intimidating for the child, as we can see here. It just looks a little terrifying to me!

3. Going On A Bear Hunt

You may wonder what this is, or assume it's not real. But, this is an actual suit from the 1800s which people wore to go bear hunting. Looks like something out of a horror film!(Image Source/ Perfect life)It was made of leather and spikes to ward off the bears and to keep them from causing too much harm if they do attack the hunters. I won der how much good this would have done them...

4. World's Tallest Man

This is Robert Wadlow - the tallest human to ever exist on the planet at a humongous 8, 11, 5 feet. He has a condition called Hyperplasia which means that the growth hormone which we normally have is excessive. (Image Source/ Perfect life)This resulted in Wadlow becoming taller than any person to ever live then or even now. He unfortunately ended his life feeling a little uncomfortable as a result of his incredible height.

5. World's Longest Beard

This is Hans Langseth, a Norwegian-American from the 1900s. He had (but not anymore) the title of the world's longest ever beard. It looks absolutely crazy doesn't it?(Image Source/ Perfect life)And, he travelled around America as part of the circus 'freak show' showing his beard to the world, and capitalising on it too. It was 17.5 feet long. That must have been hard to deal with.

6. Set Alight

This photo shows a monks protest in Vietnam, a shocking and historical moment. They were protesting the treatment of the Buddhists, under the power of President Ngo Dinh Diem.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Here we can see a picture of a monk set alight before he dies from burning. This must have been an absolutely terrifying period of time for people to live in.

7. Horrifying Famine

In 1993 a photographer flew to Sudan and captured one of the most heart wrenchingly horrendous and powerful pictures of all time. This must have been so depressing to see.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)This photograph shows the extreme situation of poverty and famine in Sudan. A child, is lay on the floor starving to death as a vulture waits behind him.

8. A Different Kind Of Lunch Break

This is an amazing photo of the workers who helped to build the Rockefeller center. The men took a different kind of lunch break that day, with the most daring and adventurous position.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)These 11 men sat side by side along the construction, with no equipment for safety whatsoever chatting with one another. Don't think this would pass regulations todaty!

9. A Single Act Of Resistance

This photograph was taken after the Tiananmen Square massacre. This was when Chinese troops attacked pro-democracy demonstrators camped on the plaza.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)This man held up the troops and this photo has gone down in history displaying an act of resistance against tyranny. He was later taken away.

10. The Beauty Of Earth

This photograph was taken 75 hours after the Apollo 8 set off from earth. It was taken in 1968 and it captures a kind of peacefulness that has gone down in history.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

Seeing the earth from a new perspective and all of its beauty, with the surface of the moon in shot. This is a historical photo of nature. One we won't see like this again for a while!

11. Mushroom Of Smoke

The U.S Forces first dropped one bomb that obliterated the area. Shortly after they dropped this bomb which was nicknamed 'Fat Man on Negaski'.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)The explosion was 45,000 feet high and created a huge cloud of radioactive dust and debris. This photo captures that moment when the smoke shot into the air.

12. V Day

This photo was taken in 1945 on V Day and it shows the high spirits and passions that took over. This was taken in Times Square and it captures a moment of passion as well as major historical importance.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Although, some today do not agree with the photo as the woman looks surprised. It's hard to really know what was going on without speaking to the people themselves!

13. The Hubble

This photo was captured by the Hubble telescope. Which, after almost breaking it was repaired and shortly after it captured an image of the universe that appeared so clear and deep like never before.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Now, it has come to be known as the Pillars of Creation. The black image in the corner is a fault. So this is what we've all come from? That is absolutely insane!

14. Fire Escape

This photo was taken in Marlborough Street in 1975. There was a fire in the building and many people were out on the fire escape when it suddenly broke. The woman below sadly died.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Her body, saved her goddaughter who fell shortly behind her as she landed on the body which broke the impact and saved her life. It's such a sad story to tell...

15. The Man on the Moon

No, this is not a picture of Neil Armstrong. it is in fact a picture of Aldrin - whom we never usually see. Despite being there with Neil as the first man on the moon, he sadly gets none of the credit.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)The fame went to Neil who stood with the American flag. This shows Aldrin, the first man on the moon who goes forgotten. Does he deserve the same credit?

16. Starvation

This photo was taken in the country of Biafra, the tiny western African nation that split off from southern Nigeria in 1967. It's particularly distressing to have to see!(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)It shows a shocking picture of an albino boy and a group of other young boys. They are all starving due to the period of political and social unrest that created mass famine.

17. Jewish Boy Surrenders

This photo shows a moment in Warsaw, Poland in 1942. The Germans had occupied the city and this shows a terrified young boy alongside his mother walking forward in surrender.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)It captures a moment in history which is a glimpse into the fear and terror that reigned during the period of the war. Let's hope this never has to happen again.

18. The Bloody Saturday

This shows Japan’s army of the Rising Sun which came toward the city of Shanghai in the summer of 1937 and brought their army creating horror and bloodshed.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)#This photo shows a baby feet away from his mother who is dead. he's covered in blood, just like most of the city was on this day known as Bloody Saturday.

19. The Great Depression

This is a picture of a mother with her children. She was a migrant in the Great Depression. She's struggling in a time of hardship and pain.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)You can see the struggle etched on her face as she wonders how she will next feed her starving children. This photo perfectly depicts the real horrors of the period.

20. The End Of Airships

Airships became popular due to the greed and power of people, wanting to do more and have something bigger and more powerful. This photo captures the Hindeburg disaster!(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)And the fact that people's greed and ambition can lead to destruction. This photo was taken by Shere and it brought an end to the Airship period.

21. Cuban Revolution

This is a photo of the Cuban revolutionary Che Guevera. He was killed during a guerrilla movement. This photo has become a historical picture and one many still see to this day.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)And his face has became used as the face of a martyr to continue the revolutionary Cuban movement and for rebellion in general. Who would've known!?

22. First Ever Photo

This is a picture of the first ever photograph. Of course, the quality is not like today's technology of cameras. I know, it's hard to imagine this is how it started.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)But, this was a historical and monumental moment in history when cameras were being used. The picture in question was taken by Niépce. It was taken from a view out of a window.

23. The Discovery of X Ray

This shows a picture of the first ever X Ray. It was taken by Wilhelm, who took the X Ray of his wife's hand. As we can see it exposed the bones in her hand.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)It earned the first Nobel Prize ever granted for physics in 1901. It is a photo that displays an invention that still saves lives to this very day. It's so useful too!

24. A Girl At The Cotton Mill

This is a very poignant image. It shows a tiny young girl, working in a cotton mill. The contrast between her and the huge machinery shows the barbarity of child labour.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)This of course was before it was made illegal. It hit home to many people and this photo has gone down in history. Imagine having to live through times like that!

25.Hitler's Rally

This is a photo of Hitler. He's surrounded by an army of people who he recruited under his regime. Seeing A photo like this at one of his many rally's displays his power and influence over the masses.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Of course, it captures a period of history that caused unforgettable torture. It's hard to imagine that this could have been part of a time that shaped the world.

26. Gandhi As A Prisoner

This shows a photo of Mohandas Gandhi being held prisoner by the British. This photo is captured at Yeravda prison in Pune, India, from the years 1932 to 1933.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Here he is making his own thread with a spinning wheel. Gandhi will always be known as one of the most important historical figures of all time.

27. The First Seen Foetus

Before this photo, it wasn't exactly known what life looked like at this stage. And so, of course this photograph was monumental not only in terms of science, but it also posed a new question...(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)When did life actually begin? It shows the foetus, fully formed as a baby in extraordinary detail. People didn't know anything about the inner workings of pregnancy before this!

28. The Beatles - Moment Of Pure Happiness

This shows the Beatles mid pillow fight. This wasn't a posed album cover, this was a moment of pure innocence and happened with the talented young boys.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)The man who caught the moment was Harry Benson who was in charge of covering the story. Once he met them, he never wanted to leave and no wonder why!

29. A Family Affected by Aids

This photo was taken at a time when AIDs was at its highest. People were dying and people were only just coming to terms with what the disease was.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)This photo shows a family racked with grief as their son in the bed is on his death bed, dying from the deadly disease. It must have been absolutely horrible to watch.

30. The First Mobile Photo

In 1997, Philippe Kahn has been trying out some coding for a new idea. One day while his wife was birthing his daughter, he was waiting with nothing to do.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

He decided to try out his new invention - and here we have the first ever cell phone photo.The beginning of a cell phone photo era. Look at where we are today!

31. Raising the Soviet Flag

This photo was taken in 1945, as the soviet flag is being raised high above the Reichtag. Two days before Hitler has killed himself. They had finally won...(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)This historical photograph became the sign that communism would prevail. It became used as the soviet propaganda, as we know this was the start of Stalin's reign of terror.

32. The Somalian War

This photograph shows the conditions in Somalia in 1992, and it could not get any worse than this. The country was involved in war and people were left in horrible conditions.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)At this time the west were turning a blind eye to these horrific conditions and mass death. Until, James Nachtwey supported by the Red Cross went and showed the evidence for himself.

33. Domestic Violence

Back then, domestic abuse and violence was common but people were unwilling to get involved in other people's 'private business'. This was the mindset regarding tackling abuse that went on behind closed doors.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Donna ­Ferrato photographed this husband beating his wife and it was something that started to help change the public perception. It needed to happen!

34. Muhammed Ali Victory

Neil Leifer was a photographer who managed to capture this photo of Muhammed Ali's victory against Sinny Liston in 1965 - which has become known as one of the best sporting photograph's ever.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

He said about the moment: “I was obviously in the right seat, but what matters is I didn’t miss'''. This is one of the most recognised sports photos of all time.

35. Inside the Situation Room

Here we have a lot of famous and recognisable faces in one room - inside the situation room. Barack Obama and the country's other leaders are sat watching the live execution of Osama bin Laden.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

Obama had launched the attack, and it became one of the most important acts in the war against terror. The rest of the world were told later that evening.

36. Intimate Moments

Malick Sidibé’ was a photographer from Milan who followed the feelings of the moment and changes in time, such as the power of music and dance. He said:

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

“Music freed us. Suddenly, young men could get close to young women, hold them in their hands. Before, it was not allowed. And everyone wanted to be photographed dancing up close.”

37. 'We Need Equality'

American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos got onto the podium in 1968 at the Mexican Olympics, they made a black power salute. Heroes!(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)They knew that the most urgent thing was equality for black people, 'We knew that what we were going to do was far greater than any athletic feat.' They weren't wrong!

38. 1976 Afrikaans Violence

In South Africa, a new law was passed that would make the Afrikaan language mandatory in all schools. This came as quite a shock to many people in the country.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

A few thousand people upraised against this shocking law and the Afrikaan government started to turn against it's own South African people which was demonstrated with this photo.

39. The Horse in Motion

This series of photos was named The Horse in Motion. Eadweard Muybridge set out to prove whether a horse is ever air born when it gallops.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

And so they set up a contraption that would take a series of photographs. This was the beginning of the motion picture and changing picture forever. Can you believe it.

40. Abraham Lincoln's Famous Photo

Abraham Lincoln stopped before taking to the podium for a speech with Matthew B Brady's photographer. You must have seen this one before...

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

He photographed him in a way never seen before, as Lincoln himself said - “rumors of my long ungainly figure … making me into a man of human aspect and dignified bearing.”

41. The Iraq War

This was taken in 2005, at the peak brutality and violence of the Iraq war. This little girl is splattered with blood and she's distraught with grief after just witnessing her two parents shot dead by US soldiers.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

They shot them because they were in a car with could have had weapons in. Although they might have been protecting themselves it's still distressing!

42. Endangered Gorillas

This is Senkwekwe the silverback mountain gorilla, being carried out by residents and park rangers. The gorilla and many others had been shot as a result of social unrest at the time.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

This was a park where over half of the world's endangered gorillas lived. The community are carrying his body out as respect for Senkwekwe; that's upsetting.

43. The Poverty in New York

The American dream was often an ideal far from the reality. As this photographer shows here, on the streets of New York a lot of immigrants coming to America in hope.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

In reality though, they were living in squalor and poverty.  Many ignored the situation, but reporters like Jacob Riis bravely documented it.

49. Milk Drop

Before Harold Edgerton and his milk drop camera moments, it was impossible to capture moments like this. Moments which had to be captured at the exact millisecond.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

But Edgerton revolutionised photography forever with his milk drop series and this photo is one of the historical pictures. Imagine what it is he started here!

50. Hippos Riding the Wave

Michael Nichols captured this spectacular moment of Hippos in nature on a 2000 mile trek with the National Geographic. What was so important about this photo is it captured a rare moment, as the world's nature is shrinking.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

And, it actually inspired work to be done to increase the amount of national parks around the world. Hippos might be a little scary, but this guy looks cute.

51. Starving

This picture shows a missionary who has gone to help. The child's hand is so little and fragile, he's starving. How tiny is his little hand!?(Image Source/ boredpanda)It's a particularly powerful image because the two hands together shows the contrast between the rich western world and the conditions of those countries who are rife with poverty.

52. Inside Auschwitz

(Image Source/ boredpanda)This photo marks a terrible era of history. It's inside the most renowned concentration camp, Auschwitz. This photo shows us the inside of a gas chamber. It's a reminder of the horrendous history we have and for that reason this photo is a powerful marker of history.

53. 23 Hour Operation

This amazing picture shows a heart surgeon after a 23-hour-long, successful, heart transplant. We can see here that he has given everything he has, and his assistant is sleeping in the corner.(Image Source/ boredpanda)This captures a moment after these two people have given everything to save another life. Imagine going through that much stress continuously like that!

54. In Reverse

Here we have two pictures side by side, Father and son. The first is taken in 1949 at the end of the war and the next is taken in 2009. Madness!(Image Source/ boredpanda)It shows how the roles have reversed. The son has now become the big one in the photo and it makes a very powerful statement. He's there to look after his dad now!

55. The Unforgettable Teacher

This is Diego Frazão Torquato, a 12 year old Brazilian boy. He is playing the violin at his teacher’s funeral. This teacher helped him escape poverty whilst alive!(Image Source/ boredpanda)He also taught him music which helped him escape violence. It shows how powerful a teacher can be in someone's life. Don't underestimate them!

56. Wracked With Grief

This young man has just found out that his brother has been killed. This photo captures the horrendous moment of discovery. We all know this sort of feeling!(Image Source/ boredpanda)He is clutching his heart because the pain of his loss is so much and his mouth is open as he screams. It's an extremely powerful and moving photo.

57. Coming Together

This photo shows a powerful historic moment in Cairo, Egypt during the 2011 uprisings. Christians come together to protect Muslims during their prayer in the midst of the uprisings.(Image Source/ boredpanda)It shows a moment in time when people come together despite the differences in religion to protect one another. We can all live equal if we try!

58. The Bushfires

This was a moment a firefighter was giving water to a koala during the awful bushfires in Victoria, Australia back in 2009 when the uncontrollable fires took over.(Image Source/ boredpanda)He's trying to save it by giving it some water. It's a heartbreaking moment as the photo shows how much the wildlife suffered. The poor little koala was really struggling.

59. Reunited

This is Terri Gurrola who is a soldier who had been serving in Iraq for 7 months. This is the moment she is reunited with her daughter. It must be hard being seperated for that long.

(Image Source/ boredpanda)The emotion on her face captured by the photo shows the grueling consequences of war, being separated from loved ones. She'll never forget that moment!

60. Waiting For Food

Here are some Indian homeless men. They are waiting to receive free food which is given out outside a mosque ahead of Eid al-Fitr in New Delhi, India.(Image Source/ boredpanda)The desperation for food is clear on their faces and it shows the huge poverty crisis that there is in India. It really isn't fair how life works out for some!

61. The Falling Man

This photo has become a powerful historical image that is now very well known. It shows a man falling from The World Trade Center during 9/11.(Image Source/ boredpanda)It's a tragic image which represents the tragedy of the day. When terror took over and killed so many people. Imagine being faced with a decision like this!

62. Alcoholism

This picture shows a man and a son. This man is an alcoholic, and his son is trying to get him up off the ground. This really isn't fair for the little guy!(Image Source/ boredpanda)It's a very moving and emotional picture which shows the vulnerability and innocence of youth. He does not understand why his father will not respond to him.

63. Clutching Onto Each Other

Here is a couple lay buried in the rubble. The factory that they are in has collapsed and the two of them are barely alive, yet they still cling to one another.(Image Source/ boredpanda)It shows how important and powerful love is. Even at the door of death, they are bound together by their love. They must have been absolutely terrified of one another.

64. A Sunset From Mars

This is no ordinary sunset picture. It's actually a picture taken from Mars, as you can see in the surface in the photo. it's incredible to see the sunset from a whole new planetary perspective.(Image Source/ boredpanda)It's a historical moment as it demonstrates the massive advances in technology. Just imagine seeing the sun from that far away on earth, it puts things in to perspective.

65. Cyclone Nargis

This photo shows Hhaing The Yu, he's 29 years old. He's crying into his hand as the rain falls around him. In the picture we can see the remains of his home.(Image Source/ boredpanda)This was May 2008 when cyclone Nargis struck southern Myanmar. It left disaster in its wake and killed around 100,000 people. It was truly devastating!

66. Man's Best Friend

The bond between dog and human could not be clearer in this photo. This dog names Leao, is sat by the grave of its owner for the second day running.(Image Source/ boredpanda)The owner of Leao was killed during the landslides near Rio de Janiero in 2011. The dog is still grieving and knows exactly where he needs to be.

67. WW2 Tank

This photograph marks the moment that a WW2 Russian tank veteran  found the tank which he drove throughout the whole war. That must have brought some memories back.

(Image Source/ boredpanda)It was standing in a small Russian town. Here he marks his tribute to the tank as he kneels down. It's a historical photo as it reminds us of the losses of the war.

68. Peace Power

This boy is putting flowers on the ends of rifles that are being pointed toward the people. It's a moment that symbolises peace in the face of violence.(Image Source/ boredpanda)This photo of this boy placing flowers to show peace sends a very powerful message to put an end to violence. It might not have worked the way he wanted it to though.

69. Tsunami

In Japan, March 2011 there was a huge earthquake which then caused a massive tsunami. This photo shows Natori, northern Japan in the aftermath, completely and utterly destroyed.(Image Source/ boredpanda)In the middle a woman sits sobbing, grieving the loss of everything surrounding her. It's hard to imagine losing everything you own and so many people you know at the same time.

70. Protestant and Catholic

The long turbulent history of the fight between Protestants and Catholics has long been documented. Here there are two graves, a husband and a wife.(Image Source/ boredpanda)They are facing each other with a symbolic arm outstretched to each other. It shows love despite religion and the fact that love is more powerful than hatred.

71. A Powerful Hug

This is Greg Cook who has is hugging his dog named Coco after finding her inside his home in Alabama that was destroyed during the Tornado in March, 2012.(Image Source/ boredpanda)His emotions are clear the see as he hugs Coco tightly. The look of love on Coco's face is also evident. They probably never expected to see eachother again.

72. The Start Of Battle

This is 1943 when these two Russian soldiers were preparing to go to fight. This moment was just before they went to the frontline. They must have been terrified!(Image Source/ boredpanda)The fear and desperation is clear to see. This is a powerful and historic moment signifying a terrible time in history. One we never want to see again.

73. Saving Cats

This is Cuttack City in India, in 2011, during horrendous floods which took many lives and destroyed many homes. This brave villager went to save lots of stray cats - he saves a lot of animal's lives.(Image Source/ boredpanda)As we can see he has them in a basket above his head to save them from the water. He really put himself at risk just for the sake of managing to save a few furry friends.

74. An Offer

Here this man from Afghanistan was offering tea to soldiers. This photo has a lot of impact as it shows the kindness of humanity even in the worst situations.(Image Source/ boredpanda)And, even when this man had little to give. The soldier is gratefully taking the tea from him. There wasn't always animosity in these situations.

75. Missing Child

This photo shows parents, many years later still looking for their missing child. The photo is from the side of a cereal box. They never want to give up!(Image Source/ boredpanda)The mother and father, are still clearly desperate for their child and so they continue to look despite the time that has gone on. I suppose you never know do you?

76. Christ

This photograph was taken by a photographer who made a picture of Christ being crucified on the cross, submerged in the photographer's urine.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

The picture won awards but later came under fire by a pastor who thought the picture was disrespectful to god. I suppose I could understand how that would be the case.

77. Somaza Dictatorship

A photographer, Susan Meiselas travelled to Nicaragua in the late 1970s for six weeks. This was seen to be quite a mad thing to do by many around her!(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)She wanted to understand the struggle between the long-standing Somoza dictatorship and the socialist Sandinistas who continued to fight to overturn it. This photo marks this struggle.

78. Marxist

This is a photo of Salvador Allende who was democratically elected as head of state. He was a Marxist and believed in all of the principles of Marxism.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)He was the first to be elected democratically. He nationalised many companies during his time in power, many of which still weren't his biggest fan.

79. Louis Daguerre’s

This was Louis Daguerre’s photo, the first ever photo with a human on it. Before this humans had been captured in art but never a photo.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

This was Paris’ Boulevard du Temple, and this shoe shiner did not realise he was about to become a part of history. He probably never did know either!

80. In The Back Room

The German photojournalist Erich Salomon was the first person to give us a glimpse into these powerful men's private meetings. None of the men in the image knew it was being taken!(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Before this, these statesman were always seen in the public eye but their meetings in private were never known until now. He used a small camera to capture these moments.

81. Brick layer

This photographer took many pictures of people in different jobs. The structure if the photos, with the negative background and use of light made everybody look the same.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)This allowed them to look as though they had the same status despite the jobs. Here is the picture of the bricklayer which became famous. How different was the job back then?

82. Galloping

This photo shows a man on a horse galloping away. It became famous when Prince took a picture of it, and went on to sell it for 1.2 million.It was never actually his photo, he merely took a picture of the original. Yet, this didn't stop his success. I bet the original photographer would have been fuming.

83. Androgynous

This was the first time that photography was being used not to capture a moment in time but to actually predict how people would look. Kind of like an olden day AI.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)This was part of a series of photos which predicted how people would look if they were androgynous. This is one of the results, looks a little creepy right?

84. Changing Things

This photograph was taken in the 1830s, when black people had no rights and were treated and viewed as lower class citizens. Yet, this photographer James VanDerZee wanted to change that view.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)And so, here we have a picture of this couple dressed in racoon coats pictured with their car. it was a totally new perspective, people had never seen before!

85. Henri Cartier-Bresson

This photo was taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson. The photo became famous because of its incredible capturing of time, light and movement which was before its time.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Henri Cartier-Bresson was renowned for his timing and this photograph just proved it. His talent was unbeatable and his status as a photographer is unforgotten.

86. Segregation

As we can see, this photo shows the segregation between white and black people. Black people had to sit on the back seat of the bus. This was a common occurrence at the time!(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Before this, Robert Frank's photography had a bad reception - but this one went down in history. It captured America as it was, before it changed for the better.

87. Crimean War

The stillness and emptiness of this photo perfectly capture the aftermath of the war. It has a very sombre feeling to the photo and many people would have lost their lives here!(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)As we can see, the land is empty and full of old bullets. This photo marks the land after the Crimean war. It is named The Valley of the Shadow of Death.

88. Michael Jordan

This has become one of the most famous sporting photos and photos in general - of all time. And, we can see why. We've all seen that image before haven't we!(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)The angle, the timing and everything about this photo is perfect. It manages to capture his immense skill and talent in one photo. It's as though he's flying.

89. The Model and the Elephant

Richard Avedon took this photograph of Dovima at a Paris circus in 1955 for the famous magazine Harper’s Bazaar. Both Dovima as a model and Avedon as a photographer were already well known and respected in their fields.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

They were both world famous in their respective fields and this image captured the contrast between strength and delicateness. You wouldn't see this today!

90. The Unseen Coffins

In April 2004, around 700 U.S. troops had been killed on the battlefield in Iraq. But, the government banned the news from publicising any of these images around death under the argument that it was a violation of privacy.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

Most people saw it as a way to keep unrest about the fighting under wraps. When ultimately all they ended up doing was making themselves look a lot worse.

91. Firing Squad

In 1979 the regime of Iranian ruler Ayatullah Ruhollah convicted 11 men of being counterrevolutionary. They were fired down and killed by a group of men with guns.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

This shows a man just before his execution. It's a shocking image and a powerful historical reminder. Thank god this isn't as common in the current day!

92. Refugees

This is a powerful and upsetting image of a family on a boat seeking refuge. The conditions are terrible and the family is completely desperate.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

The plight of refugees is often ignored as the world turns a blind eye but this photo helped bring light to the terrible situation. We still have these problems to this day...

93. Country Doctor

W. Eugene Smith  was famous for his war photography, and then for a series of photos he did. His aim in his work was to see from the perspective of his subjects:(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)“I do not seek to possess my subject but rather to give myself to it. This is shown in this photo of the country doctor." He did a lot for letting people understand what was happening.

94. Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth, he was the best and most well loved baseball player ever. He'd been struggling with terminal cancer and he came to the pitch that night to formally retire his number and the crowd gave his a standing ovation.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

It captures a very emotional moment for Babe Ruth and the world. His legacy still lingers around in the US and the baseball world through to this day!

95. The Fight

This captures a time in America when racial segregation and inequality was at boiling point. People were fighting back, black people were rallying against it.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Here we have two white police officers letting the dogs rip this mans clothes. It shows the racial inequality in the forces of power and the resistance against it.

96. Robert Capa

Here is a photo of a soldier. He's just been shot and Robert Capa has captured the moment as he is falling. It's largely considered the best action photo of all time.(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)It's a moment of tragedy, captured moments before he falls to his death. A portrayal of the horrors of war and an insight in to one of the worst things that could happen to someone.

97. Ohio Shooting

This photo is an important moment in history, during the shooting at Kent State University in Ohio. We can see someone fatally wounded on the floor as someone else kneels and cries about the death surrounding her.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

It lasted 13 seconds the shooting and destroyed so many lives. It's crazy to think that a moment so short could actually cause that much of a problem!

98. The Munich Olympic Massacre

On September 5 during the Munich Olympic games, eight members of the Palestinian terrorist group Black September raided the Munich Olympic Village building which housed the Israeli Olympians.

(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)

The terrorists killed two team members, took nine people hostage and demanded the release of 234 of their group from prison. It's mad this happened at such an event!

99. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is a historical figure, this photo of him is one of his most famous. Churchill and his term in power are divisive amongst many people however...(Image Source/ rarehistoricalphotos)Karsh, who took the photo had just taken the cigar from his lips after he refused to put it down. The anger on his face is clear to see. It seems wrong to see him without one!