The Worst Rated Motel In Each State

By Nick Hadji 7 months ago

1. Washington, Polynesian Oceanfront Motel

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The wort-rated motel in Washington is hands down the Polynesian Ocean Front Hotel. In fact, the reviews likened the motel to a drug den due to some of the contents found in the motel. And, the place was crawling with cockroaches, and the bed sheets were stained with BLOOD.Original content sourced from

2. Mississippi, Town House Motel

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If you're thinking about staying in the Town House Hotel...think again. In fact, in one of the reviews claims that would have rather slept in a car. The place is rife with mold, the walls are cracked and stained and there are burns all over the sheets. Basically: STAY  AWAY.

3. Oakland, Jack London Inn

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The Jack London Inn had a whole host of pleasantries to offer; everything was broke including the toilet which leaked every time it was flushed, the entire room smelled as such and the place was covered in a blanket of furry mold. Sounds like a health and safety nightmare.

4. Illinois, Midtown Inn

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A motel with a manager who uses offensive and racist language is of COURSE going to be rated as the worst in the state...and deservedly so! As if this wasn't enough, the room was like something out of a horror movie; gross, dark and pretty terrifying.

5. South Carolina, Motel Greenville

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Okay so this motel actually locked its guests into their rooms, and they had to call to be let out when they wanted. Is this prison? Or are we paying for a room here? They also demanded that they paid in cash, but said that this could not be done out in the open as it was too dangerous so they had to go to the room to pay in secret...

6. Oregon, Parisian Hotel

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One couple hands down claimed that this was THE most horrendous night they've ever spent...not exactly a glowing review. They stated that the whole place was noisy, there were dirty sheets and VERY thin walls with screaming neighbours which made this night pretty unbearable.

7. New York, World Motel

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So be prepared if you ever step foot into World Motel because one reviewer actually complained of feces on the bed sheets. Ew. And, the rooms are so small that you can barely turn around and you feel trapped. Oh and not to mention it was littered with cockroaches too...

8. Pennsylvania, Pocono Plaza

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Welcome to a world of bed bugs, shady goings-on and sketchy staff. The reviews of the last place must've been so back they had literally painted over it and stuck a new sign on top. They're not fooling anyone, this place sounds like a literal hell hole - no thank you!

9. Las Vegas, Siegal Slots and Suites

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So this motel  has been aptly named the motel from Hell, by its many shocked and appalled reviewers who have nightmares reliving the nights they stayed here. People claimed to feel highly unsafe, and they were even exposed to things such as drugs, suicide, violence during their stay.

10. New Mexico, The Super 8

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The only thing certain when staying here is that there's nothing super about it. Guests have left disgusted reviews claiming that there are stains of vomit on the stairs and other suspiciously gross stains on the floors and the walls. Things are so bad here that one person wrote in to suggest the owners should serve time!

11. Texas, Texan Motel

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According to Globetrotter this is the worst motel EVER. And...if you don't want someone photocopying your credit card then I wouldn't recommend you stay here. The building is also rotting from the inside out and somebody was found dead here just a few weeks prior...

12. Florida, The Boulevard Motel Ocean Drive

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Welcome to the motel of pain. One lady discovered a piece of glass in the bed which when she climbed unknowingly into bed, it stabbed her right in the butt and the ambulance actually had to be called out. Not exactly the way you want to start your so called holidays.

13. Nevada, The Clown Motel

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Let's face it, it is even sounds like the worst motel. In what world would a clown hotel with clown covered walls every not be considered creepy - especially in a very run down and old environment, even clown lovers would run. This deservedly received a 1/10.

14. Alaska, The Lakefront

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Despite the romantic sounding name, this place is filthy. And when one man went to check in they had not only forgotten the reservation, but the next day they'd also forgot the breakfast booking. The poor guy had to wait an hour even to check in. And for what? A pretty ramshackle place.

15. California, Motel 6 Long Beach

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This motel in Los Angeles lives up to its very seedy and not so great reputation. The bed was literally so dirty that when somebody removed the pillow, there were dirt lines left. And, somebody else heard X-rated movies being shot a few doors down from theirs.

16. Hawaii, Ambassador Motel Waikiki

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One person aqt the Ambassador Motel Waikiki was forced to pay for early check out 3 times due to miscommunication (or allegedly lying staff). And for another person, when one of the staff came to help them get in the door - because the battery to the key card is flat - his laces were untied and his shoes hanging off so he was dragging them along the floor with his creased shirt unbuttoned. Oh, the perfect picture of professionalism...

17. Maine, Motel 6 Portland

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Nobody wants to feel unsafe when they stay somewhere for a night, especially when they've paid for that room. But that' exactly how guests here feel, the Motel 6 Portland is super loud and located in a very sketchy location and it is completely dark and dingy.

18. Vermont, Mt Viger

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So aside from the motel room being totally dark and depressing, one person also found vomit stains on the carpet. Worst of all, these seemed to be avoidable ad the whole thing must've been so fresh that the stench still lingered in the air. Disgusting.

19. Miami, Boulevard Motel

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To start, the rooms look like they've never seen a vacuum since the 1960s, never mind had any kind of renovation or re-upholstery done. The walls and extremely thin and in this very depressing environment the only thing to lure people in is the false promises of 2-4-1 cocktails.

20. Jersey, Econo Lodge Jersey City

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The fact that the room was gross, the people who stayed here got no sleep because of the loud motel...none of this mattered. It was all made better by the free breakfast...wait, that's a single mini and STALE doughnut. This motel deserves the reputation all of its own.

21. Idaho, Microtel Inn and Suites

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For these people who stayed in the worst motel in Idaho, they experienced smoking neighbours whose fumes carried through the windows and walls. There was rude staff shouting at them and to add the cherry to the cake there was a blocked toilet with the remnants of a previous guest...oh, and bed bugs!

22. Tennessee, Pin Oak Parkway Inn

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So when this man checked into his Pin Oak Parkway motel room, he found a present int he drawer of the last (we hope the last) guest's dirty briefs. This made him delve deeper in to the hygiene and he found that nothing had been cleaned for weeks - at LEAST.

23. Delaware, Red Mill Inn

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A woman entered the motel, then literally ran out of the room. And she flew right into some sticky tape with a collection of dead bugs caught in it which was pretty much the icing on the cake of her ordeal. Smoking was still allowed in the rooms too. The whole thing sounded pretty nightmarish

24. North Dakota, Travel Inn Motel

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According to the reviewers of the Travel Inn Motel, the carpets looked as thought they had never been cleaned before. In fact they were so thick with dirt that the actual colour was unidentifiable. And that's not where the dirt ended, the beds and towels were also filthy and brown.

25. Utah, Woonsocket Moor Motel

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The fridge of Woonsocket Moor Motel hadn't been cleaned inside or outside, and there was a strange dark substance leaking from it which was either some problem with the fridge or it was to do with the old drinks that had been left there. The worst of all, staff referred to the room as something pretty inappropriately sexual.

26. Detroit, Viking Motel

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Viking Motel sounds about right, because perhaps that's the last time it was cleaned. The towel stains were extremely suspicious and these weren't stubborn stains which had been cleaned and wouldn't remove. No, these were fresh from the previous lot of guests, or who knows maybe the guests before them.

27. Montana, Red Lion Inn & Suites Inn

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So this was hands down the worst motel in Montana. One person claimed that it was the worst place that they had ever visited. And one person actually found LIVE ammunition in their room. The common theme of all these reviews was that it would be more prudent to stay in your car!

28. Nebraska, Rodeway Inn

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Cigarette burns on the bed with trails of ash, a leaking toilet, a bag of rubbish left in the room of the motel. This is exactly what guests experienced at the Rodeway Inn, Nebraska. THE worst motel in the state. This motel should be deemed a health hazard.

29. Ohio, Motel 6 Dayton

Image source/ damagemotel
A pool perfect! Apart from the pool is used as a giant trash can, which more than a little bit takes away the appeal of having your room face right onto it. There were also holes in the bed, black marks on the carpet and (to no surprise) no cleaning available.

30. Michigan, Clair Inn

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You step into your motel room and you're greeted with thick smells of smoke and other unsanitary smells. Then, you ask questions to the staff and they are completely rude and pretend that it is the guests with the problem. The place had definitely been last touched in the 70s.

31. Georgia, Motel Travel Atlanta

Image source/ Destinia
The motel itself was bad, let's make that quite clear. But the worse fact was the extremely dangerous area in which it was located. Guests were too scared to leave their rooms after sundown and had to wait until the morning to leave. In fact some refused to check in for the night because it was dark.

32. Colorado, Hometown Motel Studios

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Colorado's worst motel award goes too...Hometown Motel Studios! It's all down to the fact that it was full of trash, the staff were desperately rude and they wouldn't even allow them more than the third of toilet paper they had been given...even on day two!

33. Indiana, Motel Seymour

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At Motel Seymour, Indiana there were no smoke alarms in the rooms making the experience a complete health and safety nightmare and fire hazard. And, people were outside banging doors all night arguing which according to the reviews seems like a very common occurence.

34. Kentucky, Motel Inn

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Motel Inn in Kentucky seemed like a typical motel from one of those horror movies that you'd never actually like to stay yourself. And, the broken air was con sticking into one half of the beds of a woman who recently stayed there. She also said the whole things was a huge fire hazard.

35. Connecticut, America's Best Value Inn Wethersfield Hartford

Image source/ Tripadvisor
One story from a lady staying at the motel was that 'someone woke me up banging on the door in the morning saying that I had to let house keeping in. The rude staff seemed intent upon insulting me and shouting at me whenever I asked a question. Never stay here!'

36. Oklahoma, Trade Winds Motel

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At Trade Winds Motel standards were also shockingly low. The ceiling was literally falling down, none of the doors would actually shut properly and some of the door handles had fully snapped off. And to top it off, guests woke up itching all over which must have been because the place was rife with bedbugs.

37. West Virginia, Heritage Motel

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Various guests at the Heritage Motel have entered into the establishment, before quickly deciding that they'd rather lose the money and not stay here than have to endure the night. There are broken windows and bed bugs visibly crawling all over the beds and walls.

38. Maryland, Cabana Motel

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Somebody claimed that they woke up to a flooded floor. And, when they alerted the staff, they would not allow them into a new room and they either had to stay or leave without a refund. There was also rotting food that had been left in the fridge from goodness knows when.

39. Rhode Island, Woonsocket Motor Inn

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Picture: black mold all over the shower and the walls, including the ceiling, under the bed was full of trash including cigarette butts, the dirty towels had clearly been used previously and not been replaced. It sounds like the place was literally rotting from inside out.

40. North Carolina, Raleigh Inn

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At the Raleigh Inn, North Carolina you could stay for a month but they're still never replenish your towels or give the room a once over. You have to bring your own supplies, including soap and towels. In fact, it would be best to bring the entire room if possible

41. Minnesota, Snelling Motel

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So the Snelling Motel has some extremely unusual guest rules where they are not allowed to have any visitors, or even allowed to make or receive more than one call a day in the room! Aside from these very suspiciously strange rules, there were also questionable items left around the room.

42. Iowa, Days Inn Merle Haye

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At Days Inn Merle Haye you are welcomed by the sound of loud, banging music, the smell of illegal substances in the building and signs of drug use in the building. There are also faint smells of urine coming up from the mattress area. Whatever you do...stay away.

43. Massachusetts, Shangri La Motel

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So one woman wrote in to say that 'the reception desk literally yelled at us as soon as we arrived and every time we asked something. There were coils breaking through the mattress sticking right in your back. In fact the floor was much more appealing - well it could have been had it been cleaned properly.'

44. Arizona, Payless Inn

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At the Payless Inn the facilities themselves were absolutely disgusting, and the rooms provided one single wash cloth to be used for a towel. The bath was filled with dirty water which looked like it had been there at least for a few months. And, it was located in a terrifying neighbourhood.

45. New Hampshire, Motel Highway Dial

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At the Motel Highway Dial, manager called one guests, word for word 'an idiot'. The while place feels very unsafe for people staying there and one person claimed that the door be opened without a key. Another person had found food all over the room and had never managed to stay the night.

46. Wyoming, Motel Rock Springs

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So this person had to go with their dog somewhere pet friendly. Yet, they certainly didn't expect to find a flea ridden, and someone's old socks in my room, and a lock that took 5 minutes to work to be able to get in or out of the bedroom. Because you'd definitely need a quicker exit out of that place!

47. Kansas, Motel Topeka Northwest

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You know things are bad when the guests staying here left at 3 am in a hurry to escape the place because it was so loud, nobody could sleep. And, the toilet was surrounded by flies which is never a good sign or a sign that the toilet has been cleaned in weeks.

48. Alabama, Green Bay Motel

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In one man's room he had requested the more expensive option of a double bed rather than a single. They used two single sheets to cover the double bed, which definitely isn't the worst thing, but on a scale of shoddy to professional it's definitely scraping the bottom.

49. Louisiana, Midtown Motel

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At Midtown Motel in Louisiana there were absolutely no lights in the room and guests that had to turn to burning matches and phone lighting. They also witnessed drug deals during their stay and claimed that the staff were smoking drugs on the premises and even whilst on duty.

50. Wisconsin, Great Northern Motel

Image source/ Reddit
The overarching theme of reviews of Wisconsin's Great Northern Motel is that it should be shut down by the health department. In fact, the guests didn't even trust the breakfast enough to eat it. They actually avoided it in order to not make themselves sick with food poisoning.