The Terrifying World Of 1970’s Party Food

By Aaron Love 1 month ago

Tuna And Pear Pizza

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There have been many arguments across the years as to what the worst choice of topping on a pizza is, and pineapple is usually the topping which causes the most controversy. But I think it's fair to say that this monstrosity from the 70's is definitely much MUCH worse.

Frankfurter Crown

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It's hard to really tell what is going on within this dish, but clearly during the 70's they were looking to make some quite crazy looking dishes over what they might taste like! This abomination appears to be a pot lined with frankfurters and filled with cheese and peppers... odd choice!

Mighty Mousse

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It's hard to believe that the well-renowned brand Campbell's actually decided this was a good enough party food to make a whole advert for! That's right, it's a tomato soup mousse moulded in to a bowl and filled with various salad items. I'm not sure anyone would enjoy this!

Veggie Jello

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From a moulded tomato soup mousse to something potentially even more disgusting! We've all seen fruit salads encased in jello, but this old party snack is actually a jello filled with veg like corn, peppers and carrots. What on earth was going through people's minds during this decade?

Miracle Whip Bowl

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I suppose when you compare this to the last two it looks fairly normal, but i'm not sure this is something that would catch on in the current day. This potato salad filled with eggs and miracle whip is encased in a lettuce bowl and might be a little too healthy for a party snack I think.

Pickle Dogs

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Now, hear me out, but part of this doesn't seem like the worst idea for a little party snack. Hotdogs, split and filled with pickles, are probably things people would still eat today! However, soaking them in a barbecue and serving them with some rice? Not so sure about that one.

Coffee On A Stick

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For those of you who can't start their day without a fix of caffeine this might be just what you need. It doesn't look like the most appealing food in the world, but it's a sort of coffee, frozen, moussey mold on a stick. I'm sure you could find a way to make this look a little better today.

Fish Egg Salad

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Okay, I got the last one, but what on god's green earth is this? First of all, the fish on the bottom of the meal looks like it's been dried out and secondly who decided that an egg salad was just what you needed to make the dish finished? What is that they've put in the eyes too??

Orange And Chicken Soup

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During the winter, we all enjoy making some comfort foods that can keep us warm as the weather tries to freeze us. However, I'm sure they could have thought up a better way to make a soup than this? There's very little cooking here, but orange juice and chicken stock can't be great?

Poinsettia Salad

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I kind of get what they're trying to do here, i'm sure this dish would look somewhat appealing and interesting. However, I fear that they haven't quite considered how all the ingredients just don't go! Pineapple on lettuce? Marshmallows and lettuce? I don't think so.

Frankfurter And Pineapple Kebabs

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The simplicity of this one makes it quite an easy party snack to make, yes, but I'm not entirely sure that these flavours have matching profiles? I suppose it could be fun to make these with your kids right? There's something about having a sausage dog at the bottom which raises some suspicions though!

Pig's Face

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Just the name of this meal is probably enough for you to realise that this isn't something you'd want to be having on your party table. Yes, they want you to boil an entire pig's head, grill it and then serve it with some lettuce? And if that's not bad enough they want you to slurp pig head soup too!

Cheese, Leek And Ham Pancakes

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If done right, savoury pancakes can actually be delicious (not as delicious as syrup covered pancakes though!), but this just isn't appealing at all! The pancakes are seemingly dry and they've been covered in gloopy cheese and ham sauce. And why on earth is there a tinned peach on top of it all?!

Jellied Shrimps

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There was clearly an obsession during the 70's where people wanted to just encase their favourite foods in jello. I'm not entirely sure what made jello a party snack, but I'm sure that the taste of jellied shrimps and prawns probably wouldn't be at the top of many people's favourites.

Banana Pineapple Salad

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Some of the recipes on show here are quite random, and a peeled banana pierced through two canned pineapple rings seems somewhat normal compared doesn't it? You don't usually associated fruits like banana's being part of a salad, but whatever floated their boats right?

Cabbage Christmas Tree

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I guess the aim of this party food is to be more of a decoration than a bit of party food right? Either way, there seems to be an unnecessary amount of effort that has to go in to making a Christmas tree out of lettuce in comparison to just buying one you probably won't have to suffer through eating.

Layered Bridge Loaf

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A bridge loaf isn't actually too bad of an idea in regards to being a party snack, you can layer a load of different sandwiches on top of eachother. Each layer would have to be suitable with the next, this one doesn't! And to top it all of they've covered the entire thing in... peanuts?

Beefburger Pancakes

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What is it with people in the 70's and ruining pancakes? Pancakes and cream sounds good right? But why and who thought that hiding a beefburger inside them and mixing the cream with mushroom soup would be a good idea? This is definitely one that won't be making a reappearance.

Pork And Bean

Stuffed peppers have actually gone through a renaissance in recent years, people really enjoy making a healthy meal out of the veggie. But this 70's party snack completely ruins the healthy nature of the meal by pouring canned beans and wieners inside them? Not sure about that one!

Banana Sardine Boats

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Seemingly, people in the 70's thought that bananas and fish could go on to every single party snack! I'm not entirely sure that fitting an entire sardine in to a banana would taste quite as great as they're making out! And what is it with every plate coming with some salad too?

Meringue Meadow

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When you take in to account what this entire meal actually is it seems quite nice doesn't it? But we're back with the jelly again, as well as having to make a lot of effort for something that probably isn't worth it! Either way, I'm sure it'd go down pretty well at a kid's party or something.

A Smiling Dolphin

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From party foods to party drinks, and they're still trying to throw banana's in places where banana's really shouldn't be. The whole thing doesn't even make any sense! It's a banana shaped like a dolphin, it should be in something blue right? But instead it's submerged in some tomato juice??

Eggs In Aspic

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For those of you that don't know, Aspic is the type of savoury jelly we've seen in all of the other jellied snacks and it's made with meat stock. So this entire party snack is actually just eggs mixed in with jelly? I can't even begin to imagine the textures you'd feel in your mouth with this one!

Stuffed Apples

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I get they were trying to invent some new and fun dishes for people to try out at parties, but stuffing apples seems quite pointless? And when you take in to account they're filling these crunchy fruits with prawns? Do you think that these two flavour profiles could truly match?

Sausage Bean Pizza

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Okay, well this isn't the worst pizza I've ever seen across the world, but the way it's been decorated and what it really is could surely only disgust the Italians. Removing a traditional tomato base with beans and layering tomatoes on top must actually be blasphemous in their eyes.

Frozen Cheese Salad

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First things first, just because this dish has some brocolli around and on top of it, it doesn't make it a salad at all! It's literally just a frozen block of cheese put on a plate. Now, I'm not saying cheese isn't great, but surely there's something more 70's that they could have done with this one.

Sardine Lemons

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Yep, we're back with yet another instalment of fish and fruit from the 70's! This time they've decided to empty and then fill a lemon with a sardine concoction! I'm not quite sure why they thought this was a good idea, considering that the two on their own aren't always people's favourites as it is!

Sausage Cake

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No, no, no, no! If there's one piece of food that I'd never want to find in my cake then I think sausage would have to be pretty high up in that list! Cakes always go down well as a party snack, but if you were to serve this today, I think it's fair to say some of your guests probably wouldn't be too happy!

Pineapple Prawn

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In terms of everything else that has featured on this list, this is actually one of the more normal and potentially tasty items. All it is, is the fruit had pretty much been removed from a pineapple and prawns hang from the spikes. An interesting design, but definitely from the 70's!

Mustard Mousse

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Mousses and jellies were obviously popular in the 70's, so this, as weird as it sounds, probably isn't as crazy or out there as you might first think! Yep, its a mustard mousse ring filled with all of our favourite veggies, cucumber, and cauliflower. Doesn't that sound delicious?