The Most Valuable Items That Exist In The World

By molly atherton 7 months ago
In a universe bustling with treasures both tangible and intangible, the quest for the most valuable entities is akin to seeking rare gems in an infinite cosmic vault. From the glittering diamonds nestled deep within Earth's embrace to the elusive virtues that illuminate human existence, the spectrum of worth spans far and wide. Join us on an exhilarating expedition through the kaleidoscope of the most invaluable wonders our world holds.

1. The International Space Station

The International Space Station is a space research lab. It is a collaborative effort, shared by multiple nations. It is one of the single most expensive things in the entire world, it is estimated to cost around $150. However, it is priceless in terms of the scientific advances
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that it can help us make regarding space and travel, and which it has already done in finding out crucial information. Experiments and tests happen here and a lot of knowledge is produced in the ISS, including developing space technologies.Original content sourced from

2. The Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam

The Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam is one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in the world and it is considered one of the most impressive displays of engineering. It is an extremely important construction as it generates a huge amount of clean and renewable energy.
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Each and every year it produces around 103 million megawatt-hours of electricity. It cost around $27 billion to create and now it is thought to be worth around $70 billion. Not only is it an amazing piece of engineering, but it also works towards helping create a shift between non-renewable to sustainable energy production.

3. The Tutankhamun gold mask

Tutankhamun's gold mas is an extremely important historical artifact. It dates back to ancient Egypt's 18th dynasty. It is difficult to estimate the cost of this item as it is considered to have priceless historical and cultural value, and so experts believe that its price is immeasurable.
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The mask was created in ancient Egypt from solid gold and precious gemstones. A rough estimate would place the value of the mask at around $25 million, yet this doesn't reflect its true value which comes from its historical importance and context, rather than just the materials that have been used.

4. The Pink Star diamond

The Pink Star is exceptionally rare and an extremely valuable diamond. It is 'internally flawless', it is a vivid pink in color, and it's 59.60 carats. It is one of the most precious gemstones ever and THE most expensive. It was sold at an auction in 2017 and it sold for $71.2 million.
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It's one of the most sought-after diamonds ever because of its rare color, its size, and the fact it has been deemed natural perfection by experts. For these reasons, the Pink Star is without a doubt one of the most expensive items in the world.

5. Antimatter

Antimatter is not exactly an 'item'', it is in fact a form of matter. It's made up of antiparticles and they are thought to have the opposite properties of normal particles. Antimatter has gripped the fascination of scientists who are making new discoveries about it all of the time.
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Anti-matter may be the most expensive material in the entire world. Whilst it's hard to price its worth accurately it is thought that just one milligram of antimatter could cost up to $25 billion. For this reason, it is undoubtedly the most expensive item in the world.

6. The Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom

The Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom is a collection of precious jewels that have been collected for and by the British monarchy as symbolic decoration to signify their title and status. The collection contains all kinds of things; crowns, orbs, swords, scepters as well as royal robes.
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Not only are the materials themselves worth a LOT of material, but the price is also reflective of the cultural and historical significance that the collection has. The crown jewels are still used for special royal occasions such as the coronation of King Charles. They are estimated to be worth around $5.8 billion.

7. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is considered one of the most important buildings in the entire world. The reason for this is largely based on the fact that the ceiling is one of the most iconic works of artistic mastery ever. It was painted by none other than Michelangelo between the years 1508 and 1512.
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His paintings depict various scenes from the bible. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and it has been estimated to be one of the most expensive things in the entire world, it's something that monetary value cannot capture but an estimate would put it at several billion dollars.

8. Faberge Eggs

Faberge Eggs were created in the years 1885 to 1917,  by the House of Faberge (a prestigious jewelery creator). They were enamel eggs that were encased with jewels. They were specifically created as gifts to the Russian Imperial family.
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They are now regarded as some of the most precious and most expensive items in the world. Their globally recognized prestigious reputation now prices them beyond what we can estimate, however just one egg is estimated to be worth around $40 million, and there are several eggs in the collection.

9. The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is one of the most renowned paintings in the entire world and it currently resides at the Louvre in Paris where it is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists per year. It was, of course, painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the Renaissance period.
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It is to this day considered one of the most valuable portraits ever, not just in monetary terms, but in terms of artistic splendor and cultural value. Leonardo da Vinci's works are also extremely rare, which puts the price much higher. It is thought that the price of the Mona Lisa would be around $1 billion!

10. The Gutenberg Bible

The Gutenberg bible is one of the earliest books printed by movable type. It was printed in the 15th century and there are around only 50 copies in the world. They are largely considered to be some of the most valuable books ever, and their rarity means that they are extremely sought after.
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They are thought to be worth around $100 million. Some of the copies which are still currently in existence and have survived the centuries are held in museums or libraries because they are considered such important artifacts.

11. The Codex Leicester

The Codex Leicester (or the Codex Hammer which it is sometimes referred to) is a famous scientific notebook that was created by Leonardo da Vinci between the years of 1506-1510. The manuscript was then named after Thomas Coke who was the Earl of Leicester, he purchased the notebook in 1717.
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The ma script contained Leonardo's own sketches, writings, and thoughts on a variety of topics which ranges as wide from the properties of water, to astronomy. For this reason, it is a hugely significant artifact which is one of the most valuable items in the world. It is thought to be worth around $50 million.

12. Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is one of the most famous gemstones in the world. It holds a massive value, as it is large in size (it is 45.52 carats) it has a unique and distinct blue coloring and it has an interesting history. It's extremely beautiful and has a remarkable clarity.
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It currently stands as a part of the National Gem and Mineral Collection which is situated at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. It is thought to cost several hundreds of millions of dollars, making it one of the most expensive items in the world.

13. The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is not only one of the most expensive items in the world but also one of the most historically important. It is the document that signified the separation of the American colonies from Great Britain which was the beginning of the United States.
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Again, this artifact, because it has such historic meaning is considered invaluable. When it was sold in 2007 it fetched $21.7 million and it is thought to be worth a LOT more today. The price will also never truly reflect the symbolic value of the manuscript.

14. The Magna Carta

The Magna Carter is without a doubt one of the most important documents of history. It was first issued in 1215 as a peace treaty during the reign of King John. It established fundamental rights which limited the powers of the monarchy, so this was the beginning of the modern legal system.
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The magnitude of its importance cannot be comprehended and for this reason, it would be one of the most expensive items in the world due to how priceless it is. In 2007 a copy of the Magna Carta was sold for $21.3 million which gives some kind of indication of the whopping price it is worth.

15. Buckminsterfullerene

Buckminsterfullerene is a kind of molecule that is composed of carbon atoms. NASA has stated that this molecule is worth a LOT of money, making the substance one of the most expensive items in the world. It has been found to contain many uses, for example...
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... it can have benefits to science and create scientific advancements. For s a single gram of buckminsterfullerene can cost around $40,000. It is now being considered as having a lot of future opportunities due to the properties the molecule contains.

16. The Guennol Lioness

The Guennol Lioness is a historical statue. It is 5,000 years old and was thought to be created around 3000-2800 B.C meaning it is therefore an amazong piece of history and art which tells us invaluable things about ancient people.
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The Guennol Lioness was first discovered in Iraq. It's a massively sought-after historic artwork as it is considered an amazing depiction of anthropomorphism. It last sold for $57 million, proving that it is one of the most expensive and valuable items in the entire world.

17. The Crown of Saint Stephen

The Crown of Saint Stephen is also known as the Holy Crown of Hungary. It's a medieval crown that dates back to the 11th century and it is thought to have been created for the first king of Hungary. It is a Hungarian national treasure that holds...
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... a huge amount of historical and cultural importance. The crown is protected and would not be for sale, but if it was to be estimated what the crown was worth it is thought that it would be hundreds of millions of dollars making it one of the most expensive items ever.

18. The Amber Room

The Amber Room is a chamber which is located in the Catherine Palace of Russia. It is adorned with amber paneling, gold leaf, and mirrors throughout the chamber to create one of the most opulent rooms in existence. It was first created in the 18th century
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and the materials it was constructed with made the value of this chamber immensely expensive. It is also considered a cultural and historical treasure. The Amber Room has been estimated to be worth around $250 million, however, its value continues to rise each and every year.

19. The Cursed Amethyst

The cursed amethyst is also known as the Dehli Purple Sapphire. It is thought that the precious stone was taken Temple of Indra. Initially, it was identified incorrectly and deemed an 'amethyst', however in the time it became known to be a sapphire.

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It is an extremely high-quality sapphire which is why it has become famous all over the globe. Its beauty, as well as its historic significance and symbolism, means that the cursed amethyst is one of the most expensive items in the world. It is thought that the stone is worth up to $175 million, or perhaps even more.

20. The Star of India

The Star of India is another world-renowned, valuable gemstone. It is a very large, rare blue star sapphire which is exceptionally large for a naturally occurring sapphire and the iconic star shape has made it one of the most valuable in the world.

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It is a treasure that is kept at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Although The Star of India has not officially been priced, it is estimated to be worth 300 million dollars. It was named due to India's association with sapphires, yet it was actually found in Sri Lanka.

21. History Supreme Yacht

The History Supreme Yacht is a totally lavish and luxurious yacht that is known for its sheer extravagant design. It was designed in the UK by Stuart Hughes and the yacht took over three years to construct. It is built with precious metals that include gold and platinum

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and it even contains rare and precious gemstones. It has been estimated to be priced at around $4.8 billion, partly due to the fact it contains 100,00 kilograms of pure gold and a diamond-encrusted master bedroom. It is currently owned by an anonymous owner and is not currently for sale.

22. The Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the most important inventions and one of the most advanced telescopes today. It actually changed how we are able to acquire scientific data about the Universe. It was first launched into space in 1990 by NASA.

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So far the telescope has cost around $16 billion...and so the price of its worth is unfathomable. Because aside from the fact that it is one of the best pieces of equipment in the world, the things it has allowed us to achieve make the Hubble telescope totally priceless, and most definitely one of the most expensive items in the world.

23. Mukesh Ambani's Antilla Mansion

Antilla is the name given to the private residence of Mukesh Ambani. He is the Chairman and the Director of Reliance Industries in Mumbai, India, It is one of the most extravagant residential properties in the entire world. It is a 27-story building

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and it has lots of high-end amenities, multiple swimming pools and health clubs, a theatre, and many other extravagancies. Mukesh Ambani lives in the building alongside his family. It has been estimated to be worth around $billion, making it one of the most expensive items in the world.

24. Kohinoor diamond

The Kohinoor diamond is a famous diamond that has gained a lot of traction due to its dark history. The Kohinoor diamond is currently a part of the British Crown Jewel. The diamond was brutally taken from India by the British Empire during the mid-19th century.

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The monarchy has stopped using the diamond in recent times because many people believe it should be rightfully returned to India. The diamond is worth up to$1 billion, making it one of the most expensive diamonds, and one of the most expensive items in the world.

25. Villa Leopolda

One of the next, most expensive items, or in this case mansions, in the world is Villa Leopolda. It is a luxury, historic mansion which is located in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Riviera. It has extremely opulent interiors and exteriors and it is...

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one of the most extravagant buildings in the world which is regularly in the interest of wealthy individuals or celebrities. It is worth $750 million and it also has historical significance, having been built for King Leopold at the beginning of the 20th century.

26. Boeing 787 Dream Jet

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a high-end business jet. It has been constructed with advanced technology and it is very fuel efficient as well as offering passengers ultimate comfort. It is often described as a futuristic plane, which is why it is so popular with pilots and passengers.

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It is often used to fly government officials, very high status individuals, or billionaires with a lot of money to spend on flying luxury. It is worth over $200 million and for this reason, it has been classed as one of the most expensive items in the world.

27. The Card Players

Artist Paul Cezanne painted a series of paintings called The Card Players. Each painting contains the same individuals in slightly different formations, but each time playing a game of cards. The series has been extremely highly regarded in the art world
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and they have become some of the most sought-after paintings ever. One of the individual paintings was sold privately and it amassed over $250 million back in 2011. This was for just one of the series, and the prices have risen significantly in the last decade.

28. The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of ancient Jewish texts. they were first discovered between the years 1947 and 1956. They were first found in the Dead Sea! They contain information about the Jewish religion, as well as details about the Jewish life

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and how the religion has developed since the beginning of early biblical documents. They consist of over 10,000 manuscripts which are now incomplete. The Dead Sea Scrolls are thought to be worth over $250 million due to their huge historic influence and value!

29. Nuestra Senora de Atocha Shipwreck

The Nuestra Senora de Atocha was a ship that sunk in 1622 off the coast of Florida. The ship was a Spanish treasure vessel and it was carrying a huge amount of gold, silver, and precious gemstones as well as a whole host of valuable objects.

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The shipwreck lay undiscovered for over three centuries! Finally, in 1985 it was founded by Mel Fisher. It is estimated that it is now worth over $400 million. It is one of the most expensive shipwrecks in history and one of the most expensive items in the world.

30. Mercedez Benz 300 SLR

The Mercedez Bens 300 SLR is one of the most expensive sports cars in the world. as well as the most renowned. It was produced by the company in the 1950s and it has been celebrated as one of the most iconic cars in sports car history.
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A well-kept Mercedes Benz 300 SLR can fetch up to $143.1 million. These have become seriously sought-after cars by sports car enthusiasts who want the most highly esteemed car as a part of their collection. These have become legendary cars and they are also very rare and hard to get hold of.

31. The most expensive everyday items in the world: this video game

When we delve into the realm of video games, we often anticipate a range of prices, some justifiable and others raising an eyebrow or two. However, nestled within this landscape of digital entertainment lies a gem that defies the ordinary measures of expense and value.
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Video games can get pricey, but we wouldn't say they're ridiculously expensive or valuable - until you take into account this VERY heftily-priced skateboarding video game! Coming in at $151 - yes, for a standard video game - this video game developed by Tony Hawk was so expensively priced due to its apparently high-quality technology for motion-sensing.

32. The 'best rice in the world'!

In the realm of culinary basics, rice stands as a steadfast companion, a staple that often embodies affordability and versatility in the kitchen. Yet, nestled amidst the myriad grains, there exists a particular variety that defies the norm, a rice so exquisitely crafted and meticulously curated that it transcends the boundaries of the ordinary, both in taste and in price.
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Rice is something you can depend on to be cheap and cheerful when you're struggling to think what to cook - unless we're talking about this particular rice, which is the most expensive in the world. It's priced at a whopping $109 per kg, and has won a ton of awards, based on the fact it's even more delicious with its six different rice varieties rolled into one!

33. These bank-breaking coffee pods

Ah, the allure of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, a daily ritual for many, a comforting sip that often comes with a reasonable price tag. Yet, nestled within the world of caffeinated indulgences exists a phenomenon that transcends the bounds of typical expenditure.
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Most of us will admit we spend far too much on coffee, but we're talking tens of dollars, and not hundreds! If you happen to have a lot of spare cash you don't mind wasting, how about these coffee pods priced at $273 - for only five? The coffee pods come from a Singapore-based company, and are compatible with Nespresso machines - if you want to pay around $55 per cup of coffee, that is!

34. Anti-aging serum that costs the earth

In the quest for eternal youth, where beauty meets an unyielding desire to defy time, the world of skincare becomes a battleground where the most affluent wage a war against the inevitable signs of aging. Among the arsenal of products promising the elusive elixir of youth, there exists a serum...
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We know that amongst celebs who have money, anything that makes them look younger - including plastic surgery - is a worthy investment to them. If you happen to want to pay a great deal for your skincare routine, you can bag this anti-aging serum that will set you back $1,800 per ounce of the stuff! Its high price tag comes from its rare and natural ingredients.

35. How about $2,000 for sushi?

Imagine a world where sushi transcends the realms of culinary delight and becomes an opulent masterpiece, a gastronomic adventure that marries taste with extravagance. In this realm of indulgence, there exists a sushi experience that surpasses mere sustenance...
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Yep, that's right. If you were lamenting over the $30 take out you ordered at the weekend that you were feeling guilty for, this will probably make you feel better. Some people can - and do - pay two thousand dollars for sushi alone. This sushi was made by an experienced chef and came complete with 24-carot gold leaf, and was also garnished with actual diamonds.

36. It's going to cost you for a smooth keyboard!

When it comes to the tools we use daily, the humble keyboard often takes center stage in the realm of productivity. Yet, nestled within the vast landscape of typing devices exists a keyboard that transcends the mundane and ventures into the realms of opulence and craftsmanship.
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We know good keyboards can make a difference for desk ergonomics, but how much would you be willing to pay for that comfort? How about $4,240 for a keyboard? The reason it's so expensive is down to the impressive design, which includes keys which have been coated in Urushi lacquer (a prized lacquer from Japan) and then finished with a dusting of gold!

37. The most valuable feather on the planet

Nestled within the intricate tapestry of rare and priceless artifacts lies a feather, not just any ordinary plume, but a remnant of a bygone era—a token of a species lost to the annals of time. This feather, a treasure from a New Zealand bird now extinct, transcends the mere concept of worth.
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The reason this particular feather has such a high value is because the New Zealand bird it hails from is now extinct. The remaining feather is worth at least $5,000! This was the price it fetched at an auction in recent years, so it could be well worth more for those willing to pay for it. And considering the bird no longer exists, it's worth the price for someone who can afford this piece of history!

38. It gets expensive for the perfect pair of jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans, that elusive balance of comfort and style, often feels like striking gold. But nestled within the denim landscape lies a rarity that elevates the concept of the perfect fit to unprecedented heights—the Escada Couture Swarovski Crystal Jeans.
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There's nothing like getting a pair of jeans that actually fit the way you'd want them to. We'd all pay a little bit more for the perfect fit - but how about $10,000 for one pair of jeans? The minimum for Escada's Couture Swarovski Crystal Jeans is $7,500 if you don't want any customization - but the most expensive pair of these particular jeans to be sold up to now is $10,000!

39. A very expensive night out with this cocktail

Ah, the aftermath of a night out—the anticipation mingled with a touch of dread as you face the sobering reality of your bank balance. While indulging in a fancy cocktail seems like a delightful treat, there's one concoction that might just give your wallet a serious case of sticker shock...
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It's never fun to check your bank balance after a night out - but you also want to avoid ordering this particular cocktail, which will set you back $12,500! The cocktail, called The Winston, was created in Australia by Joel Heffernan, and comes with one of the most expensive cognacs known to man, the Croizet's 1858 Cuvee Leonie, which also has its own Guinness world record for its high price tag!

40. You won't want to step on this Lego brick

Lego sets, those vibrant blocks of childhood joy, often conjure images of imaginative creations and hours of playful construction. But nestled within the world of these colorful bricks lies a piece that transcends the ordinary—a single brick that commands a staggering price of $14,450.
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Lego sets can still get pretty expensive when you want one of those really cool Hogwarts castle sets, or maybe a ship from Star Wars. But you might never have expected them to get as expensive as $14,450 for a single brick. This specific brick is unique in that it was given by Lego itself to its employees, and was then bought by an anonymous buyer during an auction.

41. This expensive cat breed

Within the world of feline companions, where whiskers and grace collide, the California Spangled Cat stands as a regal emblem of rarity and exclusivity. This particular breed, revered for its striking resemblance to its wild counterparts and its unique pedigree, commands a value that sets it apart.
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There are a lot of expensive cat and dog breeds out there, usually based on pedigree and rarity, and one of the most valuable cat breeds in the world happens to be the California Spangled Cat, which usually comes with a price tag of $24,000 - most notably when it was sold at auction back in the 80s for this price. This breed was also the display cat from the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book from 1986!

42. The most pricey slice of wedding cake

Imagine indulging in a slice of history, where a mere portion of a wedding cake transcends its sugary essence to become a prized relic. This particular slice, hailing from the illustrious union of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, isn't just a confection; it's a tantalizing glimpse into a royal affair.
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We know how much huge weddings can cost, but how about one of the most expensive wedding cakes in history? And not even the entire cake itself, but only a slice of it fetching in a considerably high price tag. A piece of the wedding cake from the marriage of British royalty, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, comes in at $29,000 for one slice of the preserved cake!

43. A pretty valuable mug

Ah, the humble mug, an everyday companion for sipping hot beverages, a vessel of comfort and familiarity. Yet, nestled within the world of cups and saucers lies a treasure so opulent and extravagant that it redefines the very essence of a drinking vessel.
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We all have our favorite mug, but how about one that you'd be too scared to even use because it's so valuable? The most expensive mug in the world comes in at over $33,000, and the reason it's so expensive is because it's made from 23-carat gold! The mug was bought by Nestle Thai back in 2008, for $33,842 at auction! Now imagine using the mug with those expensive coffee pods we spoke about...

44. Caviar that's even more expensive than usual

Ah, the luxurious indulgence of caviar—an epicurean delight that has long adorned the tables of the elite, a taste of opulence revered for its delicate flavors and unparalleled extravagance. But within the realm of this esteemed delicacy lies a variant that commands an astonishing price tag.
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It's nothing new to learn that caviar is one of the most expensive foods in the world, and maybe you've been lucky enough to try some at some point. But how about the most highly-priced caviar in the world? The Almas Iranian Beluga caviar fetches in a price tag of $34,500 per kilogram of the stuff. That's quite a valuable mouthful! It's so expensive because it's made from the eggs of an albino sturgeon.

45. The world's most expensive video game console cover

When it comes to video game accessories, the PlayStation Portable cover takes the notion of luxury to a whole new level—a stratosphere where extravagance meets gaming. Priced at an eye-popping $35,000, this isn't your run-of-the-mill console accessory...
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There are expensive video games and expensive consoles... then there's a ridiculous amount of money for the console cover only. The world's most expensive cover for the PlayStation Portable console, which you can actually buy commercially, is a special edition jacket coming in at $35,000. It includes diamonds, gold and a crocodile finish on the back of the cover! You wouldn't want to take it anywhere, would you?

46. A tooth with a price tag...

It's a curious world we live in, where items deemed unremarkable to some become treasured relics to others. Take, for instance, the case of a tooth—a singular tooth that transcends the realm of ordinary dental artifacts and transforms into a prized possession fetching an astonishing sum of over $36,000 at auction.
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Okay so we know dental bills can often be sky high, but we never really gave much thought to the value of individual teeth... Nobody would pay an arm and a leg for a tooth, right? Wrong! This guy did, when he bought one of John Lennon's old (and rotting) teeth at auction for a price over $36,000! The man who bought it, Dr. Michael Zuk, is actually a dentist, too!

47. Paintings made by elephants!

Elephants, these majestic creatures that roam the Earth, possess talents that transcend the realms of the expected. Beyond their incredible stature and grace, they wield a surprising prowess—an artistic ability that has left the world in awe.
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Elephants are amazing animals, and apparently they're very talented painters, too! So much so that the artworks they've created by holding a paintbrush in their trunk have fetched in a high price. The world's most expensive painting made by a group of elephants comes in at $39,000, and was created by elephants from Thailand, titled "Cold Wind, Swirling Mist, Charming Lanna I".

48. How about a valuable pair of cufflinks?

When it comes to the world of refined fashion accessories, there's opulence, and then there's a level that transcends even the most lavish tastes. Enter the world's most expensive pair of cufflinks—an indulgence that fetched an eye-watering $39,750 at auction, a sum that redefines the very concept of sartorial splendor.
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People who care about fashion and have a little money to spend might invest wisely in an expensive watch or pair of cufflinks. But if you have serious money, you might be interested in the world's most expensive pair of cufflinks sold at auction for $39,750. Can you imagine accidentally banging those on the dinner table? And the man who bought them... Michael Jackson!

49. The world's most expensive kiss

Charity auctions often unfold as stages for the unexpected, where generosity intertwines with the allure of unique experiences. In one such notable event, actress Sharon Stone took the idea of auctioning for charity to an entirely different dimension...
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Celebrities sell a lot of things at auction for charity, like a meet and greet or a dinner date. When actress Sharon Stone decided to put something up for auction, it was actually the opportunity to kiss her! And the person who came top at the auction was highest bidder Joni Rimm, who paid a whopping $50,000 to plant a big whopper on the actress's lips! We hope it was worth it.

50. A record-breaking baby stroller

Ah, the world of baby supplies, where the practical meets the luxurious in the most unexpected ways. Among the array of strollers catering to new parents, there exists a pinnacle of opulence—the Silver Cross Balmoral, a luxury brand renowned for transcending the ordinary.
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Every parent will know how expensive baby supplies can get, especially big purchases like strollers. While you might have thought the one you found was expensive enough, how about this one for £40,000 (around $51,000)? The stroller is well known to be a luxury brand, named the Silver Cross Balmoral, and if you wanted the special-edition Rose Gold Balmoral you can use a hefty chunk of your baby's future college fund.