The Most Heavily Guarded Things Around The World

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

HavenCo Ltd. HQ, UK

Image Source: Twitter
HavenCo HQ was located 6 miles off the coast of southeast England, and as you might have realised, it was planted on top of some pillars. They were a data hosting company that attempted to found their own principality with their own rules on copyright and intellectual property. It didn't last long though, only eight years.Original content sourced from

The Doomsday Seed Vault, Norway

Image Source: Wired
This doomsday vault might look like something out of a sci-fi film, and I suppose in a way it kind of is just like that. This Norwegian vault could actually save the world in the future as it a secure backup facility for the entirety of the world's crops. Yep, every kind of seed is safely protected here just in case of disaster.

Bank Of England's Gold Vault, UK

Image Source: Bleyer Bullion
Unsurprisingly, one of the largest storage spaces of gold in the entire world is heavily guarded! The Bank of England vault contains over 4 million (yes 4 MILLION) tons of gold, how much is that worth?? The doors only open thanks to voice recognition and the doors are bomb proof. Very Secure!

ADX Florence, Colorado

Image Source: The Denver Post
The ADX is a supermax prison located in Florence, Colorado; and houses over 300 high-risk inmates who are confined to single cells where they spend 23 hours of their day alone. Also known as the Alcatraz of the Rockies Houses the most dangerous male inmates in the US prison system.

Iron Mountain Storage Facility, Pennsylvania

Image Source: Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain are a well known record management company that have over 1500 storage facilities around the world. Their most well-known facility is found within an old limestone mine protected by two waves of armed guards. This facility holds Bill Gates' Corbis collection in a refrigerated cave!

Fort Knox, Kentucky

Image Source: Gold Avenue
Fort Knox is one of the most well-known US army installations and is adjacent to US' bullion depository. The fortified vault is one of the most well-protected places in the world and holds nearly $300bn worth of gold. It's so well protected in fact that the vaults combinations are changed multiple times a day!

The Federal Reserve, New York

Image Source: Untapped Cities
New York's federal reserve building has fourteen above ground floors, but the good stuff is held in the basement levels. The gold vault, 80m below street level is the largest gold reserve in the world, with experts suggesting that a quarter of all known gold in the world is stored here. The vault is airtight, meaning there isn't even any oxygen down there!

Area 51, Nevada

Image Source: Reddit
Details surrounding Area 51 are very vague, and there are no concrete examples of any operations here. It has become a popular source for conspiracy theories, particularly regarding aliens. Either way it's extremely well protected with buried motion sensors surrounding the area and no one even US military are allowed to fly over its airspace.

Vatican Apostolic Archive, Vatican City

Image Source: Roman Catholic Diocese Of Burlington
Formerly known as the Vatican Secret Archive, this facility holds over 85 km of shelves and more than 35,000 church related documents from around the world. Examples of documents known to be held here include Henry VIII's divorce requests and the acts surrounding Galileo's trial.

The Mormon Vaults, Utah

Image Source: The Rosetta Project
You might not know this, but The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has a vault buried in to a mountain in Utah! This is another storage facility holding over 3 billion pages of family records. It's larger than a football field and the entrance doors are said to be able to survive a nuclear blast!

Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado

Image Source: Wired
Seemingly, all the safe places are built into mountain-sides! This was a former base of operations during the Cold War and housed the center for US Space command. They watched for any potential missiles that were fired at the US and it was protected by over 2000 ft of Granite.

The Korean DMZ, North And South Korea

Image Source: Reddit
The Korean DMZ is a long stretch of land between the borders of both North and South Korea separating the two countries. As a result of the tensions between the two countries it is permanently guarded on both sides and no one is permitted to cross or they risk death. Some crazy people still try to defect however.

Air Force One, USA

Image Source: Reddit
Yeah, so this can't really be nailed down to one specific country at all times, but Air Force One is the name of the most protected plane in the world. It's the President's plane and its permanently on lockdown; it has features to protect it against EMP's and it can also refuel in the air in case the landing spot is unsafe.

RAAF Woomera, Australia

Image Source: McMahon Services
The Woomera Range Complex is around the same size as the whole of North Korea and is known as the largest land-based test range in the world. Yep, essentially this whole area is used to test missiles. So realistically why would you ever want to try and break in to this location anyway?

Pionen Data Center, Sweden

Image Source: Data Center Dynamics
The Pionen Data Center is located in a former Swedish civil defence center originally built to protect the government. You might have heard of this place as they actually hosted WikiLeaks! The facility, being buried under a mountain is extremely safe and is only reachable via a 40 cm thick vault door. It's believed this building could even survive a hydrogen bomb.

The Greenbrier, West Virginia

Image Source: Travel Awaits
Okay so, you might be wondering why a spa resort is featured in a list of heavily guarded places, I mean anyone (with money) can go here! But this resort has actually held more than 20 presidents, and beneath the resort is a bunker built during the cold war in order to protect any members of congress nearby.

Parksafe, UK

Image Source: Derby City Council
Now, it seems extremely obscure to go from the president's planes and resorts, prisons and mountain vaults to a car park in the UK but this is now listed as one of the most secure places in the world. Essentially, there's no way to sneak your car in here with state of the art sensors and computer systems. They even offer to cover any damage your car receives, that's how confident they are.

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Image Source: The Times
This is one of the places you probably expected to feature on this list, we all know Guantanamo as the place built to house terrorists after the 2001 attacks. For this reason, security is extremely secure with armed guards, wired fences and even mine fields surrounding the island detention center.

The Tumen River, North Korea, China and Russia

Image Source: Koryo Tours
Another very guarded part of North Korea is the Tumen River, another place in which North Koreans attempt to defect from their country in to another, like Russia or China. This is due to the North Koreans not wanting any defectors to reveal any secrets and any attempts caught likely end in death.

Iranian Gold Reserve, Iran

Image Source: Iran News Update
The Iranian gold reserve is so well guarded that no one, apart from a select few officials and military personnel know where it even is. No one knows how long its existed or how much gold it holds, all they know is that it exists somewhere within the country. It has to be a lot surely?

The Swiss Vaults, Switzerland

Image Source: The Economic Times
The Swiss vaults have become legendary for their authentic nature and straight up impenetrability. They are buried in to the alps meaning there's only one way in and one way out of each vault. Either way, it's almost impossible to break in to them no matter your level of skill.

The 1960's Bar, UK

Image Source: Somerset Live
This is just one of the buildings buried 100 feet below the Burlington Bunker Complex in Wiltshire, England. This was once popular with the UK's government officials, particularly during the height of the Cold War when people thought that a bombing was a very realistic possibility.

The Bohemian Grove, California

Image Source: Vanity Fair
Bohemian Grove is the home to a gentlemen's club known as the Bohemian Club that meet up every 2 weeks; affluent people like the president, musicians and other people of power often attend. This area is obviously off limits to the public and people have been arrested trying to break in.

RAF Menwith Hill, UK

Image Source: The Economic Times
RAF Menwith Hill has become well renowned as one of the most secretive places in the world, and it's odd structures make it even more obscure. They provide communication intelligence to both the UK and the US and can also detect any attacking missiles. It is also thought to monitor the satellites in space so is obviously heavily guarded.

Ni'Hau, Hawaii

Image Source: TripSavvy
This island is off limits to all outsiders except from the US Navy, government officials and some lucky invited guests (and its native inhabitants). It is occasionally used as a place for the US Navy to practice some special operations. Good luck ever visiting this beautiful island, it's near impossible.

The White House, Washington D.C

Image Source: Reddit
The outer area of the White House is covered by 18 acres of guarded and fortified land in order to keep the president and his worker safe. All the windows are made with bulletproof glass and there are a wide range of other security devices like infrared scanners, an iron gate and an air filtration systems amongst others.

Buckingham Palace, UK

Image Source: CTV News
Buckingham Palace is essentially the residence and HQ for the British Monarchy, and although some areas are available to the public at certain times of the year it remains heavily protected. The Kings Guard (the red suited men with black hats) are permanently located outside protecting the building with their stern faces on.

Tower Of London, UK

Image Source: Reddit
The tower of London has housed priceless artifacts relating to the UK's various monarchs for centuries. Over this time it has always remained guarded by a Major General and its guards and it's also monitored via a control center. The Jewels within the tower are protected via 2 inch thick shatter proof glass and tower guard are constantly roaming.

The Pentagon, Virginia

Image Source: Live Science
As we all know, The Pentagon is the headquarters for the US' department of defense and is also the largest office building in the world. It has its own kings guard type defence known as the Pentagon Force Protection Agency and in general, due to its importance it is permanently heavily guarded to protect the country as a whole.

The Kremlin, Russia

Image Source: Reddit
The Kremlin houses Vladimir Putin and his predecessors, and its name literally means fortress inside a city. Despite this, it actually partly opens its doors as a museum, letting in over 3,000,000 people every year. Obviously, as Putin resides here it has to be permanently protected, despite him having limited opposing characters in the country.

The Most Heavily Guarded People In The World: Vladimir Putin

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The Russian president is one of the most protected people in the world, with a whopping 3000 bodyguards (at least!) in his service, tasked with being his guard. He also has a collection of armored cars for his travels, as well as a security unit that's specificially tasked with collecting information on any possible threats.

Donald Trump

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Even though Trump is no longer the president of the US, he's still one of the most protected people on the planet - because he can afford it! He's actually the most protected billionaire, with over 1000 bodyguards to his name and security budget of around 120 million dollars a year.

Kim Jong Un

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The Supreme Leader of North Korea is also a very well protected man indeed - no surprise there. He has over 90,000 soldiers to work for his protection, as well as 12 very highly trained martial artists who have the job of jogging alongside his car when he's traveling anywhere.

Pope Francis

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Of course the Pope is one of the most protected people in the world! Pope Francis is also the most protected religious leader in the world, as well as the fact he resides in one of the most heavily guarded cities in the world, too: the Vatican. The Swiss guard are responsible for his protection.

Vladimir Lenin

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The interesting thing about this one is that Vladimir Lenin remains one of the most protected people in the world - even though he's dead. His body in its mausoleum has protection around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The former Soviet leader remains something Russia believes worth protecting!

Mark Zuckerberg

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Of course the creator of Facebook is going to protect himself a little. He can afford it! Zuckerberg has paid out around 20 million dollars for his security team, including bodyguards for both his home and for himself when he's traveling around. He's even surrounded by bodyguards out for a jog!

Jay Z and Beyoncé

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Beyonce and Jay Z are big names as individuals, but together they're the ultimate power couple than needs even more security than before. They've paid a lot of money for their protection, which includes their LA home, as well as security detail specifically for their children.

El Chapo

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In case you've never heard of him, El Chapo - or Hawkin Guzman - is a drug lord who has a 24/7 security guard on him - and, even more extreme, there's a security guard whose job is to watch the other security guard! He has to sleep in a different place every night, and even has to get his food tested before eating in case of poisoning.

Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

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The crown prince of Saudi Arabia is one of the wealthiest people on the planet, both through being royalty and because of his family oil firm business. He's also one of the most well protected, and he's paid a lot for that privilege. He's spent over 20 billion dollars on military equipment, and has over 1000 people on his security team.

King Charles

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The newly appointed King Charles has now filled his late mother's shoes on being one of the most protected people on the planet, now that he's the official monarch. As King of England, Charles has his own personal king's guard at the palace, as well as a huge security detail anywhere he goes.

Xi Jinping

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The President of the People's Republic of China is a controversial world leader - which is the definition of 'needing a lot of security'. The central security bureau is responsible for his protection, which includes drones, helicopters and over 5000 armed guards focusing on any potential threat.

King Mohammed VI

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King Mohammed VI recently proved why he needs such expensive security when a man ran at his car during a parade before being tackled by security! The leader of Morocco is one of the most guarded people in Africa - and the world. His security includes an armored vehicle convoy and even an ambulance just in case.

Rishi Sunak

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The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom also has some serious protection as a leading politician. While the monarch of the United Kingdom (King Charles) has the most protection, that sort of security is also spread to the ruling PM of the UK. His security includes high speed motorcycles and personal security guards.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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The President of Turkey's security detail is so expensive and elite it even has a special name: the 'Mustacheers' are a 60-man personal bodyguard team, but that's not all he has. He has around 3,000 security officials including snipers, agents and cops to keep him safe.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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This pair have had to up their security quite a bit since all the drama with leaving the royal family/leaving the UK. It's been a bit of a controversy who was going to pay for it all, after Canada refused to pay for security while they were there! But they remain one of the most protected couples in the world. There was close to 5 million dollars spent on their wedding security alone.

Joe Biden

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And naturally the current president of the United States is one of the most protected people in the planet! If Trump is, then you'd hope Biden certainly is, too. The president of course has the might and expertise of the secret service at his heel. He also has navy seals, and - of course - Air Force One.

Floyd Mayweather

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There are many hugely talented athletes out there, but Floyd Mayweather is perhaps the most protected athlete in the world. His estimated worth is around 500 million dollars, and he spends a hefty amount on his personal security. He has at least 8 HUGE bodyguards with him during his travels.

Benjamin Netanyahu

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The prime minister of Israel has a lot of security - and even more so because he's rather a controversial figure backed by the US. Israel in itself is very advanced in terms of military and technology, which means the prime minister's security is top tier due to its technological advances.

Dilma Rousseff

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The former president of Brazil - and first female president - was originally very loved (which would still justify a pretty extreme security detail) but by the end of her term, run into some controversy which saw a lot of protests. Her security then had to be intensified a huge amount because of protest fatalities.

Bill Gates

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Bill Gates is considered one of the richest people in the world - which means he can afford (and definitely needs) a little security or two. Since he made it big, he's received more than one threat and attack. His office includes bulletproof windows and walls.