The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds Around The World

By molly atherton 1 year ago

1. Tosa Inu

Image source: YouTube
The Tosa Inu is not a dog to be messed with as it is one of the world's most dangerous canines This massive breed can weighs between 130 to 200 lbs and standing around 32 inches tall. The powerful, muscular animal is legally banned in some countries because of its aggressive nature.

2. Presa Canario

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The Presa Canario can only be described as a huge fighting dog and it can attack and kill humans.  Bred originally for an Aryan Brotherhood dogfighting ring, it has been known to attack and kill humans.  The breed requires obedience training from a young age and needs handling with an experienced owner.

3. Neapolitan Mastiff

Image source: Reddit
The Neapolitan Mastiff is probably most well known as Hagrid's pet dog, Fang, in 'Harry Potter.'  In those films, Fang is a docile creature but in reality, these dogs are banned in many countries. They have been used as gladiator dogs in the bloody 'sport' in the colosseum in Italy, where the breed originated.

4. Pit Bull Terrier

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Pit Bull Terriers have been purposely bred from a range of other terrier breeds and bulldogs to create a dog breed second to none in dog fights. The people who set out to do this definitely succeeded as this dog holds the No. 1 rank for pound to pound lean muscle tissue.

5. Rottweiler

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Rottweilers are sometimes bred to be heavy duty guard dogs.  They have earned a bad reputation because of a number of attacks on both people and other animals.  These include livestock like sheep, which have died as a result of the attack.  The breed can get jealous when a new baby is brought into the family.

6. Gull Dong or Pakistani Bulldog

Image source: Breed Info
The Gull Dong was specifically developed as a fighting dog. It is extremely aggressive and made even more dangerous because it can be difficult to control, it's very powerful, athletic.  Only an expert in dog training should be responsible for this breed.  The Gull Dong can turn aggressive towards other dogs and people.

7. Caucasian Shepherd or Caucasian Ovcharka

Image source: Reddit
The Caucasian Shepherd is also known as the Caucasian Ovcharka and it was bred for the purpose of guarding both homes and livestock.  Because it is so strong willed, this can make it difficult to train. Males weigh at about 110 lbs and stand approx. 30 inches tall. They should not be left alone in a room with a small child.

8. Basenji

Image source: Guild Time
The Basenji is a beautiful breed of dog and it has been classified as a sighthound for its incredible intelligence, loyalty and constant alert state.  Having said that, they are also known as the second most difficult breed to train and they can become aggressive towards other dogs and strangers if not properly trained.

 9. Dogo Argentino

Image source: Reddit
The Dogo Argentino was originally bred for hunting wild boar and pumas. It is illegal to own this breed in the UK.  Although it is loyal and affectionate towards its owner, it is fiercely protective and will turn on strangers if it believes they are a threat and become vicious.

10. Husky

Image source: Reddit
The Husky can dangerous to humans but especially dangerous to smaller animals. They are very strong dogs, bred for pulling sleds through the snow.  According to the National Association of Dog Bite Statistics, the Husky was responsible for 15 fatal deaths over the last 15 years.

11. Akita

Image source: Reddit
The Akita, originally from Japan, is a very strong, dominant and independent canine. When properly trained, these dogs can be very affectionate and well behaved but they can be very territorial, aggressive and awkward towards strangers.  Akitas are extremely muscular, weighing up to 100 pounds.

12. Wolf Hybrid

Image source: Reddit
This breed is actually a cross between a dog and a wolf and can be very unpredictable. Whilst some of these animals are pretty docile, a higher percentage are dangerous and will attack humans and small animals.  It all depends on whether the individual dog is more dog or more wolf.

13. Doberman Pinscher

Image source: Reddit
These dogs are often the guard dogs who are more than willing to attack intruders. They are known to highly intelligent, loyal and very alert. The Doberman can weight up to 70 pounds and will become aggressive with strangers and other dogs.  Early training is imperative for it.

14. Saint Bernard

Image source: Staff Live
The Saint Bernard is a huge breed of working dog, originally bred in the Italian Alps. Although they are portrayed in the movies and in photographs as giant teddy bears, in reality, they can be very stubborn, difficult to train and they do require very early socialisation.

15. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Image source: Reddit
The Rhodesian Ridgeback is renowned for its talent of keeping lions at bay and prey subdued while its owner hunted game. This dog makes a loyal companion if it is well trained but, as with other breeds, can prove to be a real danger if not trained at an early age.

16. Boerboel

Image source: Reddit
The Boerboel is a large, very muscular mastiff breed and it originated from South Africa.  It was selectively bred for the purpose of being a guard dog and much like the Dogo Argentino, its loyalty to its family can make it really vicious towards strangers and other dogs.

17. German Shepherd

Image source: Reddit
German Shepherds are very popular as pets and also as police dogs. They were bred to be first class guard dogs and they fill this role very well due to their territorial nature.  They are, however, very over-protective and will bite humans who they see as a threat or an intruder.

18. Boxer

Image source: Boxer
Between 1982 and 2012, there were at least 48 reports of Boxer dogs causing significant injury to humans. They can be great family pets if their owners have had previous dog handling experience and are able to dedicate time and effort with training.  Without this, they can be boisterous and aggressive, being a danger to people.

19. Chow Chow

Image source: Reddit
The Chow Chow, also known as the "fluffy lion dog", is considered high risk as a breed. There have been 238 fatalities from dog bites between 1979 and 1998 due to it being so fiercely protective of its owner.  It is a heavy breed, so could be a danger to small children, even when it's only playing.

20. Malamute

Image source: Reddit
The Malamute can be mistaken for the Husky. These dogs are very large and they can weigh up to 85 pounds. Because of their size, they are not the best pet to have around children.  The breed has been responsible for a dozen fatal attacks during a 20 year period.

21. Great Dane

Image source: Reddit
The Great Dane holds the record for being the tallest dog in the world - standing at 44 inches!  It can be a good family dog and will allow small children to ride on its back like a horse.  Be mindful, though, that this breed's purpose was originally to hunt deer and wild boar.

22. American Bull Dog

Image source: Reddit
Incredibly muscular and with a stocky build, this dog can weigh between 60 to 120 pounds.  That transfers into a heck of a lot of power!  American Bull dogs would work on farms to help catch and hold cattle.  They would also kill the vermin that tried to take over the farm.

23. Cocker Spaniel

Image source: Reddit
Yes, it is surprising that this dog belongs on the list.   If trained and treated well, they form good pets but, not trained, they are prone to attack. The Cocker Spaniel has been  responsible for over 59 fatal attacks over the last 25 years.  They are a very emotional breed.

24. Labrador

Image source: Reddit
Labradors are usually friendly, easy going and lovable.  If these dogs are not properly trained, they can be very dangerous. According to the Merritt Clifton Dog Bite Statistics, between 1982 and 2014, 56 attacks occurred that resulted in serious injury. 17 of the attacks were on children.

25. Cane Corso

Image source: Daily Breed
The Cane Corso weighs anywhere between 99 and 150 pounds and is made of solid muscle. The breed is known as a true and possibly the last of the coursing Mastiffs.  It is a descendant of the Canis Pugnax.  Those dogs were used by the Romans in warfare and were the toughest of the tough.

26. Fila Brasileiro

Image source: Brightside
The Fila Brasileiro or Brazilian Mastiff is a large dog developed and bred in Brazil. It has great tracking abilities but the negatives are that it is an aggressive and impetuous dog.  Because of its size, temperament and aggression, the Brazilian Mastiff has been banned in many countries.

27. Dalmatian

Image source:  Reddit
Like many dogs, Dalmatians are good family pets, with a whole load of constant energy but in the wrong hands and not being trained at an early age or exercised a few times a day, they can become aggressive and rowdy.  In fact, this breed has been banned in China for the last 15 years.

28. Bullmastiff

Image source: Reddit
The Bullmastiff is one of the most dangerous breeds of dog.  They are naturally aggressive, much like the Rottweiler.  Energetic and smart, they exhibit athletic capabilities and are often used as security dogs.  Because they are built rock solid, this makes them very powerful.

29. American Pit Bull Terrier

Image source: Quora
"The essential characteristics of the American Pit Bull Terrier are strength, confidence, and zest for life. This breed is eager to please and is always brimming with enthusiasm. The American Pit Bull is strong and confident and will exhibit aggression if not trained.

30. American Bandogge

Image source: Dog Breed Org
The American Bandogge is a strong dog, a cross breed of a Neapolitan Mastiff and an American Pit Bull Terrier.  People have used it as a fighting dog in some countries.  There was an attempt in the 1960s to standardise the canine but that was refused and it is still know as a cross breed.

31. The rarest dog breeds in the world we bet you've never heard of! Tibetan Mastiff

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This huge dog breed is most recognisable for its massive fluffy coat, and it's a great breed for a watchdog or guarddog. Although it's great to be trained up to be protective, it's also quite rebellious when it comes to being obedience! Which can be a lot to handle when it's that big.

32. Swedish Vallhund

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This smaller dog breed was traditionally bred to be a farm dog, and its small size makes it very speedy, agile and capable of herding livestock! It's an excellent dog for those looking for furry companions with lots of energy, and they also come in a variety of colors and tail lengths!

33. Bedlington Terrier

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The Bedlington Terrior has a very unique appearance, with a rare shape to it that sees an elongated face and thinner body. It's known for its very curly woolen coat, usually in pale grey or white color. It was traditionally bred and used for racing and for catching vermin!

34. Finnish Spitz

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The Finnish Spitz could easily be mistaken for a fox with its small stature and golden brown coat. This dog is very agile and energetic, and is known for being intelligent. Its coat comes in many shades of auburn, from very light and pale brown to very dark brown!

35. Otterhound

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The Otterhound is a very rare breed that you definitely don't see everyday! This hound actually has webbed feat and a thicker coat which means it's very capable swimming or exploring through water (which is where it gets its name!). It's a great pet if you want something with lots of energy!

36. Norwegian Lunderhund

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This pet is not only rare in general, but very unique in its appearance! The Norwegian Lunderhund actually has six toes on each foot, and an extremely flexible neck that it can stretch back to touch its backbone! It was originally bred for hunting Puffins, and it makes a great pet.

37. Chinook

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The name 'Chinook' comes from the Inuit people, and it means 'warm winter winds'. This breed comes with a thick, double coat which is designed to keep it warm in the cold. It was originally bred as a dog to pull sleds and race, making it a very fast and agile breed!

38. Catahoula Leopard Dog

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You can see where the leopard reference comes from! This rare breed is actually believed to be the first which was bred in the United States, and it usually comes with different colored fur or spotted fur. It was traditionally a dog used to hunt wild boar, and was named after the parish in Louisiana.

39. Peruvian Inca Orchid

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While this may sound like some kind of flower, it's actually a very rare dog breed. This breed has been around for a very long time, and its a traditional hunting dog that's very fast and very agile. The most remarkable thing about this one is that it can usually be furless, with skin that can actually be a few different colors from dog to dog!

40. Thai Ridgeback

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This dog gets its name from a very unique feature on its coat, which can be used to identify the breed: a line of hair running along its back which shows in the opposite direction to the rest of its fur! Although it's rare, it has become a more and more popular dog breed.

41. Azawakh

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This elegant, thin and speedy dog resembles a whippet or greyhound but may even take the lead in being an agile sighthound! It hails from West Africa, and is a fantastic dog if you're looking for a fiercely loyal companion and guard dog. It has a very short coat which comes in a variety of colors.

42. Lagotto Romagnolo

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Originally hailing from Italy, this curly-haired breed of pup was traditionally used as a gun dog to help hunters seek out and gather up game, as well as being bred as a lake dog. To make this dog's resume even more impressive, though, it's also a breed used for truffle hunting!

43. Mudi

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Mudi is exactly what this dog will get when you take it on big walks! Which is loves to go on because it's a very active and energetic breed. This dog was originally a Hungarian herding dog, and is also a talented hunting and vermin-catcher! It definitely needs an owner that will let it run free.

44. Stabyhoun

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Hailing from a province in the Netherlands called Friesland, this very rare breed is down to around 4,000 still in existence. If you did manage to get your hands on one, it would be an excellent guard dog and would also be a great vermin catcher, especially rats and moles.

45. Karelian Bear Dog

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This dog gets it name not from its huge fluffy coat and stature, but because it was originally used to hunt bears and to drive them away from certain areas. While it's rare outside of Finland, it's a very common breed in its home country. It's a very fearless breed (it would have to be to hunt bear!) as well as a quick and energetic one!

46. Carolina Dog

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This breed is also known as the American Dingo, and you can see why! It also originally began life as a wild dog roaming the outdoors until it was domesticated. It was first found in the swamps in the US before it then became a breed that was bred in captivity, meaning it's a combination of wild spirit and loyal companion!

47. New Guinea Singing Dog

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If you're not a fan of noisy dogs (or you have neighbors who aren't) you may want to give this 'singing' dog a wide berth! This rare and adorable breed was once a wild dog breed, but is a loyal and intelligence companion with very unique vocal sounds, which is where it gets its name!

48. Catalburun

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You only need to take one look at this breed to see why it's so rare and unique! The Catalburun is the only dog breed in the world to have a split nose, as well as suspended ears lower down. It's thought these features might come from inbreeding, and they originally came from Turkey as hunting dogs.

49. Fila Brasileiro

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This huge breed is understandably thought to be a distant cousin of the Mastiff and the Bloodhound breed, due to its sagging skin, huge bone structure and the other physical similarities! It's a working dog breed which was originally used for tracking, and it also apparently has quite the temper!

50. Telomian

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This breed of dog from Malaysia is the only one from this country to be known outside of it. It was originally bred by indigenous people as a way to hunt and control vermin numbers. It's also known to have a great agility and climbing ability, due to the indigenous people building their homes on stilts!