The FBI & CIA Most Wanted List

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

1. Robert Fisher: Wanted By The FBI For Killing His Wife

Image Source / WikipediaThe FBI say that Fisher killed his wife, along with their two children, back in 2001 and then blew up their house in Arizona. He's been described as physically fit, with a gold tooth and exaggerated posture due to a back injury. The reward for Fisher is $100,000.Original content sourced from

2. Artem Viacheslavovich Radchenko: Wanted By The CIA For Fraud

Image Source / United States Secret ServiceAnother fugitive with a $1 million reward, Radchenko is wanted for securities fraud conspiracy, wire fraud, wire fraud conspiracy, computer fraud and computer fraud conspiracy. He is the other hacker who was working with the previous fugitive, Oleksandr Vitalyevich Ieremenko.

3. Jason Derek Brown: Wanted By The FBI For Murder And Armed Robbery

Image Source / Harsh Light NewsThe FBI has accused Brown of fatally shooting an armored-car guard outside of a movie theatre - and then fleeing with the money - in Phoenix, Arizona. He committed his crimes back in 2004 and is still wanted for the charges. It's been said he enjoys frequenting nightclubs, and there is a $200,000 reward on his head.

4. Yaser Abdel Said: Wanted By The FBI For Murdering His Two Daughters

Image Source / Business InsiderSaid is accused of murdering his two daughters in 2008. Originally from Egypt, he has ties to New York, Texas, Virginia and some places in Canada - while his crime took place in Texas. He apparently always wears dark sunglasses, and there is a $100,000 reward on his head.

5. Bhadreshkumar Chetanbhai Patel: Wanted By The FBI For Killing His Wife

Image Source / DESIblitzPatel was accused of the murder of his wife by striking her repeatedly on the head, in a donut shop in Maryland. He's wanted for first and second degree murder, assault and with carrying a dangerous weapon with intent. There's a $100,000 reward for his capture.

6. Alejandro Castillo: Wanted By The FBI For The Murder Of His Ex-Girlfriend And Co-Worker

Image Source / WCOS TVAccording to the FBI, Castillo killed his ex-girlfriend and former co-worker in North Carolina before fleeing capture. He crossed the border into Mexico from Arizona. The victim's body was found with a gunshot wound to the head. There is a $100,000 reward

7. Rafael Caro-Quintero: Wanted By The FBI For Mexican Drug Trafficking

Image Source / PM News NigeriaCaro-Quintero has a whopping $20 million reward on his head due to the level of his crimes. He's known as 'a godfather of Mexican drug trafficking' by the FBI. As well as drug trafficking, he's also wanted on charges of kidnap and murder.

8. Arnoldo Jimenez: Wanted By The FBI For Murdering His Wife

Image Source / American Security TodayThe FBI want Jimenez after he stabbed his wife on the day of their own wedding. He then apparently put her body in a bathtub before fleeing. The FBI believe he may have fled to Mexico, with the alternative name of Arnoldo Gimenez. There's a $100,000 reward for his capture.

9. Eugene Palmer: Wanted By The FBI For Killing His Daughter-In-Law

Image Source / News 12 WestchesterPalmer is accused of the murder of his daughter-in-law, whom he allegedly shot in New York. It's believed he retaliated after his daughter-in-law separated from his son and filed a restraining order against him. Palmer fled, and now has a $100,000 reward for his capture.

10. Jose Rodolfo Villarreal-Hernandez: Wanted By The FBI For Stalking And Conspiracy To Commit Murder

Image Source / MarcaThere is up to $1 million being offered as a reward for Jose's capture, after he's wanted for his alleged involvement in stalking a 43-year-old man and conspiring to have him killed through murder-for-hire. It's said Jose has ties to Mexico.

11. Yulan Adonay Archaga Carias: Wanted By The FBI For Racketeering And Cocaine Importation Conspiracies

Image Source / Business InsiderThere is up to $100,000 in reward money for the capture of Carias, who has been charged in New York with racketeering conspiracy, possession and conspiracy to possess machine guns and cocaine importation conspiracy. It's also believed he controlled criminal activity of MS-13.

12. Santiago Villalba Mederos: Wanted By The FBI For Murdering A Woman

Image Source / WikipediaMederos was previously one of the FBI's most wanted after he was accused of killing a 20-year-old woman and injuring her brother following a shooting with their car. He was then accused of killing a bystander a month later. After 2 1/2 years on the most wanted list, he was finally captured in 2020.

13. Octaviano Juarez-Corro: Wanted By The FBI For Involvement In Murder

Image Source / NBC15Juarez-Corro was wanted by the FBI for his alleged involvement in the murder of two people, and attempted murder of three others back in 2006. But in 2022, he was finally caught and arrested in Mexico.

14. Oleksii Volodymyrovych Bystrov: Wanted By The CIA For Identity Theft And Fraud

Oleksii Volodymyrovych BystrovImage Source / United States Secret ServiceOleksii Volodymyrovych Bystrov and other conspirators managed to gain the credentials of customers of financial institutions using fraud. Bystrov is therefore charged with identity theft, wire fraud and bank fraud, as well as conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud.

15. Alexis Flores: Wanted By The FBI For The Kidnapping And Murder Of A 5-Year-Old Girl

alexis flores fbi
Image Source / Business Insider
It has been alleged that Flores was involved in the kidnapping and murder of a 5-year-old girl in Philadelphia. After she was reported missing in 2000, she was then found dead in a nearby apartment. She'd been strangled to death. Flores has scars on his right cheek and forehead, and has a $100,000 reward on his head.

16. Ivan Sergiyovich Turchynov: Wanted By The CIA For Fraud

Ivan Sergiyovich TurchynovImage Source / United States Secret ServiceIvan Sergiyovich Turchynov and other conspirators engaged in computer hacking and fraud through a securities trading scheme. They hacked into business and PR networks, stole confidential press releases and traded non-public information before official release.

17. Egbe Tony Iyamu: Wanted By The CIA For Internet Fraud

Image Source / Daily MaverickEgbe Tony Iyamu is a member of the 'Neo Black Movement of Africa' criminal organization. Iyamu, along with other members, worked on internet fraud using scams on social media, dating websites and more. They would even get into romantic relationships with victims over the internet to encourage them to send money.

18.Danil Potekhin: Wanted By The CIA For Fraud

Danil PotekhinImage Source / United States Secret ServicePotekhin was responsible for launching a phishing campaign in 2017. The campaign would target digital currency exchanges, whereby Potekhin was able to control and steal the currency of all who logged into the fraudulent websites. He did this alongside the next fugitive on the list, Dmitrii Vadimovich Karasavidi.

19.Dmitrii Vadimovich Karasavidi: Wanted By The CIA For Phishing Fraud

Dmitrii Vadimovich KarasavidiImage Source / United States Secret ServiceKarasavidi was the other half of the sophisticated phishing campaign created with Potekhin in 2017. The campaign would target digital currency exchanges, whereby Potekhin and Karasavidi were able to control and steal the currency of all who logged into the fraudulent websites.

20.Farkhad Rauf Ogly Manokhin: Wanted By The CIA For Money Laundering

Farkhad Rauf Ogly ManokhinImage Source / United States Secret ServiceManokhin was operating a money laundering network that was responsible for cash transfers on behalf of a Russian malware organisation. He would also recruit a network of money mules. The Secret Service obtained information that Manokhin was located in Sri Lanka, where he was arrested, but then managed to escape and flee the country.

21.Ahmed Yassine Abdelghani: Wanted By The CIA For Conspiracy To Commit Money Laundering

Ahmed Yassine Abdelghani Image Source / United States Secret ServiceLiberty Reserve was a company which operated with one of the most popular forms of digital currency services. Several employees then committed money laundering through the business, with millions of illegal transactions. Ahmed Yassine Abdelghani managed the daily operations of Liberty Reserve for a few years, and is charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering.

22.Allan Esteban Hidalgo Jimenez: Wanted By The CIA For Conspiracy To Commit Money Laundering

Allan Esteban Hidalgo JimenezImage Source / United States Secret ServiceAllan Esteban Hidalgo Jimenez was another employee of Liberty Reserve. Liberty Reserve was a company which operated with one of the most popular forms of digital currency services. Several employees then committed money laundering through the business, with millions of illegal transactions. Allan Esteban Hidalgo Jimenez was also charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering.

23.Pavel Pavlovich Dubovoy: Wanted By The CIA For Computer Hacking And Fraud

Pavel Pavlovich DubovoyImage Source / United States Secret ServicePavel Pavlovich Dubovoy and other conspirators engaged in computer hacking and fraud through a securities trading scheme. They hacked into business and PR networks, stole confidential press releases and traded non-public information. The scheme resulted in more than $30 million in illicit trading profits.

24.Alexander Sergeevich Kalinin: Wanted By The CIA For Hacking

Kalinin alternativeImage Source / United States Secret ServiceKalinin was labelled 'Hacker 1' in a group of hackers responsible for hacking into corporate computer networks and releasing malware. They intended to steal credit and debit card information, and to then sell this information on for profit.

25. Rashawd Lamar Tulloch: Wanted By The CIA For His Role In A Criminal Enterprise

Rashawd Lamar TullochImage Source / United States Secret ServiceTulloch was part of a money laundering and fraud conspiracy criminal organisation, with countless allegations and crimes racked up. The crime group was primarily based in Romania and found American victims they would use for online auction fraud. Their actions caused millions of dollars in losses.


Oleksandr Vitalyevich Ieremenko: Wanted By The CIA For Computer Hacking And Fraud

Image Source / - State DepartmentIn 2015, a federal grand jury in New Jersey charged Ieremenko with: wire fraud, wire fraud conspiracy, securities fraud, securities fraud conspiracy, money laundering conspiracy, computer fraud, computer fraud conspiracy, and aggravated identity theft. There is up to $1 million in reward money for the arrest of Ieremenko.

27. Roman Sergeevich Kotov: Wanted By The CIA For Hacking And Data Breach

Roman Sergeevich KotovImage Source / United States Secret ServiceKotov, along with other conspirators, began a hacking organisation which was responsible for not one, but several data breaches. They managed to hack into computer networks of several of the biggest companies, retailers and financial institutions in the world. They also stole the personal information of others.

WATCH OUT! Here are the most notorious killers from each state.... Alabama: Thomas Warren Whisenhant

source: insider
In 1967 Thomas abducted Cheryl Lynn Payton from her workplace at a convenience store. After sexually assaulting her in the front seat of his car, he shot her in the head and left her body in a secluded wooded area. He admitted everything to the police when questioned and was put to death in 2010.

Alaska: Robert Hansen

source: distractify
On the surface, he was the perfect father, husband and business man. But underneath all that, he was actually hunting down women and take them to his cabin in the middle of the woods. He'd release them from his cabin and hunt them down - for some sick form of pleasure. When caught, he'd admitted to murdering 17 people.

Arizona: Mark Goudeau "The Baseline Killer"

source: insider
Goudeau absolutely terrorised the streets of Phoenix, Arizona back in 2006. He would prey on women who were going about their simple day to day lives. Women were found raped and murdered and he eventually admitted to killing nine people. He is currently still in prison.

Arkansas: The Phantom Killer

source: insider
This murderer was never actually found, but he terrorised the streets of Texarkana back in 1946. Like clockwork, every three weeks he would find a couple in a car and shoot them to death. This resulted in the whole town going on lockdown, movie theatres cancelled their shows and no one would venture outside.

California: Ed Kemper

source: insider
His horrific murders earned him the title "The Co-ed Killer". He would drive around picking up young hitchhikers. He ended up killing them all and cutting their heads off. Right before he was caught, he killed his own mother in the most brutal way. He is currently serving his sentence for eight counts of first-degree murder.

Colorado: Scott Lee Kimball

source: boulderdaily
Scott ended up in jail in 2002 for fraud, but somehow managed to convince the FBI to let him be an informant for them by letting him out early. Whilst free, he murdered four people; his uncle, his cellmate's girlfriend and a nineteen year old girl. In total, he was arrested for four charges of second-degree murder.

Connecticut: William Devin Howell

source: hartfordcourant
He would drive around in his van, which he nicknamed the "murder mobile" and ended up kidnapping, assaulting and murdering seven people in total. He buried all the bodies together behind a strip mall. When questioned, he simply couldn't explain any motive behind the killings.

Delaware: Steven Brian Pennell

source: insider
There is only documented serial killer from Delaware: The Route 40 Killer. The electrician would pick up sex workers on Route 40 and began collecting bodies. It was only when an undercover cop was picked up by Pennell that he was found guilty of the murders. Despite acting to be put to death, he never admitted to the crimes.

Florida: Christine Falling

source: podcastaddict
Florida is home to likes of Aileen Wuornos and Ted Bundy. But, Christine Falling tops this list for her sheer brutality. She quickly became known as the 'babysitter from hell' in the early 80s when she began choking and killing the kids she babysat for. Five children were murdered before she was sentenced to life in prison.

Georgia: Atlanta Child Murderer

source: insider
One by one, black children were being targeted and murdered. Wayne Williams is believed to be responsible for the murders, but is currently in jail for two other murders. Therefore, he has never actually been on trial for these murders. If he is found guilty, then he will be responsible for the murder of nearly 30 people.

Hawaii: Honolulu Strangler

source: counteverymystery
This murderer shattered the peaceful islands of Hawaii when five bodies were discovered. Aged from 17 to 36, five women were found with their hands tied up behind their backs and had been sexually assaulted. The case still remains open, but the murders were the act of a serial killer. Above are the images of some of his victims.

Idaho: Lyda Southard or Lady Bluebird

source: serialkillerdatabase
Often recognised as the first female serial killer in America, Lyda Southard went on a killing spree. She killed her four former husbands, then her brother-in-law and eventually killed her own daughter. All these murders were by poisoning and it was believed she committed these murders for insurance purposes.

Illinois: John Wayne Gacy

source: britishgq
Alternatively recognised as the "Serial Killer Clown, John murdered a total of thirty three boys and young men His killing spree started in the 70s and he would kill his victims whilst he was wearing a clown costume - Pogo the Clown. He also buried all the bodies underneath his house.

Indiana: Herbert Baumeister

source: insider
By day he lived a simple life on a farm in Indiana with his wife and three children. However, by night he would scout out gay bars and pick up young men. Just 50 feet from his home, 11 bodies were found after police began investigating. He committed suicide before he could face trial.

Iowa: Carroll Edward Cole

source: 92.9
Despite his crimes not being committed in Iowa, this is where Carroll Cole grew up. Following a difficult childhood of being beat up by his mother, he grew an innate hatred for all women. He took this hatred out across multiple states and he murdered 13 women.

Kansas: Dennish Lynn Rader

source: aenetworks
Alternatively known as the BTK Killer, standing for blind, torture, kill, Dennis put his victims through hell before ending their lives. He killed 10 people from 1974 and 1991. He used to leave clues at every crime scene before being caught and is now serving 10 life sentences.

Kentucky: Donald Harvey

source: fox19
"The Angel of Death" confessed to a jaw dropping 57 murders in the 1980s. He used his position of authority as a nurse in hospitals around the state to murder his victims using a combination of cyanide, rat poison and arsenic. He was beaten to death in 2017 in prison.

Louisiana: Clementine Barnabet

source: insider
Clementine expressed that she was killing her victims on behalf of the Church of Sacrifice. She would murder entire families as they were asleep, and this string of murders quickly became known as the "voodoo murders" in the 1910s. She used an axe, and this led to another 40 people being murdered on her behalf by other church followers.

Maine: John Joubert

source: kcra
Joubert once admitted he daydreamed about murdering his babysitter and eating parts of her. He went on to make this a reality when he killed three boys and took bites into each of them. He declared he was happy he was caught as he was only going to kill again.

Maryland: Joseph Metheny

source: baltimore
Joseph Metheny would get sex workers to come back to his his trailer so he could stab and strangle them to death. The darker side of the story is that he would combine their meat with animal meat and sell it to customers at his food stand. He earned himself the name "The Cannibal".

Massachusetts: The Boston Strangler

source: historydaily
Between 1962-1964 Boston was terrorised with a serial killer on the loose, with 13 women being killed in their own homes. The "Boston Strangler" never forced entry in any of these homes, which suggests these women let him in voluntarily. Despite confessing to all 13 murders, the story didn't totally add up - to this day, the case is still unsolved, but recent DNA suggests it could have been Albert DeSalvo.

Michigan: Elias Abuelazam

source: murderpedia
Elias quickly became known as "The Serial Stabber" as he went on a rampage and stabbed a total of 18 people across multiple states from 2009 and 2010. 5 of his victims ended up dying, he is currently serving his life sentence in prison.

Minnesota: Paul Michael Stephani

source: wikipedia
Paul Michael Stephani would call the police every time he killed a new person, confessing to the murder whilst crying. Once they found who they were receiving the calls from, he admitted to stabbing three women from 1980 - 1982. Right before he died in prison he also confessed to even more murders.

Mississippi: Glen Rogers

source: dailymail
Glen Rogers met his victim Linda Price at the State Fair where they quickly became involved. It wasn't long before they moved in together. But, the day before halloween Linda was found dead in the bathtub. Rogers was to blame, and he was also connected to two other murders where red headed women were found dead in their bathtubs.

Missouri: Terry Blair

source: murderpedia
The first murder Terry committed was his pregnant girlfriend in 1982. Following this he also raped and murdered seven other women. He isn't the only member of his family to be linked to murder. In fact, five other members of his family have been convicted of murder - including his mother.

Montana: David Meirhofer

source: wikipedia
The mindless monster that is David Meirhofer abducted and strangled a seven year old girl to death. He then went on to cut up her body. During the interrogation, he admitted to another four murders. He never got his sentence as he was found dead in jail mere hours after confessing to the murders.

Nebraska: Charles Starkweather

source: thefamouspeople
At only 19 years old, Charles had murdered a shocking 11 people. There was no pattern to his victims, which made his killing spree more terrifying. Apparently, the reason behind his killing spree was because his parents didn't approve of his girlfriend. In 1959 he was executed for the murders.

Nevada: Gerald and Charlene Gallego

source: allthatsinteresting
The couple worked together to lure in girls to kidnap them. They would keep the girls as sex slaves then when they were done with them, they would end up end their lives. Charlene turned on Gerald for a shorter jail sentence and got out of jail in 2013 following 16 years behind bars.

New Hampshire: Terry Peder Rasmussen

source: concordmonitor
Terry went by so many different names and aliases, which is why the extent of his crimes are hard to pin down. In New Hampshire he was known for killing a woman and three small children - he disposed of the bodies in barrels stored in the woods. However, in another state he was known as Gordon who killed two women who he had children with.

New Jersey: Charles Edmund Cullen

source: infobae
Another nurse who used his position of power to kill his victims. Over his 16 years working as a nurse, he killed upwards of 40 patients. He thought that he was doing them and the community a service by relieving them of pain - but that really isn't the case.

Wyoming: Polly Bartlett

source: Facebook
Polly Bartlett was the innkeeper of an Inn which her family ran. It is said that Bartlett poisoned the guests of the inn by using arsenic, and that she then dumped the bodies locally in a corral. The police found the bodies of 22 men. She was shot by the friend of one of her victims.

Wisconsin: Ed Gein

source: biography
Ed Gein is such a notorious killer that Norman Bates and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre were both based on him. When his house was raided there were dismembered body parts scattered all over. Allegedly some of the furniture was made from body parts of his victims and he even had a mask made from their skin.

West Virginia: Harry F. Powers

source: wikipedia
Harry Powers joined the American Friendship Society using a fake name, this was a service you paid for to receive a list of all of the single people looking for love in your area. Whenever he met a date...they disappeared. By the year 1932 he has robbed and killed five people.

Washington: Gary Ridgway

source: A&E
Gary Ridgway would capture and kidnap sex workers along route 66 and then strangle them to death and hide their bodies in nearby woods. In the end, he confessed to a total of 75 murders. To this day he is still in prison, serving time for his life sentence.

Virginia: Timothy Wilson Spencer

source: wikipedia
Timothy Wilson Spencer was known as The Southside Strangler, when nobody discovered for four years who was brutally killing these women. He would break into their homes and rape then and murder them by strangling the women to death with a belt or with a rope.

Vermont: Israel Keyes

source: biography
Israel Keyes killed two women who were sex workers between the years 2001-225. But, after he killed himself in prison the rest is still unclear. It is thought that he actually killed around 11 people all across the country yet when he took his life the rest could never be proven.

Utah: Ted Bundy

source: ABC
Ted of the most notorious killers of all time and his name is recognised all over the world. He would kill people all around the country - then he went to Utah. He would lure women in whilst he was at the University of Utah. Then, he would rape and murder them.

Texas: Dean Corll

source: allthatsinteresting

Corll went undetected for a very long time because nobody suspected him. He later became known as the candyman. Because this is how he would lure children into his car, under the false promise of candy. He murdered around 30 young boys. He was eventually shot by someone he had recruited as an accomplice - only then were his crimes revealed.

Tennessee: Paul Dennis Reid

source: clarksvillenow
Paul Dennis Reid was an aspiring country music singer who moved to Nashville to chase his dream and ultimately failed. He got another job and was fired which was the trigger in his murder spree. He would go to fast food places and rob them and kill people inside.

South Dakota: Robert Leroy Anderson

source: wikimediacommons
Anderson killed two women and attempted to kill another. He was caught and sentenced to death. He was considered a serial killer and the court claimed that he was a danger to society and would murder again if he had the chance - hence his sentence. In the end he ended up taking his own life in prison.

South Carolina: Donald Henry Gaskins

source: allthatsinteresting
Donald Henry Gaskins was a sadistic murdered who loved to sexually torture women.He would abduct women (around 200 hitch hikers he claimed) and then torture them. He would break their bones, bite them and he was even cannibalistic. He was sentences to death in 1991.

Rhode Island: Craig Price

source: listennotes
Craig Price became a murdered before he had even left his childhood years behind. In 1987 (at just the age of 13 years old) he stabbed a woman named Rebecca Spencer to death. Then two years later, he killed a woman called Joan Heaton as well as her two daughters.

Pennsylvania: Harvey Robinson

source: oxygen
At the young age of 17 years old Harvey Robinson attacked and raped 5 women, killing three of them. Sometimes he would break into homes where he would attack them. In one horrific case, he broke into the home of a 5 year old girl where he raped and strangled her.

Oregon: Randall Woodfield

source: oxygen
Randall Woodfield briefly became an NFL star, what nobody knew at this point is that he was a serial killer. He murdered over 40 people, robbing them, raping and killing them. He even had a preferred way to kill his victims - making them lie down so that he could shoot them.

Oklahoma: Nannie Doss

source: allthatsinteresting
Nannie Doss killed 11 of her family members over many years. In fact, if ever she had a single disagreement with one of them, she would poison them. In total she killed four of her husbands, one of her mother-in-laws, as well her two sisters, and her grandson, her nephew, even two of her own children, and her own mother too.

Ohio: Shawn Grate

source: allthatsinteresting
Shawn Gate was finally caught when a woman called saying she had been kidnapped. When police arrived there was an overriding stench of decaying bodies. When they investigated they found a a woman's body that had been strangled, and buried under a pile of clothes.  Then they discovered a second victim's body which was decomposing in the basement.

North Dakota: Eugene Butler

source: biography
Eugene Butler was found out that he allegedly may have been a serial killer only after his death. When his home was renovated they found multiple bodies around the ages 15-18 under the floor boards of his home. During his life he was diagnosed mentally insane.

North Carolina: Henry Louis Wallace

source: refinery29
Henry Louis Wallace is currently still on death row for the murder or multiple women. 10 women were murdered around the 90s and each of the women knew Wallace. He later admitted to strangling the women to death. He even attended some of the women's funerals.

New York: Joel Rifkin

source: CNN
When Joel Rifkin was pulled over for his driving, the stench coming from the boot caused grounds for further inspection. It was the body of Tiffany Bresciani. He had killed 18 women during his years of murder and he was sentenced to 203 years in prison - he is still there now.

New Mexico: David Parker Ray

source: theaustralian
David Parker Ray bought a trailer with the sole intention of turning it into a sexual torture chamber filled with whips and toys. He would take women there before murdering them, even filming them sometimes. And, he would then dump their bodies into nearby rivers.