The Cast Of Bruce Almighty Then And Now!

By Rylee 10 months ago

1. Jim Carrey THEN

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Jim Carrey was already an established on-screen funnyman by the time he played the down-on-his-luck Bruce Nolan in 2003’s Bruce Almighty. He was, therefore, a perfect fit to play the title protagonist. You may remember him for the scene where he goes to the moon to set a romantic mood.

2. Jim Carrey NOW

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What is Jim Carrey doing now, you may wonder? He took some time off from his career in 2022, taking a break from acting after several successful years. He swapped the fast lane of Hollywood and showbiz for the more quiet, serene, and blissful retirement life on an island in Hawaii.

3. Morgan Freeman THEN

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Morgan Freeman played God in Bruce Almighty. He temporarily hands his powers over to a lamenting mortal who says he can do a better job than the current hierarchy. At the time, Morgan was just 66 years old, and coming off a run of popular movies; my favorite was Shawshank Redemption.

4. Morgan Freeman NOW

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Twenty years after Bruce Almighty, you may think he would have called it quits by now. But no. He’s still going strong, and his acting chops have aged like a wine fine. Morgan still works as an actor, and reports suggest he’s involved in 5 movies that are currently under production.

5. Steve Carell THEN

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Steve Carell was a supporting character in Bruce Almighty called Evan Baxter, Bruce’s rival anchor in the film. At the time, Steve had already been acting for 12 years, but it was this movie that would propel him to stardom. The movie’s success opened doors for hit projects like The Office.

6. Steve Carell NOW

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With an $80 million net worth in 2023, you can say that Steve Carell has more than done well for himself in showbiz. He still graces the occasional movie, the most recent being Minions: The Rise of Gru. However, he is accepting fewer roles as he seeks to spend more time with his family.

7. Jennifer Aniston THEN

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Bruce’s love interest in the movie is Grace Connelly, a character brought to life by the beautiful and talented Jennifer Aniston. She is perhaps famous for her role in a popular ‘90s sitcom, which undoubtedly played a pivotal part in her landing this role.

8. Jennifer Aniston NOW

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Several magazine features later, Jennifer Aniston returned to our screens in 2019 after taking some time away with a drama series for which she bagged a Screen Actors Guild Award. Jennifer also ventured behind the screens of filmmaking, and her most recent project was 2023’s Murder Mystery 2.

9. Catherine Bell THEN

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Catherine played Susan Ortega, a witty anchor cohosting a popular news show in Bruce Almighty. She reprised the same role in its 2007 spin-off Evan Almighty. At the time, this was the fifth movie Catherine was involved in in five years, underlining her status as a big-screen favorite.

10. Catherine Bell NOW

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She remains an active presence in cinema today, amassing a net worth of $15 million. And you wouldn’t guess what she has planned for us in 2023! The 55-year-old British-American actress has in the pipeline a True Story film about a mother and a daughter, played by herself and her daughter.

11. Lisa Ann Walter THEN

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Lisa Ann Walter was tasked with portraying Debbie, Grace Connelly’s protective sister, in the film and I say she did a terrific job for a supporting cast. She was just 21 then, and arguably just at the start of what would turn out to be an enviable acting career by any standard.

12. Lisa Ann Walter NOW

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Lisa Ann Walter has featured in more than 27 movies to date, 22 of which came after Bruce Almighty. You can catch her in the hit TV show Abbott Elementary, where she plays one of the leads. She deservedly collected the Virtuoso Award at the 2022 San Diego International Film Festival edition.

13. Sally Kirkland THEN

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The movie Anna catapulted Sally Kirkland into fame in 1997, helping her to various movie parts, including playing a supporting role as Anita in Bruce Almighty. Sally was hugely popular then, becoming a prominent face on the big screen in the early 2000s.

14. Sally Kirkland NOW

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Sally Kirkland is today not just an actor but a producer as well. She’s taken on dozens of roles in TV and film, with her latest big screen appearance coming in 2023, as Sally portrayed Ida in the American Sports comedy film “80 for Brady”. I reckon she still has a lot left in her career.

15. Jack Jozefson THEN

Image Source: Married with Children
Do you remember the homeless guy in Bruce Almighty? The old man holding up all the weird signs? That was Jack Jozefson. Although he had just a cameo that slipped most minds and was not a well-known actor, he had also appeared in notable films such as The Buddy Holly Story and NYPD Blue.

16. Jack Jozefson NOW

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Sadly, Jack Jozefson died two years on from Bruce Almighty. He would not make it past 2005 following a battle with cancer. While you may remember him from the latter film, I recall some of his stints in notable titles such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Fall Guy.

17. Paul Satterfield THEN

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Paul Satterfield played the upbeat weatherman Dallas Coleman at Bruce Nolan’s TV station. He initially began his career as a male model before the lure of TV and film reeled him in. Much more famous for his soap opera roles, Paul has been involved in just five films in his acting career.

18. Paul Satterfield NOW

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What is Paul Satterfield doing now, I hear you ask? Paul’s last TV involvement came in 2011 when he starred as Lee Nelson in The Bay. However, His activeness in the film traces back to the 2004 movie Rancid. Paul has since switched lanes, taking a new career direction in education.

19. Mark Kiely THEN

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Mark Kiely was about 40 years old when he received the call to make a cameo in Bruce Almighty. He was involved in a handful of film projects by then, but he had just a minor role in this movie. You may remember him more for his contributions to the film The Edge (1997), where he played a mechanic.

20. Mark Kiely NOW

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Mark Kiely hasn’t been active in showbiz lately. The last project he was involved in was 2014’s The Judge. He has since embarked on rediscovery, abandoning the glitz and glamour of Hollywood for the simple life of a swim coach instructor in Rhode Island, where he was born.

21. Lou Felder THEN

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Lou Felder made the Pete Fineman character his own in Bruce Almighty and he was just a natural on the big stage, don’t you agree? This was most definitely not his first rodeo, with the veteran actor most synonymous with the Action-Comedy Midnight Run, where he featured alongside Robert De Niro.

22. Lou Felder NOW

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He turned 92 in May 2023, and according to recent reports, he has a net worth of around $1,500,000. Lou has been retired for quite some time now. He hung up his acting boots as the demands of old age caught up. For the young-at-heart like myself, we’ll remember him for Naked Gun 33 1/3.

23. Greg Collins THEN

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Had things worked out differently, Greg might have never made it into cinema, thanks to football. Fortunately for us, he later on went into film, making a string of important appearances in movies and TV, leading up to his memorable role as Coach Tucker in Bruce Almighty.

24. Greg Collins NOW

Image Source: AllMovie
Did you know that, between 1988 and 2020, Greg Collins was involved in at least one movie every two years? That’s no mean feat, I’ll tell you that! As if that’s not impressive enough, he’s also appeared on more than 40 different TV shows since and has a net worth of $5 million.

25. Madeline Lovejoy THEN

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When she featured in Bruce Almighty, Madeline was just a 5-year-old with big dreams and a passion for the big stage. This was just her second role in cinema, which is still a huge accomplishment at that age. The only two skills I had when I was 5 were jump rope and cycling!

26. Madeline Lovejoy NOW

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Twenty years down the line, Madeline Lovely has truly come into her own. Bruce Almighty set her up for more projects, including hit titles such as Banyard and Avatar: The Last Airbender (The animated series). The 25-year-old has been rather under the radar since her early acting days.

27. Philip Baker Hall THEN

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Philip Baker played Jack Baylor in Bruce Almighty. This was another significant chapter in the book of his illustrious career, so to speak, which saw him appear in many popular titles between 1996 and 2003. I’ll have you know that he was also an instrumental figure in early television.

28. Philip Baker Hall NOW

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The roles in TV and film kept coming until 2020 when he participated in his last ever project, a TV show called Messiah (He featured in 6 episodes). After that, Philip steered clear of the spotlight and unfortunately passed away at his California home in 2022, succumbing to a lung problem.

29. Nora Dunn THEN

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You might remember her as Ally Loman in the movie. Nora Dunn was quite popular around the late ‘80s after she became a part of Saturday Night Live. She weathered some turbulent times there to later make it to numerous TV and movie appearances on her way to Bruce Almighty.

30. Nora Dunn NOW

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Nora Dunn has featured in three movies since 2020, and I can confirm that she hasn’t lost her touch. Not by a long shot! She was captivating in both 2022’s The Hater and, the year before that, nailed it as Adele in Together Together. Presently, Nora is working on a screenplay of her own.