The Brady Bunch: Check Out The Cast After 50 Years

By Nick Hadji 9 months ago

1 - Maureen McCormick Then (Marcia Brady)

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Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Brady's eldest daughter was portrayed by actress Maureen McCormick as a beautiful, smiling and popular girl. Recently, Maureen shared a photo with Florence Henderson, who played her mother Carol Brady, when the episode "The Show Must Go On" aired 50 years ago.

2 - Maureen McCormick Now

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Maureen starred in movies and TV shows after The Brady Bunch. But during her youth, she had an intense party lifestyle and struggled with drugs, which has impacted her life and career deeply. In 2016, she participated in Dancing with Stars, finishing in 8th place. In 2021, McCormick started a new series Frozen in Time, about new home remodelling.

3 - Eve Plumb Then (Jan Brady)

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Freckles, glasses and being single were things that used to make Jan, the Brady’s middle daughter, feel insecure and weird. Eve Plumb was only 11 years old when she debuted in the role, but even at that young age she had already participated in more than 8 TV shows.

4 - Eve Plumb Now

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By the way, at age 11, Plumb bought her first mansion for $55,000 and sold the property for $3.9 million in 2016. Girl power for over five decades. Besides having a successful career as an actress, Eve has been painting for more than two decades, exhibiting her works in galleries across the USA.

5 - Susan Olsen Then (Cindy Brady)

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Susan Olsen was only 8 years old when debuted in the role. Despite the character's success, Susan later revealed that she had difficulty making friends at school. Cindy, the character, had a habit of gossiping and Susan’s colleagues struggled to understand the difference between the actors and fiction. Bless her!

6 - Susan Olsen Now

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Susan had some TV-roles and appearances on The Brady Bunch reunions. Currently, she teaches acting and how to make short films for children in Santa Clarita. Olsen also likes to use social media to criticise political and controversial issues such as Covid's vaccination. Which brings debating between her followers.

7 - Barry Williams Then (Greg Brady)

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Greg Brady was loved by everyone for being a true leader to his siblings. The oldest Brady son had many skills, such as playing football, playing guitar and surfing. His self-confidence and charm inspired a generation. Who didn't have a crush on him?

8 - Barry Williams Now

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Barry has been working as a producer, writer and musician in Musical theatre. Recently he produced and acted in the live variety musical show “70s MUSIC CELEBRATION”. Williams resides in Branson, Missouri, with his wife Tina.

9 - Christopher Knight Then (Peter Brady)

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Peter Brady was the most clumsy member of this family. He used to get so excited that he ended up making very wrong decisions, bringing funny scenes to the show. Actor Christopher Knight, who played the character, said he still feels comfortable around the entire cast after many years "We get along so well and treat each other like a royal family”.

10 - Christopher Knight Now

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In 1988, Christopher Knight started his business career in the computer industry. Over 30 years, Knight has founded several companies in the technology and communications industry. In addition, he also makes some appearances in movies and TV shows. Chris has been married to his fourth wife, Cara Kokenes.

11 - Mike Lookinland Then (Bobby Brady)

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Robert Brady, best known as "Bobby", was Brady's youngest son. Who doesn't remember how creative he was? His mind could imagine several adventures, like being Race car driver, cowboy or astronaut! Mike Lookinland, who played Bobby, had done around 30 TV- commercials when he debuted on the show at the age of 9.

12 - Mike Lookinland Now

(Image/ Source: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU)Despite working as an actor - his last movie was Blending Christmas in 2021 - Mike has dedicated part of his career behind the camera, as an assistant director and cameraman. At 62, Lookinland has been married to Kelly Wermuth since 1987, with whom he has two sons, Scott and Joe.

13 - Robbie Rist Then (Cousin Oliver)

(Image/Source: Getty Images)After his parents had to go on an expedition in South America, Cousin Oliver had to live with the Brady’s family during the last two seasons. The smart kid was younger than his cousins and this contrast brought hilarious moments for the show.

14 - Robbie Rist Now

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Robbie Rist played little Oliver when he was 9 years old and repeated the character a few times in The Brady Bunch reunions. Rist also has a long career as an voice over actor, working on animated films and video games, such as Ninja Turtles and Sharknado. 

15 - Hope Juber Then (Rachel)

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Daughter of sitcom creator Sherwood Schwartz, the actress Hope Juber remembered on her Instagram the episode that she played Rachel, Greg's girlfriend. "50 years ago today America watched a frog land on my head".

16 - Hope Juber Now

(Image/ Source: instagram)Today, Hope writes scripts for musicals, movies and TV shows. She also has produced many of husband’s solo albums, the musician Laurence Juber of the band Wings, with whom she has two daughters, Nico Juber and composer Ilsey Juber.

17 - Rita Wilson Then (Pat Conway)

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In the episode "Greg's Triangle" in 1972, Greg had to make a big choice: who would be the head cheerleader: Marcia, Jennifer or Pat? He was fair and chose the best candidate: Pat Conway! The guest appearance was short, but unforgettable for Rita Wilson, as it was her first work as an actress at the age 16.

18 - Rita Wilson Now

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Rita Wilson has a long career as an actress and producer, starring in over 60 films and TV shows. As a singer, she has released more than 5 albums. Rita also achieves important work as an activist and philanthropist, alongside her husband, actor Tom Hanks, who she has been married to since 1988. In March 2019, Wilson received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Wow!

 19 - Kimberly Beck Then (Laura)

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Laura, as a good friend, helped Marcia, when she got in trouble for promising that she can get Davy Jones to sing at their school's prom.  The school has already made the announcement, but Marcia couldn't even speak to him. All these things happened on the classic episode “Getting Dave Jones' 'originally aired in 1971.

 20 - Kimberly Beck Now

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As Rita Wilson, Kimberly Beck had a small appearance in The Brady Bunch, but sooo important to her career. After that, Kim starred in movies like Friday the 13th: “The Final Chapter” by Joseph Zito, “Marnie” by Alfred Hitchcock and “Independence Day” by Roland Emmerich. Beck has been married since 1988 to producer Jason Clark. Currently she is dedicated to philanthropy.

21 - Robert Reed Then (Mike Brandy)

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Michael Thomas Brady was the leader of the Brady’s family. In 2014, the character received the 14th position in the list of the 50 Greatest TV Parents of All Time. The sitcom became a cultural icon in the 1970s, but even so Robert Reed was often unhappy with his character and used to battle with creator Sherwood Schwartz over its content.

22 - Robert Reed After

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Reed had a successful acting career. He earned three Primetime Emmy Award nominations for different roles. In November 1991, Robert was diagnosed with colon cancer. He died 7 months after, at age 59, in Pasadena, California. After his death, his death certificate revealed that Reed was HIV positive.

23 - Florence Henderson Then (Carol Brady)

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Florence Henderson had a remarkable acting career over six decades, playing several roles in cinema, tv and theatre. But we have no doubt that Carol Brady, the matriarch of the tv show, was everyone's favorite! 

24 - Florence Henderson After

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In her last decade, she was on Dancing with the Stars, as a contestant, and hosted two tv shows The Florence Henderson Show and Who's Cooking with Florence Henderson. On thanksgiving 2016, Florence had a heart failure and passed away at the age of 82.

25 - Ann B. Davis Then (Alice Nelson)

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Alice Cooper, the housekeeper of the Brady Family, was known for her dried sense of humour and for taking care of everyone with kindness and respect. She was an important member of the family, joining in the children's games and going on vacations.

26 - Ann B. Davis After

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Ann B Davis had a career of more than 50 years as an actress. She was nominated four times for the Emmy Award, which resulted in two awards. Davis never married or was romantically linked to anyone. In 2014, the actress died after suffering a domestic accident at the age of 88.

Some Hidden Behind The Scenes Secrets... The Worst Brady’s Singer

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All of the kids actors had musical abilities. Barry Williams, Mike Lookinland and Maureen McCormick were fabulous vocalists. While Eve Plumb and Susan Olsen could reach a nice tune. But Christopher Knight was an exception. He didn't receive this musical blessing and had some embarrassing memories about this during the show “Singing, by far. It was traumatic.”

2 - Mom And Son Went Out On A Date

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Barry Williams had a crush on his screen mother, Florence Henderson, who was 20 years older than him. "When those little things called hormones start kicking in, you get excited by even inanimate objects" said Williams. At the time the actresses was married and mother of 4, so she decided to humour the teenager and went out on a date "I guess in a sense it was a date, because Barry thought it was. But of course, I had no idea that his intentions were to "date"" joked Florence.

3 - The Perfect Hair

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Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen had to dye their hair to create the perfect aesthetic between the Brady's kids: three dark-haired boys and three blond girls. Mike has natural strawberry blonde locks and Susan is naturally blond, but not enough for the show. She was forced to bleach her hair constantly and some chucks fell out because of it.

4 - TV Hit Only After The Last Season

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The Brady Bunch never achieved a huge success during its original showing. But it made enough results to air for five seasons. After its last season in 1974, the TV show was reprised in the late afternoon, reaching a younger audience. This was instrumental to create an expressive fan base. After a few years, new generations keep discovering the production which makes it a pop culture hit.