The Biggest Celebrities That Are Currently Incarcerated

By molly atherton 7 months ago
In the world of fame, fortune, and the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry, it's easy to believe that the rich and famous are invincible. But, as the saying goes, "Money can't buy you happiness, and it definitely can't keep you out of prison." Today, we'll take a peek behind the bars to uncover the biggest celebrities currently incarcerated. Brace yourselves, as the list is as star-studded as it is shocking. Intriguing celebrities behind bars await...

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein faced a landmark legal reckoning in 2020, convicted of rape and sexual assault in cases involving Jessica Mann and Miriam Haley. He received a 23-year prison sentence. Later, in March 2020, he was given an additional 20-year sentence for his crimes!
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This marked a significant moment in the #MeToo movement. Weinstein's case became a focal point in the #MeToo movement, which highlighted sexual harassment and abuse in various industries and encouraged victims to speak out against their perpetrators.Original content sourced from

R. Kelly

R. Kelly, a well-known R&B singer, is currently incarcerated at the Metropolitan Correction Center in Chicago. He was sentenced to a total of 31 years in prison for his crimes, which primarily revolve around using his fame and influence to sexually abuse young fans.
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Despite his convictions, R. Kelly has continued to attempt to appeal his two convictions! R. Kelly's appeals are part of his legal strategy to challenge his convictions and potentially seek a different outcome such as a reduce in sentence... he failed!

Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic, also known as Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is serving a 21-year prison sentence at the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth. He rose to fame through the "Tiger King" documentary. Legal issues arose from his feud with Carole Baskin and allegations of a murder-for-hire plot against her.
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He was convicted on two counts related to this scheme. Additionally, Joe Exotic faced charges for buying and killing tigers, along with wildlife violations and animal cruelty His story highlighted the controversial world of private zoos and animal conservation.

Shannon Richardson

Shannon Richardson is currently incarcerated in a federal prison in Fort Worth, Texas, and is not expected to be released until 2028.  She was sentenced to 18 years in prison after she was found to mail ricin-laced letters to influential figures such as then-President Barack Obama!
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Her actions not only posed a serious threat to the recipients but also raised concerns about the security of mail sent to public officials. The 18-year sentence she received reflects the gravity of her offense and serves as a reminder of the severe legal consequences for such acts.

Ryan Grantham

The Riverdale actor admitted to killing his mother and then packing his car with guns, ammunition, and Molotov cocktails with the intention of visiting the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau's home for an assassination attempt. Grantham received a life sentence and is not eligible for parole for at least 14 years.
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He was 25 when he commited this terrible crime, and decided to turn himself in after committing his heinous crime. Sources have stated that he is currently in a mental health program. You may also know Grantham from movies such as Marley & Me, and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid!

Amy Locane

Amy Locane, known for her role in "Cry Baby," faced a tragic incident when she was arrested for a fatal drunk-driving accident. The collision resulted in the death of a 60-year-old mother, with Locane reportedly being three times over the legal alcohol limit and driving at 54 mph.
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Initially, her sentencing was criticized as too lenient, but a judge later ruled it insufficient. As a result, she received an eight-year prison sentence, underscoring the gravity of her actions and the devastating consequences of drunk driving.

Suge Knight

Suge Knight, the former CEO of Death Row Records, was involved in a high-profile altercation with Cle "Bone" Sloane, who was working on the film "Straight Outta Compton." This altercation took a tragic turn when Knight ran over and killed another man named Terry Carter with his car.
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Ultimately, in September 2018, Suge Knight accepted a plea agreement in which he pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter and agreed to serve 28 years in prison. This plea deal allowed him to avoid a potentially longer sentence if he had gone to trial and been convicted on the original murder charge.

Austin Jones

You may or may not recognize Austin Jones's' name, but he is actually a famous and rather influential YouTube star, made popular by his acapella covers of popular songs.  But he is also a controversial star who is currently serving ten years in prison for faking his age to get underage girls engage with him.
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A search warrant for Jones's residence in Bloomingdale, Illinois was authorized by a United States Magistrate Judge on June 9, 2017. Subsequently, on June 12, 2017, the search was carried out. He is now serving a 10 year sentence as a result of his awful crimes.

Michael Jace

Michael Jace, known for his role in "The Shield," is serving a 40-year prison sentence for the tragic murder of his wife, April Jace. The circumstances of this case were deeply disturbing and involved a harrowing incident that unfolded in front of their children.
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He is currently serving 40 years in prison for the murder of his wife. According to sources, Jace shot and killed his wife, and the motive behind this heinous act was reportedly after April Jace had expressed her desire for a divorce, a decision that allegedly fueled Michael Jace's jealousy and anger.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver

In a horrifying sequence of events, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, who goes by the name War Machine, kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and brutally beat ex-girlfriend Christy Mack, leaving her with severe injuries. The case garnered widespread media attention due to the gruesome nature of the crimes.
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War Machine was found guilty and subsequently received a life sentence in prison, ensuring that he will not be eligible for parole until the age of 71 as a result of his high-profile murder. The public's interest in the downfall of a once-prominent fighter was viewed by millions all over the world.


C-Murder, a rapper involved in the hip-hop scene, faced a significant legal ordeal when he was convicted of second-degree murder and subsequently sentenced to life in prison. The charges stemmed from a fatal incident at a nightclub, where a teenager named Steve Thomas lost his life.
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In an unexpected turn of events, two key witnesses in the case came forward to revoke their previous testimonies. Additionally, the case drew attention from public figures, including reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who spoke out in defense of C-Murder.

Jared Fogle

The disgraced ex-face of the Subway sandwich commercials, Jared Fogle, was made famous when he lost 400 pounds by just eating two Subway sandwiches each day. He became a spokesman for the brand, and eventually the face of numerous Subway commercials
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He was later convicted of receiving child pornography and engaging in sex with a minor following a federal investigation on him. In the aftermath of his conviction, Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15 years in prison, marking a significant fall from grace.

Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar gained fame as one of the 19 siblings featured in the reality show "19 Kids and Counting." However, his reputation took a dark turn when he was discovered and charged with the receipt and possession of child pornography following an investigation into his online activities.
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After the police uncovered explicit material involving minors, and following the legal proceedings, Josh Duggar was sentenced to nearly 13 years in prison, signifying a substantial fall from grace. This highlighted the severe consequences of his actions.

Todd & Julie Chrisley

Todd and Julie Chrisley, known for their reality show "Chrisley Knows Best," experienced a dramatic shift in their lives when they became embroiled in a series of serious legal troubles. The charges brought against them included tax evasion, conspiracy, bank fraud, and wire fraud!
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This marked a significant departure from their public image as a family on a reality television series. Both Todd and Julie Chrisley faced multiple legal charges related to financial and tax issues. Todd received a 12-year prison sentence, and Julie was sentenced to serve seven years.

Allison Mack

Smallville star, Allison Mack's career came to an end in 2018 when she was convicted of sex trafficking offenses.  As part of her role in the self-help sex cult, NXIVM, led by Keith Raniere, she was found to be recruiting young girls as sex slaves.
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Allison Mack was given two, three-year sentences in prison, as well as having to serve a further three years on parole. On top of this, she was ordered to pay a further $20,000 as a result of the awful crimes that she committed in the cult.

Kidd Creole

Kidd Creole, a founding member of the influential hip-hop group Grandmaster Flash, found himself in a dire legal situation when he was convicted of fatally stabbing a man named John Jolly in the chest. This incident was a tragic turn in the life of the 61-year-old musician.
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When the case went to trial, Kidd Creole was found guilty of manslaughter and subsequently sentenced to 16 years in prison. The conviction raised questions about the circumstances surrounding the incident and the level of force used in self-defense.

Andrew Tate

The controversial influencer, alongside his brother, is currently serving time in a Romanian prison, facing a litany of serious charges including human trafficking, organized crime, and rape. Initially, they, along with two women, were detained for 30 days.
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However, despite their appeals, they remain in custody as their efforts to secure release have been rejected. the case brought attention to the importance of addressing human trafficking and organized crime, as well as the legal repercussions for those involved in such activities.

Pat O'Brien

The arrest of Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien was initially based on burglary and assault, but the situation took an even stranger turn when his rented house caught fire simultaneously with his arrest. Subsequently, law enforcement discovered over 80 firearms at O'Brien's residence!
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In the legal aftermath of these events, Pat O'Brien received a sentence of five years of probation, accompanied by a financial penalty demanding that he pay over $23,000. Furthermore, he was subjected to random drug and alcohol evaluations.

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez, a prominent hip-hop and R&B artist, faced a dramatic and career-altering setback when he was found guilty of shooting fellow artist Megan Thee Stallion, resulting in minor injuries to her. As a result of the guilty verdict, Tory Lanez currently remains in custody, awaiting his sentencing.
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The potential consequences are grave, as he could face a maximum sentence of 22 years and 8 months in prison. In the wake of this event, Lanez's career faced a considerable setback, with a noticeable decline in his professional trajectory.

Jen Shah

Jen Shah, known for her role on "The Real Housewives," faced a significant fall from grace when she was convicted of participating in a fraudulent telemarketing scheme that primarily targeted vulnerable elderly individuals, aiming to defraud them of their life savings.
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In the legal aftermath, Jen Shah received a substantial sentence of 6 and a half years in prison, for her involvement in the fraudulent scheme. Additionally, she was ordered to make restitution to her victims, totaling $6 million for the harm she had caused them.

Sam Hurd

Sam Hurd, a former American football player with stints at the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears, faced a drastic turn in his life at the young age of 28. Despite having just signed a lucrative $5 million contract with the Chicago Bears, he was convicted and sentenced to 16 years in prison.
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His conviction was a result of his leadership in a drug trafficking operation that funneled an astonishing four kilograms of cocaine, valued at approximately $100,000 per week, into the city of Chicago. It is unlikely that he will ever play football professionally again.

Joe Son

Actor Joseph Son's life took a dark turn when he was convicted in 2008 for his involvement in a horrifying crime from 1990, a gang rape and torture of a woman. DNA evidence linked him to this brutal act, leading to a life sentence in prison.
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However, Son's time behind bars would become even more gruesome as he was found guilty of beating his cellmate to death, resulting in an additional 27-year sentence being added to his existing punishment. You may recognise Joe Son from Austin Powers, and Bad Blood.

William Hayden

William Hayden, known for his appearance on the reality show "Sons of Guns," faced a grim legal reckoning when multiple women, including his own daughter, came forward with allegations of sexual assault during their youth. Hayden was found guilty of aggravated rape and rape.
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The verdict in his case was severe, resulting in a sentence that will see him spending the rest of his life behind bars. Hayden received two life sentences in addition to a 40-year prison term. He will never see civilization ever again.

Ricardo Medina Jr.

Ricardo Medina Jr., a former actor famous for his role in Power Rangers, experienced a shocking fall from grace when he was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. This conviction stemmed from an incident in which he allegedly killed his roommate with a sword.

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The case raised many eyebrows given his past as the red Power Ranger, a beloved character in the popular children's show. In the legal aftermath, Ricardo Medina Jr. was sentenced to serve six years in prison, marking a significant turning point in his life.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has indeed had legal troubles in the past, including involvement in racially motivated attacks. One of the most notable incidents involved an attack on Johnny Trinh, a Vietnamese-American man, during which Wahlberg punched him in the eye.
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Initially charged with attempted murder, he was later found guilty of felony assault. As a result of this conviction, Mark Wahlberg was sentenced to two years in prison, though he ultimately served a shorter sentence of 45 days.

A$AP Rocky

Rapper A$AP Rocky's legal troubles in 2022 stemmed from an alleged shooting incident that occurred Hollywood, in 2021. His arrest took place at the airport while he was returning from a vacation in Barbados, with his then-pregnant partner, Rihanna.

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The situation captured significant media attention as he was escorted from the airport in handcuffs. However, his time in custody was short-lived as he swiftly paid the $550,000 bail, securing his release on the same day. Do you think he was guilty?

Ally Lotti

Instagram influencer Ally Lotti and her boyfriend, Carter Jamison, found themselves in a legal predicament after being arrested for shoplifting from Walmart. Surveillance footage captured them failing to properly scan larger items during their shopping trip, resulting in theft charges.
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After their arrest, they were booked and subsequently released on the same day. The situation took a more concerning turn when law enforcement discovered the couple in possession of drugs. This additional discovery introduced drug-related charges for the pair.

Phil Spector

Renowned music producer Phil Spector faced a sensational and grim legal ordeal when he was found guilty of the 2003 murder of actress Lana Clarkson. Spector's conviction led to a sentence of 19 years to life in prison, reflecting the gravity of the crime.
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It was a dramatic downfall for a man who had made significant contributions to the music world. Despite his daughter's belief in his innocence and her conviction that Lana took her own life, Spector passed away in prison in 2021.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, a once-beloved actor and comedian, faced charges of indecent assault stemming from allegations. In 2018, Cosby was found guilty of drugging and assaulting her. This high-profile case resulted in a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.
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However, Cosby's legal journey took a dramatic turn when his conviction was overturned, leading to his release from jail in 2021. This turn of events generated considerable debate and controversy, as opinions on his guilt or innocence remained deeply divided.

Farrah Abraham

Former "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham faced legal trouble at the beginning of 2023 when she was arrested for an alleged incident at a nightclub. The accusation involved her slapping a security guard, which led to a citizen's arrest, and subsequently, her being taken into police custody.
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Following her release, Abraham took to social media, claiming that the incident was a complete setup, sparking a public discussion about the incident and the circumstances surrounding it. Do you believe her that it was all a set-up?

Now For Celebrities You Never Knew Served Time... Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.'s life was marked by a prolonged and well-documented struggle with drug addiction, which resulted in numerous legal entanglements. The actor faced multiple arrests on drug-related charges, which significantly impacted his career and personal life.
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In 1999, Downey Jr. faced a turning point when he was sentenced to three years in prison for violating probation. His sentence saw him spending a year behind bars in a California prison. This period marked a critical juncture in his journey toward recovery and rehabilitation.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's career and personal life have been significantly marred by a series of legal issues and arrests over the years. These troubles have included multiple arrests for driving under the influence (DUI), charges related to substance possession, and probation violations.
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2007 saw Lohan arrested for DUI and cocaine possession, drawing considerable media attention and casting a shadow over her career. In 2010, she faced a 90-day jail sentence for violating probation terms, further highlighting the legal challenges she grappled with.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart's 2004 conviction for insider trading marked a stunning turn of events in her life and career. As a well-known TV personality, celebrated for her homemaking and cooking skills, her legal troubles came as a surprise to many.
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Stewart's conviction was tied to her sale of stock in a biotech company just before its stock price experienced a significant drop. The legal consequences were significant, with a sentence of five months in prison, followed by five months of home confinement and two years of probation.

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes, renowned for his acting and martial arts skills, faced a significant legal setback in 2008 when he was convicted of tax evasion. This conviction was the result of his failure to file tax returns over several years, highlighting the seriousness of the charges against him.
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As a consequence of his conviction, Snipes received a three-year prison sentence. During his time in custody, he served at the Federal Correctional Institution in McKean, Pennsylvania. Snipes' journey through the legal system served as a stark reminder that tax evasion leads to prosecution.

Mike Tyson

In 1992, the most famous boxer of his time, Mike Tyson, found himself embroiled in a serious legal matter that altered the course of his career and life. He was convicted of rape following a 1991 incident involving a beauty pageant contestant.
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This legal case garnered significant attention and scrutiny, given Tyson's celebrity status as a heavyweight boxing champion. As a result of his conviction, Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison. However, he served approximately three years of that sentence before being released.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, who not only gained fame for her contributions to popularizing the "selfie" but also for her celebrity status, faced a legal ordeal in 2007. She was sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving with a suspended license, with the violation of her probation.
Image Source: The Mirror 
This led to a reduced sentence of 23 days. Ultimately, Hilton served a total of 22 days in jail, raising questions about the persistence of certain behaviors and the consequences of violating legal obligations, even for high-profile individuals.

O.J. Simpson

O.J Simpson is not only an alleged murderer, he was also convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping following a shocking incident in which he and several accomplices robbed two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel room.
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O.J Simpson is not only an alleged murderer, he was also convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping following a shocking incident in which he and several accomplices robbed two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Tupac Shakur

In 1995, the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur faced a legal battle that would significantly impact his life and career. Shakur, along with his entourage, was accused of sexually abusing a woman in a New York hotel room, leading to a conviction of sexual abuse.
Image Source: SoundCloud
The legal consequences were notable, with Shakur receiving a sentence of one and a half to four and a half years in prison. However, he was released after serving nine months, which added to the controversy surrounding the case. Tupac dies 1 year after this legal battle.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown, a highly renowned musician, was at the center of a disturbing legal case in 2009. He pleaded guilty to felony assault for a vicious attack on his then-girlfriend, the singer Rihanna. This incident sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry and drew widespread public attention.
Image Source: TIME 
As a consequence of his guilty plea, Chris Brown received a sentence of five years of probation and six months of community service. The incident tarnished his image as a heartthrob, raising questions about the consequences for domestic violence in high-profile relationships.

Justin Bieber

In 2014, the pop sensation Justin Bieber faced a notable arrest in Miami Beach. He was apprehended for driving under the influence (DUI) and resisting arrest without violence, with an additional charge of driving with an expired license. The incident drew considerable media attention and scrutiny.
Image Source: USA Today 
Subsequently, Justin Bieber pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges, which led to a legal sentence of two years of probation, community service, and a monetary fine. It seems that this crime didn't tarnish his career too drastically!

Mark Wahlberg

In 1988, Mark Wahlberg was embroiled in two separate incidents that involved assaults on two Vietnamese men, resulting in one of them being left partially blind. The severity of these attacks was such that Wahlberg was initially charged with attempted murder.
Image Source: The Guardian 
However, he ultimately pleaded guilty to assault, which led to a legal sentence of 45 days in prison. These incidents cast a shadow over Wahlberg's past and left many surprised by his actions. I didn't think he had it in him... did you?

Tim Allen

Tim Allen, best known for voicing Woody in the beloved Toy Story franchise, had a significant run-in with the law in 1978. He was arrested for drug trafficking at a Michigan airport after being found in possession of over a pound of cocaine.
Image Source: Crime Museum 

These legal troubles were a far cry from his iconic role as a toy cowboy. Ultimately, Tim Allen pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges, which resulted in a sentence of two years and four months in prison. His past legal issues are a surprising contrast to his family-friendly image!

50 Cent

In 2002, the rapper and artist 50 Cent faced a significant legal setback when he was arrested for possession of drugs and firearms. The police discovered a loaded handgun and marijuana in his home, leading to a substantial legal case that he had to contend with.
Image Source: The Source Magazine 
This arrest marked a challenging chapter in 50 Cent's life and career, given his celebrity status and successful music career. was in its prime! The discovery of a loaded handgun and drugs in his possession presented complex legal issues.

Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav, a well-known figure in the music industry, has faced a series of legal challenges throughout his career, including charges related to domestic violence, assault, and various traffic offenses. In 2012, he encountered a particularly concerning incident when he was arrested and charged with assault.
Image Source: XXL Mag 
Allegedly, he threatened his girlfriend's son with a knife. Following this arrest, Flavor Flav pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges. His legal sentence included probation and counseling, highlighting the importance of addressing issues related to violence and aggression in the legal system


DMX, a prominent figure in the music industry, had a history of legal troubles, which encompassed charges related to drug possession, animal cruelty, and various traffic offenses. However, in 2018, he faced a particularly significant legal issue.
Image Source: WELT
This was when he was sentenced to one year in prison for tax evasion. His conviction for tax evasion led to a prison sentence, which he served for a little over a year before his release. DMX's journey through the legal system is one that is remembered by many.

Lil Wayne

In 2010, Lil Wayne, a prominent rapper and artist, faced a legal ordeal when he was arrested and charged with gun possession. The charges stemmed from the discovery of a loaded handgun on his tour bus, leading to a substantial legal case.
Image Source: NPR 
Lil Wayne ultimately pleaded guilty to the charges, which resulted in a sentence of one year in prison. However, he served only eight months of his sentence before being released. What do. you think about early released for high profile individuals?

James Brown

James Brown, a legendary figure in the music industry, encountered a series of legal challenges, including charges related to domestic violence and drug possession. In 1988, he faced a particularly serious legal matter when he was arrested and charged with assault.

Image Source: Oxygen 
His arrest was a result of him allegedly threatening his wife with a handgun. Following his arrest, James Brown pleaded guilty to the charges, leading to a substantial legal sentence of six years in prison. He ultimately served two and a half years before being released.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, a well-known figure in the music industry, has faced a range of legal issues throughout his career, including charges related to drug possession, gun possession, and assault. In 1993, he was involved in a particularly serious legal matter...
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
He was charged with murder following a drive-by shooting in which a member of a rival gang was shot and killed. Ultimately, Snoop Dogg was acquitted of the murder charges, but he pleaded guilty to gun possession. This guilty plea led to a legal sentence of three years of probation.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney, a beloved member of the iconic band The Beatles, found himself in a legal predicament during a visit to Tokyo. He was apprehended with nearly half a pound of marijuana, despite maintaining that it was for his personal use.

Image Source: Daily Express 
His case garnered significant attention and raised questions about the legal consequences he would face, even as a legendary musician. Surprisingly, McCartney served just nine days in the Tokyo Narcotics Detention Center. This relatively short period of detention became a notable episode in his life.

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, a celebrated actress and activist, had a history of civil disobedience throughout her life. In 1970, during a speaking tour to protest the Vietnam War, she spent just one night in jail for her activism at the age of 32.
Image Source: Vogue 
This marked an early chapter in her journey of advocacy and social involvement. Remarkably, Fonda's commitment to her beliefs remained strong over the years. At the age of 81, she was arrested once more, this time for her climate crisis protest, emphasizing the urgency of environmental issues.