The Best Celebrity Disguises That Fooled The Paparazzi

By molly atherton 8 months ago
Alright, folks, grab your popcorn because we're about to spill the tea on the undercover game our favorite stars are playing. In a world where everyone's got a camera, our A-listers are like modern-day ninjas, dodging those paparazzi flashes with some serious disguise action. We're talking sunglasses, wigs, and maybe even a fake mustache or two! We're peeling back the curtain on the wildest celebrity disguises that left the paparazzi scratching their heads and asking, "Wait, was that really Taylor Swift?"

1. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy disguised as fishermen

Halloween 2013 was the year Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy decided to go all-out trick-or-treating as... wait for it... fishermen! Yep, forget the usual witches and ghosts—these two Hollywood A-listers turned the costume game upside down.Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock dressed as fishermen
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But the best part? They weren't just decked out for the candy haul; they were on a mission to outsmart the pesky paparazzi. Armed with their little trick-or-treaters, they strutted the streets with a "you ain't ruining our Halloween" attitude. It's not the worst one you'll see here.Original content sourced from

2. Daniel Radcliffe wearing the exact same outfit every day for months

Imagine this: a masterclass in outsmarting the paparazzi by none other than our favorite mystery man. "I'd rock the same outfit on repeat – different T-shirts underneath, of course. But here's the genius part: I'd zip up the jacket tight and slap on the same hat every single time," he spilled.
imagesource: quora
"Let them snap away for six whole months, and every pic looks like it's from the same day. Talk about a fashion time loop!" he chuckled. You could almost hear the mischievous laughter through the statement. The result? Those pics became as "un-publishable" as a blurry selfie taken in the dark. Oh, the sweet taste of victory!

3. Kendall, Khloe and Kylie disguised as old women

Cue the Kardashian drama! In a jaw-dropping episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall and Kylie spilled the tea on a life less ordinary. Can you believe these two have never tasted life without the spotlight? Talk about a reality TV bubble!Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Kendall dress in disguise for Hollywood bus tour - Mirror Online
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But fear not, Khloe, the genius problem-solver of the Kardashian crew, had an epic plan up her sleeve. Enter: the prosthetics team. Yep, you read that right. The sisters were about to go undercover, mall style. Khloe, the mastermind, orchestrated a whole disguise situation to give Kendall and Kylie a taste of life without the flashing cameras and screaming fans.

4. Cole Sprouse not getting into a disguise...

Cole Sprouse, our resident photo ninja, isn't one to play games when it comes to his privacy. The guy straight-up despises having his picture taken without the green light. So, what does he do? Well, he takes matters into his own hands, or should I say, lenses.
imagesource: quora
Enter the Instagram rebellion: @camera_duels. Yeah, you read that right. Cole's got an entire account dedicated to the covert photo snipers out there. The bio sets the tone perfectly: "This Instagram is dedicated to the people out there who secretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first. May the fastest camera win."

5. Benedict Cumberbatch being Mr Napkin Head

Ah, the classic napkin disguise move – making even the heartthrobs of Britain resort to undercover coffee sipping. Picture this: Benedict Cumberbatch, with all his Sherlockian charm, deciding he's just not in the mood for the paparazzi circus during his morning coffee fix. So, what's a sophisticated Brit to do? The napkin, my friends, becomes his secret weapon.
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Channeling his inner Jude Law in The Holiday (because who could forget that iconic moment?), Benedict elegantly whips out a napkin and transforms it into a makeshift face shield. No time for the papz? No problem. With the stealth of a secret agent, he carries on sipping that morning brew, hidden behind his trusty napkin fortress.

6. Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield

Flashback to 2014, when this mysterious couple became the talk of the town by turning the tables on the paparazzi outside a Manhattan restaurant. With cameras clicking away, this dynamic duo decided to make every snapshot count for something more than just gossip.
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In a brilliant and altruistic move, they took the opportunity to raise awareness for various non-profit organizations. Instead of flashing their pearly whites for the cameras, the couple strategically held up signs in front of their faces, turning a potentially invasive photo session into a platform for a good cause.

7. Paris Hilton's anti-flash scarf

Ah, the 00s, where Paris Hilton reigned supreme as the queen of everything – from nightlife royalty to the original influencer. This era was practically the Paris Hilton show, and paparazzi were her unofficial entourage. Nightclubs, vacations, you name it – Paris had the flashing lights following her every move.

This anti-paparazzi scarf worn by Paris Hilton, Beyoncé makes you 'invisible' in photos | Life

imagesource: news24
But here's the thing about Paris – she was always in control. When the queen bee wasn't feeling the paparazzi buzz, she didn't just pout and pose. Oh no, that would be too basic. Paris whipped out her secret weapon: the anti-flash scarf. Cue the iconic fashion move!

8. Taylor Momsen's great escape

Talk about taking the evasion game to superhero levels! Taylor Momsen, not content with the usual celebrity evasion tactics, decided to go full-on Spider-Man to dodge the pesky paparazzi. Forget scarves or masks – Taylor was about to swing into action.What are some creative ways in which celebrities have dealt with the paparazzi? - Quora
imagesource: quora
Taylor, channeling her inner Spidey, deciding that mere banisters and cars weren't going to be obstacles anymore. Nope, not for her. On this particular day, she transformed into a rockstar arachnid, leaping over banisters with the agility of a comic book hero and soaring over cars like a fearless acrobat.

9. Kesha and her wild disguise

Ah, the classic case of the pop star attempting incognito and ending up in the spotlight even more. In the summer of 2010, our favorite "Cannibal" singer had a wild idea to outsmart the paparazzi in the bustling streets of New York City. Picture this: cowboy boots, a bold orange and white tiger mask – an ensemble that screamed, "Please don't recognize me!"Kesha in tiger mask
imagesource: youtube
Exiting a cab with all the subtlety of a surprise party, our pop sensation had high hopes that this quirky disguise would be her ticket to anonymous freedom. But, as fate would have it, the paparazzi weren't fooled in the slightest. If anything, the outlandish getup drew even more attention, turning a low-key outing into a street-style spectacle.

10. Justin Bieber and his bushy mustaches

Ah, the man of mystery strikes again! When he's not rocking a gas mask, he's probably experimenting with a whole array of disguises that make us question if he moonlights as a master of disguise. Case in point: the Brooklyn Mets baseball game, where our elusive singer decided to unveil a new look that had everyone doing double-takes.Justin Bieber
imagesource: youtube
A checkered shirt, a classic white tee, and to top it all off, a brown wig that's probably seen better days. But the pièce de résistance? A moustache and goatee combo that could rival even the quirkiest of disguises. It's like he raided the costume shop and decided, "Today, I shall be the master of disguise at the baseball game!"

11. Shia La beouf and the grocery bag

Ah, the tales of Shia LaBeouf and his epic battles with the paparazzi – a Hollywood saga like no other. This guy doesn't just avoid the camera flashes; he's practically engaged in a celebrity vs. paparazzi showdown. The actor pushing paparazzi around like he's in an action movie, chasing them through parking lots, and delivering the classic finger flip.Shia LaBeouf
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The red carpet appearance that left everyone scratching their heads. In 2010, he graced the illustrious red carpet not with a dazzling smile or a designer suit, but with a paper grocery bag over his head. Talk about making a statement!

12. Dustin Hoffman and the tree

Dustin, fed up with the relentless paparazzi, decides to take matters into his own hands. And what's his weapon of choice this time? A good old tree. Not just any tree, mind you, but the perfect hiding spot. For hours on end, he becomes the stealth master, peeking out from the side of the tree like a mischievous woodland creature.Dustin Hoffman
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It's like a Hollywood-meets-Whac-A-Mole situation. The paparazzi, expecting the usual red carpet or street shot, find themselves in a game of hide-and-seek with none other than Dustin Hoffman. You can almost hear his cheeky laughter as he plays the ultimate game of evasion.

13. Jake Bongiovi & Millie Bobby Brown and the box

Ah, the Stranger Things have happened, and it seems Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown are dealing with a new level of spotlight since announcing their engagement. But fear not, because Millie has just unleashed a fashion-forward solution to the paparazzi frenzy.Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown walking, with her head covered by a box
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In a world where every step makes headlines, Millie embraces the lavender-box-chic trend, making a statement that says, "I'm here, but you can't see me, darling." It's a blend of sophistication and whimsy, turning the city sidewalks into a runway for the unexpected.

14. Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz in creepy masks

Ah, the mysterious and slightly eerie side of celebrity evasion – enter Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, the dynamic duo who decided that conventional disguises were just too mainstream. Picture this: Manhattan streets, the couple strolling incognito, but not with the usual hats and sunglasses. No, they opted for a creepier approach.Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz wearing masks
imagesource: gettyimages
In a move that could rival a Halloween costume party, Ashlee and Pete embraced the world of creepy masks. A chimp and a witch, to be precise. It's like they walked out of a horror movie set, casually taking a leisurely stroll through the city streets, unfazed by the fact that their disguises would give anyone the heebie-jeebies.

15. Katy Perry as a donut

Bow down to the queen of paparazzi disguises, Katy Perry! In a move that can only be described as both genius and deliciously stylish, Katy took Hollywood by storm with her unconventional shield – a giant doughnut pillow. Yes, you read that right, and no, it wasn't a new fashion trend, but it sure became the "it" accessory for dodging paparazzi.Katy Perry protected by the one and only YUMMY! #yummyworld #katyperry | Yummy world, Delicious donuts, Kidrobot
imagesource: pintrest
Flashback to 2009, the year Katy Perry decided that a regular bag simply wouldn't cut it for her new doughnut purchase. So, what did she do? She turned the oversized pastry into the ultimate paparazzi shield. It's like a sprinkle-covered superhero cape, protecting her from the camera flashes with a touch of sweetness.

16. Katy Perry again...wrapped in a Chanel towel

Ah, the airport escapades of the one and only Katy Perry, where even a casual stroll through terminals becomes a runway for her iconic fashion statements. This time, the queen of disguise made her grand entrance draped in none other than a Chanel blanket, turning the mundane into a high-fashion affair.Katy Perry wrapped in a towel
imagesource: alamystockphoto
On a day when Katy had zero patience for the flashing cameras, she decided to forgo the traditional disguise shopping spree and opted for the spontaneous elegance of a cozy blanket wrap. It's like the ultimate power move – "I'm not here for the paparazzi, but I'm definitely here to slay."

17. Katy Perry, yet a poop costume

Ah, the enigmatic world of Katy Perry's post-show fashion adventures! Leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live! dressed as a giant piece of poop – because why not? Katy has this uncanny ability to turn the unexpected into the unforgettable, and this moment was no exception.Katy Perry dressed like poop
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Whether it was a spur-of-the-moment purchase or a quirky gift, the world may never know, but one thing's for sure – Katy owned the giant poop costume like no one else could. It's like she took the term "poop emoji chic" to a whole new level.

18. Justin Bieber in a gas mask

Oh, the ever-elusive relationship between Justin Bieber and the paparazzi – it's practically a Hollywood saga in itself. But leave it to the Biebs to keep things interesting. On a day when the camera flashes were pushing all the wrong buttons, Justin decided to hit back with a bold move – the gas mask stunt.Justin Bieber wearing a gas mask
imagesource: gettyimages
On the surface, it was a "joke" to throw the paparazzi off, but in reality, it was Bieber's way of saying, "If you're going to capture me, you'll do it with a bit of mystery and a touch of absurdity." It's like he turned the city streets into his personal runway for unconventional fashion.

19. Laverne Cox and a face visor

Laverne Cox, making a bold statement at LAX that screamed, "Not today, paparazzi!" In 2016, she graced the airport scene with a face visor, not just as a protective shield but as a powerful "I couldn't care less about your cameras" fashion statement.Lavern Cox shielding her face
imagesource: BACKGRID
Imagine the hustle and bustle of LAX, the paparazzi swarming like bees, and there's Laverne, unbothered and rocking the face visor with a nonchalant air. She didn't even break a sweat getting in and out of the car – the visor stayed put, sending a clear message: "I control the narrative, thank you very much."

20. Lily Allen wrapped in a comforter

Lily Allen, the queen of turning a "bedhead day" into a fashion moment! In 2009, the singer graced the streets of Manhattan not with the usual glam but wrapped in a comforter, turning the sidewalk into her personal runway for the most unconventional stroll ever.Lily Allen wrapped in a blanket
imagesource: gettyimages
As the world watched in awe, Lily Allen transformed the city streets into her bedroom escape. It's the kind of fashion rebellion that says, "I'll wear my comfort wherever I please, thank you very much." And the best part? The comforter wasn't just a shield; it became an iconic fashion moment that had everyone talking.

21. Dustin Hoffman with a bag over his head

Out and about in the City of Light, the iconic actor decided that the paparazzi weren't going to have their usual field day. Picture this: Parisian streets, shoppers going about their business, and in walks Dustin Hoffman with a bag over his head.Dustin Hoffman with a bag over his head
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As the paparazzi scrambled to capture their usual shots, Hoffman casually strolled into the store, his bag-adorned head becoming the ultimate shield against the relentless flashes. It's the kind of move that says, "You won't see me, but I'll certainly see you."

22. Madonna and the Jean Paul Gaultier program

In a moment of iconic rebellion during the 2006 Jean Paul Gaultier show at Paris Fashion Week, the singer and actress decided that she wasn't going to play the paparazzi game – she was going to own it. But it's not just any block – it's a masterclass in sass, a "bye to the haters" moment frozen in time.Madonna shielding her face with a program
imagesource: getty
In a world where every move is scrutinized, Madonna took control of her narrative with a touch of irreverence and a hint of glamour. The shot could easily grace the cover of a fashion magazine, embodying the essence of a diva who knows how to navigate the spotlight on her terms.

23. Brad Pitt and the wool hat

In 1995, the heartthrob knew he wasn't in the mood to give the paparazzi the usual Hollywood charm during his Starbucks run. So, what did he do? He pulled off a move that can only be described as pure Brad brilliance. Instead of the usual celebrity smile, he's rocking a wool hat as a makeshift mask.Brad Pitt leaving Starbucks
imagesource: gettyimages
It's like he turned the mundane act of grabbing a coffee into a covert operation, a hat-wearing hero against the paparazzi villains. The wool hat not only shielded his face but added a touch of mystery to the entire scene. It's the kind of move that says, "You won't get the usual Brad today, folks." The paparazzi, expecting their usual shots, found themselves with a frame full of woolly enigma instead.

24. Jennifer Lopez and the napkin

In the world of celebrity paparazzi dodges, J.Lo decided to go for the OG move – the napkin shield. But what makes this photo truly priceless is the addition of Chris Judd's icy stare, as if he woke up that morning and chose violence against the cameras.J.Lo and Cris Judd having lunch
imagesource: gettyimages
But instead of the usual smile and wave, J.Lo whips out a napkin and turns it into a face shield. It's like she declared herself the queen of undercover dining. Now, let's talk about Chris Judd's expression. That icy stare is a mood in itself. It's as if he's saying, "You mess with Jenny, you mess with me."

25. Woody Harrelson covered completely

At the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, when faced with the flashing lights of the cameras, Woody decided that a mere hand cover just wouldn't do. So, what did he do? He got a little avant-garde with his hat and scarf, turning the mundane act of avoiding paparazzi into a work of art.Woody Harrelson covering his face with a hat and scarf
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Scarf wrapped strategically around his face, hat pulled low – it's like he turned the chilly Utah air into his personal studio for paparazzi evasion. Woody Harrelson, forever the creative genius, proving that sometimes you've got to think outside the box – or in this case, outside the hat and scarf – to navigate the Hollywood spotlight with flair.

26. Judy Garland and the handkerchief

The timeless Judy Garland, a Hollywood icon with a knack for reinvention even in the face of the paparazzi frenzy. In an era where she was one of the most recognizable faces in the industry, Judy decided to add a touch of mystery to her public appearances.
imagesource: pintrest
In a world where every flash threatened to unveil the mystery, Judy chose to embrace a moment of anonymity. The handkerchief, a simple yet powerful accessory, became her shield against the relentless paparazzi. A handkerchief might have covered her face, but her presence continued to shine through, leaving an indelible mark on the golden age of cinema.

27. Leonardo DiCaprio and his many disguises

Imagine this: Leonardo DiCaprio, strolling through Central Park incognito, not with a simple hat and sunglasses, but with a ski mask. It's like he decided that if he was going to go undercover, he might as well go all the way, embracing the slopes-ready look in the heart of the city.Leonardo DiCaprio
imagesource: BACKGRID
But that's not all. Picture Leo in Paris, attempting to pass off as an ordinary guy with the classic combo of sunglasses and a cap. It's the kind of move that says, "I'm just your average Joe enjoying the City of Light," while the paparazzi probably had a field day decoding the disguise.

28. Ashley Tisdale and her cup of Joe

In a day that clearly called for some privacy, the actress had a genius idea: why use a hat or sunglasses when you can shield yourself with a Starbucks Latte? In one arm, an adorable puppy; in the other, the ultimate paparazzi deterrent.Ashley Tisdale with dog
imagesource: BACKGRID
As she strutted to the gym, the Starbucks Latte became her prop of defiance, turning the sidewalk into her own catwalk. And if that wasn't clear enough, her vocal proclamation – "Get out of my way!" – added the perfect soundtrack to this paparazzi-evading performance.

29. Kanye West playing coy

The enigmatic world of Kanye West – a realm where every outing is a performance, and every encounter with the paparazzi is a chance to showcase his unpredictable persona. In 2016, the rapper and fashion icon took the paparazzi interaction to a whole new level, leaving everyone guessing which Kanye they were witnessing that day.Kanye West
imagesource: BACKGRID
It's like Kanye transformed the sidewalk into his personal stage, delivering a monologue that blurs the lines between sincerity and performance art. The paparazzi, expecting the usual standoff, found themselves in a surreal moment of Kanye appreciation.

30. Katy Perry's tracksuit disguise

In the ever-evolving saga of dodging the relentless paparazzi, Katy Perry, the pioneer of unconventional disguises, reached her breaking point in 2014. Stalked by four different men, she decided it was time for a radical change in her paparazzi evasion game. But instead of the usual giant donut or quirky accessory, Katy opted for something more straightforward – a tracksuit shield.Katy Perry
imagesource: BACKGRID
The tracksuit became a symbol of defiance, a statement that said, "I won't be your spectacle today." Katy Perry, once again proving that she could navigate the fine line between being a pop sensation and reclaiming her personal space.

31. 20 times paparazzi went too far with celebrities! When a pap prankster got too close to Leo DiCaprio's groin

Welcome to the wild world of celebrity encounters, where the line between prank and harassment gets a bit blurry. In this particular episode, the unsuspecting victim was none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, who found himself at the mercy of the notorious prankster Vitalii Sediuk.
image source:
As Sediuk wrapped his arms around Leo before security could intervene, the incident unfolded like a scene from a bizarre comedy movie. While Sediuk might label it a "prank," many would agree that there's a fine line between a harmless joke and outright harassment, especially when it involves invading personal space.

32. When Kim K almost got trampled

The infamous Vitalii Sediuk strikes again, this time with none other than Kim Kardashian in the spotlight. Paris Fashion Week, a sea of people, and amidst the frenzy, Sediuk decides to take things to a whole new level, rushing at Kim Kardashian with a level of aggression that causes her to fall to the floor.
image source:
The glamorous chaos of Paris Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West making their way through the crowd, and then, suddenly, the aggressive rush of the paparazzi turns the scene into a near stampede. Sediuk, the notorious prankster, instigates the chaos, leaving Kim on the floor and her security scrambling to ensure her safety.

33. When topless photos of Kate Middleton were snapped

In one such incident, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, found themselves at the center of a controversial media storm when paparazzi managed to capture topless photos of Kate Middleton during a private vacation.
image source:
Understanding the severity of the breach, William and Kate took legal action to protect their privacy, fighting to have the unauthorized images removed from circulation. It showcased not only the couple's commitment to safeguarding their personal lives but also highlighted the ongoing struggle between public interest and the right to privacy.

34. When a pap tried to reach for Jennifer Lawrence's dog!

Jennifer Lawrence, in the midst of a simple act like walking her tiny dog, found herself facing a brazen invasion of personal space when a paparazzo not only attempted to get close but dared to reach out to touch the dog without permission.
image source:
The audacious move to pick up and touch her dog was met with the fierce protectiveness that any pet owner can understand. Jennifer's response, an angry demand for the paparazzo to keep his hands off her dog, echoed the sentiment of many pet owners who view their animals as cherished family members.

35. Not taking no for an answer from Britney Spears

Britney Spears's relationship with the press, and her problems over the years, have been widely documented, and those who grew up loving Britney and her music are of course on her side! Her constant battles with the paps were what drove her to meltdowns in the first place - who can forget her shaving her head and the umbrella incident.
image source:
But one of the worst cases of paparazzi hounding a celebrity constantly has to be with popstar Britney Spears. They just wouldn't leave her alone, even when it was clear she was going through something! This really show the ethical concerns regarding the mental health of celebs doesn't it.

36. When a Harry Styles fan almost got trampled

When you're a celebrity surrounded by paparazzi when you leave a concert, a building, or just spotted in the street, obviously getting trampled yourself is a huge risk. But the problem becomes more serious when fans who are also around the celeb looking for a photo or to say hello also get in the path of a rowdy photographer.
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Such was the case with Harry Styles, who was being hounded by the pap when one of his fans actually fell and would have been trampled if Harry himself hadn't bent down to help her! Prime example of the paps going too far with both celebs and their vulnerable fans!

37. Photos of Adele's baby son

I'm sure none of us would appreciate a boatload of paparazzi getting up close and personal with our little ones would we? Our babies, although cute, don't need to be surrounded and a new mother probably can't think of anything worse than stressing out there little one.
image source:
And when they're not even old enough to know what being famous is! This is what happened with singer Adele and her baby son when he was only recently born, with her constantly trying to protect him from the press when they tried to get a photo of the baby at every opportunity.

38. When paps managed to get photos of Jennifer Aniston from INSIDE HER HOUSE

Actress and Friends star Jennifer Aniston tries to live a private life, which is hard to do when you're so famous. She understands she's going to be photographed pretty much wherever she goes, but what you don't expect when you're a celeb is to be snapped when you're inside your own home!
image source:
To make it worse, Jennifer Aniston was somehow snapped by the press in her own home when she was topless and relaxing in her own (should be) private space. She ended up suing the cameraman - of course! - for taking the pics.

39. When paparazzi climbed over George Clooney's fence

Another celebrity to have his home privacy invaded in a huge way was George Clooney, who was relaxing at home thinking the high fence around his property would be enough to keep the paparazzi at bay. Boy was he wrong! In fact it was a whole lot worse!
image source:
The reason the pap so desperately wanted a photo was because they wanted a picture of the newborn children of Clooney and his wife, Amal Clooney. They wanted it so badly that they willingly scaled the fence around his home to try and get a picture. Both the cameraman, and the magazine, were sued!

40. When Halle Berry's daughter was too scared to go to school

Having your baby hounded by the press when they're not old enough to understand is bad enough, but it gets more difficult when celebrities are trying to protect their growing children from being photographed. Halle Berry's daughter was so sick of the paparazzi that she was even too scared to go to school,
image source:
And it went so far as the actress having to testify in court against the paparazzi, for how scared they were making her daughter when they "jump out of the bushes" and "from behind cars" just to get a photo of a child going to school!

41. When Justin Bieber accidentally hit a cameraman with his car

When you're a celebrity driving in their car just trying to get from A to B, or even out of your front driveway, only to have your car swarmed and surrounded by paparazzi, the chances are you're going to hit one of them - and that's on them for being so dangerously close if the celeb is driving.
image source:
Justin Bieber is a huge name in famous circles and he's constantly chased down by the press for a good pic. When he was leaving an event a few years ago, his car was surrounded by cameramen, one of which got accidentally knocked down. Justin stopped so that he could try and help the guy!

42. Lindsay Lohan's car chase

At one stage in her career - and her life - Lindsay Lohan was known for some pretty negative things in the press. She had a period where she got into a lot of trouble, and one of those instances was a car crash - and despite getting into a lot of driving problems that she was actually responsible for, this one wasn't on her!
image source:
When she was driving, she ended up being involved in a car crash with another car - but witnesses confirmed that she was being tailed by aggressive paparazzi at the time, which must have been more than a distraction for her!

43. When a pap prankster tried to kiss Will Smith

A long time before Will Smith famously slapped Chris Rock on stage at the Academy Awards show, he actually gave us a preview when he slapped prankster reporter - none other than the guy who keeps hugging people's legs, Vitalii Sediuk! The slap happened when Vitalii went up to Will Smith during a red carpet event and claimed to be a big fan, asking if he could hug him.
image source:
Will agreed to the hug at first - but it went to far when Sediuk tried to kiss him without his consent, and Will slapped him. No matter what you think about the Chris Rock incident, this particular slap was valid. And it's ahrd to imagine what it was he really expected to happen!

44. Nicole Kidman being knocked down by a pap on a bike

When actress Nicole Kidman was leaving a New York hotel, she was not only accosted and knocked down by a paparazzi - which would have been scary enough - but she was actually knocked down by one on a bike zooming by! You can only imagine how much that hurt, and enough to knock her clean off her feet.
image source:
The photographer fell off his bike to the ground, too, and Nicole lost her shoes in the process. Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt, but it could have been a lot worse - and prime example of when paps go way too far! It's just always them going a step further than necessary.

45. Reese Witherspoon's daughter's Disneyland party ruined

While a lot of celebrities will want to host their children's birthday parties in the privacy of their own home, actress Reese Witherspoon wanted to celebrate her daughter's birthday by taking her family for a trip to Disneyland. Unfortunately, paparazzi got wind of it, and ruined the entire day for her.
image source:
It's bad enough ruining it for Reese, but this was also an innocent child that had her own birthday at Disneyland ruined! They were chased through the park by aggressive paps, and it was even reported a cameraman hit another child by accident with his camera while trying to get a good shot of Reese and her family!

46. Ryan Reynolds was hit by a pap's car

Actor Ryan Reynolds is the king of laughing things off, and that even includes hit and run incidents with the paparazzi, apparently. Humor seems to be his defence mechanism for some pretty serious situations! Back in 2015, the actor was actually hit by a paparazzi in a car
image source:
Worst of all, they then drove off, leaving Ryan the innocent victim of a press hit and run. Luckily, he wasn't injured - not that the driver stopped to find out - but it could have been a lot more serious and a heck of a lot worse. Reynolds later spoke of the incident on Twitter.

47. Nicole Richie having to take out a restraining order

Nicole Richie used to have a positive relationship with the press, back in the days when she was always on the streets or attending an event with Paris Hilton - it was part of the package deal of being a socialite. But in her later years, Nicole started to get more hounded by the media and wanting her privacy that little bit more.
image source:
Especially when it came to protecting her family. There was an incident when a few members of the press actually managed to trespass at her home when they were trying to get photos of her and her children. This is something that no mother should have to worry about!

48. When Sharon Osbourne was trampled - while the pap were after another celeb!

It's bad enough when a celebrity gets trampled, but even worse when they only get trampled because the paparazzi are running so fast to try and get a photo of another celebrity, that they haven't even noticed you! Sharon Osbourne was leaving a restaurant when she was run down by paparazzi who were rushing by to try and get a photo of actor Johnny Depp, who was nearby.
image source:
Sharon could have been seriously hurt - and luckily she wasn't, when she laughed off the incident - but we don't even know if the press caught up to Depp to hound him, too! Luckily, Sharon is one of the more down to earth and calmer celebs, or else this might have turned out much worse than it did.

49. When Suri Cruise was called a brat

It's so important to remember that the children of celebrities are just that - children. No matter what their parents are doing in the showbiz world, these are kids just trying to grow up and go to school without having a camera shoved in their face.
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One bad incident for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's daughter, Suri, was when they were leaving their own apartment only to be surrounded by paparazzi. Suri herself told them to move out of the way - good for her - which then led to verbal abuse from the paps, who called her a "brat"  and even a worse curse word than that!

50. Princess Diana's death

One of the most infamous cases of paparazzi going way too far has to be the fatal car crash and death of Princess Diana after being hounded by the press, even after she'd long since divorced the now-king of England, Charles. This is one of the most sad and controversial celebrity deaths of all time.
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While we do know that there were plenty of other factors that led to this car crash, and the Princess's death, from inside the car itself, it doesn't change the fact that Diana had been being tailed by the paparazzi when the car crash happened. Everyone in the car died, including the driver and Diana's partner.