The 30 Most Unusual Pets Owned By Celebrities

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

1. Kristen Stewart - consumed by her onscreen character, had no option but to bag herself a WOLF!

Image source / ZimbioWe know Kristen starred in a mega movie involving wolves but it came as some surprise to find that she actually went and got one!  Her 4-legged friend, Jack, is a hybrid dog and considered to be half dog and half wolf.  The actress swears Jack is as gentle as a lamb but, looking at him, who can be sure.

2. Justin Bieber - monkeying around led him to buy a MONKEY

Image source / The Daily BeastAs Justin Bieber views himself as the next Prince of Pop, after Michael Jackson, it was only a matter of time before he followed in the King's footsteps by acquiring a chimpanzee, illegally on the black market.  In 2013 the German authorities took the primate off him and rehoused the little guy in a zoo.

3. Nicholas Cage - when you're yearning for an 8-legged friend's got to be an OCTOPUS

Image source / RedditWhen you have $150,000 lying around and can't think what to buy with it, then you almost have no option but to purchase an octopus.  Well, this was Nicholas Cage's way of thinking!  As Mr Cage's financial situation later changed for the worse, his swimming pal had to be sold and rehomed.  You might have seen it advertised on eBay!

4. ....But There Was Still Something Missing From His Life -  so KING COBRAS filled the gap (great draught excluders!)

Image source / Daily MirrorNicolas Cage, being eccentric and quirky, was feeling at a loss when his pet octopus left the family home.  As his finances picked up again, he decided to invest in a few snakes and not to be outdone by other celebrities who also own such reptiles, he decided on Cobras.  Wonder why he didn't have many visitors to his house!

5. Mike Tyson - wanted a pet with the initial 'T' to match his own surname ....he obviously chose a TIGER

Image source / The SunWhen Mike Tyson felt he  had more love to give out, he chose some white tigers to fill the gap.  They became his best pals and he, apparently, let them sleep in his bed (must have been one giant bed).  He eventually had to give them up as it was an expensive business looking after and feeding them.

6. Elvis Presley - dogs and cats were so' last year' ... a KANGAROO leapt through his mind .... and back yard!

Image source / An Alarming LifeLegendary heart throb singer, entertainer and actor, Elvis Presley, only had one biological child during his short life but he was also an animal daddy to a  pet Kangaroo. The Australian animal was a gift from Lee Gordon, his booking agent.  Elvis loved his pet but he did have to eventually hand it over to the Memphis Zoo so that it could be properly cared for.

7. First Lady Grace Coolidge - insisted that a RACOON keep her company in the White House

Image source / Library of CongressWord on the street, outside the White House, was that Rebecca the racoon was as tame as a kitty.  She often accompanied the First lady to social events. The Coolidges also kept a dozen dogs, a pygmy hippo, a little bear two lion cubs and a wallaby, during their stay in Washington.

8. Audrey Hepburn - cried so much at the movie that she purchased her own BAMBI

Image source / The GuardianBack in 1959, when Audrey Hepburn was filming the movie 'Green Mansion', she took in a baby fawn, much like Bambi.  Hepburn and her deer bonded immediately and when filming wrapped, Hepburn couldn't bear to be separated from her wild companion.  She took the baby deer home with her and named her Pippin.

9. Paris Hilton - the lady who has it all searched for one thing she didn't possess .... a KINKAJOU

Image source / TwitterThis small mammal, native to the lands of South America, was named Baby Luv and Paris did her utmost to turn the wild creature into a house pet.  Her plans didn't go well as Baby Luv gave her owner a nice bite back in 2006.  Paris decided to ditch her darling pet a change it for a tiny dog that could fit inside her handbag!

10. Kirstie Alley - why have one LEMUR when you have room for 14!

Image source / TeddyFeedNobody could love lemurs like actress Kirstie Alley. Her home was filled with 14 of them.  Two full time staff were employed to look after them and Kirstie was determined to save the animals of Madagascar by taking matters into her own hands.

11. Vanilla Ice - when it's a toss up between a kangaroo and a wallaby ...pick the perfect buddy, a WALLAROO

Image source / WPECFormer '90s rapper turned home renovation reality tv star, Vanilla Ice, thought that a baby Wallaroo would be perfect for him and who are we to argue?  These Australian animals can grow larger than kangaroos and can pack a mean punch if they are provoked.

12. Tippi Hendron (Melanie Griffith's Mom) - roared about her pet LION

Image source / Town & CountryMelanie Griffiths is the famous daughter of Tippi Hendron and she had an unusual play pal when she was growing up.  Her mother decided to open an animal sanctuary for big cats and became so attached to one of the lions that she brought him home and named him Togar.  Is it just me or .....

13. Salvador Dali - wonder if his OCELOT appreciated his artwork?

Image source / ZimbioArtist Salvador Dali found art and beauty in almost everything including some strange pets that he owned.  He doted on an Ocelot called Babou and the two of them would eat out together at fashionable restaurants in Manhattan ....and I thought taking kids to restaurants was tricky!

14. Michael Jackson - BFF was Bubbles The CHIMPANZEE

Image source / The SunBubbles was almost as famous as his owner, Michael Jackson.  The King of Pop adopted his pet Chimpanzee when the monkey was a tiny baby.  They became best friendly, supposedly and this was yet another strange fact about the late music genius.

15. George Clooney - got a PIG that was just as cute as him (well almost!)

Image source / FandomWireActor and everyone's heartthrob, George Clooney, took a while to find is perfect match in Amal so he filled the gap with a giant, furry pig!  The porker was named Max and George had him for over 18 years, often commenting that the pig was the only one to share his bed!

16. Tori Spelling - lavished love on super spoiled CHICKEN

Image source / MuranoGiving birth to 5 kids in quick succession still wasn't enough to soothe actress Tori Spelling's maternal desire. Not one to sit on her laurels, she bought herself a chicken. Tori's fluffy friend, Coco Chanel, is as much part of the family as her children and probably lives better than the majority of humans!

17. Nicole Kidman - Keith Urban gets jealous of her ALPACAS

Image source / Daily MailNicole Kidman and her dishy country crooning hubby, Keith Urban, raise alpacas on their farm in Nashville.  These animals have long necks and beautiful long eyelashes, much like Nicole!  The plan has always been to fill the ranch with as many exotic animals as they can.

18. Reese Witherspoon's Two Great Assets - her DONKEYS

Image source/ TwitterMama to three kids, actress Reese Witherspoon, has enough love in her heart to spread to her beloved animals.  She is a true southern girl at heart and stays in touch with her roots by caring for animals that remind her of her heritage.  This is where the two miniature donkeys, Honky and Tonk, fit in.

19. Josephine Baker - spot the LEOPARD

Image source / The New York TimesGlamorous singer and dancer Josephine Baker loved doing stuff outside of the box. She lived a very colorful life, working as a spy during World War II and she adopted 12 children from around the world. She was also a massive animal lover and famously kept a pet leopard called Chiquita. Baker and Chiquita traveled the world together and even shared sleeping quarters.

20. Leo Dicaprio's Slow Motion Pal - in TURTLE love .... and much older than all his girlfriends!

Image source / Daily MailActor Leonardo Dicaprio certainly doesn't struggle to find single ladies but none have stolen his heart as much as his giant 38 pound Sulcata tortoise that he purchased 12 years ago.  Girlfriends come and go with Leo but his hard shelled companion could live up to 80 years of age and always be by his side.

21. Hugh Hefner - so indecisive on which pet to get next ... that he made A ZOO at the Playboy Mansion

Image source / Page SixWhilst the late Hugh Hefner was best known for his Playboy Mansion and many glamorous  bunny girls, he was also a collector of other species.  The Mansion was a certified zoo and contained peacocks, flamingos and monkeys.  The animals were said to be treated as well as the real life bunnies.

22. Margot Robbie - got the best gift ever .... a RAT

Image source / Metro UKMargot Robbie was given a rat by Jared Leto when they were filming 'Suicide Squad.'  Leto, who played the Joker, sent his co-stars creepy gifts so he could get into character. Robbie kept the rodent as her pet and named him Rat Rat.  His favorite food is organic berries!

23. Slash - has a whole host of reptiles .... including Pandora, a BOA CONSTRICTOR

Image source / The SunIt's pretty obvious that Slash is not a man who would choose a cute kitten or a fluffy rabbit as a house pet.  Turns out the music man has a huge collection of snakes and reptiles.  He became very attached (not literally) to them and tweeted about the death of his boa constrictor which he had for 26 years.

24. Charlie Sheen - goes all oriental with a CHINESE WATER DRAGON

Image source / TeddyFeedThe occasional troubled actor has had several pets over the years including a Chinese water dragon and a bearded dragon.  Unfortunately, both of these reptiles met their untimely deaths, the bearded dragon falling into the swimming pool and the water dragon receiving inadequate care from his owner.

25. Cheryl Hines - when in doubt, it's got to be an EMU

Image source / TerryFeedActress Cheryl Hines and her family have had several pets over the years including an emu.  It was intended as an outdoor animal but kept coming into the house whenever it saw the family dog.  The emu followed the canine around everywhere and might have thought it was a dog as well!

26. David Beckham - has too much room for his Micro Pigs!

Image source / Mini Pig BioWhat do you buy one of the most famous soccer player of all time that has it all?  If you are Victoria Beckham and the man is your husband,  you buy him micro pigs. In 2009, Mrs. Beckham gave 'Golden Balls' a pair of 9 inch tall, 13pound micro pigs for Christmas. They were named Pinky and Perky.

27. Ice T - when goldfish no longer cut it .... how about BABY SHARKS!

Image source / AllHipHop.comBack in 1994, the musician and actor was renovating his Hollywood home and decided to install a massive baby shark tank and equipped it with the aquatic creatures.  He had swam with sharks while on vacation with his wife and daughter in 2018 and fell in love with them, this being the reasoning behind it.

28. Martha Stewart - wouldn't be without her ....peacocks!

Image source/ PeopleBusinesswoman and tv personality Martha Stewart, was known for having many exotic birds and animals, including around a dozen peacocks.  Unfortunately, six of the highly colored birds were killed by coyotes and the family were devastated.

29. Hayden Panettiere - when corn cakes lead to CORN SNAKES

Image source / Fresh EditsThe actress and activist loves every type of animals but she has a special place in her heart for the cold-blooded variety, namely corn snakes. In 2012, Panettiere tweeted a shot of her family’s newest pets. Apparently, corn snakes rarely bite and reportedly make good and loving pets.  Really!

30. Dan Bilzerian - bet you didn't know his biggest prize was his GOAT

Image source ZimbioProfessional poker player Dan Bilzerian has made fortunes from his card craft and can buy whatever he wants.  So, purchasing a pet goat was an easy decision for him as he says goats are so loving and they don't answer back!  Named Zeus, the goat is a regular on social media.

31. Tracy Morgan's octopus: when 8 is better than 1

image source:
Comedian Tracy Morgan apparently has his very own pet octopus. Surely that's something he can definitely incorporate into his comedy acts, too? At least for some interesting stories! His octopus is called Bwyadette, and he paid thousands of dollars to make her the perfect tank home.

32. Justin and Hailey Bieber's Savannah cats: not part of the rental agreement

image source:
You'd think that being a pair of celebs means you can afford a home where you don't have to worry about pesky rental agreements and landlord rules. Or, even more importantly, you think you'd check those rules before you buy a pair of Savannah cats which apparently aren't allowed.

33. Salma Hayek's owl: who knew?

image source:
This owl was actually originally a gift from Hayek to her husband for Valentin'e s Day (pets are for life, not just for the holidays, people!), but now Hayek is very close to the pet, especially when she takes care of it if her husband is out of town. The owl is a southern white-faced owl called Kering!

34. Elvis and his chimpanzee: ain't nothin' like a hound dog

image source:
We've already had Elvis with his pet kangaroo bouncing around Graceland's back yard, but did you know he also had a chimpanzee? Scatter was actually the second monkey Elvis bought - the first being a pet spider monkey - but there's a tragic tale here because it turns out that the monkey was allegedly poisoned by a disgruntled cleaning lady!

35. Phyllis Gordon and her cheetah: just a casual walk through London

image source:
American actress Phyllis Gordon was famous for her movie roles - but she was also famous for a very distinct pet that she had: her pet cheetah. Not only did she have this wild animal, but she would take it for walks down busy London highstreets as though it was nothing!

36. Tom Felton and his pet chinchilla: not a pet allowed at Hogwarts

image source:
Tom Felton has opened up about the pets he's had, and no they're not a cat, rat, owl or toad. Apparently the Harry Potter actor had a little chinchilla friend as a pet - but sadly doesn't have him anymore, as he had the furry little rodent when he was child at 9 years old.

37. Salvador Dali and his anteater: sniffing the streets of Paris

image source:
Salvador Dali, as we know, has a reputation for the unusual, and while we know he had a pet ocelot, did you know he also had a pet anteater? He didn't only have an anteater that he kept at home, either, but he actually took it out for walks... on a lead... in public. Well I guess that's the best way to find ants!

38. Grace Coolidge and her pet raccoon: the White House's trash panda

image source:
Grace Coolidge was one of many First Ladies of the White House, and was married to the 30th president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. Their marriage also included a very curious White House pet: Rebecca the raccoon. She would often take Rebecca to events with her!

39. Frida Kahlo and her pet deer

image source:
Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican painter, had her very own adorable pet deer. She had a particular love for exotic animals, which was luckily shared by her husband. The deer was called Granizo, and was one of many pets that Kahlo had, which also included dogs and birds.

40. And Now... The Weirdest Pets You Can Own! Fennec Foxes

image source:
Fennec foxes are rising in popularity, but they're also still rather expensive to get a hold of. When these foxes are fully grown, they'll be about the size of a very small dog - though that doesn't mean you can let them off the leash! They've been compared more to house cats with an enclosure in the garden.

41. Axolotls

image source:
If you haven't already seen this adorable amphibian's face, now's the time! They're great beginner water pets if you don't want the trusty ol' goldfish, and they're easy to care for, needing only a freshwater tank and a very strong filter. They have even been known to have an odd diet like ground beef!

42. Degus

image source:
The common degu is a rodent pet you can get that looks a bit like a guinea pig, hamster and chinchilla - so a great choice if you're looking for something a little les mainstream than those three! They're best kept with a degu pal, as they're very sociable, and they play during the day and sleep at night.

43. Cockroaches

image source:
Why would you want to keep a cockroach as a pet, we hear you ask? Same. But apparently this is actually an official exotic pet that some people like to keep! The one (maybe only) appeal about keeping this pet is they're very easy to pick up and handle - but we wouldn't say you can cuddle them!

44. Sugar Gliders

image source:
These marsupials are usually found in trees, but apparently you can find them in your home, too - if you put them there, of course. Sugar gliders are easy pets to keep and apparently very affectionate - but they're also illegal as pets in some states of the US.

45. Millipedes

image source:
Again, like the cockroaches, you might be thinking why anyone would want to keep millipedes as pets. But we suppose cockroaches and millipedes deserve love, too? The giant millipede in particular is popular as a pet, and with them being ridiculously easy to care for, maybe that's the selling point.

46. Hermit Crabs

image source:
Hermit crabs thrive on land rather than water, so that's probably what makes them an easier pet to care for, too - you only need a dry tank. But in terms of entertainment value, they don't interact much, and they're nocturnal, so they'll be asleep when you're awake anyway!

47. Capybara

image source:
The capybara is maybe not what you'd call a rodent looking at it, but it is, in fact, the world's largest rodent! It can live up to 12 years, so it has the same lifespan of the average dog, and makes for a furry and cuddly looking pet (though you're going to need some space for it).

48. Serval

image source:
Hopping on the pet-cat-that's-not-quite-a-cat trend is the serval, because apparently people just want bigger and wilder cats these days! The serval can live up to 19 years, and in the wild, they're known for their very successful hunt-and-kill skills - so there's that.

49. Horned Frog

image source:
The horned frog is also known as the Pacman frog - and that's because of its HUGE mouth. This exotic animal is perfect if you like amphibians that sit in cages but also look cool at the same time. This is actually a great pet for people who want something low-maintenance.

50. Genet

image source:
This animal has you questioning whether it looks more like a cat or a marsupial - but maybe that's it's charm! This animal can be quite problematic, though, as they're not very well domesticated and they don't play well with humans, so maybe not the best choice in a pet!