Tallest Buildings From Around The World

By Aaron Love 11 months ago

The Burj Khalifa, UAE

Image Source: Reddit
The Burj Khalifa is known to be the tallest building in the entire world and stands at 2,717  feet tall (or 828m) and it was finished in 2010. Not only is it praised for its sheer height but it's also one of the most impressive bits of architecture around the world in general. You might notice how it appears to have three points, and that is to improve its stability as the wind speed increases further up. Some people have even described the building as being like a city, as it features hotels, apartments, office spaces and even some little restaurants (although it'll cost you an absolute bomb to dine there!).

Shanghai Tower, China

Image Source: Reddit
The Shanghai tower is the second tallest building in the world, although it would be dwarfed in comparison to the Burj Khalifa! Similarly to the Burj Khalifa the shape of the building (it's exterior is circular) is built this way in order to stop high winds causing any damage to the higher floors of the building. It even has one of the highest observation decks available to stand on worldwide so if you aren't afraid of heights you might want to enjoy that thrill! Besides it looks pretty futuristic if you ask me!

Ping An Finance Center, China

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This is the first of loads of buildings found in China to feature on this list, it turns out they're HUGE fans of making HUGE buildings! Shenzhen, China has been going through a massive development of its economic center in the last few decades and this near 2000 ft building is one of its newest pieces. Just like the Burj Khalifa you'll be able to find a number of cool places within the tower like hotels, offices and an observation deck and you might even be able to find yourself a fresh set of clothes!

One World Trade Center, NYC

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This building actually caused some controversy in the architectural community as the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (yes that's actually a real thing!!) counted the near 500ft spire as part of the height of the building. How dare they! You'll all know that this was built in place of the world trade centres that were destroyed during the 9/11 attacks. It can actually be quite an emotional visit as it actually holds the 9/11 museum too. One crazy fact about this building is that it was purposely built to reach 1,776 ft tall in order to honour the year America gained its independence.

Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Image Source: Reddit
The two twin Petronas towers were built exactly identical at nearly 1500 ft tall in 1998, this makes them the tallest twin towers still to exist around the earth! Malaysia is becoming known for its futuristic buildings and these two towers are no exception! As with many of these towers it features a whole range of services inside including a concert hall! So you might be able to catch your favourite artist here in the future! But by far the most impressive part of this building is the crazy sky bridge that connects the buildings across the 41st and 42nd floors!

432 Park Avenue

Image Source: Reddit
Although this isn't the tallest building within the list, it is actually the tallest SOLELY residential building worldwide. Standing at just under 1,400ft 432 Park Avenue stands on the former foundations of the Drake Hotel and is just round the corner from another building we'll see on this list later, Trump Tower. Although many people find the building to look a little ugly, you'll be spending an insane amount of money to get some of the best views of NYC you can possibly get. Would you want to live in one of the 104 condos in this building? Or is it too ugly for you?

Makkah Royal Clock Tower, Saudi Arabia

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The Makkah Clock Tower is the third largest building in the entire world, and it's found in one of the most popular religious locations you'll ever come across. It looks completely different to all the other skyscrapers on this list and that is likely because they didn't want to build something sacrilegious around this muslim hotspot. If you didn't know, Muslim pilgrims make the Hajj here in the religious city of Mecca. I imagine seeing that clock tower for the first time must be one of the most crazy things you'll ever see.

China Zun, China

Image Source: Reddit
The China Zun is unique in its shape as it curves outwards towards the top of the building in comparison to the typical skyscraper that will curve inwards! You won't be able to miss this MASSIVE skyscraper as it towers over every other building in China's capital city, Beijing. Just like some of the other towers it's used for a whole range of purposes and it's near 1,800 ft space holds 109 floors of offices, residential spaces and hotels. It looks even cooler at night, as the LED lighting system on the exterior glows over the whole city!

Al Hamra Tower, Kuwait

Image Source: Reddit
The Al-Hamra tower in Kuwait is actually the smallest building that will feature on this list, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't still dwarf 99% of the skyscrapers around the world. It has one of the most unique exteriors you'll ever see across a skyline. I don't even know how to explain what's going on towards the top of the skyscraper but it looks like its folding in on itself! The middle east is currently trying to reinvigorate its skyline and do so in an eco-friendly manner so you might be surprised to here that the whole building is pretty much self-sufficient in terms of energy!

Zifeng Tower, China

Image Source: Reddit
Yep, we're back in China with another of the tallest skyscrapers to grace the skylines around the Earth. You might be able to notice some slight similarities with this building and the Burj Khalifa and that's because they were actually designed by the same architectural company! Although it isn't instantly visible, there is an indented spiral going around the building that was supposedly meant to represent a DNA helix! I wonder why this is the design they felt was best suited for this city's skyline?

Lotte World Tower, South Korea

Image Source: Reddit
The Lotte world center features in the 10 tallest skyscrapers around the world and was also the first 100 story building to be developed across the whole of Korea. It follows a similar skyscraper structure by curving inwards towards the top. You might be able to secure yourself some office space within this tower or if you've got the money spare you could stay within the tower's luxury hotel! And the biggest selling point for the tower (if you're an adrenaline junkie) is the glass-bottomed observation deck which looks out on to South Korea's capital city, Seoul.

Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong

Image Source: Reddit
The Hong Kong finance centre is basically the tallest building in Hong Kong, although the image above is taken from across the Victoria harbour and underneath the actual biggest building in Hong Kong which we'll get on to soon! One of the crazy things about this building is that it's foundations are so small as a result of bedrock being so close to the surface! Although there are some offices on the higher levels, you're more likely to enjoy the VERY VERY expensive restaurants and designer mall towards the bottom!

Lakhta Center, Russia

\Image Source: Reddit
The Lakhta Centre is actually the tallest building in the whole of Europe and is strangely isolated just outside the popular Russian city of St. Petersburg. Unlike every other building to feature on this list, the skyscraper was actually built away from the city centre as its supposed to be the centrepiece of a brand new residential area. Besides this, you might be surprised to hear that this is actually the northernmost skyscraper in the entire world! I can't imagine much work will be going on around the tower as a result of the Ukraine-Russia war however.

International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong

Image Source: Vox
You might remember I mentioned the Two International Finance Center being the second largest building in Hong Kong, well this is the largest! This is one of the swankiest places you'll find to live in the whole of Hong Kong with a 24-hour concierge available to wait on the needs of any and all residents within the building. There's a number of just as swanky restaurants available within the building too, including one of the connected to the Ritz, one of the most well-known hotel companies worldwide.

Taipei 101, Taiwan

Image Source: Reddit
The Taipei 101 skyscraper is one comfortably the largest building in the entirety of Taiwan, it towers over every other building nearby. You might notice it seems kind of bumpy, and that was purposeful as each few floors there 8 individual segments within the building. It was important to ensure this building was built strong (as all buildings need to be!) but especially as Taiwan is constantly at risk of natural disasters like earthquakes. If you visit Taiwan around the new year you'll be able to watch the Crazy national fireworks display here!

Central Park Tower, NYC

Image Source: Reddit
Although the 432 building is the tallest SOLELY residential building in the world, the Central Park Tower is the tallest building to allow for permanent residence, standing at just over 1500 ft tall. You might recognise this building under its nickname 'The Nordstrom Tower', as it houses the largest Nordstrom store across the whole bottom 5 floors! There's even a private club as part of the building so if you're lucky enough to be able to afford a place overlooking central park you might be able to get your funk on!

Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Binhai Center, China

Image Source: Reddit
More commonly known as the Tianjin CTF centre has one of the most unique builds to feature on this list as it was actually built using eight separate, MASSIVE columns in order to provide some protection against earthquakes around the city. Much of the inside space is taken up by, you probably could have guessed, office spaces for many finance companies who hold employees in China. There are some residential areas towards the top of the building, although like most on this list, it'll cost you absolutely loads!

The Exchange 106, Malaysia

Image Source: Skyscraper City
This is the second (and last) of the Malaysian skyscrapers to feature on this list and is most widely known for featuring a crown-like design towards the top of the building. It acts as the centrepiece for the entirety of Kuala Lumpur's financial district and is less than 2m taller than the twin Petronas Towers. Despite it looking glorious, it's actually extremely unpopular around the country as many residents feel it was an economic waste! The entire bottom floor has been developed in to one of Kuala Lumpur's largest and most popular malls however.

Marina 101, UAE

Image Source: Reddit
Strangely, the second building on this list to feature the number 101 in its name, this is the second tallest skyscraper to feature in the UAE. The entire bottom 33 floors are solely owned by the Hard Rock company with more than 250 seperate rooms and a more than one restaurant! Apart from this there is room for another 50+ floors of residential suites, and if you're someone who has money to blow then you might want to think about investing in one of the 6 penthouses that dominate the 3 penultimate floors!

Shanghai World Financial Center, China

Image Source: Reddit
This is one of the coolest looking buildings to feature on this list, with a large gaping hole at the top that has resulted in gift shops (including the one INSIDE the hotel) selling bottle openers shaped like the building! Although most of the space within the building is owned or rented by massive banking companies in China, there is still a 20 storey hotel available towards the top of the skyscraper. Alongside this, the bottom floors have become the home to one of Shanghai's most luxury malls.

KK100, China

Image Source: Reddit
Are you getting bored of all these insane Chinese skyscrapers yet? The KK100 building in Shenzhen is the highlight of the cities financial district and is used for a whole range of services. Although some of the building is obviously used as office space, there's actually a world famous 6 star (SIX! I didn't know these existed) hotel used solely for elite business workers. The top four floors even hold a fancy restaurant and beautiful garden! You can even catch your favourite new films here as the KKMall holds an IMAX cinema.

Princess Tower, UAE

Image Source: Reddit
The Princess Tower is the third-tallest building within the UAE and the second-tallest residential building in the world (it was recently overtaken by the 432 building we mentioned earlier!). Much of the building is made up of residential spaces ranging from expensive to STUPIDLY EXPENSIVE! Fortunately, alongside your own flat you also get access to a number of amenities like gyms, saunas and steam rooms. Your very own castle in the sky basically, and it has amazing views of the Arabian Gulf.

Steinway Tower, NYC

Image Source: Reddit
You're looking at spending multi-million dollars worth of cash in order to call the Steinway Tower your home and that's probably got something to do with it being built on billionaire's row in NYC. Let's be honest, the views of Central Park would probably be insane, but the buildings very VERY thin width would worry me about the space inside! There a whole range of amenities available (you'd hope so!) like music studios, gyms, pools, saunas, steam rooms and additional office space. Does that make it worth it?

Wuhan Greenland Center, China

Image Source: Reddit
This building took much longer to complete than originally expected as it had to be completely redesigned to remove 500 ft of building to comply with airspace restrictions! It didn't help that this was also being built in Wuhan, the centrepiece of the Covid pandemic, DURING the whole debacle. The overall cost of the building caused many local residents to be fuming, and although some people now call it home, it hasn't changed local opinions. You can grab a bite to eat and even use the storage space they provide!

Vincom Landmark 81, Vietnam

Image Source: Reddit
This humongous building was designed and built to be the highlight of the brand new Vinhomes Central Park residential area and houses a number of services available to locals. As with nearly all skyscrapers there is some office space but there are also high quality conference centres and swanky apartments. The biggest pull here however, is the designer retail stores available to local residents as there are Armani and Rolex stores in the mall on the lower floors! There's even an observation deck towards the top of the building although you'll be paying nearly $40 to check it out.

Willis Tower, Chicago

Image Source: Reddit
This 110 story building actually used to hold the title of tallest building in the world when it was built all the way back in 1973! The observation deck here is one of the most popular in the world with nearly 2 million people heading here every year just to get a view of Chicago from a height. It currently holds the offices of some popular companies, including United Airlines who actually control nearly a 5th of the entire building across 20 floors. World-renowned lawyer group Goldman-Sachs also have offices in the building!

One Vanderbilt, NYC

Image Source: Reddit
If you're regularly commuting in and around NYC you will have been unable to miss the One Vanderbilt building just around the block from Grand Central Station. It's crazy to think that a building reaching over 1,300ft only has 67 floors but that's because the ceilings (on some floors ) are incredibly high! Although the majority of the building is dedicated to office space, the bottom floor is owned by a bank and the second floor houses the hugely popular Le Pavillon restaurant. The most popular part of the building however is the observation deck at on the top floors!

Trump International Hotel, Chicago

Image Source: The Trump Organization
The Trump building is probably looked down on as a result of the fact it's literally named after Donald Trump and there are actually two found around the US, one in Chicago (which is taller!) and one in NYC. As the name suggests, much of the building is actually made up of the Trump Hotel, but there is actually a spa and also a few different restaurants. The Terrace at Trump, as its called, was purposely designed for al fresco dining and has amazing views of the Chicago River whilst you chow down!

Guangzhou International Finance Center, China

Image Source: Reddit
One crazy thing to be noticed about the Guangzhou IFC is that it's entire skeleton is visible from the outside! You might also recognise that the top of the building is flat and that's because it actually holds the world's second highest helipad! I'm not sure I'd want to be trying to land a helicopter that high! The skyscraper is home to a number of offices and Four Seasons run a hotel from the 69th floor all the way to the top... nearly. The top two floors are dedicated to the observation deck, and what a view you'll get!