Strangest School Rules From Around The World

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

Kneeling On Frozen Peas As Punishment In China

Image Source/ RedditNow, this one is unbelievable. A student in China posted a photo on social media showing her knees after a punishment from school was that she had to kneel on a bag of frozen peas. Apparently this isn't uncommon in Asia! It is just one of the many bizarre forms of punishment they use.Original content sourced from

Make An Official Chastity Pledge

Image Source / TwitterThis isn't a school rule that forces this pledge upon its students, but at school in the UK, students are highly encouraged to take a chastity pledge. And if they accept, the pledge has to be made in writing and then signed by two teachers.

Students Are Actually Banned From Winning

Image Source / The Gainsborough AcademyOne of the most exciting things about being in school is the friendly competitiveness - coming out top in your class, or being the winner for a sport in PE. But now, schools in the UK have banned the concept of 'winning' - this is to prevent anyone's feelings from being hurt, and it's done so by awarding prizes to both the top two people.

In France, No Ketchup Is Allowed In Schools

Image Source/ RedditThere is a concern in France that ketchup can make you 'too American'. In an effort to protect their culture, schools in France have banned ketchup from being put on any food, with the exception of french fries, where it can be used as an accompanying dip.

You Need A Voucher To Use The Bathroom

Image Source / SouthwestIn New York, a school gives out vouchers to students that entitle them to one bathroom break. They get three vouchers per week per class. If you lose a voucher there's no replacement so you will be holding it in quite a while! Another school in Chicago limits it to 3 bathroom breaks per semester!

Saying 'Oh Snap' Is BANNED

Image Source / The GuardianOne school decided to ban students from saying 'oh snap' after misunderstanding what it meant. Students would say it as an alternative to swearing, but apparently teachers took it to be a euphemism for girls sleeping with someone if they snapped their bracelet.

Students Can't Enter The School If They're Late In Japan

Image Source / Harling SecurityThe Japanese take punctuality very seriously, and this applies to school attendance, too. You might thing if a student is late they'd be reprimanded but then urged to their day's lessons, but nope - unless there is a very urgent reason for being late, they won't be allowed in.

Not Allowed To Shave Legs Or Paint Nails

Image Source/ MashableLots of schools all over the world have rules about not wearing make up, but Japan takes the win with their strict rules on appearance. They definitely don't allow students to wear make up, but painted nails and shaved legs are among other things banned. They think if they spend less time on their appearance then they have more time to study.

The Male And Female Divide

Image Source/ ReutersNew classroom rules in Kabul, Afghanistan have seen male and female students segregated anywhere on school premises, including all classes. This picture that went viral on the internet shows Avicenna University separating their students using a curtain.

Ugg Boots Are Banned Because Students Were Smuggling Stuff In Them

Image Source/ SFGateA school in Pennsylvania has banned Ugg boots from being worn to school, but not for the reason you might think. The idea wasn't to control the 'fashion' they could wear, but because some female students were smuggling in banned mobile phones into school in their boots.

Good Luck Bracelets Classed As Cheating In Japan

Image Source/ PinterestIn Japan, there is such a thing as too much good luck. Who knew? Schools in Japan will only allow their students to have one good luck bracelet each. Any more than that and it is considered cheating! Now that would be unfair on your fellow classmates.

Children Aren't Allowed to Bring Food Prepared At Home

Image Source / Strong4LifeAs well as officially banning ketchup from schools, France also implemented a rule that schoolchildren weren't allowed to bring their own food from home. When you think about the amount of kids these days that take in their own packed lunch, this rule seems very strange.

No One Can Score 100% Except God, You Will Be Marked Down To 99%

Image Source/ Very Well FamilyYou can imagine some of the rules to come out of a Catholic all girls high school, but one of them is that no one can score 100% in a test. It is said that only God can be perfect. So anyone scoring 100% is automatically bunked down to 99%, meaning this is the highest possible score you can achieve.

Locked Inside Closet

Image source / Mom.comMost young children would be frightened of monsters in the closet but a cruel teacher in Houston scared one of the 4 year old kids even more. She made him stand in the closet and locked the door behind him.  He could be heard crying and was so scared that he threw up. The same said sadistic teacher inflicted this punishment on 3 other children.  Their crime was for not paying attention in class.

Eating Lunch Off The Floor

Image source / QuoraA high school in New Jersey came to the attention of the authorities for punishing a whole class because a jug of water was spilled in the classroom.  The pupils were forced to eat their lunch off the floor and were warned not to say anything to their parents.  Of course, the kids did tell them and the school was put on ‘special measures’.

Therapy Bag

Image source / HuffPostThe therapy bag is a duffel bag that a Kentucky teacher used as punishment for an autistic 9 year old for not doing his homework.  When his mum came to pick him up, she was alarmed to find her son trying to wriggle out of the bag and screaming.  The only positive to this is that the teacher was fired.

Chopping Off Braids

Image source / YouTubeA Milwaukee school teacher became frustrated when a young pupil wasn’t listening to her during a lesson.  Rather than have a word with her, she got a pair of scissors and cut off her braids, leaving the girl shell shocked.  When questioned by the authorities, the teacher said she was upset about a personal issue and took it out on the once long-haired girl.

Christmas Is Cancelled

Image Source / iStock

Most schools are usually decorated around the holidays, but not one elementary school in Texas who decided to ban Christmas as well as any other religious holidays. This means no Christmas trees and no red and green decorations. This is to avoid offending anyone.

Handstands As A Punishment

Image Source/ YouTubeWe mentioned one bizarre method of punishment earlier, but there are many more unusual forms of punishment in Asia, which is know for its strict school rules. One of these is making students do handstands as a form of punishment. Also on the list are push ups and running!

Bake Sales Banned In Massachusetts

Image Source/ Voluntary Service OverseasThe food police are around in Massachusetts, where a ban was placed on bake sales in schools. Justifying the decision as a way to reduce the growing childhood obesity problem, it was unsurprisingly met with outrage by pupils and parents craving their regular sugar fix.

No Groups Of 5 In The UK

Image Source/ FreepikApparently all bad things happen in groups of five. Or at least that's what one UK school thought when they banned groups of five or more from gathering together on school grounds. It's thought that this will reduce the formation and behaviour of gangs.

Australia Bans Cartwheels

Image Source/ Kids | Love to KnowDo you remember doing cartwheels on the playground with your friends? Well a school in Sydney, Australia has banned this from happening unless under direct supervision of a gymnastics teacher. I imagine handstands and backflips will go the same way soon...

Best Friends Aren't Allowed In The UK

Image Source/ PopSugar'Best Friends' are no longer allowed in schools in the UK. The aim of this protective measure is to prevent children from going through the trauma of break ups with close friends and friendship groups, and encourage larger groups to play together in school.

Collarbones Are Not Allowed

Image Source/ TwitterOne school in Kentucky sent a female high school student home when they felt she was too exposed with her collarbones on show. It was suggested that she may be distracting male students from their work and was instructed to go home and change into something more appropriate.

Red Pen = Negative

Image Source/ Daily MailTeachers in the UK are now banned from using red pen to mark their student's papers! This is because the red ink is perceived as 'negative' and could have a negative influence on the children. Instead, more neutral and calming colours should be used.

Strict Ban On Relationships

Image Source/ PinterestWho would have thought that dating someone at school would be a distraction from your studies? Apparently a lot of people. In Japan, many academies have imposed a strict ban on any romantic relationships between students so they have more time to concentrate on their work.

No High Fives & No Hugging Between Students

Image Source/ FreepikThe world's gone mad. It is now against the rules in some UK and American schools for students to have any physical contact. So when your mate scores the winning goal you can't high five him, and when you're reunited with your friends after summer break there is no hugging allowed. You are, however, allowed to wave at each other from a distance.

Also, No Fist Bumps

Image Source/ The AtlanticA specific caveat to the no physical contact rule at one school in America is that fist bumps are not allowed. The brief bump of two people's fists must breach some health and safety rules, as this school was worried it would end with people being accidentally punched in the face...

No Running At School!

Image Source/ The MirrorEncouraging kids to be active is arguably a very important part of their education. But not for one school in Australia, who has banned running at school altogether. The 'no running policy' has been put in place to keep students safe. Sounds to me like they have just taken the fun out of playtime.

Clean Your Own Classroom

Image Source / The GuardianYou won't find any cleaners in a school in Japan as the students are responsible for keeping their classrooms and bathrooms clean. They even serve their own lunches! This is so every child grows up to be a responsible citizen. Sounds like child labour to me!

Take Those Accessories Out

Image Source/ WikipediaStudents in Japan are prohibited from wearing any accessories to school as its claimed that it may make the students get into trouble. This includes rings, necklaces, bracelets and any other type of accessories including ear piercings. Even small, plain stud earrings are banned.

No Exposed Shoulders

Image Source/ The Globe and MailSchools really will go to any lengths to stop their students getting distracted. Apparently another thing that can cause them to lose focus is bare shoulders. So they are now banned from a school in the US. Shoulders must always be covered when attending school.

A Cone Of Toys For Every German First Year Student

Image Source/ Multilingual MumEvery child in Germany starting their first year at school gets a cone full of toys as a gift! Called a 'Schultüte', it's a longstanding tradition that symbolises a new chapter in their lives. In addition to toys, the cone may contain sweets and school supplies.

No Hair Dye

Image Source/ The Smart LocalDying your hair is not allowed in Japanese schools. However, the interesting bit is that if your natural hair is a colour different to black, then students are either forced to colour their hair black or get a certificate to prove that their natural hair colour is another colour other than black.

Put Your Hands Down

Image Source/ Daily MailRaise your hand if you know the answer! Well not in Nottinghamshire. It's been branded 'useless' and has been banned. This is due to teachers noticing the same hands always going up and concerns that this doesn't encourage learning for everyone. Instead, a teacher can now choose anyone to answer a question.

'LOL' No More

Image Source/ Wikimedia CommonsAcronyms like 'LOL' and 'OMG' have been banned from school yearbooks by a school in Georgia, USA. The school asked all students to signs a pledge agreeing they would respect their yearbooks and not write words such as these in each others books. SMH!

Curly Hair Is A No

Image Source/ Fox NewsThere isn't just a problem with coloured hair in Japan, curly hair is also not allowed at school. Girls with naturally curly hair are instructed to straighten it to fit with the school's dress code. Failing to do this, or present to school with 'neat' hair, may lead to them being denied entry to school.

Purple Penguins From Nebraska

Image Source/ HowdoUteachNebraska schools, in an effort to be inclusive to all genders, now require teachers to call their students 'purple penguins' or other gender neutral terms that can include everyone. They can no longer refer to their students as a 'boy' or a 'girl'.

'Birthdays' Among Other Words Have Been Banned

Image Source / WikipediaIn New York, the Department of Education banned certain words from being used, including birthdays, poverty and disease. This is to prevent offending anyone or bring up any painful memories a child may have. Some religions don't celebrate birthdays, for example.

Some Schools Have A Morning Meditation Rule

Image Source / Mindful.orgMeditation has fast become something a lot of people are trying to incorporate into their everyday routine, but imagine doing it every morning as part of your school routine. The meditation even extends to the teachers, too. This is to hopefully set everyone in a positive mindset.

Dodgeball And 'Human Target' Sports Banned

Image Source / British DodgeballIn New Hampshire, schools have made the decision to ban dodgeball - a popular sport and what most people will remember playing in their school days. This, as well as other 'human target' sports, have been banned due to bullying and violence reasons.

Bikes Are Banned

Image Source / Children's Health

You'd think schools would be doing everything in their power to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, but despite the health and fun benefits for kids riding their bikes to school, schools in New Jersey have banned bikes due to 'safety and liability issues'.

Hard Balls Are Too Hard

Image Source / Turney SchoolHave you really been in a school Phys Ed class, or the school playground, if you haven't been hit in the face with at least one ball? Well, a school in Toronto made the decision to ban hard balls due to a parent receiving concussion from one, saying that they're too dangerous.

You're Not Allowed To Announce Whether You've Been Accepted Into College

Image Source / Western Wayne School DistrictYou've worked hard for so long that when you get that college acceptance letter, your first instinct is to scream, hug everyone around you and cry. But schools in New York have banned students from revealing whether or not they've been accepted into college - to spare the feelings of others who haven't been accepted.

Don't Even Think About Clapping!

Image Source / ABC NewsOne school in the UK decided to ban clapping after the headteacher got so infuriated with random bouts of clapping that they decided enough was enough. Apparently students would always randomly clap which would inspire other people to join in and before you know it you have a disruptive round of applause that the head just couldn't deal with.

Make Sure Your Shoes Aren't Too Shiny

Image Source / School ShoesYou'd think schools would have strict rules about shoes needed to be shined and cleaned, but the opposite is true for some schools in the world - at least the girls schools, anyway. Apparently your shoes can't be too shiny to prevent a reflection of up a girl's skirt.

Skirt Length Has To Be Routinely Inspected

Image Source / AliExpressThere are a lot of rules implemented regarding school uniform, some that make sense in regard to tidiness and looking professional, and others which are more geared towards covering girls up as much as possible. For most girls schools in the world, they're made to kneel in the hallway so that their skirt can be measured.

A Body Spray Ban

Image Source / Ubuy UKYou'd think schools would encourage children to smell their best, but a school in Pennsylvania banned AXE body spray after an allergic reaction, with further fears about body sprays and deodorants affecting allergies - and also setting fire alarms off if sprayed like crazy.

You Can't Stand In Circles

Image Source / Super SimpleWho knows what tomfoolery you could get up to in the centre of a circle, after all! One school in the US banned youngsters from standing in circles during recess because something untoward could be happening in the middle, blocked from view. Standing in squares was the preferred option.

No Jackets Allowed

Image Source / County Sports and SchoolwearIf you're from a school in the UK, you may remember teachers frowning at you putting your coat in class, because you 'wouldn't feel the benefit when you went outside'. Well a school in Wisconsin decided to completely ban jackets, as well as hats and gloves, citing them as 'gang symbols'.

30 Minute Naps For Kids In China

Image Source/ Penn TodayIt's not uncommon for young children in China to get to take afternoon naps, but now the courtesy has also been extended to older children too. Studies have suggested that a short nap of around 30 minutes can improve performance at school and also improve memory.