Spiritual Signs That Death Is Near

By Sophie 8 months ago

1. Feeling Drained Of Energy

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In spirituality, your sixth sense knows that death is nearby before you even realize it. This could manifest in a lack of energy, as your body closes down ready for the eternal slumber. Your bodily functions die long before you do, so a lack of energy is a sure sign that death isn't far around the corner!

2. Seeing White Feathers

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Don't worry if you begin to notice white feathers floating around you, it's just a sign of a visit from a very special being. Either your spirit guide or your guardian angels are close, and they're giving you a signal that they're there to help. It may be a sign that they want to assist you over the rainbow bridge and they don't want you to be scared.

3. Phantom Processions

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There have been reports from those about to die that they've seen funeral processions pass by them. What's unusual about this sign is that no one's died yet and the parade isn't really there. We wonder if it's a premonition of their own funeral, in which case you're sure to feel very spooked!

4. Ding, Dong, Ditch

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Ah, the classic kids' game ding, dong ditch. Annoying but harmless, right? Wrong! Hearing three knocks at the door with no one there to answer, could be a sign that you're knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door! Perhaps best to get a Ring Doorbell to avoid answering this call...

5. Spiritual Transformation

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As someone is getting close to death, it's likely that they will experience a transformation of their spirituality. Suddenly their connection with the land of the living transfers itself to the spirit world and they'll find themselves feeling at peace as they journey to the next destination.

6. Feeling Weightless

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When someone is just about to die, their body is likely to feel light as their soul is preparing to embark upon the evacuation process. It's reportedly quite a calming feeling as the dying know they're no longer for this world. Sensing an afterlife is a huge relief so feeling yourself being lifted there makes death a much less frightening prospect.

7. Seeing Black Cats

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Black cats are the least adopted breed due to the idea that they're a bad omen, however owning one doesn't automatically mean you're going to die. Random black cats appearing a crossing your path could mean that death is near as they will seek you out to warn you. Whether you own one or not, just beware of the sight of them.

8. Hearing Angels

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The voices of angels are reassuring, sweet, and extremely welcoming. You may be startled by the idea of auditory hallucinations, especially if they mean that death is near. Fear not if you begin to hear the angels, as they only wish to make you feel safe.

9. Seeing Religious Figures

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Whether you subscribe to religion or not, seeing religious figures is a common occurrence if death is close by. As your spirit prepares for passing, your subconscious is looking for signs pointing it to the next phase of its existence. These figures are the signs that give souls guidance.

10. The Dying Just Know

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Modern life disconnects our souls from spiritual life, however when you're dying you are stripped of the consciousness that makes you a physical being. Your internal spirit comes to the fore so even if you haven't been made aware that you're dying, you will just inherently know.

11. Difference In Appearance

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It may be obvious that the dying will look different if they have had a long illness or an accident, but what if none of these are applicable? Will they still look different? The answer is yes, and you may not be able to understand how or why; they just look unrecognizable.

12. Praying

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Even if you're not an avid prayer, even if you don't believe in the power of it, if death is close by for you or a loved one, then you'll find yourself praying more than you ever have. You may not even know what you're trying to achieve; it just feels like the right thing to do.

13. Owl Sightings

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Owls are stunning to witness. The elusive nighttime birds can hide in plain sight, and occasionally they'll swoop down to offer an ominous warning. In many cultures they act as an omen, however they also symbolize transformation so don't necessarily signal a physical death. Try to enjoy the secretive visitor regardless of their symbolism, it can be once in a lifetime!

14. Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid dreaming has been used by cultures to brace themselves for their physical passing, as they believe it is a way to keep their souls alive. Buddhists practice dreaming in this way to achieve a kind of consciousness that subverts the inevitability of death, so if you find yourself lucid dreaming just know your demise with not be total!

15. Visits From The Dead

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When loved ones have passed and revisit those on earth, it is a sign that death is not far away. They're not there to spook or haunt the person they're visiting, but to let them know that they're there waiting for them on the other side. It is a comforting omen as it's one of the beautiful things about death; you'll always meet again.

16. Visions Of An Afterlife

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When it comes to death, all spirituality wants to achieve is a comfortable passing. One without fear or pain, as the dying are welcomed to their next place of existence. Having visions of an afterlife make the journey much smoother, so they can let go peacefully and journey onward.

17. More Talk Of Death

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Even if the individual for whom death is nearby is unaware of their fate, there will likely be more conversations about the inevitable. This is just the body preparing to go, as more talk means less shock. They are preparing themselves and everyone who would care to listen of their passing, so that it can be dealt with in a more transitional manner as opposed to a blunt ending.

18. The Apparition Of The Deathwatch Beetle

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As is suggested by its name, the Deathwatch Beetle is a creature you don't want to see if you plan on living for much longer. This crawly is an omen that death is nearby and shouldn't be taken lightly. Not even killing it is enough to alter your fate, so appreciate each moment henceforth.

19. The Eyes Of The Dying Look Inward

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By this we don't mean that their eyes turn physically inward, just that they start looking towards themselves as opposed to the outside world. This will lead to them looking a little dazed as they are unable to process what they can see. Their vision is too focused on the interior so instead they'll be envisioning memories and preparing for the afterlife.

20. An Out-Of-Body Experience

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Out-of-body experiences are common when death is right on the precipice, and many who have died and come back report of having had one. They occur when your consciousness is altering as you pass from one plane to another, and can manifest in a number of different ways. Some people are said to have seen their own demise as they're lying on their deathbed. Freaky!

21. Visits From Crows

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The crow has long been an omen of death throughout the centuries, and you see them being used in movies all the time to signal cessation of life. Crows are common birds in America so don't be alarmed if you see them; it's when they pay you a visit should you start preparing for a death close by.

22. A Sudden Appreciation For The World

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If someone feels invincible then they may fail to notice the little things in life as they power through the daily grind, ignorant of the beauty around them. If these experiences suddenly become finite then it's likely they'll begin to smell the flowers as their appreciation for the world around them ignites. By this time it's too late, so don't let this be you.

23. Visions Of Yourself Or Someone Else Dying

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You body and mind are spiritually in tune with notable events that happen in your life, it's why we experience excitement and dread. When death is near your consciousness is willing you to prepare for it and so you will be shown visions of dying which could be via dreaming or hallucination.

24. Feelings Of Letting Go

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A person who is no longer for this earth will experience feelings of letting go as their death becomes near. Their being will relax as they loosen their grip on mortality and passage into their final rest. This isn't an unpleasant feeling and will begin long before they're due to go as they need to prepare for leaving life permanently.

25. Experiencing Regret For Days Gone By

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It's unfortunate that one would regret moments in their life when they're about to die, and it happens all too commonly. It's normal to regret decisions in the near-past, however when you look back on your life feeling this way then something has gone wrong. Live your life how it makes you happy and it'll lessen the chances of regret on your deathbed.

26. Disorientation

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When death is near, your consciousness is in a state of confusion as it tries to realize itself and what realm it should be in. This will lead to feelings of disorientation as your inner being is trying to determine where you are on the spiritual plane.

27. Feelings Of Reminisce

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When someone is about to die, they'll often feel reminiscent about their life on earth. They'll look back on things they've achieved, memories they've made and loved ones they've had the pleasure of spending their time with. They may wish to discuss particular episodes or just be happy remembering the good times in solitude.

28. Renewed Feelings Of Love

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Incoming death enforces stronger feelings of love towards those who are close to the person dying, who will want to relay these feelings while they have the chance. It may be a sign that someone is due to expire if they become much more loving than usual, as they want to ensure everyone knows how they feel before they go.

29. A Need For A Legacy

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If death is near then time is running out to leave our legacy. We all want to imprint a stamp on the world and deposit something positive which will remain long after ourselves. To ensure our spirit continues to roam the earth, then we'll need to leave a legacy behind, consciously or not.

30. The Dying Look Peaceful

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When death is near, it's likely that the person dying will look rather peaceful. As their bodies cease fighting and accept the inevitable, there is no more fear. They're transitioning into the land of the spirits and so their soul feels safe, secure, and ready to go.