Signs You’re Middle Class

By molly atherton 2 months ago
Welcome to the fine art of being comfortably betwixt and between, where the lines between luxury and frugality blur, and the avocado toast is just the right amount of trendy. Grab your latte and join the expedition.

1. You always had a white picket fence around your house

If there was ever an obvious sign you are middle class, having a white picket fence around your house was definitely it! You only lived in one of these dreamy houses...

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in friendly neighbourhoods if you parents had enough money to afford that lifestyle. There's a reason the 'white picket fence' is the goal for many. Original content sourced from

2. You remember when VHS tapes were the only way to watch movies at home

It seems like a distant memory to us all now, but if you were lucky enough as a kid you will remember watching movies on the VHS.

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This was before DVD’s took over the world and VHS tapes eventually went out of fashion because nobody was buying them anymore.

3. You had a corded phone in your kitchen

You might have taken this one for granted, but having a corded phone in your kitchen back in the day was actually a big privilege that not everyone had access to.

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Only the wealthier families could afford this luxury so it probably means you were middle class growing up. We don't know why choosing to put it in the kitchen was the thing, though.

4. Your parents had a membership to the country club

If this one doesn’t scream ‘middle class’ we don’t know what will! Only people with a huge disposable could afford a membership at the country club

Image Source / WSJ

as they don’t come cheap. So if your parents were part of that wealthy minority, it is highly likely you are middle class! So rack your brains - were they?

5. You remember when gas was only $0.83 per gallon

Ah, the good old days when gas didn’t cost an arm and a leg…sadly you won’t get a price like that these days, especially in the current climate.

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So if you were young enough to remember when gas was on $0.83 per gallon you were living it up in your parents fancy motor car weren't you!

6. Your parents drove a station wagon

The humble station wagon may not look like anything special these days, but these practical and reliable motors were promoted as an “ideal all-rounder”

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for families back in the day. So if your family had enough money, you probably had a station wagon on the drive - maybe you even had two! One for each parent.

7. You had a subscription to Highlights magazine

Highlights really was the best magazine as a kid back in the day, you were one of the lucky ones if you can remember those days. But what was even better...

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than just the magazine…a Highlights subscription! You were definitely middle class if your parents could afford this financial commitment for a subscription.

8. You had a collection of Beanie Babies

Does it get anymore nostalgic than Beanie Babies? These super cool soft toys filled with plastic pellets were first released in 1986 and became a popular collectible item.

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So, if you were lucky enough to build a Beanie Babies collection you were definitely privileged. Most people can only dream of owning a few of them!

9. You had a collection of cassette tapes

Remember back in the day when the only way to listen to music was using cassette tapes? Well, you will probably only recall this if you were one of the lucky ones

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who actually had a cassette player! If this was the case, you probably had an endless collections of tapes too, ready to play when the music mood struck!

10. Your family took a road trip every summer

Anyone would be lucky enough to go on a short holiday in the summer, let alone a full blown road trip! This kind of vacation was reserved for only the wealthy families

Image Source / The Atlantic

who could afford to travel the country for weeks at a time during the peak season. How often you could go on vacation was a true testament to what class you were!

11. You remember when the original Nintendo was the coolest gaming system

When the Nintendo first came out, the gaming world changed forever. But you’re parents had to be pretty wealthy to afford one of these cool new systems

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because they certainly weren’t cheap! You were definitely middle class if you had one of these when you were a kid - maybe you even had more than one!

12. You had a subscription to the Sunday newspaper

Who remembers waking up on a Sunday morning to the sound of the radio as your Mum makes waffles for your family? Well, if this is a memory in your childhood...

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you probably also recall your parents having a subscription to the Sunday newspaper delivered each week! That's right, every week - maybe even another newspaper, too!

13. You had a collection of baseball cards

Baseball cards date all the way back to the 1950s when they came with a stick of gum and there were a limited number of cards available.

Image Source / Reuter

As their popularity increased, people became obsessed with building a collection but only the wealthy kids could afford to keep up.

14. You remember when dial-up internet was the only option

Although dial-up internet is now the cheapest way to access the online web, back in the day you had to come from a wealthy middle class background if...

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your parents could afford this! We wouldn’t recommend it these days as the connection is pretty slow, but back then it probably seemed like the best technology.

15. You had a set of Encyclopedia Britannica

Can you believe the Encyclopedia Britannica was first published back in 1768? You definitely came from a middle class background if you had a set of these.

Image Source / Reddit

Your parents probably bought you one each year for Christmas in the hope one day you would love learning general knowledge! 

16. Your family ate dinner together every night at the kitchen table

Image Source / The New York Times

But this isn’t actually the case, a lot of families don’t spend much time together and some of them don’t even have a kitchen table.

17. You remember when rollerblades were the hottest new trend

You had to be one of the cool kids if you had a pair of rollerblades, not just anyone could take part. Although rollerblades were invented in 1980...

Image Source / RETROPOND

they only became popular at the end of the decade when roller discos were introduced and this turned into the new hot trend.

18. You had a collection of comic books

Comic books bring back fond memories of childhood…how great was it when one of your parents finally agreed to buy you a new one!

Image Source / Reddit

Unlike some kids who were only allowed one on special occasions, if you came from a wealthier background you probably had a huge collection.

19. You had a set of L.L. Bean backpacks for the entire family

Who remembers these iconic backpacks from the early days? If you and all of your family were walking around wearing these bags, you were definitely middle class.

Image Source / eBay

Do you know what made these even better? When you had the matching lunch box to go with it. The state of your lunchbox really said a lot about your class.

20. You remember when AOL was the most popular way to access the internet

If you grew up in the 1980s, you will definitely remember AOL! This American web portal and online service was first introduced in 1985 and...

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if you came from a middle class family, your parents could probably afford to get you access to the internet - because of course they could!

21. You Own A Home

In this day and age, this is a dream for most people that is simply never going to come true. It's a sad fact, but the idea of home ownership is just impossible for many peopleImage Source / Story Homeswho don't have enough money. So if you actually own a home, or can buy one without issue, it's a sign that middle class financial situation is definitely one you're in.

22. You Own A Car

And we mean a good car you can depend on. Not some $500 run around you found at a dodgy garage. Once again, owning a car is a distant dream for many peopleImage Source / Auto Traderwho simply don't have enough money to buy it, let alone the cost of its upkeep. So owning a car can be a luxury for a lot of people - where it might be a normality for you.

23. College Education For Kids In The Family

Not only college education, but college education completely paid for. This kind of education is a common goal for middle-class people and families.Image Source / Encyclopedia BritannicaWhile a lot of people may spend a lifetime in debt from their uni loans, this isn't an issue for you - you've never even had to give it a second thought.

24. Retirement Is Going To Be Smooth Sailing

While most people might worry about never actually being able to retire, and the fear of having enough retirement money saved up, middle-class people don't have that worry.Image Source / SunLifeYou're able to save up enough money easily and have the luxury of retiring whenever, and to wherever, you want. It's not an issue for you.

25. You Have Healthcare Coverage

A lot of people can live in fear of the idea of expensive healthcare bills, and a lot of people might not have healthcare insurance to begin with.Image Source / CapgeminiFor the middle-class, getting that dependable healthcare coverage and never having to worry about medical bills is a natural need.

26. You Go On At Least One Family Vacation A Year

For some families, a vacation during the year is simply not affordable. For the middle-class, it's a year wasted if you haven't been on at least one family vacation.Image Source / CNNYou never have to worry about being able to afford the family trip - it's just a given, and one easily paid for. And by your parents, not your own dime.

27. You Always Have Disposable Income

Aside from spending money on family vacations, there's also never a time when you don't have disposable income. It's just always there.Image Source / WikipediaYou never really worry about paying for anything at all, including bills and spending money. Disposable income every month is a given.

28. You Only Shop At The 'Fancy' Food Stores

The thing is, this is also going to come naturally to you. You don't do it to make a point, you do it because you can comfortably afford it and...Image Source / WanderWisdom... you can't imagine doing any different. Why would you go to a cheaper grocery store when you simply don't need to? You don't have to save money.

29. And You Don't Even Know What The Cheaper Ones Are Called

Not only do you never shop at any food store that isn't classed as fancy, you don't even know that other options exist. You might have no idea what the names are...Image Source / Camborne Townor what the cheaper food stores are called, because you've never needed to know - and you don't want to know. If someone mentions them, it doesn't ring a bell.

30. And You Probably Get Your Food Delivered, Too

And not only do you choose to shop at the fancier grocery stores, you don't have time to go food shopping yourself, either - busy busy!Image Source / WasserstromOr, you just have the luxury of not having to, because you'll readily pay for the extra delivery cost without having to worry.

31. Your Food All Has Fancy Names, Too

You have no idea what the common food names are for budget brands, because you've never had to think about it. All the food you get is going to be the best...Image Source / The Spruce Eats... of the best in terms of names, and we're talking avocado spread or obscure fruits and vegetables, of course, when it's middle class!

32. And It's Probably All Organic

You take great care, effort and money to shop for only organic foods - and why wouldn't you if you have the money to do so?Image Source / GoodToYou've never had to buy cheap and nasty foods just to get by because you've had enough money and time to source the best and healthiest.

33. If You're Into Sports, They Aren't The Common Ones

You wouldn't dream of attending a football match like every other person you know. If you do like sports, it has to be sports classed as more 'upper class'Image Source / The Guardianor just those that are a little more niche. We're talking anything to do with dressed up horses, or something like volleyball.

34. Your Kitchen Appliances Say It All

Being middle class can very much be reflected in not only the amount of appliances you have around your (probably large) kitchen, but...Image Source / Forbes... also the brand name they are. If you look around your kitchen and find that you have a top-brand fridge, it's a big sign.

35. The Words You Use Aren't Particularly 'Common'

Your vocabulary is very extensive, and you might avoid the very common, base swear words to get a bit more creative with how you describe thingsImage Source / Peterborough Unitedor how you show your anger. You're also more likely to use words like 'thus' or 'whom' and every other word in the thesaurus when a simple word just won't do.

36. You Absolutely Have A Cafetiere

If your home coffee isn't made in a cafetiere, you don't want it. If you don't know a coffee place that makes your coffee using a cafetiere? No thanks.Image Source / Pact CoffeeThe way you brew your coffee says a lot about your class and status, even if many people don't think it does! But you know... instant Nescafe? Nope.

37. Discount Stores? No Thanks

For a lot of people, discount stores are a god send when you need new stuff but don't want to pay a high price tag for it. It can also be the only place to shop.Image Source / Encyclopedia BritannicaBut for you, you don't shop at discount stores because you'd rather pay for higher quality at top market places - as well as having enough money to do so.

38. You Have Home Help

There's a high chance you have at least one staff member to help at home. You might only have a cleaner that pops around every now and again,Image Source / Fantastic Cleanersbut maybe you have a little extra help too, like a cleaner and also a nanny for the kids. These are luxuries you can afford.

39. If You're Having Beer, It's Craft

You don't want to buy a 20-pack of cheap beer from your local store for a get together with friends - oh no siree, it has to be craft beer.Image Source / Maltings Taphouse and BottleshopSomething a little more independently owned and obscure so that you and your friends can enjoy some new and quirky flavours.

40. You're Always Going To Farmer's Markets

This is, of course, if your posh grocery store delivery isn't going to turn up this week. You make time for farmer's markets so that you can grab the latestImage Source / The Spruce Eatsand we mean the latest organic and expensive produce to fill up your huge top-brand fridge at home to make your healthy homecooked meals.

41. And You Probably Wear Expensive Country Gear While You Attend

If you're going to a farmer's market, you're probably going to turn up in expensive wellies or walking boots. You've probably got a waistcoat or coatImage Source / Barbourfrom a very expensive 'country' brand that would never look out of place with the other posher people buying the local cheese.

42. You Probably Have A Particular Breed Of Dog, Too

And it's likely you also take them with you to the farmer's market. They say dogs can look a lot like their owners, but they can also reveal...Image Source / West Enda lot about their owners, too. You may have a very highly regarded and expensive pedigree dog breed that just screams middle class.

43. Your Vacation Is Most Likely A Villa Or Private Accommodation

When you're booking a vacation, there's no way it's going to be a discount package deal where you get the last cheap room available in a hotel,Image Source / Wikipediaor something that sees you encountering other vacation-goers at the same time. It's likely you have a whole villa for you and the family or friends.

44. And It's Either A Luxury Trip Or An Expensive Activity Vacation

And the type of vacations you take are either going to be tailored around relaxing luxury, like two weeks enjoying a sea-view private rentalImage Source / Belfast Livewhere you have a private sunbathing area and never have to worry about fighting over sunloungers, or an expensive activity trip.

45. You Have Every Dinnerware Item You Could Ever Need

If you're taking sandwiches to work or out for the day, there's no way they're just going to be wrapped up in foil and squished in your bag.Image Source / Cooking KneadsYou have the proper containers and dinnerware for every eventuality, and your kitchen shelves are stocked with plates and bowls.

46. And You Probably Have A Proper Picnic Kit, Too

If you're a fan of picnics out, then this calls for an official picnic set. We're talking a proper picnic basket, for a start, and it's going to be kitted outImage Source / The Basket Company
with proper ceramic dinnerware, a thick picnic cloth and every utensil you'll need. You would never dream of having a carrier bag crammed.

47. You Also Have Those Obscure Kitchen Items

Someone needs a melon scooper? You've got it. An avocado slicer? Of course, how else are you going to slice those organic avocados?Image Source / Function JunctionThe ones from the expensive grocery store? Most of your drawers are filled with items most people wouldn't even know what to do with.

48. Your Living Situation Has Probably Never Changed

It's likely that you grew up in a good area in good circumstances, then bought a house in the same area and have never had need to relocate or move.Image Source / DandaraYou've set up shop in a secure home and area and this has always been consistent for you, without having to worry about how to pay bills.

49. And You've Probably Always Kept The Same, Stable Job

Just like your living situation, you probably got a very good job after graduating from a good education and you've always stuck with it because it's secure.Image Source / Kane PartnersNot to mention stable and you've never needed to change. Your job is solid and you have no worry about being laid off any time soon.

50. It's Likely Your Home Is Filled With Pointless Items And Gadgets

Being middle class doesn't mean you're rich and have big savings. It means you more comfortably have disposable income every month...Image Source / Rent 'n' Connect... but that doesn't mean you don't spend it on stupid stuff. It's likely you buy the latest and greatest gadgets, or just buy lots of stuff on a whim.