Signs You Are Drinking Way Too Much Soda

By Juliet S 7 months ago
Welcome, soda enthusiasts and fizzy fanatics! Grab your favorite carbonated concoction and settle in because we're about to embark on a bubbly adventure through the perilous land of excessive soda consumption. In a world where the hiss of a soda can opening is practically a lullaby and cola stains on your shirt are considered a badge of honor, it's time to address the fizzy elephant in the room – or should I say, the 2-liter bottle in the fridge?

1. Obesity

Ah, the sweet nectar of carbonated bliss – who would have thought that those innocent-looking soda cans could be stealthily plotting to expand our waistlines? Brace yourselves, soda aficionados, because the connection between soda and obesity is no mere myth; it's a caloric saga unfolding in every sip.Image source / Daily MailIt will come as no surprise to you that drinking soda has been linked to obesity.  A single can of soda contains around 140 calories and if you are having the fizzy drink with every meal, you could end up gaining more than three pounds in a month. Of course, along with the soda, you are likely to be consuming junk food, so another reason for obesity.Original content sourced from

2. Insomnia

Ah, the siren song of soda – tempting us with its bubbly allure even when the moon is high in the sky. But beware, night owls and soda connoisseurs, for that seemingly innocent sip might be the clandestine culprit behind your sleepless nights. Let's talk caffeine, the unsung hero of the soda drama.Image source / RedditIf you're having difficulty sleeping, it could be time to re-evaluate your soda consumption.  Sixteen ounces of a popular diet soda contains a massive 45 milligrams of caffeine which can take your body abound 12 hours to metabolize. If you're drinking soda along with your  dinner, you might find yourself tossing and turning when it's time for bed.

3. Blurred Vision

Ever considered that your soda habit might be playing a role in the cinematic experience that is your vision? It turns out that those fizzy delights might be more than just a treat for your taste buds – they could be staging a covert assault on your eyesight.Image source / redditYour poor vision may be the result of your soda habit.  Drinking soda can cause your blood sugar to spike rapidly which may cause the lenses of your eyes to swell, impacting your vision. High blood sugar can also increase your risk for diabetes, a condition often associated with changes in eyesight, blurred vision and macular degeneration.

4. Hair Loss

Hold on to your hairbrushes, because that shiny spot on your crown might just be the unexpected consequence of your soda devotion. It turns out that the sweet elixir you thought was innocent might be playing a role in a follicular drama that could leave you contemplating the mysteries of hair loss.Image source / RedditThe shiny spot on your head that has gradually appeared might be the result of your soda consumption.   This is a major contributing factor in the increase in diabetes diagnoses, which could cause hormonal variations, increase your risk of hair loss.  Additionally, research suggests that diabetes is often a pre-disposing factor for alopecia and thyroid disease, both of which can contribute to thinning hair.

5. Brain Tumor

Hold on to your soda cans, because the plot thickens in the neurological realm, and it's not a narrative for the faint of heart. Brace yourself for a tale where the seemingly innocent fizz and sweetness of sodas take a dark turn into the uncharted territories of neurological disturbances.Image source / John Hopkins MedicineStudies have shown the chemicals in sodas have been linked to neurological disturbances including seizures.  Scarier still, the FDA reports that the aspartame found in some diet sodas can be converted to formaldehyde in the body.  Sufficient levels of these can be carcinogenic and may contribute to your risk of developing a brain tumor.

6. Tooth Decay

Prepare yourself for a toothsome revelation that might make you reconsider that fizzy companion you've been sipping so casually. It turns out that every time you pop open a can of soda, you're unleashing a sugary storm on your pearly whites, and the consequences could be more alarming than a dental drill serenade.Image source / WikipediaA single 12 ounce can of soda contains almost ten packets of sugar, coating your teeth and gums each time you crack open a can.  Multiple studies have shown just how human teeth, which have had to be removed by a dentist, can dissolve when left in soda over a period of time.

7. Diabetes

Let's embark on a journey into the metabolic labyrinth, where the seemingly harmless fizz of soda unveils its role in a sugar-laden plot that might be contributing to the rise of type 2 diabetes. Brace yourself for a tale that explores the intricate dance between soda, sugar, and the intricate machinery of the human body.Image source / RedditBoth regular and diet soda have been linked to an increase in type 2 diabetes.  The sugar spike that you get from soda forces the body to transform that sugar into fat in your liver. Over 6 months, the fat deposits in your liver could increase by as much as 150%, increasing your risk factor for diabetes along the way.

8. Aging

Prepare for a journey into the realm of eternal youth, where the elixir of aging gracefully doesn't involve the effervescence of soda. If you're on a quest to defy the sands of time and preserve that youthful glow, it might be time to bid farewell to the siren song of carbonation.Image source /RedditIf you're hoping to maintain a youthful appearance, ditch soda right now!   Soda contains phosphates and sugars which have been shown to accelerate the aging process at the cellular level.  Dehydrating caffeine in soda contain harmful chemical components which also have an aging effect on your skin, causing it to dry out and putting you at risk of wrinkles and fine lines.

9. Memory Loss

Buckle up, soda enthusiasts, because the soda saga takes an unexpected turn into the intricate realm of neurology. Researchers at the University of California, Davis Medical Center have unveiled a disconcerting link between the excessive consumption of sodas containing Brominated Vegetable Oil.Image source / RedditResearchers at the University of California, Davis Medical Center, have put a link between excessive consumption of sodas containing BVO with an increased risk of bromism, a condition that wreaks havoc on the central nervous system.  This can contribute to memory loss, muscle weakness, fatigue and mental health issues.

10. Infertility

Hold onto your soda cans, because the fizzy concoction you thought was innocently nestled in your fridge might be harboring a secret that hits close to home—your fertility. The culprit? Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO), a controversial additive found in certain citrus sodas.Image source / RedditSoda's shelf-stability may come at a serious cost to your fertility. Certain citrus sodas contain brominated vegetable oil, also known as BVO.  This additive maintains soda's flavor and appearance and has already been banned in Japan and Europe because it has been linked to infertility and early onset puberty.

11. Excess Belly Fat

If you find yourself harboring an unwanted spare tire, that seemingly innocent soda habit might be the unsolicited architect of your midsection expansion. Brace yourself for a revelation that links refined sugar, blood sugar spikes, and the insidious accumulation of fat around your waistline.Image source / RedditBlame your soda habit if you are sporting a spare tire.  The refined sugar in soda is quickly absorbed, causing your blood sugar to spike. This surge in blood sugar triggers the production of insulin which can turn that sugar into fat, particularly around your waist.

12. Migraines

Hold your head and brace yourself for a fizzy revelation that might explain more than just the origins of your soda-induced headaches. Those seemingly innocent bubbles might be harboring a headache trigger duo—artificial and natural sweeteners, accompanied by the dehydrating companion that is caffeine.Image source / RedditSodas are loaded with sweeteners of artificial and natural varieties, both of which are known to trigger migraine headaches. When coupled with the dehydrating nature of many caffeinated sodas, a pounding headache could easily result.  If this turns into a migraine, over the counter painkillers may not even scratch the surface.

13. Dehydration

Prepare to reconsider your soda sipping strategy, especially if you thought it was a hydration hero. Contrary to popular belief, the caffeine content in many sodas could be pulling a hydration heist, rendering your beverage choice less of a thirst quencher and more of a diuretic double-crosser.Image source / RedditIf you think you're hydrating by drinking soda, then think again! The caffeine in many sodas has a diuretic effect, causing dehydration if you do not adequately supplement with extra water.  Over time, this may lead to a slower metabolic rate, electrolyte imbalances, water retention and possibly heart arrhythmia.

14. Receding Gums

Prepare for a dental expedition, where the seemingly harmless habit of sipping on soda might be implicated in a stealthy assault on your gum line. It's time to unravel the connection between sugars, preservatives, artificial colorings, and the ominous recession of your gums.Image source /Lane Ends Dental PracticeIf you feel like your gum line is receding, your soda habit might be to blame. The sugars, preservatives and artificial colorings which are found in your average soda, can get trapped beneath your gums.  If not cleaned thoroughly, bacteria feeds on the trapped particles, causing destruction of gum tissue.

15. Poor Gut Health

Welcome to the intricate ecosystem of your gut, where trillions of microorganisms, collectively known as gut bacteria, play a pivotal role in dictating everything from your mental well-being to your digestive health. Now, brace yourself for a revelation that might make you reconsider that fizzy companion in your hand – the sugar-laden soda.Image source / Men's HealthThe gut bacteria living in your intestines can affect everything from your metal stability to your digestive health.  All the sugar in soda gives the bad bacteria in your belly plenty to feed on, without providing much nutrition for the good bacteria, the one that that keeps you healthy.

16. Joint Pains

Prepare to rethink your beverage choices if those persistent aches and pains are becoming unwelcome companions. That seemingly innocent sugary soda in your shopping cart might be playing a role in exacerbating your discomfort. Brace yourself for a revelation.Image source / RedditThose aches and pains that just won't go away might be getting worse every time you put a sugary soda in your shopping cart.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that women who consumed sugar sweetened sodas on a regular basis, have an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

17. Depression

In the quest for happiness, it's time to reconsider the role of that fizzy companion in your hand, for the bottom of the soda can might not be the elixir of joy you once believed it to be. Enter fructose, the sweet villain that could be interfering with the delicate dance of neurotransmitters in your brain.Image source / RedditYou won't find happiness at the bottom of that soda can. Sodas are high in fructose which can react negatively with the amino acids that accompany our happiness chemical, serotonin.  Fructose can damage those amino acids which then become unavailable.

18. Kidney Health Issues

Enter the realm of kidney stones, a condition often deemed as one of the most excruciating pains a person can endure, second perhaps only to childbirth. These tiny, yet tormenting, crystalline formations are the consequence of a gradual build-up of minerals in the kidneys, which eventually navigate the tortuous path through the urethra.Image source / RedditOften called the most excruciating pain next to childbirth. kidney stones are the result of an accumulation of minerals in the kidneys over time, which eventually pass through the urethra.  Those with regular soda habits are at an increased risk for this unpleasant condition, both with excessive sugar consumption and dehydration.

19. Behavioral Problems

Hold onto your soda bottles because the impact of your fizzy indulgence might extend beyond your own well-being, reaching into the delicate ecosystem of your family. The culprit? Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used to harden plastics, often found in the very bottles that cradle your favorite carbonated elixir.Image source / Good HousekeepingYou might not be the only one in your family affected by your soda consumption.  The plastic bottles that soda comes in often contain BPA, a chemical used to harden plastics, which has been shown to contaminate substances it comes into contact with.  The result can be behavioral problems in your offspring.

20. Heart Failure

Your heart, that tireless rhythmic conductor orchestrating the symphony of your life, deserves more than a sugary serenade from a soda can. The evidence is in, and it's time to consider the impact of sweetened sodas on the health of your heart. The British Medical Journal sounds the alarm.Image source / RedditKeep your heart healthy by cutting right down or giving up your soda habit today. The British Medical Journal suggests that drinking sweetened sodas could contribute to heart failure and your risk for heart failure is closely linked with diabetes, obesity and uncontrolled blood pressure.

21. Stroke

Sip cautiously, for the seemingly innocent act of enjoying a soda might be intricately linked to a potentially life-altering event: a stroke. The risks escalate with every sugary indulgence, as sodas wield a direct influence on the body's fat stores, a factor that can contribute to the hardening of arteries.Image source / PoliticoYour risk for having a stroke increases every time you sop a soda.  Soda is directly responsible for increased fat stores in the body, some of which may cause hardening of the arteries.  This includes the ones close to your brain, increasing your chances of a stroke.

22. Unhealthy Eating Habits

Prepare to unravel the intricate connection between soda sips and the potentially addictive nature of sugar, as researchers at the University of Bordeaux shine a light on the striking similarities between sugar and illicit drugs. Brace yourself for a journey into the brain's reward centers.Image source / Daily PioneerDrinking soda can be directly linked to unhealthy dietary habits.  Researchers at the University of Bordeaux believe that sugar could be as addictive as illicit drugs, triggering the same reward centers in the brain as opiates and amphetamines. Unfortunately, one drink makes you crave another and so on.

23. High Cholesterol

Embark on a journey toward lower cholesterol and a longer, healthier life by taking a decisive step – bid farewell to those sodas in your diet today. The seemingly innocent can of soda holds within it a sugar onslaught, surpassing your body's daily requirements in a single sip.Image source /RedditCommit yourself to lower cholesterol and a longer life by ditching those sodas from your diet right now.  A single can of soda has more sugar than your body requires in an entire day.  Research published in the 'Journal of the American Medical Association' suggests a diet high in sugar is linked to high cholesterol.

24. Colorectal Cancer

Dive into the colorful world of sodas, and you might find more than just vibrant hues. The caramel coloring that imparts that deep, enticing tint to colas and other non-clear sodas could be concealing a potential health risk. Brace yourself for a revelation.Image source / Cedars-SinaiAll those cool colors in your soda could be contributing to your cancer risk.  The caramel coloring used in colas and other non-clear sodas, like root beer, is made from ammonia and has been shown to cause cancer in mice.  Even clear sodas can cause colorectal cancer because of the exceptionally high sugar content.

25. Allergies

Hold onto your soda cans, allergy sufferers, for that fizzy refreshment might be contributing more than just a burst of bubbles to your seasonal discomfort. The culprit? The switch from highly allergenic sodium benzoate, which has been removed from many sodas, to its lesser-known counterpart, potassium benzoate.Image source / RedditAre you sneezing your way through allergy season?  It might be your soda habit as highly allergenic sodium benzoate has been removed in many sodas.  It is then replaced by a lesser evil called potassium benzoate.  Unfortunately, this is still not good for allergy sufferers as both have been linked to hives and asthma.

26. Heartburn

Prepare for a journey into the fiery realm of heartburn and its potential association with your soda habit. That familiar burning sensation in your chest might not be a mere coincidence but a consequence of the carbonated soft drinks you frequently indulge in.Image source / RedditThat burning in your chest might well be your soda habit coming back to haunt you! Carbonated soft drinks often cause your stomach to bloat, which could cause the acid in your stomach to come back up into your throat. Coupled with the acid-promoting caffeine that is found in many sodas, you are increasing your risk of heartburn.

27. Biliary Cirrhosis

Embark on a journey toward liver health by steering clear of soda, especially those laden with artificial sweeteners. The seemingly innocent diet sodas, often marketed as a healthier alternative, might be concealing a potential threat to your liver. The culprit?Image source / RedditKeeping your liver healthy starts with keeping off soda.  Artificial sweeteners, such as those found in many diet sodas, have been linked to inflammation of the bile ducts which can lead to biliary cirrhosis.  Over time, the condition can cause scarring on the liver and reduce its function, putting you at risk of jaundice, swelling, pain and early death.

28. Bladder Cancer

Embarking on a journey to reduce your cancer risk involves more than just dietary tweaks—it's a lifestyle shift, and decreasing your soda consumption could be a pivotal part of this process. The innocuous fizz might be concealing certain artificial sweeteners, such as saccharin and sodium cyclamate.Image source / RedditIf you want to reduce your cancer risk, decrease your soda consumption as part of the process.  Certain artificial sweeteners found in soda, like saccharin and sodium cyclamate, have been linked to cancer in lab rats. Soda could also increase your risk of obesity.

29. Digestive Ulcers

Navigate the discomfort of digestive ulcers by considering the potential role your soda habit might be playing in exacerbating the situation. The dynamic duo of caffeine and carbonation, present in many sodas, could be contributing to the irritation of your stomach lining, increasing the risk of developing ulcers or worsening existing ones.Image source / RedditIf you are struggling with digestive ulcers, your soda habit may be part of the cause for the discomfort.  Both caffeine and carbonation can contribute to the irritation of your stomach lining, putting you at greater risk of ulcers and making those you already have even worse.

30. Osteoporosis

Consider this your wake-up call to the delicate relationship between soda consumption and the health of your bones—it's not a harmonious match. Research studies sound a cautionary note, suggesting that indulging in cola could be a contributing factor in the reduction of bone density.Image source / RedditHealthy bones and soda are not a match.   Research studies have reported that drinking cola could be contributing towards reduction in bone density, making you more susceptible to fractures and mobility loss as you get older.  Start today and swap soda for water!

31. Cardiovascular Disease

Consider your heart a vigilant guardian of your well-being, and when it comes to excessive soda consumption, it might be sounding the alarms. The link between consuming copious amounts of soda—laden with sugar—and an increased risk of heart-related issues like heart attacks.
image source:
Because consuming a whole lot of soda (and therefore sugar) can increase your risk of things like heart attack, stroke and obesity, it only follows that any problems with cardiovascular disease can be caused by excessive soda consumption! Keep your heart in shape by ditching the soda.

32. Leptin Resistance

Meet leptin—the unsung hero in your body's quest for a healthy weight. Leptin, often referred to as the satiety hormone, works diligently through its receptors to signal when you've had enough to eat, playing a pivotal role in weight regulation. However, the plot takes a twist when soda enters the scene.
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You might not have heard of leptins before, but leptin receptors work hard in the body to help you keep a healthy weight and let you know when you've had enough. But drinking soda can actually result in the leptin receptors working less efficiently, meaning you can get more hungry and gain weight!

33. Heart Lesions

Beware of the stealthy culprit hiding in your soda—Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO). It's not just about the fizz and flavor; it's about potential consequences for your heart health. Research suggests that BVO can contribute to heart lesions, elevating your risk of heart complications.
image source:
The Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) in soda can actually contribute to heart lesions, and put you more at risk of heart complications. It can increase your risk each and every time you pop open a new can of fizz! Battling the craving for fizz can be very difficult, but worth it if you want to avoid this!

34. Reproductive Cancers

The allure of grabbing a refreshing soda from a can may come with an unexpected twist—a potential connection between the can itself and reproductive health. While the soda inside might be a fizzy delight, the aluminum cans used for packaging could be lined with Bisphenol A (BPA).
image source:
This one relates to not the soda itself, but the cans it comes in - so this is more an issue if you're a fan of grabbing the odd can rather than drinking from plastic bottles of soda. The aluminium cans can often be lined by BPA, which has been linked to reproductive cancers.

35. Cellular Damage

Dive beneath the surface of the visible consequences of soda consumption, and you'll uncover a lesser-known, potentially alarming effect—changes at the cellular level. Beyond the apparent culprits like weight gain and tooth decay, excess soda consumption has been linked to cellular damage.
image source:
When people think of the effects of soda, they might only think of the things you can see - like weight gain and tooth decay - but did you know excess soda consumption could be changing your body's cells, too? Preservatives and artificial sweeteners in diet soda have been linked to cell damage.

36. Lymphatic Disorders

Delve into the potential impact of soda consumption, and you might uncover a connection to the lymphatic system—something beyond the realms of weight gain or tooth decay. Artificial sweeteners in soda have been flagged as potential contributors to lymphatic issues.
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Drinking soda could also be contributing to any lymphatic issues. This could be anything from blockages to something more serious like cancer. This is because the artificial sweeteners in soda have been found to risk increase of lymphoma - so cutting out soda if you have this in your family medical history is a good idea!

37. Fatty Liver Disease

Shift your perspective from the typical culprit of liver issues—alcohol—to a surprising contender in the form of non-alcoholic soda. The excess sugar concealed in soda has been implicated in the development of fatty liver disease, challenging the notion that liver problems are exclusively tied to alcohol.
image source:
You may have thought liver disease and problems are only caused by alcohol and not non-alcoholic soda - but the excess sugar found in soda has actually been linked to fatty liver disease, too. Because the body can't properly process the amount of sweetener, it turns it into fat in the liver instead.

38. Difficulty With Breastfeeding

Navigating the world of motherhood comes with its share of considerations, and for breastfeeding mothers, even the choice of beverage can have implications for the little one. While it's not about difficulty in breastfeeding per se, caffeinated soda introduces a unique challenge.
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This doesn't mean that you'll find it difficult to breastfeed - the trouble lies with caffeinated soda when you're trying to feed your baby. This is because the caffeine can pass to your baby through breast milk, resulting in a very restless and irritable baby!

39. A Serious Case Of Bloating

Bid farewell to the discomfort of constant bloating, and you might find that your soda habit is a key contributor to this unwelcome sensation. The fizzy delight in your soda doesn't just tantalize your taste buds; it introduces a host of gas bubbles into the equation.
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If you're constantly feeling bloated - which is never fun - it could be because of all that soda you're drinking. If you have a build up of gas bubbles from the soda fizz, they're likely to collect in your gut, resulting in a feeling of discomfort and - you guessed it - gas.

40. Erectile Dysfunction

For those seeking vitality in the bedroom, the surprising link between excessive soda consumption and a potential loss of libido and bedroom troubles, particularly concerning erections, might be an eye-opener. The culprit in this tale is not just the sugary sweetness but the downstream effects on cholesterol and blood pressure.
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Drinking a lot of soda can also be linked to a loss of libido and trouble in the bedroom - at least where erections are concerned. Sodas can increase cholesterol and blood pressure, which can mean bad news for circulation and erection blood flow. So if you're having bedroom problems, you might want to pass on the soda!

41. Inflamed Bile Ducts

Delving into the intricate web of bodily functions, we uncover another potential casualty of soda consumption—the bile ducts. In particular, the artificial sweeteners prevalent in diet sodas have been implicated in causing inflammation in the bile ducts.
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Another thing that soda can have a negative impact on is your bile ducts. The artificial sweeteners often found in diet sodas have been linked to inflammation in the bile ducts, which in turn can lead to a condition called billary cirrhosis, which negatively impacts liver function.

42. You Have Increased Sugar Cravings

Welcome to the vicious cycle of sugar cravings—a phenomenon that can be fueled by the very beverages you might be indulging in, like sugary sodas. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride in which the more sugar you consume, the more insistent those sweet cravings become.
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The sad fact is, the more sugar you start to have, the more sugar you crave on a long-term basis. So if you're drinking a lot of sugary sodas, chances are that you're going to be craving more and more soda, as well as anything with sugar in it. Which is also bad news for your health!

43. You're Having A Higher And Higher Tolerance For Sweetness

Prepare to enter the complex realm of sugar tolerance—an unfortunate side effect of indulging in the sweet pleasures of sugary sodas. Brace yourself for a journey where the more sugar you consume, the more your brain and body acclimate to it, leading to an insidious cycle of escalating cravings.
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Another unfortunate fact about sugar consumption is that the more you have, the more your brain and body becomes used to it and then looks for a higher dosage to get that sugar craving hit. So the more you have, the more your tolerance is increasing, so you're more likely to crave more and more.

44. You're Feeling That Fatigue

Welcome to the rollercoaster of energy highs and lows—a journey that often accompanies the consumption of sugar and soda. If you're overindulging in these sugary delights, brace yourself for the inevitable crash and the unwelcome companion that comes with it: fatigue.
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With things like sugar and soda comes the fatigue hit! So if you're having too much of it, you're more likely to get a healthy dose of 'crash' and fatigue that you can also get from being dehydrated and/or having too much caffeine. So you may find you lack energy a lot of the time!

45. You're Basically Having All The Caffeine Side Effects

Enter the realm of soda-induced caffeine consequences—a scenario that mirrors the side effects of excessive caffeine intake. If you find yourself grappling with headaches, tiredness, trouble sleeping, jitteriness, and aches and pains, and you haven't been hitting the coffee pot, it might just be your soda habit leading the charge.
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Drinking too much soda can have the same consequences of having too much caffeine, which can leave you with all the main side effects like headaches, tiredness, trouble sleeping, jittery and aches and pains. So if you're having all this without drinking coffee, it'll be the soda!

46. You've Noticed Your Dentist Visits Are More Frequent

If you're finding yourself on a first-name basis with your dentist or scheduling more frequent check-ups than usual, sugary sodas might just be the sneakily sweet culprit behind these dental dilemmas. The impact of sugary sodas on your teeth can unfold a saga of cavities.
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Is your dentist requesting you to come back for a check up much more quickly than they usually would? Or maybe you're finding dentist visits are more often now because of issues with your teeth? All of this could be because of the effects that sugary soda is having on your teeth!

47. Your Recycling Bin Is Full Of Soda Cans

Ah, the telltale signs in the recycling bin—the silent witness to a habit that might have subtly slipped under the radar. It's a scenario many busy individuals can relate to: the evidence of empty soda cans piling up, week after week, signaling a potential overindulgence.
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This one may seem an obvious one, but it's amazing how you can stop keeping track of what you're drinking when you're so busy. The evidence is in the recycling bin at the end of every week - or even every day - when 99% of it is empty soda cans! A clear sign you might be drinking too many!

48. You Feel Older Than You Are

The impact of sugary sodas goes beyond skin deep, not only affecting how old you look but also contributing to how old you feel. When you find yourself contending with aches, pains, weight gain, headaches, and even blurry vision, these are all potential consequences of excessive soda consumption.
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Sugary soda can have an affect on how old you look, but it can also affect how old you feel, too. When you're contending with aches, pains, weight gain, headache and even blurry vision, you're going to end up feeling a lot older than you actually are - so pay attention to how you're feeling!

49. Your Big Toe Is Swollen

It turns out that your soda habit might have implications even for your feet—a part of your body you might not have considered in relation to your beverage choices. An inflamed big toe could be more than just an isolated ache; it might be signaling the onset of gout.
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You might not have thought to look at your feet in relation to drinking soda, but an inflamed big toe can be a sign of gout - which can be triggered by drinking too much high fructose corn syrup, found in - you guessed it - soda! Joint pain and gout specifically can be awkward side effects.

50. Do You Have A Stooped Posture?

Surprisingly, your soda habit might be influencing more than just your taste buds and waistline—it could be subtly impacting your posture as well. In an era dominated by smartphones and desk jobs, where slouched shoulders and stooped postures are already common, the additional factor of sugary sodas can further exacerbate the situation.
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Most people these days have bad posture with so many of us looking down at our phones or working desk jobs, but a stooped posture could be a sign of drinking too much soda. This is because of how sugary sodas negatively impact bone density, which can result in spine issues.