Signs Your Other Half Isn’t Attracted To You

By molly atherton 7 months ago

They've actually physically recoiled from you

Image source / Semi-Partisan PoliticsYou might think this level of repulsion only happens in the movies, but alas, it can happen in real life. You might have seen them physically pull back as quickly as possible if you've tried to kiss them, or get cl to them, or even made the effort to reach out and touch them.Original content sourced from

They've been unable to hide that disgusted look on their face

Image source / WorldWideInterwebAnd with the physical recoil might come the disgusted look on their face which tells you all you need to know about how they feel about you. We've all had experience othe f pretending we're fine when we're not, or forcing a smile when we don't want to, so it takes a lot ofdiscomfortst to actually not be able to hide such a disgusted look on your face!

They've started pointing out your flaws

Image source / ProfiledThey might never actually outright say 'I'm not attracted to you', but you might have noticed them suddenly pointing out certain negative things they think about you, as though they're only realising it for the first time. Like oh your hair actually is a little too bushy, isn't it? Did youused to be able to fit in those jeans? Your laugh is a little bit loud, isn't it? (Oh, and by 'flaws' we mean things that are absolutely perfect about you - because don't let anyone else make you feel bad about yourself!).

They're suddenly the busiest person on the planet

Image source / RedditAt the beginning of your relationship ,you might always have had time for each other. And everyone gets busy, there's nothing wrong with that - but if they're suddenly busy with absolutely anything and everything that isn't you, without a single second to spare for you, they may be avoiding you by making sure their calendar is full to the brim.

Or they're making up excuses to fill their time so they don't have to talk to you

Image source / RedditThis one is more likely if you live togethe, because they're trying to do anything to be away from you - in a different room, most likely. If you make efforts to talk to them or do something with them, they might say, 'Oh sorry, just need to quickly have a shower, then I need to finish off some work, I really want to finish this book but I need peace and quiet so I'll just be in the next room all night, but please don't come in, okay bye'.

They can't get an erection/physically aroused

Image source / People.comLet's just start by saying that you can be in a healthy, happy relationship where you both fancy the pants off each other, but still struggle to get physically aroused, because there are many things that can affect this, like stress and health. But it also makes sense that you wouldn't be able to get physically aroused by someone you're just not attracted to - at least not if you're not really forcing yourself to get into it.

If they do kiss you, it's like they can't get away fast enough

Image source / FAIL Blog - CheezburgerIt's like they're playing a game of Truth or Dare and someone has told them to kiss their great-aunt on the lips or something. They screw their face up, go in for a kiss and your lips barely touch before they're getting the heck out of there. It shows that they're trying their best but they really, really don't want to kiss you. It's like it's a chore.

They act as you owe them if they have been physically intimate with you

Image source / eBaySpeaking of chores - if they're not attracted to you but they're really trying to not make it obvious by kissing you and being physically intimate with you, they may then get this complex that they've done you a favor, or that they owe you something. It might show its head if you're arguing and they say something like, 'after everything I've been doing, like showering you with kisses and hugs and giving you my attention, and now you're having a go at me?'. Eye roll.

They only kiss you on the cheek or forehead

Image source / Runt Of The WebNow, this can be cute if you're in a healthy relationship where you're also having a decent snog all the time, too. But if they're only ever kissing you on the cheek or forehead and not the lips, it's like you're a family member or something, or just a way for them to say they've been kissing you but not actually have to force themselves to kiss you properly.

You've seen messages about how you're not attractive

Image source / RedditThis might have been a message from them you happened to read, or a message from their friend popped up on their notification screen. Whether accidentally or on purpose reading your partner's messages, you might have seen a conversation where they were either sayioutrightght they don't find you attractive, or talking about how they're struggling to be physically intimate with you.

Or, you've overheard phone calls

Image source / RedditI don't know whether this is worse or better than reading a message about it, but maybe you've overheard a phone call instead, where your partner has been talking in the other room to someone about how they're struggling to find you attractive, or don't want to kiss you or have sex with you. Maybe you feel like you can't confront them about it because you don't want it to seem like you were eavesdropping!

You've seen their Google search history

Image source / RedditSome people, in not finding a partner attractive, may then turn to that trusty friend: Google. They may have forgotten to clear their browser history,or left some tabs open, and you can see that they've been searching sfor omething not-so-subtle like, 'What to do if you don't find your partner attractive'.

They look at you with a blank expression

Image source / Know Your MemeIf they can force themselves to make eye contact with you, it might be no better because they'll look at you with a completely blank or disinterested expression like they have no energy for what you're talking about, or don't want to deal with you right now. Or, they might not even be listening to you at all.

You've found them on a dating app

Image source / RedditThey might not have cheated on you, or maybe mmadeno intention of cheating on you, but they might have made a dating app just to look at what else is out there without doing anything about it. Or maybe just to look at the photos and profiles of people they are attracted to, just to fill that piece that's missing from their relationship with you.

People keep asking you if you and your partner have talked lately

Image source / WikipediaYou might be getting a weird vibe - and weird questions - from friends and family of your partner. They could keep asking you (trying to act casual while doing so) if you've sat down and spoken to your partner yet, or if they've said anything to you. This could be a hint that your partner has been telling his nearest and dearest about relationship problems or that they don't find you attractive, so his loved ones might be curious whether you've spoken about it yet.

They keep trying to get you to roleplay/dress up

Image source / RedditRoleplay is a fun way for couples to explore fantasies and bond in the bedroom - it doesn't mean you're not attracted to each other outside of costumes and roleplaying. But if your partner isn't showing you any sexual interest at all, but keeps pushing you to dress up or roleplay for sex, it could be because they're trying to make you look a completely different way in the hope of being attracted to that.

They don't laugh at your jokes anymore

Image source / Know Your MemeUnless your sense of humor has taken a serious turn for the worst, there's no other explanation for your partner not laughing at your jokes anymore other than the fact that they're less interested in you, or their lack of attraction means they don't have time and patience for anything you have to say - including you trying to be funny.

And they don't seem to find any joy in things that used to make the two of you happy

Image source / TwitterYou remember the days when you used to laugh together at the simplest things, whether at home or out and about, and find joy in little things at a couple. But now, that's completely gone - at least on their end. They don't show any joy in the things you used to bond over or which you used to laugh together about.

They're actually repulsed by your hobbies or interests

Image source / you stop being attracted to someone or start thinking negatively, you get a more harsh and pessimistic mindset about a person, which means your hobbies and interests might be taking a hit, too. They might be actually even more repulsed by you through what you enjoy doing. If you're an avid exercise fan and hit the gym most days, for example, they might make a point of pointing out how sweaty you are and how they hate it when you come home from the gym.

They only touch you to move you out of the way

Image source / PinterestYou may get a sudden thrill when you see your partner reaching out for you in the kitchen when you're cooking together, only to have them nudge you out of the way because they're trying to cook. You might see them suddenly lunge for you on the sofa and get excited, only to have them move you to find the remote.

Their body language is way off

Image source / Simple WikipediaTheir body language isn't open and inviting as it should be in a healthy relationship - it's like they can't get further away from you with the vibe they're giving off. They're completely closed off and guarded, often with folded arms or turned away from you, in a way that says they really don't want you to come near them, or even give the impression that that's what they want.

They always make sure to put some distance between you, no matter where you are

Image source / RedditThere's always a lack of physical proximity - you can't actually remember the last time they stood close to you. No matter what you're doing, they always make sure to put some distance between the two of you. This could be sitting at the opposite end of the sofa, or sitting on a chair furthest away from you if you're eating together at the table.

They don't invite you to their work parties

Image source / RedditWhen you have separate jobs and there's a social event, like a work party, there's two ways this can go. Either they can't wait to introduce you and show you off to their colleagues, or they really, really do not want you there, and want to keep that part of their life separate. If they don't invite you, it could be a sign that they don't want people to see you.

Nobody at their work even knows what you look like

Image source / GeekWireWhen you have a partner in the workplace, it's natural for someone, at some point, to say 'oh what does your partner look like?' or to share photos from your latest vacation. Maybe even have a framed photograph on your desk. If nobody at their work even knows what you look like, it's a sign they haven't wanted to share any photos or details about you with their colleagues.

Your partner doesn't share their thoughts, feelings, or plans with you anymore

Image source / Know Your MemeIf they're distancing themselves from you because they're not attracted to you anymore, they're very unlikely to want to openly share their thoughts, feeling,s or plans with you. They might not care about your opinion enough to want to share them, or it might be that sharing those things means talking to you, or making eye contact with you - which is a big no.

They make decisions without asking you, consulting you or talking it through with you

Image source / Mason PlumleeIn a happy relationship where you feel the same about each other, it's a team effort - you always talk through the big decisions together. But if they've suddenly started making big decisions without consulting you, or even small decisions for stuff they would usually ask your opinion on, it can be a sign they're pulling away from you.

You're always met with silence or monosyllabic answers if you try and talk

Image source / ImgflipI don't know which is worse, the complete silence in response to something you've asked, or the 'yeah' or 'no' answers without any additional input. This could happen no matter what you're talking about, whether everyday things or big questions. You might ask them how their day has been only to get a shrug and no respons, or ask them what they want for dinner to get ane word, unhelpful reply.

They post about everyone but you on social media

Image source / RedditTheir social media pages may be riddled with selfies, recent trips out with a bunch of mates, or family members - basically, everyone in their life but you. Even if you've shared a vacation or trip together, they might only post the photos of scenery or with just them in the photo, and none of you. And if you tag them in a photo, they might untag themselves.

They don't want to tell you about any new experiences they've had

Image source / RedditWhether it's their first day at a new job, their first workout at a new gym, a new restaurant they've found, or a new bubble bath they've tried - they just don't want to tell you about it, no matter how big or small, or no matter what it is. They aren't excited to share with you any new experiences they've had, or any new places they've visited.

They're always commenting on how other people look, in a positive way

Image source / Nick NotasYou might be enjoying a day out together when they comment on how good certain passers-by look, or how a particular item of clothing looks great on that woman or man over there. They might say 'Oh I like her hair', or they might say the other person in that photo you're showing them looks great, without saying a single thing about the way you look.

They are not affectionate with you

Image source/ PinterestAffection is pretty much the biggest tell-tale sign. If we are attracted to our other half and we fancy them, then often we cannot keep our hands off them or we just want to be close to them. People can show affection in multiple ways, be it kisses or hugs, or cuddles for example.

They feel no chemistry on their half

Image source/ celebspotterChemistry does not mean being intimate, it is a feeling, a vibe, or a connection between two people. If it's there - you can feel it. In fact, sometimes when people have such strong chemistry together other people can feel it too. If you don't feel the chemistry and you are attracted to them then perhaps, they are not attracted to you.

They never take you on dates

Image source/ RedditDates are a time to connect or reconnect and feel the romance in our busy schedules. No matter how long you've been together, date nights or date days are a really important way to keep the spark and romance with your other half. If they've stopped organising dates with you then this could be a sign, they are not attracted to you.

They avoid physical contact

Image source/ InstagramIf your other half is not attracted to you then one of the biggest giveaway signs is when he is avoiding physical contact. Physical contact, when you want to touch someone or make some kind of physical touch, happens when you have a level of attraction. Often, the more attracted you are the more you make physical contact with a partner.

They feel emotionally distant

Image source/ WiredIt's not only physical contact that shows how much someone is attracted to you. Emotional connection is also a massive part of this. Often a deep emotional connection makes someone more attracted to you. And so, if you feel the emotional connection has changed then perhaps their attraction has also changed.

They don't message you when you aren't together

Image source/ hearthealthyWe all know the feeling when we're totally interested in someone... we can't stop messaging them. 'Hey', 'what you are doing', 'how's work?'.... literally anything we can find an excuse to talk about. And if someone's doing the same with you, then they're attracted to you and want to speak to you all the time. If not, then maybe it's a sign.

They avoids making plans with you

Image source/ PinterestIf you're other half is making plans and he isn't inviting, you then you have to wonder what's up. Of course, it's more than healthy to spend time with your friends separately or doing separate hobbies. But if it's all the time then it could just be a sign that they aren't that attracted to you.

They prefer hanging out with friends to you

Image source/ mediamates'Sorry no I can't do tonight I have this thing with my mates', you know when you start to hear this almost every time you try and spend time with your boyfriend that somethings up or they have not got their priorities straight. So, maybe it's time to ask them straight - are you still attracted to me?

They treat you more like a friend

Image source/ PinterestNobody, especially anyone in a relationship, wants to be put into the friendzone. No-one wants to become 'mate' rather than 'babe'. In fact, if he/she does start treating you as more of a mate then maybe it is due to a lack of attraction on their end...

They don't take an interest in your interests

Image source/ spottedThis is a classic, we all know when we're interested and attracted to someone, we take an interest in their interest. Whether that interest is collecting stamps or something really boring, it doesn't matter, because you interested purely because you are interested in the person.

They don't try and be intimate with you

Image source/ blogspotOkay, here's a nig one. Intimacy. It is one of the hugest signs of attraction. If you both feel that butterfly feeling or the urge to rip one another's clothes off, you know for sure that you are both attracted to each other. And, if intimacy has stopped - then perhaps the attraction has gone.

They don't try and impress you

Image source/ IntagramImpressing one another and trying to impress your partner is just a part of a relationship. Yes, it is not like the honeymoon phase or the initial budding romance period for the entire relationship. But this doesn't mean that you completely stop trying to impress each other from time to time if you are both attracted to one another still.

They never compliment you

Image source/ blogspotCompliments are very telling. If someone keeps complimenting, you then it is a huge and obvious sign that this person is attracted to you. Now, some people just aren't the complimentary type. But, generally speaking if your other half is attracted to you then you will receive a compliment now and then.

They never ask your opinion on how they look

Image source/ goatPresumably, your partner is beautiful in your eyes. And you are in theirs. But there's a small part of us that likes that reassurance from our other half, the part where we need to be told we look good. Unless you are already telling them, if your partner never asks you how they look or if you like their new pair of jeans then perhaps, they have lost their attraction.

They don't take an interest in your personal life

Image source/ MirrorTaking an interest in our other halves personal life, and whatever comes along with that, is crucial to a healthy relationship. This might mean spending time with their family or mingling with their friends. This is something we do when we love and are attracted to someone. If they don't, perhaps you need to ask them, why?

They don't like spending alone time together

Image source/ FacebookAlone time with just the two of you is really important in any relationship to keep the romance alive and keep up to date with one another and check in. If they are not attracted to you however, then they will try and avoid spending this quality alone time together.

They don't ask questions when you are talking

Image source/ TodayThe way to show you are engaged when someone is speaking is not just to listen, it's to ask questions. This lets the other person know that you are interested. Interest and attraction go hand in hand, without one the other may also go along with it.

They avoid eye contact

Image source/ dreamstimeEye contact is all about being engaged with someone. Looking into someone's eyes tells us a lot about a person - the eyes are the windows to the soul after all. When your partner starts avoiding eye contact then it could be a sign that they have lost their attraction to you.

They talk about other girls/guys with you

Image source/ PinterestAs somebody's partner, the last thing you want to hear about is them talking about other girls/ guys with you. It can naturally make you worry that they are attracted to someone else. Especially if you have been noticing that they are paying them more interest than you.

They don't talk about your future together

Image source/ PinterestTalking about your future together and about all your future plans shows someone that they have the intention of being with you. If not, it suggests that they do not see you two together long term. As such, this could be due to multiple facts, one being that they have lost the attraction.

They don't miss you when you are not together

Image source/ MemepageDistance makes the heart grow fonder - or that's what they say at least. Perhaps you do not feel that this is the case? If they do not miss you when you are not together then this is a sign that they maybe are not attracted to you and so they do not crave being together.

They don't ask you out with his friends

Image source/ HiffpostIt's never a good sign when your other half does not want to mix you and their friends together. And if it's not a problem on your end, or their end, then maybe it's because your partner isn't not that attracted to you and doesn't want you all hanging out together.

They complement other people

Image source/ RedditWhen your partner compliments other people it could be in a totally platonic way, only you will know. But if they are not complimenting you and they are complimenting other people then perhaps this shows that they are attracted to other people rather than you.

They make no effort around you

Image source/ worthalikeMaking no effort comes in a variety of ways. This can be physical effort, emotional effort, or effort with themselves. For example, are they not bothering to brush their hair or brush their teeth around you or wear clean clothes anymore? This could be a sign that they are no longer attracted to you.

They don't make any effort for special occasions

Image source/ PinterestBirthday's, valentines, anniversary's...these are all perfect opportunities to show someone how much they mean to you. Regardless of if you spend money, it's all about the effort. A meaningful card, a few rose petals - all these are ways for your partner to show they are into you.

They have suggested you change up your look

Image source/ spottedNo remember, you shouldn't change for someone because they want you to change. It should only ever be because YOU want to do it for YOU. And so, if your boyfriend is asking you to dress differently or look different then he's probably not attracted to you...

They have started to act gross around you

Image source/ blogspotUsually, when we're attracted to someone, we don't want us to see them in gross states, for example on the toilet or picking our toenails or burping around them. Each relationship is different, but if they start to do this and they do not care how gross they are being with you it could be a sign that their attraction to you has gone.

They are not bothered about making you happy anymore

Image source/ PinterestWhen we are attracted to someone, we want to make them happy, it's only natural. We want to please them and do things for them to make them happy because we want them to love us. And so, if this seems to have stopped, it's definitely a sign he's no longer attracted to you.

You catch them checking out other people

Image source/ MetroOkay so this is totally not cool if you catch your partner checking out other girls. And, either he's being disrespectful, or he's not attracted to you anymore and so he's looking for other girls he does find attractive. Either way, this is something you'll have to talk to him about.

They have told you

Image source/ YouTubeI mean it really doesn't get more obvious than this. If he's said it outright, then chances are he really means it - he's not attracted to you. And this is a massive kick for our self-esteem if someone tells us this. But it's best to remember that there are plenty more fish in the sea who will find you extremely attractive and will appreciate your worth.

There's Always Doubt There

Image Source / Pinata FarmsAt the end of the day, there shouldn't be any doubt that your partner is attracted to you in a healthy and happy relationship - it should go without saying. So if there is even the tiniest bit of doubt there, it shows that something has happened to make you have that doubt, suggesting that they're not attracted to you.

They Never Speak Physically To You - Only Through Technology

Image Source / YouTubeIf they're not attracted to you, they may be feeling guilty at best or, at worst, can't stand to look at you because it's just a reminder of what's missing for them. So you may find that they only ever speak to you through technology, like instant messaging, so that they don't have to hear your voice or see your face - or at the very least, avoid it as much as possible!

You Never Sext Or Flirt Over Message

Image Source / Daily MailWhen you're attracted to someone in your relationship, it doesn't just count in the bedroom. It's normal to send a saucy text to your partner, to sext them when you're away from each other, or just to be generally flirty. So if you never, ever get those kind of messages - even messages saying they're looking forward to kissing and cuddling you later - it's a sign.

You Feel In Limbo

Image Source / KLBJ 93.7 FMYou might feel as though they're holding out for something more - or maybe someone else who they're more attracted to. You get the feeling that you're just an 'option' to them, as though you're on the backburner, a choice they might make if they become desperate, or a back up plan if they can't find anyone else. It all feels a bit in limbo.

Your Sex Life Hasn't Progressed At All

Image Source / TwitterYou might have a sex life, but it might feel as though there's not much interest in trying new things. When you're attracted to your partner, it's normal to want to do different things to each other, find new ways of pleasure or experiment. So if there's absolutely no interest in progressing or trying anything new, it could be because they don't have a lot of interest in your physically.

Maybe You Haven't Even Had Sex

Image Source / History | HowStuffWorksThere's nothing wrong with this if it's for the right reasons, such as you're waiting until marriage or it's a personal choice for either of you. It doesn't mean that you're not in a healthy or happy relationship. The problem is if you're both people who happily have sex in a relationship, but you haven't. And there's no reason why you haven't, it's just not happening.

They Turn The Lights Off If You Do Get Intimate

Image Source / WikipediaAgain, there's nothing wrong with this if it's a choice you're both happy with - lights-off sex can be intimate and fun, after all. The problem is if they're only ever wanting to do it with the lights off. This could be a hint that they don't want to look at you, or that they can only get aroused by thinking of something else with the lights off.

They Treat You Like A Booty Call

Image Source / Simple WikipediaYou might think this means they're attracted to you, but it can mean the opposite. It could mean that they're not attracted enough to you to have regular sex with you in a healthy way, and only use you to satisfy any sexual urges they have in the moment when they can't get it from anybody else.

They Project

Image Source / Psychology TodayIf you bring up the idea that maybe the attraction is lacking, or that you don't think they're attracted to you, they may project their own issues and insecurities onto you, or try and twist it. They may say you've got it wrong and try to imply that it's you that isn't attracted to them, or get defensive about it.

Or, They Deflect

Image Source / Know Your MemeAlternatively, if you ask them straight about whether they're attracted to you or why it feels like they're not, they might completely deflect. They might immediately change the subject, refuse to answer or pretend they didn't hear you. It all points to the fact that they don't want to talk about it, because they know you're right.

They Don't Like Taking Photos With You

Image Source / PinterestThey might cringe when they look at photos of you together, because it means they have to be once again reminded of the fact that they're not attracted to you, because you don't look attractive to them in photos either. They may then try to take as little photos as possible so that they don't have to deal with that fact, or pretend that it's a 'great picture' of you.

Or, They Don't Like Going Through Old Photos Of You Together

Image Source / PinterestThis could also apply to old pictures of you together, especially if you're in a serious relationship and they've realised they're not attracted to you. They might not enjoy looking at your wedding photos, anniversary photos or photos of old dates, because it might remind them that you were never attractive to them or 'what was I thinking' type vibe.

They Always Have An Excuse For Not Being Physically Intimate

Image Source / SayingImages.comExcuses for not wanting sex sometimes are completely valid, because you can be attracted to someone but just not in the mood. But the issue is when your partner always has an excuse, no matter what. Oh I'm up early for work, I'm tired, I have a headache, I'm ill... all of this, but all the time, any time you try to initiate sex.

If You Get Attention From Someone Else, They're Immediately Jealous

Image Source / WIREDAnother problem with this situation is that even if they're not attracted to you, they can still be threatened by someone who is, and act jealous. They may be struggling physically but they may also think that they don't want you to find a new relationship with someone else who can satisfy you physically, or find the idea of someone else finding you attractive difficult to understand.

They're Quick To Shoot Down Your Confidence

Image Source / Woman's WorldIf they're not attracted to you, they may find it difficult to understand why you have confidence in yourself, or why you might feel attractive. They don't think you are, so how can you think you are? So if you get confidence from anything physically, like 'Oh I feel amazing in this dress! Doesn't it make me look sexy?' they may be quick to say that it doesn't look right on you, even if it does.

They Give Backhanded Compliments

Image Source / CNNCompliments don't count if they're backhanded, and a backhanded compliment about your appearance definitely doesn't mean they're attracted to you. They may say that you look 'surprisingly nice' today, or that your hair 'looks good to say that it's a bit of a mess'. Anything like that is just them struggling to pay you a real compliment.

They Constantly Tell You That They Like Your Personality

Image Source / ImgflipOf course, personality is more important, and it's still nice to hear that someone loves the person you are inside. But if they're only interested in the person you are on the inside, it's more a platonic relationship and not a sexual one. So if they're only ever telling you that you have a 'great personality', it can mean that they're just not attracted to you.

They've Cheated On You

Image Source / CheezburgerThe most obvious sign they're not attracted to you, and especially if you guys aren't having sex, is that they've cheated on you. It means they've looked for sexual satisfaction elsewhere, and decided to cheat with someone who they do get physically turned on by. It doesn't matter if they've only cheated once and said they'll never do it again - they've still done it.

You Sleep Separately

Image Source / The GuardianThere are many reasons why separate beds can work in a healthy relationship, like if one of you snores or if you have opposite shift patterns and don't want to disturb each other. The problem is if your partner has suggested separate beds for no apparent reason, and won't explain why. It could be a sign that they just don't want to be physically intimate with you, and it's easier to sleep apart from you then have to constantly say no to your advances in bed.

They Buy You Things To Control The Way You Look

Image Source / PinterestSomeone who is not attracted to you might try to turn you into their idea of what they find attractive. They might start to buy you certain clothes that aren't your usual style, but they're a style they would usually find attractive. They might convince you to get a certain hair cut, or wear your makeup a certain way. It could be their attempts at making you more attractive to them.

There's ZERO sexual chemistry

Image source/CNNThis is a huge red flag, tell tale, sign on the forehead - the attraction has gone. If you feel it from your half then you ha realise that it's completely lacking on their side. Even when you try to spice things up... Sexual chemistry is the pinnacle of attraction.

You compliment them and they never return it

Image source/RedditYou: 'Wow babe, you look gorgeous today.' Them: 'Thanks...'. I mean we aren't compliment that you only give a compliment to get one in return. But, generally speaking some of the time you give a compliment your loved one should respond with at least a 'you too!'.

They turn their head when you try and kiss them

Image source/wiredYou go in for a romantic spontaneous kiss... and they turn your head away from you letting you plant one on their cheek instead of their lips. And you'll probably feel that there's nothing more humiliating than this - facing rejection from your own partner.

They are embarrassed about people they know seeing you

Image source/RedditWhen you're walking along and they literally steer you into the side street or cross over to avoid people seeing you both together it's kinda clear there's a problem. And, if it's the fact they don't want to be seen with you then maybe they are experiencing a huge lack of attraction.

They pretend to be asleep so they don't have to do the deed with you!

Image source/RedditFeeling rejected has to be one of the worst feelings in a relationship. And if you want to initiate some sexy time, but your partner pretends to be asleep then this is a massive known on your self esteem knowing that they are no longer attracted and really want to avoid intimate times.

When you ask them if you look nice they reply 'yeah, sure'

Image source/InstagramEvery person wants to feel compliments and adored by their partner. But when you don't fee this it can make you feel insecure and you may crave that reassurance. So, you might ask them, 'well do I look okay?' And if they reply along the lines of 'sure'... then you know their attraction has well and truly fizzled.

They tell you 'you're punching'

Image source/twitterIt's a normal insecurity that sometimes people worry they are adequate for their partner and your partner should totally reassure you that you are the most beautiful person in the world. But, instead you might find that they are talking about how you are lucky to be with them - even if it is a so called 'joke'.

You're out in a group and they try not to sit with you

Image source/RedditIf you're out in a group setting you may notice that when it comes to sitting down to dinner, your boyfriend somehow manages to slip away and end up at the other end of the table to you with people in-between so that he does not even have to look or speak to you.

Or, they sit next to you so they don't have to sit opposite you

Image source/RedditSitting opposite to your partner on a date night or just at the table as you sit down for dinner can be really romantic because it is a time to reconnect and make eye contact. But, they might try and avoid this by sitting next to you instead so that they don't have to look at you.

They've started acting like you don't even exist

Image source/RedditDoes your partner act like you don't even exist, like you are not even there half the time. Maybe this is their way of shutting you out due to their dying attraction to you. But, this can make things worse because you will feel totally ignored and overlooked by your partner causing more strain in the relationship.

They describe their type and it's nothing like you

Image source/celebspotterNo partner every wants to hear them describe their ideal romantic partner, their perfect match, their usual type - and it sounds literally nothing like you. Erm, why are you even with me then? This is one sign he is letting you know that they aren't attracted to you.

And like they can't even see you

Image source/RedditCan they even see you? Do they even look at you anymore? It may feel like they do not even see you anymore. When attraction goes from a relationship, you no longer look at one another in the same way, whether it is that them that has lost their attraction to you or you have lost your attraction to them.

They've told you you should get a new look

Image source/PinterestYour look is your look, and your choice. Maybe you partner is trying to rediscover their attraction to you and suggest that you should try new things. Maybe they are even basing these preferences off other people that they know - and are attracted to...

They take ages to respond to your texts even when they're online

Image source/memeguySo they're online talking to someone, but it's not you! You've messaged them, you're waiting a reply, but it seems they'd rather scroll Insta or read some Facebook posts before actually replying to you. Their friend on the other hand will receive a message in no time at all.

They only kiss you when they ask you to

Image source/RankerKisses usually come naturally and come freely when you're in a relationship, unless you've been together many, many years and it happens less frequently. But when you're partner isn't attracted to you they definitely will not initiate a kiss and may only respond when you literally ask them for one.

They call you the wrong name in bed

Image source/RedditIf they are calling you by the wrong name in bed then this a seriously concerning sign. It might show that because they are not attracted to you, they are fantasising about someone else rather than you and then saying their name by accident instead of yours.

They've started liking other people's pictures

Image source/cbsLiking pictures may be fine, unless your partner starts liking inappropriate pictures, or pictures of ex-romantic partners or pictures of potential romantic partners. Then, this is not okay and needs to be addressed, as it is not fair on you!

Things just feel really awkward

Image source/RedditSometimes when things get to a point in a relationship where everything just feels awkward, it's because the attarction from your oartner has gone. Therefore, the natural lust and flow of a relationship stops and things don't feel the same way as they used to.

They laugh when you try to be sexy and initiate something

Image source/blogspotIt can take a lot of guts to inititiate soemthing, especially of you've been shut down in the past. And, the worst way your partner can respond is by laughing at you or laughing the attempt off as though you were joking to avoid being intimate with you.

They drop your hand when you see people out

Image source/PinterestYou're walking out and about and you reach for their hand to hold it whilst you're out in public, a subtle form of PDA to show your affection. They may have reciprocated. But, then as soon as they see someone else they drop your hand and move away!

They're never excited with you

Image source/nowtodayExcitement is what gives a relationship its spark. Have you noticed your partner isn't ever excited anymore? No matter how long you've been together, it's still an important part of the relationship. Being excited to see each other, excited to spend time with each other.

The spark has well and truly fizzled out

Image source/RedditThe spark can come and go, it's important to keep it alive always bubbling away so that it does not totally fizzle out because once it has, it is very hard to get back. But, if they are not attracted to you then the spark may feel like it's well and truly gone!

They ghost you

Image source/pinterestNobody wants to be ghosted by anyone, never mind your other half! Being left on read is completely disheartening. If you've noticed they start ghosting you then the attraction may just not be there to make them want to continue making an effort and keep talking to you.

It feels like you are putting in all of the effort, with none back

Image source/RedditIt might feel like you are making all of the effort in the relationship, like it's totally one sided. They may have checked out of they are no longer attracted to you and so they are not bothering to put in the effort that they may once have done in the past.

They enviously talk about other relationships

Image source/RedditYou might notice that your partner seems really jealous of other, happy couples who are very in love and attracted to each other. They might make comments even about how they are so happy and in love and they are envious because they no longer feel that way about you.

They start talking about old romantic partners

Image source/coupleblogjokesEveryone has a past, sure, but no-one wants to HEAR about it. Maybe apart from that one conversation at the beginning of the relationship, or throughout the relationship as necessary. But if they're dropping in little anecdotes here and there - no thank you...

They never text first

Image source/PinterestThe matter of who texts first fizzles out within the first month or two of dating. So nobody cares in a relationship who texts first. Unless, it's literally only ever you initiating the conversation when you are not with them and if you didn't, they'd never even bother.

They NEVER like your social media posts

Image source/RedditSocial media is not the be all and end all. But, in this day and age it can be quite telling and can alert you to some strange behaviours in a partner because that's the age we live in. Do they always like other people's posts and not yours? This could be a sign.

And they never repost even if you tag them

Image source/RedditNow, if your partner is big on their social media presence, then they should be reposting you when you tag them in stories. If they didn't really do social media then fine, it's completely understandable. But otherwise, maybe again they are avoiding being seen with you.