Signs Your Guardian Angel Is With You

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Unveil celestial presence! Explore the subtle cues that signify your guardian angel's companionship and guidance on life's mystical journey.

1. Finding Feathers

One of the most common signs of a guardian angel making its presence felt is finding a feather on your path.  When coming across a feather in an unusual place ......Image source Daily ExpressThis is thought to be an especially powerful sign from above.  Also, if the feather is white, it's an indication of an angel watching over you.Originally sourced from Femanin.

2. Tingling Sensation On Your Skin

In addition to feeling warmth, angelic energy can feel a bit like a gentle tingle on your skin, often the face. This is a positive feeling although you might think it's a bit weird.Image source SpiritIt happens when your vibration starts to raise due to being in the presence of a sweet angel!  This spiritual connection is thought to be a subtle enhancing intuition.

3. Warmth

A feeling of warmth and a flush of warm light energy can be a clear sign of angels.  When a non-physical spiritual being begins to move their energy down into our world.Image source InsiderThey move through the layers of etheric life force energy to manifest.  The first layer of energy that they move through is the warmth ether.

4. Flickering Lights

Angelic energy is very powerful.  When you are in the presence of angels, the actual lighting around you may show signs of this sudden increase of energy.Image source NWAThe angel sign could take the form of the lights around you such as a lamp in your room flickering or it may turn lights off and on.

5. Clouds Shaped Like An Angel

One of the most obvious signs that your guardian angel is protecting you happens through the clouds, when you see one that looks just like an angel.Image source Kent OnlineYour angel may also draw your awareness towards clouds that look like hearts, as well as other shapes, to  draw your awareness to their presence.

6. A Gentle Breeze

If you feel a gentle breeze or the movement of air, when you are at home and the windows are closed, is another undeniable angel sign.Image source PinterestIt can sometimes happen if you are sitting quietly on your own in a room or if you are meditating.  You may feel a sense of something moving in the room but there's nothing there.

7. Lovely Scents

If you have ever noticed a nice, sweet scent and been unable to identify where it's coming from, this may well be a sign from your angels.Image source News DirectIt is thought angels try to make their presence felt through aromas.  Scent can be a commonly used sign from your ancestors and loved ones who have passed over.

8. Babies And Pets Spotting Something

Babies and animals haven't yet taken on many of the filters which block people's ability to clearly see the angels.  If you have ever noticed babies looking up ......Image source Higgy PopThey start smiling at the ceiling or staring at a blank spot on the wall - they could well be looking at a guardian angel.  Many parents of young children believe this.

9. Finding Coins In Front Of You

Finding coins on your path is a common sign of guidance and support from the spirit word.  Also, if someone gives you a coin, check the date as it may hold a meaning for you.Image source Big ChiWhat were you thinking before you noticed or received the coin? If you were struggling with a decision or thinking about a loved one, chances are your angel is close by.

10. Hearing Angelic Music

Angels may communicate with you through recurring songs on the radio and can send messages through music.  Be mindful of the guidance which comes to you from angels through this music.Image source Learn ReligionThis may be especially experienced if you wake up with a song in your head and it answers a question you've been mulling over for ages.

11. Sparkles Of Light

Seeing unexplained shimmers or flashes of light around you could be a clear angel sign.  This may take the form of a bright star or shafts of light, both which catch your eye and cause you to think.Image source KalaIf you close your eyes and the light is still there, you may have been blessed with an angel caring for you.  It's a gentle reminder that even when unseen, the radiant presence of a guardian angel remains steadfast.

12. Seeing Lights While Meditating

If you have ever meditated with your eyes closed and suddenly your inner vision is filled with light and a sparkling glowing energy, you might be attracting angelic energy.Image source QuoraYou have allowed yourself to channel a level we all possess but few can tap into it and feel the angel's presence.  Embrace it and feel the love.

13. Crown Chakra Tingles

Feeling weird with a tingling sensation and warmth at the very top of your head, called you crown chakra, can be a really clear angel sign.Image source Anna SayceThe tingles are thought to happen when angels are close by and they are helping you open up to their frequency so they can connect with you.

14. Seeing Orbs

Witnessing orbs of light can be taken as an angel sign. You may see them somewhere in the air or even capture photos of them.Image source Haunted RoomsIt is important to know that dust on your camera lens or taking a picture into the sun can cause orbs so be sure to question if this is the case before you allow yourself to have connected with an angel.

15. Noticing Rainbows

Rainbows are said to be a symbol of divine love. When you ask for angelic help and shortly afterwards a rainbow appears, your prayers might have been answered.Image source Watch & LearnA rainbow orb around the moon or seeing a double rainbow appearing when it hasn't even been raining. can be an extra special sign to you.

16. Temperature Change In The Room

When you're in the presence of angels, you could experience a change in temperature.  This can be an amazing validation that your angels are with you.Image source Greater GoodYou may suddenly feel a warm glowing light around you or the exact opposite, getting the chills or starting to feel cold at the back of your neck, both angel signs.

17. Feeling Like An Angel Is Near

If you feel like you are in the presence of an angel then it's likely that you actually are.  You may feel like somebody walked past you when there's no one there.Image source Woot & HammyOr you may get the impression someone is in the room with you when there isn't.  This could be your angels being subtle with their wings of love.

18. Feeling Joy, Peace And Love

Angels are said to be incredible beings of peace and wisdom as they are the messengers of God.  They have a way of evoking a sense of emotional warmth, love, harmony and peace.Image source World Of HopeWhen you experience this angel sign, you feel unconditional love and, more importantly, comfort.  Their ethereal presence is a source of celestial harmony, enriching the spirit with divine grace.

19. Feeling Of Being Touched

Another genuine sign of angels is when you are certain you can physically feel as if your hair is being lightly brushed or your arm is being stroked.Image source InsiderIt's so gentle that you can question yourself as to whether you are imagining it or not.  This can happen when your angels really want to alert you to their presence.

20. Signs Or Advertisements On Billboard

If you ask for guidance from your angels, you should stay open and alert and you may start noticing a certain word or phrase on a number of advertising bords, shop signs or street names.Image source FlickrThis might sound corny but it is thought to be a sure sign of help from a higher plain.  As much as you tell yourself it's a coincidence, deep down you don't actually think it is.

21. Hearing Whispered Voices

When you hear a message in your head or you think you heard a whispered voice which seems to appear out of nowhere, you may be experiencing the messages of your angels.Image source News MedicalIf you can't hear clearly what is being said, ask your angel to speak a bit louder so you can understand.   This is a beautiful sign of their presence.

22. Seeing Angel Numbers

One of the most common ways for angels to attempt to get your attention to guide you is through 'Angel Numbers'.  Whether you are sitting in traffic behind a car with 444 on the license plate ......Image source Law Of AttractionOr you seem to look over at the clock at just the right time, say 10.10 exactly when these synchronistic times and angel numbers have specific meanings for you.

23. Seeing Angel Symbols

Seeing images of stereotypical appearances of angels is said to be a sure signs of angels when they simply want to remind you of their existence.Image source Spark Of JoyThe image above of an angel as a human type being with a halo and wings and glowing energy, is one that is commonly associated with this style of imagery.

24. Dreaming Of Being Visited

Dreaming of your Angel visiting you could easily be them trying to communicate a message to you.  The higher powers want you to feel safe and supported.Image source HealthlineThey do this by visiting you during slumber or during vulnerable times in your life.  Believing they are there to support you can help you feel more positive.

25. Human Messengers

You must have heard of the phrase, 'heaven sent' when someone or something good arrives in front of you.  It turns out that angels may use the assistance of another human to deliver a message to you.Image source FreepikAn example would be if you were worried about a problem and you can either open up to this person about it or they inadvertently give you the answer you were hoping for.

26. Butterflies Flying Around You

A butterfly has often been described as sacred and is considered to be a special message from heaven.  If you have recently lost someone close to you, this could well be a sign from an angel.Image source Miller's GuildAngels are sent by God to deliver messages (Luke 1:19) and if a butterfly lands on you or flies around you, that can only be a positive sign.

27. Visits From Birds

During creation God separated the heavens from the waters of the earth but he allowed the 'birds to fly above the earth across the expanse of the heavens' - (Genesis 1:20).Image source Chigwell ToursIt is for this reason that birds are often thought of as being angel messengers. When you see a really special bird such as a cardinal, this could be a message from your guardian angel.

28. Seeing A Dragonfly

Dragonflies are long thought to be carriers of spiritual messages from heaven. A dragonfly is a symbol of change and transformation so feel privileged if one lands on you or nearby.Image source WikipediaThis might be a sign that change is coming soon.  Your guardian angel is reminding you that what you are going through does not have to be permanent and cold be a temporary situation.

29. Discovering Smooth, Odd or Unique Stones

When you notice an odd or unique stone on the ground, you would be right in assuming it was likely placed there for you to see.Image source Antique MalYour guardian angel could be trying to get your attention or just give you a nudge that they are watching over you.  You should pick up the stone and always keep it close by.

30. Finding Personal Items in Strange Places

You may begin to notice angel signs when your personal items begin appearing in the strangest of places.  For instance, you might notice a piece of clothing has been moved out of the drawer.
Image source OA PublishingIt could turn up somewhere else quite unrelated.  This is to make you think about why it happened and could lead you to the thought of an angel being around you which is very reassuring.

31. You Feel A Presence You Can't Explain

A big sign that your guardian angel is with you is sensing that presence. Of course, not all strange presences have to be guardian angels (if you believe in that thing it could be a ghost or other type of energy).Image Source / Smithsonian MagazineYou might feel happy  or at least at peace with yourself with the presence you sense there. It may be comforting for you and feel like good energy.

32. You Feel Like You're Being Watched

In the same vein, you may also feel like you're being watched. It's possible to feel a presence near you without feeling like you're necessarily being watched.Image Source / BBCOr you may instead feel like there are eyes on you when you go into a certain room - or maybe no matter where you go, even out of the house.

33. You Feel An Urge To Reach Out To The Presence

While the feeling of being watched or sensing a presence may leave you feeling a bit weird and determined not to acknowledge it, with a guardian angel you may feel so at peace that .......Image Source / Today ShowYou actually have the urge to reach out to it, or try and communicate with it. You may realise that you don't want to ignore the feeling around you.

34. You're Attuned To Your Heart And Mind

If you're very in tune with your gut feeling, what your heart tells you and work with an open mind, it's more likely that you're going to notice the signs that a guardian angel is around you.Image Source / RhythmiaBreathPeople who have closed minds who only listen with their ears are less likely to notice their guardian angel trying to reach out to them.

35. You Get Really Random Thoughts That Make No Sense

Guardian angels could sometimes give signs to you in less than normal ways, and one of these methods might be to give you a random thought, whether when you're conscious or daydreaming.Image Source / The HillYou might be drifting off to sleep and you are finding you're getting very vivid, random thoughts that make no sense.  Keep calm.  It could be a sign or message.

36. You Experience Things You Honestly Can't Explain

There's just things that are happening that you can't think of any other explanation for, where the idea of a guardian angel is the only thing that makes sense.Image Source / PixabayIt might be something you're seeing, hearing or feeling, but whatever it is, it's something you just can't explain any other way than another presence trying to reach out to you.

37. Temperature Changes In You

While guardian angels could make a room feel colder or warmer, they could also change how warm you feel inside. It might be that you suddenly feel all 'warm and fuzzy'.Image Source / Camera ObscuraOr feel that the room has stayed the same temperature but you, yourself, feel different - like a boiling hot room but you suddenly get a chill and feel cold.

38. Pressure On Your Skin

You could feel soft tingling on your skin or chills on your skin, but you may feel actual pressure on your skin. This could be the sensation of someone pressing down on your arm.Image Source / Verywell HealthIt might be the sensation of squeezing your shoulder or you feel that someone has laid their head on top of yours, without being able to see anything there to cause the pressure.

39. You Have More Experiences Or Signs When You're Asleep

It may be that you don't experience anything at all when you're awake. The mind's fences come down when you're asleep, so it might be that you're always experiencing something.Image Source / The TelegraphIt could be weird messages, signs or visitations - every time you fall asleep and start to dream, but there's nothing when you are fully awake.

40. You Have A Full On Conversation In Dreams

Dream visitations could often be you simply seeing a shape or the face of your guardian angel - maybe they say nothing and merely smile or reach out to you.Image Source / Cleveland ClinicYou could also have a visitation by a stranger in a dream and have a full on conversation with them, the type of conversation that talks about deep, personal things in a supportive way.

41. You Keep Seeing Articles Or Pop Ups About Guardian Angels

Just like this one, you may keep seeing articles or information about guardian angels, their signs and what to look for it. It could be pop ups on sites.Image Source / eBayOr advertisements, leaflets posted or signs you notice on a bus stop. Maybe someone you know even randomly recommended a guardian angel website to you.

42. Your Intuition Is Screaming At You

Whether you usually have loud intuition anyway, you might find that it suddenly has alarm bells ringing all the time. This could be when you're in a certain area of your home.Image Source / Welldoing.orgIt could be a particular room or just when you see or hear something specific. Your intuition could be trying to tell you something about someone reaching out to you.

43. And It's Getting Louder And Louder

It may also be that the first time you encountered a sign of your guardian angel, your intuition started piping up a little bit more. But you've found that it's getting louder and louder over time.Image Source / OZYThis could be because after your guardian angel has first made contact and established a connection, they could be reaching out more and more - which means your intuition is calling out to you more and more.

44. Your Inner Voice Isn't Actually Your Voice

If your intuition is strong, you're probably also in tune with your inner voice. You might be use to your inner voice telling you when things are right or wrong.Image Source / The GuardianIf you've noticed that your inner voice isn't actually the sound of your own voice and feels foreign to you, it could be a guardian angel trying to communicate.

45. You See Certain Repeating Numbers Absolutely Everywhere

There could be a lot of signs or images you continuously see which could be a message trying to be communicated to you, but most often numbers can be a huge sign for guardian angels, too.Image Source / MediumIf you keep seeing the same number - or number pattern - repeated absolutely everywhere, it's unlikely it's a coincidence.  Even sceptics may be won around because they can't get their head around it!

46. You Keep Hearing A Certain Song On The Radio

This might be on the car radio when you're driving, or the radio you listen to at home. Maybe you keep running into issues with your radio when you try setting it to a specific channel.Image Source / Trance-Energy RadioYou wonder why it keeps tuning into the same song, even when you're re-tuning it!  This could be a guardian angel trying to communicate through music - especially if it's one of your favourite songs.

47. You're Feeling More Enlightened In Yourself

It might be that you're suddenly going through a stage in your life where you're feeling more at peace and open to higher ideas, without any particular reason why.Image Source / Future ThinkersYou haven't done anything different, you're just suddenly feeling different emotionally and spiritually in terms of an enlightened connection. Go with the flow and embrace it.

48. You're Feeling A Tad Existential

Everyone goes through those stages (and crises) of feeling existential, but if you're at that stage in your life where you're asking the bigger questions and suddenly being more aware of existence.Image Source / GoodTherapyAlso being more aware of the meaning of life.  This can mean your mind is more open to these things - or maybe your guardian angel is opening your mind for you.

49. A Book Can Fall From The Shelf

You may find that random books are falling from your bookshelves - or maybe even in public places like libraries or the office - and falling open to a specific page.Image Source / RacklineThe page the book has fallen open to may have a passage of text that means something to you. This could be a message your guardian angel is trying to get across.

50. Signs Through The Television

If you find yourself flicking through television channels constantly, you may find the TV stops on a specific TV station or advert that has significance to you.Image Source / WikipediaIt could be an image, text or music that responds to something you've been thinking about recently, or an answer to a question you've been asking yourself.

51. Good Things Come In Threes

You will be  aware of the saying that bad luck often comes in threes and there's that sense of dread.  However, the opposite can also apply with three good things.Image source InsiderTotally unexpectedly, three good things happen in a short space of time.  It may not be all about the luck but more to do with divine intervention.

52. Surviving An Accident Against All Odds

When your time is up on this earth to pass over to whatever is there for us at the next level, nothing will stop it.  If someone has a miraculous survival ......Image source The GuardianA miraculous survival at maybe one in a thousand chance, could be their guardian angel protecting them as it's not yet time for their final farewell on this earth.

53. Changing Your Travel Plans

There have been lots of reports of air passengers deciding to change their flights at the last minute because they just feel they have to.Image source ReutersAn expensive decision but you can't put a price on your life as, in a small number of these cases, the aircraft has crashed or developed a serious fault!

54. Coming Back From The Dead

A hospital chaplain in America has stated that he has witnessed patients who have 'died' or are on the brink of passing over, come back to life.Image source National SeniorsWhen well enough, these individuals commented that they felt a presence, possibly a guardian angel, putting thoughts into their heads that they had to stay alive.

55. Feeling Comfort When You Most Need It

If you have ever felt in a really low mood, missing a loved one who has recently departed, it's a long ladder to climb to get back to feeling chirpy.Image source HealthlineIf you are having a particularly bad day and you find it suddenly passes to leave you with positivity, don't undermine the powers of your guardian angel.

56. Getting Help With A Big Decision

There are some big decisions to make in life and they don't come easy, weighing up the pros and cons.  Should you move house, to a new area, when you're taking up a promotion within the company?Image source Tiny SignsShould you commit to a relationship you're unsure about.  If you wake up one morning and it all becomes clear, your guardian angel could be the reason why.

57. Intuition And Being Inspired

A guardian angel may try to send you ideas via intuition.  They could provide different perspectives or unique ideas so you should pay attention to the thoughts that are popping into your head.Image source Welldoing.comIntuition can come to you at any time, even when you're singing in the shower!  These benevolent beings are thought to inspire moments of clarity, providing subtle nudges that lead you to the right path.

58. You Think You've Actually Seen Your Angel

When you think that you may have caught sight of your angel, you could be super in tune with your psyche and this is known as clairvoyance.Image source Belief.netYou can see a non-physical presence or you feel that you can actually see it.  A clairvoyant may be able to pass a message on from an angel to the person they are guarding.

59. Speak To Your Angel

Call on your guardian angel by mentally telling them how you are feeling.  Be yourself and open up on your anxieties, doubts, worries and fears.Image source Spirit LoveAn angel is your devoted friend and could help you work out solutions to your problems.  The bond with an angel is seen as a guiding force, helping individuals discover solutions and find inner strength.

60. Don't Try To Work Out How An Angel Helps

Don’t pay attention trying to work out how your request will be answered.  Have trust that the answer may come to you in many different ways and you'll be aware of it when it happens and it will come at the right time for you.Image source QuoraEmbrace the mysterious ways of angels; their assistance often transcends comprehension. Trust in their guidance, for their divine interventions may unfold in ways beyond human understanding.

61. Thanking Your Angel

If you truly believe your guardian angel is watching over you, protecting you, passing on their energy when you most need it, then show your gratitude by thanking them.Image source Reiki RaysYou can thank them out loud or you could blow them a kiss.  If you prefer and it makes you feel more comfortable, write them a letter.

62. Ringing In Your Ears

When angels are reaching out, it's different for every person but ringing in the ears is thought to be a common approach.  The meaning can be for reassurance and to let you know your angel is near.Image source Crystal Clear IntuitionIt could be a sign of a spiritual guide attempting to communicate or offer guidance. It's seen as a subtle connection between the physical and spiritual realms.

63. Seeing A Hawk

As hawks are thought to be symbols of intuition, angels will send them as a sign that you should follow your instincts because your intuition at that particular time is absolutely right.Image source QuoraA hawk is a powerful sign and shouldn't be ignored.  Its majestic presence is often seen as a divine messenger and a guide in the spiritual realm.

64. Sensitive Solar Plexus

Your solar plexus chakra is just above your belly button and described as being in the pit of your stomach.  This area is supposed to be very sensitive to energy.Image source Diane's Healthy LivingIf your angel sends sensations to this area, it can be a warning that something isn't quite right.  Don't ignore it.  It could really be important.

65. Unexplainable Technical Issues

Another angel sign can be a technical failure that happens out of the blue.  Your alarm didn’t go off and there was no logical reason for it, causing you to be late.Image source Business InsiderMaybe your car broke down and you ended up missing an appointment.  These things could have happened because your angel didn't want you to step foot in certain places because something bad might have occurred.

66. Warnings Through Other People

Your angel could be trying to give you a warning through your family and friends.  If others offer you advice or their opinions on what you should do ......Image source Moms KnowDon't dismiss their words and think seriously about taking them as signs from your guardian angel who is channelling to you via your loved ones.

67. You Drop And Break Things

Even if you tend to generally be a bit clumsy, don't blame yourself all the time and assume it's always your fault.  It could be your guardian angel  trying to warn you.Image source The KitchnTo warn you about something important.  It's possible that someone needs your help but isn't asking you directly.  You should work out who it could be.

68. Your Car Breaks Down Unexpectedly

We've previously touched on why your car might break down but there is thought to be another meaning to this as well.  It might be a sign that you shouldn't make any financial decisions today.Image source The SunIt could be an impulse purchase or preparing to lend money to someone you know.  Before you go ahead, trust your gut, especially if it is saying "no."

69. A Household Appliance Stops Working

Regardless of whether it's a basic appliance or a more complex device, this type of breakdown may be a sign from your guardian angel that you need to be extra cautious with your finances today.Image source Daily MailYou might not think you have any money issues and then a large, unexpected bill could turn up soon afterwards and it will all become clear.

70. Hearing A Scream Or Weird Laughter From Somewhere

Should this happen to you, then don't stay out late today. The sound of sinister laughter or a muffled scream could be a sign from your angel.Image source Wales OnlineIt could be that you may be attacked by a drunkard or a person trying to steal your belongings.  Be vigilant and get home before it's dark.

71. Seeing Mental Visions

If you are a visual person, you may see mental visions when you are meditating or in the last few minutes before you fall fast asleep.Image source Wales OnlineYou may see colours swirling around, sparkles of light or even, if you are lucky enough, to view a clear image of one of your angels standing before you.

72. Learn Your Angel's Name

Go to a quiet room and shut the door behind you so as to block out other people's energy.  Sit very still, with your eyes closed and calm your mind.Image source Calm MomentDo so until it's completely clear of any thoughts.  Then ask your higher self to name your guardian angel.  Be patient as a name feels like it's coming to you.

73. What If No Name Is Being Given?

If a name comes to you then that is wonderful and you will probably understand why it is that particular one.  However, if one isn't forthcoming, it could be that your guardian angel is challenging you.Image source Quiz ExpoThey may be encouraging you to come up with one yourself.   If no name comes, it might be that your guardian angel is inviting you to name them yourself.

74. Dedicate A Song To Them

Music isn’t something physical that you can nail down and touch.  It travels in the ether, spreading through your senses and if it has deep meaning to you, will go right to your soul.Image source HackMate
It can draw emotions in people and angels could use it to reach you.  Dedicate a song to your angel and the response could be in the form of the lyrics.

75. Write Your Angel A Letter If You Are Troubled

Start your letter, “Dear Guardian Angels,” and then write down what is weighing on your mind.  By sharing your thoughts, you may start to feel less stressed.Image source Resilient Educator
Let it all out and you will feel so relieved.  Your guardian angel will know everything about you already so they will be aware of your situation.

76. Angels Appearing As Humans

It is thought to be far more common for angels to appear in physical form as human beings than wearing wings.  An angel could appear as a human because it wants to offer you assistance.Image source Angel SkyIt stops to hep you change your car tyre or sits next to you in the hospital waiting room.  They can disappear from sight as quick as they appear.

77. Sudden Illnesses

If you wake up with a stomach bug, fever or sore throat, you may decide to give work a miss that day.  That's what happened to an American man ......Image source InsiderStaying at home meant he didn't go to his office in the twin towers - the day it got blown up in 9/11.  He was convinced it was a higher power looking out for him.

78. Losing Your Keys

This is a common and annoying early warning signal used as a delaying tactic.  There have been many stories abut car keys not being in their usual place but half an hour later, mysteriously re-appearing.Image source SITMost people were convinced someone or something had their backs and was protecting them as, if they had left on time, they would have all been caught up in car accidents.

79. Strange Delays

The warning panel light coming on in your car, prompting you to pull up at the side of the road or your usual bus or train being later than usual, could be a blessing in disguise.Image source Confused.comIt could be the work of angels using delay tactics such as these to slow you down to get your undivided attention for a particular reason.

80. Premonition Of A Disaster

If you have had a frightening nightmare and are glad to wake up in your own bed the following morning, write down the bad dream as it could hold some significance.Image source Kevin SaundersThere have been numerous reports on individuals dreaming of plane crashes and house fires, for example, only to have discovered they turned out to be premonitions.