Signs Your Current Partner Is Not Your Soulmate

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

1. You have totally different communication styles

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People naturally have different ways of communicating. However, some times different communication styles can just totally clash. One person may be very direct and abrupt and the other person could prefer gentle and mindful communication which can lead to problems.Original content sourced from

2. You have different core values

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Core values are often the essence of a relationship because they lie at the heart of what you both truly stand for. They represent what you both believe in and want for the future. For example, if you are family orientated or have strong ambitions, these can be what unite you and connect to one another.

3. You argue all the time

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Arguing all of the time isn't a sign of a healthy and happy relationship. Yes, everyone argues it is perfectly normal. Yet, to argue all of the time suggests you are clashing and going around in circles. Perhaps you are not soulmates, otherwise you may not find that you clash on so many levels.

4. You don't respect one another

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Respect is essential and the bare minimum for any relationship. If you do not have enough respect for one another, then it doesn't matter how much you may love each other - the relationship will not flourish and you are clearly not one another's soulmate.

5. You don't have any fun together

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If you are each other's soulmates then you will have a LOT of fun together. You'll make each other laugh like nobody else can and even the most mundane job can be fun together. Now, not every day can be fun by any means. But of you do not have fun with your partner - they're probably not your soulmate!

6. You feel like you're settling

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You should never feel like you're settling with your partner. If you feel like you ARE settling, for whatever reason this may be, it will only lead to resentment in the future. When you find your soulmate you'll know and feel that they are the one for you.

7. You don't trust your partner

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Without trust, a relationship cannot work. When there's mistrust in the relationship it leads to jealousy, fear and other emotions that are extremely detrimental for you relationship and mental health. Your soulmate will build up your trust so that you never feel unsure.

8. You aren't affectionate with each other

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Affection can be shown in many different ways, and each couple expresses affection in different styles. Some are super PDA, some only express affection behind closed doors. But if there's basically next to no've got to question whether your partner truly is your soulmate.

9. The physical attraction isn't there

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Physical attraction is necessary in a relationship because those elements need to be there in order to have a loving and blossoming relationship. It's not the be all and end all, but some physical attraction is necessary and would be apparent if this person is your soulmate.

10. You don't share any hobbies

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While it's fine to have separate hobbies, in fact, it's a good thing, having no shared interest or similar hobbies is not. When you find your soul met there will be hobbies and shared interests that bond you and make your connection even stronger. It is important to have these times to bond over.

11. You look down on your partner/ they look down on you

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Your partner and your soulmate should be treated as an equal - this is a bare minimum requirement in any relationship. If you feel like you are better than your partner or they think they are superior to you - then you are not certainly NOT soulmates.

12. They don't support your dreams

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Your dreams and goals should be encouraged by your partner, essentially you should be each other's biggest cheerleader. Not only should you support one another's dreams but you should help them try to achieve them. If your partner isn't doing this they are not the person meant for you.

13. You do not feel like you can be totally open with them

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We do not feel like we have to be on edge around out partner when it comes to opening up about our feelings. You should be able to tell them your thoughts and emotions openly and feel supported. Otherwise, you cannot fully develop a true bond with this person.

14. You have fantasies about other people

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There's a difference between acknowledging other people are nice and attractive, and having fantasies about other people. Fantasies suggest that you are not fully satisfied with your partner and your subconscious is letting you know that maybe your current partner is not actually your soulmate.

15. You don't feel like something is right

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Look, if you had found your soulmate you would know in your heart of hearts that you had found the one. If there is a feeling inside you (your gut telling you) that there is something not quite right or you are not fully sure...then chances are this isn't your soulmate.

16. They are manipulative

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Manipulation techniques (huge red flag right here) are used as an attempt to control you and your emotions. Nobody should manipulate anybody, particularly your partner. And if you feel that this person IS manipulating you...are they your soulmate? Hell no.

17. They don't take your opinions seriously

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There's nothing more frustrating than when somebody doesn't take your opinions seriously. Not only is it extremely degrading but it's also super patronising - belittling your ideas and not taking them seriously. Your soul mate should encourage your opinions, not only listen and appreciate them.

18. You don't feel fully yourself with them

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If there's going to be one person that you should feel totally yourself with - it's your partner. They should know you inside and out and truly know the real you - in all of your flaws and qualities. They should accept and love you for exactly who you are if they were really your soulmate.

19. They don't make an effort to spend time with you

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Relationships take effort, they do not just flourish on their own without both people in the relationship putting in equal amounts of effort. If not, things can fizzle out and you become more disconnected from one another. Things also won't work if you are putting in all the effort and your partner is not making any. This person is not your soulmate.

20. You do not have a deep connection

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A soulmate is somebody that you have a deep connection with each other, not just a fleeting romance or a physical attraction. When you find your soulmate you'll feel as though you are connected by values, morals, personality as though your souls are meant for one another.

21. You don't spend quality time together

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Quality time is a super important part of any successful relationship because it is the quality time that unites you and bonds you. If you do not spend quality time together then maybe this isn't your person, otherwise, you would both prioritize this even if you had to make the time.

22. They don't have a genuine interest in your life

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You know if someone is genuinely interested in you and your life because they will ask questions, they will immerse themselves in your life and they will try and get to know the people you love and the hobbies that you are passionate about. This is what finding your soulmate really looks like.

23. You partner is super critical of you

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Nobody wants to be scrutinized, to have their actions picked apart and judged. When your partner is super critical it makes you feel dejected and completely unappreciated. It can really affect your self-worth and if this person was your soulmate they would not make you feel this way.

24. Your partner doesn't have a good relationship with your loved ones

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When you think somebody is your person, it becomes super important not to just embrace all of them, but also their family and friends. So if this person is your soulmate, they would make a huge effort with your loved ones to ensure that they had a good relationship with them.

25. They are controlling

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If your partner is controlling, then there are no two ways about it...this person is NOT your soulmate. Controlling behaviour is a huge red flag and if you see displays of it, it's time to reassess the situation. Controlling behaviour is manipulation and it is a very concerning sign.

26. They are not empathetic towards you

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Empathy is a great human trait, and it is one that really helps in a relationship. It can help you understand where your partner is coming from in terms of their emotional needs and the reasons behind their feelings which can lead to a solid and understanding connection.

27. You don't feel secure in your relationship

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Your soulmate should make you feel like you're the only one that they ever wan, like you matter the most to them and they would never even want anybody else. If you feel insecure with your partner and question if they really love you then you are not with your soulmate.

28. You don't want to spend your free time with them

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When we have free time one of the first things we want to do if we are with our soulmate - is spend it with them. Of course, there has to be time for family and friends too, but if you don't want to spend your free time with your partner then it's time to wonder if this person is really for you.

29. You don't have the same life plans

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Life plans are what we see as out future goals. They are super important because if you do not have the same life goals as your partner you may find that you come to loggerheads further down the road. For example, if you want kids and they don't...this could be make or break.

30. There's a lack of honesty between you

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Honesty isn't hard. And, without honesty in a relationship, the relationship isn't looking promising. Dishonesty will lead to questioning one another, and not trusting one another and the lies will grow larger and larger. This is not the behaviour that you or they would do if you were with your soulmate.