Signs Your Child Is A Genius

By Nick Hadji 10 months ago

1. They remember EVERYTHING

Image source/ The MirrorThis can be a good and bad thing. Because yes, it may mean that you are always reminded of those promises you made in an urgent attempt to keep everyone quiet - like three days ago you told me I could have some sweets on the weekend, and you haven't given me any yet.Original content sourced from

2. They're always curious

Image source/ JoraQuestion, questions, question. This is what it is like when you have a child displaying genius qualities because they are genuinely intrigued by everything - how things work, what things are and of course everything is ended with - why? This is them establishing a complex view of the world around them.

3. They ask deep questions

Image source/ Today's ParentsWhen a child is a genius, they might come out with surprising deep questions, things you just would not expect a child to ask. This shows that their minds are maturing at a much quicker rate, and they are beginning to think about and understand complex questions.

4. They absorb information quickly

Image source/ Business Insider AustraliaCan they read something and absorb it very fast? Do they listen to something and repeat it back no problem? This could well be a characteristic of a child genius. They usually have a great ability to absorb information a lot quicker than most people.

5. They have a good attention span

Image source/ Business InsiderAnother characteristic of a child genius may be that they can focus for an extended length of time, intently. They may be reading or writing or doing something practical which is using their attention and they will focus upon it for a longer amo0unt of time than is expected usually.

6. They talk from an early age

Image source/ Mom365It is often a sign of great things to come and that they may already be displaying genius qualities if they start chatting away from an early age. It may seem like they are very young to be talking and then their conversation may develop much faster.

7. They have a good range of vocabulary

Image source/ Business Insider AustraliaThey might come out with certain words where you're just like - woah. How did they even come up with that at their age? And of course, a vocabulary is a great sign because they will be curious about new words, and they may start testing out big new words from a young age.

8. They have a wide variety of interests

Image source/ Big ThinkIt may be hard to keep up and for them to choose, because they love karate...but also piano...and also chess. Which extra-curricular activity do you even pick when they're into absolutely everything? And when they seem naturally good at everything too...?

9. Or, they are ultra-focused on one thing

Image source/ Business Insider AustraliaOn the other hand, these two can be very differing experiences because on the other side, a child genius may be totally fixated on one thing. Every book has to be about that, every conversation is about's hard to distract them away from their chosen topic of interest.

10. They do not find school compelling

Image source/ ParenthubNow this one can be a result of a child being a genius - that being said each case is very individual. However, sometimes when a child does have genius characteristics, they are not stimulated by their classes at school which are not keeping their attention due to the fact that they may find it a little bit underwhelming.

11. They have a strong sense of justice

Image source/ PinterestA lot of kids do what they're told and develop a sense of right and wring but when you've got a genius kid, they really may have a strong sense of what is fair and unfair. Which, they will pull you up on if their baby brother got extra time on the game than they did.

12. They're idealistic

Image source/ SciencingBecause they are establishing big ideas at a younger age than most at their age, they come up with idealistic prospects, for example, why can't everybody be happy... which is actually lovely to hear and only through life experience realise that unfortunately the world isn't quite that simple.

13. They start reading early

Image source/ PinterestThis is often a sign, if your child or a child you know starts reading from an early age then it shows their mind is already developed enough to absorb language and ideas. They then may quickly move on to reading well above their age range at a much quicker pace than is expected.

14. They have a strong imagination

Image source/ YouTubeSimilarly, they will probably have a very vivid imagination which shows their creative mind. They may describe things in great detail - dreams for example. They may tell you stories which will make you wonder where they possibly got all of those ideas from.

15. They are very alert

Image source/ PinterestYou may find that they are always alert, they are always engaged. Often children are alert for some time before needing down time to recuperate their energy. However, if you have a child genius you may experience them being alert most of the time, always ready to absorb information.

16. They listen in to adult conversations

Image source/ Punch NewspapersMost kids hear a adult conversation and get totally bored and zone out, blah blah boring adults (it's fair enough). Yet with a child who is a genius they will be listening in and finding the conversation stimulating and taking away concepts that they have understood - probably to ask you about later.

17. They have a lot of energy

Image source/ PinterestYou may find that this child in particular has a LOT of energy. It may be difficult to keep them stimulated because they seem to have extra energy and an ability to carry on for longer. Because they have a more developed brain, they take more stimulation to be tired.

18. Sometimes they struggle with peers their own age

Image source/ Channel 4Often, when a child is a genius, they have an emotional understanding that is way beyond their years, as well as a mind that is capable of much more developed thought. For this reason, they can find it hard sometimes to fit in with peers their age who have very different ways of thinking.

19. They have a good sense of humour

Image source/ MissMaliniOften intelligent people are funny because they have a sharp sense of wit. And it's the same when a child is a genius because they are super smart, so they can make jokes which even entertain adults because they have a more sophisticated intelligence.

20. They have good reasoning skills

Image source/RedditNow, many adults even lack good reasoning skills. However, if your child is a genius, they may be displaying very developed reasoning skills and abilities. They may even try amongst their own peers who may do not reciprocate this or respond as they expect, unlike they can with adults.

21. Thinks about complex life processes

Image source/ firstmomsclubBy this we mean that your child may have experienced the larger life questions. They may even worry about these things because for most children, these concepts arise in their later years. For a genius, they may deal with big ideas sooner such as death.

22. They answer most things correctly

Image source/ NewzsiiOf course, another strong tell-tale sign is that when they do learn things, they then are able to answer questions on it correctly. This shows they have processed and been able to reproduce the information in the correct way. They may often get things right at school also.

23. They are resourceful

Image source/ IMDbNow it is usually quite unusual for a child to be super resourceful because they naturally rely on adults. But you may find that if you know a child genius, they are resourceful on their own and may actually prefer doing things independently which most children would like help with.

24. They express a lot of common sense

Image source/ BBCCommon sense is less common than we think. Most people contain a certain amount - however, it is a sign of intelligence. Children, often only develop this common sense when they are older. But if you do know a child genius, they may already be expressing common sense from a young age.

25. Can think of original ideas

Image source/ IBTimesIndiaThinking of original ideas is difficult even as an adult when it can seem like everybody has already thought of something before you. For a child genius, original thought will be second nature. And they may be bringing new ideas that exist but that they have never even heard of before.

26. Can understand complicated ideas

Image source/ GuffnewsWhen you know a child genius you will be chocked by the kinds of conversations you have and the kinds of complicated ideas, they are not just willing but eager to discuss. They will be able to think about these ideas and actually apply them to their own life, showing that they really have understood them.

27...And accept complexities

Image source/ The EdvocateOne of the hardest things in the world to accept is the fact that there are complexities way beyond our possible understanding - for example, the scope of the Universe. For a child to understand this concept is extremely difficult. But a child genius will be able to come to terms with the complexities of life.

28. They notice things

Image source/ YouTubeWhen a child is a genius or has genius characteristics, they will usually notice things about their environment and be very perceptive about the different kinds of things they pick up and notice. They will also notice changes. Whereas a lot of children will only take a certain amount of interest in their environment.

29. Makes associations between different subjects/ ideas

Image source/ ShutterstockOne thing is understanding something on its own. But to be able to put different ideas together and make associations between different subjects and ideas is a much more complex process which if your child is doing this at a young age, they may indeed have some genius in them.

30. They are emotionally secure

Image source/ Parenting BlogOften, a child displaying genius qualities will feel emotionally secure within themselves. It all depends of course on the child and the context and their situation. But often, they have an understanding of their own emotional needs which makes them more secure.

31. They're Very Quick Learners

Image Source / Greek ReporterThe speed in which you can take in information and retain it is a very important quality amongst the more intelligent. Naturally, the quicker you learn things, the more you're going to know, so if your child is hoarding all that info they've learned it's only going to benefit their intelligence!

32. They Have A Great Memory But Might Get Bored If Asked To Memorise Something

Image Source / SSVM World SchoolJust because a child has a fantastic memory doesn't mean they're anything other than still a child who might get bored doing mundane things - like trying to remember a whole load of information. Sure, they can remember stuff easily, but that doesn't mean 'read this and remember it' is their favourite pastime!

33. Or, To Recite Something!

Image Source / The National Association for Child DevelopmentThe same applies to reciting things. Often, when you know your child has a great memory you might use it as a party trick, like 'look, they can recite the entire works of Shakespeare - go on, show them, honey!'. That doesn't mean they actually want to spend all their time reciting things on demand.

34. They Have Buckets Of Self-Discipline

Image Source / The New York TimesSelf-discipline is a trait that even many adults struggle with, so if your young child is managing it, that implies a lot of mental maturity and intelligence. If they need very little input from outside control and can manage things their own way, that's a great sign.

35. Structure And Order Are Their Best Friends

Image Source / English HeritageA lot of geniuses might thrive in chaos, but a lot of the time most intelligent people will want (and need) a good, orderly environment and a good structure to their daily routine to be more productive. The same applies to intelligent children, who prefer that kind of structure for their routine.

36. They Also Prefer Consistency

Image Source / The CEO MagazineConsistency is also a good thing to have in a daily routine where you need order. If routines are consistent and not spontaneous, then you can better get organised and stay structured, which is why more intelligent kids love this sort of thing.

37. They Think Creatively

Image Source / FirsthandCreative thinking is just as important as logical thinking when you're dealing with a child genius! Creative thinking isn't just about fantasy stories or painting pictures, it's about thinking in more detail about situations and problem-solving techniques.

38. They Get Good Grades In Most (If Not All) Their Subjects

Image Source / Verywell FamilyIt goes without saying that a genius child would be getting top marks in all their lessons. Of course, top marks in every single subject doesn't always mean a genius - some geniuses may be so distracted by their brain power they might find even school too boring to get good grades in!

39. They Have Very Intense Concentration Abilities

Image Source / Twist ConsultantsNot only can more intelligent children concentrate a lot better, but they be very intense about it when they're actually concentrating. They may be able to easily block out the outside world and highly-focus on a task at hand.

40. They Answer Questions Quickly And Correctly

Image Source / www.prweb.comIf your child is not only coming up with the answers to questions at super speed, but is also answering them correctly even though they've taken very little time to deliberate, then that's a great sign of their superior brain power!

41. They Have A High Interest In Science Or Literature In Particular

Image Source / PinterestThere's something about these two subjects in particular which could indicate a highly clever child. That's because science is all about research, experimentation and facts, and literature is also about the creative side, learning through books and developing an extensive vocab. Both of these can particularly appeal to a more demanding mind!

42. They Dominate Situations

Image Source / ResearchGateThe most intelligent person in the room can easily dominate a conversation or situation, and the same goes for a child. In certain situations, especially with their friends or just other kids their age, they may come off as the very dominant personality.

43.And Now... Some Signs Your Baby Could Be A Genius! Your Baby Is Picking Up Words Very Quickly

Image Source / FirstCry ParentingWhen your baby begins to shift from sounds to words, you may have noticed they're picking up new words very quickly. They may form new words easily and be highly interested in learning new ones, such as having a great interest during storytime or looking at books themselves.

44. Powerful Connections To People Or Pets

Image Source / YouTubeIntelligence in babies can also manifest through the strong bonds they create with people and animals due to them thinking more intensely about situations and emotions. If your baby is one to connect strongly with people or your family pet, it's a good sign that they're experiencing strong emotional intelligence.

45. Your Baby Is Very Alert

Image Source / GoToSleepBabyA particularly gifted baby will pay more attention to what's going on around them - but not only that, they will make serious eye contact with whoever is holding them, speaking to them or playing with them. They may also respond to new sounds and movements at a very quick pace.

46. Your Baby Is Reaching Milestones Like Nobody's Business

Image Source / Emma's DiaryYour baby might be leaving other babies in the dust when it comes to meeting all the big milestones. They may have started talking, sitting up without your help, standing, walking and all the rest much faster than you anticipated. You could have a very clever baby on your hands if this is the case!

47. Your Baby Is Content To Be Alone

Image Source / ParentlaneSome babies will cry and cry if their parent leaves the room. Others, like potential geniuses, might be perfectly happy spending some quality time alone. They might be able to easily entertain themselves with their toys or books, without needing you to do it for them.

48. Your Baby Can Be Stubborn

Image Source / Cafe MomCan't all babies though? You might not have thought this was a sign of high intelligence, though. But stubbornness in babies could be an indication of them digging their feet in and being determined. It's an intelligent thing to still try and get your point across and stick to your guns, after all.

49. Your Baby Has Extreme Focus

Image Source / NDTVBabies are very easily distracted. Young children famously have short attention spans a lot of the time. So what if you have a baby that can actually stay focused for a long time? This is a sign of being a little bit gifted in the intelligence department, if your baby can stay focused for a longer period of time.

50. Your Baby Needs Less Sleep

Image Source / Medical News TodayThis might be a curse more than a blessing for a parent trying to use the time that their baby is asleep to get stuff done. But babies with a higher intelligence level - strangely enough - can deal with bouts of high energy without needing extra sleep. It can also be because they struggle to switch their more active brain off to rest.

Here are the signs your child is an Entrepreneur - They're a kinaesthetic learner

Image Source/ Engage EducationThe word 'entrepreneur' is a deviation from the verb 'to orchestrate'. Interestingly, it represents how entrepreneurs learn and develop through their need 'to do'. If your child is performing best while doing rather than sitting and learning, they might just be showing sings of early entrepreneurism.

They never stop reading

Image Source/ HealthlineIf you're child just can't seem to put down a book, it may be that they are developing their reading and comprehension abilities, giving them an added boost later in life. Studies have proven that reading is the best advantage that children can be encouraged to do outsider of their school studies.

They understand how income works

Image Source/ WordPressIt's very easy for children to misunderstand how your income works, and expect that you just have a bottomless pit of money to buy them all the new Hot Wheels. But if your child can accurately calculate their own cash flow, including budgeting and expenses, you might have an entrepreneur on your hands.

They endeavour to earn money

Image Source/ Northeast Ohio ParentHand in hand with understanding income is understanding where it comes from. When your child wants something, instead of nagging you for something you simply can't afford, they will take matters into their own hands by opening up a lemonade stand to raise their funds.

They show signs of leadership

Image Source/ First Concepts ConsultantsBeing an entrepreneur means being hand-in-hand with leadership. Strong leaders show their strength while young, and will be the first one to volunteer as a leader and dominate accordingly. Be sure to encourage their natural affliction in the right ways.

They are patient

Image Source/ Minmo KidsPatience is a key characteristic in order to be a budding entrepreneur because, after all, nothing happens overnight. This means that if your child is happy to wait for a treat patiently and quietly, they might be exhibiting signs of entrepreneurship.

They are highly motivated

Image Source/ Times NowIf you've got multiple children you might notice that it takes some of them a little more of a push to do the things they need to, but your entrepreneur kids will take to them like nothing. If they are taking time to learn an instrument, art or subject, let them be!

They are self motivated

Image Source/ Oxford LearningSimilar to the point above, this stresses that they actually accomplish tasks alone, away from outside encouragement. They may do their homework of their own accord, make themselves a meal, or learn an instrument, all by themselves. That's what makes them self-sufficient.

They don't conform to social norms

Image Source/ Earth.comSometimes it can be difficult for children to just do something because that's the way it is done. If you think your child is showing signs of entrepreneurism, you'll find that they often unpick or rebel social norms or cues that they think are stupid or worthless.

They're mathematical

Image Source/ ADDitudeWhile it might sound quite obvious and simple, entrepreneur children will be great at maths and arithmetic. They will always be considering how to organise their money, which will further strengthen their mental maths abilities. That being said, it's not crucial to become an entrepreneur.

They ask lots of questions

Image Source/ Curious WorldIt's good for your child to be curious about everything. They might have an insatiable need to know about anything and everything, which is great as it shows they are trying to fully understand the matter at hand. Although it might get irritating, try not to discourage the behaviour.

They have the right amount of introvert

Image Source/ A Mother Far From HomeSometimes it's hard for children to find the right balance between being introverted and extroverted. While introverts can learn and observe things relatively well, they have a tendency to isolate themselves away from others. They should be aware of how this impacts them.

They have the right amount of extrovert

Image Source/ Highly Sensitive RefugeeWhile extroverts can lead and teach, they can detriment themselves. If they become too extroverted, they're at risk of people finding them arrogant and difficult to swallow, which means they should be aware of themselves. Finding the right balance is great for your children.

They are charismatic

Image Source/ Charisma NewsCharismatic children have the ability to make people laugh and charm people with their actions and words. It shows a huge amount of intelligence as the child begins to learn how people respond to what they say and do, and how to use it to their advantage.

They're ridiculously creative

Image Source/ New York PostStudies have shown that children who are more artistic or musically talented have a higher likelihood of having a higher-than-average IQ. Although not directly meaning they'll become an entrepreneur, it can definitely increase their chances. For example, Bubble Ball was invented by a 14-year-old.

They think out of the box

Image Source/ BetterUPLet's be honest, most children have the same ideals, a similar imagination. But if you're turning up to parents evening at school and the teacher is praising your child for how differently they have approached their work, you might have an intuitive thinker on your hands.

They act beyond their years

Image Source/ My Modern MetChildren who exhibit signs of entrepreneurism may act wiser, or older, than they actually are. You might find them saying the wildest things for their age. For example, 15 year old Leanna Archer invented skin care cream and said:
”All new entrepreneurs should know that mistakes are a big part of success.”

They are a people person

Image Source/ Charisma MagazineThis doesn't mean "is your child popular in school or not?". No, what this means is, does your child draw on the experiences, interests and emotions of others around them to further enhance their relationship with that person? Sounds a bit complex, but can come naturally to some.

They regularly meet their goals

Image Source/ ACTIVEkidsChildren who set achievable goals and meet them show ambition, drive and persistence. A study carried out by Dr. Gary Latham proved that setting goals directly impacts your workplace performance. If your child seems to be a bit harsh on themselves, it's fine, that's discipline.

They fill up their piggy bank

Image Source/ GB NewsIt's often the case that those who endeavour to be entrepreneurs learn about how to be conservative with their money. You might spot that you child is actually hoarding all of their birthday, Christmas and pocket money before spending it.

They're more likely to take a risk

Image Source/ Henderson RecreationThere's nothing more an entrepreneur loves than gambling, and this can be seen in the mindset of your children. They are more likely to try something out, regardless of the probability of it working out well. They will always crack on afterwards and push forward.

They're optimistic

Image Source/ Birdgeway AcademyIt can become very easy for children to be pessimistic, especially when they are faced with an incident that they feel like they can't escape from. But you children who are optimistic will try and seek out alternative ways of resolving the matter at hand.

They know how to focus

Image Source/ Sleeping Should Be EasyChildren are surrounded by some serious distractions, their minds are constantly going overdrive so focusing can be really hard for them to do. If your child is showing clear signs that they can concentrate without distractions, you're onto a winner there.

They are generous

Image Source/ Aha! ParentingWhen a child is generous it shows how much they understand that somebody needs their assistance or help. This means that they're more likely to start understanding the needs and wants of others at an early age, which will definitely put them ahead later in life.

They can be persuasive

Image Source/ The Real SchoolPersuasive children get what they want, very similarly to the mindset of an entrepreneur. Your child might be able to convince you that even your opinion and mindset is wrong, and will have you second guessing yourself all the time. Watch out for this sign!

They learn from their mistakes

Image Source/ Psychology TodayChildren are going to make mistakes, and that's absolutely fine. It's how your child moves onward from that mistakes that tells you about their personality. If your child tends to take it on the chin and uses the experience later on, then they clearly have a great attitude towards learning.

They hold themselves accountable

Image Source/ HuffPostSimilarly to the above, children that make mistakes should also hold themselves accountable. This doesn't mean beating themselves up about it, it means that they should be aware of what they have done and apologise where necessary. Children who show high levels of accountability show how they see that their actions have impact.

They're philanthropic

Image Source/ Phys.orgOften, it is the children among us that can prove to be the most open-minded and innocent, devoid of all the negative opinions they'll have forced upon them when they get older. This usually means that they may take an interest in helping out towards charitable causes.

They're persistent

Image Source/ First Five YearsLet's be real, persistent children can be hella annoying. Sometimes we just want to tell them to sit down. But, allowing them to self-regulate and impose their own targets to reach can unlock their full potential. Your child is persistent for a reason, try not to diminish it.

They have a loving, supportive family

Image Source/ First Five YearsThat's right, don't be too harsh on yourself. After all, your kid wouldn't be where they are if it weren't for you, so give yourself a pat on the back. Try to be supportive and encouraging in your children's passions and interests. After all, entrepreneurship doesn't determine their worth, we love them always.

They are assertive

Image source/ stuff.coYou might find that your little one is very assertive for a small human. This is just a show of their independence, confidence and ability which exceed their age - even if it can be a little bit annoying at times. But, it will certainly stand them in good stead for the future!

They apply rationality to a situation

Image source/ RedditBeing rational and applying rationality to situations is something that many adults struggle with never mind little children, so if your child is displaying very good rationality this could be a sign that they will be an entrepreneur when they are older!

They think about the bigger picture

Image source/ RedditAs a child it is hard to have perspective and be able to focus on the bigger picture. Most kids think in terms of what is directly in front of them, or what they are currently doing - have you ever tried speaking to them during their favourite programme?

And can understand complex ideas

Image source/ Inc. MagazineWhen you explain a complex or big idea to your child you probably expect them to shrug it off or yawn, or ask if they allowed to go and play instead. But maybe your little entrepreneur to be is handling these big ideas and actually thinking about them.

They show initiative

Image source/ stuff.coYour child may be taking initiative and doing things for themselves, before they have been asked to. This is a sign that your child is ahead of their peers of a similar age group. Usually, initiative is something that develops in later years, even early adulthood.

They are an early riser

Image source/ RedditGetting up early in the morning is difficult for anybody, so if your child is showing the kind of motivation of getting up early and doing their chores and jobs such as brushing their teeth - then it's a sign of maturity. And we aren't talking about getting up at 5am on a Christmas morning.

And have a good established routine

Image source/ Inspiration LaboratoriesGetting a child to do their jobs can sometimes be an impossible task as a parent. It is very unusual when you have a child who wants to establish their routine and do the same little things each day, such as making their bed or tidying up after themselves.

They have good self restraint for their age

Image source/ RedditCramming your mouth full of sweets....playing too much PlayStation...not taking the last cookie from the cookie jar. These are all things that take incredible self restraint. Which for a child, is even more difficult. But this is a huge sign of great motivation if your child is showing great self restraint.

And they are a social butterfly already

Image source/ RedditWhen a child is a social butterfly it show that they have developed great social skills and it shows that they have already developed empathy, kindness and an ability to engage with their peers. All of this is a great sign and it shows that they may be successful dealing with people when they are older.

They find new ideas interesting

Image source/ stuff.coSome exceptional children are very intrigued by other people's ideas and it's a great quality to have. When people are just as interested in other people's ideas as well as their own it shows that they have a great mind which could lead to great things when they are older.

They have a good emotional intelligence

Image source/ littlecompanyHaving excellent emotional intelligence is quite rare, and it does not usually occur until a child is grown. Many children are very much interested in their own emotions, but children with high emotional intelligence will take other people's emotions into consideration.

And understanding of people

Image source/ Redditgreat understanding  of people is a skill that can never be underestimated. If your child is already showing that they have an advanced understanding of people, it could well be a sign that they could be an entrepreneur when they are a grown adult with important people skills.

They correct you when you're wrong

Image source/ stuff.coThis one can be annoying. Who really likes being corrected on something by a child who should have a slither of the intelligence as you as an adult? Nobody. But you've got to give them credit - they must really know your stuff and it is very impressive really.

They can be very stubborn

Image source/ ParentlaneStubbornness is a very common trait, not budging in your opinion or considering other peoples point of view or not admitting when you are wrong, it comes in many different forms. But it can also show a great strength of mind and it is homage to their character.

They are charismatic

Image source/ RedditBeing charismatic is something that can really get you far in life. If you have charm, then you may be able to win people around and it could present you with a lot of opportunities in your life ahead. Being a likeable person is a great skill or asset for your child's life ahead.

They have developed a moral compass

Having a good established moral compass means your child has a very strong sense of right and wrong. This is a great sign that your child will follow a good path, avoiding that which is bad and also doing good in the world - everything a parent can be proud of.

They take instruction well

Image source/ mytvtTaking instructions is a thing we all need in life, be it at school or in the workplace. Some children really struggle with authority figures or taking instruction from anybody in general. But a sign of a successful child is when they are able to take instructions.

But also give out instructions

Image source/ Balanced Life SkillsAnd not only this, but that they can also give out instructions to other people, because this shows that they already are establishing leadership skills which of course will help them in the future in terms of their career, especially as an entrepreneur.

They have saved their own pocket money up to by something

Image source/ YouTubeAs a child the restraint it takes and the motivation to save up pocket money to buy something is huge and impressive. Many children, understandably, will not be able to resist buying chocolate or candy with their pocket money - rather than saving up.

They have impressively original thoughts for their age

Image source/ RedditThere's nothing more impressive than when a child comes to you with ideas that they have thought of on their own. It is a very difficult thing for anybody to do, never mind a young child. In fact, if your little one is establishing original ideas it shows a very high level of intelligence.

They enjoy adult company

Image source/ parenthoodblogEnjoying adult company is often a sign that they have advanced skills and maturity. When a child enjoys adult company if often means that it is because they enjoy talking about more advanced things and ideas which they cannot talk about with their peers.

They are independent

Image source/ RedditIs your little one extremely independent? Do they seem capable of looking after themselves. They may also enjoy doing things alone or being alone which again can be a sign that they are very advanced for their age and have capabilities beyond their young years.

And can entertain themselves

Image source/ stuff.coSome kids need constant entertainment, it's hard to keep them occupied because they get bored or distracted easily. Other children are perfectly okay with entertaining themselves and it can show that your child has greater creativity and imagination.

They have good eye contact

Image source/ RedditEye contact is important. If your child is already displaying good eye contact then it can show that your child is establishing relationships and understanding with people. It also shows a level of confidence, often shy children will avoid too much eye contact.

And can hold a conversation

Image source/ stuff.coSimilarly, holding a conversation is a very adult thing. Usually when we speak to children we revolve the conversation around them or alter the conversation to suit their interests and concentration. But exceptional children will be able to hold the conversation regardless.

They enjoy intellectual work

Image source/ The Economic TimesEnjoying intellectual work shows that your child is interested in clever ideas and perhaps already displays that your child has a high IQ. Young minds work in many different ways and children excel in many different areas. Intellectual minds work in different ways.

They are physically very capable for their age

Image source/ RedditPhysical capability means that somebody can put their mental and intellectual intelligence and ideas into practice. If they have a physical capability as well as mental capability then you indeed have a very exceptional child who may achieve great thigs.

And have a good physical ability

Image source/ The MirrorMental ability as we have established is a great sign that your child will be an entrepreneur when they are older. But a physical capability is also very important. It can mean that your child is more resourceful and practical in how they can do things.