Signs Your Beloved Deceased Pet Is Still With You

By Nick Hadji 11 months ago

1. You may still hear the jingle of their collar

Image source/blogspotThe sounds of your pet become sounds of love and comfort. They become an everyday part of your life that you come to know and expect. So, when they're gone it can feel silent. But a sign they are still with you is if you sometimes still hear the jungle of their collar, for example just like when they shake or are just walking around the house.Original content sourced from

2. You dream about your pet

Image source/dreamsemporiumDreams of your pet can be very comforting. If you have a dream that feels particularly life-like, then perhaps it wasn't a dream after all but a visitation. Your dog may be visiting you telling you that they are okay and that they are still with you.

3. You may smell them

Image source/reader'sdigestcaThere's nothing more comforting than the smell of your pet, even if to other people it smells kind of gross. It is thought by some that smell is one of the strongest ways for our deceased pets to communicate with us after they have gone. So, if you smell their smell still or have strong waves of it, they may still be with you.

4. You hear them bark/meow...

Image source/petsnurturingCan you still hear their sound - their bark, their meow...whatever it is? Perhaps you also hear the sound of their nails on the floor or the wagging of their tail, this is a strong sign that they have never truly left you and they continue to stay with you even after death.

5. Finding feathers or stones

Image source/PinterestThere are some objects which have particular meanings and relation to our deceased loved ones. For example, if you see feathers or stones, this is a sign of someone deceased sensing us a little signal to see to reassure us that they are okay and sending comfort.

6. Change in temperature

Image source/chemcalculateString and random changes in temperature are also a sign that a deceased pet is around. It could be their spirit is near, we may not be able to see them, but we can still sense these random and sudden changes in temperature. It could be a cold chill or a wave of warmth.

7. You have an overwhelming sense of peace

 Image source/PinterestWhen we lose our pets, it is very hard to feel a sense of peace after they have gone because they are such a big piece of our lives that we lose. But, when you feel a big sense of peace, this could be because they are sending you this emotion as reassurance.

8. A happy memory floods to mind

Image source/elxandriananimalsSome of our happiest memories are usually with our beloved pets. And they may send you reminders of these when they are gone as signs that they are still with us. They may send you these memories which will flood your brain and give you a sense of joy and comfort, perhaps when you need it the most.

9. Seeing their shape in the clouds

Image source/PinterestOnly you may see that the big cloud overhead is in the exact shape of them, or just really reminds you of them and resembles your pet. This may not be a coincidence; it could well be that this is a sign from them that they are still with us, watching over us.

10. Do you ever hear their whimpers

Image source/thedogmanDo you feel like you can still hear them whimper from time to time? Perhaps you hear it and don't believe what you have just heard. Or you hear a glimmer of a sound. But these little signals are often so imperceptible but real, as little messages from your beloved deceased pet.

11. Seeing a rainbow

Image source/naturespickRainbows are a common sign from a deceased loved one, including your pet. So, if you have recently lost a pet keep an eye out for a rainbow to see if they are sending you a signal. This may be one of many ways they do it. They may send frequent signals through rainbows to you to let you know that they are with you.

12. Seeing birds frequently

Image source/naturespickOne way your deceased pet may remind you that they are still here is through birds. Nature is connected, and birds are often thought to be messengers of the spirit world. So, if you see a bird, especially a red robin, or a goldfinch, a cardinal, or a blue jay, it could be a signal. These are all common birds that appear after the death of a loved one.

13. You see patterns of numbers

Image source/PinterestDoes it seem to be 11:11 every time you look at the clock? Or perhaps you always see a certain number or a certain time that may not be significant to anyone else- but is to you. It might have been their walk time for example. Or the time they were fed.

14. Falling pictures

Image source/RedditI'm sure you've heard about pictures walling off shelves or off walls, being a signal sent from the deceased. Perhaps you notice pictures with your pets have suddenly started to fall off. Your pet is sending you a clear message - I'm here and I'm still with you, even if you can no longer see me.

15. Budding flowers

Image source/gardningtipsSigns of new life and budding flowers could well be a signal from your pet. You may even notice flowers growing out of season, which is even easier to spot as a message from your pet. Nature is so connected, that these signs and signals can all be linked. We just have to be perceptive enough to notice.

16. Seeing their name or hearing it

Image source/thedogmanHave you noticed that you keep hearing their name? Whether it is someone calling their pet and it happens to be the same name, or you keep seeing their name on certain things - this is a sign sent from your pet. It is probably not a coincidence. They want you to know that they are here.

17. Your other pets may behave strangely

Image source/fanpopIf you have other pets, it is also hard on them. But you might even see them playing as though they are paying with somebody. This could be your deceased pet. Animals are more sensitive to spirits, and they may sense your other pet is still with them even if you cannot.

18. You hear a song on the radio

Image source/PinterestPerhaps you have a sign on the radio that every time it comes on it reminds you of your pet. One way your pet may send you a sign is by the song repeatedly playing, seemingly more than usual. This may well be them, sending you a little message that they are there.

19. You find a random warm spot

Image source/hutchandcageThat little spot where your deceased pet lies will feel so empty once they are gone. Have you ever noticed that that spot still sometimes feels warm where they used to curl up and lie even though they are no longer there? Well, maybe that's your sign that they are...

20. You feel the brush of their fur

Image source/supremepetfoodsTheir fur or their skin becomes such a familiar feeling to you. When they have gone, you may think that you feel it sometimes. And, while you can put this down your mind playing tricks, be open and consider it as perhaps a signal from your pet. A reassuring feeling from them to show they are there.

21. You get shivers down your spine

Image source/pethelpfulShivers have always been considered a kind of spiritual or presence signal. So, if you have lost a pet, and you start experiencing random shivers or shudders that are unrelated to the weather - it could well be a sign. A sign that they are there, with you and they are sending you this message.

22. Intense emotional waves

Image source/The Spruce PetsIntense emotional waves might flood through us, filling us with any emotion. Be it sadness, grief, happiness, calm, and peace. It may feel like it has come from nowhere. Or, felt unrelated to your mood before. So, it could actually be a message from your deceased pet.

23. Seeing an animal who looks like your pet

Image source/ukpetsWhen they have been gone for a short amount of time, when you lose a pet, you may think that you keep seeing them. Or you may see another animal or somebody else's pet all of a sudden which looks just like your pet did. In fact, you may even initially think that the animal you see is your pet.

24. You find marks

Image source/The Spruce CareIt's hard to keep things clean and tidy with a pat - not that you mind because they are well worth it. In fact, when they're gone, you'll miss them and their mess. But a sign that they are still here is if you still see their marks around - for example, their footprints or traces of mud.

25. You feel like you hear them at the door

 Image source/burgesspetcareTheir familiar presence or sound they make when they are at the door, waiting to come inside. This may stay with you. And you may actually get to the door, thinking that you have heard them. Perhaps you have - but not in physical form. It could well have been that they visited you.

26. You feel their presence lying next to you

Image source/PinterestIs there anything more comforting than having your pet lie next to you? It is something that you greatly miss when they're gone. Feeling their warmth next to you as a comforting presence. But maybe now they are gone you still feel as though they are there lying next to you sometimes. This could be a sign.

27. You see them out of the corner of your eye

Image source/her.ieOur peripheral visions may see more than we ever thought, and more than we can see in our conscious mind. Perhaps you see your deceased loved one in your peripheral vision, you see them in full form and shape. It could be their sign that they are still here - even if we cannot fully see them.

28. A new animal befriends you soon after

Image source/Bored PandaIf a new animal befriends you soon after your pet dies, this could be that they are maybe coming back in spirit form. Or they are sending you a new friend at their pace, someone they accept, and want to keep you company now that they have gone. They know you have love to give, and they want this new pet to love you back

29. You wake up thinking they have woken you up

Image source/PinterestWhatever kind of animal your pet was, whether it was a budgie, a cat, a dog, or a rabbit. Perhaps they used to wake you up by rubbing their whiskers against you, barking, tweeting...whatever it is. If you still feel this sensation and it wakes you, this is them, they are still with you.

30. You feel waves of love

Image source/Hill'spetnutritionThe love between a pet and its owner is unconditional. This love will stay with you. But when they've gone, they may visit, and you might not even be aware of it, but you may just feel an overwhelming sense of love. This is their signal to you showing you that they are there and still love you.

31. You feel as though you can hear someone calling their name

Image source/ BBCDo you feel as though you can hear someone calling out their name? Maybe it even sounds a bit like you? But it's probably a little bit faint, or it happened too fast to really hear what was going on. But this could be a sign that they are still with you, and you are aware subconsciously of their presence.

32. You forget

Image source/ PinterestSometimes we forget that our pet is not still with us for a split second or a brief thought, we think that they are there. It may be just a flash of a thought where we think they are there, or we go to feed them or to see them, and the realization hits. It may be hard, but instead, consider the fact that it could be that they are actually there with you.

33. You have goosebumps

Image source/ triviageniusGoosebumps have always been considered as a sign of something, perhaps spiritual. Some people believe that when we have goosebumps, it is a sign that our loved ones or our deceased pets are still with us. It is as though our physical body is sensing a presence, yet we are not aware of what it is.

34. You see them through the eyes of other animals

Image source/ PinterestAs the famous quote says - the eyes are the windows to our soul. Can you see your pet staring back at you when you look into, the eyes of another animal? Perhaps they are sending you a message through the body of another. Only you will probably be able to sense this.

35. Your electronics have started to play up

Image source/ verywellhealthElectronics are all caused through energy, And, when your pet has passed, it means that they also become a source of energy. So, if they are there with you, then perhaps the electronics in your house will go haywire, or just start to flicker. You may notice differences in the electronics in your house.

36. You call them

Image source/ horseslovesDo you still go to call your beloved pet from time to time? this is because they are very much still with you. They are so present, that sometimes you forget that they are no longer with you in the physical sense, and you go to call them to you like you used to.

37. You still go to feed them

Image source/ PinterestBreaking the habits of a lifetime is hard to do. Especially because our lives are so intertwined with our pets, our lives revolve around one another so you may still find yourself doing things like feeding them. This is because you sense that they are still with you.

38. You feel safe

Image source/ toegripsYour pet might be giving you a sense of safety and security. This feeling may stay with you. It may be that your deceased pet is sending you this feeling of safety to protect you knowing they are no longer there. But also, to remind you that they are still with you no matter what.

39. You notice more wildlife

Image source/ depositphotosWildlife may seem more present, you may notice more than you ever have, or butterflies passing you by closely. All of these signals through wildlife could be your pet trying to connect with you and send you signals that they are very much still there, present in the form of the wildlife around you.

40. Finding their things randomly

Image source/ blogspotFor example, you may have thought that you'd stored their lead away or put away all of their toys and then you happen to stumble across them. Maybe this is not you are forgetting or misplacing them. Perhaps it is actually your pet sending you a message.

41. Your ears are ringing

Image source/ petsdailyRinging ears are thought to be a way for people or pets in heaven to send us messages. These messages perhaps do not translate properly to earth and so they may not be able to be deciphered properly and may just present themselves as a ringing in your ear.

42. You feel their energy within you

Image source/ Pinteresteach pet has a different aura and a different kind of energy. Maybe they were your calming presence or hour bundle of fun. If they are sending you a sign then maybe their spirit is within you, making you feel the way that they used to by being around them.

43. Finding strangely shaped objects

Image source/ blogspotOne sign is thought to be that you may start to find strangely shaped objects around you. For example, stones, or trees... or anything. In fact, you may even notice the shapes slightly resemble your pet. These are all signs and messages to take note of.

44. Strange coincidences

 Image source/ equestreviewYou will have heard the saying that there is no such thing as a coincidence. And whether you believe that or not, these coincidences may not just be a coincidence, but they could actually be a message from your pet. They might be trying to make you notice things, to tell you they are with you.

45. Noticing changes in the atmosphere

Image source/ practicallyfuntionalHave you started noticing changes in the atmosphere, or the energy around you? This could be because your pet is now a source of energy in the world, which may be shifting the energies around you and how you feel or how you sense things around you.

46. Random thoughts

Image source/ PinterestRandom thoughts may not be entirely random. Our thoughts are much more complex than we sometimes give them credit. Our brain works in a fascinating way that combines the subconscious and the conscious. So, who's to say that our pet isn't sending us messages to our subconscious which then translates into our conscious thought?

47. You have a visitation

Image source/ PinterestOne of the clearest ways your pet will sense your signals or messages is by visiting you. If you have a visitation, then it is clear you have a message from your pet and that they are still with you. It may feel as though you actually saw them and were able to spend some time with them.

48. You feel watched

Image source/ PinterestHave you ever experienced that feeling that you are being watched? If so, you'll know what we mean. It can be a very disconcerting feeling and sensation. But what if it means that your pet is watching over you? Instead, take it as a source of comfort.

49. You feel comforted

Image source/ dreamstimeIf you feel a sense of comfort, but you are not sure how, why, by who, or what, then it could be your pet sending you comfort. This is their way of making sure that you are fine without them, sending their energy and their presence to comfort you. Even if you do not realize that it is them.

50. You KNOW that they are still with you

Image source/ profolioBelief is one of the most important aspects. If you do not believe that they are with you then you will not be able to feel their messages or signals. If you do believe that they are with you, then they are. And nobody can tell you otherwise.

51. You feel patches of cold

Image source/ RedditFinding patches of cold are are a huge sign that there is a spirit or presence around you. You may feel a sudden feel gust of cold air when there is no explanation for it. This could be because your deceased pet is still around and still with you to this day.

52. Their toys randomly squeak/ jingle

Image source/ RedditDo you ever hear the toys of your pet squeaking or jingling? As thought, someone is still playing with them even though you haven't even touched them? This could be because be their spirit which is still around playing even though you cannot see them.

53. The lights flicker

Image source/ YouTubeElectronics are something that has long been thought to be affected by the presence of spirits. So if you notice your electronics, your Tv or radio have suddenly started playing up and acting strangely, then this could well be the explanation for it.

54. You feel as though they are nuzzling you

Image source/ PinterestThere's nothing more comforting than that familiar feeling of your pet nuzzling into you, cuddling you. And yes they may not be here physically. But, that does not mean that they aren't there in spirit, still nuzzling you and making you feel the same.

55. You feel waves of extra inner strength

Image source/ PinterestNow your pet has left the physical world, their strength may connect with yours. You may now channel them in a way you never did before. Perhaps their spirit has connected with yours making you feel an extra inner strength that you've never felt before.

56. You still find their fur

Image source/ BuzzFeedThis was probably something you used to curse when they were here. Fur. Everywhere. It's one of the many joys of having pets. But now they're gone you may still find it as though they really are here. And now, it will be a well-received sign rather than another cleaning chore.

57. Something you threw away seemed to make it's way back to you

Image source/ New York TimesYou may have chucked something out, something your pet had a soft spot for, an old blanket or an old toy. But, somehow it has managed to find its way right back to where it your home. It could be that you forgot and didn't actually throw it out. Or, it's because they're still here and sneaking it right back into the house.

58. Your dream about them never left you

Image source/ RedditDreams may just be dreams. But sometimes they are more than that. It may be a message from your pet. Especially if we cannot stop thinking about it. When our dream stays with us for a long time after it could well be a sign that this was some kind of visitation.

59. You see them out of the corner of your eye

Image source/ dogsterSome people think that our peripheral vision allows us to see past the physical world. Perhaps our peripheral vision opens us up to see beyond the physical realm and into the spiritual world - so that we see our beloved pet in the corner of our eye...

60. Other pets seem to be attracted to you

Image source/ RedditPets are attracted to one another because they sense one another. You probably noticed that when you had a pet, other pets would come up to you and sniff you. Now they're gone you may have expected this to stop. But perhaps not, if they can sense that your pet is actually still with you.

61. You see their indentation in your covers/sofa

Image source/ RedditHaving your pet on the sofa, on their bed or sometimes even maybe on your bed is extremely comforting. There's nothing like a snuggle with your beloved pet. Now they're gone you'll miss their presence. But have you ever noticed if their indentation is sometimes there? As though they are still lying there...

62. You see the doors/cat flap opening and closing

Image source/ RedditSeeing the door opening and closing or their cat flap moving can be quite disconcerting. But perhaps this is your signal to know that your deceased pet is still with you. So don't be alarmed and instead you can take comfort in it, knowing they are here.

63. You daydream about them constantly

Image source/ RedditDaydreams may actually be our subconscious or spiritual mind coming to the conscious thought. So when you are day dreaming about your pet, perhaps you really are connecting with them. Maybe this is how they visit you, through the powerful connections of our minds.

64. You feel guided down the same routes you used to walk together

Image source/ RedditYou're on a walk, getting some fresh air, or out to do the groceries and run some errands when you get a strong compulsion to go a different way...a very familiar route, the route you used to walk with your beloved pet. They could still be with you leading you to their favorite walk.

65. People instinctively know you're a pet owner

Image source/ RedditEven though your pet is no longer with you, people may still see you as a pet owner. They may automatically assume that you have a pet. This could be because your pet's aura is still with you and this is what other pet owners can sense when they see and meet you.

66. You feel the constant desire to buy things for them/ do things for them

Image source/ RedditDoing things for your pet and buying things for them be it food or treats is just part and parcel of life as a fur baby owner. So this compulsion to treat them and do things for them won't go away overnight. Especially not if they are still with us...

67. You are still woken at the same time they used to

Image source/ RedditThe wake-up call - whatever it was, a bark or a meow or a gentle prod in the face with a nose, you knew it was time to get up. Do you still have the same wake-up time as you used to? As though they are still there waking you up? It could be their spirit.

68. On walks you feel as though they are still by your side

Image source/ RedditYou're never alone. Not with a pet, and not when you've had a pet who has passed away. Even when you are walking you may still feel as though they are walking right by your side as they used to )or dragging you in front or even you dragging them behind you in refusal).

69. You feel as though you have a kind of extra sense

Image source/ RedditAnimals have a sixth sense. They are more astute than us and more astute than we ever give them credit for. But perhaps now your pet has passed away, you may feel as though you have an extra sense. You might notice how your intuition and senses are a lot more heightened now.

70. You still find pockets full of treats

Image source/ RedditWhat pet doesn't love their owner to have a pocket full of treats? Although you've long since emptied those pockets now they are gone. Somehow, perhaps you notice that they still mysteriously appear in your pocket or your bag. This could be a sign...

71. People still smell them in your home

Image source/ RedditThat comforting smell of your pet is like no other. Okay, they may not smell that great to other people but to you, it t's the epitome of comfort. You may not notice that their smell still lingers if they are still here in spirit. But perhaps other people have noticed that their scent still lingers...

72. You feel attracted to other pets

Image source/ RedditIf your deceased pet's spirit is still with you they may be pushing you towards other animals channelingg themselves through you and guiding you towards other animals. It may also be because they want you to find companionship in other animals now they aren't physically with you. 

73. You have a sense that they are trying to protect you

Image source/ RedditYour pet may still be guiding you, protecting you. They may stop you from going into potentially dangerous situations, leading you away from certain people or making certain journeys, etc. Maybe you were walking down a street when a feeling suddenly makes you turn away from a certain area.

74. You keep seeing animals that look VERY similar

Image source/ RedditSome people find comfort in the idea that their pet's spirit lives on in other animals they encounter after their pet passes away. This belief is based on the concept of spiritual connections and the idea that all living creatures are interconnected.

75. Your vet keeps contacting you even though you canceled the appointments

Image source/ RedditThis may be a case of your deceased pet not being taken off the vet's records after their passing, or it could be a sign from your pet that they are still with you. Be thankful that the call doesn't follow a huge vet bill, but utilize that time with on the phone with the vet to get some comfort.

76. You keep seeing rainbows

Image source/ Redditrainbows are often considered a symbol of hope and are associated with positive emotions such as joy and peace. Some people believe that seeing a rainbow after the passing of a loved one is a sign that their loved one is still with them in spirit... this is no different when it comes to your lovely pets.

77. Significant things seem to happen on their birthday

Image source/ RedditYour pets birthday after they are deceased will be tainted with negative emotions. When good things happen on this day instead, it could be interpreted that your pet is making these things happen, in order to protect you and make you smile. When something good happens on their birthday, it will make you think of them!

78. You feel a pull to your favorite places by an unknown force

Image source/ RedditPets have favourite places, whether it was your cat's favorite cushion or your dog's favorite river to swim in, or your horse's favorite grazing fields. Do you feel as though you are gravitating toward it still? They may be pulling you towards it, letting you know they are here.

79. You feel close to them in nature

Image source/ RedditOne of the best ways to feel connected, and to connect if your deceased pet is still here, is to go into nature. Sit in a park, go for a walk, sit by the sea, or plant some will make you feel closer to them and sense them perhaps more than anywhere else.

80. You keep finding animals in your garden

Animals have a sense that humans cannot relate to. Animals have a connection that we do not yet understand. You may notice, that although your loved one is not here that animals seem to be gathering in your garden. This may be because they sense your pet and they are attracted to the garden.