Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Spirit

By molly atherton 7 months ago
Lights flickering, eerie whispers in the dark, and your morning coffee mysteriously turning into a lukewarm potion of doom—welcome to the spine-tingling universe of dealing with potential evil spirits. Whether you're a paranormal enthusiast or just someone wondering why your pet keeps side-eyeing that empty corner, it's time to explore the signs that you might be sharing your space with a spectral troublemaker. From ghostly pranks to supernatural shenanigans...

1. You have dark dreams

Nightmares are totally normal. But if you're dealing with an evil spirit, these nightmares will be a common occurrence. And, they won't be ordinary nightmares they'll be dark. REALLY dark. This is one of the signs that you have an evil spirit influencing your subconscious mind.
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Experiencing nightmares is a natural part of the human experience, typically arising from various stressors, anxieties, or even random subconscious processes. However, when nightmares take on an exceptionally dark and malevolent quality, it may signal a deeper, more supernatural influence.Original content sourced from

2. You see flashes before your eyes

Flashes before your eyes can be from your subconscious, or they could be the spirit before you. These may be momentary glimpses of blankness or color. But they suggest that something is wrong. In this case, it could well be a sign you're dealing with an evil spirit.
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Witnessing flashes before your eyes can be an enigmatic and disconcerting experience, as these fleeting images may emanate from the depths of your subconscious or, in some unsettling instances, could be indicative of a malevolent spiritual presence in your midst.

3. You hear whispers

You may have noticed that you're starting to hear strange sounds, maybe faint voices or whispering. These won't last long, they'll come and go fairly fast so that you'll doubt whether you really did hear them or whether your sanity is actually in question.
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The sudden emergence of faint voices or mysterious whispers in your auditory realm can be an eerie and perplexing occurrence, leaving you questioning the boundaries between reality and the unseen. These subtle yet disconcerting sounds, ephemeral in nature, may appear like fleeting echoes.

4. You can smell strange odors

In a similar way that you may be hearing voices, if you're dealing with an evil spirit you'll probably start smelling strange and unpleasant odors. These phantom odors are not apparent to anybody else, so if you point them out to other people you'll find that they are not smelling the same thing as you.
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The olfactory senses, often reliable in navigating the world around us, can become entangled in an unsettling dance when one finds themselves in the presence of an evil spirit. The sudden and unexplained onset of strange and unpleasant odors can be a sign that the unseen forces are at play.

5. You find unexplained scratches and bruises

Have you found any unexplained scratches or bruises on your body? These will only be minor and superficial, but you'll wonder where you got them from! This is another sign you're dealing with an evil spirit - they may be harming you in some kind of way.
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Unlike the everyday bumps and scrapes incurred through mundane activities, these scratches and bruises materialize seemingly out of nowhere. They are not the result of a clumsy accident or a momentary lapse in attention. Instead, they present themselves as enigmatic imprints on your skin.

6. You FEEL them

There's an undeniable feeling when you have a spirit of some kind - you can feel their presence. It's hard to describe, because this feeling in intangible. But you yourself will know that something is there, with you. If it's evil, it will feel negative.
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The awareness of a spiritual entity often begins as a subtle shift in the atmosphere—an invisible current that stirs the air, sending ripples through the fabric of your consciousness. This metaphysical connection evokes a profound sense of being accompanied, as if an unseen presence has entered the space.

7. Your behavior changes suddenly

Do you feel as though your behaviour just changes, without any notice or without any reason? And maybe you don't even feel like yourself when you change? But one moment you may feel calm, and then suddenly you are overcome by strange thoughts and emotions.
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At times, you might find yourself caught in a dichotomy of emotions, oscillating between states of calm and sudden tumult. The tranquility of one moment can be eclipsed by an inexplicable surge of strange thoughts and emotions, leading to a profound sense of disconnection from your usual self.

8. You feel a strange force periodically controlling your mind

It's a scary feeling when your thoughts don't feel like your own. It's like something has taken over your mind, and is controlling it. If you feel out of control, as though your brain is working on it's own from time to time - it could be because you are unknowingly dealing with an evil spirit's influence.
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The feeling of a strange force intermittently controlling your mind unravels like a surreal narrative within the chambers of your thoughts. There are moments when your cognitive landscape, typically shaped by your own volition, is momentarily seized by an intangible influence.

9. You start cussing constantly

Most of us cuss now and then, but evil spirits make us do things which we wouldn't do normally. And the influence of an evil spirit as you can not a good one or a welcome one. You may find that your use of language has shifted into a much cruder and negative focus.
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Cursing, an act that is often sporadic and context-dependent in ordinary circumstances, can morph into a constant and abrasive undercurrent when under the purported influence of an evil spirit. The choice of words becomes increasingly crude, negative, and volatile, departing from the usual tonalities.

10. And you have bouts of uncontrollable rage

We're not talking about getting annoyed from time to time. That happens to us all, we're only human. When you're influenced by an evil spirit the rage inside you will feel alien to you, it will come in bursts of uncontrollable rage like you've never experienced before.
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The rage, when under the alleged influence of an evil spirit, unfolds like a tempest within the depths of your soul. Its intensity is disconcerting, as if a dormant volcano has suddenly awakened, spewing forth molten torrents of fury that defy rational control. This malevolent force seems to manipulate.

11. You feel hot or nauseous

Evil spirits take form in many different ways and effect people in different aspects. For example, it can be mental, but it can also be physical. You may feel hot and nauseous without reason or without illness. This is because the evil manifests itself in negative ways.
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The inexplicable rise in body temperature, a feverish heat that courses through your veins, becomes a physical embodiment of the negative energy that envelops you. It's as if the very air around you is charged with an otherworldly intensity, and your body becomes a vessel for the oppressive heat.

12. When you enter a spiritual place you feel restless

When you're dealing with an evil spirit, the good spirits in the universe will not approve. You will probably feel their wrath when you enter a space full of good spirits - a spiritual place for example. You won't necessarily feel any strong physical effects, but you will feel extremely restless.
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As you step into a spiritual place, a sanctuary where the ethereal and earthly converge, the atmosphere may palpably shift. Rather than experiencing the anticipated sense of peace and connection, an inexplicable restlessness infiltrates your spirit. It's as if the positive vibrations recoil.

13. You can see visions

These visions could be anything, it could even just be flashes of colour in front of your eyes. This is a sign that you are dealing with evil spirits, they are close by and they are lingering around you. Try not to get them too close. The way to deal with evil spirits is to combat them with your own positivity.
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These visions may manifest in various forms—a fleeting array of colors dancing before your eyes, vivid scenes that materialize and dissipate in the blink of an eye, or even subtle images that linger in the periphery of your consciousness. They carry an otherworldly quality.

14. Animals are acting strange towards you

Animals are the most perceptive of all, much more than humans. They are sensitive to feelings emotions, and spirits that humans do not pick up on. Animals will know if you are dealing with an evil spirit, and so they will either be avoiding you or they may even turn aggressive towards you.
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In the realm of the animal kingdom, interactions are often guided by a finely tuned intuition that extends beyond the realm of human perception. When you are grappling with the influence of an evil spirit, animals may exhibit behavior that deviates from their usual patterns.

15. You isolate yourself more

One of the signs that you are dealing with an evil spirit is that you begin to isolate yourself more and more. You may find yourself becoming more withdrawn, and other people may notice too. This is because the evil forces are affecting you, making you more likely to want to be alone.
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As the grip of an evil spirit tightens, the inclination to isolate intensifies. The once vibrant connections with others begin to fray, and a growing sense of alienation takes root. It's as if an unseen force is compelling you to retreat from the external world.

16. You have unrecognisable feelings towards people you care about

When you are with people you love, people you care about who you are so happy usually to spend time with, you may feel differently towards them. You may feel flashed of annoyance, or feel a sense of apathy which would never have usually been there when you are with your loved ones.
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In the presence of those you cherish, the emotions that typically color your interactions with joy and camaraderie may be tinged with unexpected hues. Flashes of annoyance, an unwarranted sense of apathy, or a sudden onset of negative feelings cast a shadow over the bonds.

17. You experience frequent s*xual fantasies

S*xual fantasies are not a sign of an evil spirit alone, because these are not evil or unnatural thoughts. But one symptom of an evil spirit is that you are experiencing these s*xual fantasies more and more, and they may be in a way you are uncomfortable. For example, with somebody other than your partner.
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When grappling with the influence of malevolent forces, the contours of your thoughts and desires may be subtly manipulated, leading to a distortion of your usual patterns of s*xual fantasizing. The invasive nature of these fantasies suggests an external influence seeking to exploit vulnerabilities.

18. You've started to lie more and more

Lying is never a good patch to do down. You start a lie and soon you find you have to create a new one to keep the old lie going. It can very soon turn into a web of lies. But with the effects of an evil spirit, you may be telling lie after lie, so naturally that you question the words coming out of your mouth.
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The insidious nature of these lies becomes apparent as they multiply, weaving a complex tapestry of deception that entangles not only your external relationships but also the internal landscape of your mind. What may begin as a single falsehood can quickly spiral into a series of interconnected untruths.

19. You feel an overwhelming sense of fear

Fear is an exhausting emotion. To feel true fear is a horrible feeling. That gut wrenching sickness. The evil spirit that's bothering you may be giving you an overwhelming sense of fear. You might not know where it's coming from, but it's always there.
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The sensation of fear induced by an evil spirit goes beyond the ordinary apprehensions tied to specific situations. It's a pervasive, gut-wrenching emotion that gnaws at the core of your existence, leaving you with an unshakable sense of dread and discomfort. This fear may be elusive, lurking in the background.

20. You feel like you are being watched

It's scary to feel like you are being watched. Because it's that feeling of not knowing who or what is watching you, but being aware of it all the same. This is how it feels when you're dealing with an evil spirit. And an evil spirit has bad intentions...
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The awareness of being under an unseen gaze unfolds like a chilling narrative, an intangible weight that bears down on your consciousness. It's an experience that defies rational explanation, as the eyes that watch remain elusive, shrouded in the mysteries of the spiritual realm.

21. You have frequent mood swings

One minute you're happy, one minute you're sad, and the next moment you're overcome with anger...then you're laughing again. While we all have times where our emotions are up and down, when you're dealing with an evil spirit these mood swings will be constant. And completely unexplainable.
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The emotional pendulum swings with an unsettling fluidity, traversing the spectrum from happiness to sadness, and from anger to laughter, often without apparent cause or trigger. This constant oscillation creates a sense of emotional whiplash, leaving you bewildered by the rapid and unpredictable shifts.

22. You've noticed objects disappearing

Some of us lose everything, whatever we have, whatever we put's gone and we can't remember why. But this is different. Objects may just be vanishing seeming into thin air, inexplicably. You may be sure that you put something in its place, and then you come back and it has gone.
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This eerie occurrence manifests as a series of unsettling events, where possessions that were securely placed or thought to be within easy reach suddenly vanish without a trace. The disconcerting part lies not only in the disappearance itself but also in the mysterious nature of the occurrences.

23. A deep sense of dread

Dread...that feeling when you feel that something bad is coming. It's awful, and it's terrifying., And when you don't know why you're feeling that way, it can be very disconcerting. But evil spirits have bad effects on us, effects that we may not realise they are causing.
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The malevolent forces at play intensify the disconcerting nature of this dread. The evil spirit, lurking in the unseen recesses of the metaphysical realm, infuses the atmosphere with an energy that elicits profound discomfort. The sense of impending doom becomes a tangible manifestation of the spiritual intrusion.

24. You've noticed lights dipping

You may know that different kind of spirits affect technology and lightning because of the different levels of energy in the air. With evil spirits it's no different. Yet the light's do not just flicker, they will dip and become darker, because negative energy is draining.
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In the realm of the metaphysical, it is believed that different spirits, including those with malevolent intentions, can affect the energy fields around them. Evil spirits, characterized by negative and draining energies, are thought to manipulate the atmospheric conditions.

25. You feel drained

An evil sprit will make you feel drained. This is because it will feed off your positive thoughts. And not only will it drain you emotionally, but it will also drain you physically. It will feel as though you do not have enough battery left in you, like you have 0 motivation.
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The malevolent nature of an evil spirit is believed to be characterized by negative energies that seek to feed off the positivity within you. This parasitic relationship can manifest as an overwhelming fatigue that infiltrates both your physical and emotional well-being.

26. People are noticing that you seem different

You won't feel like yourself, but more than that, other people might start noticing too if you are dealing with an evil spirit who won't leave you alone. It might be affecting you so much that people either act differently towards you, or tell you that you seem different lately.
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The change may be subtle, manifesting as alterations in your mood, temperament, or overall vibe. Friends, family, and acquaintances may pick up on these nuances, sensing that something is amiss. It's as if the unseen influence of the evil spirit casts a shadow over your usual self.

27. You have insomnia

Evil spirits will not let your rest. They will wake you up intermittently because they are ruining your peacefulness, meaning that your body isn't resting as usual. You will find that you either cannot get to sleep, or you cannot stay asleep for the whole night.
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The disruption takes various forms, creating a complex tapestry of sleep-related challenges. On one end of the spectrum, falling asleep becomes an arduous task, as if the malevolent energies are actively preventing your mind from finding the solace of slumber.

28. You feel physically tired

That feeling when you feel like you have 0 energy can be really horrible. When you just can't shake it, and no matter what you seem to do or how many coffees you drink, you can't find any energy! Of course, this can be because of multiple things - but it's also a an effect of an evil spirit.
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This profound fatigue goes beyond the ordinary weariness that may accompany a busy schedule or lack of sleep. It's an all-encompassing depletion that seems impervious to the usual remedies—whether it be rest, caffeine, or other energy-boosting strategies.

29. You feel an urge to do bad things

An evil spirit with unknowingly try to enter your mind, giving you a strong desire and compulsion to do bad things. If you're dealing with an evil spirit, you need to try and resist these thoughts. Otherwise, they may enter deeper within your brain...
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The malevolent force at play actively seeks to infiltrate your mind, instigating an internal struggle where the lines between your own desires and the external influence of the evil spirit become blurred. The compulsion to do bad things takes root, creating an internal conflict.

30. You hear a faint contradictory voice in your head

You know that internal voice in our head, it's always there, we can always hear it - it's a normal part of us. But can you hear a faint kind of internal monologue that you don't recognise? It doesn't seem to be a voice you recognise, but you hear it all the same.
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This contradictory voice appears as a subtle undercurrent within the recesses of your mind, a whisper that seems unfamiliar and discordant with your usual thought patterns. It's as if an unseen entity is attempting to interject its own perspectives and intentions into the stream of your consciousness.

31. You always get a weird, creepy feeling

There's a lot to be said of your gut instinct, and sometimes you just know something doesn't feel quite right. You might notice that you always get this really creepy feeling in the pit of your stomach, whether all the time or only when you're at certain areas of your house.
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Your gut instinct, often regarded as an internal compass, becomes a conduit for detecting subtle shifts in the energetic landscape. The creepy feeling in the pit of your stomach becomes a somatic response to the presence of unseen forces, potentially including the influence of malevolent entities or spirits.

32. And you always get it at a certain time of day

Is there only one time of day that you get this creeping sensation? Maybe it's a time of day associated with spirits or demons, like 3am? Or it could just be any time during the day when you always know you have this specific feeling. You never get it at any other time.
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For some individuals, the bewitching hour of 3 a.m. holds cultural and mystical significance, often associated with a heightened presence of spirits or supernatural occurrences. If the creepy sensation aligns with this time, it may deepen the sense of a connection to the spiritual realm.

33. You think you hear someone you know calling you from downstairs

Do you ever get that, when you're upstairs and you hear someone calling your name? But then you remind yourself you're home alone. The voice might sound like a parent, a friend or just someone else you know, and for a moment, you're tempted to reply before you realise...
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The voice you perceive may be eerily familiar, resembling that of a parent, friend, or someone else you know well. The distinctness of the voice adds to the surreal nature of the experience, momentarily blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination.

34. You smell something only at a particular time of day

There's a strong smell you always get that isn't exactly pleasant - like rotting eggs, or rotting meat - but you only ever get it at a certain time of day. Maybe it's the same time you get that creeping feeling on the back of your neck, too, and you notice it happening every single day.
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From a physical standpoint, certain environmental factors may contribute to the intermittent presence of the unpleasant smell. External conditions, such as changes in temperature, humidity, or the activities occurring in the vicinity, can impact the release and dispersal of odors.

35. You relate to Joyce Byers and the Christmas lights

The minute you watched that Stranger Things episode, you were so relieved that somebody else was finally going through what you're going through! You notice that lights go haywire in your home, and the more lights you have - like around Christmas time - the worse it gets.
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Some individuals who experience unusual phenomena with lights or electronic devices may attribute it to spiritual or metaphysical influences. Beliefs about energies, spirits, or the thinning of the veil between dimensions during specific times may contribute to these experiences.

36. There's a bright light at a certain spot in your house

This one isn't caused by any lights you actually have in your home - it's a light that seems to be illuminated by itself, with no possible explanation. You might notice it in the corner of your eye and then struggle to focus on it when you try to investigate what exactly it is.
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The spontaneous appearance of a bright light introduces a surreal quality to your daily experiences. The elusive nature of the phenomenon, where attempts to directly focus on it prove challenging, enhances the enigma surrounding the source of this mysterious light.

37. You relate to every paranormal film you see

Most of us watch paranormal horror and think 'god I don't even know what I'd do in that situation' or 'glad that's not happening to me!' You, on the other hand, having this creeping feeling when you watch anything paranormal, because you completely relate to what's happening.
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The creeping feeling that accompanies your engagement with paranormal films suggests a profound connection between the on-screen experiences and your own lived encounters. As the supernatural events unfold, you may find yourself empathizing with the characters on a deeper level.

38. The temperature around you drops suddenly

You've noticed that the temperature goes ice cold sometimes, with no explanation, even when you're in a heated room or cozy at home. When you're dealing with an evil spirit, it's likely this follows you outside, too, and not just in your home - so you may suddenly get cold.
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Within the context of dealing with an evil spirit, the externalization of this chilling effect beyond the confines of your home adds a layer of complexity to the experience. The phenomenon extends beyond the physical boundaries of a heated room or a cozy home, manifesting even in outdoor environments.

39. Or, it goes super warm

The opposite can also be true - you might find yourself sweating buckets out of nowhere, or having you thermostat at home hit the highest temperature when it was cooler a few seconds ago. You find yourself burning up in random places, with these temperature shifts happening all the time.
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Beliefs and traditions often associate supernatural entities with extreme temperature fluctuations. In the context of dealing with an evil spirit, these temperature spikes may be perceived as a physical manifestation of the entity's energy, creating an uncomfortable and oppressive atmosphere.

40. Your phone's battery is always drained

Spirits, and especially negative spirit energies, can wreak havoc with technology - and in particular, draining battery. Your phone is something deeply personal to you, which is why an evil spirit may also target that to constantly drain the battery of it. How often do you find yourself charging it?
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In various cultural and spiritual traditions, it's believed that spirits, especially those with negative energy, can interfere with electronic devices. The energy manipulation attributed to spirits may manifest in the form of draining batteries, disrupting signals, or causing other electronic malfunctions.

41. And electronics around you go crazy

The same can be said of any technology. Does your tv randomly switch itself on and off, or suddenly have no signal? Do all your devices have their batteries drained more often than you'd like? You notice plugs, chargers, remotes and anything else acting really weird.
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In spiritual and paranormal beliefs, the disruptive influence of entities, spirits, or negative energies on technology is a recurring theme. It is suggested that these entities can manipulate energy fields, disrupt electronic signals, and drain power sources, and this may be linked to spiritual energies.

42. You keep seeing shadows in the corner of your eye

Sometimes, evil spirits prefer to remain in the periphery of your vision - either because they're messing with you, or because they don't want to fully reveal themselves just yet. Have you noticed that you often see dark shapes in the corner of your eye?
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The preference of evil spirits to linger in the corners of your vision can be attributed to various interpretations. Some believe that these entities deliberately choose to remain partially concealed because revealing themselves completely may require a significant amount of energy.

43. Or, you're actually seeing 'shadow people'

Shadow people are a little bit different than just seeing random shadows in the corner of your eye. Shadow people are believed to be fully formed bodies, but completely black, and they can appear fully in front of you as though standing right in the room with you.
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The concept of shadow people has captured the imagination and fear of individuals who report such encounters. Descriptions often include the perception of these entities as dark, shadowy figures, humanoid in shape but devoid of typical physical characteristics.

44. You started having 'official' places for things - but they're still moving

After noticing that things keep moving around without any explanation, you've gone to extra lengths to have official places to put things, like key hooks right by your front door for your keys, or a bowl by the door for your wallet and other valuables. But despite this, things are still moving from them.
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The recurrent movement of belongings could have various explanations, ranging from practical to metaphysical considerations. Exploring these possibilities involves a comprehensive examination of both the tangible and intangible aspects of the phenomenon.

45. You've felt things touching you at night

Nobody wants this - it's nightmare fuel, of course. But have you noticed that you get the sensation of someone touching you while you're in bed at night? Maybe you get a feeling on your leg, arm or foot of someone reaching out to you, or breath on your neck maybe.
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Some belief systems associate nighttime touch sensations with spiritual or supernatural entities. In certain traditions, entities that are perceived as reaching out or making physical contact during the night may be interpreted as spirits, ghosts, or otherworldly forces.

46. Or something very close to you

If you don't have any sensation of physically being touched, that doesn't mean that you can't feel something. Do you just know that you can feel something very, very close to you at night, even if they aren't physically touching you? Or maybe you've even accidentally bumped?
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Some individuals interpret the sense of a close presence as an indication of spiritual or supernatural activity. In various cultural and spiritual traditions, the belief in entities or spirits that exist in close proximity without physical contact is prevalent.

47. You've had a psychic tell you something is off

Has it got to the point where you actually reached out to a psychic, or someone else trained with the supernatural, so that they could speak to you, or visit your home? And have they told you that there's definitely a bad energy around you, in you, or in your home?
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During such consultations, psychics may employ various methods, such as intuitive readings, to gain insights into the spiritual or energetic dynamics surrounding an individual or their living space. If a psychic conveys that there is a bad energy present, it often implies the presence of malevolent forces.

48. You've consulted tarot

A lot of spiritual people consult tarot cards for answers when they're going through tough times, and it would be no surprise if you'd felt desperate enough to ask the cards about what you're sensing. Have you ended up pulling negative or worrying tarot cards, like The Devil?
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The appearance of certain cards, such as The Devil in a tarot spread, can indeed be interpreted as carrying negative or challenging connotations. The Devil card is often associated with themes of bondage, temptation, or the influence of destructive forces.

49. Your pets have gone into protective mode

You might not have had animals acting weird towards you specifically, but have you noticed a change in your pet's behavior, towards something you can't see? Do they suddenly stand close to you and growl across the room at nothing, as though protecting you from something?
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Some people interpret changes in pet behavior as potential indicators of spiritual or supernatural activity. In various belief systems, animals are considered more attuned to the spiritual realm, capable of perceiving energies or entities that may go unnoticed by humans.

50. You've moved home - but it's still happening

Whether you did this intentionally to try and get away from what you're sensing, or you just happened to have a home move on the cards, it hasn't made the slightest difference. They say that a haunting from ghosts takes place in a place, but an evil spirit latches onto the person - meaning you'll take it with you.
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Individuals may feel as though they are carrying the haunting or negative energy with them, leading to ongoing experiences regardless of changes in their physical surroundings. The perceived influence of an evil spirit may manifest in various ways, including disturbing dreams.